References to the parish of Duddingston, Midlothian in the marriage register of the parish of Edinburgh, 1595-1700

[Source: The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh 1595-1700]

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Burgess, unless stated otherwise, means Burgess of Edinburgh on this page. Similarly, indweller means indweller in Edinburgh, i.e. an inhabitant of Edinburgh who was not a burgess.

The parish of Edinburgh is the area within the burgh wall of Edinburgh; it covers the High Street, the Cowgate, the Grassmarket and the closes off these.

In some cases, the date given is most likely the date of booking, prior to proclamation. However, in at least a few cases, there is a date of recording of a marriage which is subsequent to the date of the marriage that had already taken place at Duddingston.
pro. = date of proclamation of banns
m. = actual date of the marriage
d. = daughter; s. = son; p. = par. = parish; ser. = servitor / servitrix (i.e. servant)

Barton, Robert, writerEupham Weymism. at Dudingstoun
30 Apr 1678
Brown, John, merchantMarjory Chalmersm. at Duddingston
18 Feb. 1677
Brown, Robert, in Duddingston par.Lilias Dobie, d. of deceased William D., tenant in Roslin1 Sep 1700
m. 4 Oct 1700
Brown, William, smithNicolas Woodm. at Duddingston the 29th of Jul last past, per license
10 Aug 1683
Brownlee, John, coalmanJanet Craig, at Duddingston30 May 1697
m. 18 Jun 1697
Chalmers, George, indwellerMary Broun, m. at Dudingstoun18 Jun 1675
Clerk, Robert, merchantJanet Beir, m. at Duddingstoun8 Mar 1671
Cockburn, James, indweller in DuddingstonIsobel Richardson, d. of Adam R., in Haddingtonpro. 24 May 1696
Elliot, David, writer in HaddingtonMargaret Rutherfuirdm. at Dudingstoun
12 Sep 1676
Finlay, Quentin, writerIsobel Lithgowm. at Dudingstoun
25 Oct 1667
29 Oct 1667
Finlayson, John, tailor (testificat from Kincairn)Isobel Ritcheson, d. of Adam R. in Haddington (testificat from Duddingston)19 Sep 1697
m. 22 Oct 1697
Fullarton, Walter, indweller in Wester DuddingstonMargaret Greg, d. of David G., indweller in Duddingston Mill8 May 1698
m. 3 Jun 1698
Gordon, Mr WilliamElizabeth Woodm. by Mr Charles Lumsden at Duddingston
8 Aug 1680
Graham, Mr JohnMargaret Hendersonm. at Dudingstoun upon the 23rd instant
25 Jul 1671
Hill, Robert, bakerJanet Graym. at Duddingston
17 Jul 1678
Ker, Mr Mark, in LeagerwoodMargaret Swintoun, in Duddingstonm. 30 Apr 1657
Learmonth, John, writerMargaret Murraym. at Duddingston
5 Aug 1675
Lindsay, John, tailorCatherine M'Niederm. at Duddingston
15 Aug 1675
McKenzie, Hector, tailor, indwellerAgnes Davidson, d. of Thomas D., workman in Duddingston3 Apr 1698
m. 29 Apr 1698
McLachlan, Neill, workmanElizabeth Broun, d. of Alexander B. in Duddingstonpro. 19 Nov 1699
Ogilvie, LudovickJanet Smythm. at Dudingstoun
30 Apr 1668
Paterson, William, tailorAgnes Guildiem. at Duddingston upon the 20 instant
28 Aug 1674
Porterfield, Mr WalterCatharine Cant in Duddingston17 Jul 1645
Pringle, William, wright in Duddingston par.Margaret Hog, d. of deceased James H., currier in Fisherrow in Duddingston [sic]12 May 1700
m. 21 Jun 1700
Robertson, John, merchantElizabeth Reidm. at Dudingstoun upon the 17th of August instant
18 Aug 1665
Ross, John, merchantAnna Hamiltonm. at Duddingston by Mr Charles Lumsden, elder
8 Jun 1679
Selkirk, Robert, merchantCatharine Inglism. at Dudingstoun
13 Jul 1675
Somerville, JamesHelen Watsonby warrant of B. Edin. to Mr Charles Lumsden at Duddingston
23 Aug 1685
Somerville, John, writerMargaret Jardenby warrant of B. Edin. to Mr Andrew Lumsden at Duddingston
9 Feb 1686
Straittoun, Arthur, writerMarion Straittounm. at Dudingstoun
1 Oct 1671
Symington, Andrew, in DuddingstonSarah Mitchell, d. of the deceased George M. in Kilmaurs 19 Jul 1696
m. 31 Jul 1696
Trotter, Thomas, cordinerBarbara Ostlerm. at Dudingstoun
5 Jun 1665
Watson, Oliver, merchantBessie Dicksone, Duddingston23 Jul 1644
Watt, Patrick, writerMarjory Haliburtonm. at Dudingstoun
8 Jul 1664
Weir, Peter, herd in DuddingstonSara Chanceller, d. of deceased Thomas C., farmer in Quotquan [Quothquan in Libberton LKS]22 May 1698
m. 7 Jun 1698
White, John, tannerMargaret Mitchell, d. of the deceased David M., farmer at Duddingston24 May 1696
m. 19 Jun 1696
Young, Robert, at DuddingstonMargaret Stewart27 Nov 1691

See also the corresponding pages for 1701-50 and 1751-1800