17th century testaments of people with Inveresk connexions

[Source: Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh 1601-1700]

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This is not yet a full list

Note that hardly any of these testaments include the will of the deceased, being largely accounts of the 'goods and gear' of the deceased and of debts owed and owing. Some of them mention relatives.

Held in the National Archives of Scotland, NAS ref. CC8/8/...

Mh = Musselburgh; Fw = Fisherrow; Edr = Edinburgh; Invk = Inveresk
Newbg = Newbigging; mert. = merchant; portr. = portioner
rel = relict; serv. = servant; sp = spouse; s.t. = sometime
BM = burgess of Musselburgh

namedesignationdate testament was recorded
John AlisonBM13 Mar 1613
Katherine Allansometime spouse to Archibald Sanderson, BM17 Dec 1625, 31 Mar 1626
Margaret Allanspouse to John Smart, baillie of Musselburgh24 Nov 1665
William AllanBM27 Oct 1647, 13 Oct 1649
Geillis Andersonrelict of William Merstoun, BM24 Jan 1633
George Andersonin Mh5 Jun 1607
George Anderson youngerportioner of Monktounhall10 Nov 1623
George Anderson elderBM28 Jun 1634
George Andersonson to umquhile George A., BM24 Dec 1634
Janet Andersonsometime spouse to James Duncan, BM14 Oct 1644
John Andersonin Inveresk27 Nov 1602
John AndersonBM24 Jul 1605
John Andersonin Newbigging18 Mar 1624
John AndersonBM16 Jul 1647
Thomas AndersonBM12 Dec 1629
Helen Archibaldsometime spouse to John Thomson, in Newbigging6 Jan 1601
James Barber (Barbour)colzear in Newbigging, BM31 Dec 1614
John Barclaysmith, BM21 May 1698
Barbara Baxtersometime spouse to Alexander Steill, BM28 Jan 1606, 7 Mar 1607
Edmond BaxterBM27 Jul 1652
George Baxter elderBM1 Jul 1615
Robert BaxterBM, indweller in Fisherraw2 Aug 1633
John Baynemerchant in Mh8 Apr 1697
Agnes Bellspouse to Thomas Menzies elder, litster, BM30 Nov 1666
George Bennetclerk in Mh23 Feb 1612
George Bennetin the Milhill of Mh21 Feb 1632
Richard Bennet elderBM14 Nov 1634
Robert Bennet youngernotary, BM27 Feb 1633
Marjory Blakesometime spouse to Mark Areis, indweller in the Fisherraw, BM3 Feb 1627
Thomas Borlandsportioner of Kings-Stables; and Violet Broune, his relict, thereafter spouse to Robert Douglas younger, late baillie of Mh17 Jul 1697
James Brockiemiller, BM12 Dec 1615
Archibald Brownin Newbigging, BM18 Dec 1617
Helen Brownspouse to Walter Smart, BM19 Mar 1601
Isobel Brownsometime spouse to Mathew Archibald, BM6 Oct 1620
James BrownBM2 Jul 1662
John Brownsometime bailie, BM30 Dec 1629
Margaret Brownsometime spouse to George Cook, cordiner, BM7 Mar l649
Marion Brownrelict of George Tailzeour, in Mh18 Mar 1601
Walter Brownmaltman in Mh30 Oct 1624
William Brownin Newbigging, BM1 Apr 1636
Martin Brysonmason in Mh26 Dec 1694
Gawin Burneseaman in Fisherrow, BM28 Dec 1615
Mr Alexander Burtonstudent [of divinity] in Edr11 Sep 1699
John Burtonin Carberrie28 Jan 1646
Adam Calderwoodin Fisherrow, BM4 Mar 1618
Barbara Calderwoodrel of Wm Calderwood in Mh18 Jan 1637
Henry Calderwoodin Fisherraw19 Dec 1636
Isobel Calderwoodrelict of Alexander Hill, indweller in Fisherraw7 Feb 1646
Isobel Calderwoodin Mh11 Apr 1672
Jonet Calderwoodsp to Oliver Calderwood in Mh26 May 1608
Oliver CalderwoodBM17 Jul 1613
Richard Calderwoodindweller in Mh14 Feb 1607
Thomas Calderwood elderBM20 Jul 1613
Violet Calderwoodrelict of Mr Alexander Robertson, merchant, BE14 Jul 1686
Wiliam Calderwoodindweller in Fisherraw, BM25 Jul 1635
Thomas Carringtonindweller in Mh22 Jan 1647
Agnes Cassspouse to Alexander Grindlay, BM21 Nov 1645
Margaret Casssometime spouse to James Smart, in Fisherraw, BM13 Jan 1632
John Chalmerscordiner in Mh5 Sep 1670
George Cochraneindweller in Fisherraw, BM15 Nov 1622
George Cochraneindweller in Fisherraw, BM14 May 1631
Geils Coltsp to James Robertson elder, portr. of Invk7 Feb 1645
George CondettBM17 Aug 1647
Gilbert Conquergoodwright, BM13 Apr 1648
George Cookcordiner in Mh4 Apr 1646
Alexander Craigson to Robert C. in Fw18 Dec 1689
Katherine Craigrelict of Edward Neilsoun, in Fisherrow24 Feb 1607
Nicoll CraigBM, indweller in Fisherraw18 Dec 1645
Robert Craigin Fw18 Dec 1689
William Craigin Fw27 Nov 1693
William Crock (Cruik)cordiner, BM, indweller in the Fisherrow26 Aug 1613
Robert Dreddanindweller in Fw24 Nov 1637, 7 Feb 1646
Alexander Duncanin Fw5 Jun 1656
Geils Duncansp to Walter Brown in Mh11 Feb 1637
James Duncanin Newbg31 Oct 1609
James DuncanBM14 Feb 1677
John Duncanson to late John D. BM2 Jul 1612
Robert Duncanlate bailie of Mh2 Aug 1695
William Duncanat Todesbrige, BM24 Dec 1663
James HepburnBM, baxter19 Dec 1688
Jonet Hepburnsp to Walter Scott, shoemaker in Fw14 Oct 1673
Marion Hepburnrel of Alexander Wrycht BM5 Jul 1622
Thomas Hepburnmert. in Mh1 Feb 1687
Agnes Heriotrel of Thomas Menzies BM23 Feb 1687
Beatrix Huntersp to Thomas Robertson in Mh4 Jan 1667
Marion Logansp to Robert Bryson in Fw4 Apr 1648
Marion McNaughts.t. sp to James Robertson BM21 May 1633
Jonet Mirrieleysrel of George Robertson in Newbg, BM15 Dec 1632
Alexander Ramageelder, in Fw5 May 1638, 20 Jul 1638
Alexander RamageBM20 Aug 1657
David Ramageelder, in Fw12 Feb 1605
David Ramageelder, BM, indweller in Fw12 Dec 1645
David Ramagein Fw, BM28 May 1659
Geils Ramages.t. sp to Wm Calderwood BM5 Feb 1624
James Ramagein Fw12 Aug 1665
Robert Ramagelate bailie in Mh20 Jan 1672
William RamageBM, in Fw16 Dec 1623
William Ramagein Fw13 Jan 1693
Margaret Richardsonsp to Alexander Ramage BM, maltman in Fw16 Jul 1614
Mr Alexander Robertsonbrewer, BE3 Mar 1684
(Also 14 Nov 1705)
James RobertsonBM, son lawful to James R. at Brunstonmylne24 Jan 1643, 25 Jul 1644
James Robertsonin Brunstoune-mylne4 Mar 1650
James Robertsonportr. of Invk, indweller in Mh11 Jul 1654
Jonet Robertsonsp to Thomas Robertson BM21 Oct 1674
Katharine Robertsons.t. sp to David Ramage yr in Fw3 Apr 1640
Robert Robertsonin Brunstonemylne21 Dec 1667
Thomas RobertsonBM, indweller in Mh2 Jun 1669
Thomas RobertsonBM24 Jan 1680
Marion Schaw (Marion Shaw)sp to James Ramage in Fw27 Jan 1629
Christian Scottsp to Robert Douglas, bailie of Mh3 Dec 1672
Elizabeth Scotts.t. sp to Robert Vernour in Invk21 May 1633
Helen Scottsp to William Scott yr, BM4 Sep 1638
Margaret Scottrel of William Tod, late bailie of Mh8 Mar 1698
Marion Sellermans.t. sp to Thomas Sellerman in Fw17 Feb 1634
Bessie Smarts.t. sp to Henry Calderwood BM4 Dec 1624
Robert SmartBM20 May 1646
Jean Vallancesp to Robert Duncan14 Feb 1677
Margaret Wrightrel of John Lawson BM & last[ly] sp to Martin Robertson BM in Invk7 Jun 1633

See also the corresponding pages for 1514-1600 and 1701-1800