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NLSNational Library of Scotland
NRSNational Records of Scotland, formerly called the National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and, before that, the Scottish Record Office [SRO]
HM General Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YY (Tel: +44-131-535-1314)
OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


Books & articles


Statistical accounts of Fordoun


Maps of Fordoun

For the full range of maps of Fordoun, see National Library's Maps.


Photographs of places

See Auchenblae - recent photographs of Auchenblae. National Grid ref. NO7278.


Fordoun parish church

Located in Auchenblae, at National Grid ref. NO726784. Built in 1829.

Photograph of Fordoun Kirk

Above: Fordoun Kirk

Exterior of St Palladius Aisle

Interior of St Palladius Aisle

Above: remains of St Palladius's Chapel, in the parish kirkyard. Partly demolished in 1828, it forms the burial aisle of the Irvines of Monboddo and Burnetts of Monboddo. See also this Leaflet about the Chapel.


Parish ministers 1560-1934

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

John Smyth1563reader
Patrick Boncle1563-1604min. here 1563; min. here with Fettercairn and Newdosk in the charge in 1567; tr. to Laurencekirk bef. 1575; pres. to vicarage here 28 Jan 1576-7, and had Newdosk also in the charge; still min. 1604; d. bef. 1607
Adam Walker1599-1634M.A. St Andrews 1589; pres. to vicarage 16 Aug 1599, as colleague to Boncle; d. 25 Aug 1634; mar. Elspeth Erskine, who survived him; Patrick, James, both apprenticed in Edinburgh
Oliver Houston1634-1654M.A. Edinburgh 1626; pres. 15 Nov 1634; still min. 1654; mar. Margaret Findlaw; issue: Alexr
David Ochterlony1658-1691son of John O., citizen of Brechin; M.A. St Andrews 1643; schoolmaster; ord. Oathlaw 8 Aug 1650; tr. & adm. aft. 23 Sep 1658; d. Feb 1691, aged ca. 68; mar. (1) Margaret Carnegie; issue: John, min. here; David; Agnes (mar. James Farquharson of Tullochcoy); also? Cath. (mar. Alexr Arbuthnot, min. of Arbuthnot); mar. (2) Mary Erskine
John Ochterlony1691-1712son of above; adm. to Balmerino FIF 1682; left there bef. 21 Mar 1690; intruded here bef. 31 Jul 1691; d. 27 Jan 1712; mar. 1704 Margaret, dau. of John Barclay of Johnston; issue: Mary, John, Peter, Margaret
David Henderson1712-1713M.A. Edinburgh 1705; ord. 24 Dec 1712; d. Apr/May 1713, aged ca. 28, probably unmar.
Gilbert Anderson1714-1746ord. 8 Dec 1714; d. 15 Oct 1746; mar. 1719 Christian, dau. of David Brown, min. of Blackfriars Glasgow; issue: Christian, Eliz., Geo., Janet
William Forbes1747-1771son of Thomas Forbes of Thornton; ord. 9 Sep 1747; d. 20 Mar 1771; mar. 1748 Susanna, dau. of Wm Walker, dyster, Aberdeen; issue: Thos; Mary Ann (mar. Rev. Austin Johnson); Janet; Eliz. (mar. Prof. Wm Duncan, Aberdeen); Margaret; Middleton (mar. Wm Bell, merchant, Leith); Phoebe (mar. 1801 Alexr Scott, purser, R.N.)
Alexander Leslie1771-1807b. 29 Oct 1733, son of James Leslie, min. of St Fergus BAN; M.A. marischal 1757[?]; ord. Durris 5 Apr 1759; tr. & adm. 31 Oct 1771; d. 15 Sep 1807; mar. 1763 Margaret, dau. of Lewis Reid, min. of Strachan; issue: James, min here; Lewis; Thos; Janet; Eliz. (mar. William Lindsay of Oatlands, writer); Alexr, of Birkwood, merchant, Glasgow; Grace; Lewis; John; Wm
James Leslie1788-1843b. 14 Mar 1764 Durris, son of above; ord. (ass. & suc.) 12 Jun 1788; D.D. Glasgow; dem. 18 Oct 1843; d. 20 Mar 1858 Stonehaven, unmar.
James Flowerdew1844-1845ord. Eassie & Nevay 17 Apr 1828; tr. & adm. 22 Feb 1844; d. 22 Aug 1845 unmar.
Charles Forbes Buchan1846-1875b. 1817 Peterhead, son of Peter Buchan of Dennyloanhead, poet & antiquary; Hon. M.A. Aberdeen 1859; ord. Scots Church, N. Shields 1840; tr. to Paisley High 10 May 1844; tr. & adm. 14 Jan 1846; D.D.; d. 15 Feb 1875; mar. (1) 1843 Isabella Carr, dau. of Michael Robson of West Chester; issue: Chas Forbes, M.A., M.B., C.M., ass. surgeon R.N.; Patrick, M.A.; David Steuart; Dora; Alexr Irvine; Margaret; Wm Muir; Harry; Eveline; Frank; Isabella Cath.; mar. (2) 1871 Jane, dau. of John Paterson, Edinburgh
John Menzies1875-1902b. 1 Nov 1845 Weem PER, son of Robt M.; M.A. St Andrews 1865; ord. Fort Augustus 1872; tr. & adm. 11 Aug 1875; d. 5 Jul 1902; mar. 1885 Susan Gordon, yst dau. of John Garland
Robert Galbraith1902-1934b. 18 Dec 1866 Linwood RFW, son of Wm G.; ass. Saughtree and Linlithgow; ord. Buckie BAN 9 Feb 1898; tr. & adm. 24 Dec 1902; dem. 31 Aug 1934; d. 23 Oct 1937; mar. 1892 Eliza, dau. of Francis Alison, Loanhead; issue: Robt, architect; Jane Jack

Ministers of the Free Church (later, United Free Church), Fordoun

John Philip?-1851-1891-?D.D.; b. ca. 1820 Aberdeen; d. 15 May 1905 Aberdeen; mar. 1853 Janet Morison Littlejohn; issue: John Bentley; Wm Littlejohn; Alexr Adam; Robert Geo.; James Chas
John Anderson?-1901-?b. ca. 1868 Birsay OKI

Ministers of St Palladius Episcopal Church, Drumtochty

St Palladius Episcopal Church, Drumtochty

Above: St Palladius Episcopal Church, Drumtochty

Romeo Edwin Taglis1890-1894b. ca. 1858 England; in England by 1901; d. Sep 1926; mar. 1886 Margaret Shaw; issue: Gerard R.; Lorna M.; Edwin C. A.
Alexander Reginald Langhorne?-1901-?B.A.(Oxon.); b. 1863 Hawarden, Flintshire, 2nd son of Alexr G. S. L.; d. 19 Feb 1947


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Fordoun Kirkyard (ca. 180 stones) and also at the Chapelyard of St Catherine, Castleton (2 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Kincardineshire" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1999), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Kincardineshire MI - The Mearns" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Fordoun in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 1, pp. 62-5.

See also Fordoun Churchyard and Auchenblae Cemetery.

There is a monument to sir James Falconer of Phesdo, S.C.J. (1648-1706) in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.


Fordoun war memorial

Scottish War Memorials Project: Fordoun War Memorial Hall, WW1


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Burial records for Fordoun are held by the Registrar in Stonehaven. See Kincardine and Mearns Burial Grounds.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Fordoun Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/491/...
Minute book of discipline1849-18753
Communion rolls1848-19464 to 8
Cash book1817-184813

Church Session Records of Fordoun Free Church
later, United Free

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/430/...
Deacons' court minutes1843-18853
Church door collections1891-19195
Treasurer's account book1845-18686
Minutes of Church Defence Association and Free Church Association1841-18437
Register of members1904-19098
Accounts book1865-19309


Fordoun Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR104/...
Minute book1847-19031
Cash Book1847-19283


Land owners

There were 11 proprietors of land in the parish in 1835:

The feuars of the village of Auchenblae held of Kintore and Monboddo.



Following records are held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Fordoun Parochial Board: Minute Book1845 - 1858AS/KPfrd/1
do1858 - 1874AS/KPfrd/2
Fordoun Parochial Board / Parish Council: Minute Book1875 - 1904AS/KPfrd/3
Fordoun Parish Council: Minute Book1904 - 1922AS/KPfrd/4
do1922 - 1930AS/KPfrd/5


School records

The following records are some of those held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Fordoun School*: Log Book1894 - 1911ED/GR6S/K20/1/1
do1902 - 1920ED/GR6S/K20/1/2
do1873 - 1903ED/GR6S/K20/1/3
do1903 - 1925ED/GR6S/K20/1/4
do1925 - 1966ED/GR6S/K20/1/5
Fordoun School: Admission Register1871 - 1910ED/GR6S/K20/2/1
do1910 - 1928ED/GR6S/K20/2/2
do1928 - 1938ED/GR6S/K20/2/3
do1938 - 1945ED/GR6S/K20/2/4
do1946 - 1958ED/GR6S/K20/2/5
Tipperty District School: Log Books1873 - 1923ED/KC5/123/1
Tipperty District School: Admission Registers1890 - 1923ED/KC5/123/2

* Now known as Auchenblae School


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics
Total population of the parish and, in parentheses, the number living in Auchenblae, the only village in the parish.

17551890 (100)Dr Alexander Webster
1791115811002258Old Statistical Account
1821111312622375 (404)
18311070 (224)1168 (263)2238 (487)
March 1834n/a (271)n/a (279)n/a (550)


Testaments & wills

Fordoun was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Fordoun people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Gilbert Abbattounin Tippartie26 Aug 1619
Agnes Alexanderrelict of Andrew Gage, in Crosland1 Nov 1616
Geillis Alexanderspouse to William Hunter, in Cragnestoune21 Jul 1625
Mr Gilbert Andersonminister at Fordoun17 Dec 1746
Robert Arbuthnotsometime in Kirksyde in Fordoun22 Mar 1693 and 8 May 1723
John Auchinlecknotar public20 Feb 1703
James Beattiesometime in Mondynes21 Oct 1684
James Beattietenant in Druraslide4 Sep 1719
Robert Blacklawssometime in Birnie25 May 1683
Marjories Bowisspouse to Robert Burne, in Monboddo12 Apr 1676
Agnes Brandspouse to John Ross, in Auchinblay15 Mar. 1637 28 Oct 1674
Catherin Brodiespouse to William Nesmyth, in Drumsled19 Apr 1614
John Brownin Inchgray14 Oct 1681
John Burnin Pitnigerdner10 Sep 1627
Alexander Burnetin Monbodow27 Mar 1694
Mr Robert Burnet of Ballandro22 Jun 1696
Sir Alexander Carnegie of Pitterro, knight6 Jul 1683
Margaret Carnegiespouse to Mr David Ochterlony, minister at Fordoun30 Apr 1674
Thomas Christie, esq.residing at Fordoun House4 Feb 1814
William Christiesometime in Cuttieshill31 May 1721
John Clerkin Drumsyde24 Oct 1673
Margaret Craigrelict of John Mairny, in Glennis1 Jun 1616
Christian Cramondspouse to John Burnet, in Auchkairnie19 Apr 1614
Bessie Dowellin Glemiss27 Jun 1621
Henry Dysartin Danhous of Drumisleid1 Nov 1616
Sir Alexander Falconer of Glenfarquhar17 Jul 1717
William Falconerin Edmestoun22 Nov 1627
James Farquharsontenant in Tipperty11 Jun 1760
Robert Fergusontenant of Abbeyton22 Nov 1821
James Forfarcotterman in Wester-Pittarrol5 Sep 1606
Andrew Forrettin Auchinblay19 Feb 1625
Christian Fothringhamespouse to Robert Blaklawes (Blackhous) in Birnie17 Oct 1673
Alexander Gardine of Drumiellie29 Feb 1620
Alexander Gelliein Cauldstrame23 Aug 1620
Andrew Grahamein Little Carnebeg26 Aug 1635
Elizabeth Grahamerelict of John Arbuthnot of Mondynes25 Aug 1614
Alexander Greigin Craignistoun27 Jun 1621
Robert Greigwright at the Brigend of Fordoun26 Aug 1619
Thomas Greigin Boghall21 Jul 1625
Margaret Halkettin Abbaytown, relict of Alexander Leith, in Bucharn1 May 1781
Barbara Hamptondaughter to umquhile David Hampton, in Kinkell4 Mar 1676
Gelis Hendersonspouse to James Pantland, alias Lindesay, cottarman in Cosnoch21 Dec 1615
Andrew Hillat the Milne of Cair25 Aug 1614
William Hunterin Readhall13 Nov 1613
Archibald Irvingin Fuirdhous5 Oct 1614
John Irvingin Newlands5 May 1621
Margaret Jackspouse to John Ritchie, in Cairntoun11 Dec 1638
Ann Jamiesonrelict of William Napier, walker at Auchenblae2 Feb 1757
Thomas Kemloin Miln of Mandynes21 Sep 1778
Christian Kinnearspouse to Patrick Wylie, in Gallohilstoun20 Apr 1615
William Lambin the Grund of Craigmestoun3 Nov 1613
David Lawcotterman in Cottoun of Wysmestoune1 Apr 1607
Rev. Mr Alexander Leslieminister at Fordoun2 Apr & 9 Jul 1808
Elspet Loudounspouse to Thomas Low, in Cottertoun of Carintoun27 Jun 1617
Margaret Lowin Gallowhilston5 May 1621
David Lyellmerchant in Fordoun23 Sep 1755
Euphame Lyellspouse to James Milne, in Birny5 May 1621
Catherine Macmoranspouse to Alexander Currour, in Lochhill6 Jul 1613
John Mairnyat the Wairdhead of Arnbarrow8 Mar 1616
James Malcolmin Auchinblay25 Sep 1747
Catherine Meldrumspouse to John Arkill, in Gaitsyde3 Aug 1616
Alexander Melvillein Pitnamoone20 Oct 1635
Margaret Milnespouse to Alexander Pedie, in Cowie12 Aug 1618
Margaret Milnespouse to Robert Robb, in Auchinblae2 Jul 1745
John Moffatin Cairntoun13 Aug 1613
Andrew Mylnein Ridhall18 Jun 1662
Andrew Mylnein Blackfolds7 Jul 1687
Bernard Mylnein Reidhall18 Jul 1694
Margaret Naughtiespouse to John Lindsay, in Dronomyre3 Jul 1675
James Niddriein Kincardine3 Aug 1616
John Officersometime servant to James Leith of Whiteriggs8 and 16 Feb 1759
Beatrix Ordiespouse to David Hamptoun, in Auchinblea2 Apr 1628
James PatersonFithie, thereafter Whitemyre, Fordoun9 Nov 1802
John Peartin Culbak16 Aug 1614
James Peddiein Culie13 Aug 1613
Walter Peikemanin Kincardine5 May 1621
John Piriein Easter or Little Carnbegg13 Jun 1796
John Powtiein Blaras8 July 1616 and 27 Jun 1617
John Preschospouse to Alexander Strathauchin, in Craigmestoun27 Jun 1617
Euphame Pressokspouse to Patrick Wilson, at the Craig mylne2 Apr 1628
Helen Ramsayspouse to James Walker, merchant in Fordoun15 Oct 1636
Marjorie Ramsayspouse to James Strachauchin of Monbuddo25 Aug. 1614
Robert Reidfeuar in Auchenblae, lately innkeeper at Fordoun29 Jul 1813
Catherine Ritchiespouse to John Crawmond, in Crewkedene21 Jul 1625
David Robertsoncotterman at the Milnedeans20 Jun 1605
James Sharpin Carnbaris14 Apr 1627
John Sharpcotterman in Bowgleni5 Sep 1606
David Sheratin Cairntoun20 Apr 1615
Margaret Sibbaldspouse to Andrew Croill, in Kincardine19 Apr 1614
William Slaveritcotterman in Pitnamone1 Apr 1607
James Smithin Galliquine19 Mar 1772
Thomas Soutarat the Kirk of Fordoun27 Jun 1636
Alexander Strachanin Wysmestoun24 Jan 1673
Catherine Strachanspouse to James Wood, in Tippertie5 May 1617
Christian Strachanspouse to John Ross, at the Mylne of Kincardine24 Jul 1650
James Strachan of Monbuddo20 Apr 1615
Margaret Strachanlawful daughter to umquhile Alexander Strachan of Fasyde22 Dec 1675
William Strachan, alias Cairdin the Milnes of Ballandro26 Apr 1648
Catherine Sweit (Suie)spouse to Robert Souttar, in Feldoun20 Mar 1624
Marjorie Thomsonin Drumeliee, spouse to Thomas Miln, cotterman1 Apr 1607
Alexander Tindallin Over Craigmestoun24 Apr 1616 and 6 Jun 1617
James Tulloin Coschno19 Nov 1614
Mr Adam Walkerminister at Fordoun20 June 1635 and 18 Jul 1649
Elspet Walkerspouse to John Duncan, in Caldstream2 Apr 1628
Margaret Watsonspouse to Robert Burn, in Mains of Monboddo15 Oct 1681
Christian Wattspouse to David Clerk, cotter in Cairntoun27 Jun 1617
Janet Williamsonspouse to John Wisheart, in Conveth3 Jul 1675
John Wilsonat Denhouse of Drumsleid5 Apr 1676
Harie Wishart of Carnebeg25 Mar 1618
John Wishartin Pottarro19 Sep 1650
Helen Woodspouse to James Pekrinan (Peikman), in Kincardine5 May 1621
Andrew Yettat the Milne of Balseith4 Jan 1606

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant.

William Burgessat Burn of Shagg16 Apr 1761
Alexander Smithin Easter Arnbarroe11 May 1737
David Watsonin Whiteriggs17 Jan 1743

Testaments of Fordoun people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1800
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

James Christiein Kincairdyne, par. of Fordoun4 Feb 1657
Janet Hunterspouse to Andrew Broune, in Greenbodome, par. of FordounT. 12 Jul 1659
Catherine Strachansometime spouse to James Beattie, in Westertone, par. of Fordon7 Apr 1658

Testaments of Fordoun people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Agnes Adiesoun (Adisoun), alias Geddersometime spouse to John Alexander, alias Orchertoun, in Aichtouchter, par. of Fordoun26 Apr 1577
John Alexanderin Chepiswallis, par. of Fordoune, in the Mearns28 May 1582
Walter Beattiein Vittestoun, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns26 Jun 1591
Henry Duncansometime servitor to John Wischart of Pittarro in the Mearns19 May 1596
Barbara Erskinespouse to Gilbert Alexander, in Oughtocher, par. of Fordoun, sher. of Kincardine 27 Jul 1597
David Falconerin Petskellie, par. of Fordoun, sher. of Kincardine4 Jan 1600
Jonet Falconer eldersometime spouse to Sir John Wischart of Pittarro, knight, sometime Comptroller to our Sovereign Lord11 Nov 1583
James Keith of Drumtochtiepar. of Fordound, in the Mearns2 Feb 1576-7 and 18 Aug 1597
Alexander Lightounin Drumtochtie, par. of Fordoun26 Mar 1577
John Lowin Coulie, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns28 May 1582
David Scharpin Bowglen, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns30 July 1590
David Smythin the Westertoun of Pittarro in the Mearns31 May 1582
James Smythson to umquhile David Smyth, in the Westertoun of Pittarro31 May 1582
James Steillin Furdehous of Pittarro5 Dec 1583
Eufame Strachanrelict of John Strachan, elder of Monboddow, in the Mearns13 Jun 1583
Jean Strachansometime spouse to George Wood, of Abatoun, par. of Fordoun, in the Mearns24 Jul 1596
John Strachan (Strathauchan) of Monbodo eldersher. of Kincardine4 Dec 1581
Andro Tevidaillin Blakfurdehous of Westertoun of Pittarro3 Apr 1584
Christian Wischartsometime spouse to John Irving, in Quhytrigis, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns29 Jul 1597
John Wischartin Pettingardner, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns7 Jun 1583
Sir John Wischart of Pittarro, knightsometime comptroller to our Sovereign Lord13 Jun 1586
William Wischartin Reidhall, par. of Fordoun in the Mearns13 Jul 1587
George Woodin Abatoun, par. of Fordoun in the Mernes29 Mar 1597

Testaments of Fordoun people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Henny Blaberin Drumsleid, par. of Fordoun, in the Mearns19 Feb 1601
Margaret Falconerspouse to John Wobster, at Kincairdin-mylne, par. of Fordoun, in the Mernes22 Jul 1602
Jonet Garden (Gardyne)sometime spouse to John Marno, in Drumlokkie, par. of Fordoun, in the Mernes22 Jul 1602
Andro Greigin Corsbed, par. of Fordoun, in the Mernes25 Sep 1608
Agnes Lindsaysometime spouse to Alexander Burnet, in Auchkairney, par. of Fordoun, in the Mearns10 Mar 1603
Patrik Wallacein Wester Pittarro, par. of Fordoun, in the Mearns4 Mar 1603
Alexander Wishart of Carnebegpar. of Fordoun, in the Mearns6 Feb 1607
Margaret Wishartsometime spouse to Alexander Tulloch, of Craignestoun, par. of Fordoun, in the Mernes16 Feb 1603

Testaments of Fordoun people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1701-1800

Sir James Falconer of Phesdoelate senator of the College of Justice7 Oct 1707
John Falconer of Phesdo29 Apr 1765
Maurice Falconerlawful son to the deceased Sir James Falconer of Phesdoe, senator of the College of Justice21 Apr 1718
William Falconermerchant in Edinburgh, and lawful son to the deceased Sir James Falconer of Phesdo, senator of the College of Justice26 Jan 1739


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Fordoun:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/81


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Fordoun:


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