References to the parish of Duddingston, Midlothian in the marriage register of the parish of Edinburgh, 1751-1800

[Source: The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh 1751-1800]

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Burgess, unless stated otherwise, means Burgess of Edinburgh on this page. Similarly, indweller means indweller in Edinburgh, i.e. an inhabitant of Edinburgh who was not a burgess.

The parish of Edinburgh was originally the area within the burgh wall of Edinburgh; it covered the High Street, the Cowgate, the Grassmarket and the closes off these. The limits of the burgh were extended in the later 18th century to include the New Town, which became St Andrew parish. The (sub-)parishes of the parish of Edinburgh within the Old Town in the later 18th century were: High Kirk (St Giles), Lady Yester's, Tolbooth, Tron, New Greyfriars, Old Greyfriars, New North Kirk, New Kirk, Old Kirk and (Trinity) College Kirk.

The date given is most likely the date of booking, prior to proclamation
d. = daughter; s. = son; p. = par. = parish; ser. = servitor / servitrix (i.e. servant)
N. E. p. = North-East (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
N. K. p. = North Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
N. N. K. p. = New North Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
N. W. p. = North-West (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
O. = Old
S. E. p. = South-East (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
S. K. p. = South Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
S. S. E. p. = South-south-east (sub-)parish of Edinburgh
S. W. p. = South-West (sub-)parish of Edinburgh

Anderson, John, residenterElizabeth, Tolbooth Kirk p., d. of deceased Richard Robertson, farmer at Duddingston8 May 1778
Angus, John, journeyman flesherIsobel, d. to deceast Wm. Stalker, shoemaker in Dudingstonnow both in the New Kirk p.
28 Oct 1759
Brotherston, Robert, porter in Tolbooth Kirk p.Isobel, same p., d. of Archibald Porter, labouring man in Duddingston28 Jan 1792
Brown, Robert, in Duddingston par.Lilias Dobie, d. of deceased William D., tenant in Roslin1 Sep 1700
m. 4 Oct 1700
Brown, James, mason, Duddingston p.Helen, Lady Yester's p., d. of Peter Couples, deceased, brewer in Couper [Cupar], Fife2 May 1781
Brown, James, plumber, College Kirk p.Mary, same p., d. of Robert Cleugh, day labourer at Dudingston16 Jul 1784
Brown, William, tinplate worker in Tron p.Elizabeth, in Old Gray Friar's p., d. of George Greig, gardener at Greighall, p. of Duddingston14 Mar 1791
Calder, Charles, merchant, Lady Yester's p.Jean, in Duddingstone p., d. of Archibald Graham, gardener at Preston Hall27 Apr 1782
Cunningham, George, brewer's servant in p. of DudingstonMary, d. to George Ferholm, couper in p. of Cramond, now in S. W. p.16 Dec 1753
Darroch, James, journeyman flesherJanet, d. to Robert Taylor, land labourer in Easter Dudingstonboth in New Kirk p.
27 Mar 1763
Deans , Alexander, journeyman wright in New Grayfrier's p.Sarah, d. to deceast Wm. Pringle, wright in Duddingston, now in New North p.30 Oct 1763
Douglas, Thomas, wright in FisherowEuphan, d. to deceased David Scott, wright in Duddingston, now in New North p.23 April 1775
Ewan, James, messinger in the General Post Office, Old Grayfriar's p.Euphan, West Kirk p., d. of deceased William Black, farmer at Duddingston4 Jan 1779
Forbes, Alexander, gentleman's servant in Old Grayfriar's p.Margaret, in same p., d. of Thos. Hardie, farmer at Wester Duddingston2 Apr 1791
Gosman, Gavin, tron man, Lady Yester's p.Helen, same p., d. of deceased James Gray, carter in Duddingston19 Oct 1782
Gow, James, a gentleman's servant in College Kirk p.Susan, d. to deceast James Berry, smith in Easter Dudingston in p. of Dudingston, now in Tron p.13 Jul 1760
Gray, Charles, baker in Old Kirk p.Jean, d. to Angus Beaton, coal grieve at Duddingston p., in Lady Yester's p.18 Feb 1770
Hall, John, weaver in N. K. p.Elizabeth, d. to William Paterson, labouring man at Duddingston, in S. S. E. p.8 Jun 1755
Hill, Richard, smith, College Kirk p.Marion, Lady Yester's p., d. of deceased Angus Beaton, coal grieve at Wester Duddingston16 Jul 1787
Hogg, Richard, mason in DudingstonMarion Watson, in College Kirk p., relict of John Farquharson, merchant4 Sep 1774
Inglis, William, journeyman weaver in Duddingston p.Ann, d. of deceased Patrick Touch, labouring man in Dalmenie, now in S. W. p.1 Dec 1751
Knight, George, gentleman's servantRachael, d. to deceast John Guthrie, mealmaker in Duddingstonboth in Old Grayfrier's p.
1 Sep 1771
Littlejohn, Robert, gentleman's servantEuphan, d. to William Niell, smith in Duddingstonboth in Tolbooth p.
22 Apr 1764
Lundie, Daniel, tailor in Old Grayfreir's p.Mary, d. to ... Ridley, gardener at Duddingston, in new town30 Aug 1772
Lyon, William, workman in New North p.Isobel, d. to John Kirk, workman in Duddingston, in Tolbooth p.27 Feb 1763
Macdonald, Donald, barber in Old Grayfreir's p.Jean, d. to deceast Robert Anderson, land labourer in Wester Duddingston, in New Grayfreir's p.30 Nov 1766
Mackenzie, James, jeweler, New North p.Miss Katharine, Tolbooth p., d. of deceased William Black, farmer at Duddingston Mains5 Jun 1787
Malcolm, David, flesherMary, d. of ... Denholm, gardener at Duddingstonboth in New Kirk p.
28 Jun 1767
March, James, shoemaker, College Church p.Katharine, same p., d. to James Brown, weaver in Duddingston p.17 Sep 1775
Meek, Richard, labourer, Tolbooth p.Hunter, same p., d. of James Sharp, late collier in p. of Dudingston18 May 1799
Monro, David, day labourer, Old Kirk p.Ceecilia, same p., d. of deceased John Tait, day labourer at Duddingston17 Jul 1784
Muir, James, clerk in the Weighouse, New Grayfriar's p.Janet, High Kirk p., d. of William Black, farmer at Duddingston14 Nov 1785
Myles, Richard, flesherJanet, d. to Robert Taylor, labourer at Easter Duddingstonboth in New Kirk p.
18 Apr 1773
Nicolson, George, expectant in Excise, St. Giles' p.Elizabeth, same p., d. of Andrew Johnston, officer of salt duty, Duddingston13 Jan 1784
Paterson, Edward, gardener, p. of DuddingstonAgnes, West Church p., d. to deceased John Shirriff, farmer at Falkirk5 Feb 1775
Richardson, John, shoemaker, Old Church p.Isabella, Old Grayfriar's p., d. of.... Young, farmer in p. of Dudingston26 Mar 1800
Robertson, James, merchant in CanongateElizabeth, d. to deceast John Colin, schoolmaster in Dudingston, in Tron p.8 Jun 1760
Scott, Peter, farmer in Easter DudingstonAnn, d. to John Begbie, grieve to Mr Turnbull of Peacocks, in College Kirk p.11 Sep 1763
Stewart, Alexander, brewer's servant, Cameron p., FifeElizabeth, Lady Yester's p., to deceased William Patterson, labourer at Duddingston2 Apr 1775
Swan, William, coachwright at Galston, Ayrshire, now in Tron p.Margaret, same p., d. to deceased Richard Robertson, farmer at Duddingston27 Aug 1775
Thomson, John, merchant, Old Grayfriar's p.Elizabeth, same p., d. to Francis Ritchardson, weaver in Duddingston21 May 1775
Wallace, George, wright in St. Andrew p.Marion, in Tron p., d. of William Shiels, wright at Duddinston13 Jun 1791
Wilson, John, carter, Old Grayfriar's p.Euphan, same p., d. of William Meek, baker at Duddingstone25 Aug 1795

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