Men from Inveresk who were admitted burgesses & gildbrethren of Edinburgh, 1406-1841

B. = Burgess; G. = gildbrother; C. = Edinburgh Town Council
dr. = daughter; fr. = father; s. = son; w. = wife
mt. = merchant; p. = apprentice
dec. = deceased; umq. = umquhile, i.e. deceased

namedesignationadmitted asby right ofdate
Adamson, Wm.master of the grammar school at PrestonpanesB. & Mr. George A., schoolmaster at Musselburgh, B. & G.12 Jan. 1715
Aitchieson, George A., flesher in Musselburgh, B.9 Sept. 1784
Blackstock, Johngeneral supervisor of ExciseB. & G.w. Margaret, dr. to Charles Wilson, skipper in Musselburgh, B. & G.28 Apr. 1725
Blair, Sir Adam, yor., of CarberrieB. & G.16 July 1684
Calderwood, Ritchard
(apprenticed 16 Dec. 1640)
baillie of MussilburghB. & p. to umq. John George, mt., B. & G.14 Aug. 1661
Carlisle, Dr Alexanderminister at Inveresk, H.M. AlmonerB. &, by act of C.13 May 1767
Charles, Georgeflesher in MusselburghB.18 July 1753
Charles, Georgeflesher in George C., flesher in Musselburgh26 Feb. 1789
Charles, Wm. C., flesher in Musselburgh, B.12 Aug. 1790
Charles, Wm. C., flesher in Musselburgh, B.12 Aug. 1790
Charles, Wm.flesher in MusselburghB.w. Grizel, dr. of George Clark, mt., B.18 Aug. 1773
Cochran, Archd.flesher in MusselburghB.13 Aug. 1760
Cochran, Charlesflesher in MusselburghB.13 Aug. 1760
Cochran, Wm.flesher in MusselburghB. & G.w. Isobel, dr. to Charles Wright, portioner of Newbigging, B. & G.3 May 1749
Colt, Mr Oliverminister at InneraskB.w. Catheren, dr. to umq. Johne Logane, mt., B.12 Dec. 1649
Colt, Mr Oliverminister at Innerask, B. of, by act of C. of 8 Sept. 165413 Sept. 1654
Colt, Mr Roberthis majestie's soliciterB. & G.umq. fr. Mr Oliver C., minister at Inverask, B. and G.
gratis, by act of C. of this daite (where he is called ``serveant to the chancellor'' and ``advocate'')
20 May 1685
Connell, Jamesbleacher, MusselburghB. & G.17 Oct. 1818
Cowan, John C., butcher in Musselburgh, B.30 May1777
Cowan, Jamescandlemaker, Thomas C., flesher2 Mar. 1829
Cowan, Johnflesher in MusselburghB.13 Aug. 1760
Cowan, Johnbutcher in John C., flesher there, B.10 Oct. 1782
Cowan, Thomasflesher in MusselburghB. & G.11 Aug. 1749
Cowan, Thomass. to Thomas C., flesher in MusselburghB. & G.said fr. Thomas C., B. & G.24 June 1767
Cowan, John C., flesher in Musselburgh, B.18 Aug. 1773
Dickson, Sir Robert, of Carbery, Bart.B. & G.dec. fr. Sir Robert D. of C., B. & G.
gratis, by act of C.
10 Nov. 1736
Douglas, Ritchardmt.B. & G.dec. fr. Robt. D., bailie of Musselburgh, B. & G., mt.31 Oct. 1683
Douglas, Robertmt., baillie of MusselburghB. & the desyre of Wm. Binning, present Lord Provost of Edr., who has freedom of admission of two burgesses and gildbrethren this year
gratis, by act of C. of 7 Jan. 1677
27 Dec. 1676
Fullerton, John, of Carberry, Esq.B. & G.5 Aug. 1752
Fullerton, Wm., [of Carberry,] Esq.late of Calcutta in BengalB. &, by act of C.7 Sept 1763
Grant, Mr Patrick, of ElchesB. & G.his lady (blank), dr. to Sir Robert Dickson of Carberrie, B. & G., gratis, for good services, by act of C. of 13 May 173024 June 1730
Heriot, Patrickemt.B. & G.w. Euphame, dr. to Robert Dowglass, elder, baillie of Musselburgh, B. & G.11 Aug. 1697
Jackson, Wm.
(apprenticed 8 June 1743)
baker in MusselburghB. & p. to Henry Hardie, baker, B. & G.14 Mar. 1772
Johnston, RobertbarberB.w. Elizabeth, dr. of Wm. Watson, smith and farrier in Musselburgh, B.13 Dec. 1775
Jossie (Joyssie, Joussie), Robert, of West PansB. & John J. of West Pans, B. & G.18 May 1722
Lees,, Fisher Wm. L., mt.14 Aug. 1828
MacDonald, Jamessilk manufr.B. & G.w. Catharine, dr. of James Connell, bleacher, Musselburgh17 Oct. 1818
Masoun, Johnportioner of IneraskB. & G.umq. fr. Robert M., B. & G. 15 Sept. 1669
Meirs, Mr Johnmt.B. & G.w. Margaret, dr. to dec. James Masson, portioner of Innerask10 Dec. 1679
Mitchell, Johnbrewer in LeithB.w. Elisabeth, dr. to Thomas Mitchell, tanner in Fisherraw, B. thereof6 Aug. 1718
Mitchell, Thomastanner in FisherrawB.7 Sept 1692
Skirving, Jamesmt.B. & Robert S., farmer at Monktonhall24 Feb. 1809
Skirving, Robertfarmer at MonktonhallB. & G.w. Jane, dr. of late James Robertson, builder24 Feb. 1809
Stewart, HenryapothecaryB. & G.w. Magdalen, dr. to dec. Mr Richard Howieson, late minister at Inveresk, B. & G.22 Aug. 1705
Turnbull, Wm.brewer in MusselburghB.w. Margaret, dr. to James Johnston, weaver, B.30 Mar. 1743
Waddell, Georgeresidenter in MusselburghB. & G.w. Elizabeth, dr. of George Robertson, mt., B. & G.28 Sept. 1786
Watson, Wm.smith and farrier in MusselburghB.w. Sophia, dr. of John Wilson, cordiner, B.13 Dec. 1775
Williamson, Mr Johnminister at InnereskB. & G.dec. fr. Mr David W., minister at St. Cuthbert's, B. & G.12 Nov. 1718
Wilson, Charlesskipper in MusselburghB. & G.w. Issobell, dr. to Mr George Aldie, schoolmaster of Musselburgh, B. & G.11 Aug. 1697
Wright, Charlesportioner in NewbiggingB. & G.w. Agnes, dr. to Mr Mathew Selkirke, minister at Crichton, B. & G.16 June 1736
Wright, CharlesbooksellerB. & Charles W., portioner of Newbigging, B. & G.3 May 1749
Wright, Charles W., portioner of Newbigging, B.18 Mar. 1761