Monumental inscriptions in Inveresk Kirkyard extant in 1857

The following is a copy of the transcript of the monumental inscriptions in Inveresk Kirkyard that were extant in 1857, as listed by Paterson in the Appendix of his book. It is very much a record of the "great and good".

As Paterson remarks: "They will be interesting to relatives and others at a distance, and may prove serviceable to the genealogist."

The numbering is Paterson's; there are only 208 stones, as numbers 118 and 202 are wanting.

The list of inscriptions is followed by Paterson's 2 footnotes. I intend to add further notes on some stones, with corrections, where possible, to any factual errors in the transcript. The stones for which there are notes have hyperlinks attached to their numbers.

Some, at least, of the stones will have had wording added since 1857; others have been replaced, and the new wording may differ from that recorded by Paterson. Several stones seem to have disappeared. As the families, the masons, Paterson and I will all have made some mistakes, the text should not be assumed to be entirely accurate.

1. Sacred to the memory of Captain PETER BURNET, late of the 14th Regiment of Foot, who died the 5th Feb. 1809, aged 82. Mrs BURNET died the 18th Jan. 1811, aged 82 years.

2. In memory of JOHN SKEILL, who died 25th Oct. 1790, aged 43 years. Also in memory of HELEN HUNTER, who died 6th Feb. 1816, aged 50 years. Also their son, Captain DAVID SKEILL, of the Rifle Brigade, who died here 11th June 1824, aged 40 years.

3. To the memory of ELIZABETH CRAIG, wife of Robert Legat of Esk Park. Born 24th May 1793; died 4th Aug. 1850.

4. Sacred to the memory of JOHN JOHNSTONE, Esq., Barrack-Master, Musselburgh, son of James Johnstone, Esq. of Granton, near Moffat, who died 25th Oct. 1808, and ANNE M'MURDO, his wife, who died 15th May 1821. Also their daughters, ANNE JOHNSTONE, deceased 27th December 1818. JANE JOHNSTONE, deceased 29th March 1820. ELIZABETH JOHNSTONE, deceased 22d Dec. 1827, and PHELLADELPHEA REDMUND, their grand-daughter, deceased 1811. Also their son, Major JOHN JOHNSTONE, of the Berwickshire Militia, who died 3d January 1848, aged 62 years.

5. Sacred to the memory of MARTIN KILGOURE, Esq., who died here 18th Aug. 1822.

6. Motto-"Nobilis ira."
Sacred to the memory of FRANCIS PHILIP STEWART, Esq., Colonel of the Hon. East India Company's service, on their Madras Establishment, and youngest son of the late John Stewart, Esq. of Musselburgh, who departed this life on the 23d of August 1834, aged 53 years, 9 months, and 21 days. An extensive circle of sorrowing friends in that eastern land, where he had lived beloved and respected for a period of 33 years, will feel that this is in truth no common loss. Integrity, sincerity, and unbounded benevolence, marked the tenor of his way through life, and these virtues truly endeared him as a husband, brother, and friend. This monument is erected as a tribute of affection to his memory by his widow.
Sacred to the memory of RICHARD STEWART, M.D., who died 18th Jan. 1833, aged 64.
In memory of JOHN STEWART, Esq., 55 years surgeon in this parish, who died 28th Nov. 1824, aged 83, and of SARAH JACKSON, his wife, who died 8th May 1813, aged 70.

7. To the memory of Mrs BATHEA ROCHEAD, who departed this life at Inveresk, upon the 3d day of November 1790, aged 63.

8. Near to this are interred the remains of General the Right Hon. Lord ADAM GORDON, who died the 13th August 1801, aged 70 years.

9. Near to this are interred the remains of Her Grace JANE, Duchess Dowager of Athole (or Argyle-tablet broken), who died on the 5th of Feb. 1791, at her apartments in Holyrood House, Edinburgh, aged 72 (?) The memorial of virtue is eternal.

10. Francisco Lindsay de Pinkieburn, armigero, Turmæ equitum præfecto viro probo, honesto, animi candore et morum suavitate insigni. Qui post multa stipendia honorifica, tandem emeritus, placide consenuit, in villa sua prope Musselburgum. Obiit anno ætatis 82do mense November 1791. Frater supernes (alter ob alterius funera ancelius), qui sacra exercet, in ecclesia Listoniana, fratri carissimo ob animum fere paternum. Hoc monumentum ponendum curavit. Ja. Lindsay, 1791.
In memoriam ALEXANDRI LINDSAY de Pinkieburn, M.D., qui magna in arte sua eminentia in conjuncto munere Primarii Chirurgi ad Hibernicum exercitum Regalium Tormentorum ac in urbi Eblana Medici acquisita.
Suis omnibus devinctus amicis
Ob ejus benignitatem cordis,
Atqui indolis amoenitatem.
Obiit 23tio die mensis Maii, A.D. 1820. æt. 78.

11. Hic juxta fratrem jacet JACOBUS LINDSAY de Pinkieburn, Ecclesiæ Listoniensis Pastor, vir liberalis et ingenui animi, horum fratrum uterque diversa sua munera, summa fidelitate semper exeronit ;
Hic in rebus sacris,
Ille in militaribus.
"Concordes vivi mortui haud disjuncti."
Obijt anno ætatis 85, mense Novembris 1796.
To the memory of the Rev. JOHN WATSON, who was the faithful and beloved Pastor of the Congregational Church, Fisherrow, and for 33 years the indefatigable, devoted, and honoured secretary of the Congregational Union of Scotland, of which he was also the Founder. He died at Pinkieburn on the 5th Aug. 1844, in the 67th year of his age.-"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord; they rest from their labours and their works do follow them."
In memory of JANE LINDSAY of Pinkieburn, relict of the Rev. J. Watson. She peacefully closed a long life of piety, gentleness, and beneficence, on the 8th Jan. 1849.

12. Sir JOHN HOPE of Craighall and Pinkie, Baronet, Member of Parliament for the County of Mid-Lothian, died 5th June 1853, in his 73d year.
Sir ARCHIBALD HOPE, Baronet, of Craighall, died the 10th day of July 1794, aged 59 years.
Dame ELIZABETH PATOUN, relict of Sir Archibald Hope, Baronet, died 5th January 1818, aged 59 years.

13. * * * * * * * * * * * *
limitibus circumscribendi pignus a vidua memoriæ ROBERTI HUNTER, armigeri, de Campie, consecratum est qui olim Daccæ Bengaliensis mercaturam fecit et quarto Calendas Decembris anno orbis redempti, 1793, fato concessit annos quadraginta Novem. natus.
Desiderium ejus constanter sentietur et sensibilitas miseris alienis excitatu facillima et benevolentia ac luosa fideliter memoria tenebunter dum unus etiam qui sepulchrum lachrymis doloris manis humectet superest moerens amicus.
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. WILLIAM SMITH, A.M., 43 years Pastor of the Episcopal Congregation of Musselburgh, who departed this life, on 25th Jan. 1823, in the 74th year of his age, and 51st of his ministry : His unaffected piety, suavity of manners, and great private worth, endeared him to his people, and a numerous circle of friends, by whom his memory will long be cherished. Also of Mrs MARY SMITH, relict of the Rev. William Smith, died 12th Nov. 1833, aged 69 years. "Blessed art the dead who die in the Lord."

14. Here are interred the remains of Lieut.-Col. JOHN HENDERSON, who, having with merit spent the prime of his life in the service of the Hon. East India Company in Asia, died 7th March 1795, aged 59, in his native country. He delighted in doing good-the source of pleasure here and happiness hereafter. Quis desiderio sit pudor aut modus tam cari capitis.

15. JAMES DALRYMPLE, Esq., late Lieutenant-Colonel of the First Battalion of the Royals, died 21st Nov. 1791.
Rest yet awhile within thy narrow room,
Ye high prized relics of the best of men,
Till at the trumpet's sound thy faithful tomb
Shall render up its trust to earth again ;
Then shall exulting choirs of angels cry,
Happy the man whose talent is improved,
Come, heir of glory, to your master's joy-
Come, taste the applauses of the God you love.
The Hon. ELlZ. ST CLAIR, relict of Lieut.-Col. James Dalrymple, died Nov. 13th, 1811.

16. In memory of ARCHIBALD CHRISTIE, Esq. of Ratho, born 10th July 1706, died 16th March 1796. Also ANNA GORDON his wife, grand-daughter of Sir James Gordon, Baronet, of Lismore. Born 12th Jan. 1726; died 11th April 1810. Also to their children-ANN, born 8th Nov. 1767 ; died 4th Nov. 1838. ANDREW, born 4th Oct. 1763 ; died 9th Jan. 1841.
"As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive."-1 Cor. xv., 22.

17. JANE MYLNE, eldest daughter of James Mylne of Lenridge, wife of William Aitchison of Drummore, born June 22, 1764; died Jan. 5, 1833. WILLIAM AITCHISON of Drummore, born at Musselburgh 24th July 1753 ; died at Drummore, 3d May 1839. WILLIAM AITCHISON, their eldest son, born at Edinburgh 10th January 1784; died at Drummore 17th January 1846. HELEN, daughter of William Aitchison and Jane Mylne, died 30th December 1851, aged 62 years. GEORGE AITCHISON, 4th son, born March 1791 ; died at Portobello 23d April 1847.

18. Sacred to the memory of ROBERT MITCHELL, timber-merchant, Fisherrow; his wife, MARGARET LIVIE; and his two sons, JOHN and FRANCIS, all of whom fell victims to that awful visitation of Heaven, the cholera morbus, during the first week of February 1832.

19. Sacred to the memory of ANDREW DOBIE, born in the parish of Tinwald, Dumfriesshire, June 21, 1850; died at Hallcross House, Fisherrow, Aug. 27, 1837. Also ELIZABETH LAWSON, relict of the above, born in Bellingham, Northumberland, Sept. 5, 1750; died at Edinburgh, April 23, 1839.

20. In memory of MARY FLEMING, wife of Abram Moffat ; died 16th May 1840, aged 53 years. Also their children, CATARINEA FLEMING LOVE, aged 17 years ; AGNES, 13; and CHRISTIAN, 11 months.

21. Sacred to the memory of Quarter-master JOHN ROSS, late of the 71st Regiment, in which he served 47 years. On retiring from the regiment, a Silver Vase was presented by his brother officers, out of respect to him as a brave soldier and agreeable companion. His kindness to his relatives and benevolence to the poor will be long remembered. He died at Eskside, Musselburgh, on the 18th March 1837, in the 81st year of his age.

22. To the memory of JAMES STUART, Esq., Blairhall, who died 1st December 1814, aged 82 years; and MARY NICOLSON, his wife, who died 8th April 1823, aged 72 years.

23. Sacred to the memory of JAMES WATSON, painter in Edinburgh, who died there July 1809, aged 88; and of JANET DAWSON, his relict, who died at Monktonhall, May 1835, aged 80. And of their three sons, JAMES, who died in infancy at Edinburgh; STEWART, who died in Jamaica in 1805, aged 18; GEORGE, who died in Jamaica in April 1835, aged 55. This stone is erected as a tribute of respect and affection to their departed relatives by the three surviving daughters of the family. ELIZABETH WATSON died 6th June 1844.

24. JOHN S. WILLIAMS, yr. of Campie, died 20th Nov. 1850.

25. Underneath are deposited the remains of THOMAS THOMSON, town-clerk of Musselburgh, who died Dec. 30, 1817, aged 87. In testimony of their filial affection, his Sons erected this monument. Also in memory of MARGARET NELSON, relict of Thomas Thomson, who died 14th January 1822, aged 76 years.
In memory of Mr GEORGE THOMSON, town-clerk, Musselburgh, who died 20th March 1846, aged 69 years. Also in memory of MARGARET STEWART, his wife, who died 29th Sept. 1849, aged 71 years.

26. To the memory of ALEXANDER LAUDER. who died at Goshen, 21st May 1846, aged 76. Also of FRANCIS LAUDER, who died 18th Nov. 1839, aged 43; and ISABELLA LAIDLAW, his wife, who died 9th Sept. 1836, aged 35.

In memory of his son JAMES, who died in London, 13th December 1849, aged 29 years. JAMES SCOTT, sen., died 10th June 1853, aged 63 years.

27. Burying-ground of ROBERT WILSON.
In memory of JAMES MILLER, merchant, Musselburgh, who died 17th May 1849, aged 72.

28. Sacred to the memory of JOHN M'MILLAN, boot and shoe maker, Market Street, Fisherrow; born 31st Jan. 1799, and died Nov. 3, 1849. Also ALEXANDER M'MILLAN, his brother, boot and shoe maker ; born 23d August 1815, and died Nov. 21, 1847. Also JOHN M'MILLAN, their father; born 30th August 1774, died 3d July 1851. Also MARION ROBERTSON, his spouse; born 23d August 1772, died 24th October 1851. Also ANDREW M'MILLAN, their son; born 3d September 1800, died 5th April 1852.

29. In memory of ROBERT MACDONALD, merchant, Fisherrow, who died 4th April 1849, in the 69th year of his age

30. In memory of Mr WILLIAM MILLAR, tanner and merchant, Fisherrow, who died 9th Apri1 1846, aged 68 years.

31. The burial-place of THOMAS BROWN, late surgeon, Musselburgh, who died 20th August 1843, aged 75 years ; and JANE COCHRAN, his widow, who died 10th April 1849, aged 80.

Their son, THOMAS M'MILLAN, died at Clifton, 18th July 1820, aged 22.

32. MOTTO-"Si Deus Quis Contra."
Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel ARCHIBALD SPENS, Manor House, Inveresk, late of the Hon. E.I.C.S. ; born 22d June 1765, died 15th May 1845. Also to CHARLOTTE, his wife, daughter of Arundel Philip, Esq., of Exeter; born 6th January 1778; died at Nottinghill, near London, 31st January 1848.

33. Erected in memory of THOMAS BROWN, who died 7th Dec. 1850, aged 84; and JANE JOHNSTON, his spouse, who died 11th June 1839, aged 65 years ; both of Giffordhall.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

34. DAVID MACBETH MOIR, born 5th January 1798, died 6th July 1851.

35. Sacred to the memory of JAMES MITCHELL, of Gartocher Hill, Lanarkshire, who departed this life on the 19th July 1819, aged 44 years.

36. In memory of MARY STEWART ORMESBY BELL, who died here 25th March 1849, at the age of 3 years and 11 months. She was the eldest daughter of the late Captain Bell of the Bengal Horse Artillery, who died in Calcutta, 21st December 1835.

37. Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH WEBSTER, wife of Lieutenant W. Loudon, R.N. ; died 22d September 1849, aged 47 years.

38. MOTTO-"Cause causit."
To the memory of the Hon. WILLIAM FULLERTON ELPHINSTONE, second son of Charles, tenth Lord Elphinstone; born September 1740, died May 1834. Also to ELIZABETH, his wife, daughter of William Fullerton of Carstairs, and niece of John Fullerton of Carberry ; born January 1758, died May 1849. To CLEMENTINA, wife of Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, G.C.B. ; died November 1830. To JOHN FULLERTON, died 12th March 1854. To CHARLES, captain in the Royal Navy, lost in H.M. ship Blenheim, February 1807. To ELIZABETH, died October 1802. To Major-General WILLIAM KEITH, died in India, April 1842. To ANNA, died 29th August 1850. To DIANA MARIA, only child of Charles Clavering, Esq., wife of Lieut.-Col. J. D. Elphinstone; born 8th June 1801, died 24th December 1821. Interred in this vault, ANNA MARIA, wife of Lieut.-Col. James Drummond Buller Elphinstone, daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Buller, Bart. ; born 3d November 1799, died at Carberry 26th February 1845. Lieut.-Col. JAMES FULLERTON ELPHINSTONE, fourth son of the Hon. W. F. Elphinstone; born 4th May 1788, died at Carberry 8th March 1857.

39. Sacred to the memory of the Rev. LESLIE MOODIE, D.D., for thirty-four years minister of this parish, who died 27th July 1840, in the lxxiv year of his age and xlv of his ministry. His amiable disposition, placid temper, manly intellect, an unbending integrity, united with polished manners and refined taste, have embalmed his memory in the hearts of his many friends ; while his genuine piety, firm faith, ardent zeal for the interests of religion, and enlightened views of divine truth, enabled him to adorn the doctrine of God his Saviour, faithfully to preach His Word, and, after having been chastened by protracted illness, to finish his course with joy. Erected by his affectionate Widow. Here also are interred the mortal remains of Mrs CATHERINE FERGUSSON, widow of the above, who died at Kilkerran, in the county of Ayr, on the 27th July 1841, aged 70 years. "Be ye therefore ready also, for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not," Luke xii. 40. "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them."
Here lie interred the remains of MARY AITKEN, maid to Mrs Leslie Moodie, who died at Catherine Lodge, 17th October 1840, aged 27 ; inscribed by her attached mistress as a mark of regard for her long and faithful services, and of respect for her pious and upright character.

40. Sacred to the memory of MARGARET, eldest daughter of the deceased Patrick Kerr, Esq. of Abbotrule, who died at Eskside, parish of Inveresk, the 15th of April 1832. A pious Christian and a faithful friend.

41. In memory of ROBERT PATULLO, Esq., late of Balhouffie, Fifeshire, died 16th July 1852, aged 76. CHARLOTTE STEWART, his wife, died 14th January 1854, age 73.

42. Sacred to the memory of CHARLES STEWART, Esq., late commander of the H.E.I.C. ship Airley Castle, who died the 23d August 1817, in the 70th year of his age; and of MARY STEWART, his wife, who died the 4th September 1825, in the 53d year of her age. Also of WORTLIE STEWART, their third daughter, who died the 26th June 1829, in the 27th year of her age-and who are all here interred. Also to the memory of JAMES STEWART, their eldest son, who died in May 1790, aged 10 months ; of FRANCIS STEWART, their second son, in the service of the Hon. E.I.C., who died at St Helena the 23d December 1817, aged 21 years ; and of WALTER STEWART, their third son, lieutenant in the Hon. E.I.C.'s 12th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry, who died at Poonah the 2d October 1826, aged 22.

43. Sacred to the memory of JAMES BURN, Esq., Maryfield, late merchant in Edinburgh-a man whose upright and benevolent heart procured for him the love of his friends and the respect of the world. He was born February 22, 1751, and died July 22, 1829.

44. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS MILNE, merchant in Edinburgh, B. and G. Brother of the City, and of Campie House, in this parish, who died 7th December 1809, aged 42 years. His goodness of heart was only equalled by his integrity of manners.
Here also lies interred DAVID MILNE, of Campie House, who died the 4th June 1818, aged 84 years, father of Thomas Milne, and many years a merchant in Edinburgh. Much esteemed and respected.

45. In memory of Admiral Sir DAVID MILNE, G.C.B., &c., &c., &c. For 60 years he served his country in the Royal Navy ; his gallant deeds are recorded in her annals. In all the relations of private life he was upright, exemplary, and esteemed. He expired at sea on the 5th of May 1845, aged 82 years, whilst returning to his native home from Devonport, at which station he had been for the three previous years Commander-in-Chief.
Here are deposited the remains of GRACE, wife of Rear-Admiral David Milne, who died at Bordeaux, in France, the 4th of October 1814, where she had gone for the recovery of her health. Her remains were brought to this country by her affectionate husband, and re-interred here the 18th of February 1815. She was eldest daughter of Sir Alexander Purves of Purves, Bart., by Mary Home, daughter of Sir James Home of Coldinghame, Bart., in the County of Berwick. Also a son, named THOMAS, who died in infancy.

46. This stone is erected to the memory of GEORGE DUNCAN, Esq., by his family, Feb. 1841.

47. Sacred to the memory of ROBERT DICKSON, merchant in Musselburgh, who died 17th Dec. 1824, aged 73 years. Also his wife, ISABELLA DOBIE, who died 5th May 1822, in the 71st year of her age; and their eldest son, ROBERT DICKSON, who died 30th April 1831. Also his wife, MARY ANN STEWART, who died 27th Aug. 1839, aged 57 years, and their daughter, ELIZABETH, who died in infancy.

48. In memory of JANE WEIR, wife of Andrew Balfour, died 5th June 1847.

49. In memory of MARGARET M'CALL, wife of Isaac Mercer, who died 16th March 1851, aged 39 years. "Not lost, but gone before."

50. Here lies ANDREW ANDERSON, merchant in Market-gate, who died 29th April 1731, aged 36 years. Also CATHARINE SIMPSON, his spouse, who died 3d March 1771, aged 77 years, and 5 of their children who died young. Also ROBERT ANDERSON, their son, died 6th March 1812, aged 91. JENNET HUNTER, his spouse, died 7th Dec. 1811, aged 80, and here interred.

51. Erected in memory of ELIZABETH JANE, third daughter of William Miller, who died at Rose-Hall, on the 23d June 1852, aged 10 months.

52. Sacred to the memory of JOHN THOMSON, Esq., who died 11th February 1800, aged 93.
Sacred to the memory of MARY LOGIE, spouse of John Thomson, Esq., who died 21st December 1817, aged 70.

53. Sacred to the memory of Mr JOHN GULLAN, who died 22d February 1805, aged 79 years. Also Mrs ISABELLA CHRISTIE, spouse to John Gullan, wright in Newbigging, who died 10th July 1797, aged 70 years. Much esteemed in life, and regretted at death. ELIZABETH GULLAN, their daughter, died in infancy.

54. In memory of WILLIAM CHRISTIE, late farmer in Craigmertoun, county of Kincardine, who died at Newbigging, 25th Sept. 1776, aged 91 years.

55. In memory of DAVID GULLAN, who died 26th Dec. 1827, aged 64 years, and MARGARET WATSON, his wife, who died 17th Jan. 1837, aged 68 years ; also four of their sons, and four daughters.

56. Here lyes the body of JOHN THOMSON, late marcht in Musselburgh, who died Dec. 1, 1774, aged 74, and MARGARET MARTINE, his spouse, who died April 15, 1765, aged 69 years.
Be ye followers of those who, through faith and patience, inherit the promise-"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

57. To the memory of Captain JAMES BROWN, late of the 55th Reg. of Foot, who departed this life, May 12, 1825, aged 65 years. Also MARY BROWN, his sister, who died 30th May 1828.

58. Sacred to the memory of Dr SCOTT of Coats, Fife, his Family, and Descendants.

59. Here lie interred the remains of Mrs LILLIAS MURRAY, daughter of John Murray, Esq., younger of Polmaise, and relict of William Buchan, Esq., younger of Drummakell. She departed this life upon the 2d day of June 1776, aged 72 years.

60. Sacred to the memory of JOHN BURN, Esq., late a member of his Majesty's Honourable Council in South Carolina, where he lived beloved and respected, as well for the virtues which adorned his private life, as for those which formed his public character. Returning to his native country to inspect the education of an only son, he was, by a premature death, in his 43d year, deprived of that pleasing office, and delivered from the pain of seeing the ruin of his private fortune by the distraction of public affairs in the colonies. He died 29th December, MDCCLXXIV.
Here also, ANN BURN, his widow, who died 20th March. . . . . . endearing in the character of a wife, mother, and friend. . . . .

61. Sacred to the memory of Colonel ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, late of the Coldstream Guards, and fifth son of the late Sir John Wedderburn, Bart. of Blackness and Balindean, whose remains lie here interred, born 18th June 1791; died 30th July 1839. Also SUSAN WEDDERBRUN, born January 18, 1785; died February 3, 1840. Them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

Sacred to the memory of Dame MARGARET BROWN, Lady Wedderburn, born 5th February 1775; died 14th February 1845. And
Mrs COLVILLE of Ochiltree, wife of Andrew Blackburn, Esq., died 2d Dec. 1800, aged 74 years. MARGARET BLACKBURN, daughter of Andrew Blackburn Colville of Ochiltree, born 7th June 1766 ; died 9th February 1842.
Mrs ELIZABETH WEDDERBURN, wife of Andrew Wedderburn, Esq., died 22d Dec. 1803, aged 20 years.
JAMES WEDDERBURN COLVILLE, Esq., died at Inveresk, 14th Dec. 1807, aged 78 years. ISABELLA BLACKBURN COLVILLE of Ochiltree, relict of James Wedderburn Colville, born 4th February 1756 ; died 14th Jan. 1821.

63. Hic jacet RICHARDUS FISHER, armigeri de Lorgetto, qui propter pietatem, ingenium humanum et civile, omnibus fuit carus. Hic etiam dormitat ELIZABETHA, filia ejus minima natu, quae formae morumque elegantia, nec non, animi doribus, et amore erga parentes : Prae caeteris enituit. Filia mortua est Mart. 1790. Et. 24. Pater obiit. 30 Maii 1793, Et 55.
Conjux et mater moestissima MARGARETA VERE (cujus soror) parissima SUSANNA . . . . . . . . . Obiit Junii 23,1780. . . .

64. The burying-place of PETER HANDYSIDE, Greenhall. 1832. In memory of Mrs MARGARET VERNOR, eldest daughter of Robert Vernor of Holms, and wife of Peter Handyside, Greenhall, who died 18th January 1837, in her eightieth year. PETER HANDYSIDE, Greenhall, died 12th July 1839, in his eighty-second year.
Mrs AGNES HANDYSIDE, wife of John Arnot, merchant, Edinburgh, died the 20th October 1832, aged 34 years. In memory of AGNES, daughter of Peter Handyside, Fenton, East-Lothian ; died 30th January 1832, aged 7 years. It must be sweet in childhood to give back the spirit to its Maker, ere the heart has grown familiar with the paths of sin, and sown to gather up its bitter fruits.
Also MARGARET, who died 20th March 1837, aged 7 months. JANE ELIZA, who died 12th October 1838, aged 7 months.
In memory of MARION, daughter of Robert Handyside, who died 4th November 1835, aged six weeks.

65. In the hope of a blessed resurrection. Interred the remains of JANET SCOTT WHITELAW, who died 16th January 1831.

66. Sacred to the memory of MARIA, widow of the Hon. Colonel James Stuart; died 30th July 1830. Also HENRY and MELNOTH, children of the late John Campbell, Esq., Bengal Civil Service; died 6th Nov. 1835. JAMES STUART, Esq., captain R.N., died 17th Nov. 1838. MARIA STUART, spinster, died 15th Feb. 1843. MARGARET, widow of Archibald Douglas, Esq., died 24th April 1847.

67. Here lyeth JAMES WALKER, mason in Musselburgh.

68. Here lyeth WILLIAM TOD, late Bailie of Musselburgh, who died upon the 3d of December 1675; his age 46 years. William Tod.
. . . . . . . . . [Stone has representation of Justice, with appropriate inscription.]

69. In memory of ELIZABETH LEGAT, wife of Robert Aitken, merchant, Musselburgh, who died 8th June 1849, aged 37 years. Also their son, ROBERT, who died 16th May 1847, aged 8 years.

70. MOTTO-"Live but dread."
Sacred to the memory of Major-General Sir PATRICK LINDESAY, K.C.B., who after a distinguished service of more than XLIV years in almost every quarter of the globe, acquired a reputation of the highest order. An affectionate relative, a steadfast friend, a brave and accomplished soldier, may the memory of his worth long survive this simple record of his name, and at the last may he be found acceptable to Him through whose merits alone we can be received unto eternal life. Nat. 21 February 1778, ob. 14 March 1839.

71. The burying-place of GEORGE ROBERTSON, who died 5th April 1842, aged 57 years.

72. In memory of THOMAS LEGAT, Trafalgar Lodge, 24 April 1850, aged 64 years.

73. To the memory of CHRISTINA CAMPBELL, who died at Gordon Castle on the 5th of April 1828, aged 35 years, and is buried close by the side of this wall. Erected by her affectionate husband, James Richardson, minister of the Scotch church at Hexham.
To the memory of BEETY CAMPBELL, who died at Gordon Castle on the 13th of June 1824, aged 74 years.

74. Sacred to the memory of JOHN STUART, Esq., Blairhall, who died at his own house, Fisherrow, 26th February 1808; and his eldest daughter, MARGARET, who died in Fisherrow, 1st October 1806; and his youngest daughter, WORTLEY MONTAGUE MOIR, who died at Chantinghall, 2d March, 1832.

75. In memory of JOHN PORTEOUS, smith, Market Street, who died 7th February 1829, aged 70 years. Also ISABELLA YOUNG, his spouse, who died 4th August 1809, aged 52 years. Also ANN M'FARLANE, wife of Andrew Porteous, who died suddenly on 9th of September 1846, aged 52 years. ANDREW PORTEOUS died the 27th December 1848, aged 52. ISABELLA PORTEOUS, wife of James Stenhouse, farmer, Southfield, who died 19th January 1857, aged 34 years.
ANDREW PORTEOUS died 14th September 1832, aged 4 years.
DUNCAN PORTEOUS died 26th September 1832, aged 2 years.

76. Sacred to the memory of FRANCIS SCHAW, who died the 24th of September 1809. Also to the memory of ALEXANDER SCHAW, who died the 9th November 1818, aged 73.

77. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS SCOTT, builder, Inveresk, who died December 24, 1819, aged 45 years. Here also are interred the remains of RACHEL SCOTT, his only daughter, who died 29th August 1831, aged 18 years, to the inexpressible grief and regret of all her surviving friends. Also THOMAS SCOTT, his son, who died 5th July 1839, aged 20 years and six months.

1. ALEXANDER CARLYLE, D.D., fifty-one years minister of this parish. Born on the 26th of January 1772, died on the 25th of August 1805, Having thus lived in a period of great lustre to the country, in arts and arms, in literature and science, in freedom, religious and civil : He too was worthy of the times-learned and eloquent, liberal and exemplary in his manner, faithful to his pastoral charge, not ambitious of popular applause, but to his people a willing guide in the way of righteousness and truth. In his private connections, a kind relation, an assiduous friend, and an agreeable companion, not immersed in speculation, but earnest in action, to promote the merit he esteemed, or the public cause he espoused ; and when full of years calmly prepared to die in peace.
2. And MARY RODDAM, his spouse, one of the two daughters and co-heiresses of Robert Roddam, Esq., of Heathpool, in Northumberland ; younger by many years than her husband, died about a year before him. Elegant and prepossessing in her person, frugal without meanness, knowing without pretensions to learning ; and, without severity, a check to the follies with which pretended learning is too often accompanied. To her acquaintances a continual model of good sense and propriety of manners ; and to her husband, whether in the progress or decline of life, a source of that comfort which understanding and benevolence alone can supply.

79. Here lyes Mr ANDREW BLACKHALL, Pastor of this church 35 years, who dyed 31 January 1609, aged 73.

80. Here lyes Mr JOHN WILLIAMSON, Pastor of this church 38 years, labouring incessantly for the good of his flock, which was ever dear to him, faithfully declaring the Gospel unto them to their great comfort. He dy'd, greatly lamented, on the 2d of February MDCCXL., in the lx year of his age.

81. Here lyes CHRISTIAN BOYD, spouse to Mr John Williamson, Pastor of this church, who dy'd Jan. 28 MDCCXXXII., aged l. years. Also three of their sons and four daughters, who dy'd betwixt the years of MDCCVIII. and MDCCXX., and between the i. & vi. year of their age.
Renovated by James Saunders Robertson, Esq., W.S.

82. Motto-"In omnia promptus."
Sir DAVID RAE of Eskgrove, Baronet, Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland, died 1804.
Sir DAVID RAE, Baronet, died 1815. Dame HELEN COLT, his spouse, died at Paris, interred here, 1820.
Right Hon. Sir WILLIAM RAE, Baronet, Lord Advocate of Scotland, died 1842. Dame MARY STUART, his spouse, died 1839.
Sacred to the memory of four sisters, HELEN, MARGARET, MARY, and GRACE, daughters of Sir David Rae, Baronet, who died abroad.

83. Here lyes Bailie GEORGE WILSON, brewer in Musselburgh, who died 6th Jan. 1793, aged 62 years. JEAN LEITCH, his spouse, died 21st July 1804, aged 75 years. Also four of their children, who died young.

84. Sacred to the memory of DUNCAN WILKIE, flesher, Newbigging, who died 2d April 1845, aged 75 years, and Mrs ELIZABETH WILKIE, his spouse, who died 25th Nov. 1843, aged 69 years, much regretted. Also their five sons, EDWARD, CHARLES, SAMUEL, GEORGE, and LAUCHLAN. This stone was erected by David Wilkie, their youngest son, as a token of his sincere and affectionate regard for his parents and brothers.

85. Sacred to the memory of GEORGE CAMPBELL, Eskside, who died 25th February 1828, aged 65 years. Also Mrs JEAN DUDGEON, his spouse, who died 11th August 1834, aged 66 years.

86. [Obelisk in good preservation; said to have been carved by Archibald Handasyde.]
Sub hoc tumulo jacit JOANNA, filia Archibaldi Handasyde, Coementarii Conchipolensis, et JANETæ YOUNG, ejusdem uxoris, quæ obiit 8th Oct.1733 anno, ætatis 6to.
In spe Resurrectionis, cineres unius filiæ et duorum filiorum ALEXANDRI DRUMMOND, mercatoris Londini, degentis et MAGDALENA HANDASYDE, conjugis ejus, hic requiescunt ; viz.
EUPHEMIæ, quæ obiit 6 Jun. 1729 ann., æta. 4. JACOBI, qui 28vo Maii, 1730, mense æta. 15to, et AEEXANDRI, 21st Sept. 1736 anno, ætatis 10mo.
Sacred to the memory of EUPHEMIA HAY, spouse of James Wilkie, flesher, Fisherrow, who died the 26th of Dec. 1838, aged 61, universally lamented.

87. Erected to the memory of JOHN CURRIE, marble-cutter in Edinburgh, who departed this life on the 12th of May 1808, aged 51 years.

88. To the memory of EDWARD, aged 3 years; and WILLIAM, aged 5 years, who both died in March 1834, sons of William Douglas, Portobello. Also of ANNIE BRUCE ALLEN, his grand-child, and daughter of J. L. Bailley, Musselburgh, who died 18th August 1852, aged one year and ten months.

89. Here are deposited the remains of WILLIAM SMART, shoemaker, Fisherrow, who died 14th June 1819, aged 75. Also MARY SMART, his daughter, who died 15th June 1818, aged 23. Also HELEN BRIGGS, spouse of William Smart, who died 27th Aug. 1822, aged 72.

90. Interred here the remains of JOHN DUDGEON, late flesher and portioner in Musselburgh, who died 1st of November 1801, aged 69 years. Also ANN WATSON, his spouse, who died 11th of November 1810, aged 72 years.

91. MARGARET FEILD, wife of John Taylor, Esq., died 1st November 1828, aged 47.

92. To the memory of ANNE SUTHERLAND, relict of Lieutenant Adam Gordon, who was born in the parish of Kildonan, and died in Fisherrow, on the 25th May 1855, aged 75 years. And ADAM GORDON, their son, for many years Procurator-Fiscal and Superintendent of the burgh of Musselburgh, who also was born in the parish of Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, and died at Edinburgh on the 2d December 1855, aged 51 years.

93. In memory of JOHN DALRYMPLE, who died in Dalrymple's Loan, 5th Feb. 1828, aged 71 years; and of ELIZABETH THOMSON, his spouse, who died 4th Jan. 1835, aged 80 years. ELIZABETH, their eldest daughter, wife of John Inglis, who died 26th July 1818, aged 35 years. JOHN, their only son, who died 1st July 1819, aged 34 years. JANE, their third daughter, who died 11th Feb. 1840, aged 49 years.

94. Sacred to the memory of MARY RICHARDSON, spouse of Thomas Thomson, candlemaker, Musselburgh, who died the 3d of March 1818. Also, JEAN, their daughter, who died the 31st May 1818, aged 10 years ; and five children, who died young.
"Those lovely buds, and mother dear,
Call'd hence by early doom ;
Just came to show how these sweet flowers
In Paradise would bloom."

95. * * * * * * * * * * *
SAMUEL WATT, who dy'd . . . . 1795, aged 79 . . . Here lyes JEAN and MARGET WATT, daughters to Samuel Watt, smith. Also MARGRET DALRYMPLE, his spouse, who died May 17, 1779, aged 57 years ; and JOHN WATT, son to Samuel Watt, who died Sept. 10, 1786, aged 25 years. Bailie WILLIAM WATT, aged 51 years ; and 8 of his children, are interred here.

96. Here lies interred the body of Mrs ANN MOSTYN, late wife to Captain William Johnston, who departed this life the 13th of August 1801, aged 73 years. This plain and unadorned stone is erected to her memory by an affectionate husband, as a testimonial of her incomparable merits. Reader, she was one of the best of wives, and best of mothers.

97. Here lyes JOHN PEARSON, second son of the deceased William Pearson, late of Kippenross, Esq., who died at Westbush, near Fisherrow, upon the 8th day of August, 1797, aged 14 years.

98. To the memory of JOHN MURRAY, A.M., Rector of the Grammar School of Musselburgh, who died 26th April 1794, in the 69th year of his age, and of numerous descendants who are here interred. His son, DAVID MURRAY, Esq., died at White House, Fisherrow, on 17th April 1847, in his 74th year, and is also here interred. Here also lie the remains of ISABELLA BROWN, relict of the late D. Murray, Esq. She died at White House, Fisherrow, 5th May, 1830, aged 73 years.

99. Interred here the remains of JOHN LAURIE, who died 26th March 1804, aged 56 years. Also JOANNA BALLANTYNE, his wife, who died 25th Oct. 1801, aged 49 years.

100. Here lyes ANN HUNTER, spouse to Robert Dewar, merchant in Musselburgh, who died upon the 24th day of November 1778, aged 27 years.

101. In memory of GABRIEL WILSON, Esq., who died at Eskside, 17th March 1839, aged 69 years. WILLIAM WILSON, his son, died 20th March 1824, aged 13 months. RACHEL WILSON, his daughter, died 24th Nov. 1827, aged 7 years. ANN WILSON, his daughter, died 3d July 1831, aged 2 years.

102. Erected by Thomas Hughes, Inveresk, and sacred to the memory of MARY COOPER, his spouse, who departed this life the 21st Jan. 1833, ageed 55 years, after a lingering and severe illness, which she bore with much fortitude and resignation. Here also lie the remains of ELIZABETH HUGHES, their daughter, who died 21st Sept. 1800, aged 11 months ; and of JOSEPH NICHOLSON, their nephew, who died 23d Jan. 1810, aged 1 month. And of ELIZABETH COOPER, mother of the said Mary Cooper, who died 10th Nov. 1813, aged 70 years. Also of BETSY ANN NICHOLSON, the beloved and only daughter of J. F. Nicholson, who died 12th April 1838, aged 20 years. She was pious in life, patient under suffering, and resigned at death. Also THOMAS HUGHES, who died 16th April 1839, aged 63 years. He was generous, humane, charitable, pious. Also HELEN COOPER, wife of J. F. Nicholson, who died at Inveresk, 8th May 1845, aged 64 years.

103. In memory of EDWARD PEACOCK, merchant in Fisherrow, who died 23d Jan. 1837, aged 36 years.

104. To the memory of JOHN CREE, merchant in Musselburgh, who died the 4th of May 1803, aged 57 years.

105. To the memory of WILLIAM THOMSON, mason, in Market Street, Musselburgh, who died 29th April 1800, aged 71 years. Also MARION HUNTER, his spouse, died the 5th of December 1813, aged 70. And JAMES THOMSON, their son, who died the 24th of Nov. 1802, aged 34.

106. In memory of JAMES BERTRAM, Esq., merchant in Edinburgh, who died on the 9th of Oct. 1810.

107. To the memory of HELEN HALL, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Hall, late vicar of Chatton, Northumberland, who died at Edinburgh 24th Jan. 1840.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

108. Sacred to the memory of MARY ANDERSON, daughter of Joseph Astley, and wife of John Wilson Anderson, M.D., died Sept. 25th 1833, aged 28. And to JOHN WILSON ANDERSON, M.D., husband of the foregoing, who died at Leith, Nov. 1st, 1835, aged 35 years ; and to REBECCA ASTLEY, widow of Joseph Astley, who died at Fisherrow, Sept. 19th, 1846, aged 65 years.

109. Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH ASTLEY, Esq., Edinburgh, chemical manufacturer, who died the 24th June 1832, aged 54 years ; and of two of his children, viz., ANN, who died the 3d July 1811, aged 7 months ; PHEBE ANN, who died the 29th Dec. 1814, aged 4 months. Also WILLIAM CHANNING ANDERSON, son of J. W. Anderson, M.D., and of MARY, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Astley, died 8th Sept. 1851, aged 11 months ; all of whom are here interred. And to THOMAS ASTLEY, manufacturing chemist, Magdalene Bridge, Fisherrow, eldest son of the late Joseph Astley, died October 1st, 1850, aged 41 years.

110. Erected by Capt. M'Laren, 1st Militia, in memory of his son, JOHN R. M'LAREN, who died in Musselburgh Barracks, 18th April 1807, in the 8th year of his age.

111. This stone is erected by James Stewart, gardener, Pinkie, in memory of CIRSTAIN HARVEY. his mother, who died February 13th, 1800, aged 67 years. Also WILLIAM STEWART, his brother, who died 2d May, 1806, aged 34 years. Likewise JANET HILSON, his spouse, who died 20th Nov. 1806, aged 48; and four of their children, who died when young.

112. In memory of the Rev. JAMES SCOTT, Minister of the Gospel of the Associate Congregation, Musselburgh, who died the 22d of March 1786, aged 42 years, and the 18th of his ministry; much and justly regretted.
"Help, Lord, because the Godly man doth daily faid away,
And from among the sons of men the faithful do decay."

Also his spouse, ISABEL CRANSTOUN, who died 11th March 1824, aged 80 ; and two daughters, MARGARET and MOFFAT, who died early in life, are also interred here. And WILLIAM SCOTT, their son, died 26th July 1830, aged 65 years. Also ANN WESTWOOD, his wife, died 2d May 1810, aged 30 years ; and JAMES SCOTT, their son, died at St Andrews, 27th August 1844, aged 34.

113. To the memory of the Rev. JAMES SCOTT, Minister of the Associate Congregation in Portsburgh, Edinburgh, who died February 6th, 1795, in the twenty-second year of his age, and the second of his ministry. His dispositions were amiable and manly; his conduct was suitable to the sacred nature of his office; and his talents, which he had just time to show to the world, promised to be highly useful to the church. He was affectionate as a relative, agreeable as an acquaintance, and faithful as a friend. He resigned his mortal life, in the hope of that immortality which was the business of his ministry to point out to others, as a source of consolation under trials, and of fortitude in the hour of dissolution. This stone was erected by his disconsolate congregation.

114. Here lies the body of JEAN NEILSON, spouse to John Bremner, late merchant in Nairn. She departed this life the 5th Nov. 1796, aged 61 years. Also the body of ALEXANDER JOHNSTON, late merchant in Fisherrow, who died the 10th of June 1810, aged 50 years.

115. Sacred to the memory of the late Rev. WM. M'KECHNIE of the Relief Church, Musselburgh, who died on 1st April 1828, in the 68th year of his age, and 43d of his ministry ; much regretted. Erected by the Relief Church in memory of their late minister, whose liberal mind and suavity of manners were pious without ostentation; an affectionate friend, unassuming in life, and amiable in the social circle in which he moved. In classic fame, high in repute. Ah, now instructive tongue, thou'rt mute.

116. Sacred to the memory of CHRISTIAN M'MILLAN, wife of William Watt, merchant, Fisherrow, who died 17th August, 1832, aged 37 years. Also four of their children, who died when young.

117. Here lys VIOLET DOUGLAS, spouse to James Ramage, ship-master in Fisherrow, and after his death, spouse to John Samson, wright in Musselburgh, . . .
Here lyes interred KATHERINE MAIN, spouse to John Sampson, . . . 1712, . . .

119. In memory of JOHN MARTIN, born 18th August 1837, died 12th January 1854; and of WILLIAM HAMILTON MARTIN, born 1st June 1843, died 14th February 1854.
To depart and be with Christ is far better."-Philip. i. 23.
The departed were sons of the late Rev. Samuel Martin, Free Church Minister at Bathgate, who entered into his heavenly rest about four years before them.
"I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

120. The burying-place of Robert Gray.

121. Here lies interred the body of ANN CREE, (wife of William Ward, late vintner in Musselburgh), who died 22d of April 1853, in the 75th year of her age. She was a loving wife, a tender parent, and an affectionate friend. Her death will be long and sincerely regretted by her daughter, who has erected this humble stone as a small mark of affection to the memory of a much-beloved and much-lamented mother.
How still and peaceful is the grave,
When days of grief are past.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

122. To the memory of GEORGE STUART, late merchant, Bridge-end of Fisherrow, who died 25th Feb. 1824, aged 51 years. JESSIE STUART, his youngest daughter, died 8th Nov. 1823, aged 17 years. DAVID STUART, his third son, died 5th March 1830, aged 24 years. JOHN CLARK STUART, his youngest son, died 25th Sept. 1830, aged 17 years. GEORGE STUART, his eldest son, late surgeon in North Berwick, died Decr. 1831, aged 33. Mrs ISABELLA KILGOUR, his sister-in-law, died 19th December 1854, aged 82.

123. In memory of MARGARET and ELIZA SCOTT, who died in infancy, and were interred here in June 1824. St Luke, ch. xviii. v. l6.-"Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of God."

124. In memory of MARGARET PHILIPS, relict of John Donaldson, land-surveyor, Dunfermline, who was interred here upon the 12th Sept. 1827, aged 75 years. She was a sincere Christian, an affectionate mother, and a faithful friend.
Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust.

At the S.E. corner of this stone is the resting-place of ROBERT FLEMING, of the Excise, who died 30th Sept. 1855, aged 83 years. As an honest man he lived highly respected, and died greatly regretted.

125. In sacred and lively remembrance of the Rev. ALEXANDER BLACK, who was born at Dunfermline, 30th June 1764, and ordained at Musselburgh 27th August 1788, to be Minister of the Secession, now the United Presbyterian Church, this tablet is erected by Mrs Jean Black, formerly Martin, his widow, who was united to him in marriage for the period of 53 years. Among friends of all denominations, in the town-hall of Musselburgh, 27th August 1838, he commemorated the close of the fiftieth year of his ministry, and died at Musselburgh, 30th January 1846, in his 82d year. A monumental tablet has been erected to his memory in the United Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street, bearing this inscription :-"In him were blended in beautiful proportions, those qualities which constitute the Christian scholar, the Christian minister, and the Christian friend: having adorned the gospel which he preached by the simplicity of his piety, and the blamelessness of his life, and having a good report of all men and of the truth itself, he rested from his labours 30th January 1846.
ALEXANDER, eldest son of the Rev. Alexander Black, and Mrs Jean Black, formerly Martin, died 4th May 1814, in the 19th year of his age. MARGARET, their eldest daughter, died 4th January 1819, in the 20th year of her age. PATRICK, their youngest son, died 31st January 1847, in the 37th year of his age.

126. DAVID MARTIN, brewer in Musselburgh, died on the 1st of April 1793, aged 64 years. MARGARET CARSE, his spouse, died on the 8th Nov. 1789, aged 55 years ; two of their children, DAVID and ANN, died when young.

127. Here lyes the body of ANN CAMERON, wife of Donald Cameron, of the Aberdeenshire Militia, who departed this life 4th Nov. 1807, aged 36 years.

128. This monument is erected by Jean Cochrane, in memory of her deceased parents.
To the memory of GEORGE COCHRANE, late tenant in Black Hill, who died on the 2d March 1779, aged 82 years ; and JEAN GRIEVE, his spouse, who died on the 7th May 1782, aged 62 years. Also GEORGE COCHRANE, their eldest son, who died at Musselburgh on the 11th Nov. 1790, aged 48 years ; and JOHN COCHRANE, their second son, who died at Edinburgh on the 17th March 1817, aged 70 years.
Also their youngest son, ALEXANDER COCHRANE, who died at London, on the 23d Oct. 1815, aged 58 years. Also the said JEAN COCHRANE, their youngest daughter, widow of James Cowan, Candlemaker in Edinburgh, who died at Musselburgh on the 17th Sept. 1826, aged 74 years. A woman eminent for piety and good works.
MARGARET WILSON, relict of George Cochrane, died on the 21st Aug. 1826, at Musselburgh. Her religion was sincere, and her patience under a tedious illness exemplary. Two of their sons, GEORGE and ALEXANDER, died, the former aged 24, and the latter aged 28 years.

129. Sacred to the memory of DAVID STEWART, late flesher, Fisherrow, who departed this life, 24th May 1817, aged 57 years. Also MARGARET STEWART, his daughter, who died 4th December 1807, aged 15 years ; and JAMES STEWART, son of the deceased David Stewart, who died 18th April I821, aged 25 years.

130. Here is interred the remains of GEORGE HASTIE, mariner, who died April the 6th, 1787, aged 55 years ; and MARY AINSLIE, his spouse, who died 3d April, 1814, aged 80. Also their children, ROBERT, who died in Jan. 1780, aged 17. JANET, who died 3d July 1803, aged 42 ; and near this MARGARET, spouse of James Bolton, who died 10th March 1813, aged 34.

131. Erected by John Adam Hunter, merchant, Fisherrow, in memory of his children, THOMAS HUNTER, died Feb. 11, 1791, aged 3 years. JOHN ADAM HUNTER, died Feb. 28, 1791, aged 1 year. MARTIN HUNTER, died Feb. 5, 1793, aged 1 year.

132. Mr JAMES MORTIMER, portioner, Inveresk, died 23d July 1815, aged 87. And JAMES MORTIMER, son to James Mortimer, portioner in Inveresk, who died June 26th 1773, aged 3 years.

133. Sacred to the memory of HENRY CARMICHAEL, late of Musselburgh, who died 27th May 1828, aged 66 years ; and of his beloved wife, JANET THOMSON, who died 25th May 1818, aged 49 years.
They passed through a life of many trials with most exemplary uprightness, fortitude, and resignation, highly respected by all who knew them. They were sincere and consistent Christians. Also of MARY, their eldest daughter, who died on the 10th of March 1856, aged 66 years.
This stone is erected as a tribute of respect to the memory of affectionate and beloved parents, by their children.

134. In memory of WILLIAM WOOD, born at Eskbank, 2d Feb. 1817 ; died at Musselburgh 20th Dec. 1852.
"Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world."

135. Sacred to the memory of HARRIET DEAN, born in Manchester June 11th, 1813 ; died at Musselburgh Dec. 30th, 1855.

136. Sacred to the memory of EDWARD JOSEPH HAUQUET, who died at Musselburgh, 29th Feb. 1856, aged 73 years.

137. Sacred to the memory of ANN STEELE, who died 2d Nov. 1852, aged 75 years.

138. In memory of MARGARET LAURIE, wife of James Forrester, who died suddenly on the 9th Nov. 1852, aged 62 years.

139. Here are deposited the remains of THOS. BAITY, vinter in Musselburgh, who died 6th Sept. 1816, aged 69 years. Also JANET HOLMES, his spouse, who died 2d March 1820, aged 73 years ; and MARGT. BAITY, their daughter, who died 10th Aug. 1819, aged 29 years.

140. Sacred to the memory of ROBERT MILLAR, late fisherman in Fisherrow, who departed this life Oct. 12, 1813, aged 42 years.

141. Hic jacit JACOBI THOMSON, Faber Calcearius, in Fisherrow, nuper Thesaurarius Musselburghensis, natus erat, 2 Maii 1689; mortuus est, 28th Aprilis 1759.
MARGARET GIBSON, his spouse, died 7th March 1782, aged 72.
Two of their children, who died young-JAS. THOMSON, clothier in Musselburgh, died 6th Dec. 1792, aged 40. ISABELLA THOMSON, died April 1st, 1804, aged 50. Also CATHREN THOMSON, died 11th Nov. 1809, aged 79 years. Also MARGARET THOMSON, died 3d Jan. 1810, aged 82 years.

142. Here lys DAVID VEITCH, farmer in Musselburgh, who departed this life 18th Feb. 1750, in the 40th year of his age; and 3 children of David Veitch and Marion Peddie*, his spouse, viz., MARGARET, CATHRINE, and JANE†.
[* error by Paterson; her surname was Geddes.]
[† 'Jane' probably an error by Paterson for 'James', as there is no record of the birth of a Jane/Jean.]

143. In memory of MARY, an only sister, obt. 14th August 1840, aged 27.

144. Sacred to the memory of Mr WILLIAM GOWAN, late sculptor in Edinburgh, who died 25th January 1828, aged 62 years. His memory will long be deservedly dear to his surviving family, who had the best opportunities of knowing and appreciating his worth. Also in memory of CATHARINE GREIG, his spouse, one of the best of wives and mothers, who died 16th May 1836, aged 58 years.

145. Near this place lies the body of GREZIEL Ross, wife of David Gowan, in Musselburgh, who departed this life, July the 25th, 1774, aged 66 years.

146. Sacred to the memory of SARAH WILSON MURRAY, spouse of William Walker, merchant, Glasgow, who died at Eskside, Musselburgh, 7th December 1851.

147. Here lyes BESSIE ANNAN, spouse to George Young, wright in Fisherrow, who dyed the 26 of Jan. 1735, aged 52 years. Also 8 of their children lyes here.
Here lyes the woman that hath shown
All virtues that her sex cou'd own ;
Nor dare my praise too lavish be,
Lest her dust blush, for so would she :
Nature can scarce form such an one,
For, ah! her pattern now is gone.
Reader, if thou hast a tear,
Stop a while and shed it here.

Here lyes GEORGE YOUNG, wright in Fisherrow, who dy'd the 1st May 1747, aged 60 years. Also JAMES YOUNG, merchant in Fisherrow, who dy'd the 15th Jan. 1748, aged 27 years ; and JOHN YOUNG, brewer and farmer in Fisherrow, who dy'd 4th April 1753, aged 36 years. Also ELIZABETH YOUNG, spouse to Robert Handyside, farmer in Whitehill, who dy'd 6th July 1753, aged 32 years.

148. MARGARET COCHRAN of Ashkirk died 18th Oct. 1833. ARCHIBALD COCHRAN of Ashkirk died 2d June 1841.

149. "The memory of the Just is beloved." The burial-place of JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq., late of this parish, and of Mrs JANET FORBES, his granddaughter, daughter of the Rev. William Forbes, Episcopal minister in Musselburgh, and wife of James Skinner, writer in Edinburgh, who died 13th December 1818, aged 74 years. With an excellent understanding, she was pious without affectation, dutiful as a wife, affectionate as a mother; indeed, she possessed in a pre-eminent degree all the virtues of a consistent Christian.
Also of JEAN VERNOR, his second spouse, who died the 11th of October 1823. And lastly, JAMES SKINNER, who died 10th February 1840, aged 89 years. Also JOHN R. SKINNER, W.S., his son, who died 1st September 1849, aged 63 years.

150. In memory of MARGARET BUCHAN, spouse of John Chalmers of Fisherrow; died 29th March, 1811, aged 61 years, whose piety and unassuming manner through life made her respected, and her death sincerely regretted. And of the said JOHN CHALMERS, who died 4th August 1829, aged 87 years ; and Mrs ELIZABETH BLYTH or CHALMERS, who died 20th March, 1844, aged 62 years, spouse of Francis Chalmers, his son ; and of the said FRANCIS CHALMERS painter, Edinburgh, who died on 12th May 1853, aged 63 years.

151. In memory of ELIZABETH MILLER, wife and cousin of James Paterson, a benevolent, amiable, and excellent woman, who died suddenly on the 8th October 1834, aged 34 years. Also of their four sons and two daughters, being all their family.
Also of JAMES PATERSON, Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General during the service in Egypt, the Peninsula, and at Waterloo, who died on the 25th of December 1854, aged 73 years.
His energy, industry, and integrity, with a high sense of honour, and much kindness of disposition, gained for him general respect and esteem, as well when engaged in the fishing-net manufactory at Musselburgh, the ingenious machinery for which was almost exclusively his own invention.
1. JANET PATERSON, sister of James Paterson, died 2d May 1847.
2. FRANCIS W. HADEN, born 18th May 1820, died 29th May 1820.
JESSIE, born 3d September 1821, died 1st November 1821.
FRANCIS W. HADEN, born 19th April 1824, died 1st July 1824.
ELIZA, born 10th December 1826, died 30th January 1827.
JAMES, born 12th January 1828, died 8th May 1833.
HUGH, born 8th October 1830, died 12th December 1830.

152. Erected by his grand-children-"Alexandria, Corunna, Pyrenees."
Sacred to the memory of Major-General JAMES STIRLING, Lieutenant-Governor of Cork, and for forty-two years an officer in the 42d Royal Highlanders. With a wing of that national corps he annihilated the French Invincibles in Egypt, and took their standard with his own hand. He commanded that regiment through the Peninsular war, and after twenty-seven years of foreign service he retired in 1813 into private life, where, cultivating the virtues which adorn the Christian character, he died, full of years and honours, at his villa of Eskbank, 12th December 1834. His remains, borne hither by his veteran companions in arms, are here interred.
[On a scroll are the words "Alexandria," "Corunna," "Pyrenees," the whole surmounted by a sword and hat, and the French standard with eagle, and the word " Lodi," in which battle the Invincibles took part, inscribed upon it. In the Milne inclosure there is an elegant tablet to the memory of Admiral Milne and others of the family.]
Sacred to the memory of JAMES STIRLING, captain of the 42d R.H. regiment, who, after a brief but not inglorious military career, departed this life 20th January 1818, aged 25 years and three months. Also of his sister, JOAN STIRLING, spouse of John Hume, Esq., who died 29th March 1828, aged 43 years.
The former was the only son, and the latter the only daughter, of Major-General James Stirling.
Sacred to the memory of JEAN FISHER, relict of Major-General James Stirling ; died 12th August 1844, aged 94 years. Also of JOHN HOME, lieutenant and paymaster 42d Royal Highlanders, 1795 to 1820. Received the Sultan's gold medal for Egypt, 1801, and the Peninsular war medal, with seven clasps, for Corunna, Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse; died 13th April 1849, aged 72 years.

153. Sacred to the memory of EDMUND FERGUSON, Esq., of Baledmund, Perthshire, who died at Inveresk on the 15th July 1817, aged 78.

154. To the memory of MARY BROOKS, aged 29 years, who with her niece, AGNES BROOKS, aged 15 years, lost their lives while on a pleasure sail in the bay, off the Pease Bridge, Berwickshire, on the 15th May 1819.
We murmur not nor mourn that thou art gone,
Beloved daughter! to the realms of rest ;
Since sin and sorrow dwell on earth alone,
And thou on high hast mingled with the blest.

155. Erected by Alexander Robertson, in memory of HENR. A. BALFOUR, his mother-in-law, who died 19th July 1822, aged 52 years. Also the said ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, corn-merchant, Joppa, who died 1st January 1851, aged 58 years ; and CATHERINE DARLING, his spouse, who died on the 31st day of August 1853, aged 60 years.

156. Hic situm est quidquie mori potuit viri vere probii THOMæ COCHRAN, qui quum omnia magistratus in oppido Musselburgho munia sæpuis obcundo eximiam sibi famam tandem q. comparasset in ipso magistratu prid. Cal. Apr. anno Sal. Hum. MDCCXLV, ætat L annis. Eheu! lugendus diem obit.

157. Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel JOHN SUTHERLAND SINCLAIR, Royal Artillery, who died at Edinburgh, 12th April 1841, aged 62; and of his eldest son, GEORGE SUTHERLAND SINCLAIR, W.S., who died 18th January 1834, aged 30; and of his daughter, EUPHEMIA MARGARET SINCLAIR, who died 12th October 1836, aged 11; and of his son, THOMAS BUCHAN SINCLAIR, who died 30th April 1838, aged 9. Also of his youngest daughter, NICOLA HELEN MEREDITH SINCLAIR, who died at St Leonards-on-Sea, 24th November 1855, aged 16.

158. Erected in memory of JACOB SANDERSON, Monktonhall, who died 7th November 1831, aged 56 years ; and ANN LUMSDEN, his wife, who died 7th October 1825, aged 48 years.
ELIZABETH SANDERSON, their daughter, died 5th March 1848, aged 42 years.
JOHN ROBERTSON, their grandson, died 3d August 1839, aged 3 years.
ISABELLA SANDERSON, their granddaughter, died 19th December 1841, aged 3 years.
MARGARET INGLIS, their daughter-in-law, died 11th May 1851, aged 41 years.

159. Erected to the memory of the dearly-beloved and justly-regretted JEAN AITKEN, who died May 1847, aged 16 years, daughter of Archibald Aitken, merchant, Fisherrow ; also her six brethren and sisters, who died young.

160. In memory of MARY BURN, wife of John Gulland, Monktonhall ; died the 13th of January 1845, aged 43 years.

161. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS KEDZLIE, flesher in Fisherrow, who died on the 19th January 1836, in the 60th year of his age. His industrious habits, integrity of conduct, and kindness of disposition, will be long remembered by his mourning friends.

162. Sacred to the memory of MARGARET HAMILTON, wife of James Crighton, builder, Edinburgh, who having fulfilled the duties of a virtuous wife and an affectionate mother, a pious Christian and a sincere friend, departed this life on the 18th January 1809, aged 52 years.
BETHEA, their eldest daughter, aged 28 years, and three other children, who died young, are likewise interred here.
JAMES CRIGHTON died 1st October 1824, aged 69.

163. In memory of WALTER RITCHIE, brewer in the Fisherrow, who died 1st February 1748, aged 37 years. Also MARGARET ROBERTSON, his spouse, who died 24th April 1750, aged 36 years. And their only son, WALTER RITCHIE, who died 17th September 1820, aged 74; and his spouse ELIZABETH CARMICHAEL, who died July 1801, aged 57.

164. Erected to the memory of RICHARD HENDERSON, slater and glazier, Musselburgh, who died the 14th October, 1781, aged 55 years.

165. To the memory of JANET RITCHIE, spouse to Robert Duncan, fisherman in Fisherrow, who died 29th July 1835, aged 63 years. She was a loving wife, a tender parent, and a sincere friend.

166. THOMAS GILCHRIST. JAMES GILCHRIST. HELEN LAWSON, his spouse, died on the 30th April 1829, aged 64 years. GEORGE GILCHRIST.

167. Eternity! Eternity!
How long art thou, Eternity !
Erected by the Associate Edinburgh Young Men's Society to the memory of ROBERT WALKER, one of its members, who died at Edinburgh, 27th August 1847, aged 21. Active and intelligent, warm and affectionate, zealous in promoting many a good work, he lived in the esteem of all who knew him, and died in the consolation and hopes of the righteous.
Improve the present time, for all beside
Is a mere feather on a torrent's tide.

His father, Mr WILLIAM WALKER, teacher, Musselburgh, and his mother, ISABELLA ELLIS, are also interred here.

168. In memory of JAMES FORBES, servant, Carberry Hillhead, who died 11th April 1831, aged 66. Also AGNES FORBES, daughter of John Forbes, who died 18th May 1829, aged 2 months. Also MARGARET BARTON, spouse of John Forbes, Biggarshiels, who died 1st November 1834, aged 35 years, much and deeply regretted by all who knew him.

169. In memory of WILLIAM CHARLES, late flesher in Musselburgh, who died 28th August 1804, aged 74 years ; and of GRIZZEL CLARK, his spouse, who died 29th August 1831, aged 86 years.
Their daughter, JANET CHARLES, who died 27th July 1813, aged 40 years.
Their daughter, GRACE CHARLES, who died 15th May 1817, aged 38 years.
Their son, ROBERT CHARLES, late flesher in Musselburgh, who died 18th May 1848, aged 67 years.
Their son, HUGH CHARLES, surgeon, Royal Navy, who died 23d Oct. 1849, aged 64 years.
Also, THOMAS, ALEXANDER, and EUPHEMIA, who died in infancy.

170. Here lyes DAVID NISBET, indweller in Fisherrow, who died April 29, 1760, in the 55th year of his age. Also AGNES NAPIER, his spouse, who died Nov. 17, 1782, aged 77 years. Also five of their children.

171. Here lyes ROBERT FALCONER, smith in Musselburgh, born Dec. 15, 1673; dyed Nov. 17th, 1733; and AGNES MOIR, his spouse, dyed August 15th, 1735, in the 69th year of her age; and 3 of their children.
Here lyes the body of SYBILLA HOWISON, spouse to William Falconer, who dyed 14th Feb. 1771, aged 66 years. Also the body of WILLIAM FALCONER, smith in Musselburgh, who departed this life, 23d March 1771, aged 73 years ; and 3 of their children.
Here lyes WILLIAM MOIR, smith in Musselburgh, dyed 14 April 1724. LILLIA VEITCH, his spouse, dyed 26th Nov. 1760.

172. Sacred to the memory of Mrs MARY SMYTH, relict of the Rev. Richard Shiell, of Hampstead, Middlesex, who died at Inveresk, 24th Dec. 1837, in the 79th year of her age; and of THOMAS MILLER SHIELLS, their only son, who died at Fisherrow, 2d Dec. 1838, aged 39 years.
Also of their daughter, REBECCA STONEHARD SHIELLS, who died 27t Feb. 1826, aged 27 years ; and SARAH SAWKINS SHIELLS, who died a Hampstead, 31st Oct. 1855, aged 59 years.

173. In memory of JAMES GOURLAY, mason, died September 17, 1819, aged 24 years. Also ELIZABETH ANDISON, wife of Robert Gourlay, who died 5th February 1833, aged 64 years.

174. Here are interred the remains of MARTIN BEGG, merchant, Musselburgh, who died 22d June 1831, aged 74 years. Also EUPHAN SPENCE, his wife, who died 18th March 1836, aged 73 years. Also ELIZABETH BEGG, their daughter, born 28th Feb. 1797 ; died 16th Dec: 1844. Also MARTIN BEGG, their son, born 15th May 1795; died 26th Oct. 1855.

175. Here lyes JOHN KEDZLIE, farmer and brewer in Newbigging, who dyed 3d July 1746, aged 48 years ; and 3 sons and 4 daughters, who died young. And also KATRINE DONALDSON, his spouse, who dyed . . . April 1782, aged 78 years.

176. This stone was erected by Kathrine Binning, in memory of JOHN DAVIDSON, her husband, who died 23d day of August 1778, in the 72d year of his age. Also WM. VALLANCE, nephew of the above Kathrine Binning, who died 20th Nov. 1818, aged 83; and MARGARET KEDZLIE, his spouse, who died Oct.   1822, aged 84. Also MARGARET VALLANCE, daughter of Jas. Vallance, their son.

177. Here lyes GEORGE WATSON, baxter and burgess of Musselburgh, who died December 16th, 1708, aged 33 years, and his spouse, ALISON BEGBIE, who died May 2d, 1706 years, aged 19.

178. In memory of WILLIAM DUDGEON, flesher, who died at Leith, 16th Nov. 1847, aged 46 years. In life he was much beloved, and in death deeply and sincerely lamented by all who knew him.
Here lies THOS. COWAN, flesher in Musselburgh, who died Jan. 20th, 1751, aged 27 years. Also JOHN and CATHRINE, children of Thos. Cowan and Ann M'Millan, his spouse, who died young. THOS. COWAN, flesher in Musselburgh, died August 20th, 1782, aged 37. Also MARGARET COWAN, his daughter, who dyed young. THOS. COWAN, flesher in Musselburgh, died 29th April 1807 , aged 37. ALEXANDER COWAN , son of John Cowan, candlemaker, freeman and burgess of the city of Edinburgh, who died the 14th .April 1809, aged 3 years. MARGARET COWAN died 25th Sept. 1811, aged 37 years. JOHN COWAN died 17th Dec. 1814, aged . . . years.
The burying ground of John Cowan.

179. Here are interred the remains of THOMAS BROWN, merchant, Fisherrow, and MARY WATSON, his spouse. Also the remains of their son, ROBERT BROWN, merchant, Musselburgh, and EUPHEMIA M'MILLAN, his spouse.
Here are interred the remains of ELIZABETH THOMSON, wife of Robert Brown of East Newton, who died 15th May 1848, aged 60.
Here are interred the remains of EUPHEMIA M'MILLAN, spouse of Robert Brown, merchant in Musselburgh, who died 30th May 1825, aged 81 years. A faithful widow and honoured parent. Also those of their son, ROBERT BROWN of Gliston, born 26th March 1769 ; died 18th Oct. 1853.
ROBERT BROWN of Whitsom, Newton, Writer to the Signet, died 28th Dec. 1855.

180. Erected by Jean Grey, in memory of her husband, THOMAS STEVENSON, sivewright, Fisherrow, who died 13th July 1810, aged 70.
"For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."-Thess. iv. 14.

181. Here lyes MARGARET HEMPSTED*, spouse to William Hay†, Bailie of Musselburgh, who dyed 13th August 1744, aged 58 years.
Here lyes WILLIAM HAY†, portioner of Fisherrow, and late Bailie of Musselburgh, who dyed 8th Dec. 1748, aged 61 years.
Here also lyes WILLIAM HAY†, clothier and farmer in Fisherrow, and portioner there, who dyed the 13th June 1759, aged 43 years.
[* error by Paterson - her name was 'Hempseed'; † error by Paterson - for 'Hay' read 'Hog']

182. Here lie the bodies of JOHN RAMSAY, and MARGARET FERGUSON, his spouse, who both died in the year 1759. This stone was erected by Margaret, their eldest daughter, in the year 1809.

183. Near this spot are deposited the remains of Mr CHARLES COMBES, late of Ha-Mille, near Southampton, Quartermaster of the Pembrokeshire Fencible Cavalry, died Sept. 1st, 1797, aged 42. His sister, as a tribute of affection, erected this tablet to the memory of a kind and good brother, . . .

184. Erected by Alexander Aitken, smith, Easter Duddingston, in memory of his wife, MARRION ROBERTSON, who died 26th August 1813, aged 25 years, and of his son JOHN, who died 2d March 1814, aged nine months.

185. In memory of RICHARD SANDILANDS, smith, Inveresk ; died 8th October 1853, aged 60. RACHEL MILLER, his wife, died 31st August 1839, aged 54.

186. In memory of JAMES ROBERTSON, smith, Newbigging, Musselburgh, who died 9th March 1851, aged 52 years. Also JOHN ROBERTSON, his son, who died 23d July 1833, aged 2 years ; and daughter and grandson, who died in infancy. Also FRANCES THOMSON, his wife, who died 16th August 1855, aged 56 years.

187. JOHN CARFRAE, smith in Inveresk, died 28th Dec. 1792, aged 52 years. Also MARGARET CARFRAE, his spouse, who died Jan. 30th, 1813, aged 74 ; and three of their children, who died young.

188. Sacred to the memory of MARY SEATTON, spouse to William Reid, who died 27th Jan. 1810, aged 74 years. Also WILLIAM REID, her husband, gardener, who died the 13th March 1810, aged 82 years.

189. Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM REID, earthenware manufacturer, Musselburgh, who died 13th day of Oct. 1835, aged seventy years. Also JOHN REID, his youngest son, who died 25th Feb. 1846, aged 22 years. And MARION REID, aged 7 years ; and ISABELLA REID, who died in infancy.

190. Sacred to the memory of ROBT. CAIRD, fisherman in Fisherrow, who died 20th Feb. 1818, aged 64 years.
Through life's perplexing seas,
His course he steer'd
With steady hand ;
He all their danger clear'd,
Till anchor'd sure,
When all the storms were o'er ;
He's driven, we hope,
Safe on Emmanuel's shore,
Where dangers cease,
And storms assail no more.

191. Interred here HENRY WILLIAMSON, fisher, Fisherrow, who died 17th Oct. 1812, aged 56, sacred to friends, and numerous acquaintances. MARGARET CAIRD, wife to Henry Williamson, died the 2d of April 1810, aged 51. Exemplary as a wife, a mother, and a friend. Also MARGARET WILLIAMSON, their daughter, who died the 4th of April 1813, aged 21 years.

192. Erected in memory of PETER BOURHILL, baker in Musselburgh, died 29th March, 1810, aged 75 years. And JANET HILL, his wife, died 18th Dec. 1805, aged 74 years. Also interred here GEORGE BOURHILL, their son, died 4th May 1836, aged 73 years. ISABELLA MOFFAT, his wife, died 30th March 1814, aged 33 years. Three of their children, who died in infancy. PETER BOURHILL, their son, died 18th Dec. 1838, aged 32 years. ISABELLA BOURHILL, their daughter, died 12th Nov. 1847, aged 35 years. ALISON BOURHILL, their daughter, and wife of Andrew Balfour, died 20th July 1850.

193. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS BERRY, Esq. of Brotherston, late one of the Magistrates of Musselburgh, who died the 12th January 1776. Also MARGARET WATSON, his spouse, who died the 12th July 1803, aged 79 years. WILLIAM SCOTT, died on the 17th December 1834. Also his son, JAMES SCOTT, who died 22d September 1849.

194. The burying-ground of James, William, and Robert Millar, fishers, Fisherrow, 1827.

195. JOHN CATHIE, merchant in Musselburgh, died on the 12th of Oct. 1793, aged 48 years. MARION SIMPSON, his spouse, died on the 5th of July 1791, aged 46 years. Nine of their children died when young, and are also interred here. Also JEAN SCARTH, wife of Peter Cathie, timber merchant, Fisherrow, who died 18th Sept. 1814, aged 29. PETER CATHIE, merchant, Fisherrow, died 28th March 1821, aged 40 years ; and his remains are interred here.

196. Sacred to the memory of JANET MILLAR, spouse of John Clark, junr., mason, Fisherrow, who died 29th August 1826, aged 29 years.
Afflictions sore, long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain ;
Till God at length did call me hence,
And eas'd me of my pain.

Died also his son, aged one year and five months. Also MARGARET MOIR, spouse of John Clark, who died at Musselburgh, 16th December, 1638.

197. 1854.
Erected by Francis Croll, merchant, Fisherrow, in memory of his wife, EUPHEMIA BAIRD, died 27th October 1846, aged 53 years. CATHRINE CROLL, died 30th Oct. 1827, aged 9 years. FRANCIS CROLL, junr., engraver, died 12th Feb. 1854, aged 27 years.

198. Burying ground, John Hart.
Sacred to the memory of JOHN HART, flesher, Fisherrow, who died 28th May 1842, aged 51 years ; and of ANNE PORTEOUS, his spouse, who died 15th January 1843, aged 47 years. Also ANNE, their daughter, who died 15th May 1835, aged 10 years ; and JOAN, their daughter, who died 23d Sept. 1838, aged 4 years.
Rest - while affection oft will drop the tear,
Till fate shall summon us to join you there.

199. ELIZABETH NISBET, died 19th May 1854.

200. Sacred to the memory of JOHN THOMSON, late Captain of the 69th Regiment of Foot, who died 31st Oct. 1823, aged 82 years.

201. This is the burying ground of Captain Ramsay, R.N. DAVID RAMSAY, Esq., Post-Captain in the Royal Navy, died 18th Nov. 1818, aged 68.
MARY, relict of Captain Ramsay, R.N., eldest daughter of John Macleod of Macleod, died 8th August 1829, aged 77.
The remains of ELIZA ISABELLA, daughter of Major Sinclair, R.A., rest here, died 18th June 1815, in her ninth year. Also of FRANCIS, wife of Major Sinclair, R.A., daughter of Capt. D. Ramsay, R.N., died 20th Jan. 1823, aged 27.
Deposited here are the remains of LOUISA, wife of J. H. Home, Esq., of Longformacus, daughter of Captain Ramsay, R.N., died 3d June 1823. Here are interred the remains of ANNE, second daughter of Captain and Mrs Ramsay, who died 17th October 1830. Also of MARY EMILIA, their eldest daughter, the last survivor of their family, who died 10th March 1834. Here are deposited the remains of MARY EMILIA, wife of W. Norman Ramsay, Captain in the Royal Horse Artillery, eldest daughter of Lieut.-General Macleod of Macleod. Died 10th August 1809.
The remains of CATHERINE RAMSAY, daughter of Captain, R.N., are here interred. Died 4th October 1844.
DAVID RAMSAY, Lt. R.N., 4th son of Capt. Ramsay, died on the Jamaica station July 1815, aged 22 years.
The remains of ANNE CUMMING, relict of Wm. Ramsay, Esq. of Temple Hall, are here interred. Died 13th May 1810.
JOHN RAMSAY, Lt. R.N., 2d son of Capt. Ramsay, died on the Leeward Island Station, May 1807, aged 19 years.
Sacred to the memory of Major WILLIAM NORMAN RAMSAY, of the Royal Horse Artillery, eldest son of Captain David Ramsay, Royal Navy; who, having served throughout the various campaigns in Holland, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, and France, from the year 1799, and distinguished himself in all, fell at the battle of Waterloo on the 18th of June 1815, aged 33. His remains, preserved through the affection of his brother officers and the support of his troop, were, to fulfil his own wish, removed to this place, and laid beside those of his beloved wife.
ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, third son of Captain Ramsay, R.N., gallantly fell in the batteries before New Orleans, on the 1st of January 1815, in his 24th year.

203. ROBERT VERNOR died 6th Nov. 1809, aged 80 years. Also JEAN BROUNLIE. his spouse, died 25th July 1810, aged 76 years.

204. Sacred to the memory of Major ROBERT VERNOR, late of the Scots Greys, in which distinguished corps he served upwards of thirty years. Died 10th August 1827, aged 64 years.
And of ELIZABETH VERNOR, his spouse, who died the 10th April 1838, aged 75 years. Also of CHARLOTTE THOMSON GILLON, spouse of James Vernor, who died 3d July 1856, aged 46 years, beloved and respected by all who knew her.

205. Sacred to the memory of AGNES BOYLE, wife of Charles Stewart ; died 1st June 1824, aged 38 years. Also AGNES STEWART, her daughter, who died at Melbourne, N.S.W., 17th February 1841, aged 24 years.
Also of CHARLES STEWART, of Sweethope, died 13th October 1854, aged 73 years.
ALISON DOUGLAS, wife of Charles Stewart, died 18th March 1789.
CHARLES STEWART, of Sweethope, died 21st December 1826, aged 74 years.
JANE STEWART died 17th July 1851, aged 71 years.

206. Sub hoc lapide situs est JOANNES TAYLOR, puer eximia spe, filius unicus Joannis Taylor, armigeri, et Agathiæ Coutts, cujus immaturam mortem (obiit Novem. tantum annos natus xvi calend. Novembres) moestissimi parentes nunc. Eheu ! progenie orbati, lugent et lugebunt. Anno MDCCLXXXII.
Hic etiam situs est juxta filium pater JOANNES TAYLOR, qui diro conflictatus morbo, et tandem fatis succumbens, magnum sui desiderium apud amicos reliquit. Anno ætatis xlix, mensis Januarii xviii, MDCCLXXXV.

207. Hic in Duncanorum sepulturæ loco inhumata jacet MARGARETA DUNCAN, ROBERTI LITSTERII, notarii, Musselburghen., uxor quæ mulium deplorata decessit 15 Sept. 1690. æt 29-30. Casta modesta gravis cubat hic sine vulnere famæ foemina spectatis atq. side.

208. Here are deposited the remains of JANET MILLER, widow of John Gairdner, Esq., younger of North Tarrie. She died July 1st, MDCCXXXII, aged 56 years.
Mary Miller, her sister, widow of Lieutenant James Paterson, erected this monument in . . . . . . .

209. This stone is erected by Mrs Eleanora Patten, to the memory of her affectionate husband, Captain THOMAS PATTEN, Paymaster of the 7th Dragoon Guards, who departed this life on the 28th September 1805, aged 67 years.

210. Here lie the remains of Captain JOHN CAMPBELL, late of her Majesty's 22d Regiment of Foot, and of MARY PLIDDEL, his spouse. He was nephew to the first Duke of Argyle, and cousin-german to his son, the great and worthy JOHN; but distinguished not more by his lineage than by an honourable discharge of the duties of his profession, by mild and amiable disposition, and by a conduct becoming a steady friend and an honest man. He died on the 11th day of November 1783, in the 70th year of his age.

[The foregoing comprise, with perhaps one or two exceptions, the entire legible inscriptions in the churchyard. They will be interesting to relatives and others at a distance, and may prove serviceable to the genealogist. The reading on some of the stones is wholly effaced, and on several very much decayed. Many of the places of sepulture are well enclosed, and not a few of the monuments, obelisks, and tablets are very creditable specimens of art. The ground, though not laid off in the style of our modern cemeteries, is kept in good order.]

Paterson's notes

88. Paterson's note on J. L. Bailley: Writer and notary public.

179. Paterson's note: On the back of this old stone, there is an inscription, the following part of which only is legible :-
"Here lyes JAMES , . . DREDDEN . . . JAMES DREDDEN and . . . JANET KERSE. In memory of . . . ROBERT BROWN, shipmaster, Fisherrow, who died 1724. . . . DRYDON, his spouse.

Additional notes

21. But OPR death records have his date of death as 15th.

208. North Tarrie is in the parish of St Vigeans, Angus.