Boys from Inveresk in Midlothian apprenticed to burgesses of Edinburgh, 1583-1800

mt. = merchant; s. = son

[Sources: The register of apprentices of the city of Edinburgh, 1583-1666, The register of apprentices of the city of Edinburgh, 1666-1700, 1701-1755 (2 vols in one) and a later volume]

apprenticeapprentice's designationmasterdate
Adamson, Roberts. to late Thomas A., indweller in MusselburghJames Riddell, merchant9 Sept. 1646
Achesoun, Alexanders. to John A., portioner of InvereskMark Achesoun, tailor 15 Mar. 1620
Adie, Johns. to John A., indweller in MusselburghJames Ireland, tailor19 Nov. 1651
Aires, Georges. to late Mark A., burgess of MusselburghJohn Young, wright 20 Nov. 1633
Aitchison, Williams. of George A., flesher in MusselburghThomas Crooks, baker, for 5 years 23 Dec. 1779
Anderson, Georges. to Alexander A., maltman, burgess of MusselburghArchibald Anderson, hatmaker28 Mar. 1627
Anderson, Georges. to dec. Ninian A., flesher in MusselbrughJohn Brown, mt.16 June 1675
Anderson, Johns. to John A., burgess of MusselburghGeorge Anderson, hatmaker14 Nov. 1638
Anderson, Richards. to late Alexander A., burgess of MusselburghJames Innes, cordiner 28 June 1648
Aytoun, Williams. to John A., in MusselburghJohn Broun, mason9 Jan. 1598-9
Bain, Jamess. to John B., burgess of MusselburghAlexander Cleghorn, wright31 Dec. 1651
Bain, Johns. to John B., wright in MusselburghJames Baine, H.M. master wright 24 July 1672
Bain, Roberts. to John B., wright in MusselburghJames Baine, wright23 Mar. 1688
Barrie, Jamess. to umq. James B. in MusselburghWilliam Stevinson, sievewright 29 Sept. 1675
Baxter, Jamess. to William B., in MusselburghRobert Keith, merchant2 Feb. 1614
deleted of consent 12 Jan. 1616
Bennet, Georges. to late George B., indweller in MusselburghRobert Pook, baxter 21 Apr. 1652
Bennet, Jamess. to Richard B., in MusselburghWilliam Paterson, merchant6 Jan. 1608
Bennet, Richards. to Robert B., in MusselburghThomas Steven, hatmaker17 July 1633
Bennet, Thomass. to James B., in MusselburghJames Wright, hatmaker28 Jan. 1635
Bonallay, Roberts. to Mr Robert B., minister at InvereskJohn More, mt. (B.) 17 Oct. 1739
Brock, Williams. to Alexander B., wright in InvereskWilliam Castlelaw, apothecary 14 June 1654
Brock, Williams. to late Alexander B., wright in InvereskJohn Ranken, apothecary 10 Sept. 1656
Brokie, Williams. to James B., mylnewright in MusselburghThomas Ker, wright 8 Oct. 1656
Brook, Adams. of William B., weaver in MusselburghRobert Wight, dyer, for 6 years 30 July 1777
Brown, Jamess. to Walter B., burgess of MusselburghJohn Garden, merchant23 May 1621
Brown, Jamess. to John B., burgess of MusselburghJames Cowan, merchant4 Aug. 1652
Brown, Johns. to James B., bailie of MusselburghJohn Jossie, merchant19 Dec. 1649
Brown, Richards. to umq. Walter B., fermourer in IneraskRobert Brown, candlemaker 1 Mar. 1682
Bruce, Alexanders. of Alexander B., surgeon in MusselburghFrancis Allan, wright, for 6 years 8 Oct. 1800
Bruce, Georges. of Mr Alexander B., surgeon in MusselburghJames Latta, surgeon apothecary, for 5 years6 Feb. 1800
Bryson, Martins. to dec. Martin B., mason in MusselburghWilliam Paterson, bookbinder (B.) 3 Nov. 1698
Burn, Johns. to William B., in FisherrowWilliam Smart, cordiner3 Sept. 1656
Burtoun, Jamess. to late John B., indweller in CarberrieRobert Alison, mason 18 Aug. 1652
Burton, Johns. of Thomas, mealmaker in MusselburghHenry Hardie, baker, for 5 years 27 Feb. 1770
Bruntoun [i.e. Burtoun], Williams. to William B., indweller in Carberrie Archibald Waterstone, furrior 13 May 1629
Calderwood, Johnsecond s. to John C., in MusselburghPatrick Thomson, merchant1 Sept. 1641
Calderwood, Richards. to John C., burgess of MusselburghJohn George, merchant16 Dec. 1640
Calderwood, Williams. to John C., present bailie of MusselburghJames Armour, tailor6 Dec. 1648
Campbell, Thomass. of Thomas C., baker in InvereskJames Murray, merchant, for 5 years24 July 1765
Campbell, Thomass. of late Thomas C., Supervisor of Excise at MusselburghRobert Kinniburgh, glazier, for 6 years1 July 1790
Carss, Johns. to late John C., weaver in MusselburghDavid Gib, weaver8 Nov. 1648
Cass, Edwards. to late John C., in the FisherrowWilliam Tait, saddler11 June 1623
Cass, Jamess. to late John C., in FisherrowJohn Frame, hatmaker16 May 1627
Cass, Roberts. to John C., in FisherrowJohn Cleghorn, cordiner29 Apr. 1618
Charles, Johns. of late George C., flesher in MusselburghAlexander Storie, candlemaker, for 5 years 26 May 1784
Clark, Alexanders. of Alexander C., one of the magistrates of Musselburgh James Thomson, baker, for 5 years15 Dec. 1785
Clark, Johns. to Walter C. in MusselburghAlexr. Dobson, saddler7 Aug. 1672
Cochrane, Georges. to Alexander C., in FisherrowThomas Aikenhead, merchant1 Oct. 1617
Cochrane, Georges. of late George C., vintner in MusselburghJames Cowan, candlemaker, for 5 years 6 June 1793
Cockburn, Archibalds. of Alexander C., baker in FisherrowArchibald Gilchrist & Co., merchants, for 5 years13 Oct. 1762
Cockburn, Johns. of Alexander C., baker in FisherrowArchibald Gilchrist & Co., merchants, for 5 years 13 Oct. 1762
Coudet, Thomass. to late George C., burgess of MusselburghJames Wright, wright 8 Dec. 1658
Couper, Jamess. to John C., ditcher in MusselbrughJames Mesh, armourer (B.)6 Nov. 1696
Cowan, James, yr.s. of Thomas C., flesher in MusselburghJames Cowan, candlemaker, for 5 years11 July 1799
Cowan, Thomass. of late Thomas C., flesher in MusselburghAndrew Greig, flesher, for 6 years 29 Sept. 1785
Cowan, Williams. of late Thomas C., flesher in MusselburghAlexander Douglas, candlemaker, for 6 years26 June 1794
Craik, Williams. to late John C., tailor in InneraskThomas Meik, cordiner17 Feb. 1647
Dallas, Thomass. of late Thomas D., surgeon in MusselburghPeter & Francis Forrester & Co., merchants, for 5 years26 May 1785
Denniston (Danielstoune), Roberts. to Mr Walter D., schoolmaster at Musselburgh Patrick Chrichtoun, founder (B.)10 Dec. 1690
Douglas, Georges. of George D., shoemaker in MusselburghWilliam Braidwood, candlemaker, for 6 years10 May 1758
Douglas, Jamess. to late Robert D., portioner of InneraskNinian Williamson, merchant 6 Feb. 1639
Douglas, Roberts. to late John D., in InnereskDavid Paterson, tailor2 Nov. 1591
Douglas, Roberts. to Adam D., in InnereskWilliam Watson, candlemaker24 Oct. 1627
Douglas, Roberts. to Robert D., portioner of InnereskWilliam Mure, merchant9 Aug. 1643
Douglas, Thomass. to Robert D., portioner of InneraskThomas Paterson, merchant 29 Jan. 1645
Douglas, Thomass. to late James D., in Montounhall [Monktonhall]Francis Alger, confeittmaker18 Dec. 1661
Douglas, Williams. of William D., brewer in MusselburghAlexander Hunter, merchant, for 5 years 27 Aug. 1760
Duncan, Alexr.s. to William D., weaver at InvereskeThomas Thomson, mt. (B.)4 May 1692
Duncan, Archibalds. to James D., mailman in MusselburghThomas Douglas, merchant 26 Oct. 1664
Duncan, Jamess. to James D., indweller in MusselbrughJames Quantaine, wright10 Oct. 1677
Duncan, Johns. to Robert D., in FisherrowArchibald Anderson, hatmaker (who deceased)
transferred to George Anderson
2 Apr. 1634
28 Sept. 1636
Duncan, Williams. to John D., in MusselburghJohn Seytoun, litster10 July 1584
Erskine, Jamess. to dec. Andrew E., miller in MusselburghRoderick Chalmers, painter (B.) 19 Dec. 1711
Fairlie, Patricks. to dec. James F. in FisherrawPatrick Chrystie, litster (B.)2 July 1712
Forman, Roberts. to Thomas F., portioner of InneraskMichaell Gibson, tailor 9 Aug. 1648
Forman, Roberts. to James F., portioner of IneraskJohn Burtone, baxter27 Oct. 1675
Forman, Thomass. to Thomas F., portioner of InneraskJames Fairbairn, goldsmith 15 Aug. 1649
Gray, Matthews. of Matthew G., in MusselburghGabriel Porter (recte Peter), baker, for 5 years 27 May 1771
Gray, Thomass. of Matthew G., baker in MusselburghRobert Middlemist, baker, for 5 years 23 Dec. 1784
Gray, Thomass. of Matthew G., baker in MusselburghRobert Middlemist, baker, for 5 years 27 June 1799
Guthrie, Thomass. to Walter G., burgess of MusselburghSamuel Guthrie, litster14 Apr. 1652
Haddoway, Patricks. to Thomas H., fermorer in Castleall in the parochine of Innereske Alexr. Paterson, baxter (B.)10 Nov. 1697
Hamilton, Alexanders. to Mr Patrick H., minister at InvereskJames Leslie, tailor 12 Dec. 1627
Harcas, Jamess. to late James H., in MusselburghRobert Pursell, merchant 17 Feb. 1613
Harvie, Jamess. to William H., in the FisherrowLeonard Thomason, wobster25 May 1591
Hay, Alexr.s. to Alexr. H., portioner in InvereskWilliam M'Vey, wright (B.)10 Apr. 1740
Hepburn, Williams. to Francis H., burgess of MusselburghJohn Ferguson, cordiner1 Dec. 1658
Heriot, Williams. to William H., burgess of MusselburghThomas Harper, cordiner 10 Oct. 1655
Hill, Johns. to Andrew H., in InnereskAndrew Clarkson, locksmith30 0ct. 1616
Hill, Johns. to late William H., of Montounhall [Monktonhall]George Hill, weaver13 July 1642
Hill, Williams. of William H., weaver in FisherrowJames Miller, elder, glover, for 6 years 12 Sept. 1782
Hislop, Georges. to George H., portioner of InneraskJohn Young, baxter (B.) 3 Mar. 1697
Hislop, Richards. to late Mr Philip H., minister at InnereskJohn Little, tailor4 Nov. 1612
Hodge, Thomass. to late Thomas H., maltman in MusselburghJohn Frame, hatmaker 5 May 1624
Home, Johns. of William H., brewer in FisherrowJohn Morison, barber, for 7 years31 Mar. 1791
Hunter, Roberts. of late George H., tenant in Joisie's PansEdward Caithness, merchant, for 5 years 27 July 1757
Johnstone, Andrews. to Richard J., in MusselburghWilliam Stevenson, sievewright5 June 1644
Johnstone, Johns. to late William J., in InnereskThomas Wright, wobster23 Oct. 1588
Johnstone, Johns. to Peter J., in InnereskJames Arnot, elder28 Jan. 1618
Johnstone, Williams. to late Mathew J., in MusselburghDonald MacDullen, tailor18 Nov. 1595
Keir, Jamess. to James K., in FisherrowJohn Black, wobster14 Apr. 1613
Ker, Thomass. to Archibald K., in InneraskDavid Thomson, wright22 July 1646
Lithgow, Jamess. to late James L., mason, burgess of MusselburghGideon Lithgow, bookbinder 2 Dec. 1657
McMillan, Williams. to Robert McM., flesher in MusselburghWilliam Keddar, flesher5 May 1675
McNaught, Williams. to John McN., in MusselburghGeorge Andersen, hatmakerl July 1663
Main, Georges. to dec. William M., gardener in MusselburghThomas Purves, litster6 Aug. 1684
Martin, Johns. of David M., brewer in MusselburghRobert Gourlay, haberdasher, for 5 years 9 Feb. 1792
Meikle, Johns. to John M., burgess of MusselburghAlexander Anderson, coppersmith 5 Oct. 1664
Merstoun, Andrews. to late John M., portioner of InneraskAlexander Scott, goldsmith 23 Aug. 1649
Merstoun, Olivers. to late John M., portioner of InneraskJames Bynnie, baxter16 Feb. 1648
Milne, Johns. of Peter M., weaver, at FisherrowWilliam Milne, mason, for 6 years23 Nov. 1786
Morieson, Richards. to Robert M., flesher in MusselburghGeorge Maxwell, pirriwigemaker (B.) 18 Mar. 1691
Muir, Roberts. to Robert M., burgess of MusselburghDavid Bennet, skinner20 June 1655
Muir, Roberts. to Thomas M., indweller in MusselbrughRobert Thomson, wright 18 Oct. 1671
Murdoch, Robertgrandson to Peter Cowstean, in MusselburghPatrick Libertoun, tailor 16 Apr. 1594
Murray, Davids. of John M., schoolmaster in MusselburghGeorge Leslie & William Scott, insurance brokers, for 5 years15 Feb. 1798
Murray, Robertsecond s. to Cuthbert M., indweller in InneraskJames Murray, merchant 9 May 1621
Murray, Williams. to Cuthbert M., in InnereskNicol Uduart, merchant and bailie12 June 1616
Nisbet, Johns. to late John N., in MusselburghJames Bryson, bookseller13 Nov. 1639
Ogilvie, Roberts. to Robert O., mt. in MusselburghThomas Calder, mt. (B.)15 Oct. 1740
Paterson, Andrews. to William P., vintner in MusselburghGeorge Mathy, candlemaker22 Mar. 1676
Penman, Johns. to William P., in MusselburghRichard Doby, merchant17 Apr. 1599
Ramage, Williams. to late Gavin R., in FisherrowWilliam Knox, bookseller28 Sept. 1642
Randie, Davids. to Oliver R., weaver in MusselburghRobert Russell, mt. (B.)28 May 1713
Reid, Keiths. of late John R., gardener at MusselburghArchibald Eagle, merchant, for 7 years 29 Mar. 1758
Robertson, Jamess. to dec. James R., tenant in Mountownhall [Monktonhall]James Burn, wright (B.)10 Feb. 1720
Rodger, Thomass. of John R., merchant in FisherrowCharles Wallace, hosier, for 6 years 30 May 1777
Rollo, Samuels. of Charles R., in FisherrowWalter Brunton, saddler and beltmaker, for 6 years 3 Sept. 1789
Sanderson, Georges. to George S., writer, burgess of MusselburghWilliam Bell, wright 25 Jan. 1654
Scott, Adams. of late Adam S., weaver in CarberryWilliam McVey, wright, for 7 years 3 Mar. 1762
Scott, Johns. to John S., in Flushcane, sometime indweller in Musselburgh Archibald Lorimer, beltmaker5 July 1654
Scott, Laurences. to Richard S., in FisherrowGeorge Herries, wright6 Dec. 1665
Scott, Richards. to late John S., burgess of MusselburghNicol Rynd, tailor1 Dec. 1619
Scott, Williams. to late Walter S., in MusselburghJames Loch, merchant7 Dec. 1614
Shaw, Roberts. to late Archibald S., maltman in FisherrowAndrew Dougall, tailor 1 Apr. 1618
Shaw, Williams. to Archibald S., in FisherrowWilliam Donaldson, merchant16 Mar. 1614
Shaw, Williams. to late George S., maltman, burgess of MusselburghWilliam Schaw, merchant12 Oct. 1642
Simpson, Richards. to late David S., burgess of MusselburghJohn Frame, hatmaker4 Oct. 1620
Sinclair, Jamess. to late William S., in Brunstoun MylneDavid Wilson, cordiner 3 Jan. 1588-9
Skob, Georges. to late George S., burgess of MusselburghWilliam Duncan, locksmith 14 May 1645
Smart, Georges. to George S. in Fisheraw James Ingells, litster21 Feb. 1683
Smart, Jamess. to George S., indweller in FisherawJames Clerk, mt.19 Mar. 1673
Smart, Roberts. to James S., in FisherrowThomas Calderwood, merchant28 Nov. 1649
Smart, Walters. to James S., in FisherrowAndrew Sands, merchant1 Sept. 1652
Smith, Roberts. of Robert S., officer of Excise at MusselburghMalcolm Wright, merchant, for 5 years14 Nov. 1793
Smith, Williams. to late Thomas S., portioner of InneraskThomas Paterson, merchant 26 May 1641
Spence, Georges. of William S., farmer in MusselburghJohn & Archibald Anderson, merchants, for 5 yearsMay 1797
Spence, Williams. of William S., farmer at MusselburghAlexander Cunningham, baker, for 5 years 12 Oct. 1795
Steven, Johns. to late Peter S., maltman in MusselburghAlexander Cloggie, cordiner 30 May 1627
Steven, Thomass. to late Peter S., maltman in MusselburghArchibald Anderson, hatmaker 12 Nov. 1623
Stevenson, Martins. to Martin S., mariner in FisherrawWilliam Boyd, mt.14 Feb. 1705
Strachan, Archibalds. to Robert S., burgess of MusselburghMr James Strachan, merchant6 Nov. 1633
Tait, Roberts. to dec. Thomas T., indweller in MusselburghJohn Thomson, armourer 29 Mar. 1676
Temple, Williams. to John T., in MusselburghAlexander Duncan, wobster 18 Nov. 1595
Thomson, Jamess. of late James T., gardener in West PansAndrew Bell, barber, for 6 years 29 Nov. 1781
Thomson, Johns. to William T., younger, burgess of MusselburghJohn Fiddes, hatmaker 9 Feb. 1642
Thomson, Thomass. to late Richard T., in Mountainhall [Monktonhall]Robert Young, candlemaker 9 Aug. 1626
Tod, Roberts. to William T., B. in MusselbrughWilliam Stevinsone, mt.3 Mar. 1669
Tod, Roberts. to William T., yor., late bailie of MusselburghWilliam Hakkine, beltmaker 18 Dec. 1689
Turner, Roberts. to late Gilbert T., maltman in MusselburghJohn Dasoun, candlemaker 5 Oct. 1642
Veitch, Jamess. of James V., farmer at MusselburghJohn Howden, saddler and beltmaker, for 6 years 15 Mar. 1792
Vernor, Alexanders. to late John V., burgess of MusselburghDavid Gray, tailor 13 June 1655
Vernor, Johns. to John V., burgess of MusselburghMichaell Watterstoun (who deceased)
transferred to James Ker
14 Apr. 1641
19 Mar. 1645
Vernor, Richards. to dec. Robert V., Town Clerk of MusselburghJohn Leslie, mt. (B.) 25 Feb. 1713
Vernor, Roberts. to John V., bailie in MusselburghJames Straittoun, hatmaker29 Nov. 1620
Vernor, Williams. to late John V., burgess of MusselburghJohn Fiddes, hatmaker 15 Aug. 1649
Walker, Edwards. to John W., burgess of MusselburghGilbert Walker, merchant6 Feb. 1633
Walker, Williams. to William W., in MusselburghJames Marjoriebanks, yr., hatmaker 13 Jan. 1636
Watson, Georges. of William W., smith and farrier in MusselburghJames Methven, painter, for 6 years 14 Oct. 1772
Weddell, Johns. to Alexander W., in the FisherrowAlexander Hill, merchant13 June 1592
Wickedshaw, Jamess. to late James W., baxter in MusselburghThomas Lawson, bookseller22 Aug. 1632
Wightman, Archd.s. to Robert W., mt. in MusselburghWilliam Wightman, skinner 16 Jan. 1688
Wightman, Johns. to Robert W., B. of MusselburghWilliam Wightman, skinner14 Nov. 1683
Wightman, Williams. to Robert W., mt. in MusselbrughJohn Weightman, skinner (B.)6 Nov. 1696
Williamson, Georges. to James W., in MusselburghJohn Clerk, skinner19 Feb. 1600
Wilson, Roberts. to dec. Robert W., mt. in MusselburghJohn Campbell, mt. (B.)29 Dec. 1708
Wright, Georges. to Thomas W., burgess of MusselburghJohn Dow, merchant 13 Apr. 1659
Wright, Richards. to Thomas W., burgess of MusselburghDavid Hoome, litster16 Feb. 1653
Wright, Thomass. to late James W., wobster in MusselburghCuthbert Wright, deacon of the wobsters25 Sept. 1599
Wright, Thomass. to Thomas W., burgess of MusselburghJames Gillies, tailor9 Feb. 1653
Young, Johns. of James Y., brewer in FisherrowJohn Morison, barber, for 6 years25 Oct. 1787
Young, Matthews. of George Y., brewer in FisherrowWilliam Young, baker, for 5 years 10 May 1792
Young, Roberts. of William Y., wood sawyer in FisherrowWilliam Fraser, white iron smith, deacon of Hammermen, for 7 years22 Aug. 1782
Young, Samuels. to Laurance Y. at West PansMr Robert Jossie, mt.16 Mar. 1670
Young, Williams. of late John Y., brewer in FisherrowJohn Hardie, baker, for 5 years4 Sept. 1765