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Above: Kinnell Church, located at National Grid ref. NO609503. Built 1855, closed 1967 and rapidly turning into a ruin. The church bell is now at the entrance to Friockheim Kirk.

The ground on which there had once been chapel and cemetery at Bolshan was ploughed before 1767.


Parish ministers 1560-1952

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

John Johnstone1561vicar & reader
Patrick Liddell1563-1567parson & vicar (prebend of St Salvator's, St Andrews) 1563; dem. bef. 19 Mar 1566-7
James Gray1563reader; d. bef. 28 Jan 1587-8
David Fyfe1563, 1567-86reader; vicar 18 May 1573 [NRS GD16/48/22]
John Johnstone of Barnecleuch1578-1582vicar
Arthur Fithie1587-98tr. from Airth STI; tr. to Inverkeilor 1598
John Guthrie1599-1603tr. to Arbirlot 1603
William Kinnear1603-12b. ca. 1577; M.A. St Andrews 1698; d. Mar 1612; mar. Margaret Aikman, who survived him; had issue (possibly Mr David, min. of this parish)
Henry Fithie1612-1614M.A. St Andrews 1603; adm. 4 May 1612; tr. to Fowlis Easter, 1614; d. May 1620 at Dundee; test. 19 Feb 1622 Brechin; mar. Janet Pearson, who survived him; no issue
James Guthrie1614-25tr. to Arbirlot, Oct 1625
David Kinnear1635-38possible son of Mr Wm K., above; M.A. St Andrews 1614; adm. bef. 1635; d. Nov. 1638; mar. Helen Nairne, who survived him; issue: Jean, Alison, Cath., Helen
James Thomson (primus)1640-90?son of Mr James T., min. of Kilmany FIF; M.A. St Andrews 1626; d. 13 Dec 1690; mar. Margaret Collace; issue: Mr James, min. of this parish, Mr David, min. of this parish, Eliz., Margaret, Marjory, Cath., Jean (who mar. Mr Geo. Strachan, min. of Guthrie)
James Thomson (secundus)1675-81b. 1647, son of above; M.A. St Andrews 1666; ord. 10 Oct 1675; d. Jan 1681; mar. Cath., dau. of Mr John Ochterlony, min. of Aberlemno; issue: one child who predeceased him
David Thomson1681-1702b. 1649, bro. of above; M.A. St Andrews 1669; adm. as colleague to father 24 May 1681; d. Jun 1702; mar. 1687 Cath. Grahame; issue: James, Charles (his heir, 1729), Mary
Alexander Dallas1703-056th son of John D., dean of Ross; ord. 23 Sep 1703; d. 20 Jan 1705; mar. 1691 Alison, dau. of John Watson of Dunnikier & widow of James Inglis, tanner, burgess of Edinburgh; issue: Charles, 7 others
Thomas Fraser1705-07ord. 19 Sep 1705; dem. 23 Oct 1707; dep. for drunkenness 1708; mar. (proc. 22 Jul 1710) Isobel Grant, indweller in Canongate MLN
James Robertson1707-23rel. to Robertson of Dinork; M.A. St Andrews 1697; ord. 8 Sep 1708; d. 16 May 1723; mar. (1) 1711 Grizell Lamb; issue: Andrew; mar. (2) Eupham Watson, lady Balskelly; mar. (3) Ann Henderson, who survived him
William Moncrieff1725-42ord. 21 Jan 1725; d. (fell from horse) 18 May 1742; mar. Janet, dau. of Mr Hugh Maxwell, min. of Strathmartine; issue: Mr David, min. of Redgorton; William, appr. to a W.S., 1756
James Murison1743-47son of James M., min. of Garvock; M.A., D.D.; tr. from Edzell; adm. 13 Oct 1743; dem. 30 Sep 1747 on being elected principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews; d. 30 Jul 1779; mar. 1744 Annabella Trent
George Cruickshank1748-53b. ca. 1705, son of John C., merchant, Aberdeen; ord. to Arbroath, 26 Jan 1738; tr. & adm. 10 Mar 1748; d. 12 Nov 1753; mar. 1738 Isobel Wallace; issue John, Geo., Robert, Wm, Henry, Wm, Isobel (who mar. 1792 Robert Haldane, stocking manufacturer, Haddington)
Alexander Chaplin1754-1813b. 1719 Bervie; M.A. Aberdeen 1737; ord. 25 Jul 1754; d. 6 May 1813; mar. 1767 Margaret Robertson; issue: John, Alex., Mary, Margaret, Mary Ann
George Walker1813-68b. 1783, son of Arthur W. of Pitblado, farmer, Fife; ord. 23 Sep 1813; D.D. Edinburgh 1867; d. unmar. 11 Sep 1868
Alexander Miln Davidson1865-83b. 30 Jun 1835 Menmuir, son of Alex. D., farmer, & Cath. Guthrie; ord. (ass. & suc.) 6 Apr 1865; d. 20 Feb 1883 Kinnell Manse; mar. 1865 Margaret Findlay Clark; issue: Betsy S. C.; Wm C.; Bella G.; Ann D.; Guthrie [son]; Jane C.; James; Mary D. (mar. Lewis Carwardine)
Duncan MacArthur1883-1925b. 1855 Bombay, son of Peter MacA. & Jane Corsan; M.A. Glasgow 1877; ass. at St Paul's Perth; ord. to Toward 9 Nov 1880; tr. & adm. 22 Aug 1883; d. 26 May 1925; mar. 1884 Isabella, dau. of Mr Arch. Fleming, min. of St Paul's Perth
William Martin1925-1932b. 9 Sep 1874 Co. Monaghan, son of Irwin M.; tr. from Braes of Rannoch 15 Oct 1925; tr. to Dallas Old par. ch. 11 May 1932; d. 14 Apr 1948 Garmouth; mar. 1915 Anne Fraser
George Kinnear Wood1933-1937b. 1899 Yoker, son of William W., marine engineer; educ. Clydebank High School; M.A. Glasgow; tr. from Thornhill DFS; ind. 26 Jan 1933; tr. to Kells, New Galloway Jan 1937; tr. to St Ninian's, Stonehouse 1944; tr. to Kinnettles & ind. 26 Jun 1946; tr. George Street Church, Paisley 1950; d. 1990 Dunfermline; mar. 1927 Rose T. McKenzie; issue: rev. James L.K.
Robert Kerr1946-1952b. ca. 1880 Edinburgh; M.A.(Edin.); min. Ardclach NAI; tr. to St Matthew's, Dundee, Apr 1933; tr. to Kinnell, May 1946; ret. 31 May 1952; d. 8 Jan 1953 Kinnell Manse


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Kinnell Kirkyard bearing pre-1855 information (ca. 60 stones) are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Kinnell in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 2, pp. 35-42.

Gavin monument within the ruined kirk

1753 [Arms: A saltire between a star in chief & a dagger palewise in base; Crest: A two-masted sailing ship; Motto: By industry we prosper]
ALEXANDER GAVIN mercht in Montrose was married Iune 23rd 1713 to ELIZ: IAMESON daughter to IOn IAMESON in Hawkhill She bore him these children, ALEXANDER, DAVID, IOSEPH, BENJAMIN, IOHN, OGILVIE, MARY, MARJy, ELIZ: & CATH: and died aged 59 years. IOSh died in ye 5th ELIZ: the 7th IOn ye 14th & MARJy ye 26th years of their ages. Novr 21st 1751 he married AGNAS OGILVY, daugtr to IOn OGILVY of, & in, Cupar of Angus. She died in 1753 aged 50 years: about this time, he bought the estate of East Brakie for his son, & erected a loft here. In Novr 1753 he married ISABEL LYON daugtr to the Revd Mr PAT: LYON minr at Roscobie. OGILVIE died in Plymouth Aprile 1756 midship man aged 20th years
From ye Scotish shore o'er Neptun's waves I went my king & country to defend
In blood I walked: After set ships to sea: In mercantile trade I dealt.
From France we came in Iulius Cæsar's time.
And gained our honours ^by the sword wch here do stand on stone

In honour of ye above this is erected. He married IANNET BAILLIE grand daugtr to Provost BAILLIE & lawfull daugtr to WILLIAM his son both magistrates & mercts of Brechin 1764
[Skull & crossbones, the skull inscribed Memento mori]

[Note: The arms granted to Alexander Gavin of --- Montrose in 1747 were: Argent a sword azure ensigned with a mullet gules and surmounted of a saltire sable.
No evidence has yet been found for a provost of Brechin surnamed 'Baillie'.]

Thomson monument within the ruined kirk [from Jervise, corrected from a 1985 photo]:

In spem beatæ resurrectionis infra sepultum hic iacet corpus Magistri IACOBI THOMSONI, grandævi, idq' ad latus australe tumuli quo uxoris ossa humata conduntur. Ex coniuge, nomine MARGARETA COLACE, tres mares septem autem femellas progenuit. Parochiæ huic Kinnellensi in munere sacro fungendo annos 50 summa cum laude præfuit, ac tandem, successore relicto DAVIDE filio natu minimo, dierum satur in sedes beatas ex hoc seculo migravit, an. S. H. 1690, Dec. 13. ac æta. 85. Exemplo vitæ et doctrinæ lumine sanæ ille gregi fuerat pastor itemq' bonus. Lector, disce mori.

Below the insciption, two coats of arms, with an hourglass lying between them:

(1) MIT MC 1690; A stag's head in chief & a hunting horn in base, impaled with Quarterly, 1st & 3rd, a cross; 2nd & 4th, a mascle*

* alternatively, for the Collace arms, On a bend, between two mascles, as many crosses - though no bend is visible; Collace of Balnamoon bore mascles and crosses formy.

(2) A stag's head in chief & a hunting horn in base, impaled with three escallops [for Graham]

[Here below, at the south side of the tomb in which his wife's bones lie, lies buried, in the hope of a blessed resurrection, the body of Mr James Thomson, elder. By his spouse, Margaret Colace by name, he had three sons but seven daughters. He had charge of this parish of Kinnell for 50 years, performing his sacred duty with the warmest praise. And at last, full of days, leaving his youngest son David as his successor, he passed from this world to the blessed abode on the 13th of December in the year of the salvation of mankind 1690, and of his age the 85th. By the example of his life and the light of sound teaching, he was a good shepherd to his flock. Reader, learn how to die!]

The following are all the older monuments in Kinnell kirkyard, except for a few flat stones. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.

Photographs of any of the inscriptions listed below will be supplied on request by e-mail, insofar as I judge it possible to obtain them. The photos will be 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size, taken in good lighting to show the inscriptions rather than the whole monuments. Please be prepared for a considerable delay in sending photos.

[p2151; beside gates] In loving memor[y of] ANN RENNIE SMA(R)[T] who died 5th May 1942 aged 74 years. Placed by her daughter EDITH.

[p2209; beside gates] In memory of ALEXANDER MOIR farmer, late ... of Bolshan who died 22nd Feb. 1925, aged 82 years. Also of his wife JEAN DUNBAR who died 7th Sept. 1925, aged 87 years

[p1971; against west wall of kirkyard; small] In loving memory of my dear mother JANET BLAIR who died 17th July 1917, aged 81 years

[p1904] Erected by JAMES INVERARITY in affectionate remembrance of his wife JESSIE RAMSAY who died at Kinnell, 8th April 1903, aged 56 years. Also of his family, JESSIE who died 20th Oct. 1887, aged 2 years and 10 months. MARGARET who died in infancy. Also of their son ROBERT who was killed in action, in France, August 1918, aged 32 years. The above JAMES INVERARITY died 19th Jan. 1924, aged 74 years.

[p1905] 1875 Erected by CHAPLIN WHYTE, and his wife MARY RENNIE, in memory of their grandson GEORGE Wm ORMOND, who died 1st October 1875 aged 19 years. And of their son ALEXANDER WHYTE, who died 22nd January 1857 aged 23 years. Also of their daughter AGNES WHYTE, who died 4th May 1858 aged 20 years interred at Inverkeillor. And of their son ROBERT, who died 11th August 1877 aged 31 years interred in Arbroath Cemetry [sic]. The above CHAPLIN WHITE [sic], who died 8th July 1885 aged 75 years. Also of his wife MARY RENNIE who died 5th Jan. 1893 aged 87 years.

[p1906, cross] To the memory of JAMES SMITH who died 4th April 1877 aged 72 years. And of his wife MARGARET DAWSON who died 18th Feb. 1874 aged 62 years.

[M4; p1907] Erected by the representatives in memory of the late JOHN BRUCE tenant of Holemill, who died 31st December 1834, aged 73 years. And of his spouse ISABELLA DUNCAN who died 30th March 1866, aged 95 years. Also of their daughter ANN who died 12th March 1866, aged 55 years, and of their daughter ISABELLA who died 2nd October 1878, aged 74 years. Their son JOHN tenant of Holemill, who died 1st April 1882 aged 74 years. Also JANE FORBES his spouse who died 4th August 1875 aged 70 years. Their son JAMES tenant of Bonharry, who died 26th May 1882, aged 72 years, and HELEN FORBES his spouse who died 6th October 1852 aged 42 years. ROBERT BRUCE farmer, Woodfield, died 22nd May 1889, aged 76 years.

[M3; p1908] 1765 This stone was erected by CHRISTIAN URQUHART in memory of her brothers viz JOHN and COLIN URQUHARTs both wrights sometime in Rennysmiln JOHN he died the 27th day of Feb. 1763 of age 27 years, and COLIN died the 7 day of Iuly 1764 of age 21 years.
[west; p578] Pulvis et umbra sumus 176(5) MU IU IU CU CU MU ; The saints while ages roll [away] / In endless fame survi[ve] / Their glory o'er the w[rongs of time] / Greatly trium[ph]ant liv[e] / Mak[e] (th)e [extended skies your tomb;] / Le[t stars record your worth: / Yet know, vain mortals, all must die, / As nature's sickliest birth]
[Note: The poem is from James Hervey's Meditations and Contemplations, 1746]

[p1909; broken in two] At rest Erected to the memory of GEORGE WILSON late of East Glasterlaw who died at Westgate, Friockheim on 9th Feb. 1921, aged 73. Also ANN CHRISTISON his wife who died at Castle Street, Friockheim on 28th May 1926, aged 79. [buried] DAVID their son [buried; lower half of stone inaccessible]

[M2; p1910] 1755 Under this stone erected by ROBERT BROWN tenant in Bolshean lyes the body of his spouse CHRISTIAN DUNCAN who departed this life Iuly 23rd 1754 aged 29 years Also their only son JOHN who died March 12th 1752 aged 9 months
[west; p576] RB CD Ther [sic] son IB ; Possess'd of all accomplishments / That grace a female mind, / She ripe for heav'n tho young in days, / To God her soul resign'd.

[M1; p1911] This stone was erected by JAMES BROW[N] in memory of his father JOHN BROWN sometime tennant in (Hatt)on who died in the year 1725 aged 42 years Also ANN ES(T)O his spous who died May 17th 1758 aged 77 years Also JEAN (B)UCHIE spous to JAM BROUN in Million [sic] of Guthrie [buried] ... 177(1) of age [buried]
[west] ... live uhen this stone was set up 1777
[John's wife was Ann Eston]

[p1912; small cross, broken] In loving memory of JAMES BEATTIE who died at Bolshan 4th April 1912, aged 8½ years. And his sister LOUISA who died 12th March 1912, aged 7 years.

[p1913] In loving memory of ROBERT HARRIS who died at Graham's Firth Kinnell 11th Jan. 1930 aged 67 years. And of his wife HELEN MATHER who died 11th Dec. 1923 aged 61 years. Also of their family MARY STURROCK who died 28th May 1896 aged 3 weeks. DAVID ALEXANDER who died 23rd Jan. 1901 aged 3 years. WILLIAM HANTON M.D. D.P.H. who died 5th Dec. 1934 at Shrewsbury aged 33 years interred Friockheim Cemetery. JANE NICOL HARRIS who died 18th May 1964 aged 73 years.

[M9; p2155-6; flat stone] ... BROWN ... March 177(0) in the 14 year of ...

[M8; p1914, p2152-4; flat stone] Our time is but a glass and then by deah we pass Here lys the bodie of JANET WALKER spouse to JOHN BROUN who lived in Mureside of Bolleshan She departed this life the 3 day of Jary 1701 aged 54 years Also two children JAMES and MARGRET BROUNs This stone was reerected by ANDREW WILLIAM and ROBERT BROUNs in memorie of their father ANDREW BROUN sometime tennant in Bolleshan he departed this life the first day of Iary 1753 aged 76 years As likewise in memory of their mother ELISABETH FAIRWEATHER who died March 13th 1766 aged 78 years
Restored 1937 by Robert Wemyss Brown of Lochton William Francis Brown bishop of Pella Charles Francis Brown late R.E. James Norman Methven of St Martin's

[Note: RWB (1860-1946), WFB (1862-1951), titular catholic bishop of Pella in Jordan & CFB (alias CF Wemyss B, civil engineer & editor) (1876-1957) were the 3 younger sons of Andrew Brown of Lochton (in Abernyte, Perthshire) (1829-1904), jute manufacturer & merchant in Dundee. JNM's maternal grandmother was a first cousin of AB of Lochton.]

[M7; p1917] Erected to the memories of ALEXANDER ALEXANDER, sometime tenant in Newton of Boysack; who died on the 6th August, 1803; aged 76 and of ISOBEL BROWN, his spouse who died on the 3d March, 1839; in the 8(4) year of her age by the four surviving members of their family out of thirteen, videlicet ANDREW, MARGARET, JEAN and MARY; the others being all interred here, except JOHN and WILLIAM, who died in India. JEAN died 4th October 1847 aged 65. ANDREW died 25th November 1853 aged 74. MARGARET died 9th April 1860 aged 79.

[M6; p1918] This stone was placed here by JAMES ELISABETH JOHN DAVID CHARLES WILLIAM ANDREW AGNES ALEXr & JEAN WHITs in memory of their father & mother viz JOHN WHITE who died Aprile 10th, 1766 of age 61 years, & his spouse ELSPETH BOUDEN who died Febry 11th 1773 of age 53 yers, some time tennants in Moor Side of Kinnell, ye above named chilrn, viz JOn AGN ... ALEXr are here interr'd
[west; p577] IW EB 1774 ; Decreed by God / in mercy to mankind / Our troubles are to / this short life confin'd / Want, weakness, / disease & sorrows, have / then general quiets / in the silent grave: / Life how short / Eternity how long

[p1919] 1869 Erected by ROBERT FALCONER farmer East Glasterlaw in memory of his son DAVID who died at Rosehill 28th Feby 1869 aged 25 years and six months. Also of his wife, JEAN HARRIS who died at East Glasterlaw 13th Nov. 1875 aged 70 years ROBERT FALCONER by whom this stone was erected died 13th Aug 1876 aged 61 years

[M5; p1920] Erected by JOHN ESPLIN, in memory of his wife ELIZABETH FALCONER, who died 9th Dec. 1891, aged 87 years and of their daughters; MARY ANN, died 15th Feb. 1852, aged 21 years. And JANE, died 29th Dec. 1855, aged 11 years. The above JOHN ESPLIN, died 23rd June 1894, aged 88 years

[p1921] Erected to the memory of ISABELLA MELDRUM, the beloved wife of LYALL SMITH, Hatton Mill, who died there on 23rd June 1883, aged 66 years. Also the said LYALL SMITH, who died at Hatton Mill, on the 6th April 1884, aged 79 years.

[p1922] In loving memory of JANET McINTOSH wife of THOMAS MAGUIRE who died at Bolshan 27th Jan. 1913, aged 51 years. Also his son THOMAS killed in France 15th Sept. 1916, aged 27 years. And CHRISTINA died at Carnoustie 18th Nov. 1918, aged 24 years.

[p1923; entirely defaced]

[M18; p1924-5] This stone was set up at the charge of JAMES BOWDEN and ISOBEL RENNIE in Muirside who had children as follows viz MARG: died Feb ye 25 1731 of age 6 months JOn died Novr ye 8 1735 of age 5 months HEL died Aug 15th 1741 of age 5 years CHa died Jun 8th 1746 of age 1 yr & [defaced] Ja died M... [defaced]
[west; p579; scissors, tailor's goose] Ja: Bo: Isob: Ren: ; 1757 ; IB MB AB IB IB (.)B ; What man is he that liveth here / and death shall never see / or from the power of the grave / What man his soul shall free Psa: (ye) 89 & 48

[M16; p1926-7; table stone, inscribed on south side, below] To memory of JEAN SCOTT spouse of JOHN WHYTE Muirside of K(innell) ... died on the 21st of June 18.. aged (71 years)

[M17; p1928] Sacred to the memory of JAMES WHYTE who died 1st January 1864, aged 59 years. Also of his wife MARY WRIGHT, who died 11th February 1889, aged 84 years. And of their son WILLIAM, who died in infancy. Also of their daughter ANNE, who died at Broughty Ferry, 1st June 1887.

[M15; p1929] Sacred to the memory of MARGARET HARRIS, spouse of JAMES BROWN; who died at Kintore, the 1st of October 1814; aged 50 years; also in memory of their sons, ALEXANDER, DAVID, and ANDREW; who with their mother all lie here interred. This stone is erected, as a tribute of affectionate regard, to the memory of a kind mother, and loving brothers, by ROBERT BROWN, vintner in Arbroath, and JANET STRACHAN, his spouse, this 1st day of October 1833.
[west; p580] RB JS ; Stop heedless passenger and drop a tear / On the cold ashes of a mother dear / Who children fair did bear on earth eleven / Then firm in hope resigned her soul to heaven

[M14; p1930] Erected by DAVID BLYTH, Muirside of Kinnell, in memory of four of his children, viz. MARJORY who died the 16th July 1835 aged 1 year AGNES and ELIZABETH who both died in infancy, in 1852. ANN, who died the 24th January 1855, aged 19 years. The above DAVID BLYTH, died 8th April 1890, aged 87 years. Also of his son JAMES who died at Invercargill New Zealand 30th Nov. 1892, aged 52 years. And also MARTHA CUTHBERT, his wife, who died 7th Jan. 1894, aged 85 years. And also of their sons, WILLIAM who died at Christchurch, New Zealand 1898, aged 69 years. DAVID who died at Liverpool, 28th September 1899, aged 57 years. ALEXANDER who died at Winton, New Zealand 9th March 1901, aged 69 years.

[p1931] Erected by HELEN L. HARRIS in memory of her beloved husband JOHN HENDERSON who died at Muirside of Kinnell 11th April 1893, aged 69 years. The above HELEN L. HARRIS died at Muirside of Kinnell 4th Octr 1905, aged 77 years.

[M12; p1932] Erected by JOHN R. HARRIS in memory of ALEXANDER HARRIS his father who died at West Mains of Colliston 26th December 1865, aged 70 years And of ISABELLA ROSS his mother who died 23rd October 1857, aged 74 years

[M13; p1933] 1845 Erected by WILLIAM HARRIS, tenant Moorside Kinnell in memory of his son JAMES, who died on the 8th September 1843 aged 24 years. Also their daughter ANN who died at Edinburgh on 20th August 1871 aged 48 years The above WILLIAM HARRIS died 17th Feby 1874 aged 85 years Also his wife ISABELLA MACKAY who died 16th Septr 1877 aged 85 years Also ISABELLA GRAY, wife of ALEXANDER HARRIS, their son died 8th Aug. 1853 aged 31 years
[west; p581] Ah: who of tomorrow can boast? / What mortal on earth is secure? / Tomorrow may vanquish a host: / Tomorrow, a monarch be poor: / A day, and our joys they are fled: / A night, and our griefs they are o'er: / An hour, and we're laid with the dead: / A moment, and we are no more!

[M11; p1934] 1863 Erected by ANDREW HARRIS, and family, in memory of NICKLES RENNIE, his wife, and their mother, who died April 20th 1861, aged 65 years. Also of ALEXANDER HARRIS who died April 28th 1890 aged 53 years. The above ANDREW HARRIS died Dec. 29th 1894, aged 81 years Also MARGRET HARRIS, wife of JAMES SCRIMGEOUR, Dubton of Turin, died 12th May 1912, aged 77 years. And MARY SCRIMGEOUR, wife of WILLIAM FAIRWEATHER, died 4th May 1911, aged 29 years.
[west; p582] Hark, from the tomb a doleful sound! / Mine ears attend the cry: / Ye living men come view the ground, / Where shortly you must lie! In memory of MARY BURNETT, wife of JOHN HARRIS Salmonds Muir, who died 9th March 1912, aged 70 years.

[p1935] Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM LAW. for many years crofter in Muirside of Kinnell who died 23rd Sepr 1859. aged 66 years. This stone was erected by his widow and family. Also his wife JANE FALCONER who died 21st March 1881, aged 77 years Also their daughters ELIZABETH LAW who died 14th Nov. 1880, aged 50 years and JANE LAW who died 5th May 1884, aged 56 years JESSIE LAW, who died 18th Feb. 1890, aged 52 years. JOHN LAW, who died 21st May, 1921, aged 87 years.
[west; p583] 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high / or sinks them in the grave; / He gives: and, when he takes away / he takes but what he gave.

[M10; p1936, p1970] Poulvois[!] et umbra sumus WS MC MDCCXCI Blessed is the dead who die in the lord from henceforth and forever for thay rest from their labour and their works do follow them.
[west; p584] This ston was erected by WILLIAM STRACHAN sometime in this parish in memorie of his wiff MARGRET COBBAN who departed this life Octobar the 17th day 1790 aged 35 years and 6 months Thay had 3 children viz JOHN MARYANN and JAMES STRACHANs all died in infancie

[M19; p1937] This stone was erected March 5 1772 by DAVID & ALEXr SMITHs in memory of their deceased parents who sometime resided in ground of Beauchamp* viz DAVID SMITH who died Novr 5th 1763 aged 66 years & HELEN WHITE who died July 5th 17.. aged 61 years They had 7 children ... interrd ...
[* i.e. Bolshan]

[p1938] Erected by JOHN DUNCAN in loving memory of his wife ISABELLA THOMSON who died at Muirmill Crossings on the 14th December 1913 aged 63 years. And of his grandson JOHN DUNCAN, who died for his country at Angora, Turkey 10th Sept. 1916, aged 22 years. Here also is interred the aforesaid JOHN DUNCAN who died at Muirmill Crossings Farnell, 6th June 1928 aged 75 years. Also their daughters ISABELLA CROALL who died 24th August 1966 aged 74 years. MARGARET THOMSON who died 18th August 1972 aged 94 years.

[p1939] Erected by widow and family 1892 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM ALLAN, who died at Kinnells Mill 10th May 1892, aged 43 years Also CHRISTINA CROLL, widow of the above who died at 18 Dundee Road Forfar, 10 September, 1909, aged 61 years. Interred here.

[p1940] In loving memory of DAVID RENNIE who died at Muirside of Kinnell 10th Oct. 1898, aged 75 years. Also his wife MAGDALENE AITKEN who died 25th March 1893, aged 71 years.

[p1941] Erected by his widow and family in memory of her husband and their father JAMES CARGILL, farmer, Pitmikie, who died 27th Feby 1884, aged 48 years. Also his wife MARY PETER who died 15th May 1907, aged 66 years. And of their children CHARLES died 10th Jan. 1877. MARY died 11th Jan. 1877. Interred at Guthrie. Also their daughter JANE ANN who died at Dundee 11th April 1948, aged 69 years.

[p1943] In loving memory of WILLIAM THOMSON who died at Muirside 21st March 1914, aged 89 years. Also his wife ANN RENNY who died at Muirside 13th June 1892, aged 68 years. Also their daughter ANN who died 31st March 1907 aged 46 years.

[p1945] Erected by GEORGE ANDERSON, in memory of his beloved wife ANN CLARK, who died at Rowan Cottage, March 26th 1897, aged 59 years. Also their children JAMES, JOHN, and JESSIE, who died in infancy. Also their daughter EMMA YOUNG ANDERSON, wife of WILLIAM MARTIN, who died at Dundee, Augt 7th 1897, aged 30 years. Interred in Mains Churchyard. In memory of our father the above GEORGE ANDERSON, who died at Rowan Cottage Muirside Kinnell, Oct. 16th 1898, aged 65 years. Inserted by his family.

[p1944; small heart at foot of preceding] In memory of our dear sister MAGGIE. Safe in the arms of Jesus.

[p1946; pillar] Sacred to the memory of our mother HELEN STEPHEN who died 5th October 1889, aged 64 years. Our father JAMES ANDERSON who died 5th November 1895, aged 72 years. Our sisters ELIZABETH, MARGARET & NICOLAS who died in infancy. Till the day dawn. ANDERSON

[M20; p1947] This stone was placed here by JEAN DONALDSON in memory of her husband ROBERT FERRIER who died the 30th of Octr 1772 in the 41st year of his age He was lawfull son to WILLIAM FERRIER & MARGt SHAND in Braco* His brother JOHN FERRIER in Old cottown was empowered by him to get this stone set up.
[west] RF ID; Hark, from the tomb a dolefull sound! / Mine ears attend the cry: / Ye living men come view the ground, / Where you most shortly ly!
[* i.e. Braikie]

[p1948] Erected by ISABELLA DAVIDSON in loving memory of her husband WILLIAM M. CROAL who died at Burnside, Kinnell, 7th January 1905, aged 67 years. Also of their daughters, HELEN who died 7th Jan. 1900, aged 16 years. AGNES who died 29th June 1903, aged 24 years. Also of the above ISABELLA DAVIDSON who died 2nd Sep. 1934, aged 82 years Also of their daughter ISABELLA RENNIE CROAL who died at 33 Gardyne Street Friockheim, 2nd Dec. 1946. And their daughter MARY ANN CARRIE CROAL who died 21st April 1963.

[p1949; partly defaced] Here lyes ... B... ... (Died) ... of (No)... (17)28 of age (4 years)

[M27; p1950] In memory of JOHN SKAIR, of Lunan Bank, sometime tenant in Boysack Mills, who died at Arbroath, on 9 July 1856, aged 82 years. And of ISABELLA ANDERSON, his wife who died at Park Conon, on 18 May 1811 aged 26 years. Also their son JOHN, who died in infancy. All of whom are interred here.

[M26; p1951] Erected by JOHN SKAIR of Lunan Bank, and ALEXANDER SKAIR, surgeon, London, in memory of their parents THOMAS SKAIR, formerly tenant, Boysackmills, and ELIZABETH DUNCAN, his wife; also of their brothers THOMAS, DAVID, and JAMES, and their unmarried sisters HELEN, BETSY, ANN, AGNES, ELIZABETH, and JEAN, all of whom are interred here. [blank] 1st September 1846. The said ALEXANDER SKAIR died at Camden Town, 27th Octr 1846. Aged 71. And is interred at the cemetery Kensalgreen near London.

[M25; p1952] This stone was erected by THOMAS SKAIR and MARGET SCOT sometime tennant in West Miln of Boysick in memorie of their daughter MARGET SKAIR who departed this life Decr the 25th day 1749 in the 22d year of her age At the south side of this stone lies [broken] of the above mentioned THOMAS [broken] He died January 21st 1767 a.. [broken] His wife MARGARET SCOT died [broken] 22d 1764 aged 70 years & is interr... [broken]
[west; p574] Mors ultima rerum TS MS 1746; IoS WS MS IeS TS AnS IsS; When death doth come in his full rage / He spares not young nor old / But cuts doun many of every age / He'll not be brib'd with gold. / Take warning then ye that may see / And read this passing by / And learn so to live as ye / May not be afraid to die.

[M24; p1953] Sacred to the memory of ELIZA SKAIR daughter of Dr ALEXr SKAIR London She died at Boysick Mills 15th Augt 1819 aged 19 years

[M23; p1954] TS 1746 Here lyeth the bodies of WILLIAM SCOT sometime tennant in Lawtoun he died the 19th of Iulie 1743 in the 80th year of his age and ELISABETH STRACHEN his wife she died the 24th of August 1746 in the 72d year of her age This stone was erected by their son THO SCOT who died Iuly 2d 1773 aged 56. His wife JEAN DORWARD died August 4th 1767 aged 41 years
[west; p575] WS AS; WS MS; MS IeS WS DS IoS IeS MS IS GS; WS ES; ES IsS IaS IoS GS RS TS; Methinks I see the humble aged sire / Pass swiftly by with feet unapt to tire / Upon his head an hourglass he wears / And in his wrinkled hand a s..the he bears / Both instruments to take the lives from m.n / The on sheweth with ...

[p1955] Sacred to the memory of our mother MARY ANN ALLAN who died at Bolshan 30th March 1879, aged 55 years. And our sisters, ELIZABETH AIRTH who died at Dundee 2nd Decr 1894, aged 45 years, and is interred here. Also ELIZA S. AIRTH who died at Dundee 17th Aug. 1900, and is interred here. Also our father JAMES AIRTH who died at Muirside 30th Dec. 1903 aged 81 years.

[M22; p1956; leaning against south wall of kirkyard, inscription partly inaccessible] ... spouse who ... years ... died in Dundee the 15 day of August ... this churchyard east side of ... said WILLIAM IRELAND ... this stone in memory ...

[M32; p1957] ... tennant in Gilchhorn ... of Septr ... of age ... Also 4 of the brothers & 3 of the sisters viz. ... JOHN, ... WILLIAM, ELIZABETH, DAVID and ELIZABETH SCOTTs are here interred ... this stone doth ly / ... us could ...

[M31; p1958] Erected by the surviving family of their father JAMES FERRIER who died July 5th 1846 aged 72 years. And of their mother BEATTIE WYLIE who died Decr 15th 184(7) aged 52 years. And of their brothers, JAMES who died May 15th 1837 aged 10 years. WILIIAM who died Sepr 22nd 1868 aged 3(3) years.

[M30; p1959-61; flat stone] Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of THOMAS COLVILL late tenant in Boysick who died (7) April 180(8) aged 57 years He was an affectionate husband ... MARG... ... ROBERT ... of Turin ... month.

[M29; p1962] Erected to the memory of ROBERT COLVILL farmer at Balnabreich who died on the 21st April 1841 aged 81 years. Also in memory of BETSY LOW his spouse who died 19th March 1826 aged 34 years. Both are here interred. This stone has been erected by their family ROBERT, ELIZABETH, MARGARET, and CATHARINE COLVILL as a tribute of affection to the tenderness of a mother, and of reverence for the kindness and solicitude ever evinced by a father for the wellfare of his youthful family.

[M28; p1963] Erected in memory of JAMES MOLLESON sometime tenan[t in] Hatton of Brakie who died Augt 15th 1793 aged 74 years. JEAN SKIRLING his spouse who died Feb. 12th 1798 aged 79 years and their children JAMES, who died 1761 aged 17 years JEAN, who died 26th Augt 1757 aged 7 years MARY, who died 27th May 1764 aged 11 years by their surviving children PATRICK, minister of Walsten [&] ALEXr minister of M(on)[trose]

[p1964] Erected in loving memory of WILLIAM FITCHET sometime at Little Brechin, who died at Carnoustie 9th February 1915, aged 85 years. Also of his wife JANE SALMOND who died at Gighty Burn 19th January 1910, aged 84 years, and who are both interred here.

[p1965] In memory of JESSIE MARTIN, beloved wife of WILLIAM GAULDIE, schoolmaster, Kinnell, born 30th September 1849, died 21st February 1909 and of the above WILLIAM GAULDIE who was schoolmaster of this parish from 1873 to 1910. Born at Lunan Mill 17th March 1845, he died at Carnoustie 22nd July 1922. Both were interred here. ROBERT LINDSAY GAULDIE their sixth child, born Kinnell 11th September 1880, died Edinburgh 26th February 1927. WILLIAM GAULDIE born 20th December 1876, died at Dundee 4th October 1945. NORMAN LEWIS GAULDIE born 20th August 1875, died at Rustenburg, South Africa 28th December 1945.

[p1966] In memory of ALEXANDER LAW for many years tenant Muirside of Kinnell who died there 4th January 1878 aged 90 years and of his wife JEAN COULLIE who died there 13th November 1877 aged 82 years Also of their son JOSEPH LAW upwards of 50 years tenant there who died 3rd July 1909 in his 89th year who are all interred here. SARAH LAW who died 22nd Jan. 1918 in her 90th year.

[M33; p1967] Here ... the ... of M... FAIRWEATHER who was spouse to JOHN SCOT tennant in Gilchhorn and brought forth to him twelve children of which number eight are departed viz MARGARET DAVID JOHN MARY WILLIAM ELISABETH DAVID & ELISABETH and four are alive JOHN ISOBEL JAMES and ROBERT SCOTs She departed this life the 12 of March 1735 of age 40 years Here lyes the bones of eight and one / Whose souls ... / This ... / Before ...
[west] ...

[p1968] 1858 Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER JAFFRAY who was parochial schoolmaster of Kinnell for 50 years and 5 months, and died on the 14th of April 1857, aged 68 years. Matt. 24.44. Be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh. Also MARY GRAY wife of the above died 20th Feby 1873, aged 76 years.

[p1969; small] Erected by DAVID LINASAY [sic] in memory of his daughter ANN LINASAY who died 9th March 18(7)2 aged (7) years

[p1972] Erected by ELIZABETH KEY AIR in loving memory of her husband DAVID GRANT, farmer, Towerton, who died 9th May 1900, aged 50 years. The above ELIZABETH KEY AIR, died 8th June 1939, aged 88 years.

[M34; p1973-6; flat stone] Sacred to the memory of JOHN RAITT of Viewfield who died 10th January 1826 aged 69 years A man of eminent piety and integrity A testimony of respect erected by his sister CATHERINE RAITT (an)d other relatives, his legatees

[M35; p1977-8, p2205-6; chest] JAMES RAITT ELISABETH LOW 1756 Here lyes the dust of JAMES RAITT sometime tennant in Chappeltown of Boysock & husband to ELISABETH LOW by whom he had seven children ELISABETH & DAVID who are here interr'd JOHN JEAN KATHARIN JAMES & ALEXr alive at this date He died Feby 21st 1755 aged 66

[p1979] In memory of the Revd GEORGE WALKER, D.D. minister of Kinnell, who died 11th September 1868, in the 86th year of his age, and the 55th year of his ministery. [which has been crudely corrected to 'ministry']

[M36; p1980] In memory of JAMES PETRIE, tenant in Waulkmill of Boysack, who died 7th Nov. 1839 aged 70. And his wife, ISABELLA YOUNG, who died 3rd Aug. 1862 aged 89, and of their children, WILLIAM, who died in 1836 aged 42, ANN, who died 22nd June, 1842 aged 30, MARY, who died 13th June, 1848 aged 40; also of their grandchild, ISABELLA TOSH, who died 12th Aug., 1840 aged 7; and of their son JAMES, who died 17th April, 1836 aged 25. The under named JANE PETRIE died 21st Jan. 1890, aged 68. Erected in token of affection by their daughters ISABELLA, ELIZABETH, and JANE PETRIE, 1862

[M37; 1981-2] This stone was erected by JAMES CAMPBELL sometime tenant in West Brakie, in memory of his wife JEAN MAN, who died the 17th day of Novr 1789, aged 50 years. They had three children viz JAMES, WILLIAM, & JEAN who died the 25th of ... ...5 (aged) 7 years

[p1983; cross] In memory of Rev. ALEXANDER M. DAVIDSON late minister of Kinnell, who died 19th Feb. 1883, aged 47. Also of his wife MARGARET F. CLARK who died 27th Dec. 1918, aged 70. God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. There shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any more pain.

[M47b; p1986; mural on east wall of kirk] Mr I.T. K.O. In spem beatæ resurrectionis humatum hic iacet corpus Magistri IACOBI THOMSONI, junioris, de Kinnell pastoris. Ex CATHERINA OUCHTERLONIE uxore, presbyteri utpote Aberlemniensis gnata, filium suscepit unicum, hic tumulum paternum prope sepultum. Placide in Christo obdormiuit ætat. ann. 34, A.S.H. 1681. Sacerdos verus. Lector, disce mori.
[Here lies interred, in the hope of a blessed resurrection, the body of Mr James Thomson, younger, minister of Kinnell. By his wife Catherine Ouchterlony, namely the daughter of the minister of Aberlemno, he had an only son, buried here near his father's tomb. He fell peacefully asleep in Christ in the 34th year of his age and in the year of mankind's salvation 1681. A true priest. Reader, learn how to die!]

[M47a; p1987; mural on east wall of kirk] 1719 RF I(F) ; MF (.)F (E)F KF MF AF; [on a shield:] IF AW

[M38; p1988-90; leaning against south wall of kirk] This stone was erected by JOHN GOWANS & HELEN IRELAND in memory of their daughter ANN who departed this life 11 Feb 1767 aged 17 years & ... months They had these surviving children at that time viz JOHN JANET JAMES ELIZ HELEN and JEAN The grave lies unseen between us & the object which we reach after
[Quotation from Joseph Addison in the Spectator]

[M43; p1991] To the memory of the Revd DAVID MILNE minister of Gilcomston parish Aberdeen who died 7th August 1879 aged 71 years.

[M42; p2201-2] Erected by the Revd. DAVID MILNE, minister of Gilcomston Parish, Aberdeen. In memory of his beloved mother, JANE CAIRNCROSS, who died 21st Oct. 1835, aged 56 years. His beloved sister, JESSIE MILNE, who died 17th Feb. 1839, aged 27 years. His beloved wife, ELIZA WRIGHT, who died 20th Dec. 1874, aged 59 years.

[M41; p2203-4; flat stone] ... This stone was erected ... JOHN GO... ...

[M40; flat stone] ...

[p2158] In loving memory of JOHN PATTULLO farmer, Hatton Mill, who died 2nd July 1898, aged 55 years. Also of his children, WILLIAM JAMES who died in Gwelo Hospital, South Africa, 23rd August 1897, aged 19 years. Also of ANN STEVEN KYD BELL wife of the above JOHN PATTULLO who died 16th September 1927, aged 79 years. ISABELLA MARGARET PATTULLO daughter of the above JOHN PATTULLO who died 14th July 1960, aged 73 years.

[p2159] In loving memory of ROBERT FORBES, for many years farmer and flaxspinner at Hatton Mills. Died 31st March 1872, aged 68 years. And also of his widow, JANE MATTHEW FORBES* who died at Hornsey, London on 20th February 1897, aged 72 years. Interred at New Southgate, Middlesex.
[* i.e. Jane Matthew HYND]

[M44; p2160] This stone was erected by JEAN WILSON in memory of her husband ALEXANDER SCRYMSOUR sometime tennant in Millton of Guthrie who died Aprile 16th 1772 in the 70th year of his age. Also in memory of his first wife ALISON ESPLEN & [tw]o of their children ALEXr & [T]HOMAS. Four of his children by his [seco]nd ALISON viz. ELSPETH, WILLIAM, [broken] & MARY were all alive [broken] [t]his date 1773.

[M45; p2161; defaced; slight remains of marginal inscription] ... memorie ...
[west] ...

[p2162] Erected in memory of MARY DUNCAN wife of HUGH CAMERON who died at Hattonmill, 5th March 1904, aged 44 years. The above HUGH CAMERON who died 28th March 1942, in his 96th year.

[p2163] In memory of DAVID S. MITCHELL farmer, Pool, who died 5th June 1903, aged (5)0 years.

[p2164] In memory of ALEXANDER MANN farmer, Pool, who died 12th May 1875, aged 55 years. And of JANE DARLING his wife who died 24th December 1886, aged 59 years. Also of their son ALEXANDER MANN husband of JANE LAWSON who died at Friockheim 11th March 1906, aged 56 years

[M46; p2165] 1840 Sacred to the memory of JAMES MILL, some time tenant and cattle dealer on the Ground of Colliston, in the parish of St Vigean who died on the 2d day of May 1837, aged 47 years, & is interred here. This tribute of respect to an affectionate hisband is erected by his wife JEAN MILL
[west] ...

[p2166] In memory of JOHN CARRIE Muirside, Kinnell, who died 19th July 1897, in his 77th year. And of his wife CATHERINE RENNIE who died 15th April 1896, in her 75th year. Also of their daughter ELIZABETH who died in infancy. And their son JOHN R. CARRIE died 15th July 1907, aged 55 years. Also of their daughters JANE died 31st Oct. 1903, aged 43 years. MARY died 13th March 1909, aged 68 years CHARLES died 19th April 1925, aged 83 years. DAVID died 9th August 1927, aged 79 years. ANNIE died 23rd Aug. 1936 aged 74. JAMES died 28th Nov. 1948, aged 93 years. Erected by the family.

[M49; p2167] JAMES AITKEN MARGt SPENCE ; MA HA ; 1761 ; This stone was sett (here) by JAMES AITKEN and MARGARET SPENCE in memory of their children ...d by death viz. ALEXr who died Ma.... ... 17(55) of age (31) JAMES died Ma... (1st) 1753 of age ... DAVID died 1760 of age 30 ISOBEL died April 10th 1758 of age 22 & WILLIAM died 1754 Also their grandson JOHN ROUGH died 1735 of age (10) ... who lyes at the west(side) of this stone with ... ALEXr & JAMES AITKENs
[west] ...

[p2168] Erected to the memory of my father and mother DAVID FORBES died 28 July 1920, aged 78 Also JEAN DARGIE died 7 Nov. 1929, aged 78 Both died at Leysmill. Also MARY DARGIE daughter of the above died 1 Sept. 1958, aged 78.

[M48; p2169] Sacred to the memory of JAMES PATTERSON late residenter in Muirside of Kinnell, who died 23 day of February 1842 aged 75 years; whose body was intered here. This mark of respect to an affectionate husband and faithful father was erected by his widow JEAN COTHILL and their surviving family. viz THOMAS JOHN FRANCIS JAMES JEAN DAVID ALEXANDER GEORGE and WILLIAM. Also of the said JEAN COTHILL who died 4th August 1843 aged 71 years. The above WILLIAM PATTERSON died at Muirside, Kinnell 3rd March 1902 aged 85 years. Also his wife ELIZABETH HARRIS died at Muirside, Kinnell 7th Sept. 1903 aged 82 years.
[west] ...

[p2170] Erected by ELIZABETH LYALL, in memory of her beloved husband JAMES ALEXANDER, who died at Bolshan (3)1 Oct. 1881, aged 85 years. The above ELIZABETH LYALL died at Gowanbank Colliston, 1(8)th Feb. 18(..) aged 8(.) years.

[M50; p2171-2] 1767 This stone was erected by DAVID HILL in Lochlaw in memory of JEAN SCOT, who was his spouse She died 28th Febr 1763 aged 67 And Mr ANDREW HILL late schoolmaster in Dundee their son He died 28th Novr 1764 aged 27 with the rest of their children deceased viz ELSPET HILL she died 23d March 1751 aged 23 and MARGARET JEAN JANET WILLIAM MARGARET JOHN and HELEN HILLs who all died in infancy At sides and foot of the tombstone / Lies the mother and her children nine / In hopes one day to soar on high / With Christ our king to reign / Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord ... ...rit that they may rest from ... [buried]
[west] ...

[p2173] Erected by CHARLES LOW in loving memory of his wife ISABELLA SIMPSON, who died at Pitmikie 1st April 1922, aged 57 years. The above CHARLES LOW, died at West Pitmikie 3rd August 1931, aged 75 years. And their daughter LAVINIA, who died 25th August 1958, aged 63 years.

[M51; p2174] 1760 [This] stone was erected by JOHN and DAVID [AD]DISONs in memorie of their father WILLIAM ADDISON sometime in Cotoun of Bws He died [t]he 30th day of April 175(9) of age 63 years: viz also JEAN HUTCHEN his wife she died the 29 of March 1744 of age 44 years: also ISOBEL ADDISON their daughter she died January 1750 of age 28 years: also WILLIAM ADDISON their son he died June 1750 of age 20 years
[west; p585; loom, shuttle] Thou art my God I will praise thee Psal. 118 & 28 ; WILLIAM ADDISON JEAN HUTCHEN ; IA M(F) ; DA ; IA IA WA IA AA DA

[M52; p2175] 1842 Erected by JAMES DONALDSON, tenant Kinnells Mill in memory of his affectionate wife MARY JAMIESON, who died 15th June 1841 aged 32 years. Also in memory of DAVID DONALDSON, who died 26th August 1864 aged 26 years. JAMES DONALDSON, by whom this stone was erected died at Kinnells Mill 1st April 1876 aged 76 years and is interred here.

[M53; p2176] Erected by ROBERT J. DONALDSON Kinnells Mill & East Newton, in affectionate remembrance of his dear wife JANE ANNE BELL who died at East Newton, 13th February 1899, aged 46 years. ROBERT J. DONALDSON by whom this stone was erected died at East Newton, on 9th February 1925, aged 85 years.

[M54; p2177] This stone was erected by MARGARET (B)... in D... of (Mi)ll in memory of her husband DAVID BROWN who died April the 3th 1759 of age 60 years Also in memory of her son DAVID BROWN who died Augt the 1th 1762 in the 31th year of his age Also her son JAMES of age 7 years and her daughter MARY of age one year were both buried in this place.
[west] ...

[p2178] Erected by his widow and family in loving memory of GEORGE URQUHART, who died at Hatton Mill 7th March 1917 aged 54 years. Also his children JESSIE, JOSEPH, & BELLA who died in infancy. HARRY, Sergt. 13th Royal Scots, who fell in action 22nd Aug. 1917, aged 26 years. GEORGE, died in Dundee Royal Infirmary 15th Jan. 1923, aged 28 years. JANET OWEN BRAID, his wife died at Friockheim, 25th May 1936, aged 72 years.

[p2179-81; broken] 1877. Erected by ISABELLA McBEAN Muirside of Kinnell in memory of her father & mother WILLIAM McBEAN [buried] 1876 aged 73 years [buried] And of her sister, MARGARET H. S. McBEAN died 16th Oct. 1871, aged 20 years. Also of her aunt, ANN McBEAN died 3rd Nov. 1868 aged 72 years.

[p2182] In loving memory of JOSEPH McLEISH died 11th June 1905, aged 64. Also of his wife CATHARINE MORTON died 10th Oct. 1922, aged 79. Also of JOHN FOREMAN died 14th Dec. 1898, aged 78.

[p2183] Erected by CATHERINE BREMNER in memory of her husband JOHN GRANT farmer, Towerton, who died 2nd Jan. 1905, aged 44 years.

[M55; p2184] 1760 This stone was erected by GORG ROGER and MAGDALEN HUTCHEN is wife sometime in Wester Brackie in memorie of their daughter MARGARET ROGER who departed this life January the 22 day 1752 of age 21 years
[west; p586] GR MH ; MR IR DR RR MR ; Bel[ow] this stone a lovily maid d... ... / Whom God did take in her vir... / She ... and ...

[p2185] 1893 In memory of MARY ANN LYALL WHYTE the beloved wife of WILLIAM JAMIE who died at Wood-end Farnell, 18th April 1893, aged 65 years. And of their child who died in infancy. Also of his mother ANN ROSS who died at Bolshan Kinnell, 3rd Novr 1875, aged 73 years.

[M56; p2186; partly defaced] ... ...y of ANDREW SCOTT tenant in Redcastle who [died] th. [sic] 23 June 1809 aged 72 years MARY JAMIESON his [spo]use who died th. [sic] 26 January [18](.)0 aged 72 years
[west; p590; partly defaced] 182(1) Beyond the dim (hori)[zon far] / That bounds the (m)[ortal eye] / A better country blo[oms to view] / Beneath a brighter sky.

[p2187-8] Erected by THOMAS BLAIR station-master Glasterlaw, in memory of his beloved wife SUSANNO HOBART, died 21st Dec. 1896, aged 57 years. Also of his family JAs MANN, died 21. Sep. 1884, [aged] 10. Wm BOATH [died] 28. Oct. 1884, [aged] 19. ROBERT, [died] 15. Sep. 1893, [aged] 13. And also of his family who are interred in the churchyard of Dun, JAs HOBART, [died] 19. April 1868, [aged] 5. DAVID FRASER, [died] 9. Feb. 1876, [aged] 4. BARBARA, [died] 22. Aug. 1880, [aged] 4. CATHERINE, [died] 6. Feb. 1884, [aged] 16. And of BARBARA FRASER, his mother died 30. Feb. 1880, [aged] 60. The above THOMAS BLAIR late stationmaster, Glasterlaw died at Muirside, Kinnell, 4th June 1906, aged 66 years. BLAIR

[p2189] S Sacred to the memory of ALEXr SUTHERLAND, millwright, Hatton Den, Kinnell who died 16th Dec. 1923 aged 66 years. Also his dear wife MARGARET D. REID, who died 20th March 1939 aged 82 years. Also their son DAVID, died in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. aged 28 years. And JEANNIE died in infancy.

[p2190] Sacred to the memory of JESSIE MacDONALD beloved wife of JOHN CHISHOLM who died 17th January 1907, aged 60 years. Also of their family ANNIE HAY who died 13th June 1889, aged 17 years. JOHN who died 11th June 1893, aged 18 years. WILLIAMINA GOODLET who died 25th December 1897, aged 14 years. JESSIE who died 4th December 1899, aged 26 years. Also one of their children who died in infancy. Also MARY HAMILTON CHISHOLM the beloved wife of WILLIAM D. KIRKHOPE who died 30th November 1914, aged 44 years Interred in Penicuik Cemetery. ALso the above JOHN CHISHOLM who died 14th October 1920, aged 74 years "In the love of God do we trust."

[p2191] In loving memory of WILLIAM GOODLET, farmer of Bolshan, who was born 26th October 1806, and died 4th February 1881, in the 75th year of his age. Also of his wife MARY ANNE SMITH born 13th Nov. 1845, died at Burghill 31st Jan. 1896 and BESSIE their youngest daughter born 24th Feb. 1878, died 21st Oct. 1896. He did justly, loved mercy, and walked humbly with his god. He now rests from his labours, and his works do follow him.

[p2192-3] 1913 In memory of DAVID MOIR senior who died at Leysmill 28th July 1912 in his 80th year. And his daughter MARGRET died 13th March 1890 aged 20 years. Also his wife JANE MATTHEWSON who died at Tarry Cottages St Vigeans 5th Nov. 1913 aged 79 years. At rest

[p2194] 1865 This stone is erected by ALEXANDER MATHEWSON West Braco and BARBARA NICOLL his spouse in memory of their son WILLIAM who died at Laurencekirk on the 26th of April 1865 aged 32 years and is interred here. Here also is interred the aforesaid ALEXANDER MATHEWSON who died at West Braco on the 13th February 1867 aged 62 years. And of their daughter MARY who also died at Braco on the 7th of March 1870 aged 33 years. The above BARBARA NICOLL, who died at Carnoustie on the 6th of July 1888 aged 84 years, and is also interred here. ELIZABETH MATHEWSON daughter of the above died at Thornton, Fifeshire, on 6th March 1927 aged 86 years, and is interred here.
[west; p587] Job Chap 19. ver 24. 25. For I know that my redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; and though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God.

[p2195] In loving memory of JOHN FULLARTON FITCHET millwright, Gighty Burn, who died at Hatton Mill 26th April 1923, aged 67 years. Also of his eldest daughter ANNIE wife of ALEX. WHYTE, who died at Dundee 25th August 1919, aged 34 years, and is interred in Eastern Cemetery. Also of ANN PANTON wife of the above JOHN F. FITCHET who died at Perth 8th Nov. 1943 aged 85 years. "The memory of the just is blessed."

[p2196] In affectionate remembrance of JANE DAVIDSON wife of WILLIAM ELRICK, who died at Hatton Mill, 7th May 1899, aged 52 years.

[p2197; on ground, very worn] ... SCOTT ... born in ...

[p2198] Erected by JAMES TODD in memory of his dear wife MARY LAW who died at Courthill, Lunan, 25th January, 1907, aged 46 years. The above JAMES TODD died at Crossroads, Kinnell, 25th May 1917, aged 62 years. Also of their son JAMES who died of wounds in Rouen Hospital, France, 16th Oct. 1916, aged 25 years.

[p2199] In loving memory of WILLIAM TODD who died at Cross Roads, Kinnell, 23rd Dec. 1898, aged 80 years. And his wife SUSAN MATHERS, who died 18th Dec. 1893, aged 74 years. Also their daughter JANE, who died 29th August 1926, aged 79 years. Also their son JOHN TODD who died at Montreathmont Cottage, 11th Jan. 1922, aged 79 years. And of MARGARET ANN CHRISTISON wife of the above who died at Montreathmont Cottage, 25th Jan. 193(5), aged 85 years.
[west; p588] Also of their daughter MARGARET, who died at Baldowrie, Coupar Angus, 3rd Jan. 1935, aged 42 years.

[p2200] Erected by JOHN DOWNIE and ANN SMITH in memory of their children JEANNIE born 14th June 1881, died 7th Aug. 1883. ANNIE born 10th Aug. 1884, died 23rd Nov. 1885. WILLIAM born 11th Feb. 1878, died 23rd Feb. 1886. JAMES who died at Sanfrancisco the result of an accident 18th May 1889, aged 20 years. ALEXANDER who died at Malta 24th March 1891, aged 24 years. JOHN DOWNIE who died at Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. the result of an accident 20th April 1899, aged 20 years. The above JOHN DOWNIE, died 14th March 1912, aged 77 years and ANN SMITH his wife, died at London 3rd March 1927 aged 86 years, interred in Plumstead Cemetery.

Erected to the memory of WILLIAM NICOLL farmer, Wester Braikie, who died 24th Aug. 1909, aged 65 His second daughter ANNE BISSET died 14th Feb. 1908, aged 26. Also his fifth daughter ELIZABETH died 26th May 1911, aged 20. His wife CATHERINE BISSET died 10th February 1943, aged 91. His eldest daughter JANE SOUTAR died 8th Sept. 1954, aged 75. His third daughter MARGARET died 13th Jan. 1967, aged 84 His youngest daughter JESSIE BISSET died 22nd Sept. 1967, aged 75.

[M57; p1985; broken, leaning against north wall of kirk] And EL... ... In memory ... who died at ... CHARLES died 8th October ... MARY ANN [died] 22nd December 18.. ... ALEXANDER [died] 15th August ... JEAN NICOLL [died] 16th August ...

[p2208; north of the kirk] Erected in loving memory of ALEXANDER SIMPSON, who died at South Gates Glasterlaw, 16th April 1894, aged 74 years. And also of his children JESSIE, who died 18th February 1866, aged 18 years. HELEN, who died 21st December 1881, aged 17 years. & JAMES, CHARLES, & CHARLOTTE, who died in infancy. Also ANN LEADINGHAM wife of the above ...

[p2210; north of the kirk] Erected by BARBARA VALENTINE in memory of her husband DAVID MILNE who died 29th June 1925. The above BARBARA VALENTINE died 17th Sept. 1955 aged 93 years.


Kinnell war memorial
in Kinnell Kirkyard

War memorial sides one and two   War memorial side three

Above, left: faces one and two; above, right: face three

From the Roll of Honour Arbroath & District 1914-1919 and CWGC records:

NameRankUnitDatePlace of deathDetails
Alexander Allanpte'C' Co., 195th Overseas Batt., Canadians15 Aug 1917-ploughman, Govan; son of James Allan and Barbara ---, Bolshan
James Allan, M.M.cplC Co., 195th Overseas Batt., Canadians12 Mar 1918-ploughman, Lampman, Saskatchewan, Canada; son of James Allan and Barbara ---, Bolshan
William Clarkpte5th Batt., Black Watch5 Feb 1915-app. blacksmith, Kinnaird St, Friockheim; son of Mrs Clark, Egypt, Farnell
David Donaldsonpte5th Batt., Black Watch11 May 1915hospital, Boulognefarm servant, Ironshill, Inverkeilor; son of William Donaldson and Jane ---, March of Lunan, Inverkeilor
John FyfepteBlack Watch31 Jul 1917-son of John Fyfe, sometime of Kinnell's Mill
Thomas MaguiregunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery15 Sep 1916Sommepolice constable, Perth; son of Thomas Maguire and Janet McIntosh, Ballinshoe, Kirriemuir, formerly of Kinnell
George Mannpte6th Batt., Black Watch3 Jul 1917near Ieperploughman, Fonah, Forfar; son of William Mann, Muirmills, Farnell
David O. Martin sgt5th Batt., Black Watch3 Sep 1916Beaumont Hamelson of Stewart Martin and Jean Robbie, Myre Cottage, Farnell
John Hay Smartpte1st Gordon Highlanders26 Oct 1914Bethune39 sawyer, Culloden Rd, Arbroath; mar. Jean Bennet Duncan; son of Alexander Smart and Barbara Finlayson, Muirside
Harry Urquhartsgt'A' Co., 13th Batt., Royal Scots22 Aug 1917-farm servant; son of late George Urquhart, ploughman, Hatton Mill, and Janet Braid, 9 Lunan St, Friockheim
John Anderson?
William Corsar BlackpteRoyal Scots8 Nov 191718th Gen. Hosp., Calaisploughman, Oathlaw; of Kinnell
George Cushniel-cpl44th Batt., Canadian Infantry19 Nov 1916-joiner, America; son of Alexander Cushnie and Jane Harkness, Cross Roads, Friockheim
John Duncanl-cpl1st Highland Light Infantry10 Sep 1917prison, Ankarafireman; gson of John Duncan, Muirmills Crossing, Farnell
Robert Inverarity *pte1st/6th Batt., Highland Light Infantry24 Aug 1918Franceborn 1886 Kinnell; son of James Inverarity and Jessie Ramsay
Alexander MannpteCameron Highlanders3 Sep 1916-grocer, Perth; mar. Jean Smart; son of Alexander Mann and Jane Lawson, Kinnell
John Mannl-cpl6th Batt., KOSB27 Sep 1915Casualty clearing station, Chocques, after LoosParkhill Mains; gardener, Hoddam Castle, Ecclefechan; son of Alexander Mann and Jane Lawson, Kinnell
William Mannpte1st Batt., Gordon Highlanders25 Oct 1918No. 3 Casualty clearing station, FranceParkhill Mains; ploughman, Leysmill Farm; son of Alexander Mann and Jane Lawson, Kinnell
James ToddpteGordon Highlanders16 Oct 1916Francepoliceman, Leith; son of James Todd, Kinnell
Robert Shepherd Wilsonpte5th Batt., Black Watch3 Sep 1916-farm servant, Parkconon; son of John Wilson and Jessie Hardy Shepherd, Mainsbank Farm, Kinnell

* See above Mon. Inscr. no. 4; not in Arbroath Roll of Honour; listed as "J. Iverarity" in CWGC records; my thanks to Derek Robertson for this information.
also on Farnell war memorial and MI at Farnell

Inscribed table

A heavy walnut(?) table, formerly in Kinnell Kirk, is inscribed:

In loving memory

David StephenGeorge Cushnie
James ToddHarry Urquhart
William H ToddDavid Donaldson
George MannJames Murray
Robert WilsonWilliam C Black

Members of Kinnell Church
who fell in the Great War


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Kinnell Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/574/...
Miscellaneous papers, mostly printed18196
Communion roll1926-196710
Accounts (including baptisms, marriages, burials)1814-181911
Poors' fund accounts; bapt., mar. & burials; register of discipline1837-184312
Poors' fund accounts; bapt., mar. & burials1843-185013
Register of discipline184413
Treaurer's cash book1871-190314
Soup kitchen accounts1884-188514
Death certificates1896-190815
Scroll baptisms, marriages, burials1860-186816
Roll of the parish181817
Young communicants183621
Roll of communicants183822
Young communicants1835-186535
Seats in church185636
Some financial notes1922-192337
Misc. paperslate 19th, 20th C38
Scroll minutes1868-190139
Communion roll1876-189042
Poors' fund accounts1813-183144


Kinnell Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR515/...
Minute book1925-19271
Account book1925-19292
Papers re transference of property to Church of Scotland General Trustees1925-19293


Land owners

There were 4 proprietors of land in the parish in 1842:


Estate records

Barony of Kinnell and the Lands of Whitehills, Simmerhills and Damhead, in Regality of St Andrews, 1484-1635 - NRS ref. GD16/18 (part of the Airlie Muniments)


Farmers / Tenants

Farms and their farmers / tenants

BalneavesDavid Robertson Brown [d. 1954]-1954
BoghallAndrew Williamson-1841-
doRobert Lyall-1851-
Bolshan (Beauchamp!)Robert Brown-1755-
doJames Scott-1841-1846-
doWilliam Goodlet-1861-1881
doMary A. Goodlet-1881-
doJohn Adam-1901-1919-
doThomas Wedderspoon-1923-1924-
doWilliam W. Doig-1926-1942-
BrigendWilliam Miln-1871-
Burnside (of Renmure/Kinnell)James Edward-1841-
doWilliam Low-1851-1861-
doWilliam Croal-1891-
doMrs I. Croal-1906-
doWilliam Croal-1916-1942-
DamheadJames Muggins-1861-1901-
DamsideWilliam Ferrier, jun.-1926-
Easter BraikieCapt. A. McNeill-1846-
doPeter Kerr-1861-1871-
doJames Buyers of Easter Braikie-1881-1894
doLt.-Col. J. Buyers of Easter Braikie-1901-1906-
doJames Hamilton-1913-1949-
East FreelandsJames Anderson-1881-1891-
doJames Wyllie-1915-1926-
East GlasterlawRobert Falconer-1869-1871-
doJohn Gibb-1891-
doGeorge Wilson-1901-1919-
doJohn Taylor-1923-
doJames Taylor-1924-1942-
FreelandsJames Martin, sen.-1861-
doAndrew Luke-1871-
doBetsy Hood-1881-1891-
doPeter Ritchie-1901-1906-
doAndrew Robertson-1913-1919-
doRobert Christie-1918-
doJohn Watson-1923-1942-
GightyburnJames Finlayson-1851-
doAlexander Fitchet-1881-1891-
doG. & J. Fitchet-1918-
doJohn Fitchet-1923-
doJohn Dargie-1926-
GlasterlawJames Turnbull-1923-1926-
GrahamsfirthDavid Kenny-1871-
doJohn Archibald-1881-
doRobert Harris-1891-1901-
Hatton of BraikieRobert Forbes-1859-1871-
doJane Forbes-1881-
Hatton MillAlexander Scott-1851-
doDavid Lyall-1881-
doJohn Pattullo-1891-1898
doWilliam F. Bell-1906-
doDavid P. Arnot-1913-1942-
HillJane Johnston-1851-
Hill of BolshanJane Fyffe-1861-
doGeorge Moir-1871-
doAlexander Moir-1891-1919-
doPeter Leslie-1923-1926-
doMessrs Leslie-1924-1942-
Kinnell's MillJames Donaldson-1841-1871-
doRobert J. Donaldson-1906-
doF., M. & G. Batchelor-1913-1949-
LadesideWilliam Garden-1841-
doRobert Low-1851-
Loggie HillAlexander Smart-1841-
Lower MuirsideJohn Law-1891-
MainsbankJames Finlayson-1861-1870
doJohn Finlayson-1871-
doThomas Low-1881-1901-
doWilliam Grieve-1906-
doAndrew Grieve-1913-1916-
doWilliam Grieve-1918-
doAndrew Grieve-1919-1924-
doR., Margt & Jessie Nicoll-1926-
doMrs Nicoll-1931-
MuirmillsWilliam Ireland-1841-
doWilliam Coutts-1851-
doWilliam Mann-1923-1926-
Muirside of KinnellW. Ferrier-1931-1942-
NethertonDavid Milne-1851-
Newbigging of Bandoch/KinnellMiss Isabella Anderson-1906-1919-
doRobert G. Hampton-1924-
doJames Hynd-1931-
doWilliam Hynd-1936-1942-
PamphrayAlexander Crabb-1841-1846-
doDavid Thomson-1861-1871-
doJames Mollison-1891-
doWilliam Beattie [d. 1912]-1901-1912
doRepresentatives of William Beattie-1913-1919-
doMrs William Beattie-1915-
doGeorge N. Beattie-1923-1931-
doDavid Smith-1936-1942-
Pitmikie/PitmeikleWilliam Johnston-1861-1871-
doJames Cargill-1881-1884
doMary Cargill-1891-
doCharles Low-1901-1942-
PolmoodMurdo Matheson-1881-
doJohn Dowell-1891-1901-
doJames Ford-1906-
doJ. Milne-1915-
doJessie I. & Rosabella S. Smith-1923-
doMrs Smith-1924-
doJ. Christison-1926-1942-
PoolJames Coupar-1841-1846-
doJohn Coupar-1851-
doCharles Smith-1871-
doAlexander Mann-1875
doJane Mann-1881-
doDavid Shepherd Mitchell-1891-1903
doJ. Bruce Robertson-1906-
doBruce Robertson-1913-1924-
doJames McCraw Smith-1923-1926-
doDavid & Peter Smith-1926-
doJ., M. & D. Smith-1931-1942-
Renmure/RenmuirJohn Milne-1861-
doRonald Scott-1871-1881-
doDavid Thomson-1891-1906-
doW.C. Moyes-1913-1931-
doHarry, James & W.C. Moyes-1923-1926-
doW.C. & James C. Moyes-1936-1942-
Teuchat HillockWilliam Thomson-1881-
doW. Thompson-1931-
doT. Taylor-1936-1938-
TowertonJohn Thomson-1891-
doDavid Grant-1900
doJohn Grant-1905
doWilliam Croal-1915-1926-
Upper MuirsideJohn Carrie-1891-
doWilliam Thomson-1891-
ViewbankAndrew Thomson-1915-1926-
WaterstonJoseph Smith-1881-
doHugh Smith-1891-1926-
West BalneavesThomas Young-1851-
Wester BraikieAlexander Mathewson-1861-1881-
doWilliam Nicoll-1891-1909
doMrs Nicoll [Catherine Bisset]-1913-1924-
doWilliam & Mrs Nicoll-1923-1926-
doWilliam Nicoll-1931-1942-
WhandlandJean Fife-1841-
doDavid Black-1846-1901-
doRobert Norrie-1906-1916
doJohn Cuthill-1923-1926-
doA. & J. Cuthill-1924-1942-
WhitehillsJames Thomson-1881-1923-
WillanyardsWilliam Nicoll-1839
doWilliam Nicoll-1841-1877
doCharles Ferguson1877-1901
doDuncan McNiven-1906-1940
WoodsidePeter? Ferguson-1841-
doJohn Ferguson-1851-1891-
doJane Ferguson-1901-
doMrs J. & John Ferguson-1906-
doMrs J. Ferguson-1913-
doJohn Ferguson-1915-
doMrs J. Ferguson-1916-1924-
doAlexander Smith-1936-1942-

Crofters at Muirside of Kinnell

MuirsideCharles Carrie-1841-
doJames Carrie-1915-1926-
doJohn Falconer-1841-
doDavid Fairweather-1841-
doAlexander Johnston-1841-
doWilliam Henderson-1841-
doJohn Pater-1841-
doJames Ferrier-1841-
doWilliam Johnston-1851-
doWilliam Milne-1841-1851-
doJames Muggins-1841-1851-
doJames D. Muggins-1915-1926-
doAndrew Renny-1841-1851-
doJohn Renny Paterson-1841-
doJohn Renny-1851-
doJames Whamond-1851-
doWilliam Wright-1841-1851-
doRobert Falconer-1841-1861-
doWilliam Harris-1845-
doJohn Law-1901-1915-
doWilliam Thomson-1901-
doWilliam Thomson, jun.-1923-1926-
doJoseph Alexander-1915-1923-
doMrs Blair-1915-1926-
doAlexander Cargill-1923-1926-
doMiss Jessie Esplin-1915-
doWilliam Esplin-1923-1926-
doWilliam Findlay-1915-
doJohn Harris-1915-1926-
doJames Inverarity-1915-1923-
doDavid Milne-1915-1923-
doDaniel Robertson-1915-
doMrs Smart-1915-
doGeorge Smart-1923-1926-
doHector Towns-1915-1926-

Tenant farmers in 1918 on the Estate of Kinnell

Tenants in 1918: Estate of Kinnell

The following details are from the Schedule of the Public Roup by Messrs Scott & Graham Ltd. of the Estate of Kinnell (together with that of Inverkeilor) held in the White Hart Hotel, Arbroath on 29 Jun 1918.

The estate is only part of the parish.

Total area of Estates of Inverkeilor and Kinnell: more than 3800 acres, with an annual income of £4378.

Crops grown: wheat, oats, barley, seeds, turnips, potatoes

"Field" numbers (some are roads) are those marked on the 25-inch 1903 Ordnance Survey; see these maps of 1903:

Under the date of expiry of the tenancies, "M" is Martinmas, i.e. 11 Nov.

See also Tenants on the Estate of Inverkeilor in 1918.

LotPropertyBuildingsTotal area
Area of
Area of
Field numbersTenant(s)Yearly rent
16Wester Braikie
[ Map ]
Farmhouse, steading, 3 cottages, ruins of [Wester] Braikie Castle241.772231.0594.143298-9, 313-6, 317 (part), 374 (part), 374A, 501, 574-83Mrs Nicoll
[Catherine Bisset]
300M 1921
[ Map ]
Farmhouse, steading, 2 cottages97.57396.468--317 (part), 349-351, 373, 374 (part)William Grieve145M 1921
18Gightyburn Smithy
[ Map ]
2 cottages, workshops8.6967.226--503-4, 569-72G. & J. Fitchett30M 1918
19Hatton Mill
[ Map ]
House, steading, 5 cottages, spinning mill563.688527.04620.654370, 375-8, 498-500, 505-14, 516-7, 537-46, 548-57, 561-8David Arnott696M 1918
doOld farmhouse(part of 555)John Fitchett
[John Fullarton Fitchet]
4M 1918
doHattonden Cottage(1.316)(565)A. Sutherland
[Alexander Sutherland]
4M 1918
20Hatton Pendicle
[ Map ]
Balneaves Cottage, store31.52331.397--484, 534James Stephen12M 1918
[ Map ]
Farmhouse, steading, cottage161.460159.479--397, 399-400, 402-5, 421, 425-6Robert Christie101M 1918


School teachers

KinnellAlexander Jaffray1806-1857
doGeorge A. Bell-1871-
doWilliam Gauldie1873-1910
MuirsideChristian Duncan-1861-


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.

There are rolls of the parish in the Kirk Session records: [NRS CH2/574/17 for the year 1818; NRS CH2/574/18 for 1820; NRS CH2/574/19 for 1823 and NRS CH2/574/21 for 1824-1836].


Population statistics

1755761Dr Alexander Webster
1792830Old Statistical Account
1837385444829Rev. George Walker

After change of parish boundary:



Testaments & wills

Kinnell was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Kinnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

William Adamin Kynnell15 Jul 1617
Miss Margaret Airthin Arbroath, afterwards in West Braikie21 Jun 1816
David Andersonin Kynnell12 Apr 1621
Isobel Andersonspouse to James Anderson, in Bankirk, par. of Kynnell19 Dec 1617
David Beggat the Mylne of Kynnell15 May 1638
David Bowakin Hattoun, par. of Kinnell21 Oct 1684
John Buillin Auchquhandland, par. of Kynnell7 Oct 1617
Isobel Burnsydespouse to John Scott, in Mursyde, par. of Kynnell24 Oct 1625
William Campbelltenant in Westbrackie, par. of Kinnel16 Jul 1789
James Carnegie of Brackie [Braikie]1 Aug 1694
John Carnegie of Braco [i.e. Braikie]par. of Kinnell7 Dec 1709, 8 Aug 1711
and 18 Nov 1714
Rev. Mr Alexander Chaplinminister of the gospel at Kinnell18 Jun & 13 Jul 1813
Janet Crichtonspouse to David Schilgrein, in Damhead of Kynnell23 Nov 1619
James Cullacepar. of Kynnell15 Apr 1637
Mr Alexander Dallasminister at Kinnell14 Feb and 16 May 1705
Alexander Dawin Haltoune-Kynnell, par. of Kynnell30 Jun 1606
John Elderin Cottoune of the Milne of Kynnell, par. of Kynnell22 Mar 1614
James Enderarityin Damhead of Kinnell9 Sep 1756
Margaret Fitchettspouse to David Beg, in Kynnell4 Apr 1627
Thomas Fraser of Kynnellpar. of Kynnell7 Aug 1613
Christian Futhiespouse to Robert Wyllie, in Garlit of Bollischan, par. of Kynnell13 Jun 1620
Elspet Fyfein par. of Kynnell, spouse of David Angus25 Jun 1617
Alexander Gavinsenior, at Milntown of Braikie, par. of Kinnel8 Jul 1776
David Grayin Synmerhill, par. of Kinnell1 Oct 1605
Mr John Grayson to the deceased Patrick Gray of Wester Braikie, student of divinity in St Andrews29 Jul 1690
Andrew Guthriein Cottoun of Roschan [Boschan, i.e. Bolshan], par. of Kinnell14 Mar 1617
Patrick Henrywobster in Garlait, par. of Kinnell22 Dec 1592
Geilis Hillsin the Muirsyde of Kinnell, spouse of James Guthrie10 May 1614
Janet Hodgerelict of John Elder, in Cottoune of the Milne of Kynnell, par. of Kynnell22 Jun 1614
John Hodgetounin Hill of Bollischen, par. of Kinnell26 Feb 1614
Isobel Hogsometime spouse to John Scott, in Cottoun Boschoun, par. of Kynnell1 Oct 1605
Isobel Jamiesonwidow in Wester Brakie, par. of Kinnell25 Feb 1614
Alexander Johnstonein Wester Brakie, par. of Kinnell8 Jan 1617
Mr David Kinnearminister at Kinnell25 May 1641
Mr William Kinnearminister and parson of Kynnell29 Oct 1614
Elspet Lambspouse to Andrew Talzoir, in the Mains of Wester Brakie, par. of Kynnell20 May 1616
David Leslie elderin Cottoun of Bolleschan, par. of Kinnell25 Jun 1617
Thomas Littlejohnin Cottoun of Haltoun of Kinnell, par. of Kinnell23 Nov 1619
Isobel Marshallsometime spouse to David Fyfe, in Muirsyde-Ballischun, par. of Kynnell4 Jan 1606
Barbara Mathewin Symmerhill, par. of Kinnell10 May 1614
Agnes Patonsometime spouse to Alexander Daw, in Haltoun of Kynnell1 Oct 1605
William Peterin Cadgerglak, par. of Kynnell2 Apr 1628
George Petriein Kinnell8 Nov 1693
Margaret Petriesometime spouse to James Quhyte, in Simmerhill, par. of Kinnell26 Sep 1627
Marion Ramsayin Muirsyde, par. of Kinnell, spouse of George Morris6 Jul 1614
Mr James Robertsonminister at Kinnell10 Jul 1723
Margaret Robertsonspouse to the Rev. Alexander Chaplin, minister at Kinnell12 Jun 1793
Dame Jean Ruthvenpar. of Kynnell, spouse to James, Lord Ogilvie12 Jan 1616
George Scottin Myln of Kinnell15 Apr 1675
Andrew Simpsonin Easter Braikie, par. of Kinnell24 Oct 1684
Elspet Smithin Muirsyde of Kinnell, par. of Kinnell26 Apr 1620
John Smith elder of Kinnell2 Aug 1650
John Smith elderin Kynnell28 Jan 1614
John Smithin Kinnell23 Oct 1685
Euphame Symespouse to John Watt, in Gannoquhy, par. of Kinnell3 Mar 1629
Alexander Taylorin Denhead of Kynnell, par. of Kynnell5 Apr 1614
Mr David Thomsonminister at Kinnell3 Mar 1704 and 22 Aug 1705
Elizabeth Thomsonlawful daughter to umquhile James Thomson, sometime minister at Kinnell12 Jul 1717
Mr James Thomson youngerminister at Kinnell22 Oct 1683
Christian Vallancesometime spouse to Andrew Bowak, in Muirsyd of Loschoun [Boschoun], par. of Kinnell1 Oct 1605
Alexander Watsonin Synmerhill, par. of Kynnell1 Oct 1605
Catherine Watsonin Muirsyde, par. of Kynnell, spouse of Ninian Ferguson6 Jul 1614
John Watsonin Muirsyd of Kynnell5 Aug 1614
Lilias Williamsonspouse to Alexander Wondrahame, in Sunneruzell, par. of Kinnell28 Jan 1619
Janet Wilsonspouse to John Jamieson, in Connolls-muir, par. of Kinnell30 Jun 1606
Dr William Young of Fallsidepar. of Kinnel3 Sep and 17 Oct 1781

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant

Thomas Andersonin Willanyeards, par. of Kinnell19 Sep 1739
John Carnegie of Braikiepar. of Kinnell28 Oct 1724
Robert Carnegie of Ballindargpar. of Kinnell16 Nov 1743

Testaments of Kinnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1800
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Margaret Forbesrelict of Henry Paterson, in Bolishand8 Oct 1656
Cuthbert Patersonin Ballischoine, and Margaret Watt, his spouse, par. of Panbryde [?]3 Jun 1613
Andrew Thomsonin Cottoun of Bolishan, and Margaret Peter, his spouse1 Apr 1662

Testaments of Kinnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

David Begin Kynell, sher. of Forfar15 Jun 1596
Margaret Fullertounsometime spouse to Nicol Bowok, in the Haltoun of Kinnell in Angus17 Jun 1591
Elizabeth Johnstonesometime spouse to James Ramsay, in Cambroxmyre, par. of Kinnell, sher. of Forfar7 Mar 1594-5

Testaments of Kinnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Jane Kinnairdsometime spouse to Thomas Fraser of Kynnell, in Angus4 Jun 1602
Margaret Ogilviesometime spouse to John Stirling, younger, appeirand of Braikie, par. of Kynnell, Angus15 Mar 1605


Jacobite rebels - 1745 rebellion
From: A List of Persons concerned in the Rebellion (Edinburgh, Scottish History Soc., vol. 8, 1890)

NamesDesignationsAbodeActs of rebellion
& circumstances
Where at present
David BennetservantHatton MillCarried arms at Inverury & Falkirk & went to the north with the Rebelsnot known
John BrownfarmerBoysham [Bolshan]Carried arms as Lieutenant, was active in decoying others into the Rebellion, compelling some & oppressing others that would not join them, was at Culloden battle & there said to bekill'd
John BrowntenantBoysham [Bolshan]Carried arms as a Lieutenant in Provost Patrick Wallace's Company & Levied money for the Rebelsnot known
John ChalmersservantKinnells MillCarried arms with the Rebels & was with them in the North, nowserving the Laird of Brunton
John Coskyyoung manBinaves [Balneaves]was hired out & carried Arms at Inverury & Falkirk and went north with the RebelsLurking
David Denniesyoung manBinaves [Balneaves]Was hired to the Rebel Service & Carried Arms at Culloden &cLurking
John Frasera stranger; lodged with William CrightonPaddocks Mire [Paddockmire]Was advised or rather forced by his said Landlord to Enlist with the Rebels which accordingly he did & went North with themnot known
William GowansservantKinnells MillCarried Arms being hired & was at Culloden Battle with the Rebelsat home
Robert HodgefarmerFannuksmire [Paddockmire]Carried Arms, & very much distressed the Ministers & other people in the Countrey by taking their Horses, & plundering their Houses, &c was at Inverury Skirmish & Falkirk Battle & went North with the RebelsLurking
Robert Walkeryoung manBoysham [Bolshan]Behaved discreetly in the Country, was Ensign in the Rebel Army, at Falkirk & went North with itLurking


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

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NRS ref. E326/12/2/57


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

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