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Pronounced dun-NICH-en, with the stress on the second syllable.

Please also visit the page of general information applicable to all of Angus & Kincardineshire.

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The arms of George Hawkins-Dempster of Dunnichen (1855)
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map of Letham

Above: modern street map of Letham (© OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA)
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See Geograph.org: Letham - recent photographs of Letham. National Grid ref. NO5248.


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Dunnichen parish church

Located at National Grid ref. NO510487. No longer in use. The mediaeval kirk, dedicated to St Constantine, was granted to the abbey of Arbroath.

Photograph of Dunnichen Kirk

Another photo of Dunnichen Kirk

Above: Dunnichen Kirk

Letham Parish Church

Above: the former Free Church in Dundee Road in the village of Letham, at NO528488. It is now Letham Parish Church (Dunnichen, Kirkden & Letham Church of Scotland, the parishes being united 6 Sep 1931).

Former quoad sacra church, Letham   Another photo of quoad sacra church, Letham

Above: the former quoad sacra church, Letham, built about 1830 as a chapel of ease, now a private house, at NO530488.


Parish ministers 1560-1931

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

James Cochran1563-1568vicar
Nicol Howeson1567-?min. in 1567; tr. to Auldearn NAI bef. 1574
James Balfour1574-?tr. from Guthrie 1574, when Idvie, Guthrie & Rescobie were also in his care; removed to Idvie (Kirkden) bef. 1584
Andrew Guthrie1585reader
John Rigg1589-1635b. ca. 1564, son of Patrick Rigg, merchant, Edinburgh; burgess & gildbrother of Edinburgh 28 Jul 1613; M.A. St Andrews; adm. min. here 1589; pres. to the vicarage 1 Dec 1601; d. 2 Nov 1635; mar. (1) Jean Gairden (or Helen?); issue: Eliz. (marr. Alexander Barbour, servitor to Alexander Gibson of Durie); mar. (2) 1620 Elspet Ochterlony, Montrose; issue: John, of Rigsland, advocate; Christian (mar. contr. 1624 John Ray, regent, Edinburgh Univ.); Wm, min. of Inverarity
Gilbert Wishart1635-16882nd son of Thomas Wishart in Ballindarg; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1622; adm. (colleague?) bef. 17 Mar 1635; d. Jan 1688, aged ca. 86; mar.; issue: John, of Balgavie, regent, Edinburgh Univ., and commissary of Edinburgh; Isobel (mar. proc. 1661 John Ogilvie in Easter Idvie)
Henry Lindsay1682-17162nd son of David L., min. of Rescobie; M.A. St Andrews 1666; ass. or chaplain bef. 16 Feb 1676; adm. to Farnell bef. 15 Jan 1682; tr. & adm. (colleague) 1682; Jacobite; dep. 30 May 1716; mar. Margaret Dempster; issue: Geo., merchant in Dundee & tenant in Invereighty
Andrew Arrott of Dumbarrow1716-1745b. ca. 1683, son of William Arrott of Dumbarrow, min. of Montrose; M.A. St Andrews 1710; ord. 13 Sep 1716; joined Associate Presbytery 13 Oct 1742; dep. 5 Jun 1745; built a kirk on his property of Dumbarrow; took Antiburgher side 1747; d. 16 May 1760; mar.; issue: Wm, of Dumbarrow; Magdalen (mar. Isaac Paton, min. of Antiburgher Congreg., Temple Patrick, Ireland); David, min. at Markethill, Ulster
James Henderson1746-1763ord. 4 Sep 1746; tr. to Monifieth 9 Mar 1763
Griffith Ferguson1763-1787ord. 1 Sep 1763; d. 26 Jul 1787; mar. 1764 Cecilia Ronald/Rennald; issue: John; Geo.; James; Griffith; Cecilia (mar. James Hunter, merchant, Dundee); Patrick; Jean (mar. proc. 1796 Alexr Ritchie, farmer, Friarton, Fife); Andrew
Thomas Masson1788-1809b. 1737, son of Wm M., convener of trades, St Andrews; M.A. St Andrews 1754; ord. to Glenisla 11 May 1763; tr. & adm. 31 Jul 1788; D.D. St Andrews 1804; d. 10 Nov 1809 St Andrews; mar. 1773 Jean, dau. of James Rattray of Eastmill; issue: Wm; James; Thos; David; Helen; Rose (mar. John Lee, D.D., LL.D., principal of Edinburgh Univ.)
James Headrick1807-1841bapt. 25 Mar 1759 Logie STI, son of John H., farmer; ord. (ass. & suc.) 11 Aug 1807; d. 31 Mar 1841; chemist, mineralogist, geologist; mar. 1804 Kath. McBeth; issue: James; Geo. Dempster; John; Wm; Samuel
Donald Fergusson1837-1843b. 1811 Kirkmichael PER, son of Charles Fergusson of Easter Dalnabreck; ord. (ass. & suc.) 25 Aug 1837; joined Free Kirk 1843; adm. min. of St George's Free, Liverpool 14 Feb 1844; tr. to Kilmadock Free PER 1850; tr. to Leven Free FIF 1865; d. 14 Jul 1897; mar. (1) 1846 Cath., dau. of Col. Wm Balfour, 82nd Foot; issue: Chas Balfour; Wm Balfour, M.D.; John Moore, presb. min., Woolwich; Grace Ogilvie (mar. John Maxwell Fergusson, a cousin); mar. (2) 1882 Marie Wilhelmina Henrietta Pauline, dau. of Col. Lewis von Wiersbitzky and wid. of Robert Lundin Brown, min. of Largo Free FIF
David Martin1843-1847b. ca. 1800, prob. son of David M., farmer, Mullobrack, Co. Armagh; M.A. Glasgow 1821; ord. 15 Sep 1843; d. 11 Apr 1847
Alexander Ferrier Mitchell1847-1849M.A.; ord. 9 Nov 1847; adm. prof. of Hebrew, St Mary's Coll., St Andrews 18 Dec 1848; dem. 29 Jun 1849
John Burns1849-1850ord. 27 Sep 1849; tr. to Dunino FIF 12 Jun 1850
Alexander Ross1850-1866b. 22 Nov 1819 Towie ABD, son of James R.; ord. to Holburn Chapel, Aberdeen 1844; adm. 26 Sep 1850; d. 20 Jul 1866 Kincardine O'Neil ABD unamr.; bur. at Towie
John Dawson1866-1869ass. chaplain, Bengal; adm. 6 Dec 1866; tr. to Makerstoun 9 Sep 1869
John Methven Robertson1869-1871ord. 5 Nov 1869; tr. to 2nd charge Montrose 12 Oct 1871
Thomas Alexander Cameron1872-1874M.A.; ord. 11 Jan 1872; tr. to Farnell 19 Feb 1874
David Barrie1874-1884b. 1838 Glasgow, son of John B., coal merchant; ass. St Mungo's Glasgow; missionary Robertson Memorial Glasgow 1872; ord. 14 May 1874; d. 11 Sep 1884 unmar.
Hugh Macmaster1885-1916b. 28 Jun 1858 Glasgow, son of Duncan M.; ass. Cambuslang; ord. 26 Feb 1885; d. 18 Jul 1916; mar. 1902 Georgina, dau. of William Goldie Boag, min. of Delting SHI; had issue
Alexander Clark1916-1923tr. from Unst SHI & adm. 14 Dec 1916; tr. to Abbey Parish, Arbroath 6 Jun 1923
John Foster McCallum1923-1928b. 23 Dec 1894 St Boswells ROX, son of Archd McC.; M.A. St Andrews 1918; ass. Inveresk MLN; ord. 30 Oct 1923; tr. to Straiton AYR 15 Aug 1928; d. 1984 Mauchline
Joseph McKenzie McPherson1929-1931tr. from Rickarton (Fetteresso) 27 Feb 1929; tr. to Forglen 17 Apr 1931; D.D. Aberdeen 1930; dem. 30 Nov 1939; d. 26 Jun 1944; ; mar. (1) 1900 Loveday, yst dau. of Alexr Murray, Aberdeen; had issue; mar. (2) 1930 Jane C. Stirling

Ministers of Letham (Antiburgher)
The congregation was dissolved on 3 Nov 1874.

James Galloway1839-1840from Lauriston, Glasgow; ord. 16 Jul 1839; dem. 18 Feb 1840; joined the Free Kirk 1845; in Victoria AUS, Mar 1864
Robert Forbes1842-1847b. ca. 1814; from Kinross, son of the procurator-fiscal there; ord. 25 Oct 1842; d. 19 Dec 1847
Andrew Rintoul Johnstone1850-1855b. ca. 1811 Barony; at Duntocher for 10 years, res. there 1849; ind. 25 Jun 1850; res. Oct 1855; d. 15 Apr 1875 Govan; mar. 1839 Elizabeth Malcolm; issue: Janet, Isabella O., Jane E., Eliza J.
Alexander Clark1858-1874b. ca. 1823 Kilmarnock AYR; from Bethelfield, Kirkcaldy; ord. 27 Apr 1858; dem. 6 Oct 1874; mar. Janet --; issue: Fanny M., Jane G., Alexr G., David S., Kate; Agnes; Jessie

Ministers of Dumbarrow (Antiburgher)
The church was built by Mr Andrew Arrott of Dumbarrow, sometime min. of Dunnichen, ca. 1742. After 1816, Dumbarrow church was converted into Hillkirk of Dumbarrow farmhouse. The lands of Dumbarrow were a detached part of the parish of Dunnichen until the simplification of parish boundaries in 1891, when they became part of Kirkden parish.

Andrew Arrott of Dumbarrow1742?-1760see above list of parish ministers
Michael Arthur1764-1770b. Collessie FIF, son of Wm Arthur; ord. Oct 1764; dep. 2 Oct 1770
John Young1774-1800 ord. 27 Apr 1774; dep. for drunkenness 23 Jun 1800; d. after Jul 1815

Ministers of Dunnichen Free Church, later U.F. Church

John Hood?-1857-1884b. ca. 1823 Dundee; probationer 1851 Logie FIF; d. Dec 1884 Dunnichen; unmar.
James Park Duncan?-1886-1909M.A.; b. 16 May 1856 Old Machar ABD, son of James D.; divinity student in 1881; ret. 1909; d. 28 Dec 1920 Montrose; mar. 1891 Isabella Low; issue: Ethel N.; Dorothy; James A.G.; Howard D.

Ministers of the Congregational Church in Letham

See also Congregational ministers in Letham.

John Masson?-1851-?b. ca. 1803 Aberdeen; in Liff in 1861; living 1891; mar. Emily Mary --; issue: Mary; Anne; Emily Mary; John
Charles Anson Piper?-1861-?b. 16 Jan 1809 Kidderminster, Worcs; in Airdrie 1841; Cullen 1851; Dundee 1871; d. 1880 Dundee; mar. 1836 Margaret Thomson; issue: Isa L.; Archd H.; David A.; Ebenezer
George Moir?-1871-1881-?b. ca. 1835 Dundee; mar.; issue: John C.


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Dunnichen Kirkyard bearing pre-1855 information (ca. 130 stones) are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Dunnichen in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 2, pp. 404-8.

See also the following, which may give inscriptions:
George Lowson - The Churchyard Monuments of the Parish of Dunnichen in Forfarshire (Stirling: Scott & Learmonth, 1921) [a paper read to the Stirling Natural History & Archaeological Society, 1920]

There is a modern cemetery at NO514483, on the roadside, south of the kirk, at the junction with the road to Letham.

A monument to John Dempster of Dunnichen (d. 1754) is in St Vigeans kirk, with the year of death given as 1753 in error.

There is an M.I. to Katharine Hawkins Dempster in Restenneth Priory, and one to her sister Gertrude Jemima Hawkins Dempster in the Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.

A partial listing of monuments in Dunnichen churchyard follows. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.

ANDREW WARDEN, died at Cotton of Lownie 30th January 1915, aged 66 years. JESSIE WARDEN, died at Craichie 6th February 1918, aged 80 years. JAMES WARDEN, died at Timaru, New Zealand 6th Augt 1926, aged 86 years.

1921 Erected by JAMES SMITH and his family in memory of his wife CHRISTINA REID FORD, who died at Drummietermont Park Letham 14th October 1921, aged 51 years. Also the above JAMES SMITH who died 16th Aug. 1951, aged 79 years.

In loving memory of JAMES B. STIRLING beloved husband of JANE S. CATTANACH died 1st Feby 1933, aged 65 years. Their daughter WINIFRED wife of JAMES CLELAND Learig. Trinity died 26th Aug. 1966. Their daughter MARY died 6th April 1975. Their daughter JANE widow of Rev. J. M. McPHERSON, D.D., died 24th February 1984. Their son JAMES B. of Claremont, Cardross. died 9th Feby 1990, aged 97 years. "Thy will be done."

Erected by JANE ANN OGILVIE in loving memory of her husband ALEXANDER OGILVIE, who died at Vinney Bank Jan. 1927 aged 60 years Also their son GEORGE, died 13th July 1913 aged 19 years. Their granddaughter RUBY died 17th Nov. 1925 aged 6 years. The above JANE ANN OGILVIE died at Scroggartie, Jan. 1948, aged 76 years.

Erected in memory of CHARLES ADAMSON Letham who died there February 1902, aged 71 years Also his wife ELIZA BUTCHART who died 16th May 1912, aged 75 years.

Erected to the memory of PETER KINNEAR, who died at Woodville, Carnoustie, 17th Nov. 1924, aged 81 years. And his wife MARY ALLAN, who died at Allandene Maryfield, Dundee 1st June 1927, aged 84 years. Also their son JAMES, who died in infancy.


Erected by CATHERINE McDONALD in memory of her beloved husband WILLIAM McKENZIE, who died at Bowriefauld 26th Dec. 1907, aged 70 years

S In loving memory of MICHAEL STEWART SMITH died 5th April 1954 aged 22 months A treasured son SYDNEY STEWART SMITH died 11th Oct. 2010 aged 85 years dear husband, dad & grandad EVELYN KNOWLES [blank] devoted wife, mum & granny [blank] Together

Erected by GEORGE MALCOLM, in memory of his wife JANE ANN FERGUSON, died 8th August 1933, aged 82 years. Their daughter MAGGIE ANN died 25th June 1920, aged 35 years. The above GEORGE MALCOLM, died 4th May 1935, aged 83 years.

[M88] ... five ... JOHN ... B ... B ... E ... Restored by ANDREW BOWMAN Langholm 1871
[west] DB MB WB IB MB HB IsB AB AwB EB; ... all ... / ... him that did us being ... / and saves the just from death

In loving memory of JOHN SMITH died May 21st 1911 aged 76 and his wife JANE BARRIE died May 2nd 1930 aged 86 GEORGE BUICK son-in-law died Jan. 20th 1951 aged 79 husband of CHRISTINA SMITH died June 28th 1957 aged 86

[small cross] In remembrance of ANDREW DOUGLAS, from the pupils and teachers of Craichie School 1st June 1935 Also DAVID 28/7/35

1906 In memory of GEORGE COUPAR, dyker who died at Westbraehead, Letham, on 28th April 1903, aged 74 years. And his wife CHARLOTTE SMART, who died at Westbraehead on 19th Oct 1902, aged 79 years. Also their daughter ELSPETH COUPAR, who died on 14th Jan 1884, aged 21 years. And their son HENRY COUPAR, who died on 4th Nov 1892, aged 23 years. And their daughter ANN COUPAR, wife of CHARLES NAPIER, who died at Bowriefauld, on 17th June 1905, aged 51 years. Their daughter MARGARET COUPAR died 22nd July 1914, aged 64. Their son ROBERT COUPAR, died 26th Nov 1917, aged 59 years. Erected by their sons, and grandsons.

1888 Sacred to the memory of CHARLES McHARDY, who died at Letham, 10th December 1866, aged 59 years. Also of his wife ISABELLA GRANT, who died at Letham, 24th June 1887, aged 74 years. Also their daughter MARGARET McHARDY, who died at Fofar [sic], 20th January 1896, aged 50 years.

[small heart] In memory of mother

In loving memory of my dear husband ALEXANDER SMITH who died at Woodville Kingsmuir 28th Feb. 1928 aged 70 years MARTHA FINDLAY RAMSAY widow of above died 20th Sept. 1941 aged 88 years.

[fragment against south wall of kirkyard] ...at... / ... died ... / ... [18]69, aged ... / ...an... / ...SSI...

[fragment against south wall of kirkyard, probably from same stone as preceding] ... of ... / ...DAL... / ...9 Au[g]... / ... [age]d 1 yea[r] ... / ...DA...

[obelisk] FORD Erected in memory of PETER CLARK Letham who died Dec 1905 aged 95 years. Also his wife BETSY LOW who died Sept 1902 aged 87 years.
[west] Erected by G. D. FORD U.S.A. in memory of his parents DAVID FORD died 17 May 1861, aged 65. CRAWFORD PULLAR his wife died 5 June 1848 aged 39.

Erected by Mrs RAMSAY, in memory of her husband WILLIAM RAMSAY, farmer, Drummietermont, who died on the 19th May 1876, aged 45. The above Mrs JANE RAMSAY, who died at Ochterlony Mains on the 27th Novr 1902, aged 62. GRACE WELSH, much beloved daughter of the above who died at Drummietermont on the 6th March 1906. JOHN RAMSAY, eldest son of above who died on the 8th Augt 1918, aged 50. Also their youngest daughter JANE WELSH RAMSAY died 17th March 1964, aged 90. "Love keeps their memory green."

Erected by MARY ALLAN in memory of her mother, ROSE PORTER, who died 1 February 1854 aged 77 years.

Erected by WILLIAM FARQUHAR, and MARY FORBES, his wife, in memory of their son, GEORGE, who died 4th August 1874 aged 19 years. Also their sons JAMES aged 54. ANDREW aged 61. The above WILLIAM FARQUHAR, died on the 27th April 1898, aged 77 years. Also his wife MARY FORBES, who died 28th May 1909, aged 91 years.
[west] In memory of ISABELLA M. LYALL wife of HENRY FARQUHAR, who died 13th June 1902, aged 41 years. Also of THOMAS NICOLL, who died 10th Feb. 1913, aged 72 years. And of his wife MARY FARQUHAR, who died 2nd Sep. 1914, aged 64 years. L.-Cpl. HUGH FARQUHAR, 9th Gordons fell in action at Ypres 23rd Augt 1917, aged 28 years. son of the above HENRY FARQUHAR The above HENRY FARQUHAR died 16th Dec. 1939, aged 81 years.

Erected by ANNIE BRAND, in memory of her husband JAMES BRUCE, merchant, Letham, who died 23rd August 1866, aged 28 years. Also her son, JAMES, who died at Letham, 26th Sep. 1886, aged 20 years. The above ANNIE BRAND, died 25th March 1889, aged 55 years.

In loving memory of our father & mother ROBERT HILL died 19th Sep. 1967 ELIZA HELEN DUFF died 16th Nov. 1948

S In loving memory of STEWART SMITH died 12th March 1952 aged 52 years His wife DAISY MACRAE died 17th Dec. 1976 aged 80 years Their son JAMES died 9th Sept. 1949 aged 23 years

[M87] 1860 Erected by ELIZABETH HUTTON in memory of her husband JAMES BOATH late farmer Crachie who died 29 Nov. 1847. aged 62 years. And of their children. ISABEL died 30 Nov. 1834. aged 5 years JAMES [died] 29 Nov. 1847 [aged] 2 [years] JOHN [died] 14 Feb. 1848 [aged] 15 [years] The above ELIZABETH HUTTON died 2 Dec. 1891, aged 86 years. Also in memory of their surviving child ANN B. BOATH, who died 17th Nov. 1901, aged 66 years.

[M86] IB IO; MARY died ... 1856 / JOHN ... / JAMES died ... Nov 1847 / CHARLES died 25 Dec ... / GEORGE ... / ... 1789 aged ... mon / ROBERT ... / HELEN ... / [buried]
[west] ...

In memory of THOMAS HAMPTON who died 27th March 1925, in his 85th year And his wife CATHERINE HAZELL, who died 20th July 1925, in her 83rd year. Also their son JOHN, who fell in France March 1918, aged 37 years And their son WILLIAM HAMPTON, died 8th Dec. 1956 aged 78. And of his wife MARGARET E. REID, died 18th April 1959. aged 81.

Erected by JANE RATTRAY in loving memory of her husband WILLIAM TAIT, who died at Letham 14th Octr 1893, aged 60 years. Also the above JANE RATTRAY, who died 1st Sept. 1930, aged 83 years.

In loving memory of JAMES ARCHER, died at Braehead, Letham, 2nd July 1923, aged 59 years And his wife JANE ANDERSON WOOD died there 11th May 1941, aged 78 years. Also their son ALEXANDER died there 22nd May 1927, aged 23 years.

In loving memory of our dear father CHARLES MANN EATON accidentally killed 25th July 1922 and our dear mother MARGARET WOOD ARCHER died 24th April 1984

[palm tree] 1896 Erected by DAVID LEDINGHAM in loving memory of MARY SIMPSON, his wife who died at Dunnichen 20th Jany 1895, aged 52 years. Also of his family DAVID died 25th April 1885, aged 14 years WILLIAM, and JOHN who died in infancy.

In loving memory of our mother HELEN MITCHELL DUNCAN eldest daughter of WILLIAM DUNCAN Esquire quarrymaster Carmyllie, Forfarshire and widow of JAMES BOWICK born 14th August 1844 died 18th June 1906. In memory of our father JAMES BOWICK interred in Aberlemno Churchyard
[south] In loving memory of their son JAMES BOWICK marine engineer accidentally drowned at Launceston ... April 192(.) aged 39 Interred Wynyard Cemetery Tasm...
[north] Fear no more the heat of the sun / Nor the furious winter's rage[s] /Thou thy worldly task has [done] / Home art gone [and ta'en thy wages]

[obelisk, without inscription]

Until the day dawn In loving memory of GEORGE DUNCAN farmer, Bents of Turin, who died at Letham, 7th May 1892, aged 73 years. And of his wife ANNIE NIVEN who died at Newport, 14th January 1904, aged 81 years. Also their son CHARLES DUNCAN who died at Newport Fife, 26th May 1921, in his 68th year "Asleep in Jesus." Their lives were pure and good, they gave a noble example to the seven sons they left behind.

[M85] Erected by JAMES HUTCHISON schoolmaster Letham, in memory of his father, DAVID HUTCHISON, who died at Torryburn 24th Augt 1823. aged 33 years. And of his mother MARY MALCOLM, who died 17th Decr 1846, aged 63 years. Also of his brother and sisters, DAVID, who died 18th October. 1823, aged 2 years. MARY, who died 25th April. 1831, aged 5 years. MARGARET, who died 10th April 1842, aged 26 years. BETSY, who died 20th April 1848, aged 26 years.

[M84; thistle] 1848 Erected to the memory of DONALD STEWART, Lethem who died 17th December 1847 aged 65 years. ELISABETH LAING his spouse who died 14th December 1847 aged 59 years. Also their daughter ELISABETH who died 1st June 1837 aged 5 years. & their son DAVID, who died 7th April 1844 aged 35 years. By the surviving family. JAMES STEWART shoemaker born 1st April 1833 died 15th Dec 1913

[pediment, detached from following] 1849

[M83] Erected by DAVID CANT Letham in memory of his spouse MARGARET TAWS, who died March 18, 1848. aged 59 years. Also their son and daughter ANDREW. who died April 8, 1841. aged 21 years. MARGARET, who died June 7, 1847. aged 20 years.

1878 Erected by ELIZABETH WEIR, in memory of her husband GEORGE HIRD, merchant, Letham, who died 12th December 1877, aged 79 years. Also the above ELIZABETH WEIR, who died 20th January 1881, aged 68 years. And their daughter MARY ANN, who died 6th April 1904, aged 71 years. WILLIAM BORTHWICK HIRD son of HENRY S. HIRD, who died in Glasgow 4th April 1894 aged 17 years and who is interred here

[M82] Obituary In the hope of a blessed resurrection, here lies the mortal remains of ...RE... LAWRENCE ... as a tribute of respect JEAN HIRD died 28th March 1892, aged 83 years.
[west] 1885 ISABELLA LAWRENCE named on the other side, married WILLIAM BUICK, she died at Arbroath 26th Decr 1856, aged 29 years and was buried in the abbey burying ground there, inscribed by her son, JOHN BUICK, shipmaster, who was not privileged to know her but reveres her memory. "He never knew the welcome of a nursing mother's kiss when, in her wondering ecstacy [sic], she marks ... affections ... soul ... [buried]

In memory of JANE WALKER MITCHELL, dearly beloved wife of JAMES SMITH who died 6th Feb. 1934, aged 32 years. Also the above JAMES SMITH who died 9th Feb. 1986, aged 87 years.

[at foot of preceding] Son of the above ROBERT ROBERTSON SMITH died 9th Feb. 2000 aged 68 Sadly missed

[M81; crown, hammer, anvil, 2 x pincers; faint inscription on scroll at top] AO MO HO TO IO MO (I)O (I)O (I)O AO; [on shield, with heart] IO MS 1741; This stone was sett up by ANDREW [buried]
[west] ...

[small shield] In loving memory of our dear son FRANK WILLIAMSON died at Crosston Dunnichen 6th July 1923, aged 3 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"


War memorial

See Dunnichen War Memorial.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Dunnichen Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/108/...
Communion rolls1838-19034 to 10
Lists of new communicants1885-191511
Communion rolls1904-193219 to 21

Church Session Records of Dunnichen Free Church
later Letham United Free Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/897/...
Deacons' court minutes1844-18561
Baptismal register1857-18813
Communion roll1844-18524
Deacons' court minutes1894-19327
Birth and baptismal register1875-19238
Communicants' roll book1918-19309

Church Session Records of Dunnichen, Kirkden & Letham Church of Scotland (from 1931)

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/1632/...
Communicants' roll1947-19544/1
Communicants' supplementary roll book1933-19504/5
Proclamation register1938-19666/1


Dunnichen Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR105/...
Minute Book (with Cash)1922-19291
Minutes (3)1880, 18842
Papers re transference of property to Church of Scotland General Trustees1925-19294
Allocation of Church sittings18845
Correspondence, etc.1922-19266


Land owners

There were 3 proprietors of land in the parish in 1833:


Farmers / Tenants

Burnside of TulloesThomas Smith-1861-1871-
doMrs Sophia Smith [Sophia Speed]-1881-1891-
doMrs Sophia & David Smith-1902-
doJ. & W. Taylor-1906-1921-
doG.A. Soutar-1926-1935-
doA. & J. Cowan-1938-1942-
Corston (Crosston)Charles Roberts-1861-1891-
doThomas Ferrier-1902-
doAlexander Ferrier-1906-
doThomas Ferrier-1906-1910-
doJohn W. Smith-1914-1921-
doA.T. Smith-1926-1942-
Cotton of LownieDavid Warden-1871-
doFrank Warden-1881-1891-
doMrs P. & David Ferrier-1902-
doMrs A. & David W. Ferrier-1906-
doMrs Ferrier-1910-1921-
doDavid Warden Ferrier [d. 1931]-1926-1931
doJ. & George Findlay-1935-1942-
Drum of DunnichenDavid Duke-1861-1881-
doGeorge Smith-1891-1906-
doJ.C. Smith-1926-1942-
DrummietermontCharles Mitchell-1861-
doWilliam Ramsay [d. 1876]-1871-1876
doMrs Jane Ramsay [d. 1902]-1891-1902
doRepresentatives of Mrs Jane Ramsay-1906-1914-
East Mains of CraichieDavid Ford-1861-
doWilliam Warden [d. 1900]-1871-1900
doRepresentatives of William Warden; Alexander Findlay-1902-
doAlexander Findlay-1906-1921-
doJohn Mungall [d. 1940]-1926-1940
doJack Mungall-1943-1955-
East Mains of DunnichenJohn Soutar-1891-1921-
doDaniel Millar [d. 1931]-1926-1931
doJames Millar1931-1942-
GreenhillockJohn Kerr-1861-
doGeorge Kerr [d. 1904]-1871-1904
doJohn Kerr1904-1942-
doJohn Melvill Kerr-1952-1953-
Greig ?Peter B. & Robert Horne-1902-1906-
Mains of CraichieElizabeth Hutton-1861-
doJohn Melville-1891-
doRepresentatives of John Melville-1902-
doMrs & J. Melville-1906-
doMrs Melville-1906-1910-
doF.M. Watson-1914-
doMrs Melville-1918-1921-
doF.M. Watson-1926-1930-
doRobert Douglas Drysdale-1935-1942-
Mill of Craichie
[Craichie Mill]
Martha Patullo-1861-
doCharles Sturrock-1881-1891-
doThomas [d. 1910] & David Ferrier-1902-1910
doDavid Ferrier1910-
doMrs A. & D. Ferrier-1914-
doDavid Ferrier-1918-1930-
doJ. Jackson-1935-1942-
Muir of LownieAlexander Fettes-1861-1881-
doMiss Jane Fettes-1906-1921-
doMrs Allardice-1926-1930-
Nether TulloesWilliam Osler-1871-1902-
doJames Blyth-1906-1915
doThomas Norrie [d. 1944]1915-1944
doNorman Norrie1944-1945-
Newdyke of LownieJames Shepherd-1871-1891-
doWilliam Shepherd-1902-1921-
doJ. Shepherd-1926-1935-
doWilliam C. Taylor-1938-1942-
North DraffinWilliam Lawrence-1891-1902-
doAndrew Constable-1906-1921
doJames Findlay [d. 1924]1921-1924
doG.B. & S. Findlay-1926-1935-
doS. Findlay-1938-1942-
South DraffinGeorge Greig-1861-
doJames Taylor-1871-
doAlexander Taylor-1881-1906-
doD. & J. Cochrane-1910-1921-
doD. Cochrane-1926-1942-
Upper TulloesAndrew Osler-1861-
doDavid Osler-1881-
doThomas Hynd-1891-
doJohn Muckhart-1902-1911-
doDavid Grant-1914-1930-
doA.H. Mitchell-1935-1942-
doDavid S. Mitchell [d. 1947]-1947
VinneybankLachlan Miller-1871-
doJohn Muckhart-1902-
doAlexander Ogilvie-1910-1926-
doMrs Ogilvie-1931
doFrank Leighton1931-1946-
doJ. Montgomery-1949-
West LownieJohn Soutar-1861-
doAlexander Soutar-1871-
doJames N. Winter-1902-
doGeorge & William Watson-1906-1910-
doGeorge Watson-1914-
doWilliam Young-1918-1930-
doWilliam Nicoll-1935-1942-
West Mains of DunnichenDavid Smith-1881-
doMrs J. & James C. Smith-1902-1906-
doMrs Smith-1910-1921-
doDavid A. Smith-1926-1950-


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

1755612?, 653?Dr Alexander Webster
1790872Old Statistical Account

After change of parish boundary:



Testaments & wills

Dunnichen was in the Commissariot of Brechin.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Dunnichen people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Isobel Adamspouse to John Peter, sometime in Dunnichen11 Oct 1631
Marion Barriespouse to William Corsser, in Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen2 Aug 1626
John Clayhillsin Cottoun of Dumbarrow, and Margaret Mylne, his spouse, par. of Dunnichin7 Aug 1611
John Deasin Tulloes, par. of Dunnichen, and Grissell Sturrock, his spouse14 Aug 1683
George Dempster of Dunnichen20 Feb 1819
John Dempster of Dunnichen18 Aug 1760
Agnes Dumbraickrelict of Andrew Deuchar, kirk-officer in Dunnichen7 Aug 1728
Alexander Garlandin Vindiage, par. of Dunnichen19 Jun 1598
John Garlandin Windeage of Dumbarrow, par. of DunnichenT. 8 Feb 1647
Agnes Gibsonspouse to Roger Sturrok, in Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen24 Jul 1626
Helen Hutchisonspouse to John Dorwart, in Blairs of Dumbaro, par. of Dunnichen29 Aug 1632
Walter Keithin Corechie Mylne, and Agnes Junckin, his spouse, par. of Dunnichen3 Jan 1637
Alexander Kiddin Draffin [par. of Dunnichen?], and Margaret Doan, his spouseT. 24 Oct 1676
Margaret Lambspouse to John Garland, in Windeage of Dumbaro, par. of Dunnichen31 Jul 1632
John Neishin Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen24 Jul 1626
John Newtonsometime in Over Tullyoss, par. of Dunnichen3 Jul 1717
John Ormondweaver, Saughinhay [See also Rescobie testaments]12 Jun 1820
Thomas Ormondin Blairs, par. of DunichenT. 5 Jan 1743
Elspet Ouchterlonyspouse to Mr John Rig, minister at Dunnichen13 May 1629
Janet Peterlawful daughter to umquhile James Peter, in Dunnichen25 Feb 1633
Christian Pyottspouse to John Croume, in Pykertoune of Corstoune, par. of Dunnichen11 Apr 1610
Isobel Reidin Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen7 Sep 1635
John Robertsonson to umquhile John Robertson, in Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen24 Jul 1626
Edward Scottin Drumetar-mouth, par. of Dunnichen24 Jul 1626
James Shorswoodsometime in Dunnichen17 Dec 1686
George Steedmanin Pykertone of Dunichin, and Jean Mitchell, his spouse17 Mar 1657
John Stevensonin Drumbarrow. and Isobel Clark, his spouse, par. of Dunnichen9 May 1610
Margaret Stewartspouse to Edward Gibson, in Auchterlony, par. of Dunnichen24 Jul 1626
Agnes Sturrockspouse to John Dall, sometime in Windiedge, par. of Dunnichen16 Dec 1668
Alexander Sturrockin Draffine, par. of DunnichenT. 23 Jan 1647
Edward Sturrockin Draffin, and Margaret Doun, his spouseT. 8 Aug 1667
John Sturrock and David Sturrocklawful sons to the deceased Edward Sturrock, sometime in Draffine20 Mar 1700
Margaret Watsonin par. of Dunnichen15 Aug 1723
Mr Gilbert Wishartlate minister of Dunnichen23 May 1688

Testaments of Dunnichen people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Alexander Bochcotter man in Drumbarrow, par. of Dunnichin21 Apr 1600
Janet Coupersometime spouse to James Ker, cotterman in Ochtirforfar, par. of Dunnichin19 Jun 1606
Janet Crombsometime spouse to James Milne, husbandman in Dunichin4 Feb 1600
James Downieweaver at Tullos, afterwards in Dishlandtown, near Arbroath, par. of St Vigeans20 & 23 Nov 1818
Thomas Finlaysometime cotterman in Corstoune, par. of Dynnichin19 Jun 1606
Thomas Fultounesometime brabonar in Claschebeny, par. of Dunnichen24 Feb 1607
Alexander Lairdiesometime cotterman in Cottertoun of Ochtirlonie, par. of Dinnichin31 Mar 1600
Margaret Nicollsometime spouse to Edward Sturrok, in Drumtennent, par. of Dunichen18 Mar 1600
Andrew Stevenin Nethertoune, par. of Dunnichin21 Feb 1606
Christian Tyndallsometime spouse to Thomas Foullar, in Cottoune of Dunnichin19 Jun 1606

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant.

Agnes Matherspouse to George Miln, par. of Dunichen30 Jan 1727

Testaments of Dunnichen people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Beatrix Kaysometime spouse to William Young, in Nethertoun of Tulloiss, par. of Dunnichen in Angus14 Jul 1603


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Dunnichen:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/55


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Dunnichen:




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