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The parish of Kirriemuir was in two parts: one centred on the burgh of Kirriemuir, and a detached part consisting of much of Glenprosen. The part in Glenprosen made up roughly a third of the area of the civil parish of Cortachy & Clova.

seal of Kirriemuir

The Common Seal of the
Burgh of Kirriemuir

Please also visit the page of general information applicable to all of Angus & Kincardineshire.


NLSNational Library of Scotland
NRSNational Records of Scotland, formerly called the National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and, before that, the Scottish Record Office [SRO]
HM General Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YY (Tel: +44-131-535-1314)
OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


Books & articles

Photo-books - old photographs of Kirriemuir


Statistical accounts of Kirriemuir


Maps of Kirriemuir

Town Plan of Kirriemuir - 1:500 Ordnance Survey Plan - surveyed 1861

1:25000 Ordnance Survey map - published 1959

1:10560 (Six inch) Ordnance Survey map - surveyed 1862, published 1865

1:2500 (25 inch) Ordnance Survey map - surveyed 1862, published 1865

For the full range of maps of Kirriemuir, see National Library's Maps

See also ScotlandsPlaces: Kirriemuir.

map of Kirriemuir

Above: modern street map of Kirriemuir (© OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA)
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Photographs of places Kirriemuir - recent photographs of Kirriemuir. National Grid ref. NO3853. Glenprosen - recent photographs of Glenprosen. National Grid ref. NO3265.

Aerial photos of Kirriemuir & neighbourhood

ScotlandsPlaces: Kirriemuir - recent & old photographs of Kirriemuir; also maps, plans & other records


Kirriemuir parish church

Located at National Grid ref. NO385538. Built 1787. The mediaeval kirk was dedicated to St Mary and appropriated to the Abbey of Arbroath.

Other churches

Photo of North Free Church, Glengate, Kirriemuir

Photos of St Mary's Episcopal Church, Kirriemuir


Parish ministers 1560-1935

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

George Fletcher1561-1566vicar
John Young1563min. here; also had charge of Kingoldrum
George Clepen1564vicar
Alexander Auchinleck1567min. in 1567, with Kingoldrum also in the charge
George Fyfe1567reader
David Black1571-1580entered 2 Feb 1571[-2?]; Nether Airlie was also in the charge; pres. to Kingoldrum 20 Jul 1580
Adam Crichton1574reader
William Piggot1583reader
Alexander Kynnimonth of Meathie (Kinmont)1586-1621min. of Oathlaw 1585; tr. & adm. 1586; pres. to vicarage 15 Dec 1587; still min. 10 Apr 1621; d. 1630; mar. Anna, dau. of Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity; gave a bell cast at Rotterdam 1617 to the kirk; issue: Alexr, min. here
John Ogilvy1623-1628/9M.A.; min. of Kingoldrum 1606; tr. & adm. bef. 22 Apr 1623; dem. 1628/9; d. bef. 20 Aug 1632; mar.; issue: John
Alexander Kynnimonth (Kinmont)1629-1663son of above Alexr K.; M.A. St Andrews 1619; pres. 11 Apr 1629; still min. 22 Jul 1663; d. soon thereafter; mar. Cath. Ogilvy
John Keith1663-1668b. KCD; ord. to Edzell 13 Dec 1660; tr. & installed 30 Dec 1663; d. bef. 9 Sep 1668
Silvester Lyon1669-1713b. ca. 1641 Kirriemuir, 4th son of John Lyon of Wester Ogil; M.A. St Andrews 1666; adm. to Kinnettles 31 Jan 1667; tr. & adm. 6 Jan 1669; d. 1 May 1713; gave 2 communion cups to the kirk; mar.; issue: David, merchant, Dundee; dau. (mar. James Rait, sometime ass. to his father, later episc. min. here and Dundee, and bishop of Brechin)
George Ogilvy of Kintyrie1713-1771b. 1681, prob. son of Thos O., min. of Coupar Angus; M.A. St Andrews 1700; ord. to Benvie 27 Aug 1707; tr. & adm. 13 Sep 1713; d. 3 May 1771; mar. 1712 Janet Trail; issue: Margaret; Geo., min. of Menmuir; Alexr; John; Thos; John; Janet (mar. William Brown, D.D., prof. of Divinity, St Andrews); David; James, min. of Eassie; Susan; Betty; Henry; Wm
James Rait1715-1716formerly at Inverkeilor; intruded here from 15 Sep 1715 to Jan 1716
William Eadie1772-1784b. 1740; M.A. St Andrews 1760; ord. 23 Apr 1772; drowned 20 Oct 1784 betw. Forfar & Kirriemuir; mar. 1780 Helen Leslie; issue: Christian; Francis; Wm Carnegie; Mary
Thomas Ogilvy1785-1802b. ca. 1756, son of Wm O., wright in Kirriemuir; M.A. 1777; ord. 1 Sep 1785; d. 6 Apr 1802; mar. 1792 Mary Margaret, dau. of Charles Roberts, episc. min. Dundee; issue: Ann; Walter, surgeon H.E.I.C.S.; Mary Lyell; Jean; John; Jean
David Cannan1803-1809ord. 24 Mar 1803; tr. to Murroes 3 Aug 1809
Thomas Easton1810-1856b. 1779 Killearn STI, 3rd son of John E., mason; M.A. Glasgow 1798; ord. 22 Apr 1810; D.D. Glasgow 1826; d. 5 Apr 1856; mar. (1) 1810 Jane Brown, eldest dau. of John Alexander, merchant, Glasgow; issue: John; Christina Snodgrass; Thomas Andrew Alexander, min. of Kemback FIF; Andrew Alexander, D.D., min. of St Mary's, Demerara; mar. (2) 1819 Margaret Cruickshank; issue: Henrietta; James Cruickshank, min. of Meldrum; Alexr; Geo., chaplain; Eliz. (mar. George Birrell Blane, Tipperary)
David Graham Drummond Ramsay (David Graham Drummond Ogilvy Ramsay of Westhall)1856-1872b. 10 Jan 1832 Alyth PER, son of Wm R., min. of Alyth; bro. of James R., min. of Alyth; ord. 8 Nov 1855; tr. from Kirriemuir South & adm. 14 Aug 1856; tr. to Closeburn 29 Aug 1872; D.D.; d. 25 Jul 1910 Closeburn; mar. 1856 Sarah Mary Maxwell; issue: Annie Maxwell; Wm Jas; Mary; David; Maxwell, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S; Alexr Henderson; Eliza; Sarah
John Boyd1873-1903b. 21 Mar 1837 Abernyte PER, son of John B., farmer; M.A. St Andrews 1856; ass. Mains & Strathmartine and Kettins; ord. to Murroes 17 Mar 1864; tr. & adm. 10 Jan 1873; D.D. St Andrews 1898; d. 3 Jul 1903 Arran BUT; mar. 1871 Charlotte Josephine, eldest dau. of Alexr Ramsay, surgeon, Broughty Ferry; issue: John, min. of Menstrie CLK; Alexr Ramsay; Wm; Eleanor Johnstone (mar. Hugh Munro Pattullo, farmer, Meigle PER); Angus, banker
John Ewing Wallace1903-1913b. 4 Nov 1866 Auckland N.Z., son of John W., min. (later, min. of Glenbuck); ord. to Rossland, B.C., Canada 4 Dec 1895; tr. to Shelburne, Nova Scotia 2 Aug 1896; tr. to Rockingham, Halifax, N.S. 15 Nov 1899; res. 28 Oct 1902; adm. ordained min. of Ch. of S. 21 May 1903; ass. Whitekirk ELN; adm. here 10 Dec 1903; d. 20 Feb 1913 Perth; mar. 1896 Margaret Anderson, dau. of William Morris Brown, min. of St Margaret's Edinburgh; issue: John Ewing, and others
George Johnstone Chree1913-1921b. 14 Jul 1864 Keig ABD, son of Geo. C., schoolmaster; M.A. 1885 B.D. 1888 Aberdeen; ass. Holburn Aberdeen; ord. 3 Jul 1899 to be chaplain, Rawalpindi; further chaplaincies, India to aft. 1906; adm. here 14 May 1913; dem. 18 May 1921; d. 29 Sep 1935 Cults FIF; mar. 1889 Helen Robertson Hay, dau. of William Forsyth Arthur, Aberdeen; issue: Helen Hay Arthur Johnstone; George William Johnstone, M.C.; May Arthur
William Addison1921-1929b. 31 May 1891 Dunfermline, only son of rev. Andrew A., Inverkeithing FIF; M.A. Glasgow 1914, Ph.D..; lic. 1920; ass. Lady Glenorchy's Edinburgh; ord. 22 Sep 1921; tr. to Ettrick & Buccleuch 22 Mar 1929; res. Mar 1953; d. 27 Feb 1954 Selkirk; mar. 1922 Edith Margaret, M.A., 2nd dau. of Alfred John, Campbeltown ARL
Archibald Henderson Mitchell1929-1935B.D.; b. 1 Oct 1897 Glass, son of Geo. M., gardener; tr. from Chapelshade Dundee 22 Aug 1929; tr. to Mortlach 9 Jan 1935; d. 10 Dec 1941 Mortlach manse; mar. 1926 Jane F. McRae

Other ministers

Ministers of Kirriemuir South Church quoad sacra
Opened in 1835 and disjoined from Kirriemuir on 28 Feb 1870

William Norval1837-1838b. 26 Jun 1809 Glasgow, son of James N., merchant; M.A. Glasgow 1829; ord. 5 Jan 1837; pres. to Brechin soon after, but accused of plagiarism of published sermons; dem. 14 Aug 1838; joined Ch. of England; d. 11 Sep 1871
Daniel Cormick1839-1843b. 1808; ord. 18 Apr 1839; joined Free Kirk 1843; min. of South Free Church Kirriemuir 1843-8; d. 24 May 1848; mar. 1834 Cath. Neish
James Law1845-1846adm. 24 Apr 1845; tr. to Inverbrothock, Arbroath 29 Jan 1846
James Cruickshank Easton1846-1852b. ca. 1822 Kirriemuir, son of Thos E.; M.A.; ord. 14 May 1846; tr. to Meldrum 23 Sep 1852; mar. 1853 Mary Marion Montgomerie Loudon; issue: Mary Margaret; Geo. Thos; Jas Robt; John L.; Harry M.
Charles Chree1853-1855M.A.; ord. 2 Jun 1853; tr. to Lintrathen 20 Jul 1855
David Graham Drummond Ramsay (David Graham Drummond Ogilvy Ramsay of Westhall)1855-1856b. ca. 1831 Alyth PER; ord. 8 Nov 1855; tr. to Kirriemuir 14 Aug 1856 (see above list of parish ministers)
Alexander Duff1856-1894b. 17 May 1827, son of Duncan D.; ord. missionary at Clova 26 Oct 1855; tr. & adm. 25 Sep 1856; adm. first min. of parish 28 Feb 1870; d. 26 May 1894; violinist; mar. 1876 Jane Webster, dau. of James Robb, Kirriemuir; no issue
Andrew Wylie Smith1894-1898M.A., B.D.; ord. 29 Nov 1894; tr. to Bendochy PER 17 May 1898
Alexander Macara1898-1904b. Airdrie; ord. 10 Nov 1898; tr. to Denny STI 23 Nov 1904; ret. 1942; d. 13 Apr 1944 Woburn, Bucks
David Nelson1905-1910M.A.; ord. 20 Apr 1905; tr. to Aberlemno 3 Feb 1910; mar. ; issue: James A.
Robert Love Hunter1910-1915ord. 12 May 1910; tr. to Glasgow Townhead 7 Jan 1915
Walter Kilgour Black1915-1927b. 25 Feb 1875 Largo FIF, son of Andw B.; lic. by Free Kirk 4 Jul 1907; ord. to Dudhope Free, Dundee 5 Feb 1909; adm. to Delting & Olnafirth SHI 29 Aug 1912; tr. & adm. 17 May 1915; tr. to Inverarity ll Aug 1927; mar. 1911 Mary Jane, dau. of Geo. Crichton, Largo; had issue
John Callander Grierson1927-1946b. 1883, son of John G; pharmacist, M.P.S. 1910; missionary Canada; B.A. Milton Baltimore 1926; ord. to Pontax, Saskatchewan; adm. to Ch. of S. 3 Jun 1926; ord. 8 Dec 1927; dem. 30 Jun 1946; d. 16 Aug. 1947 Hamilton; mar. 1910 Isobel Tripney, dau. of Robert Cowan, Bathgate; had issue
A.G.M. Mackenzie1947-1955-?M.A.; ass. New Kilpatrick; army chaplain 1941; mar.

Ministers of Glenprosen quoad sacra
Glenprosen was detached from the parish of Kirriemuir and erected quoad sacra on 12 Jan 1874; united with Clova Q.S. 31 Mar 1946

John McGregor Ferguson1860-1869b. ca. 1834 Kirkmichael PER; M.A.; ord. 8 Nov 1860; tr. to New Pitsligo ABD 19 Mar 1869; tr. to Fern 7 Jan 1875; d. 6 Aug 1907 Edinburgh; unmar.
John Watt1869-1892b. 1 Feb 1836 Glenisla, son of James Watt, min. of Cortachy; ord. (ass.) at Tannadice 22 Dec 1865; appointed missionary here Jul 1869; 1st min. of par. 21 Jan 1874; res. 1 Jun 1892; mar. 1870 Janet Watt
John Strachan1892-1894tr. from Clova; adm. 25 Aug 1892; tr. to Cortachy 15 Nov 1894
David Gowans Young1895-1899M.A., B.D.; b. 1862 Crail; ord. 16 Apr 1895; tr. to Moneydie PER 28 Sep 1899; d. 1938 Newtyle; mar. 1896 Eliz. G. Hart
Archibald James Miller1900-1907M.A.; b. 4 Sep 1868 Dundee, son of Wm B.M.; ord. 1 Mar 1900; tr. to Stirling West 13 May 1907; d. 7 May 1928 Stirling; mar. 1908 Rachel Foster; issue: Robert F.; Arch. J.S.
James Dalgety1907-1943b. 10 Jun 1866 Dundee, son of Geo. D; ass. Whiting Bay, Woodside Aberdeen, Waterside and Lethanhill, Dalmellington 1902; ord. 19 Sep 1907; dem. 30 Sep 1943; d. 2 Jun 1945 Cortachy

Ministers of Kirriemuir North Free Church

John Petrie Thomson?-1851-1861-?b. Jan 1811 Kirriemuir; ord. Nov 1844; d. 13 May 1881; mar. (1) Sarah Craig Young; issue: James; Mary; mar. (2) Catherine Thomson; issue: Wm; Cath.; Geo. Ballingall; Alfred John; Fredk; Annie Burns Macintyre

Ministers of Kirriemuir South Free Church
South United Free Church from 1900; Livingstone Church of Scotland from 1929

Daniel Cormick1843-1848see above list of ministers of South Church
William Livingstone1849-1884b. ca. 1819 Dundee; ass. Uphall WLN; ind. Jan 1849; dem. 1884; mar. 1852 Cath. Robertson; issue: John; Margaret Smith Angus; Lilias Blair
William Kirkpatrick1884-1925ind. Dec 1884; tr. to Leadhills LKS 1925
Peter Lockhart1927-1930M.A.; tr. to Princes St, Port Glasgow RFW 6 Feb 1930
William Baildon Taylor1930-1936ind. 19 Jun 1930; tr. to Strathmiglo FIF 15 Jun 1936
Francis Gordon McLaren1937-1960b. 2 Mar 1902 Dunfermline FIF; M.A. Edinburgh 1933; ass. Musselburgh Northesk MLN 1936-7; ord. here 1 Jul 1937; tr. to Strichen ABD 27 Apr 1960; dem. 30 Sep 1975

Ministers of Kirriemuir (New Licht Antiburgher), later West U.P. Church, later First U.F. Church, later St Ninian's

James Aitken1778-1806[same man as was Orig. Secess. min. here later; see below] b. ca. 1756; from Perth (North); teacher at Kinclaven; ord. 29 Dec 1778; adhered to "Auld Licht" & thus dep. 28 Aug 1806; d. 24 Sep 1834; mar. Isabella, dau. of James Ferguson of Kinmundy; issue: Eliz.; Isabella; John, min. of Original Secession Church, Aberdeen; James, Orig. Secession min. here [see below]
John France1810-1816b. 1774, son of Rev. John F. of Buchlyvie; ord. 11 Apr 1810; dem. 5 Nov 1816; went to USA in May 1819; pastor, Butler County, Penn. Apr 1820; retired 1841; d. 1861
William Ramage1819-1850b. ca. 1786; res. Sanday OKI; ind. 13 Apr 1819; res. 5 Feb 1850; d. 4 Sep 1857
Alexander McLean1851-1885b. ca. 1820 Greenlaw BEW; ord. 4 Mar 1851; d. 21 Nov 1885; mar. 1851 Lillias Hart Spence
George Robb1886-1918b. 28 Nov 1859 New Spynie MOR, son of James R., farmer; from Elgin (Moss Street); assistant to above Mr McLean; ord. 14 Jan 1886; res. 1918; d. 26 Jul 1921 Aberdeen; mar. 1898 Isabella Esslemont; issue: Isabella E.
James Gemmell Marr1924-1943M.A.; b. 15 Jul 1883 Seafield BAN, son Arch. M., U.P. missionary; bro. of rev. W.I.H. Marr, Kilmacolm & rev. H.J. Marr, Ayr; from Caledonia Road Ch., Glasgow; ind. 19 Mar 1924; d. 2 Sep 1943 St Ninian's manse, Kirriemuir; mar. 1917 Isabella A. Brown; issue: Cyril
J. Wilson Anderson1944-1951-?M.A.; son of rev. T.W.A.; from Bonhill; mar.; had issue

Ministers of Kirriemuir (Relief)

Thomas Meek1793-1794ord. 2 Oct 1793; dem 28 Apr 1794
John Eadie1795-1798ord. 14 Jan 1795; dep. Sep 1798; classical teacher for over 30 years; d. 17 Nov 1841 Glasgow

Ministers of Kirriemuir Bank Street (Relief)

James Stirling1831-1870b. ca. 1805 Glasgow; from East Campbell Street, Glasgow; ord. 20 Jul 1831; d. 28 Mar 1870; mar. 1838 Abigail Hedley Neilson; issue: Agnes; Jas; Wm N.; John; Isabel; Robt M.; Abigail; Hugh A.; Geo. G.
John A. Murray1871-1900b. ca. 1834 Perth, son of David M., shoemaker; res. Burntisland 1868; inducted 10 May 1871; d. 26 Jun 1900

Ministers of Kirriemuir Original Secession Church, Newton Road

James Aitken elder?-1834[same man as had been Antiburgher min. here, 1778-1806; see above] b. ca. 1756; d. 24 Sep 1834; mar. Isabella, dau. of James Ferguson of Kinmundy; issue: Eliz.; Isabella; John, min. of Original Secession Church, Aberdeen; James, min. here [see below]
James Aitken yr?-1844A.M.; b. 1822, son of above; d. 28 Dec 1844 Dundee
Robert Craig?-1861-?b. ca. 1827 Pollokshaws RFW; mar. Jane --; issue: Eliz.

Ministers of the Congregational Church in Kirriemuir

See Congregational ministers in Kirriemuir.

Ministers of St Mary's Episcopal Church, Kirriemuir

James Lyall?-?b. ca. 1710, uncle of Charles Lyell of Kinnordy (d. 1796); d. 15 Feb 1794
John Buchan?-1825-?b. ca. 1766; d. 14 May 1851 Elgin MOR; min. here 40 years; mar. Janet Ritchie; issue: Chas, David, John, James, Geo., Clementina
James John Douglas?-1861-1899b. ca. 1820 Carmarthenshire; d. 13 Mar 1899 Kirriemuir; mar. Henrietta M. --; issue: Gertude A.; Henrietta M. B.; Adela H. S. L.
John A. Philip?-1901-?b. ca. 1870 ABD; mar. Lilias A. E. R. --; issue: Thos V. R.


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Kirriemuir Parish Kirkyard (ca. 100 stones), Kirriemuir Cemetery (ca. 70 stones), St Mary's Episcopal Kirkyard (at NO385541) (10 stones) and at the Kinloch Mausoleum (6 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Kirriemuir in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 2, pp. 357-65.

Details and photographs of all monuments in Kirriemuir Parish Kirkyard are at Gravestone Photographic Resource: Old Barony, Kirriemuir.


Kirriemuir war memorial

Photographs & names.

Glenprosen war memorial

Photograph & names.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Kirriemuir Old Kirk (Barony Kirk)

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/1302/...
Minutes & accounts1716-17441
Minutes & accounts1783-17902
Treasurer's book1799-18012
Minutes & accounts1790-18503
Loose papersn.d.4
Scroll minutes1866-1883, 1909-19108
Communion roll1867-187112

Church Session Records of Glenprosen Church quoad sacra
Disjoined from Kirriemuir and erected quoad sacra in 1874

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/1420/...
Papers re erection of parish1871-18741
Treasurer's book1898-19062
Collections for American organn.d.5
Subscriptions towards building manse18616
Papers relating to church and manse19th-20th century7
Papers concerning Glenprosen war memorial1920-19218
Miscellaneous papers19th-20th century9
Papers relative to parish of Clova1860-194610
Letters concerning proposed memorial pulpit, and drawing of bracket lamp,
at Glenprosen church (including letter from R S Lorimer);
and copy letter concerning stained glass windows

Church Session Records of Kirriemuir United Original Secession Kirk

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/1398/...
Minutes, incl. communion rolls1775-18015

Church Session Records of Kirriemuir South Free Kirk
Later United Free, then Livingstone Church of Scotland

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/899/...
Baptisms1849-1855, 1860, 1869-19602
Deacons' Court minutes1877-18844
Declaration of adherence (to the Free Kirk), 410 names18437
Communion rolls1849-19608 to 11
Roll of young persons1904-193712
Association treasurer's accounts1843-184913
Congregational treasurer's accounts1843-193314 to 17
Women's Guild minutes1939-196119
Women's Guild cash book1942-196020
Sunday school accounts1927-196021
Jubilee fund accounts1951-195322


Kirriemuir Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR479/...
Minutes (loose)1839-18901
Minute Book (with accounts)1877-19322
Papers re ecclesiastical buildings, etc. (church, manse, glebe, school, churchyard, public hall)1782-19234
Papers re transference of property to Church of Scotland General Trustees (file)1926-19285
Miscellaneous papers1778-18546


Land owners

The principal proprietors of land in the parish in 1822:


Estate records

Papers of Ogilvie of Inverquharity - National Library Acc.5012 - Inventory

Papers of Charles Hector Ogilvy Maclean of Balnaboth - NRAS1750


Poor & poorhouse

Information, maps & photographs of Kirriemuir Almshouse.


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

17553409Dr Alexander Webster
17904000-5000Old Statistical Account

After transfer of Glenprosen to parish of Cortachy & Clova:


* of whom, 4014 were in the town of Kirriemuir, 236 in Marytown and Ellenertown, 2125 in the landward part of the parish


Testaments & wills

Kirriemuir was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Kirriemuir people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Margaret Adamspouse to David Barnett, in Over Inche16 Jan 1618
John Adamsoncordiner, lawful son of umquhile Alexander Adamson, cordinar in Kirriemure5 Dec 1634
Margaret Adamsonspouse to Thomas Mitchell, merchant in Kirriemuir20 Jul and 21 Sep 1705
Isobel Alexanderspouse to William Hutcheon, in Kirriemuir6 Apr 1620
William Angustenant of Muirhouses & Inch8 Oct 1819
John Annan of Kingquhyrrielate bailie of Kirriemuir7 Aug 1717
Margaret Arbuthnotspouse to David Ogilvie of Persie25 Jun 1614
Edward Barronwriter in Kirriemuir24 Jul 1786 and 22 May 1788
Margaret Bowakspouse to John M'Creich, in Plukerstoun7 Dec 1614
David Brechinbraboner in Kirriemuir18 Jan 1621
David Brownsometime miller at Meikle-Miln of Kirriemuir6 Dec 1717
Janet Brownat the Brig of Daisie11 May 1624
Hercules Bruceshoemaker in Kirriemuir19 Apr 1796
Janet Bursiespouse to George Cabill, in Kirriemuir13 May 1615
Elspet Butchartspouse to Alexander Ogilvie, in Langbank25 Jun 1616
George Cabillin Kirriemuir27 May 1619
Janet Cantspouse to John Symsoun, in Migve15 Aug 1620
James Cardeanin Kirriemuir20 Jun 1689
Patrick Carnegiein Cottoun of Glaswall18 Jan 1615
Jean Chaplaindaughter to the deceased John Chaplain, in Lochniglo, spouse to James Webster, merchant, Kirriemuir11 May 1715
James Clerkin Kynnatie22 Oct 1638
Janet Collierspouse to James Blyth, cotter in Lalathin9 Jul 1616
Elizabeth Craigspouse to David Dickson, in Nether Megvie17 Jan 1745
Janet Craikspouse to John Kyd, in Logic18 Feb 1637
William Craikin Quhinnaydrume18 Jul 1650
Thomas Crichtonsometime clerk in Kirriemuir, and Janet Raitt, his spouse4 Apr 1711
Patrick Crowden (Cruden)in Frankfrie26 Feb 1675
James Cuthbertwright in Kirriemuir29 Jul 1696
John Cuthbertin Garlabank14 Nov 1618
James Doigkirk-officer in Kirriemuir26 Oct 1791
William Doigin Kirriemuir24 Oct 1687
Alexander Donaldin Luddinche8 Apr 1648
Christian Douglasspouse to Thomas Bursy, in Kirriemuir4 Aug 1621
Catherine Duncanspouse to Alexander Mitchell, in Cleiffe10 Nov 1618
James Duncanson to John Duncan, in Craigmig22 Jan 1724
Alexander Farquharson of Ballo3 Jan, 2 May and 22 Oct 1683
Gilbert Fentounin Kintyrie26 Aug 1640
John Fentounin Balloch3 Mar 1618
William Finlaysometime in Woodhead of Balenchall23 Nov 1720
Andrew Fletchersecond lawful son to the deceased Robert Fletcher, of Ballinsho7 Oct 1707
John Fordell, portioner of Wester Kingquhirrie10 Feb 1685
Isobel Forrestspouse to John Moncur, in Balmukketie28 Nov 1616
John Frasermaltman in Kirriemuir10 Jan 1724
Agnes Fullartonrelict of Robert Bruce, merchant in Kirriemuir28 & 29 Sep 1820
John Fyfeelder in Kentyrie25 Oct 1687
John Gilbertin Carmuire16 Oct 1673
Katherine Gilbertsometime spouse to William Richardsoune, in Nether-Chill24 Apr 1598
Agnes Guildspouse to George Phiipe, in Blackbairwall, par. of Kirrimuir22 Nov 1627
Alexander Guild13 Jan 1620
Thomas Halkettweaver in Kirriemuir5 May 1790
William Hantonin Glenprossine, par. of Kirremuir25 Jan 1699
David Hayin Ballindarg3 Feb 1686
George Henrycordiner in Kirriemuir7 Apr 1697
Isobel Henryspouse to James Stratoun, braboner in Kirriemuir24 Sep 1640
John Henrylawful son to umquhile John Henry, in Hayestoun18 Oct 1649
David Heraldin Lidnathy27 Aug 1791
David Hillin Memiss29 Oct 1613
Alexander Hogin Locardstoun28 Nov 1616
Janet Howspouse to Thomas Duthie, braboner in Kirriemuir24 Sep 1640
Isobel Howiespouse to Richard Symsone, in Migivie18 Mar 1619
Adam Hutcheonin Hirdhill16 Oct 1673
David Hutcheon, eldercordiner in Kirriemuir27 Jul 1635
James Hutcheonson to umquhile David Hutcheon, in Kirriemuir1 Aug 1662
William Hutcheonin Kirriemuir28 Jul 1620
Robert Kendowin Glenorg15 Aug 1617
Agnes Kinninmonth (Kinninmond)spouse to Olipher Fentoun, in Balloch19 Nov 1613
Patrick Lambiein Ballindarg5 Sep 1621
David Leonardin Kilhill22 Dec 1683
Alexander Leslie of Glaswall30 Jul 1685
Andrew Lindsaylitster in Kirriemuir1 Feb 1710
John Lindsayin Easter Ballinscho15 Aug 1617
Robert Lindsaysometime merchant in Dundee, living in Kirriemuir27 Nov 1703
Robert Loudounin Glenprossen20 Apr 1637
James Lyellin Justinhauche18 Jul 1637 and 18 Apr 1651
Margaret Lyellspouse to Thomas Annand, in Kinquhirrie27 Mar 1616
James Mannstampmaster in Kirriemuir14 Aug 1823
William Mathiein Caldhame of Bannagarour9 Jan 1617
Andrew Mearnsmerchant in Kirriemuir12 Oct 1681 and 7 Nov 1706
Thomas Megiesonein Kinnordie7 Feb 1617
John Mitchellmerchant in Kirriemuir21 Oct 1713
Robert Mitchellmerchant in Kirriemuir19 Dec 1744
Thomas Mitchellin Logie26 May 1620
Thomas Mitchellbaker in Kirriemuir14 Sep 1792
James Mollisonmerchant in Kirriemuir18 Feb 1790
Finlay Monroquarrier in Kirriemuir14 Feb 1791
Henrie Moylein Cowle1 Jun 1624
Alexander Murdoin Kirriemuir15 Feb 1638
Patrick Muriesonin Kirriemuir16 Nov 1616
Janet Murrayspouse to John Brechen, in Gask25 Jun 1616
Abrahame Mylnein Chapeltoun20 Nov 1640
Thomas Neaveat Innerquharrity24 May 1721
Alexander Newtonsometime in Lendinch, in the Braes of Innerquarritie25 Feb 1699
John Newton of Kilhill5 Jun 1635
James Nicollin Logie Wishart7 May 1617
Alexander Ogilviein Crawmond12 Jul 1624
David Ogilvie of Glasswall12 Oct 1613
David Ogilvieat the Myln of Bondarg26 Oct 1685
James Ogilvie of Logie26 Feb 1675
Sir John Ogilvie of Innerquharetie, knight2 Mar 1618
John Ogilvielate bailie of Kirriemuir19 Jul 1684
Margaret Ogilviespouse to David Douglas, at the Milne of Kirriemuir28 Dec 1613
Margaret Ogilviespouse to Patrick Gledny (Glendy), in Langbank11 Dec 1617
Mrs Margaret Ogilvieeldest lawful daughter of Sir John Ogilvie of Innercaraity14 Mar 1750
Janet Palmerspouse to John Mackie, in Blokerstan11 Dec 1617
Robert Patersoncandlemaker in Kirriemuir19 Feb 1718
Eupham Paullrelict of John Leonard, in Bow5 Aug 1674
Margaret Peddierelict of James Ogilvie, late bailie depute of the Regality of Kirriemuir17 Jun 17l4
Christian Peterspouse to Alexander Fylming, in Woodhead2 Apr 1628
Gidion Peterin Hauch of Ballincho27 Sep 1705
Bessie Piriein Blechinhill25 Jun 1616
Robert Pitcuthliemerchant in Kirriemuir8 Jun 1686
John Playfairlitster in Kirriemuir23 Aug 1717 and 16 Jan 1718
George Reidin Caildhame17 Jan 1589-90
John Robertsonresiding at New Kilrie4 Dec 1812
Helen Rodgerspouse to Andrew Leuchars, in the Bow26 Oct 1685
Robert Rodgerin the Bowhouse4 Mar 1687
James Royin Muirhouses of Balmukkitie15 Aug 1617
Christopher Samsonin Cottertoun of Benschi10 Mar 1614
Elizabeth Shepherdspouse to John Stalker, in Kirriemuir24 Sep 1640
James Shepherdmerchant in Kirriemuir12 Feb 1814
David Simpsonin Little Migvie4 Aug 1621
Mrs Elizabeth Skeneresidenter in Forfar, only living lawful child of the Rev. Mr George Skene, minister of the Episcopal Congregation at Forfar, relict of Mr William Jolly, minister of the Episcopal Congregation at Kirriemuir31 Jan 1818
Isobel Smithspouse to Thomas Wilkie, in Muirhouses5 Jan 1641
John Smithin Cottoun of Glasuell8 Jan 1621
John Smithin Ballindarge23 Mar 1621
Katherine Smithspouse to James Stratoune, in Kirriemuir23 Oct 1649
Margaret Smithspouse to Walter Green, smith in Drumclum16 Jul 1613
Thomas Smithin Schillhill23 Sep 1619
John Stalkerbraboner in Kirriemuir29 Sep 1641
John Strachanin Criss31 Aug 1613
John Strachan,in Creisse20 Jan 1619
John Strachanin Creiffe9 Mar 1619
John Taylorin Drumclune3 Sep 1617
James Thaneat Dragonhall22 Jul, 17 & 25 Aug 1815
Christian Wallacespouse to Robert Green, in Muirhouse30 Mar 1615
Isobel Watsonspouse to George Winter, in Hudhill15 Aug 1620
Alexander Wattweaver in Ballinshoe10 Oct 1796
Agnes Websterrelict of Andrew Croll, sometime in Cremond Inch6 Apr 1710
James Wilkiemerchant in Kirriemuir11 Sep 1780
Charles Wilsontenant in Bastard Brae16 Nov 1786
Elizabeth Wilsonspouse to Andrew Donald, in Cruikit-bank4 Jul 1637
Robert Wilsonin Dollinche22 Sep 1617
Catherine Wishartlawful daughter to umquhile Thomas Wishart, in Balnadarg13 Jun 1616
Catherine Woodand Alexander Layng, in Shilhill31 Jul 1662
Grissell Woodspouse to Robert Cowll, in Balmuckelie20 Jun 1637
Margaret Woodlawful daughter to umquhile Andrew Wood, sometime cordlner in Kirriemuir25 Oct 1683
Donald Youngat the Mylne of Kirriemuir, thereafter in Forfar22 Oct 1713
Mrs Helen Youngresiding at Scouringburn, par. of Liff, widow of Andrew Anderson, weaver in Kirriemuir31 May 1819
John Youngin Beanstie24 Oct 1685

Testaments registered at St Andrews that may have been lost, for which entries in the minute books are extant.

William Aldieat Miln of Logie, and spouse15 Feb 1727
David Barronwriter in Kirriemuir13 Mar 1764
Agnes Carnegiespouse of Mr William Gray, minister at Kirriemuir3 Aug 1737
John Cossinschapman in Kirriemuir22 Feb 1738
James Donaldsonin Kirriemuir4 Jul 1739
Andrew Edwardtenant in Herdhill10 Jul 1728
James Fraser of Kintyre10 May 1738
Euphemia Fyfespouse of Andrew Steill, merchant in Kirriemuir13 Apr 1737
Isobel Greigrelict of John Peacock14 Jan 1730
John Howiein Cotton of Glaswell24 Mar 1725
Andrew Hunter, sometime of Restennetand Margaret Hunter, relict of John Campbell stamp-master at Kirriemuir27 Oct 1764
James Johnstonat Miln of Balindarg18 May 1726
Andrew Lindsayin Kirriemuir14 Dec 1742
William Lindsayat Logiewishart5 May 1725
Jean Lowin Balloch7 May 1729
Thomas Mitchellmerchant in Kirriemuir23 Nov 1737
Alexander Ogilvielate shipmaster in Rotterdam, thereafter residenter at Kirrimuir1 Jun 1765
John Ogilviein Formeill11 Aug 1742
Thomas Ogilviewriter in Kirriemuir13 May 1737
Thomas Ogilvieclerk in Kirriemuir18 Aug 1737
Henry Rodgermerchant in Kirriemuir5 Jun 1728
James Skerlingmaltman in Kirriemuir19 Nov 1729
James Valentinein Muirhead of Logie23 Jun 1725
Andrew Whitemerchant in Kirriemuir24 Nov 1764
Robert Whitemerchant in Kirriemuir2 Nov 1737
James Wilsonmerchant in Kirriemuir22 Aug 1768
John Wrightin Balnaboth13 Aug 1729

Testaments of Kirriemuir people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823

James Hantonin Balloch, par. of Kirriemuir12 Jun 1656
Margaret Herris (Hares)spouse to umquhile Adam Gibson, in Woodhead of Bainshoe, par. of Kirriemuir28 Jul 1658
William Lindsaymerchant in Montrose, only lawful son to the deceased William L., in Logy Wishart, late bailie of the Regality of Kirrimuir24 Dec 1725 and 23 Mar 1726
Giles Ogilvyrelict of the Rev. James Lyall, minister of the Episcopal Congregation at Kirriemuir16 Sep 1812

Testaments of Kirriemuir people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

George Adamsonin Langbank, par. of Kirremure, sher. of Perth [?]30 Oct 1594
William Bursiein Kirremure in Angus9 Jun 1595
Jonet Guthriesometime spouse to James Spalding, in Balmuckatie, par. of Kirremuir, sher. of Forfar31 Jul 1595
Thomas Henryand Elspeth Patoun, his relict, in Creise, par. of Kirremure, sher. of Forfar8 Feb 1594-5
William Hoodin Kirremure14 Feb 1583-4
Andro Kayin Over-Inche, par. of Kirremure in Angus23 Sep 1586
John Mylnein Doldoway, par. of Kyremure8 Dec 1578
John Neischein Ballindarge, par. of Kirriemuir23 Apr 1593
Isobel Ogilvysometime spouse to Thomas Ogilvy, in the Newtoun of Kirremure in Angus11 Sep 1583
Gilbert Smythand Helen Newton, his spouse, at the Mylne of Bandarg, par. of Kirremure, sher. of Forfar6 Jul 1597
Donald Steillin Cragyemaok, par. of Kirremure, in Angus9 Aug 1576
John Tempilmanin Litill-Mygvie, par. of Kiremure20 Apr 1581
John Wilsonin Glenwik, par. of Kirremure5 Nov 1588

Testaments of Kirriemuir people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Helen Adamsometime spouse to James Fyff, in Sandefuird, par. of Kirremuir, in Angus29 Jun 1602
George McRechein Plocaidstoun, par. of Kirremuir, in Angus17 Feb 1609
Adam Mowbray or Moubrayin Logie, par. of Kirremuir, in Angus(vol. 45) 26 Jul 1609
Grissell Scrymgeourlawful daughter of umquhile James Scrymgeour of Glaswell, par. of Kirremure, in Angus19 Feb 1605
Marion Scrymgeoursometime spouse to Thomas Wischart, in Ballindarg, par. of Kirriemuir, in Angus13 Jul 1608
George Wishartin Ballindarg, par. of Kirrimuire, sher. of Forfar11 Feb 1601

Testaments of Kirriemuir people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1701-1800

David Doigsometime tailor in Montrose, lawful son to William Doig, sometime in Kirriemuir20 Apr 1754


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Kirriemuir ("Kerrymuir"):

NRS ref. E326/12/2/43


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Kirriemuir:


Superiors of the Burgh of Kirriemuir

NameIn officeBornDiedInfo
Charles Lyell of Kinnordy?-1846-1847-?


Baron Baillies of Kirriemuir

NameIn officeBornDiedInfo
Duncan Wilkie?-1846-1847-?
J. A. carnegie?-1923-?


Provosts of Kirriemuir, to 1975

NameIn officeBornDiedInfo
James Sandeman, M.R.C.V.S?-1893-1895-?1860/131 Mar 1900 KirriemuirM.R.C.V.S. (veterinary surgeon); first provost
-- Ogilvy?-1896-1898-?
David Wilkie?-1899-1904ca. 1845 Kirriemuir24 Dec 1914 Noransidelinen manufacturer
David Savege1904-19071851/24 Feb 1931 Kirriemuir
William Ogilvy1907-1919-?1849/5016 Jan 1926 Kirriemuir
Charles John Mill Wilkie?-1920-1922-?1878 Kirriemuirmissing in London, 1931
presumed to have died 27 Feb 1938
George Duke McNicoll?-1925-19261864/5Dec 1937 Kirriemuir
James Moir1926-19291870/71 Edzell28 Oct 1946 Kirriemuir
Henry Ernest Peacock1929-19351855/613 Apr 1941 Kirriemuirheadmaster, St Mary's School
James Doig1935-19361870/1 Kirriemuir4 Sep 1936 Kirriemuirjoiner
James Hosie Joiner1936-19471870/18 Feb 1951 Kirriemuir
William Lowson1947-1952-?
A. Reid?-1958-?


Town clerks of Kirriemuir

NameIn officeBornDiedInfo
Archibald Smith?-1879-19151846/7 Ayr8 Dec 1915 Kirriemuir
Capt. Robert Adam Smith, O.B.E.
alias Robert Barclay
1916-19261875/6 Kirriemuiralso town chamberlain; disappeared Sep 1926
deposed 24 Nov 1926; arrested in Aberystwyth for embezzlement, 1929
David S. Smith1927-1946-?
David Smith?-1952-1965-?same man?
W. G. H. Smith?-1966-?


Valuation rolls

Valuation rolls of properties in Kirriemuir, 1856, 1908-9, 1919-20, 1922-23, 1924-25, 1926-27 are held in Kirriemuir Library.

Valuation rolls of properties in the County of Angus, for the years 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920, 1925 and 1930 only, can be seen at ScotlandsPeople.





Kirriemuir Library


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