18th century testaments of people with Inveresk connexions

[Source: Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh 1701-1800]

See also the corresponding pages for 1514-1600 and 1601-1700

Note that hardly any of these testaments include the will of the deceased, being largely accounts of the 'goods and gear' of the deceased and of debts owed and owing. Some of them mention relatives.

Held in the National Archives of Scotland, NAS ref. CC8/8/...

Mh = Musselburgh; Fw = Fisherrow; Edr = Edinburgh; Invk = Inveresk
Newbg = Newbigging; dau. = daughter; mert. = merchant; portr. = portioner
rel = relict; serv. = servant; sp = spouse; s.t. = sometime

namedesignationdate testament was recorded
William Adamsonsailor in Fw25 Nov 1784
David Allans.t. seaman in Fw, thereafter sailor aboard the ship 'Unicorn'30 Sep 1707
Margaret Andersonrel of David Scott in the Marketgate of Fw20 Jul 1716
Robert Anguscoal grieve at Pinkie (see Janet Richard)-
Katharine Annandrel of Oliver Scott, shoemaker in Fw7 Jan 1752, 4 Jun 1752
William Baillietanner at Milnhill of Mh15 Nov 1758
Elizabeth Bairddau. of decd. Thomas Baird, weaver in Fw14 Aug 1772
Jean Bellsp to John Gibson, wright in Mh14 Nov 1771
William Berrylate baillie of Mh23 Oct and 23 Dec 1730
Francis Blackies.t. merchant in Perth, thereafter residing in par. of Invk, and county of Edr17 Oct 1800
Alexander Bowerhill [Bourhill]shoemaker in Mh9 Oct 1782
William Brookweaver in Mh (see Esther Thomson)-
Robert Brownshipmaster in Fw2 Oct 1723
James Brucelate shipmaster at Port Glasgow, but last residing at Mh20 Jan 1797
William Burnsmert. in Mh28 Oct 1768
James Burtonwright and cabinet maker in Newbigging of Mh23 Sep 1766
Thomas Burtonmealmaker in Mh14 Sep 1775
Patrick Cairncrossgardener at Mountain [Monkton]15 Aug 1737
Elizabeth Cairnsrel of John Hog, farmer in Mountoun [Monkton]15 Mar 1725
Thomas Calderwoodmason in Mh28 Feb 1734
Dougall Campbellportr. of Monktonhall21 Jan 1724
Dougall Campbellportr. of Monktonhall25 Mar 1736
Mansfeldt Cardonnel of Musselburgh27 Dec 1780
Isobel Carswellrel of Gavin Johnston, portr. of Mh12 Nov 1717
George Charlesflesher in Mh21 Apr 1774, 17 Jun 1774
Robert Chiesleys.t. butler to Sir James Dalrymple (see Jean Nimmo)-
Alexander Chrystalvintner at Gentries28 Mar 1758
Robert Clarkmert. in Mh6 Feb 1734
John Cochrane of Cabbage-hallnear Mh25 Nov 1789
John Cochraneonly son of decd. John C. of Cabbage-hall near Mh15 Jun 1790, 16 Nov 1792, 4 Nov 1796
Thomas Cochranelate apprentice to James Davidson, mason, BM, & indweller in Fw, son lawful to Thomas C., turner in Cliftonhall24 Mar 1724
William Cochraneflesher in Mh9 Aug 1754
Robert Cockburntailor in Invk1 Jun 1711
Helen Colvillrel of Alex. Muir, mason in Mh31 Jan 1749
Mr Robert Coltminister, residing in Mh16 Jan 1735
Robert Crichtonflesher in Mh26 May 1785
Thomas Dallassurgeon in Mh15 May 1770
Margaret Darleithrel of Mr Rich. Houison, minister of Invk25 Nov 1709
Henry Davidsonsievewright in Fw30 Aug 1709
Robert Dewarweaver in Mh11 Mar 1713
John Dickmason in Smeatoune29 Dec 1721
Sir Robert Dickson of Inveresk, bart.24 Feb 1714
Robert Dicksonson to Sir Robert D., bart.2 May 1750
Sir Robert Dickson, bart.30 Apr 1760
Robert Donaldsonserv. to Messrs Aitchison & Brown, distillers at St Clement's Well near Mh5 Aug 1793
John Doughtieweaver in Prestonpans (see Janet Stewart)-
Christian Douglasrel of Thos Mitchell, tanner in Fw18 Jan 1728
Jean Douglassp to John Paton of Invk4 Aug 1758
Thomas Douglaswright in Market St, Mh (see also Euphan Scott)6 Oct 1785
Helen Duncanrel of Archibald Smart, s.t. bailie of Mh19 Nov 1736
James Duncancordiner, BM14 Dec 1710
Janet Duncandau. to decd. Wm D., brewer in Newbg [of Mh?]16 Feb 1714
John Dundas, late of Newhailespresenter of Signatures in the Court of Exchequer18 Jul 1770
Archibald Eagletonsailor in Fw, thereafter sailor on board the ship 'Unicorn'30 Sep 1707
John Ewartindweller in Mh11 May 1731
James Fairliemert. in Edr, thereafter in Fw11 Jul 1715
Isobel Fleukar (Flucker)rel of Wm Nicoll, indweller in Mh22 Mar 1701
Mr William Forbeslate episcopal minister at Mh18 Jul 1793
John Fullartonof Carberry2 Mar 1775
James Geddesvintner at Parkend near Mh (see Kath. Nicolson)-
Andrew Geddieseaman in Fw (see Marion Millar)-
Margaret Gilchristrel of Thos Murray, slater in Fw29 Mar 1765
Robert Gillespielate manufacturer in Mh30 Mar 1798
Jonet Graysp of John Young, merchant in Fw19 Sep 1704
James Greigmert. in Fw14 Jul 1735
James Grieveland-waiter of H.M. Customs, residing at Fw4 Nov 1777
Thomas Hamiltonlate Major of the 8th Regiment of Dragoons, sometime residing at Olivebank, near Mh25 Jan 1776
Alexander Hayportr. of Inveresk26 July 1736
David Heriotseaman in Mh7 Feb 1716
John Heriotfarmer in Invk13 Aug 1719
Patrick Heriot, youngermerchant in Fw, burgess of Mh10 Aug 1706
Patrick Heriotmerchant in Fw15 Nov 1727
Robert Heriotmerchant in Fw27 Jul 1719
Archibald Hilltailor in Fw14 Apr 1742
Margaret Hislopservitrix to Robina, Countess of Forfar, and dau. to the deceased Robert Hislop, portr. of Invk16 Jul 1718
Robert Hislopportr. of Invk4 Jul 1712
John Hogfarmer in Monkton (see Eliz. Cairns)-
William Hogclothier in Fw14 Jun 1766
Mrs Theodosia Homelate residenter in Invk, and rel of Lieut.-Gen. James Maitland, Governor of Fort William, Scotland26 Jan 1733
Mr Richard Houisonminister at Invk, and William H., his son12 Jan 1704
Mr Richard Houisonminister of Invk (see Marg. Darleith)-
Robert Hunter of Campienear Mh2 Dec 1794
Patrick Jacksonmert. in Mh (see Eliz. Smart)-
Gavin Johnstonportr. of Mh (see Isob. Carswell)-
Walter Johnstonseaman in Fw, and Marion Hackery, his spouse24 Jun 1791
Mr Robert Jossie (Joussie) of Westpans11 Aug 1712
John Kedzliefarmer in Newbg of Mh (see Kath. Pillans)-
Robert Kennedysometime officer of Excise at Peebles, thereafter residenter at Fw28 Jun 1765
John Keyser (John Keyzer)flax-dresser at Mh11 Oct 1752
James Kinglate starch maker in Mh28 Mar 1796
James Kirkpatrickgrieve to Mr John Adam's coal work at Pinkie8 May 1752
Jean Lindservitrix to Sir James Dalrymple of Newhailes, Bart.6 Mar 1736
Dr Alexander Mackenzieresiding at Stoneybank, near Mh31 May 1777
Helen McMillandaughter of John McM., flesher in Mh27 Apr 1789
James McMillan, youngerflesher in Mh26 Jun 1722
William McMillan, elderflesher in Mh13 Feb 1723
William Malcolmfarmer in Mh22 Apr 1767
Janet Maxwellspouse to Edward Jossie, late of Westpanns, writer in Edr, dau. lawful of the deceased John Maxwell elder, of Castlemilk 25 Jun 1741
Joseph Millarbrewer in Mh16 Mar 1736
Marion Millar (Marion Miller)rel of Andrew Geddie, seaman in Fw28 Mar 1740
Thomas Millarsailor at Fw12 Jan 1791
Thomas Mitchell, eldertanner in Fw19 Feb 1724
Thomas Mitchelltanner in Fw (see Chris. Douglas)-
Thomas Montgomeryseive-wright in Fw5 Apr 1745
George Moodieseaman in Fw (see Marg. Smith)-
William Mooresmith in Mh12 Nov 1724
Alexander Muirmason in Mh (see Hel. Colvill)-
John Nicolfarmer at the Milhill of Mh28 Dec 1703
William Nicolindweller in Mh (see Isob. Fleukar)-
Kathrine Nicolsonsp to James Geddes, vintner at Parkend near Mh12 Nov 1724
Jean Nimmolate residenter in Fw, rel of Robt Chiesley, s.t. butler to Sir James Dalrymple of Hailes19 Apr 1788
James Noriemariner in Fw18 Apr 1788
James Patersontown clerk of Mh10 Nov 1708
John Patersonmert. in Mh8 Jun 1731
John Patersonshoemaker in Mh15 Jan 1736
Violet Patersonrel of Thos Wilkie, late baillie of Mh1 Sep 1739, 29 Apr 1741
John PatonInvk10 Aug 1780
John Paton of Invk(see Jean Douglas)-
Alexander Penmanfarmer in Mh11 Jul 1735
Katharine Pillansdau. of decd. Robt P., tenant in Seton & sp of John Kedzlie, farmer in Newbg of Mh30 Dec 1786
Peter Polsonshoemaker in Fw18 Nov 1763
William Pringleresidenter in Carberry Mains1 Oct 1778
Jean Raillierel of Wm Railly, smith in Smeaton30 Dec 1736
Robert Ramsaymason in Fw (see Elizabeth Watson)-
James Randieweaver in Mh10 Feb 1786
William Rayleysmith in Smetoune (see also Jean Raillie)14 Mar 1711
Robert Redpathserv. to Gen. James Maitland's lady in Invk25 May 1726
Janet Richardsp to Robt Angus, coal grieve at Pinkie8 Dec 1755
Sir James Richardsonof Smeaton29 Nov 1717
John Richardsonlate baxter in Mh23 Jun 1720
Walter Richiebrewer in Fw (see Eliz. Robertson)-
Mr Alexander Robertsonmerchant in Edr14 Nov 1705
(also 3 Mar 1684)
David Robertsonformerly of Loretto, thereafter of George Square, Edr13 Apr 1791
Elizabeth Robertsonrel of Walt. Richie, brewer in Fw20 Jul 1750
Robert Robertsonfeuar of Brunstane Mill & tenant in Duddingston9 Jun 1744
Andrew Ronaldsonwright in Edr, indweller at Parkend of Newhailes25 Apr 1735
Andrew Rossclothier in Mh30 Dec 1735
David Scottin the Marketgate of Fw (see also Marg. Anderson)20 Jul 1716
Euphan Scottrel of Thomas Douglas, wright in Marketgate of Fw31 Jul 1786
Margaret Scottrel of Patrick Watson, baxter in Mh29 Jul 1737
Oliver Scottshoemaker in Fw (see Kath. Annand)-
Archibald Shiellsportr. in Invk4 Sep 1792
Alexander Smartsailor in Fw9 Apr 1711
Archibald Smartlate bailie of Mh (see also Hel. Duncan)14 Jul 1729
Elizabeth Smartrel of Patrick Jackson, mert. in Mh15 Nov 1775
George Smartlitster in Mh19 Jun 1710
George Smartmert. in Fw (see James Smart)-
James Smartlawful son to decd. Geo. S., mert. in Fw24 Jan 1712
Robert Smartmert. in Fw, s.t. bailie of Mh14 Oct 1731
Anthony Smithofficer of excise at Fw29 Nov 1735
David Smithat Newbush of Fw26 Apr 1784
Margaret Smithrel of Geo. Moodie, seaman in Fw13 Dec 1728
Robert Smithportr. of Invk30 Apr 1713
Thomas Smithresiding at Foot of Canongate, Edr, formerly mert. in Timber-bush, Fw7 May 1794
Mark Spencesalt officer at Westpans26 Jan 1763
William Spenceflesher in Mh29 May 1783
David Stephensalt-officer at Edmonston Pans28 Apr 1746
David Stevensonfarmer in Carberry-hill-head19 Mar 1730
Alexander Stewartin Mh (see Janet Stewart)-
Janet Stewartsp to John Doughtie, weaver in Prestonpans, & sister to Alex S. in Mh13 Jul 1745
Patrick Strachanwright in Mh8 Aug 1775
John Taylorcaptain, residing at Fw9 Apr 1785
Esther Thomsondau of David T., salter in Prestonpans, & sp of Wm Brook, weaver in Mh22 Jun 1791
Andrew Thornburngardener at Newhailes10 Dec 1718
Margaret Thorntonindweller in Mh12 Jul 1749
Oliver Todlawful child to decd. Wm Tod, s.t. baillie of Mh1 Jul 1708
Thomas Todlawful child to decd. Wm Tod, s.t. baillie of Mh1 Jul 1708
Thomas Todtown clerk of Mh14 May 1735
Thomas Todtown clerk of Mh [2nd of that name]5 Mar 1773
William Todbaillie of Mh (see Oliver & Thomas Tod)-
Richard Vernorportr. of Invk24 Jan 1715
Robert Vernortown clerk of Mh12 Mar 1707
Thomas Vernorbrewer in Fw8 Feb 1749
Thomas Vernorbrewer in Mh15 Mar 1757
Elizabeth Watsons.t. sp to decd. Robert Ramsay, mason in Fw19 Oct 1741
Patrick Watsonbaxter in Mh (see also Margaret Scott)26 Jan 1736
William Wattshoemaker at the west end of Mh22 May 1712
William Weirtenant in Smeaton-Schaws23 Mar 1736
Thomas Wilkielate baillie of Mh (see Violet Paterson)-
Mr John Williamsonminister at Inveresk12 Aug 1740
Alexander Youngwright at Mh30 Mar 1752
James Youngmerchant in Fw18 Mar 1746
John Youngmert. in Fw (see also Jonet Gray)19 Sep 1704

See also the corresponding pages for 1514-1600 and 1601-1700

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