References to the parish of Inveresk, Midlothian in the marriage register of the parish of Edinburgh, 1595-1700

[Source: The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh 1595-1700]

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Burgess, unless stated otherwise, means Burgess of Edinburgh on this page. Similarly, indweller means indweller in Edinburgh, i.e. an inhabitant of Edinburgh who was not a burgess.

The parish of Edinburgh is the area within the burgh wall of Edinburgh; it covers the High Street, the Cowgate, the Grassmarket and the closes off these.

The date given is most likely the date of booking, prior to proclamation
pro. = date of proclamation of banns
m. = actual date of the marriage
d. = daughter; s. = son; p. = par. = parish; ser. = servitor / servitrix

Achesoune, John, portioner of InnereskRachel Mawer12 May 1602
Anderson, Thomas, candlemakerMargaret Kepie, widow of George Ker, farmer at Musselburgh25 July 1697
m. 13 Aug. 1697
Arnot, William, in MusselburghElspet Inglis6 Feb. 1621
Black, William, in InvereskChristian Hair11 June 1661
Calderwood, John, in MusselburghJanet Reid12 Apr. 1655
Campbell, Colin, merchant, burgess of EdinburghMargaret Duncan, d. of deceased Robert D., late bailie of Musselburghpro. 7 Aug. 1698
Charteris, William, son of deceased Andrew C., merchant, burgessJean Hislope, d. of Robert H., portioner of Invereskpro. 29 Sept 1700
Colt, Mr. Oliver, minister at MusselburghCatharine Logane29 Jan. 1634
Craig, Alexander, heelwright in FisherrowJanet Fairbairn, d. of deceased Francis F., farmer at West Gordonpro. 26 Sept 1697
Davidson, William, cordiner, burgessAgnes Smaill, d. of William S., merchant at Musselburgh16 May 1697
m. 11 June 1697
Galbraith, James, son of James G., schoolmaster at SimprenMargaret Montgomerie, d. of deceased John M., farmer at Inveresk (Enderask)21 Nov. 1697
m. 14 Dec. 1697
Graham, RobertIsobel Bunten24 May 1687
by Mr. Arthur Miller at Inveresk
Johnstone, John, gardener at St. NiniansMargaret Dickson, d. of John D., farmer at Musselburgh11 Oct. 1696
Ker, George, farmer at Musselburghhis widow, Margaret Kepie; see Thomas Anderson.
Lauder, William, baker, burgess of EdinburghJanet Adam, d. of deceased Mr. George A., schoolmaster in Musselburgh Parishpro. 19 Feb. 1699
Lyon, Henry, writerJanet Andersonm. at Inveresk, 8 Nov. 1667
15 Nov. 1667 [?]
Norie, James, merchantCatharine Bain, d. of deceased John B., wright, bailie of Musselburghpro. 16 May 1697
Porteous, William, cordiner, indwellerGiles Crightoun, d. of James C., smith in Fisherrow17 July 1698
m. 11 Aug. 1698
Pringle, William, wright in Duddingston parishMargaret Hog, d. of deceased James H., currier in Fisherrow, in Duddingston12 May 1700
m. 21 June 1700
Pursell, William, tailor in MusselburghMargaret Thornton, d. of deceased James T., farmer at Haltoun of Essie, in Angus16 May 1697
m. 8 June 1697
Sincler, John in IneraskJanet Christie8 June 1648
Tod, Robert, merchantElizabeth Corss11 Feb. 1681
proclaimed at Inveresk and Cramond, married by Mr. Arthur Miller
Waterston, John, wright at MusselburghMargaret M'Ewen, d. of deceased Daniel M., farmer at Campsie24 Oct. 1697
m. 18 Nov. 1697

See also the corresponding pages for 1701-1750 and 1751-1800