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Gazetteers of Scotland - covering the whole country

Monumental inscriptions - books

See Monumental inscriptions.

Scots Law - books

See Scots Law.

Street, Trade and Other Directories

See also Directories for Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Forfar, Friockheim, Monifieth and Montrose.

Statistical Accounts of Scotland

Surnames of Scotland

There is only one essential book:

George Fraser Black - Surnames of Scotland: their Origin, Meaning and History (New York: New York Public Library, 1946; and later reprints)

General works

Much of what was published by antiquaries in the 19th century was encyclopaedic and, as an almost inevitable consequence, less than wholly accurate. Their works can make for enjoyable reading, but one should take the details of both genealogy and land tenure with a large pinch of salt.

Books online

The full texts of a very large number of books that are now out of copyright can be found, in various formats and with the very obvious advantage of being fully searchable, at the Internet Archive and at Google Books. Unfortunately, a change to Internet Archive's "online reader" in late 2010 means that it is no longer possible to search for parts of words in a book. This means that works for which the images are of poor quality, or texts with special typesetting to represent contractions used in mediaeval manuscripts are now all-but-impossible to search.

The easiest way to find a full-text online book at the Internet Archive's site:

If a book has several volumes, it's often easiest to go to the link for one volume, and then change the address in the browser's title bar, e.g.: a search for "fasti ecclesiae scoticanae" only gives 2 hits, one of which is volume 5. Go to the link for volume 5, then, in the browser's title bar, change the "5" in the address to the number you want, e.g. "2", and reload the page.



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