Landowners of Angus & Kincardineshire

  1. Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1788, 1790, 1809, 1811, 1813 and 1827
  2. Land Tax Commissioners of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1836
  3. Tailzies (Entails) registered 1685-1784

If you are looking for information about records of land ownership, see Registers of Sasines.

1. Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire

The term freeholders applies to persons holding their lands directly of the Crown, i.e. freeholders are tenants-in-chief, and may in some cases therefore be mere superiors of the lands, without possession of the right to the use of the lands. Before the Reform Act of 1832, they were the only electors of members of parliament, so the lists are also electoral rolls.

For landowners at the time of the New Statistical Account (ca. 1830 to 1845), see pages for the individual parishes.

Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, at Michaelmas 1788

Ref: View of the Political State of Scotland in the Last Century: a Confidential Report: Political Opinions, Family Connections, or Personal Circumstances of the 2662 County Voters in 1788 edited by Sir Charles Elphinstone Adam of Blair-Adam, bart. (Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1887)

This source not merely provides the names of the land-owners of the time, but gives interesting insights into their standing and associations. The introduction to the work provides a very useful discussion of various Scottish legal terms, such as feu, wadset, retour, appriser, old extent, etc. Spellings are given here unaltered from the original.


The leading interests in this County are:

1Mr Maule of Panmure [1]a minor, son to the late Earl of Dalhousie, and brother to the present Earl, also a minor. He succeeded to the Earl of Panmure's [2] estate in this County, which is very great; but many of the votes created by the late Earl now look on themselves as independant. Hay Campbell, Lord President, is one of Mr Maule's acting Tutors.
2The Earl of Strathmorewhose father, the late Earl, and the late Earl of Panmure were on opposite sides in this County. The Earl of Strathmore has many connections, a natural interest, and a great estate in this County. At the death of his mother he will be in very opulent circumstances.
3Sir David Carnegie of Southeskhas a good estate and great interest in this County. He married a sister of Lady Cathcart's, and is Member for the Burghs.
4Mr Douglas of Douglasthe present Member, the brother-in-law of the Duke of Buccleugh and Lord Graham, has also a great estate and interest in this County.
5The Earl of Airliehas also a considerable estate and interest, but meddles little in politicks.

[1] William Maule (né Ramsay; created lord Panmure of Brechin & Navar in 1831) (1771-1852), 2nd son of George Ramsay, 8th earl of Dalhousie. Portrait of William Maule.
[2] William Maule (d. 1782) (created earl of Panmure of Forth in 1743), son of Harry Maule of Kellie

The Roll at Michaelmas, 1788

Votes of the Earl of Panmure:

1Captain James Kidd of Laton [Lawton]Commander of a Customhouse Yacht, so disqualified.
2John Spense of PanbrideCommissary of Brechin. A Writer there. Brother-in-law of John Mollison of Ballachy, after mentioned.
3John Bruce of Inverskindy [Inveriscandye]A Merchant in Arbroath.
4John Smith, JuniorMerchant in Brechin. Connection of Mollison's and Spense's.
5John RennyMerchant in Arbroath.
6George KiddMerchant there.
7John Mollison of BallachyBrother-in-law of Spense aforesaid. Supposed to vote partly on his own estate. Sold to Erskine of Dun.
8John Seton of BroughtyThe Solicitor at London.
9David Allardice of Dunfin
10James Mill of Greyston
11John Butchart of Lochmellie
12James Butchart of Balcathie
13James Carnegie of BalmachyHas of late had disputes with Panmure.
14William Allison of Fallows

It will be observed in general that these votes were made by the late Earl. Several of them think themselves independant of Mr Maule. Others will not take the oath, and several are supposed to have given back their votes.

Votes of Chalmers of Auldbar:

15Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar [Aldbar]Independant. No family. Sheriff of the County. Will probably go with the Panmure interest. Mr Stuart McKenzie, Lord Privy Seal, has to say.
16Alexander Elphinstone of GlackA Lawyer. Sheriff of Aberdeen. A family unprovided.

Votes of Fotheringham of Powrie:

17Thomas Fotheringham Ogilvy of PowrieA great estate and good interest in the County. A friend of Lord Sandwich and Lord Mansfield. Has an eye to the County for his son Alexander.
18Alexander Balcarres Fotheringham OgilvyHeir-apparent of Powrie. In the Guards. A friend of Lord Sandwich and Lord Mansfield.
19Revd. Dr Norman FotheringhamAnother son of Powrie's. A Clergyman in England. Lord Stormont should sway this family.
20Frederick Fotheringham of LowerWriter in Edinburgh. The Agent of Powrie. Will go with him.

Votes of Colonel Duncan:

21Colonel Alexander Duncan of LundieA very independant man. No family, and large estate.
22Admiral Adam DuncanHeir-apparent of his brother the Colonel. A large family. Married to a niece of Mr Dundas. May be influenced by that connection.

Votes of Kinloch of Kilry:

23John Kinloch of KilryIndependant, but does not qualify by taking the oaths to Government.
24Lieutenant Thomas Kinlochhis son. Left the Army. Graham of Balgowan will have much to say, and Sir George Ramsay.

Votes of Sir David Carnegie:

25Sir David Carnegie of SoutheskMentioned in the Introduction.
26George Carnegie of Charlton
27Captain John Carnegieof the 11th Dragoons

Votes of Strahan of Tarry:

28Alexander Strahan of Tarry [Strachan of Tarry]Independant. Brother of and influenced by the next voter.
29Thomas Kenny, W.S.Brother of the last. Agent of Sir David Carnegie.

Votes of Mr Douglas:

30Mr Douglas of DouglasMentioned in the Introduction.
31William Lyon, Younger of Wester OgilHas expectations from Mr Davidson of Muirhouse, in whose family he lives at London.


32Thomas Lyel of Gardyne [Lyell of Gardyne]A moderate estate. A family.
33Alexander Scrymgeour of TealingOnce a Lieutenant in the Navy. Small estate. No family. Disappointed of the Collectorship of the Cess given to Gardyne, yr of Middleton, through the Panmure interest.
34James Chaplin of CollistonModerate estate. A family.
35Mr William Nairne of CoullLord Dunsinnane in the Court of Session. Got his gown from this Ministry. Independant estate. A batchelor. His nephew. Sir William Nairne, his heir.
36James Stuart McKenzieLord Privy Seal of Scotland. No family. Earl of Bute's second son his heir.
37Robert Stephen of LethamVery rich. Takes his own way. One daughter married to Strahan of Tarry, before mentioned.
38James Carnegy of BalnamoonRich. Does not take oath to Government. A family. Will go with Sir David Carnegie.
39Mr David Fergusson of LochlandsA Minister at Farnwell, near Kinnaird. Not rich. Sir David should influence him.
40James Carnegy Arbuthnot of FindowrieSon and heir of Carnegy of Balnamoon. Votes on an estate descending from his mother. Sir David should influence him.
41George Dempster of DunnichenThe Member of Parliament.
42Charles Hunter of BurnsideModerate fortune. A large family. One of them sent to India by Paterson of Huntly, who will have influence. Mr Douglas may also have interest. A half-pay Lieutenant in the Navy. Wants a Customhouse Yacht.
43James Guthrie of CraigieModerate fortune. A family. Nephew to Panmure's factor. Will lean to that family.
44Honble. Walter Ogilvy of ClovaBrother of the Earl of Airlie. Independant circumstances. Was at last election active for Mr Douglas. Lord Strathmore should have influence.
45William Douglas of BridgetonPretty good fortune. Married a sister of Graham of Fintry's, the Commissioner of the Customs, named by this Administration. He would go with Mr Douglas, but is Collector of Customs at Dundee, so disqualified.
46Patrick Carnegy of LowerDid not use to take Government oaths. Little in the world. Next heir to Lord Northesk, failing Northesk's children. Independant, A family. Will go with Lord Northesk.
47Major Alexander Turnbull of ArdoNot rich. Requires some office, or other promotion.
48Alexander Read of LogieHas a Yacht in the Customs, so disqualified. Old. Rich. Mr Douglas.
49David Hunter of BalskellieNephew to Panmure's factor. Married a sister of the late Mr Gibson of Durie. Independant. Mr Douglas.
50Thomas Farquhar of PitscandlyA small estate. Probably Sir David Carnegie.
51Robert Speed of ArdoviePretty good estate. Sir David Carnegy.
52Thomas Carnegy of CraigoeA friend of Mr Dempster's. In good circumstances. A family. Son-in-law to Panmure's factor, but Mr Charles Hay, Advocate, the friend of the Dean of Faculty, has much to say.
53Honble. Thomas Lyon of PitpointyUncle of Lord Strathmore. In good circumstances. Went last with Douglas.
54Mr George Lyon of Wester OgilHis son stays with Mr Davidson of Muirhouse, from whom they have expectations. The father is a Minister at Longforgan. Is on good terms with Paterson of Castle-huntly. Lord Strathmore will have influence. Mr William Elphinstone is an intimate of Mr Davidson's. Mr Douglas will also have to say.
55John Erskine of Balhall, now of DunPretty good fortune. A family. Married a sister of Baird of Newbyth's, but more connected with Wauchope of Niddry, his brother-in-law, Wauchope of Edmonstone, etc., in Mid-Lothian.
56Sir John Wedderburn of IdviesIndependant. A family. Lord Loughborough will have influence.
57Thomas Milne of MilnfieldThis vote and estate sold to Sir George Ramsay from India, who married a daughter of Lord Saltoun; has a brother W.S., connected with the Earl of Kinnoul and Balgowan.
58James Ogilvy of RuthvenRich. An only daughter. Thinks himself not well used by Mr Douglas and Strathmore.
59John Rankine of Mains of DudhopeA Merchant in Dundee. Small estate. Connected with Lord Gray. A large family. Went last with Douglas.
60David Frazer of BalmadiesModerate estate.
61James Mill of WoodhillUsed to go with Panmure. Small estate, but pretty independant.
62Robert Scott of LogieAn only daughter. Pretty independant.
63John Holland of AuchmithiePretty independant. Once a baker in London. A family. Sir David should have to say.
64Alexander Nairne of DrumkilboPretty independant. A connection of Lord Dunsinnane's. Mr Durham of Largo, the friend of the Dean of Faculty, will have to say.
65James Ogilvy of ConnonsythWill probably go with Strathmore. Pretty independant. Son a Writer in Edinburgh. Believed does not qualify to Government.
66Robert Graham of FintryCommissioner of Customs through this Ministry, so disqualified.
67Charles Fullerton of KinnaberA batchelor. Independant.
68James Gardyne of MiddletonFactor to Mr Maule of Panmure. A great deal to say in the County. A family. Quite independant.
69Francis Erskine of KirkbuddoIn the Army. A small estate.
70John Guthrie of GuthriePretty independant. A family. Went last with Douglas, who gave a kirk to his children's tutor.
71Jaimes Fife of SmithfieldA Merchant in Glasgow. A son of the Banker in Edinburgh. A partner of Somerville, Gordon, & Coy., West India Merchants. Went last with Douglas.
72Alexander Wedderburn of WedderburnA Lawyer. Independant. Married a sister of Ferguson of Pitfour. Sir John Wedderburn will have influence.
73George Skene of SkeneThe Member for Aberdeenshire.
74John Rait of AnnistonA Lawyer. Little practice. Pretty independant.
75Sir Gilbert Elliot, BaronetSee Roxburgh and Fifeshire, where he has also estates.
76John Graham, W.S.In pretty good practice. A family. Pretty rich. Next heir to Mr Graham of Balgowan, failing issue of him. Will be influenced by David Scott of Dunninald, the India Director.
77Alexander Grahame of DuntroonModerate fortune. Cousin of the factor for Panmure. Not married.
78William Kerr of DumbarrowSmall fortune.
79Alexander Watson of TurinSmall fortune.
80Alexander Watson, Younger of TurinSon of the last. Once in India. Made money there, but not rich. A family. Mr Scott, the Director, will sway him.
81John Milne of FearnModerate fortune. Married an Irish lady. Mr Ferguson of Eaith, who is firm in Opposition, sways him.
82Patrick Cruickshank of StracathroRich. A West India merchant, retired from trade.
83Alexander Baillie of Balruddry, of Dochfour in Inverness-shireA West India planter.
84Charles Lyell of KinnordyPretty independant. Purser of a man-of-war. Married an English lady. A family.
85James Lindsay Carnegie of Spynie and BoysackA Lawyer. Moderate estate. Claims a Peerage. Married a lady with money. Son of Colonel Lindsay, Perthshire. Thought to be of Opposition principles. The Peerage, which is his great object, is through his mother, who is still alive.
86James Milne of Old MontroseThis estate sold to Bailie James Stirling, Banker in Edinburgh ; a partner of Mr Ramsay in Edinburgh and Stirlingshire, and Mr Peter Millar, Dumfriesshire; will probably be influenced by them; rich; a family.
87Captain David Laird of StrathmartinHas Government accounts to settle as a Navy Agent in America. A half-pay Master and Commander. Pretty rich.
88James Clayhills of InvergowrieA tailzied estate. A young family. Married a daughter of Kinloch of Gourdie in Perthshire.
89David Lyall of GalleryA rich man.
90David Scott of DunninaldThe India Director. Is liked, and has much to say in the County. The Ministerial Candidate.
91John Guthrie, Younger of GuthrieSon of Guthrie elder. Will go with him.
92George Patullo of Baldowie
93Hercules Ross of RossieA new proprietor. Very rich. Made his money by privateering in the West Indies. Married a Gottenburg lady.
94Captain Charles Wedderburn of PearsieModerate estate. Married a daughter of the late Captain Read, Commander of a Yacht. Cousin-german to Sir John Wedderburn. Has expectations from Mr Webster of Leadenhall Street, London.
95David Lyon of ClepingtonA Merchant in London.


Earl of Panmure (now Mr Maule)14
Mr Chalmers of Auldbar2
Fotheringham of Powrie4
Colonel Duncan2
Kinloch of Kilry2
Sir David Carnegie3
Strahan of Tarry2
Mr Douglas2



Leading interests:

1Lord Gardenstoneof the Court of Session, a sensible, liberal, public-spirited, but whimsical man. A virtuoso. A great fortune. No family. His brother his heir. Will lean to Mr Dundas and this Administration, though they have few or no tyes on him. He has numerous connections and personal friends in the North of Scotland.
2Sir Alexander Ramsay Irvine of Balmaina widower. A very independant man, if he does not marry again. Mr Burnett, the Sheriff of this County, and one of the Independant Friends, will be his heir.
3The Earl of Kintorewho has a very independant estate, and is a hospitable man and well liked.
4Viscount [of] Arbuthnotthas also a great estate and some personal interest.
5Mr Barclay of Urythe present Member, has an independant estate and a good deal of interest in this County. His great object is his claim on the Scots Peerage of Menteith, in right of his wife. The family of Ury was once the head of the Quakers in Scotland.
6Sir David Carnegie of Southeskthe Member for the Burghs of Aberdeen, etc.

Roll at Michaelmas, 1788

Votes of Mr William Adam:

1William Adam of Woodstone, Younger of Blair in Kinross-shirefor whose use this compilation is intended, and of whom it would therefore he improper to say anything here.
2John Adam of Maryburgh and Blair in Kinross-shireFather of Mr William Adam, from whom he has this vote.

Votes of Sir David Carnegie:

3Sir David Carnegie of DenstrathThe Member for the Burghs of Aberdeen, etc.
4John Carnegie of ArnhallSir David's brother.


5Sir William Ogilvy of BarrasAn old man. A son in the Army. A small estate. Will be swayed by Lord Gardenstone, or Lord Monboddo, or Barclay of Ury whose aunt he married.
6John Douglas of InchmarloeMarried to Lord Arbuthnott's sister. An old man. His son's widow, Mrs. Douglas of Tilwhillie, who has two children, will have influence. The estate not large.
7Honble. Mr James Burnett, Lord MonboddoA great friend of Gardenstone's, to whom he lies under obligations. A family. A daughter married to Mr Williamson, who acts as his clerk. His daughter got a pension of £100 a year through the Duke of Montagu. An honest upright judge, but whimsical in his opinions.
8Colonel Robert Hepburn Rickart of RickartownBrother-in-law to General Graeme of Gorthie. Lives at Congalton, near Hadinton.
9James Scott of BrothertonA very independant man. A batchelor. Very opinionative. Leans to Gardenstone. His brother David will sway him.
10David Scott of Nether BenholmBrother of the last, and his heir. A small estate. A family. Married the mother of the heiress of Benholm, the wife of George Robertson Scott, Advocate, after mentioned.
11George Farquhar Kinloch of KairThe Banker in London. Rich. Independant. Connected with Hog of Newliston, brother-in-law of Lord Lauderdale.
12Sir Archibald Grant of Arthurhouse or MonymuskIndependant man. A relation of Gardenstone's.
13Alexander Leith of KincardineIndependant. Married Gardenstone's sister; a family; Mr Buchan Hepburn of Hadintonshire married a daughter of that marriage, by whom he has a son.
14Robert Barclay of UrySee Introduction to County.
15Honble. Francis Garden, Lord GardenstoneSee Introduction to County.
16John Foulerton of ThorntonWill go with Gardenstone. Pretty rich. A son either in the Army or Navy.
17Alexander Leith of SnawdonSon of Alexander Leith of Kincardine. Nephew of Gardenstone.
18Robert Barclay of BalmakewanA wadset vote of Grahame of Morphy, whose estate was sold to Dr Gillies at Brechin, so the vote supposed renounced.
19George Carnegie of PittarrowUncle of Sir David Carnegie, the Member for Aberdeen Burgh, etc. A good independant estate. A family.
20Alexander Carnegie of CookstonInfluenced by Sir David Carnegie.
21John Gordon of BlackhillsThis seems a vote from Falconer of Phesdo, a relation of Lord Kintore's. The present Mr Falconer is a minor, and his estate for sale.
22Alexander Burnet of Standingstones
23Theophilus Ogilvie of AuchloniesOnce Collector of Customs at Aberdeen. Independant. Brother of the late Lord Findlater. A sensible man.
24John Duncan of MuchallsProvost of Aberdeen. In good circumstances. A family. Believed to be disqualified by an office in the Stamps.
25Alexander Turnbull of DalladiesA clergyman near Morpeth in Northumberland ; has no living. A young man. Small estate. Will be influenced by Lord Gardenstone. A client of James Greig, Writer.
26Sir Alexander Ramsay IrvineSee Introduction to County.
27Right Honble. Lord Adam GordonThe uncle of the Duke, and Commander-in-Chief in Scotland. Seems to be a liferent from Sir Alexander Ramsay; but understood to be an independant vote.
28James Irvine of KincaussiePartly a vote on his own estate of Kincaussie, and partly a liferent from Sir Alexander Ramsay. Married an Irish lady. Claud Boswell of Fifeshire married his grand-daughter.
29Charles GordonClerk of Session by the interest of the Duke of Gordon and Dundas. Brother of Baron Gordon.
30Major David OgilvySon of Sir William Ogilvy of Barras before mentioned. They will go together.
31Alexander Baxter of Glassel
32George SkeneVery independant. Member for Aberdeenshire. One of the Independant Friends.
33Archibald Scott of KnoxA liferent vote from Scott of Comiestown, whose heir he is. Not rich. Once a Purser in the Navy. A family. Lives at St. Andrews.
34Alexander Smith of BalmakellyVery independant. A family.
35Isaac Grant of Hilltown, W.S.Independant. Would be influenced by Sir James Grant. Wishes for a Clerkship of Session; has been long expecting it. A reputable man, and in good practice.
36Alexander Allardice of DunnottarVery rich. Made a fortune in the West Indies.
37Sir Robert Burnett of LeysBrother of Mr Burnett, the Independant Friend. Nephew of Sir Alexander Ramsay, who will influence him.
38Henry Ivy Nicolson of GlenbervieAn Irish gentleman. Lives in Ireland. Pretty rich. No children. James Greig, Writer in Edinburgh, his agent.
39Alexander Burnett of StrahanSheriff of the County. Independant Friend. Nephew of Sir Alexander Ramsay.
40Charles Scott of CriggieIndependant. A batchelor. No near relations. Will be influenced by Mr Ramsay, Banker in Edinburgh.
41David Gardner of KirktonhillA Merchant in Montrose. Independant.
42Thomas Gillies of CauldhamA brother of Gillies the author, and of Gillies at Brechin. Made his money as a Physician in India. Bought Balmakewan. Said to be going again to India. Will vote with Gardenstone.
43George Auldjo of PortlethamIn good circumstances. Has an office in the Stamps or Window Lights. So disqualified.
44Sir John Belshes Wishart of FettercairnThe Lawyer. Married to the daughter of the Earl of Leven and sister of Lord Balgonie, who is the son-in-law of the Thorntons in London. In good circumstances. Wants a Clerkship, about which he has had some misunderstanding with Mr Dundas.
45Robert William Duff of FetteressoSon of Admiral Duff. A young man. A Lawyer ; does not practise. Independant. Near connection of Lord Fife's.
46Francis Russell of BlackhallA Lawyer. Pretty independant. Married a sister of the wife of Alexander Burnett, the Sheriff; a daughter of Sir Alexander Bannerman.
47John Innes of CastlehillA Writer to the Signet. Married the sister of the last. Pretty independant. Will be influenced by the Duke of Gordon.
48George Robertson Scott of BenholmMarried the heiress. A Lawyer. Independant. Will probably be swayed by the Panmure interest. His father is believed to have been under obligations to Lord Loughborough.
49John Foulerton of CowieNot rich. No family. Lord Gardenstone will sway him.
50Stewart Lyel of DickmountlawLives in Arbroath. Pretty independant. Brother of Lyel of Gardyne, Forfar.
51George Lyel of KinneffSupposed to be the son of the last.
52John Brand of LauriestownMerchant in Montrose. Rich and independant. Batchelor. Agent for the Bank of Scotland.


Mr William Adam2
Sir David Carnegie2


Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1790

From A View of the Political State of Scotland (Edinburgh: 1790)

Angus, on 2 Jul 1790 - 92 freeholders

David Allardice of DunfinDavid Fraser of BalmadiesWilliam Nairn of Coull
William Allison of FallawsCharles Fullerton of KinnaberAlexander Nairne of Drumkilbo
David Anderson of BalgayJames Fyffe of SmithfieldAlexander Balcarres Fotheringham Ogilvie of Balfour
James Carnegie Arbuthnott of FindowrieJames Gardyne of MiddletonJames Ogilvie of Ruthven
Alexander Baillie of BalrudderyJohn Graeme, W.S.Hon. Walter Ogilvie of Clova
John Bruce of InveriskindyAlexander Graham of DuntruneGeorge Ogilvy of Langleypark
James Butchart of BalcathieRobert Graham of FintryGeorge Patullo of Baldovie
John Butchart of LochmellieJames Guthrie of CraigieJohn Rait of Anniston
Sir David Carnegie of Southesk, bart.John Guthrie of GuthrieSir William Ramsay of Bamff, bart.
George Carnegie of CharletonJohn Guthrie, yr of GuthrieJohn Rankin of Mains of Dudhope
James Carnegie of BalnamoonCharles Hunter of BurnsideJohn Renny, merchant in Arbroath
James Lindsay Carnegie of Spynie & BoysackDavid Hunter of BalskellyThomas Renny, W.S.
Capt. John Carnegie, 11th DragoonsWilliam Kerr of DumbarrowJohn Rolland of Auchmithie
Patrick Carnegy of LourGeorge Kid, merchant in ArbroathHercules Ross of Rossie
Thomas Carnegy of CraigoCapt. James Kid of LawtonDavid Scott of Dunninald
Patrick Chalmers of AuldbarJohn Kinloch of KilrieRobert Scott of Logie
James Chaplin of CollistonLieut. Thomas Kinloch of CairnAlexander Scrymsoure of Tealing
James Clayhills of InvergowrieCapt. David Laird of StrathmartineJohn Seaton of Broughty
Patrick Cruickshank of StracathroDavid Lyall of GalleryGeorge Skene of Skene
George Dempster of DunnichenCharles Lyell of KinnordyJohn Smith jun., merchant in Brechin
William Douglas of BrigtonCharles Lyell, yr of KinnordyRobert Speid of Ardovie
Admiral Adam Duncan of DrenlawThomas Lyell of GardyneRobert Stephen of Letham
Col. Alexander Duncan of LundieDavid Lyon of Clepington, merchant in LondonPatrick Stirling of Pittendriech
Sir Gilbert Elliot of MelgundGeorge Lyon of Wester OgilAlexander Strachan of Tarry
Alexander Elphinston of GlackHon. Thomas Lyon of PitpointyMaj. Alexander Turnbull of Ardo
Francis Erskine of KirkbuddoWilliam Lyon, yr of Wester OgilAlexander Watson of Turin
John Erskine of BalhallHon. James Stuart McKenzie of Rosehaugh *Alexander Watson, yr of Turin
John Farquhar of PitscandlyJames Mill of GraystoneAlexander Wedderburn of Wedderburn
David Ferguson of LochlandsJames Mill of Old MontroseCapt. Charles Wedderburn of Pearsie
Frederick Fotheringham of LourJames Mill of WoodhillJohn Wedderburn of Idvies
Rev. Dr Norman Fotheringham of CookstonJohn Milne of Fern

* d. 1800; younger son of James Stuart, 2nd earl of Bute; inherited Rosehaugh from gt-grandfather 'bluidy' Sir George Mackenzie; built Belmont Castle, Meigle PER


Kincardineshire, on 14 Jul 1790 - 55 freeholders, 1 liferenter

John Adam of JackstonJohn Duncan of MuchallsAlexander Leith of Kincardine
William Adam of WoodstounJohn Durno of BishopstonAlexander Leith of Snadon
Alexander Allardice of DunnottarJohn Fullerton of CowieGeorge Lyell of Kinneff
George Auldjo of PortlethenJohn Fullerton of ThorntonStewart Lyell of Dickmontlaw
Evan Barclay of ElsickDavid Gairdner of KirktounhillHenry Ivie Nicolson of Glenbervie
Robert Barclay of UrySamuel Galton of AuchleeMaj. David Ogilvie of Bridgeford
Alexander Baxter of GlasselHon. Francis Garden of JohnstonSir William Ogilvie of Barras
Sir John Wisheart Belches of FettercairnThomas Gillies of CaldhamTheophilus Ogilvy of Auchlounies
John Brand of Lauriestonlord Adam Gordon of Woodtouns & BurnCol. Robert Hepburn Rickart of Rickarton
Alexander Burnett of StandingstonesCharles Gordon, liferenter of the superiority of BalfourFrancis Russel of Blackhall
Alexander Burnett of StrachanJohn Gordon of BlackhillsArchibald Scott of Knox
Hon. James Burnett of LogavenSir Archibald Grant of ArthurhouseCharles Scott of Criggie
Sir Robert Burnett of LeysIsaac Grant of HilltonGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm
Alexander Carnegie of CookstonJohn Innes of CastlehillJames Scott of Brotherton
Sir David Carnegie of DenstrathSir Alexander Ramsay Irvine of BalmainDavid Scott of Nether Benholm
George Carnegie of PittarrowJames Irvine of KincausieGeorge Skene of Mondynes
John Carnegie of ArnhallAlexander Keith elder, liferenter of DunnottarAlexander Smith of Balmakelly
John Douglas of InchmarloAlexander Keith yr, fiar of DunnottarAlexander Turnbull of Dallidies
Robert William Duff of FetteressoGeorge Farquhar Kinloch of Kair


Freeholders of Kincardineshire, 1809

From George Robertson - A General View of Kincardineshire or the Mearns (London: Richard Phillips, 1810)

Capt. Charles Adam, R.N.Mathers
William Adam of Woodston, M.P.Woodston
William George Adam (Lincoln's Inn)Wester Kinneff
Robert Barclay Allardice of Urie & AllardiceUrie
Hon. Major Hugh Arbuthnott of HattonHatton
Hon. Claud Irvine Boswell of KingcaussieKingcaussie
John Brand of LauriestonLaurieston
Alexander Brodie of ArnhallArnhall
James Brodie of BrodieInsch of Arnhall
John Burnett of KemnayRedhall
Kirkpatrick Williamson Burnett of MonboddoMonboddo
Sir Robert Burnett of Leys, bart.Leys
Col. William Burnett of Banchory LodgeStanding Stone
John Campbell of Carbrook, W.S.Bishopston, &c.
William Carnegie (Aberdeen)Cookston
Alexander Crombie of PhesdoPhesdo
George Douglas, advocateArbeadie
John Douglas of TilquhillyTilquhilly
George Harley Drummond of DrumtochtyDrumtochty
Adam Duff, advocateFindon
Robert William Duff of FetteressoFetteresso
Alexander Duthie of RuthriestonPitnamoon
James Farquhar of Johnston, M.P.Johnston
William Farquhar (London)Inverbervie
Capt. William Fitzmaurice of CommiestonCommieston
Hon. Charles Fleming of CumbernauldWhistleberry
Dr Gilbert Gerrard (King's College, Aberdeen)Muchalls
Adam Gillies, advocate, sheriff deputeHarvieston
Charles Gordon of Cluny & BraidBalfour
Francis Graham of MorphieMorphie
Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk, bart.Ballandro
Gavin Haddon (Aberdeen)Kinghornie
John Innes of CowieCowie
William Innes (London)Hallgreen
Alexander Keith of DunnottarDunnottar
George Kinloch of KairKair
Alexander Leith of FreefieldSnawdon
George Lyell of KinneffKinneff
Hon. William Maule of PanmureBalmakewan, &c.
John Menzies of Cairnrobin & BlairsCairnrobin & Blairs
Alexander MonroCastlehill
Thomas Morison of ElsickElsick
James Mitchell Nicolson of GlenbervieGlenbervie
Patrick Orr of BridgetonBridgeton
John Primrose of RaemoirTullos, &c.
Sir Alexander Ramsay of BalmainBalmain
Alexander Ramsay, yr of BalmainBalmain
Thomas RamsayCaldhame
James Rose of FlemingtonGlendye
Charles Scott of CriggieCriggie
David Scott (Manchester)Nether Benholm
George Robertson Scott of BenholmBenholm
Lt.Col. Hercules Scott of BrothertonBrotherton
James Scott of Stone of MorphieStone of Morphie
Adam Silver (London)Strahlethen
George Silver of BalnagubsBalnagubs
George Skene of SkeneMondynes
The Rev. Patrick Stewart of CotbankHilton
Joseph Stratton of KirksideKirkside, &c.
Sir John Stuart of Fettercairn, bart.Fettercairn
John Taylor of KirktonhillKirktonhill
Alexander Turnbull of DallidiesDallidies
Sir David Wedderburn of Ballindean, bart.Balnagask, &c.
Lt.Gen. William Wemyss of WemyssWoodston
James Wood of WoodburndenDavo, &c.


Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1811

From James Bridges, W.S. - View of the Political State of Scotland at Michaelmas 1811 (Edinburgh: 1813)

Angus, on 1 Oct 1811 - 116 freeholders, 1 liferenter

William Alison of FallawsJames Fotheringham of BalgershoJames Mill of Graystone
John Allan of LochlandsPeter Fotheringham, advocateJohn Mill of Noranside
David Allardice of DunfinThomas Fotheringham, yr of PowrieRobert Mill of Woodhill
David Arklay, liferenter of ClepingtonJames Fyffe of SmithfieldDavid Millar of Ballumbie
Peter Arklay, fiar of ClepingtonCharles Gardyne of RavensbyHon. Charles Hay Mudie of Newton, sen. coll. just.
Robert Baird of NewbythThomas Gardyne, merchant in LondonPatrick Murray of Simprim
John Baxter of IdviesAdam Gillies of Kintrockat, advocateAlexander Nairne of Drumkilbo
David Blair of CookstonJohn Graeme, W.S.Rev. Francis Nicoll of Balgillo
Alexander Brodie of ArnhallCharles Gray of CarseCharles Ogilvy of Tannadice
Colin Bruce of FlemingtonAlexander Greenhill of VayneJames Ogilvy of Islabank
James Carnegie of BalnamoonCharles Greenhill of FernHon. Walter Ogilvy of Clova
James Lindsay Carnegie of BoysackAlexander Murray Guthrie, yr of CraigieJohn Ouchterlony of Guynd
Rev. Alexander Carnegy of BaldovieJames Guthrie of CraigieSir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, bart.
David Carnegy of CraigoJohn Guthrie of GuthriePatrick Proctor of Halkerton
Col. John Carnegy, for lands of CarcaryHon. Douglas Gordon Halliburton of PitcurJohn Rait of Anniston
Patrick Carnegy of LourJohn Harvey of KinnettlesHon. Lt-col. James Ramsay, for lands of Craichie & Bowhouses
Patrick Chalmers of AuldbarAlexander Hay of LethamHon. John Ramsay of Dysart
William Chalmers, town clerk of DundeeHenry Henderson of Grange of BarryJohn Rankine of Mains of Dudhope
George Chaplin of CollistonBrig.-gen. John Hope, D.A.G. in ScotlandAlexander Riddoch of Blacklunans
James Clayhills of InvergowrieAlexander Gibson Hunter of BalskellyAlexander Ritchie of Bearhill, town clerk of Brechin
Lawrence Brown Constable of Wallace CraigieDavid Hunter of BurnsideHercules Ross of Rossie
James Cruickshank of LangleyparkRobert Kerr of Northgrange of MonifiethDavid Scott of Dunninald
George Dempster of DunnichenThomas Kerr of Grange of MonifiethGeorge Robertson Scott of Hedderwick
Mungo Dick of PitkerroThomas Kinloch of KilrieRobert Scott, H.E.I.C.S., for lands of Scotstown & others
Hon. Archibald Douglas, eldest son of Archibald, lord Douglas of DouglasAndrew Knox of MarcusPatrick Scrymsoure of Tealing
Hon. Charles Douglas, 2nd son of Archibald, lord Douglas of DouglasDavid Laird of StrathmartineGeorge Skene of Skene & Careston
Robert Douglas, yr of BrigtonJames L'Amy, yr of DunkennyRobert Speid of Ardovie
Maj. William Douglas of Balgillo, 91st FootJohn Laurenson of InvereightyThomas Renny Strachan of Tarry
William Douglas of BrigtonJohn Lennox of WoodheadAlexander Renny Tailyour of Borrowfield
Alexander Duncan of ParkhillRobert Lindsay of AlmeriecloseHercules Tailyour of Carcary
Hon. Capt. Henry Duncan, R.N.David Lyall of GalleryAdam Tait of Pittermo
John Duncan of RosemountAlexander Lyell of GardyneJohn Taylor of Kirktonhill
Alexander Erskine of BalhallCharles Lyell of KinnordyAlexander Watson of Turin
Francis Erskine of KirkbuddoRobert Lyell of NewbiggingIsaac Watt of Logie
John Erskine of DunGeorge Lyon of OgilJames Webster of Balruddery
Thomas Farquharson of BaldovieJohn Lyon of PitpointieCharles Wedderburn of Pearsie
James Ford of FinhavenHon. James McKenzie of BelmontHenry Wedderburn of Wedderburn & Birkhill
William Ford of WestwoodHon. William Maule of PanmureJohn Wilson, yr of Whitfield
Alexander Ogilvy Fotheringham of PowrieGilbert Meason of LindertisWilliam Wilson of Whitfield


Kincardineshire, on 1 Oct 1811 - 72 freeholders, 1 liferenter

Charles Adam of MathersRobert Duff, yr of FetteressoHon. Walter Ogilvy of Clova
William Adam of Woodstone (and of Blairadam in Kinross-shire)Robert William Duff of FetteressoPatrick Orr of Bridgeton
William George Adam of Wester KinneffAlexander Duthie of RuthriestonGeorge Primrose of Raemoir
Robert Barclay Allardice of Ury & AllardiceJames Farquhar of JohnstonSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain
Hon. Maj. Hugh Arbuthnott of HattonWilliam Farquhar of InverbervieJohn Ramsay of Barra
David Stuart Barclay of AllardiceCapt. William Fitzmaurice of CommiestonThomas Ramsay of Caldham
Hon. Claud Irvine Boswell of BalmutoHon. Charles Fleming of WhistleberryJames Rose of Glendye
John Boswell yr, fiar of BalmutoDr Gilbert Gerrard of MuchallsCharles Scott of Criggie
John Brand of LauriestonAdam Gillies of HarviestonDavid Scott of Nether Benholm
Alexander Brodie of ArnhallAlexander Gordon of AuchluniesGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm
James Brodie of Inch of ArnhallCharles Gordon, liferenter of superiority of BalfourLt-col. Hercules Scott of Brotherton
John Burnett of KemnayFrancis Graham of MorphieJames Scott of Stone of Morphie
Kirkpatrick Williamson Burnett of MonboddoSir Archibald Grant of MonymuskGeorge Silver of Balnagubs
Sir Robert Burnett of LeysGavin Hadden of KinghornieGeorge Skene of Mondynes
Thomas Burnett of ParkJohn Innes of CowieRev. Patrick Stewart of Hilton
Maj.-gen. William Burnett of StandingstonesWilliam Innes of HallgreenJoseph Straton of Kirkside
John Campbell of Carbrook & BishopstonAlexander Keith of DunnottarSir John Stuart of Fettercairn
William Carnegie of CookstonGeorge Kinloch of KairJohn Taylor of Kirktonhill
Alexander Crombie of PhesdoAlexander Leith of SnawdenAlexander Turnbull of Dallidies
George Douglas of ArbeadieGeorge Lyell of KinneffMasterton Ure of Logie
John Douglas of TilwhillyHon. William Maule of PanmureSir David Wedderburn of Ballendean
Lt-gen. Andrew John Drummond of StrathallanJohn Menzies of PitfoddelsLt-gen. William Wemyss of Wemyss
George Harley Drummond of DrumtochtyThomas Morrison of ElsickJames Wood of Woodburnden
John Drummond of KirkhillAlexander Munro of Castlehill
Adam Duff of FindonJames Mitchell Nicolson of Glenbervie


Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, at Michaelmas 1813

From the Edinburgh Almanack for 1814.

The links are to the parishes in which the properties lie; there is not necessarily any further information about the individual freeholders on the pages for the parishes.


113 freeholders

John Allan of LochlandsPeter Fotheringham, advocateDavid Millar of Ballumbie
David Allardice of Dunfin [now Denfind]James Fyffe of SmithfieldPatrick Murray of Simprim
Peter Arkley of DunninaldThomas Gardyne, merchant, LondonAlexander Nairne of Drumkilbo [in Meigle PER]
David Arkley, liferenter of Clepington [in Dundee]Robert Pearse Gillies of BalmakewanRev. Francis Nicoll of Balgillo
Robert Baird of Newbyth [in Whitekirk ELN]Hon. Adam Gillies of Kintrockat, sen. coll. just.Sir J. Ogilvy of Inverquharity, bart.
John Baxter of IdviesJohn Graeme, W.S.James Ogilvy of Islabank
David Blair of CookstonCharles Gray of Carse [Carse Gray]Charles Ogilvy of Tannadice
Alexander Brodie of ArnhallCharles Greenhill of FearnJohn Ouchterlony of Guynd
Colin Bruce of SeaforthAlexander Greenhill of VaynePatrick Proctor of Halkerton
James Lindsay Carnegie of BoysackJames Guthrie of Craigie [in Dundee]John Rait of Anniston
David Carnegie of CraigoJohn Guthrie of GuthrieHon. Lt-col. James Ramsay
Rev. Alexander Carnegy of BaldovieAlexander Murray Guthrie, yr of Craigie [in Dundee]Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, bart.
James Carnegy of BalnamoonHon. Douglas Gordon Halyburton of PitcurHon. John Ramsay of Dysart
Patrick Carnegy of LourJohn Harvey of KinnettlesJohn Rankine of Mains of Dudhope
Col. John Carnegy, CarcaryAlexander Hay of LethamAlexander Riddoch of Blacklunans
Patrick Chalmers of AldbarJ. Henderson, Grange of BarryAlexander Ritchie of Bearhill
W. Chalmers, town clerk of DundeeBrig.-gen. John HopeHercules Ross of Rossie
George Chaplin of CollistonDavid Hunter of BurnsideDavid Scott of Dunninald
James Clayhills of InvergowrieD. Kerr, Grange of MonifiethGeorge Renny Scott of Hedderwick
Lawrence Brown Constable of Wallace Craigie [in Dundee]Thomas Kinloch of KilrieRobert Scott, HEICS, for Scotstown, etc.
James Cruickshank of LangleyparkAndrew Knox of KeithockPatrick Scrymgeour of Tealing
George Dempster of DunnichenJ. L'Amy, yr of DunkennyA. Skene of Marcus, R.N.
Mungo Dick of Pitkerro [in Dundee]John Laurenson of InverightyGeorge Skene of Skene
Hon. Archibald DouglasRobert Lindsay of AlmericloseRobert Speid of Ardovie
Hon. Charles DouglasDavid Lyall of GalleryT. R. Strachan of Tarry
Major William Douglas of Balgillo [1]Alexander Lyell of GardyneAlexander Renny Tailyour of Borrowfield
William Douglas of BrigtonCharles Lyell of KinnordyHercules Tailyour of Carcary
Robert Douglas, yr of BrigtonRobert Lyell of NewbiggingAdam Tait of Pittermo
Alexander Duncan of ParkhillGeorge Lyon of OgilJohn Taylor of Kirktonhill
John Duncan of RosemountJohn Lyon of PitpointieAlexander Watson of Turin
Hon. Capt. Henry Duncan, R.N.James Archibald Mackenzie, yr of Belmont [in Meigle PER] [2]Isaac Watt of Logie
Alexander Erskine of BalhallJ. Busby Maitland of EcclesJames Webster of Balruddery
Francis Erskine of KirkbuddoHon. William Maule of PanmureJohn Webster of Flemington
Thomas Farquharson of BaldovieHon. James Mackenzie of Belmont [in Meigle PER] [3]Charles Wedderburn of Pearsie
James Ford of FinavonGilbert Meason of LindertisHenry Wedderburn of Wedderburn
William Ford of WestwoodJames Mill of Graystone [Greystone of Ardestie]William Wilson of Whitfield
James Fotheringham of BalgershoJohn Mill of NoransideJohn Wilson, yr of Whitfield
Thomas Fotheringham of PowrieRobert Mill of Woodhill

[1] Col. Sir William Douglas of Balgillo, K.C.B., 91st Foot, d. 25 Aug 1818 - his tomb at Valenciennes in France

[2] James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (1776-1845), son of [3]; created Baron Wharncliffe of Wortley in 1827

[3] Hon. James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, né Stuart (1747-1818), 2nd son of John, 3rd earl of Bute; nephew of Hon. James Stuart Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, from whom he inherited Belmont, Meigle PER



75 freeholders

Charles Adam of MathersAdam Duff of FindonAlexander Munro of Castlehill
William George Adam of Wester KinneffRobert Duff, yr of FetteressoJames Mitchell Nicolson Nicholson of Glenbervie
William Adam of WoodstonAlexander Duthie of Ruthrieston [in Old Machar ABD]Hon. Walter Ogilvy of Clova
Robert Barclay Allardice of UryWilliam Farquhar of InverberviePatrick Orr of Bridgeton
Hon. Lt-col. Hugh Arbuthnott of HattonJames Farquhar of JohnstonGeorge Primrose of Raemoir
David Stuart Barclay of AllardiceCapt. William Fitzmaurice of CommiestonSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain
Hon. Claud Irvine Boswell of Balmuto [in Kinghorn FIF]Hon. Charles Fleming of WhistleberryJohn Ramsay of Barra
John Boswell yr, fiar of Balmuto [in Kinghorn FIF]Dr Gilbert Gerrard of MuchalsThomas Ramsay of Caldham
John Brand of LauriestonRobert Pearse Gillies of BalmakewanJames Rose of Glendye
Alexander Brodie of ArnhallHon. A. Gillies of HarviestonGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm
James Brodie of Inch of ArnhallAlexander Gordon of AuchluniesLt-col. Hercules Scott of Brotherton
John Burnett of Kemnay [in ABD]Charles Gordon, liferenter of BalfourCharles Scott of Criggie
Sir Robert Burnett of LeysFrancis Graham of MorphieDavid Scott of Nether Benholm
Kirkpatrick Williamson Burnett of MonboddoSir Archibald Grant of Monymusk, bart.James Scott of Stone of Morphie
Thomas Burnett of ParkGavin Hadden of KinghornieGeorge Silver of Balnagubs
Maj.-gen. William Burnett of StandingstonesJohn Innes of CowieGeorge Skene, liferenter of Mondynes
Thomas Burnett, yr of LeysWilliam Innes of HallgreenRev. Patrick Stewart of Hilton
John Campbell of CarbrookAlexander Keith of DunnottarJoseph Stratton of Kirkside [died 1816]
William Carnegie of CookstonGeorge Kinloch of KairSir John Stuart of Fettercairn, bart.
Alexander Crombie of PhesdoAlexander Leith of SnawdenJohn Taylor of Kirktonhill
George Douglas of ArbeadieHarry Niven Lumsden of AuchindoirAlexander Turnbull of Dallidies
George Harley Drummond of DrumtochtyGeorge Lyell of KinneffMasterton Ure of Logie
John Drummond of KirkhillHon. William Maule of PanmureSir David Wedderburn of Ballendean, bart.
Lt-gen. Andrew John Drummond of StrathallanJohn Menzies of Pitfoddels [ABD]Lt-gen. William Wemyss of Wemyss
Robert William Duff of FetteressoThomas Morrison of ElsickJames Wood of Woodburnden


Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, at Michaelmas 1827

From the Edinburgh Almanack for 1828.

The links are to the parishes in which the properties lie; there is not necessarily any further information about the individual freeholders on the pages for the parishes.


124 freeholders

John Baxter of IdviesJames Fyfe of SmithfieldG. Laing Mason of Lindertis
Thomas Binny of MaulsdenThomas Gardyne of MiddletonHon. William Maule of Panmure, M.P.
David Blair of CookstonHon. Adam Gillies of Kintrockat, sen. coll. just.James Mill of Noranside
James Campbell, advocateHon. Frederick Gordon, 3rd son of George earl of AboyneJames Miller of Milton, life-renter
Rev. Alexander Carnegie of BaldovieRobert S. Graham of KincaldrumJames Miller, yr of Milton, fiar of Baldowrie
George Fullerton Carnegie of Pittarrow, Charleton & KinnaberWilliam Stirling Grahame of Duntrune [in Dundee detached]James Miln of Woodhill
Rev. J. Carnegie of SeafordCharles Gray of Carse [Carse Gray]Patrick Murray of Simprim
James Carnegie of BalnamoonAlexander Greenhill of VayneDavid Nairne of Drumkilbo [in Meigle PER]
Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.Charles Greenhill of FernJames M. Nairne of Dunsinnane [in Collace PER]
William Fullerton Lindsay Carnegie of BoysackDavid Greenhill, H.E.I.C.S., civil serviceRev. Dr Francis Nicoll of Balgillo
David Carnegy of CraigoA. M. Guthrie, yr of Craigie [in Dundee]Charles Ogilvy of Tannadice
J. Carnegy, cornet, 2nd DragoonsDavid Charles Guthrie, merchant, LondonDavid Ogilvy, 9th earl of Airlie
Patrick Carnegy of LourJames Guthrie of Craigie [in Dundee]Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Clova
Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar, capt., 3rd Dragoon GuardsJohn Guthrie of GuthrieSir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, bart.
George Chaplin of CollistonHon. Douglas Gordon Halyburton of PitcurJohn Ouchterlony of Guynd
A. Clayhills of InvergowrieJohn Harvey of KinnettlesWilliam David Proctor of Halkerton
Alexander Cruickshank of KeithockJames W. Hawkins, advocateJames Rait of Anniston
Alexander Cruickshank of StracathroJohn Hay of LethamSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, bart.
J. Cruickshank of LangleyparkWilliam Henderson of Grange of BarrySir James Ramsay of Bamff, bart.
James Cruickshank, yr of LangleyparkLt-gen. Sir John Hope, K.C.B.Col. Hon. John Ramsay of Dysart
Patrick Cruickshank, yst son of James C. of LangleyparkDavid Hunter of BlacknessAlexander Reid, life-renter of Pittendreich
Alexander Currie, advocateDavid Hunter of BurnsideAlexander Reid yr, fiar of Pittendreich
James Dalgairns of BalgaviesMaj. Thomas Hunter of CarlogieGeorge Robertson Scott of Hedderwick
Mungo Dick of Pitkerro [in Dundee]William Hunter, yr of BurnsideCapt. Robert Scott of Usan
Archibald Douglas (né Stewart), 1st lord Douglas of DouglasDavid Jobson of HaughheadJ. Fotheringham Scrymsoure of Tealing
Hon. Archibald DouglasRobert Jobson, merchant, DundeeWilliam Shand of Arnhall
Hon. Charles DouglasGeorge Keith of UsanAlexander Smart of Cononsyth
Robert Douglas of BrigtonD. Kerr, Grange of MonifiethWilliam Smart of Cairnbank
Robert Downie of DumbarrowThomas Kerr of NorthgrangeJames Speid, Brechin
Alexander Duncan of ParkhillGeorge Kirkaldy of Baldovie & Drumgeight [in Dundee]Robert Speid of Ardovie
Hon. Capt. Henry Duncan, R.N.J. L'Amy of DunkennyHenry Stephens of Balmadies
John Duncan of RosemountJ. Laurenson of InvereightyHon. Archibald Stuart of Balmerino [in FIF] & Coupar Angus [1]
Alexander Erskine of BalhallJohn Mackenzie Lindsay, W.S. [2]Archibald Campbell Stuart of St Fort & Castle Stewart
Francis Erskine of KirkbuddoRobert Lindsay of AlmeriecloseA. R. Tailyour of Borrowfield
Hon. John Kennedy-Erskine, 2nd son of Archibald Kennedy earl of CassilisJames Lyall of GalleryAdam Tait of Pittermo
Thomas Erskine of Linlathen, advocateAlexander Lyell of GardyneAlexander Watson of Turin
John Farquhar of PitscandlyCharles Lyell of KinnordyJohn Webster of Flemington
Thomas Farquharson of BaldovieCharles Lyell, yr of KinnordyCharles Wedderburn of Pearsie
William Ford, life-renter of WestwoodRobert Lyell of NewbiggingH. Wedderburn of Wedderburn, etc.
Frederick Fotheringham, W.S.Thomas Lyell, R.N.P. Wedderburn of Newgrange
Thomas Fotheringham of PowrieGeorge Lyon of Glenogil
Maj. David Fyfe of LogieHon. John Stuart McKenzie, yr of Belmont [in Meigle PER][3]

[1] 1771-1832, twin brother of Francis, 10th earl of Moray of the present creation

[2] b. 1792, younger bro. of Wm F. L. Carnegie of Spynie & Boysack; later, Director of Chancery

[3] eldest son of 1st Lord Wharncliffe



78 [76?] freeholders, 5 liferenters

Charles Adam of MathersW. Farquhar of InverbervieW. Moir of Park
William Adam of Woodston [1]A. Farquharson of FinzeanRobert Morice of Tullos
W. G. Adam of Wester KinneffHon. Charles Fleming of WhistleberryW. Morrice of Castlehill
Robert Barclay Allardice of UrySir C. Forbes of New & Edinglassie, bart., liferenterRev. Dr George Morrison of Elsick
Col. Hon. Hugh Arbuthnott of HattonJ. Forbes, fiar of New & EdinglassieJ. M. Nicholson of Glenbervie
John Arbuthnott, 8th viscount of ArbuthnottSir W. Forbes of Pitsligo, bart.Rev. Dr F. Nicol of Costerton
Capt. Hon. W. Arbuthnott of HarviestonAlexander Forrest of TullochsHon. D. Ogilvy of Clova
Robert Badenoch of CraigJohn Garioch of HeathcotCapt. Hon. William Ogilvy, Airlie Castle
J. Boswell of KincausieAlexander Gibbon of HallgreenSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, bart.
John Brand of LauriestonAlexander Gordon of AuchluniesCapt. Robert Ramsay of Pitgarvie
Arthur Burnett of Monboddo, advocate, liferenterWilliam Gordon of FyvieCapt. T. Ramsay of Caldhame
J. Burnett, fiar of MonboddoFrancis Graham of MorphieHercules J. Robertson of Benholm, advocate, liferenter
John Burnett of Kemnay [in ABD]W. G. Graham of Wester KinneffArchibald Scott of Stone of Morphie
J. Horn Burnett of TillyboyFrederick Grant of Mount Cyrus [i.e. Criggie]David Scott of Nether Benholm
Sir Robert Burnett of Leys, bart.Alexander Hadden, fiar of BalmakellyGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm [?]
Thomas Burnett, yr of LeysGavin Hadden of KinghornieGeorge Robertson Scott, fiar of Benholm
Lt-gen. W. Burnett of StandingstonesJames Hadden of Balmakelly, liferenterJ. Scott of Brotherton
Capt. W. Burnett of PittenkerrieRobert Rickart Hepburn of RickartonWilliam Shand of Arnhall & the Burn
G. Fullerton Carnegie of PittarrowNorman Hill of BrownhillsGeorge Silver of Balnagubs
Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.James Innes of BonharryAlexander Smith of Strathlethen
Alexander Crombie of PhesdoJohn Innes of CowieRev. P. Stewart of Hilton
Peter Crooks, fiar of LogieWilliam Innes of RaemoreMaj.-gen. Joseph Straton of Kirkside [2]
George Douglas of ArbeadieSir Alexander Keith of Dunnottar, knight marischalRobert Taylor of Kirktonhill
Francis Walker Drummond of HawthorndenGeorge Kinloch of KairAlexander Thomson of Banchory
Adam Duff of FindonH. Lumsden of TilwhillyAlexander Turnbull of Dalladies
R. Duff, yr of FetteressoHenry L. Lumsden of AuchindoirMasterton Ure of Logie, liferenter [3]
Col. Robert William Duff of FetteressoGeorge Lyell of KinneffJohn Watson of Easter Mathers
Alexander Duthie of Ruthrieston [in Old Machar ABD]John Menzies of Pitfoddels [ABD]Alexander Wood of Woodburnden
James Farquhar of Johnston

[1] Son and heir of John Adam of Maryburgh [in Fife], architect. See also here.

[2] Lt-gen. Sir Joseph Straton of Kirkside, C.B., K.C.H. [Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order of Hannover], F.R.S.E., etc., yst son of William Muter of Annfield [in Fife] & Janet Straton of Kirkside. His K.C.H. star was auctioned by Spinks in 1998. See also, Charles Rogers, Monuments and monumental inscriptions in Scotland, vol. 2, pp. 298-9, here.

[3] Son of Robert Ure, minister of Airth STI; W.S.; see also here.


2. Land Tax Commissioners of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1836

Ref. A Collection of the Public General Statutes Passed in the Sixth and Seventh Year of the Reign of H.M. King William the [Third and] Fourth (London, 1836). This is, effectively, a list of landowners in these counties, including some liferenters and heirs apparent. Numerous misprints in the original have been corrected here, but many doubtless remain. Names, designations and titles have been completed where possible. The arrangement has been made strictly alphabetical. The links are to the parishes in which the properties lie; there is not necessarily any further information about the individual freeholders on the pages for the parishes.


John Alison of WellbankHon. John Gray, eldest son of lord GrayDavid Graham Drummond Ogilvy, lord Ogilvy, eldest son of 9th earl of Airlie
Arthur Anderson of KinnaberDavid Greenhill, civil service, H.E.I.C.S.Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Clova
James Anderson of Clocksbrigs--- Grewer of Easter Craig--- Ogilvy, yr of Clova
Thomas Anderson of LonghaughDavid Charles Guthrie, merchant, LondonSir George Ogilvy of Barras, bart.
James Carnegie Arbuthnott of BalnamoonJames Guthrie of Craigie [in Dundee]George Ogilvy of Kirkbuddo
--- Carnegie Arbuthnott, yr of BalnamoonJohn Guthrie of GuthrieJames Ogilvy of Parkconon
Robert Arkley of EthiebeatonJohn Guthrie, yr of GuthrieJohn Ogilvy of Inshewan
Capt. A. Baker, late 3rd Dragoonslord Douglas HallyburtonSir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, bart.
Henry Baxter of IdviesJohn Inglis Harvey of KinnettlesPeter Wedderburn Ogilvy of Ruthven
Peter Bell of PitpointyJames Whiteshed Hawkins of RestennethThomas Ogilvy, yr of Ruthven
Thomas Binny of MaulsdenCharles Carnegy Hay of PitforthieWalter Ogilvy of Tannadice
David Blair of CookstonJohn Hay of LethamHon. William Ogilvy of Airlie Castle
David Blair, yr of CookstonGeorge Clayhills Henderson of CarlingwellSir Charles M. Ouchterlony of Balmadies, bart.
James Campbell of Craigie, advocateRev. James Ogilvy Henderson of RochilhillJohn Ouchterlony of Guynd
Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.William Henderson of Grange of BarryPeter Pennycook of ---
James Carnegie, W.S.John Hill of Cotton of CraigWilliam Powrie of Reswallie
William Fullerton Lindsay Carnegie of Spynie & BoysackGen. Sir John Hope of Pert, K.C.B.William David Proctor of Halkerton
William Hopetoun Carnegie, 8th earl of NortheskDavid Hunter of BlacknessCapt. James Rait of Anniston
George John Carnegie, lord Rosehill, eldest son of earl of NortheskGen. David Hunter of BurnsideSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, bart.
David Carnegy of CraigoMaj. Thomas Hunter of Carlogie--- Ramsay, yr of Balmain
Rev. J. Carnegy of SeafordWilliam Hunter, yr of BurnsideSir James Ramsay of Bamff, bart.
Capt. John Carnegy, late 12th DragoonsAlexander Johnston of LawtonMaj.-gen. Hon. John Ramsay of Dysart
Patrick Watson Carnegy of Lour & TurinAndrew Keil of WhitfieldWilliam Maule Ramsay, yr of Dysart
Thomas Carnegy, yr of CraigoGeorge Keith of UsanDavid Rankine of Dudhope
John Inglis Chalmers of London[?]Anthony Adrian Keith-Falconer, 7th earl of KintoreJames Rattray of Eastmill
Patrick Chalmers of AuldbarWilliam Adrian Keith-Falconer, lord Inverurie, eldest son of 7th earl of KintoreThomas Rattray, yr of Eastmill
George Chaplin of CollistonDavid Kerr of GrangeThomas Rattray of Bellaty
Alexander Clayhills of InvergowrieJohn Kerr of PitruchieAlexander Reid of Pittendriech
William Brown Constable of Wallace Craigie [in Dundee]Patrick Kerr of DrumgeithRobert Rolland of Auchmithie
James Craik of BalglassieThomas Kerr of North GrangeHoratio Ross of Rossie
John Creighton of West Grange of CononThomas Kerr, yr of GrangeDavid Scott of Newton
Alexander Cruickshank of StracathroWilliam Kerr of FinlargDavid Scott, yr of Newton
Alexander Cruickshank of KeithockGeorge Kinloch of KinlochGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm
James Cruickshank, yr of KeithockJohn Kinloch of KilryCapt. Robert Scott of Abbeythune
James Cruickshank of Langley ParkGeorge Kirkaldy of Baldovie [in Dundee]Sir William Scott of Ancrum, bart.
James Alexander Cruickshank, yr of Langley ParkJohn Laing of RenmuirJames Fotheringham Scrymsoure of Tealing
Patrick Cruickshank of GlenskennoDavid Laird of StrathmartineJames Peter Shaw of Drumfork
Alexander Currie, advocate, sheriff of BanffJames L'Amy of DunkennyPeter Shaw of Waterton
Maj. James Dalgairns of BalgaviesJohn Ramsay L'Amy, yr of DunkennyWilliam Shaw of Newhall
Alexander Stormonth Darling of Kinclune, M.D.Capt. John Laurenson of Invereighty, 17th DragoonsRobert Sime of Greenlawhill
James Stormonth Darling of LednathieJohn Lindsay of AlmeriecloseAlexander Simpson of Easter Ogil
Mungo Dick of Pitkerro [in Dundee]John Mackenzie Lindsay, W.S.Alexander Smart of Cononsyth
Hon. Charles Douglas, 2nd son of late lord DouglasDavid Lowson of SpringfieldWilliam Smart of Cairnbank
Capt. Hon. George Douglas, R.N.Henry Lumsden of TilwhillyJohn Smith of Balhary
William Douglas of BrigtonJames Lyall of GalleryJames Souter, W.S.
Sir Francis Walker Drummond of Hawthornden, bart.Robert Lyall of NewbiggingDavid Spalding of Broomhall
James Walker Drummond, yr of HawthorndenAlexander Lyell of GardyneJames Speid of[?] Brechin
--- Duncan of ParkhillCharles Lyell of KinnordyJames Speid, yr of Ardovie
Adam Haldane-Duncan, viscount Duncan, eldest son of 1st earl of Camperdown
Alexander Erskine of BalhallCharles Lyell, yr of KinnordyRobert Speid of Ardovie
Thomas Erskine of LinlathenThomas Lyell, R.N.Hon. Archibald Stewart of Balmerino [who had died in 1832]
John Farquhar of PitscandlyGeorge Lyon of GlenogilArchibald Campbell Stewart of St Fort & Castle Stewart
Thomas Farquharson of BaldovieThomas Lyon-Bowes, 11th earl of Strathmore & KinghorneMaj. T. R. Swinburne of Marcus
William Ford of WestwoodHon. John Stuart Wortley Mackenzie, eldest son of 1st lord WharncliffeRev. David Symers of Eassie
Frederick Fotheringham, W.S.Thomas Mackenzie of ApplecrossAlexander Renny Tailyour of Borrowfield
Col. Thomas Ogilvy Fotheringham of PowrieJames Marnie of Deuchar--- Renny Tailyour, yr of Borrowfield
Maj. David Fyffe of SmithfieldHon. Fox Maule, eldest son of lord PanmureRobert Taylor, merchant, London
Thomas Gardyne of MiddletonMagnus Gilbert Laing Meason of LindertisWilliam Taylor of Lunan
Alexander Geekie of Easter BaldourieJohn Millar of BallumbieJohn Watt of Easter Meathie
James Geekie of Wester BaldourieJames Miller of Milton--- Webster of Flemington
Andrew Gemmell of WhitewellAlexander Hay Miln, yr of WoodhillJames Webster of Balmuir
Hon. Adam Gillies of Kintrockat, sen. coll. just.Maj. James Miln of NoransideJames Webster of Wester Meathie
--- Gordon, earl of Aboyne, eldest son of marquis of HuntlyJames Miln of WoodhillRobert Webster of Balruddery
lord Frederick GordonWilliam Morgan of BalbinnySir David Wedderburn, bart.
William Gourlay of BaikieMungo Murray of Lintrose *David Wedderburn of Pearsie
Francis Graham of BalendargJames Mudie of ArbikieFrederick Lewis Scrimgeour-Wedderburn, yr of Wedderburn
Robert Stirling Graham of Kincaldrum--- Mudie, yr of ArbikieHenry Wedderburn of Wedderburn
William Stirling Graham of Duntrune [in Dundee detached]Patrick Murray of SimprimMaj. --- Wilkie of Newbarns
Charles Gray of Carse [Carse Gray]David Nairne of Drumkilbo [in Meigle PER]--- Young of Ascreavie
James Miller Nairne of Dunsinnane [in Collace PER]

* Lintrose was formerly called Foderance



William George Adam of Wester KinneffSimpson Duguid of CammachmoreHarry Leith Lumsden of Cairngracie
Robert Barclay Allardice of UryJames Farquhar of HallgreenHenry Lumsden of Tilwhilly
Maj.-gen. Hon. Hugh Arbuthnott of HattonThomas N. Farquhar of JackstonJames Boyd McCombie of Jellybrands [Gillybrands] [4]
John Arbuthnott, viscount of ArbuthnottWilliam Farquhar of InverbervieAnthony Mactier of Durris
Capt. Hon. John ArbuthnottAdmiral Hon. Charles Fleming of WhistleberryJohn Menzies of Pitfoddels [ABD]
Hon. Walter ArbuthnottSir Charles Forbes of New, bart.William Moir of Park
Capt. Hon. William Arbuthnott of HarviestonJohn Forbes, yr of New, liferenterJohn Morrice of Tulloes
James Arnott of WhiteriggsSir John Stuart Forbes of Fettercairn, bart.William Morrice of Castlehill
Dr Robert Badenach of ArthurhouseMaj.-gen. Nathaniel Forbes of DunnottarRev. Dr George Morrison of Elsick
John Boswell of KincausieWilliam Forbes of CastletonAlexander Muir of Loirston
John Brand of LauriestonAlexander Watson Fordyce of ArdoJames Nicol, yr of Findon
Arthur Burnett, liferenter of MonboddoAlexander Forrest of TullochsJames Mitchell Nicolson of Glenbervie
James Burnett of MonboddoLt-col. William Frazer of BalmakewanHon. Donald Ogilvie of Balbegno
James Horn Burnett of TillyboyAndrew Gammell of DrumlochtyHon. William Ogilvie of Airlie Castle
John Burnett of Kemnay [in ABD]Ernest Gammell of PortlethenSir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, bart.
Sir Robert Burnett of Leys, bart.John Garioch of HeathcotRobert Ramsay of Pitgarrie
Thomas Burnett, yr of LeysAlexander Gibbon of JohnstonThomas Ramsay of Caldhame
Lt-gen. William Burnett of Banchory LodgeJohn Gladstone of FasqueHercules James Robertson, liferenter of Benholm
Capt. William Burnett of PittenkerryThomas Gladstone, yr of FasqueDavid Scott of Nether Benholm
Lt-col. John Campbell of BlackhallAlexander Gordon of NewhallGeorge Robertson Scott of Benholm
Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.John Gordon of DrumlithieJames Scott of Brotherton
John Carnegie of DenstrathWilliam Gordon of MaryculterJames Fitzmaurice Scott of Commieston
John Carnegie of RedhallFrancis Graham of MorphieGeorge Silver of Netherley
Rev. Dr Alexander Crombie of PhesdoFrederick Grant of Mount CyrusGeorge Silver, yr of Netherley
Alexander Crombie, yr of PhesdoAlexander Hadden, fiar of BalmakellyWilliam Stewart of Hilton
Peter Crooks, fiar of LogieGavin Hadden of KinghornieMaj.-gen. Joseph Straton of Kirkside
Alexander Davidson of BalnagaskJames Hadden, liferenter of BalmakellyGeorge Andrew Stuart of Inchbreck
Walter Stevenson Davidson of InchmarloRobert Rickart Hepburn of RickartonRobert Taylor of Kirktonhill
John Duff Dingwall of WoodstonNorman Hill of BrownhillsAlexander Thomson of Banchory
George Douglass of ArbeadieJames Innes of BonharrieMasterton Ure, liferenter of Logie
Sir Francis Walker Drummond of Hawthornden, bart.William Innes of BonharrieJohn Watson of Easter Mathers
Adam Duff of FindonLt-col. William Murray Keith of DunnottarAlexander Wood of Woodburnden
Robert Duff of FetteressoAnthony Adrian Keith-Falconer, earl of KintoreDr William Young of Fawside
Peter Duguid of AuchluniesGeorge Kinloch of Kair

[4] See, e.g. The McCombies.


3. Tailzies (Entails) for lands in Angus and Kincardineshire, 1685-1784

Ref: Samuel Shaw, An Accurate Alphabetical Index of the Registered Entails in Scotland from the Passing of an Act of Parliament in the Year 1685, to February 4. 1784 (Edinburgh, 1784)

The links are to the parishes in which the properties lie; there is not necessarily any further information about the individual freeholders on the pages for the parishes.

EntailerLandsDate of
Date of
Volume:">NAS ref. RT1/...
FolioNo. in registerCounties
David earl of AirlieLands of Lintrathen, etc.22 Mar 171631 Jul 17185162148ANS, PER
Elizabeth Arbuthnot of CaterlineTown & Mains of Caterline1 Jun 17456 Jun 174510356358KCD
John viscount of ArbuthnotLands & estate of Arbuthnot, etc.30 Oct 177716 Jan 177819378651KCD
Sir Alexander Bannerman of ElsickThe barony of Strachan, etc.12 Aug 176925 Feb 177518406620KCD
James Barclay of BalmakewanLands of Ballindarg, etc., entailed by Robert Carnegie of Ballindarg27 Jun 174830 Jul 174811195381ANS
Robert Barclay of UrieLands of Urie, etc.9 Oct 17226 Feb 1723673180KCD
William Barclay, yr of BalmakewanLands of Morphie, Meikle Pilmour, etc., entailed by Francis Grahame of Morphie7 Dec 173625 Feb 174410224348KCD
John Bowis of SnadownLands of Snadown, etc.13 Oct 171827 Jan 17195196151KCD
James Burnet of MonboddoLands & Mains of Kair, etc., in favours of George Kinloch10 Nov 172623 Feb 1727745223KCD
Sir Thomas Burnet of LeysLands & estate of Leys5 Mar 17009 Jul 1700220741KCD
James Carnegie of BoysackLands & barony of Boysack, etc.24 Jun 17668 Mar 177116377559ANS
Robert Carnegie of BallindargLands of Ballindarg, etc.27 Jun 174830 Jul 174811195381ANS
George Chapline, merchant in JamaicaLands & barony of Colliston, etc.27 Jul 172111 Jun 17246223193ANS
John Clayhills of InvergowrieLands of Invergowrie, etc.29 Jan 172321 Feb 1723677181ANS
John Dick of PitkerroLands of Pitkerro [in Dundee], etc.28 Mar 174425 Jul 174410319353ANS
[James Douglas, 2nd] Marquis of DouglasEarldom of Angus, etc., in favours of the [Archibald Douglas, 1st] earl of Forfar9 Mar 169922 Mar 17074190ANS, PER, ROX, BEW, LKS, ELN
Robert Duff of Fetteresso, vice-admiral of the RedLands & estates of Fetteresso & Logie13 Mar 178310 Jul 17832228724KCD, ABD
David lord Falconer of HalkertonLands & barony of Halkerton, etc.4 Jul 174326 Jul 174310181344KCD, ANS
Mr Adam Fergusson, minister of LogieraitLands of Douny & Dalnakebock23 Mar 175314 Jun 175312108411ANS
Sir Arthur Forbes of CraigievarLands & estate of Thainston, Beltie, etc.2 Jun 177221 Nov 177217335588ABD, KCD
Sir Alexander Fraser of DurrisLands & barony of Durris, etc.22 Nov 166918 Dec 177920229674KCD, ABD
Sir Alexander Fraser of DurrisLands of Kirkton of Durris, etc.6 Dec 167518 Dec 177920244675KCD, ABD
Thomas Fullarton of Galron [Gallery]Lands of Thornton, etc.20 Jan 172728 Feb 1727766225KCD
John Gardner of North TarrieLands of North Tarrie3 Sep 176418 Jul 17711716569ANS
John Gardner of North TarrieLands of North Tarrie; supplementary deed of entail by him8 Jun 177118 Jul 17711730570ANS
John Gavine of WhiteriggsLands of Whiteriggs, etc.26 Dec 17483 Jan 174911213383KCD
William Gibson of BridgetounLands of Craighill and Bridgetoun, etc., and lands of Little Fithie, in favours of his daughter and William Orr, her son2 Dec 177314 Jul 17812196695KCD, ANS
William Gibson of BridgetounLands of Wester Pitgarvie, etc., in favours of his daughter and William Orr, her son6 Mar 178114 Jul 178121117696KCD
Francis Grahame of MorphieLands of Morphie, Meikle Pilmour, etc.10 May 17436 Jan 174410224348KCD
Capt. Charles Gray of CarseLands of Carse, etc.23 May 176525 Jun 176815299525ANS
Andrew Hunter of DodLands & barony of Dod, etc.30 Aug 17094 Nov 17134387128ANS
Andrew Hunter of DodSome acres called Eyving Hills, & other houses13 Jan 17134 Nov 17134399129ANS
John Irvine of DrumTailzie by Alexander Tytler, writer in Edinburgh, William earl of Aberdeen and Patrick Duff of Premnay, in his favours, of the estate of Drum25 Mar 172730 Jul 17379128312ABD, KCD
George Kinloch of KairLands of Fallside & Brecks. Tailzie thereof in his favour by John Fullerton25 Apr 173530 Jul 1735928300KCD
George Lauder of PitscandlyLands & estate of Pitscandly, etc.26 Oct 173715 Jan 17409358323ANS
Alexander Leith of FreefieldLands & baronies of Freefield, Towrie & Glenkindy23 Nov 177126 Nov 17711785575ABD, KCD
Margaret [Leslie] countess of RothesEarldom of Rothes, etc.1 Jan 168810 Mar 177518430623FIF, PER, KCD, ANS, INV
Alexander Littlejohn of WoodstonLands & estate of Hall, Woodston, etc.7 Oct 175827 Jun 176414246492KCD
Sir George McKenzie of RosehaughLands & estate of Rosehaugh4 Jun 168919 Jul 16921274ANS
James McKenzie-Stuart of Rosehaugh, Lord Privy SealCertain parts of Markmyre, etc.11 Mar 175426 Jun 177217193581PER, ANS
James McKenzie-Stuart of Rosehaugh, Lord Privy SealThird part of a fourth part of the town & lands of Balmaw12 Aug 175826 Jun 177217193582ANS
James McKenzie-Stuart of Rosehaugh, Lord Privy SealHalf of the lands of Easter Keilour, etc.7 Jul 176426 Jun 177217-583ANS
William [Maule] earl of PanmureLands & baronies of Panmure, Aberbrothock, Brechin, Navar, Edzell, Lethnot, Lochlee, Kellie, Ballumbie, etc.12 Oct 178122 Jan 178221226706ANS
Gilbert Menzies of PitfoddelsEstate of Pitfoddels, etc.27 Aug 170028 Feb 1701236249ABD, KCD
James and Archibald Menzies of CuldaresLands & barony of Culdares & Glenlyon, etc.30 Apr 177316 Feb 177920103666PER, ANS
Sir Alexander Murray of MelgundLands & barony of Melgund, etc.13 Sep 17101 Feb 17246132188ANS
Sir Alexander Murray of MelgundLands & estate of Melgund & Kinninmond13 Sep 171023 Dec 17256307207ANS
Sir William Nicolson of GlenbervieLands & barony of Glenbervie, etc.27 Apr 17428 Jun 174310147340KCD
Sir William Nicolson of GlenbervieNomination of heirs by him9 Jul 176015 Jul 176013280465KCD
David Ogilvie of ClunieLands & estate of Mains of Craigie, etc.23 Dec 17296 Feb 17307304248PER, ANS
Alexander Ramsay-Irvine of BalmainLands & estate of Newthornton, etc.7 Oct 176517 Dec 176514419503KCD
Thomas Reid of AuchinleckMains of Auchinleck, mansionhouse & pertinents20 Jun 175424 Jun 175512294427ANS
David Rickart of RiccartounTailzie in his favour by Sir Thomas Burnet of Leys, etc., of lands of Couton, etc.17 May 170622 Dec 17411035332KCD, ABD
Dame Janet Rochead, relict of Sir David Dalrymple of HailesLands & barony of Melgund, called Northanelgune [North Melgund?]15 Mar 172512 Jan 172771220ANS
Andrew lord RolloLands & barony of Duncrub, etc.11 Mar 176518 Jan 176614431504PER, ANS
Major George Skene of CarestonLands & estate of Careston, etc.24 Oct 17216 Jul 17256272199ANS
Alexander Thomson, advocate in AberdeenLands & barony of Banchory, etc.16 May 176018 Jun 176815281524ABD, KCD
Dame Elizabeth Trent, relict of Sir James Falconer of PhesdoLands of Balmakettle, etc.27 Dec 17386 Jun 17521240404KCD
Alexander Watson of TurinLands & estate of Over & Nether Turins, etc.9 Apr 177821 Jan 17792027662ANS
Alexander Watson of TurinRevocation by him of the above tailzie5 Jul 178119 Jul 178121123697ANS
Grizel Wedderburn of WedderburnLands & estate of Wedderburn31 Jul 17666 Aug 176614453506ANS


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