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John Strachan, bishop of Brechin 1788-1808, was born at Redford, Garvock ca. 1719.


NLSNational Library of Scotland
NRSNational Records of Scotland, formerly called the National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and, before that, the Scottish Record Office [SRO]
HM General Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YY (Tel: +44-131-535-1314)
OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


Books & articles


Statistical accounts of Garvock


Maps of Garvock

For the full range of maps of Garvock, see National Library's Maps.


Photographs of places

See Garvock - recent photographs of Garvock. National Grid ref. NO7470.


Parish church

Located at National Grid ref. NO744705. Built in 1778. The mediaeval kirk was dedicated to St James. Photograph


Parish ministers 1560-1943

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

James Symmer1563-1569reader 1563; dep. 1569
John Wardlaw1564-1565vicar
Alexander Keith1568-1579removed from Caterline, having also Arbuthnott, Bervie and Kinneff in his charge; tr. to Dunnottar 1579; pres. to vicarage on death of Wardlaw 9 Feb 1586-7
Robert Mylne1569; 1585reader in 1569 and in 1585
Walter Morison1588-1603bro. of William Morison, min. of Benholm; M.A.; pres. to vicarage 13 May 1588 on demission of Alexr Keith; d. 4 May 1603; mar. Margaret Rait who survived him; issue: James, min. of Evie & Rendall; Wm; Isobel
Robert Arbuthnott1604-1615M.A.; pres. 20 Feb 1604; tr. to Arbuthnott 1615
Andrew Collace1615-1569M.A.; pres. 7 Feb 1615; tr. to St Cyrus 1619
David Mitchell1619-1628M.A.; adm. bef. 6 Apr 1619; tr. to Old Kirk Parish Edinburgh 1628
Michael Gilbert1628-ca. 1648tr. from North Berwick 1628; tr. to Murroes ca. 1648
John Keith1653-1663adm. bef. 24 Mar 1653; still min. 11 Nov 1663; issue: George, min. of Old Deer; James
John Mylne younger1670-1685ord. 2 Mar 1670; tr. to 2nd charge Montrose 1685
Robert Ochterlony1685-1693of the family Ochterlony of the Guynd; b. 27 Oct 1662 the Guynd; adm. 20 May 1685; deprived by Privy Council 1693; dep. 2 Oct 1716 for intruding at Montrose; retired to Montrose; d. 1750 Montrose, last survivor of those who were ministers before abolition of episcopacy; mar. Anne, dau. of Capt. William Keith of Reidcloak
James Murison1698-1746chaplain to laird of Langton; ord. 31 Aug 1698; d. 2 Jul 1746; mar. (1) --; issue: James, min. of Edzell, then Kinnell; then principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews; Jean (mar. 1725 James Chaplin of Colliston); mar. (2) 27 May 1714 Grizel Dallas
James Smith (primus)1743-1780schoolmaster St Cyrus 1726; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1727; ord. (ass & suc.) 12 Oct 1743; d. 6 Nov 1780; mar. 1752 Mary, dau. of Archibald Napier, min. of Maryculter; James, min. here; Jean (mar. Robert Foote, min. of Fettercairn)
James Smith (secundus)1779-1836b. 29 Sep 1753, son of above; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1769; ord. (ass. & suc.) 19 Aug 1779; mentally affected thereafter; d. unm. 18 Jul 1836
John Glennie1804-1813b. 1765, son of John G., D.D., min. of Maryculter; M.A. Marischal 1784; ord. to Holland; adm. (ass. & suc.) 26 Jul 1804; tr. to Echt 16 Dec 1813; tr. to Dunnottar 16 Jun 1814
James Milne1814-1569M.A.; ord. (ass. & suc.) 9 May 1814; tr. to Arbuthnott 1821
John Charles1821-1868b. 1769 Garvock, son of John C., wheelwright; M.A. Marischal 1792; schoolmaster Glenbervie 1796-1821; ord. (ass. & suc.) 7 Jun 1821; d. 16 Nov 1868
James Mitchell1844-1885b. 1800 Aberdeen, son of James M.; schoolmaster Kinneff; ord. (ass. & suc.) 11 Jan 1844; d. 8 Apr 1885; mar. 1827 Eliz., dau. of Capt. Christie; issue: James, D.D., min. of S. Leith; Margaret Elizabeth
William Stephen1877-1923b. 1846 Tarves, son of Alexr S.; M.A. Aberdeen 1870; B.D. 1879; ass. Banchory Ternan, Bo'ness, St Cyrus; ord. (ass. & suc.) 17 Oct 1877; res. 17 May 1923; d. 25 Mar 1934 Barnton; mar. 1892 Jane Latto, eldest dau. of Charles Morrison, min. of Laurencekirk; issue: Alexander Charles, B.Sc., Scottish Fishery Board
Francis McHardy1923-1928b. 1874 Ordiquhill, son of John McH; M.A. Aberdeen 1897; B.D. 1900; ass. Govan; ord. Galashiels West 1903; tr. to Midmar 1908; tr. to Monquhitter 1917; tr. to Rickarton 1919; tr. & adm. 25 Oct 1923; tr. to Logie FIF 26 Jul 1928; dem. there 30 Nov 1942; d. 23 Jun 1944 Yarrow SEL; mar. 1904 Helen Hannah, dau. of Wm A. P. Sanderson, Galashiels; issue incl. Francis, min. of Blackhill in 1936
Munro Somerville (Somervell)1928-1935b. 26 Aug 1873 Kirkintilloch DNB, son of Thomas Somerville, min. of Blackfriars Glasgow; M.A. (1895), B.D. (1898) Glasgow; ass. Middlebie; ord. Drumelzier PEE 24 Aug 1900; tr. to Newhaven MLN 12 Oct 1916; tr. to Ballantrae AYR 5 Apr 1923; tr. here 13 Dec 1928; dem. 16 May 1935; d. 6 May 1936 Peebles; mar. 1911 Louisa Christina Cartwright, dau. of Thomas Wood, Peebles, sometime provost of Portobello
David Williamson1935-1943b. 21 May 1877 Greenlaw BEW, son of John W., schoolmaster; M.A. 1900 B.D. 1903 St Andrews; ass. Wallacetown Dundee and Lady Glenorchy's Edinburgh; ord. to Edzell 17 Aug 1905; tr. to Plean STI 12 Oct 1927; tr. 29 Nov 1935; dem. 31 Dec 1943; d. 24 Sep 1948 Coupar Angus; mar. 1908 Emily Mary, dau. of James Shanks, engineer, Arbroath; had issue


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Garvock Kirkyard bearing pre-1855 information (ca. 40 stones) are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Kincardineshire" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1999), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Kincardineshire MI - The Mearns" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Garvock in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 2, pp. 318-22.

See also Garvock Churchyard.


Garvock war memorial

See Scottish War Memorials Project: Garvock, WW1 for photographs and details.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Burial records for Garvock are held by the Registrar in Stonehaven. See Kincardine and Mearns Burial Grounds.

The Burial Register for Garvock Churchyard, 1882-1929, is held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives, ref. BR/GV/1
It includes a plan of the kirkyard, 1882; an index of lair owners; and a list of burials, 11 Sep 1882 to 14 May 1929.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Garvock Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/655/...
Volume of registers1866-18915
Charles's fund minutes & accounts1837-18896


Garvock Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR248/...
Minute book1865-19281
Cash Book1865-19302
Miscellaneous papers1820-18483


Land owners

There were 8 proprietors of land in the parish in 1836:

The heritors of the parish in 1882 were:



Following records are held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Garvock Parish Council: Minute Book1845 - 1858AS/KPgar/1
do1895 - 1919AS/KPgar/2
do1919 - 1930AS/KPgar/3


School records

The following records are some of those held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Garvock School: Log Book1866 - 1888ED/KC5/109/1/1
do1889 - 1914ED/KC5/109/1/2
do1915 - 1945ED/KC5/109/1/3
Garvock School: Admission Register1876 - 1920ED/KC5/109/2/1
do1920 - 1954ED/KC5/109/2/2
do1954 - 1963ED/KC5/109/2/3


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

1755755Dr Alexander Webster
1790460Old Statistical Account


Testaments & wills

Garvock was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Garvock people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Robert Adamson to John Adam, in the par. of Benholm, and sailor on board the "Leopard" man-of-war, Lord Colvill, commander, and Isobel Adam, grandchild to the said John Adam, par. of Garvock22 Jun 1757
Elspet Alexandersometime spouse to Andrew Read, brabonar in Brydestoun, par. of Sanct James in the Mearns9 Mar 1605
Mary Bairdresiding in Johnshaven, relict of James Davidson, tenant in Garvock10 Oct 1815
Margaret Ballochspouse to Stevin Brichan, cotter in Dave, par. of Garvok2 Apr 1618
Margaret Balmylisspouse to Robert Clark, in Readfuird, par. of Garvok3 Aug 1616
James Barclayin Renscho, par. of Garvok30 June 1617 and 2 Aug 1619
Margaret Barclayspouse to Robert Strachan, in Balhaggartie, par. of Garvok14 Aug 1662
Isobel Brechinin Davay, par. of Garvok, spouse of John Taylor20 Jun 1605
Robert Carchriein Balhagartie, par. of Garvock8 Feb 1714
William Clerkin Balhaggartie, par. of Garvok19 Dec l6i8
Christian Cokesspouse to David Nicoll, in Craig of Garvok, par. of St James4 Apr 1618
Alexander Cowiein Balhagertie, par. of Garvock18 Dec 1717
James Downiein Downy in Brydestoun, par. of Garvock8 May 1619
William Drynniein Clettoun, par. of Garvok27 Jan 1630
Elspet Falconerspouse to David Keath, in Balhaggartie, par. of Garvok27 Feb 1618
Miss Katharine Graemeresiding in Perth, dau. of decd. James Graeme of Garvock, esq.4 Nov 1819
Janet Gellierelict of James Grig, in Unthank, par. of Garvok27 Jun 1621
Mary Gibbspouse to the deceased Adam Duncan, sub-tenant in Reidford,
and the said Adam D., par. of Garvock
3 May 1759
Alexander Grayin Cottoun of Balhaggartie, par. of Garvok21 Dec 1615
James Greigin Unthank, par. of Garvok19 Jun 1619
John Greigin Unthank of Garvoke, par. of Garvok21 Jun 1621
William Greigin Cletteme, par. of Garvok19 Dec. 1618
Catherine Hillspouse to Alexander Sowtar, in Tulloch, par. of Garvok5 May 1617
John Hoggtenant in Forth of Garvock1 Nov 1819
John Jacktailor in Dava, par. of Garvak4 Jan 1606
John Jamiesmyth in Colladro, par. of Garvock22 Oct 1624
George Keithin Over Tullo, par. of Garvock18 Oct 1681
Robert Keith of Reidcloackresiding in par. of Garvock21 Jun 1688
Mathew Kerrcotter in Brydestoun, par. of Garvok19 Apr 1614
Christian Maimesspouse to Alexander Souter, weaver in Data, par. of Garvock5 Apr 1676
William Middletonin Dava, and Isobel Greig, his spouse, par. of Garvok11 Dec 1638
John Milne, sen.tacksman of the farm of Mill of Garvock, residing in Johnshaven21 May 1818
George Mitchell of Ballaggartiepar. of Garvok29 Jun 1614
John Muckartfarmer at West Braideston26 Aug 1813
Catherine Mudiespouse to Robert Watt, in Brydiestoun, par. of Garvok2 Jan 1674
Mrs Mary Prestonwidow of Robert Wellwood of Garvock esq., died at Torryburn15 Nov 1813
Andrew Reidin Brydistoune, par. of Garvock11 Aug 1618
James Roberttenant in Donra22 Jan 1808
Janet Robertsonspouse to George Chrystie, in Balhaggartie, par. of Garvock27 Feb. 1618
Christian Sibbaldspouse to Alexander Wylie, in Athrois, par. of Garvock21 Aug 1617
Elspet Taylorspouse to Andrew Greig, in Easter Unthank, par. of Garvock4 Nov 1619
Geillis Taylorspouse to Gilbert Pirrie, in Dava, par. of Garvock12 Sep 1621
John Taylorcottar in Dava, par. of Garvock26 Aug. 1619
Margaret Wallacespouse to Ale.xander Balfour, cordiner in Athrois, par. of Garvock21 Aug 1617
Margaret Wallacespouse to Andrew Greig, at the Milne of Garvock19 Jun 1619
Christian Watsonspouse to Andrew Orchartoun, in Arthourhous, par. of Garvock12 Sep 1621
John Watsonin Matheris, par. of Garvock16 Sep 1606
Jean Wattspouse to John Sherreff, in Unthank, par. of Garvock2 Feb 1688
Robert Welshin Quheitfeild of Arbuthnot, par. of Garvock19 Apr 1614

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant.

Robert Christiein Redford, par. of Garvock5 Nov 1764
Richard Lawsonat Miln of Garvock16 Mar 1726
James Patersonsmith at Wood of Garvock24 Aug 1726

Testaments of Garvock people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1800

John Millin Nether Tullo, par. of Garvock, and Elspet Anandell, his spouse1 Oct 1657
John Stratonin Tulloch of Garvock, par. of St James, and Margaret Jack, his spouse31 Aug 1597
Margaret Youngspouse to Robert Keith, in Whytfield of Garvock1 Oct 1657

Testaments of Garvock people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

John Arbuthnotin Revinschaw, par. of Garvok, sher. of Kincardine27 Jul 1597
Andrew Craigin Dawa, par. of Garvak, sher. of Kincardine4 Dec 159- [?]
Andro Howiesonin Athrois, par. of Garvok in the Mearns20 Feb 1587-8
Mause Howiesonsometime spouse to Alexander Fettus, in Davay, par. of Garvok, in the Mearns19 Dec 1582
Isobel Jackrelict of David Watson, in Athriss, par. of Garvok, in the Mearns9 Nov 1590
Jonet Keithsometime spouse to Andro Falconer, in Athross, in Garvok par., in the Mearns15 Aug 1590
Mr Cuthbert Kerin Balhagartie, par. of Garvock, sher. of Kincardine26 Dec 1592
Jonet Laingsometime spouse to Robert Walsche, in Quhytfeild, par. of Garvok, sher. of Kincardine23 Jul 1595
David Watsonin Athris, par. of Garvok, in the Mearns9 Nov 1590
Agnes Wischartsometime spouse to Alexander Keyth, minister at Garvok-kirk, in Brountoun in the Mearns26 Jun 1588
Elspeth Wyliesometime spouse to Andro Falconer, in Athross, par. of Garvok in the Mearns17 Aug 1590

Testaments of Garvock people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Walter Greigin Barnehill, par. of Garvok, in the Mearns26 May 1602
Mr Walter Morrisonminister at the Kirk of Garvok, in the Mearns15 Mar 1606


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

There are no records for Garvock.


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Garvock:


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