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Clova, which is north of Cortachy, was united with Cortachy in 1618, disjoined from it in 1860 and later re-united with it. Approximately one third of the present united parish, lying in Glen Prosen, was a detached part of the parish of Kirriemuir until the late 19th century.

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OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


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Maps of Cortachy & Clova

For the full range of maps of Cortachy, Clova and Glenprosen, see:


Photographs of places Cortachy - recent photographs of Cortachy. National Grid ref. NO3959. Clova - recent photographs of Clova. National Grid ref. NO3273. Glenprosen - recent photographs of Glenprosen. National Grid ref. NO3265. Airlie Tower - memorial to the earl of Airlie

Old and new photographs, including interior views, of Cortachy Castle.


Parish churches

Cortachy Kirk is located at National Grid ref. NO395597, close to Cortachy Castle.

Cortachy Parish Church

Above: Cortachy Kirk, with the (grey) burial aisle of the Ogilvys of Airlie at the east end. See also Cortachy Parish Church for views of the interior.


Above: Sundial on the kirk with the motto VT HORA FVGIT VITA and year 1675

Clova Kirk is located at National Grid ref. NO326730, at Milton of Clova. Rebuilt in 1855. The mediaeval church was dedicated to St Mary.

Clova Church

Above: Clova Kirk

Clova Mill

Above: Clova Mill


Photographs of Gleprosen Church on the Scottish War Memorials site.

Parish ministers 1560-1900

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

Parish ministers of Cortachy 1560-1930

James Rait1563reader
Alexander Ray1563vicar pensioner
James Ogilvy1568-1580bro. of Walter O. (living 24 Nov 1579); reader here and at Clova 1567; min. here Apr 1568; [pres. 28 Jan 1571 ?]; dem. bef. 7 May 1580
James Nicolson1580-1583pres. to parsonage & vicarage 7 May 1580, vacant on demission of James Ogilvy; tr. to Meigle PER 1583
Thomas Ray1582-1618pres. 4 Dec 1582; tr. to St Vigeans 1618
Joseph Ray1620-1632b. ca. 1593, son of above; M.A. St Andrews 1611; adm. bef. 13 Jul 1620; d. Apr 1632; mar. Margaret Collace; issue: John, Annas
David Ramsay1628-ca. 1636M.A. St Andrews 1612; adm. bef. 20 Nov 1628; d. 20 Nov 1632 x 19 Jul 1637, aged ca. 45; mar. Christian, dau. of Alxender Scrimgeour, min. of Kinghorn FIF; issue: Patk; Janet; and others
John Piggott1637-1657M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1608; schoolmaster Tannadice 1611; adm. to Lethnot bef. 17 May 1622; tr. & adm. aft. 7 Sep 1637; d. aft. 29 Apr 1657
James Adam1659-1678b. ca. 1628, son of Colin Adam, min. of Anstruther Easter FIF; M.A. St Andrews 1648; adm. to Olrig CAI 19 Jun 1656; tr. & adm. bef. 30 Oct 1659; still min. 23 oct 1678 but prob. dep. then; returned Oct 1691; d. 22 Mar 1692; mar. 1676 Christian Straton, wid. of Geo. Steill, Brechin; issue: Kath.; Matilda (mar. David Guthrie, apothecary, Dundee)
James Small1679-1687M.A.; ord. bef. 5 oct 1679; tr. to Forfar 1687
Alexander Lindsay1687-1689M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1674; chaplain to James Carnegie of Balnamoon; adm. soon aft. 6 Jul 1687; deprived 29 Oct 1689; intruded at Careston 1710; dep. for intruding at Menmuir; resided at Balnamoon; d. May/Jun 1729 Mill of Careston; mar. Jean, sis. of Robert Dall, merchant, Arbroath; issue: James; Mary (mar. Alexander Greenhill); Eliz. (mar. John Addison, min. in Edinburgh); Isobel (mar. Wm Bower)
James Adam1691-1692see above
James Ramsay1697-1700ord. 30 Nov 1697; tr. to Bendochy PER 27 Nov 1700
Andrew Bruce1701-1705M.A.; ord. 23 Sep 1701; tr. to Inverkeilor 21 May 1705
John Ogilvie of Queich1706-1724ord. 18 Sep 1706; tr. to Tannadice 1 Oct 1724
William Badenoch1725-1737ord. 6 May 1725; tr. to Alford ABD 23 Jun 1737
George Ogilvy1737-1745ord. 22 Dec 1737; tr. to Menmuir 22 Aug 1745
William Brown1746-1748ord. 17 Jul 1746; dem. 29 Jun 1748; later prof. of divinity, etc., St Andrews
George Ogilvy1748-1773ord. 22 Sep 1748; tr. to Banchory Devenick 8 Jul 1773
Charles Gordon1774-1795b. 1718 BAN, son of Peter G.; M.A. Marischal 1755; ord. missionary at Braemar 19 Sep 1764; tr. & adm. 10 Feb 1774; d. 3 Feb 1795; mar. 1782 Rachel Henderson; no issue
William Ramsay1795-1818b. ca. 1755 MOR, son of Wm R.; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1775; schoolmaster Glamis; ord. 27 Aug 1795; d. 10 Nov 1818; mar. 1785 Barbara Grant; issue: Robt, surgeon, R.A.; Barbara; Wm, min. of Alyth; John, writer, Edinburgh; Jane Ogilvy (mar. John Kermack, W.S.)
John Gourlay1819-1826b. 1756 Brechin, son of James G.; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1777; ord. (ass.) Arbuthnott 3 Jul 1799; adm. to Lintrathen 12 May 1814; tr. & adm. 27 Jul 1819; d. 27 Mar 1826; mar. Sarah Ann, dau. of John Hunter, Arbuthnott; issue: John, Wm, Mary
William Ogilvy1826-1848b. 2 Feb 1794 Newtyle; lic. 2 Apr 1817; ass. here; ord. missionary at Clova 22 Dec 1819; adm. 20 Jul 1826; d. 27 Jul 1848 unmar.
James Watt1848-1861b. 19 Oct 1800 Cortachy, son of Duncan W., farmer; appointed missionary at Clova 20 Jul 1826; ord. to Glenisla 4 Sep 1828; tr. & adm. 16 Nov 1848; d. 22 Oct 1861; mar. 1833 Isobel, dau. of Alexr White, Brechin; issue: John, min. of Glenprosen
George Gordon Milne1862-1894b. 2 Feb 1828 Fochabers, son of James M.; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1845; ord. to Careston 13 May 1858; tr. & adm. 16 May 1862; d. 8 Jun 1894; mar. 1860 Jessie Gavin, dau. of James Allan; issue: David Graham Drummond Ogilvy; James Allan; Geo. Gordon; Harry Carstairs; Eliz. Mary; Edward Patrick; Helen Thoms
John Strachan1894-1927b. 14 Feb 1857 Guthrie, son of James S.; ass. Perth West; ord. to Clova 14 Aug 1884; tr. to Glenprosen 25 Aug 1892; tr. & adm. 15 Nov 1894; d. 20 Mar 1927; mar. 1885 Cath. Alison, dau. of James Anderson, min. of Kirkden; issue: Annie Anderson; Janet Isabel (mar. James Buchanan Hair)
David Crawford1927-1930tr. from Midmar ABD 24 Aug 1927; d. 23 Mar 1930; mar.; issue, incl. Vida Olive Monica, nurse

Parish ministers of Clova 1560-1618

Thomas Love1563reader
James Ogilvy1568min.
John Main1576-1578reader
Andrew Allan1615-ca. 1618M.A.; adm. 15 Oct 1615; tr. to Oathlaw bef. 1622

Ministers of Clova quoad sacra
Disjoined from Cortachy and erected quoad sacra 1860; united with Glenprosen Q.S. 31 Mar 1946

George Winehouse1811-1818appointed missionary 1811; ord. 16 Feb 1814; tr. to Auchterhouse 2 Jul 1818
William Ogilvy1819-1826ord. 22 Dec 1819; tr. to Cortachy 20 Jul 1826
James Watt1826-1828appointed 20 Jul 1826; ord. to Glenisla 4 Sep 1828
William Ewart1829-1844b. ca. 1800 Alyth, son of Wm E., farmer & miller; ord. 6 Jan 1829; d. 29 Jan 1844 unmar.
John Michie1844-1854b. ca. 1810 Clova, son of John M., farmer; ord. 21 Aug 1844; d. 11 Aug 1854 unmar.
Alexander Duff1855-1856ord. 26 Oct 1855; tr. to Kirriemuir South 25 Sep 1856
George Smith1857-1872M.A.; ord. 26 Feb 1857; adm. first min. of parish 11 Mar 1860; tr. to Westray OKI 26 Sep 1872
Peter Morrison1872-1873b. 1842 Comrie PER, son of John M.; ord. 12 Dec 1872; d. 28 Nov 1873 unmar.
John Adamson Honey1874-1884b. ca. 1810 Scone; ord. 17 Apr 1874; tr. to Inchture PER 7 Feb 1884; d. 21 Nov 1898 Inchture; mar. ; issue: Rev. John Adamson
John Strachan1884-1892ord. 14 Aug 1884; tr. to Glenprosen 25 Aug 1892; tr. to Cortachy 15 Nov 1894
Henry Reid Chalmers1893-1900b. 15 Sep 1866 Perth, son of Henry C.; ord. & ind. 4 Jan 1893; tr. to Kilmuir-Easter 23 May 1900; d. 19 Jan 1955 Broughty Ferry; mar. 1895 Agnes Ritchie; issue: Douglas H.A.
Robert Matthew Watson1900-1926b. 9 Feb 1862 Glasgow, son of Archibald Watson, min. of Dundee; M.A. St Andrews 1884; locumtenens Mains & Strathmartine, St Luke's Dundee; ass. Dundee and Edinburgh Newington; ord. 20 Sep 1900; tr. to Careston 17 Mar 1926; dem. from Careston Jun 1937; d. 8 Jan 1939 Dundee; unmar.
Archibald John Darling Scott1926-1945tr. from Northmavine SHI 14 Jul 1926; d. 15 Nov 1945 Cortachy

For ministers of Glenprosen quoad sacra, see Kirriemuir.


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Clova Kirkyard (ca. 20 stones) and in Cortachy Kirkyard (ca. 60 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Cortachy in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 2, pp. 110-7 and at Clova on pp. 117-8 of that volume.

The Ogilvy aisle, at the east end of Cortachy Kirk, contains eight 19th century marble murals to the Ogilvys of Airlie. Built into the north side of the aisle, outside, are four stones, arranged as if to form a single monument:

  1. A modern stone, inscribed This Edifice was Erected Anno Domini 1828 by DAVID 7th EARL of AIRLIE on the site of the old church DAVID PATERSON architect. It is a replacement, since 1977, of an inscription that, according to Jervise, had originally been on the east gable of the new kirk and that included the builder's name, Peter Scott. So the "edifice" referred to is the kirk, not the aisle, though the latter was probably built soon after the kirk. The aisle is built over the site of the part of the old kirk in which the Ogilvys had been buried. (Though 16th century burials of the family were in Kinnell parish church, when lord Ogilvy resided at Bolshan.)

  2. An ambry/awmry, apparently originally part of the fabric of the old kirk, which may have been built ca. 1490 [see Jervise], into which the above inscription has been inserted. Two angels support an inscribed scroll, the legend of which is not clear.

  3. Ogilvy monument

    Above the ambry, two pieces of red sandstone, each bearing the year, 1614, and coats of arms [see above; a clearer photo]. They would appear to belong together, and to have formed (part of) a monument to the Ogilvys that was in the old kirk. The upper part has a shield with Ogilvy arms, flanked with the initials IO, for James Ogilvy, and, below that, two shields: Hering, flanked IH, for Jean Hering, and Mercer, flanked GM, for Grisel Mercer. The lower part has, left, an Ogilvy shield flanked DO, for David Ogilvy and, right, a shield flanked MV, for Matina Wood.

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    The arms of Mercer of Meikleour

    James Ogilvy (subsequently 6th of Clova; in 1588, son and heir apparent of James Ogilvy, 5th of Clova) married, firstly (contract dated 3 Dec 1588 [NRS ref. GD16/2/28]) Jean Hering, dau. of Andrew Hering of Glasclune. He married, secondly, Grisel Mercer, widow of Sir Thomas Stewart of Grantully (which Thomas was still living 28 Nov 1610 and died without issue [NRS GD1/408/15]), and dau. of Laurence Mercer of Meikleour. James Ogilvy, 6th of Clova was still living 22 Nov 1623 [NRS GD16/12/175].

    Sir David Ogilvy, 7th of Clova, knight, by 18 Nov 1619 the eldest surviving son of James Ogilvy, 6th of Clova [NRS GD16/2/32] married, firstly, Matina Wood, whose testament dative was recorded at St Andrews on 22 Nov 1616. [See Testaments.] He was married, secondly, by 15 May 1623, to Eupham Young [NRS GD16/2/83].

    No explanation seems to have been offered for the numbers 22 and 21 on this stone. Stars and roses fill the empty spaces on these stones.

There is also a cemetery, opened in the 19th century, at Piper's Hillock, near Cullow, north of Dykehead in the parish of Cortachy, at National grid ref. NO384610.

Clova Churchyard

The following are a few of the monumental inscriptions in Clova Churchyard. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering; uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.


[p1521], etc., indicates that I already have a photo of the monument, and I will happily supply any of these photos free, on request by e-mail, at the full size of 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size. The links on this page are to these photos, but reduced in size to 576 x 432 pixels.

[p1455] In memory of ALEXANDER OGILVY, late farmer, Wheen, died November 1st, 1880, aged 79 years and ANN WINTER, his wife died January 1st, 1882, aged 69 years. Also ALEXANDER OGILVY, late farmer Wheen, died 26th May 1918 aged 67 years. And MARGARET McKENZIE his wife, died December 26th 1912 aged 56 years Also sons of above ALEXANDER & MARGARET OGILVY JOHN STRACHAN OGILVY late farmer Balgray & Pearsie died 10th Nov 1960 aged 74. ALEXANDER OGILVY late farmer, Wheen, died 11th May 1961, aged 79. Their eldest daughter JANE died 9th Jan. 1969 aged 85, and their daughters ANNIE & DAVINA

[p1454] Erected to the memory of THOMAS LINDSAY, late tenant Longholm Clova who died at West Bank Lochlee, 26th Nov. 1876 in the 76th year of his age. And of his respected wife MARJORY CRIGHTON who died at Longholm 24th Jan. 1854, in the 44th year of her age. Also of their daughter ELIZABETH, who died at (.orea.) 29th Sep. 1865, aged 26 years. And are all interred here. And MARGARET, their daughter who died at Wheen 2(5)th March 1882, aged 35 years.

[p1453] In loving memory of THOMAS DUNCAN farmer, Newbigging, who died 22nd August 1923 aged 92 years. And of his wife JEAN LOW who died 26th July 1910 aged 75 years. And of their daughters JEAN who died in infancy. HELEN OGILVY who died 10th December 1882 aged 20 years. JEAN ANN who died 12th December 1886 aged 16 years. ISABELLA STURROCK who died 24th July 1952 aged 79 years.

[p1456] In loving memory of DAVID OGILVY, farmer, Rottal, who died Decr 3rd 1892, in his 51st year. Also ALEXANDER, his son, who died Augt 28th 1881, in his 2nd year. Also his wife ANN WINTER ROBBIE, who died 27th Nov. 1936, aged 80 years. Their family ANDREW R., HELEN, ANDREW, DAVID, RUTH. Thy will be done.

[M15; p1457] 1871 Sacred to the memory of, JAMES LINDSAY, late farmer Greenordie, who died 21st July 1848 aged 65 years. Also his spouse, JANNET LUCAS, who died at Letham, 20th April 1869 aged 82 years. And their beloved daughter, ELIZABETH, who died at Edinburgh, 10th October 1862 aged 36 years. Also their sons, JAMES, WILLIAM, and ALEXANDER, who died in infancy. Also their daughter, JANE, who died at Charleston, 27th February 1867 aged 56 years.

[M19; p1458] In loving memory of WILLIAM ROBBIE, late farmer, Kilburn, who died Decr 28th 1897, in his 67th year Also his daughter JESSIE, who died March 24th 1869, in her 1st year. Also his son ANDREW, who died Sept. 16th 1887, in his 4th year. And his son WILLIAM, who died July 23rd 1901, in his 36th year Also of his wife MARY ANN OGILVY, who died Jany 25th 1904, in her 64th year And his daughter MARYANN SIM ROBBIE, died 2nd Jan. 1923 aged 60 years His daughter ELIZA wife of J.B. WALKER died at Johannesburg 13th May 1942, aged 61. Also his son JAMES died at Kilburn 27th Jan. 1944 aged 66 And his daughter ISABELLA died at Perth 7th Feb. 1951 aged 76

[p1459] Erected by DAVID FINDLAY, in memory of his son WILLIAM, who died at Aucharn 5th Novr 1876, aged 24 years. Also of ELIZABETH TOSH his wife who died 19th April 1883, aged 50 years Also of his daughter ELIZABETH FINDLAY, who died 25th May 1891, aged 28 years. The above DAVID FINDLAY, died (5)th November 1896, aged 73 years.

Cortachy Churchyard

The following is a partial (80%) listing of the monumental inscriptions in Cortachy Churchyard. Apart from the first stone, on the west wall of the kirk, there is no monument with a date after January 1866. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering; her readings for Cortachy are inaccurate. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses and square brackets on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.


[p1521], etc., indicates that I already have a photo of the monument, and I will happily supply any of these photos free, on request by e-mail, at the full size of 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size. The links on this page are to these photos, but reduced in size to 576 x 432 pixels.

[1; p1448; on west wall of kirk] Sacred to the memory of the Rev. JOHN STRACHAN ordained to the parish of Clova in 1884 translated to Glenprosen in 1892, and to Cortachy in 1894. Died 20th March 1927, aged 70 years. Also of his wife CATHERINE ALISON ANDERSON died 22nd January 1941, aged 83 years. And of their daughter ANNIE ANDERSON STRACHAN died 19th October 1973, aged 87 years. 1st Corinthians, chap. 1. verses 23.24.

[M1; p1477] 1815 Erected by DONALD, JAMES, and WILLIAM McDONALDs in memory of their father COLLEN McDONALD who died ... 1811 aged 75 years

[M2; p1475] Sacred to the memory of THOMAS LINDSAY, farmer, Newton of Inshewan, who died 22nd Febry 1849; aged 23 years. {And is interred here.} Only son of HELEN LINDSAY, present tenant of Newton of Inshewan. And JAMES LINDSAY, her husband, farmer of Glenug, who died 16th Septr 1826; aged 36, and is interred in the Churchyard of Clova.
[west; p1476] ... you well / ... you ... / ... Christ the ... / ... we'll meet again. / ... precious ... beneath ... / ... the voice of Jesus rise / ... the ... / ... day we'll meet again.

[M3; p1471] Here ly's interr'd the body of JAMES YOUNG late dyer at East Mill of Cortachy who died 4 March 1796 aged 7(5) years Also ELIZth LOW his spouse who died [buried]
[west; p1472] 1804

[M4; p1470] Sacred to the memory of MARY YOUNG, eldest daughter of the late JOHN YOUNG of Eastmill, who departed this life on 28th June, 1833, aged 23. years. She was endeared to her family by the exercise of all the meek virtues which adorn life, and by the exemplary discharge of every filial and sisterly duty.

[M5; p1469] Sacred to the memory of JOHN YOUNG of Honduras, second son of the late JOHN YOUNG of Eastmill, who departed this life on the 11th April 1835 aged 37 years. Leaving in a foreign land to the consolation and protection of a Beneficent God, a widow and four children to lament the premature death of an affectionate Husband and indulgent Parent
In grateful tribute to his Memory this stone is erected by his surviving relatives whom he had returned to visit after an absence of 19 years from Europe, but to their great greif [sic] it pleased God that he should return only to mingle his ashes with his Fathers, and under this stone his remains rest waiting the Resurrection to Life Eternal.
"Also of LOUISA FRANCES LYELL YOUNG eldest daughter of the above named JOHN YOUNG who departed this life on 12th July 1835 aged 6 years"

[M9; p1428] Sacred to the memory of THOMAS DICKSON late tenant on the farm of Cossacks who departed this life on the 13th April 1852 in the 73rd year of his age. This stone was erected by his sons WILLIAM, DAVID, & JOHN, and his wife JEAN LOW in grateful remembrance.

[M11; p1446] Erected by A. G: WHEATLEY in memory of her husband, WILLIAM WHEATLEY, officer of excise; who died at Cortachy 10th Sept 1840, aged 33 years.

[M12; p1445] 1785 Erected by JAMES YOWNG in Dalship in memory of his father CHARLES YOUNG who died 12 November 1775 aged 63 YOWPHANS ROB his mother died 1 December 1784 aged 70 JAMES YOUNG died 25 June 178(.) aged 3 years JEAN YOUNG died August 1785 aged (.)8 years

[M13; p1425] Erected to the memory of JAMES STEELE tenant, in Cants Mill who died August 1828 aged 81 and of MARJORY his wife who died 28th January 1837 aged 82 Also to the memory of their son DAVID STEELE tenant, in Redheugh who died 5th May 1854 aged 67

[M14; p1426; the 'N' is back to front] JANET WHYTE

[M15; p1444] Erected by JAMES WHYTE in memory of his spouse MARGARET LINDSAY who died Octr 1812 aged ... years Also of their daughter JANE who died Oct(r) 1812 aged ... year[s]

[M17; p1424] Sacred to the memory of ROBERT THOMSON, writer in Kirrymuir, who died 7. June 1839 aged 38 years. Erected by Mrs JEAN TOSH or THOMSON his mother, and JEAN and BARBARA THOMSON, his sisters.

[M18; p1423] 1779 Erected by JAMES THOMSON, gardener att Cortachy & ANN GOURLY his spouse in memory of there son ALEXANDER who died January 9th 1779 aged ten weeks
[west; on shield] JT AG

[M20; p1427; fallen face up; traces of initials to left and right] Mement[o mori] Her... ... ...MES (D).N... ... epr... ..sember th... ... 1707 and (his age) was 59 MARGARET JAK his sp(ou)s who dyed March 8 day and her age 78 yers 1726

[M21; p1420] 1833 Erected, to the memory of CHARLES HENDRY who died at Gella on the 12th of July 1827, in the 88th year of his age; and to the memory of ALEXANDER HENDRY son of CHARLES HENDRY and ANN OGILVY at Tarry Buckle who died on the 23rd of April, 1824, aged about nine months; and also to the memory of ANN OGILVY wife to CHARLES HENDRY at Tarry Buckle who died there on the 25th of September 1831, in the 42nd year of her age. CHARLES HENDRY died 22nd January 1866, aged 75.

[M22; p1421] 1848 Erected to the memory of JAMES BEARN, sometime tenant at the Eastmill of Downie Park, who died on the 3d day of January 1848, in the 76th year of his age. Also of his son JAMES, who died on the 20th of June 1814, in the 9th year of his age.

[M24; p1422] Erected by JAMES NICOLL in West Roods of Kirriemuir, in memory of his wife MARGARET GREWAR, who died on the 17th day of December 1833; aged 60 years.

[M25; reading to be completed] Erected to the memory of the Revd WILLIAM OGILVY He was born in the parish of New...

[M27; reading to be completed] In memory of ELSPET SMITH who died 18th ... aged 59 Also of her ...

[M28; p1419] Erected by JAMES KIDD Cortachy Gardens, in memory of his son JAMES, who died 31 March 1861 aged six months.

[M29; p1418; fallen face up] Erected by JAMES, DAVID, & BETSY ROBBIE, Nethertown of Inshewen, as a tribute of affection. In memory of their mother ISOBEL REID, who died 5th Septr 1841, aged 73 years. Also of their father DAVID ROBBIE, late farmer Nethertown of Inshewen, who died 19th Janry 1843, aged 74 years. And of their sister MARY, who died in 1809 aged 4 years

[M30; p1417; "Tikhid" is presumably Dykehead] 1786 Erected by DAVID PETER smith in Tikhid of Cortichi in memory of his spouse MARGARET SMITH who deid 31 October 1785 aged 59 Their son DAVID died 21 Novemb[er 1]7(85) aged 33 years

[M31; p1415] Erected in memory of JOHN LINDSAY late tenant of West Lethnot, who died 7 March 1837, aged 74 years; and AGNES FINDLAY his wife, who died 11 Mrch 1837, aged 74 years: and their children, WILLIAM who died 27 April 1806, aged 9 years. ANN who died 15 May 1806, aged 5 years. JOHN who died 18 Jan. 1817, aged 22 years. JAMES who died 21 July 1825, aged 34 years: JAMES their grandson who died 10 May 1843, aged 18 years. JAMES FINDLAY their son-in-law late tenant of East Lethnot, who died 17 July 1845, aged 52 years. EUPHEMIA who died 13 July 1846, aged 47 years.

[M32; p1416] Sacred to the memory of AGNES LINDSAY who departed this life 22nd January 1864 aged 13 years

[M33; p1411] Erected by JOHN, AGNES and STEWART LINDSAY, in memory of their parents MARY DUNCAN or LINDSAY, who died 28th February 1855 aged 66 years. And DAVID LINDSAY, tenant Craigton; who died 20th December 1858 aged 75 years.

[M34; p1412] 1826 Near this stone the bodies of the Revd JOHN GOURLAY, late minister of Cortachy, and of SARAH ANN HUNTER, his wife do rest in their graves [ti]ll the resurrection. Mr. Gourlay was the [yo]ungest son of Mr. JOHN GOURLAY, a burgess of Brechin: [He] was born in 1756, and died [in] the 70th year of his age. For more than 30 years he assiduously laboured as assistant minister of the parish of Arbuthnott; hence he was removed to be minister of Lentrathen, and was translated to the pastoral charge of this parish about seven years before his decease.
[west] ...

[M36; p1429] Erected to the memory of JOHN OGILVY, late farmer of Powmire, who died the 1st of August 1825, aged 77 years; and of his spouse JANET FINDLAY, who died the 1st of March 1820, aged 62 years. Also to the memory of JANET OGILVY, daughter of DAVID OGILVY farmer of Middle-hill, who died the 3rd June 1834, aged 12 years.

[M37; p1442-3, p1467; table stone] .W 17.. This stone was erected (by) ... ... (WI)NTER tennant in the ... of JAMES (WI)NTER his fathers ... who died in (Peat)he(w)gh in the (Par)[ish] of [G]lenisla the ... January 17.. ... JAMES WINTER ...

[M38; p1413] Erected in affectionate remembrance of ELISABETH MITCHELL spouse of GEORGE GORDON tenant in Buckhood, who departed this life 3rd September 1837 aged 65 years. GEORGE GORDON, who died 10th June, 1843, aged 82 years.

[M39; p1414] In memory of THOMAS COSSENS, farmer, Dykehead, who died 27th September 1864 in the 67th. year of his age.

[M40; p1430] In memory of JOHN WATT, tenant in Collow, died 15th June 1836, aged 97 years. And of JANET SHAW, his wife died 24th May 1819, aged 74 years. Also of their son DUNCAN, farmer, Coilamy &ca. died 12th August 1859, aged 89 years. His wife, ELIZABETH MEALMAKER, died 1816, aged 44 years. And of their sons. JOHN, Lieut. 93rd Foot, died 1833, aged 35 years. JAMES, minister of Cortachy & Clova, died 22nd Octr 1861, aged 61 years.

[M41; p1431; every 'N' is reversed] 1743 Here lyes DAVID WATT sometime indweller in Dykehead who departed this life Novr the 17th 1742 aged 71 years Here lys a man of honest mind / By no mean arts alurd / Who by a course of verteous arts / Eternal life securd ; IW IW AW HW DW GW MW AW IW MW TW ; Memento mori
[west; p1483] DW HF

[M42; p1432] Erected by JOHN WATT, tenant Wellbank, in memory of his spouse, ANN SMITH, who died at Wellbank 9th July 1846, aged 57 years. Also his son, JAMES WATT, who died 20th Nov. 1834, aged 17 years. JOHN WATT, died 20th January 1866 aged 78.

[M43; p1433] Erected to the memory of WILLIAM MILNE, late farmer of Cowhillok who died the 17th April 1816, aged 69 years. And of his spouse SUSAN KENNEDY, who died the 27th February 1835, aged 78 years. Also to the memory of WILLIAM MILNE, their son, late merchant in Kirriemuir who died the 12th March 1836, aged 45 years.

[M44; p1485; north side of the path leading to the park] 1851 Erected by HELEN, JAMES and DAVID STEWART to the memory of their father, DAVID STEWART, shoemaker, Kirriemuir, who died 22nd June 1818, aged 32 years. And of their mother ISOBEL HARRIS who died 12th November 1850, aged 60 years.

[M45; p1434; for the Rev. Wm Ramsay; misread as W B by Mitchell, and thus same as M62, "not seen" by Mitchell but noted by Jervise] W. R.

[M46; p1438] To the memory of JANE LINDSAY relict of the late WILLIAM DUNCAN farmer Adylin who died 8th March 1866 aged 86 years. And her husband WILLIAM DUNCAN who died 21st Novr 1860 aged 84 years who was interred at Clova. Also their grandchild JAMES LOW who died 14th Sepr 1865 aged 3 years and 9 months. Take comfort Christians when your friends / In Jesus fall asleep / Their better being never ends / Why then dejected weep

[M47; p1435] 1820 Erected by JOHN, JOSEPH, & PETER GORDON, in memory of their sister, JANE GORDON, who died 18th March 1820, aged 13 years.

[p1436] M. G.

[M48; p1437; no day or month] 1815 Erected by DAd OGLVIE in memory of his father JAs OGLVIE sometime tennant in ...(hie) Bogg, who died aged 58 years

[M49; p1439] 1817 Erecte[d] by MARTHA FERGUSON, in memory of her husband ALEXr WALKER, sometime tenant in the East Mill of Kenalty, who died 3 June 1815 aged 5(1) years.

[M50; p1440] 1832 G. COUTTS.


Cortachy & Clova war memorial

Location: NO392595

 Cortachy war memorial 1939-1945

Sgt. Pilot W. A. Baillie - R.A.F.
1st Radio Officer Alexander Laing - Merchant Navy

Cortachy war memorial 2 1914-1919

Capt. Patrick J.H.S. Ogilvy, M.C. - Irish Guards
Lieut. William Whyte - 1st Black Watch
Cpl. Andrew W. Bennet - 18th Batt. Can. Exp. Force
Pte. James Dickson - 1/6th Royal Hrs
Signaller James Fearn - 6th Seaforth Hrs
L/Cpl. Stewart Kennedy - 4/5th Black Watch

Cortachy war memorial 3 L/Cpl. William Leighton - 12th Royal Scots
Pte. John H. C. Leighton - 6th K.O.S.B.
Gunner William Low - 2/1st Lowland Bty R.G.A.
Pte. Charles Robbie - 19th Batt Australian I.F.
Pte. John Stirton - 1/7 Black Watch

See also Photographs & names.

Glenprosen war memorial

Photograph & names.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Index to Clova Churchyard, 1873-1949 [Angus Archives ref. 25:929.5] [Presumably, an index to the burial register]

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Given the complex history of Cortachy & Clova, what follows is, at present, an over-simplification.


Church Session Records of Cortachy & Clova Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/561/...
Minutes1659-1687, 1697-17021
Marriages & baptisms1709-17101
Collections & minutes1748-18263
Poors' money1816-18253
Cash book1800-18165
Communion roll1862-18858


Cortachy & Clova Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR384/...
Minute book1895-19301
Papers re ecclesiastical buildings, etc. (church, manse, school)1797-19273
Papers re transference of property to Church of Scotland General Trustees1925-19294
Correspondence, etc. (File)1926-19305
Papers re stipend1875-18976
Rental of parish of Cortachy18267


Land owners

There were 2 proprietors of land in the parish in 1843:


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics
Data for 1891 and later include Glenprosen

17551233Dr Alexander Webster
17901020Old Statistical Account

After change of parish boundary:



Estate records

Records of the Lands & Baronies of Cortachy & Clova, 1421-1790 - NRS ref. GD16/2 (part of the Airlie Muniments)

Records of the Lands of Cullow, 1505-1850 - NRS ref. GD16/4 (part of the Airlie Muniments)

Records of the half Lands & Barony of Clova (i.e. Over or Wester Lethnot and Braeminzion) - NRS ref. GD16/13 (part of the Airlie Muniments)

Papers from the Charter Chest of the Earl of Airlie at Cortachy Castle, 1420-1560 - Spalding Club Miscellany, vol.4, pp. 113-122

Documents from the Charter Chest of the Earl of Airlie, 1578-1682 - Spalding Club Miscellany, vol.5, pp. 201-206


Testaments & wills

Cortachy and Clova were both in the Commissariot of Brechin.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Cortachy people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Mr James Adamminister at Cortachy, and Christian Straton, his spouse30 Jul 1695
Margaret Adamson (Adeson)spouse to John Adeson, in Crag Ruiff, par. of Cortoquhie7 0ct 1611
Marjorie Adamsonspouse to Alexander Lyndesay, in Eglismaquhene, par. of Cortachy17 Aug 1629
David Allanin Rotwell, par. of CortachyT. 20 Jan 1651
John Allanin Ficheill, par. of Cortachy29 Jul 1637
Robert Andersonsometime in Loanhead of Collow, par. of CortachyT. 2 Dec 1741
Thomas Barnsdaille in Ege, par. of Cortachy29 Jul 1637
William Bothein Kirkburne of Cortachy4 Feb 1633
Margaret Bowmanrelict of James Volome, at the Kirkton of Cortachy29 Nov 1680
Christian Buchanrelict of James Stewart in Settlinwynd, Dykehead of Cortachy17 Mar 1807
Isobel Cobb spouse to John Mather, cotter in Kinruiff, par of Cortachy2 Dec 1628
Margaret Collacerelict of Mr. Josua Rae, sometime minister at Cortachy14 Nov 1683
Alexander Donaldin Feythregy1 Jan 1578-9
Alexander Donaldin Fedderege, par. of Cortachy, and Margaret Mitchell, his spouse28 Oct 1611
Alexander Donaldin Glenmoy, par. of Cortoquhe, and Annas Edward, his spouse7 Jan 1628
James Donaldin Ogie, par. of Cortachy, and Janet Fentoun, his spouse21 Oct 1611
Margaret Donaldspouse to Alexander Winter, in Shank, par. of CortachieT. -- 1684
John Duncanin Rottuall, par. of Cortoquhie, and Janet Robie, his spouseT. 24 May 1651
Thomas Edwardin Fichhill, par. of Cortachy, and Agnes Knycht, his spouse21 Oct 1611
Janet Findlayspouse to Andrew Ogilvie, in Fichell, par. of Cortachy18 Oct 1624
John Findlaylate at Newbigging, par. of Cortachy10 Jul 1805
Barbara Gallresiding in Dykehead of Cortachy12 Jul 1806
John Gallsometime shoemaker in Dykehead of Cortachy17 Mar 1725
Rev. Charles Gordonminister of Cortachie and ClovaT. 24 Jun 1795
John Henry of Gaillaypar. of Cortachy6 Aug 1713
Alexander Howegrieve at CortachieT. 30 Jul 1792
David Johnstonlawful son to umquhile David J., in Glennay, par. of Cortoquhe2 Aug 1624
Mr Alexander Lindsayminister at Cortachy27 Jun 1723
David Lindsayin Dykheid of Tullo, par. of Cortachy4 Jul 1612
James Lindsayin Colow, par. of CortachyT. 11 Oct 1670
Jamees Lindsayin Collone, par. of Cortachy29 Apr 1691
John Lindsay of Glapletpar. of Cortachy12 and 16 Aug 1712
Margaret Lindsayspouse to Thomas Duncan, in Rottwall, par. of Cortachy14 Oct 1611
Robert Lindsaysometime in Romants, in par. of CortachieT. 23 Jan 1750
Thomas Lindsayin Fedderege, par. of Cortoquhie27 Jun 1610
Thomas Lindsayin Rochtache, par. of Cortachy6 Dec 1637
Andrew Lockiein Nether Lethnot, and Margaret Bruce, his spouse, par. of Cortoquhie28 Sep 1609
Christian Millarspouse to John Carmok, in Broklhoss, par. of Cortachy29 Jul 1637
Alexander Mitchellin Bukood of Cortachie, and Isobel Burne, his spouse3 Aug 1688
Margaret Mitchellspouse to Thomas Lindesay, in Rochtache, par. of Cortachy8 Nov 1624
Christian Ogilviespouse to John Allan, in Ficheill, par. of Cortachy17 Aug 1629
David Ogilviein Ficheill, and Grissell Lichtoun, his spouse29 Jul 1637
David Ogilviesometime in Clachnabrain, par. of CortachyT. 9 Jun 1748
David Ogilvielate Tarriebuckle, in par. of Cortachie8 May 1758
James Ogilviein Shank of Glenmoy, par. of Cortachy17 Aug 1661
John Ogilvie of Braysydespar. of Cortachy19 Jan. 1626 and 24 Feb 1630
John Ogilviein Glenmoy, par. of CortachyT. 10 Nov 1650
Andrew Patonat the Mill of Cortachy17 Jul 1717
Andrew Patonat Miltown of CortachieT. 26 Sep 1744
James Patonsometime at the Bridgend of Cortachie2 Aug 1728 and 18 Mar 1729
James Patonat Miltown of CortachieT. 26 Sep 1744
Walter Petermerchant in Dykehead of CortachieT. 21 Oct 1791
Alexander Proctorin Galey, par. of Cortachie12 Jun 1656
Mr Joseph Raeminister at Cortachy4 Mar 1629
Rachel Reochspouse to John Clunie, in Whine, par. of CortachyT. 14 Mar 1783
David Robbie in Eglismagien, and Elspet Robbe, his spouse, par. of Cortachy29 Jul 1637
Alison Robertspouse to William Ogilvie, in Colzeune, par. of Cortoquhie27 Jun 1610
Alexander Robertson, alias Nilsonin Doll, par. of Cortachy9 Dec 1665
Duncan Shaw*in Milntown of CortachieT. 29 Jul 1779 & eik T. 1 Mar 1796
Janet Soutarrelict of David Myll, sometime in Braelaus, par. of Cortachy31 Oct 1711
Christian Strachanspouse to umquhile Thomas Lindsay, in Fedderge, par. of Cortoquhe27 Jun 1610
David Webstersometime in Lackethead, in par. of Cortachie11 May 1731
John Whitein Fichell, par. of Cortachy29 Jul 1637
John Whitein Rottuall, and Elspet Robbie, his spouse, par. of Cortachy18 Oct 1637
Thomas Whitein Rottuall, par. of Cortachy17 Aug 1629
Catherine Youngspouse to William Read, in Sithill, par. of Cortachy23 Sep 1661

* 29 Jul 1779 is a testament dative; he had a son John Shaw

Testaments of Clova people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Marjorie Barronspouse to James Young, in Milton of Clova13 Jan 1658
Margaret Clarkin ClovaT. 10 Apr 1667
John Cossinsin Knapieley, in par. of Clova, and Janet Spalding, spouses19 May 1742
Robert Duncanin Braedounie, par. of Clova26 Nov 1718
Rev. Charles Gordonminister of Cortachie and ClovaT. 24 Jun 1795
Isobel Guthrierelict of Sir David Ogilvie of Clova8 Jun 1698
Dame Margaret Hamiltonspouse to Sir David OgilvieT. -- 1669
John Howein Easter Kirktown of Clova, and Christian Ogilvie, his spouse14 Jan 1702
Jean Lucasonly lawful daughter in life to John Lucas
sometime tenant in Longholm, par. of Clova, and Jean Robie, his spouse
and spouse of David Ogilvie, tenant in Tarriebuckle
T. 9 Apr 1770
John McNicollin Glenmarkie, par. of Clovay, and Margaret Lindesay, his spouseT. 23 Aug 1676
Sir David Ogilvie of Clovapar. of Kincoldrum2 Aug 1688
David Ogilvie of Clova19 Feb 1726
Sir David Ogilvie of Clova1 Dec 1738
Alexander Robiein Brechin, only surviving son of Andrew Robie, tenant of Kirkton of Clova29 May 1821
Margaret Shirrellspouse to David Crichton, in Caldhame, par. of Clova10 Apr 1700
Thomas Shirrellin Arntiber, par. of ClovaT. 24 Aug 1681
Janet Steeldaughter lawful to umquhile John Steel, in ClovaT. 3 Oct 1665
Elizabeth Stormonthlawful daughter to the deceased John Stormonth, in Acharn, par. of ClovaT. -- 1752

Testaments of Clova people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1800

John Brownin Lethnett, par. of Clova24 Mar 1595
Alexander Duncanin the Doll, par. of Clovay26 Jan 1626
David Henryin Bredduny, par. of Clova11 Apr 1615
Margaret Henryspouse to David Lichtoune, in Murie, par. of Clova23 Sep 1619
Isobel Lindsayspouse to James Procoter, in Wester Letham, par. of Clovay15 May 1649
Alexander Mitchellin Clayleith, par. of Clova11 Apr 1615
Janet Muriespouse to Walter Thomson, in Nether Lethnot, par. of Clovay22 Mar 1619
Janet Robiespouse to James Donald, in Haltoun, par. of Clova7 Sep 1618
Walter Thomsonin the Mylne hill of Lethnot, par. of Clovay27 Oct 1627
Janet Wattspouse to James Talzoir, in Kirktoun of Clova23 May 1617
Matina Woodsometime spouse to David Ogilvie, apperand of Clova, par. of Fettercairn22 Nov 1616

Testaments of Cortachy & Clova people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Agnes Donaldsonsometime spouse to William Johnston, in Glenmoy in Clovay11 Sep 1583
Duncan Forresterin Cortoquhy, or at the mylne of Eister Kynnaltie, par. of Tannades in Angus27 Jul 1582


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Cortachy:


Places of interest


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