16th century testaments of people with Inveresk connexions

[Source: Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh 1514-1600]

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Note that hardly any of these testaments include the will of the deceased, being largely accounts of the 'goods and gear' of the deceased and of debts owed and owing. Some of them mention relatives.

Held in the National Archives of Scotland, NAS ref. CC8/8/...

Mh = Musselburgh; Fw = Fisherrow; Edr = Edinburgh; Invk = Inveresk
Newbg = Newbigging; mert. = merchant; par. = parish; portr. = portioner
rel = relict; serv. = servant; sher. = sheriffdom; sp = spouse; s.t. = sometime
BM = burgess of Musselburgh
`umquhile' means `deceased'

namedesignationdate testament was recorded
Adamson, Alexanderin Newbigging, burgess of Musselburgh19 Feb 1600
Adamson, Margaretsometime spouse to David Tod, in Fischerraw1 July 1588
Adamson, William, elderin Musselburgh3 Nov 1599
Adamson, Williammaltman, burgess of MusselburghSee Wernour, Christiane
Anderson, Edwardtailor in MusselburghSee Paterson, Jonet
Bennet, Robertindweller in MusselburghSee Mure, Marion
Broun, Christianelawful daughter of umquhile Edward B., elder, and burgess of Musselburgh14 Feb. 1598-9
Broun, Edward, elderburgess of Musselburgh16 Feb. 1587-8
Broun, Edwardmaltman, burgess of MusselburghSee Sellerman, Barbara
Broun, Isobelsometime spouse to Robert Swinton, indweller in Musselburgh, elder13 Feb. 1598-9
Broun, Walterburgess of Musselburgh28 May 1584
Craig, Margaretsometime spouse to Archibald Schaw [Shaw], in the Fischerraw25 Apr. 1597
Craig, Thomasin the Fischer-raw, and burgess of Musselburgh12 Dec. 1570
Cranstoun, Williamin Monktoun-hall14 June 1569
Crook (Cruke), Alexanderin Montounhall [Monktonhall]24 Oct. 1580
Davidson, Thomasmaltman, burgess of Musselburgh7 Feb 1593-4
Douglas, Bessiespouse to Alexander Preston, in Musselburgh30 July 1595
Douglas, Johnin Inneresk, sometime servitor to Mr. Alexander Sym, advocate in Edinburgh6 Jan. 1579-80
Douglas, Robertin Inneresk30 Nov. 1584
Duncan, Johnburgess of Musselburgh25 Mar. 1597
Duncan, Williamin Inverask, par. of Musselburgh4 July 1599
Erskine, Williammealmaker in Newbiging of Musselburgh16 Feb 1587-8
Forman, Georgein Innerask, sher. of Edinburgh5 Apr. 1596
Forsyth, Agnessometime spouse to John Clyddsheid, hookmaker in Fischerraw, burgess of Musselburgh2 Aug. 1592
Frog, Johnin Innerask, par. of Smeytoun [Smeaton], sher. of Edinburgh21 July 1598
Grahame, Johnloremure [lorimer] in Fischeraw, burgess of Musselburgh ; and John G., pupil, his only lawful son6 Mar. 1590-1
Grahame, Margaretsometime spouse to Thomas Smyth, in Newbigging, par. of Musselburgh26 Jan. 1598-9
Grieve, Thomasin Fischerraw9 Nov. 1564
Harrat [Heriot], Johnin Cousland, par. of Innerask, sher. of Edinburgh28 Nov. 1599
Harrat [Heriot], Marionrelict of William Wernour [Vernour], in Inverask, sher. of Edinburgh10 Mar. 1600
Hepburn, Katherinespouse to Robert Verno [Vernour] in Inveresk, sher. of Lothian17 Nov. 1593
Hill, Davidin Inverask, sher. of Edinburgh4 Apr 1600
Hill, Johnburgess and indweller in Musselburgh21 Oct. 1595
Hill, Jonetsometime spouse to Edward Broun, burgess of Musselburgh10 Nov 1584
Johnstone, Mathewmaltman, burgess of Musselburgh31 Oct. 1584
Johnstone, Peterin Cousland, par. of Inverask, sher. of Edinburgh29 Nov. 1600.
See also Jonet Wood
Johnstone, Williamin the Fisherraw, burgess of Musselburgh12 Oct. 1584
Joy, Jonetsometime spouse to Thomas Sanderson, burgess of Musselburgh18 Dec. 1588
Laing, Johnservitor to umquhile William Warno [Vernour], in Inveresk18 Mar. 1591-2
Merchingstoun [Merston], Archibaldin Musselburgh12 Apr. 1599
See also Jonet Thomson
Merchingstoun [Merston], Jamesburgess of Musselburgh26 Dec. 1594
Merchingstoun [Merston], William, youngerin Inveresk, sher. of Lothian9 Feb. 1595-6
Mure, Marionsometime spouse to Robert Bennet, indweller in Musselburgh26 July 1597
Nicolson, Georgein Fischerraw, burgess of Musselburgh2 July 1588
Nicolson, Johnin Musselburgh4 Mar. 1567-8
Paterson, Jonetsometime spouse to Edward Anderson, tailor in Musselburgh30 Mar. 1591
Pendman [Penman], Williamburgess of MusselburghSee Warnour, Jonet
Penman, Thomasmaltman in Musselburgh18 Feb 1577-8
Pursell, Davidin Carbarnye [possibly Carberrie, parish of Inveresk?]29 Nov 1564
Rammage, Symonin the Fischerraw, and Agnes Tod, his spouse24 May 1594
Ramsay, Jamesin InnereskSee Wright, Marion
Randy, Isobellspouse of Edward Sellarmane, in the Fischear-raw11 Apr 1571
Richardson, Alexandersmith in Fischerraw, and Mause Tod, his spouse6 Aug. 1594
Richardson, Johnsmith in Fischerraw29 Jan 1598-9
Russell, Robert,in Fawsyd [parish of Inveresk?]20 Nov. 1576
Sanderson, Thomasburgess of MusselburghSee Joy, Jonet
Schaw [Shaw], Archibaldin the FischerrawSee Craig, Margaret
Sellarman, Barbarasometime spouse to Edward Broun, maltman, burgess of Musselburgh 9 Oct. 1584
Sellarman, Edwardin the Fisher-rowSee Randy, Isobell
Skirling, Eufamerelict of James Broun, burgess of Edinburgh, and last spouse to John Douglas, in Inveresk25 Apr 1588
Smart, Henryin the Fischerraw, burgess of Musselburgh10 Mar 1591-2
Smart, Jamesburgess of Musselburgh21 June 1588
Smart, Johnbaxter, burgess of MusselburghSee Vallance, Agnes
Smart, Jonetsometime spouse to James Williamson, maltman in Musselburgh15 Feb 1581-2
Smart, Robertburgess and indweller in Musselburgh20 July 1594
Strachan, Archibaldin Musselburgh26 Feb 1567-8
Swinton, Robertindweller in MusselburghSee Broun, Isobel
Taylor, Georgemaltman, burgess of Musselburgh26 Jan. 1587-8
Taylor, Williammaltman in FischerrawSee Vernour, Jonet
Tempill [Temple], Johnin Newbiggin, burgess of Musselburgh26 Oct. 1586
Thomson, Bessiesometime spouse to John Douglas, in Inverask, sher. of Edinburgh25 July 1598
Thomson, Gawinemaltman, burgess in Musselburgh26 Jan 1576-7
Thomson, Helenrelict of Thomas Calderwod, elder, burgess of Musselburgh2 Feb 1598-9
Thomson, Jonetsometime spouse to Archibald Merchanestoun [Merston], in Musselburgh13 July 1598
Thomson, Thomasin Montounhall [Monktonhall]30 June 1576
Thomson, Williammaltman, burgess in Musselburgh12 Oct. 1584
Tod, AgnesSee Ramage, Simon, in the Fischerraw
Tod, Davidin Fischerraw5 June 1595
Tod, Davidin FischerrawSee Adamson, Margaret
Tod, Johnin West-Pans of Preston15 Nov. 1591
Tod, MauseSee Richardson, Alexander, smith in Fischerraw.
Vallance (Vallange), Agnesrelict of John Smart, baxter, burgess of Musselburgh 22 Jan. 1589-90
Verno [Vernour], Robertin InvereskSee Hepburn, Katherine
Vernour, Christianesometime spouse to William Adamson, maltman, burgess of Musselburgh4 Jan. 1588-9
Vernour, Jonetsometime spouse to William Tailzeour, maltman in Fischerraw, burgess of Musselburgh5 Mar 1589-90
Vernour, Williamin Inneresk16 Feb. 1587-8
Warnour [Vernour], Jonetsometime spouse to William Pendman, burgess of Musselburgh28 Oct. 1596
Warnour [Vernour], Robertin Inverask2 Sept 1596
Watson, Johnchapman in the Fischerraw10 Jan. 1594-5
Wernor [Vernour], Williamin InveraskSee Harret, Marion
Williamson, Jamesmaltman in MusselburghSee Smart, Jonet
Wood, Jonetsometime spouse to Peter Johnstone, in Cousland6 July 1584
Wright, Androbaxter in the Fischerraw18 Feb. 1577-8
Wright, Marionspouse to James Ramsay, in Inneresk, sher. of Lothian17 Feb 1594-5

See also the corresponding pages for 1601-1700 and 1701-1800