References to the parish of Liberton, Midlothian in the marriage register of the parish of Edinburgh, 1595-1700

[Source: The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh 1595-1700]

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Burgess, unless stated otherwise, means Burgess of Edinburgh on this page. Similarly, indweller means indweller in Edinburgh, i.e. an inhabitant of Edinburgh who was not a burgess. The parish of Edinburgh is the area within the burgh wall of Edinburgh; it covers the High Street, the Cowgate, the Grassmarket and the closes off these.

The date given is most likely the date of booking, prior to proclamation
pro. = date of proclamation of banns
m. = actual date of the marriage
d. = daughter; s. = son; p. = par. = parish; ser. = servitor / servitrix (i.e. servant)

Bell, John, maltman in Liberton par.Janet Taylor, d. of deceased Patrick Taylor, smith in Liberton2 Jan. 1698
m. 27 Jan. 1698
Brown, Robert, weaver in Liberton par.Marion Swan, d. of William S., wright in Penland [Pentland]m. at Liberton Kirk 25 June 1699
Bruce, John, feltmakerRachel Peacock, d. of deceased ... P., farmer in Nether Liberton6 Sept. 1696
m. 2 Oct. 1696
Comrie (Combrie), Alexander, plumberChristian Calendarm. at Liberton by the Bishop's order 7 Nov. 1680
Elliot, James, farmer in Niddrie (test, from Liberton)Elizabeth Lawson, d. of deceased David L. in Dumfries15 Jan. 1699
m. 3 Feb. 1699
Falconer, Alexander, in LibertonMarion Sympson26 June 1691
Ferguson, William, wrightElizabeth Eliot, d. of John E. in Liberton, now in N.E. par.29 Oct. 1699
m. 16 Nov. 1699
Forrest, John, mealmaker in Stenhouse, test, from LibertonAnna Ferguson, d. of John F., farmer in Colinton24 Oct. 1697
m. 19 Nov. 1697
Forsyth, William, cordinerGrizel Broun, d. of George B. at LibertonS.E.
8 Mar. 1696
m. 3 Apr. 1696
Goodall, William in LibertonMargaret Softleym. by Mr Mortimer 2 July 1674
Grieve, John, weaver at Liberton MuirMargaret Wallace, d. of James Hunter, mealmaker11 July 1697
m. 20 Aug. 1697
Hunter, Robert, farmer in Straiten (test. from Liberton)Catharine Henderson, d. of John H. of Thorniwhat in Lochmaben par.27 June 1697
m. 22 July 1697
Jaffray, John, wright at LibertonAlison Moffett, d. of deceased William M., farmer at Westruther par.16 May 1697
m. 24 June 1697
Kniblo, Patrick, baker, indwellerIsobel White, d. of John W. in Cameron8 Sept. 1700
m. 7 Nov. 1700
Lawson, James, weaver in N. LeithCatharine Davidson, d. of deceased George D., farmer at Niddrie12 Jan. 1696
m. 13 Feb. 1696
Lindsay, JohnHelen Douglassby license directed to Mr John Robertson
m. at Liberton, 9 June 1680
Little, James, farmer in Stainners [Stenhouse] in Liberton par.Susanna Morison of the par. of Denning, now residenter here10 Mar. 1691
McIlmun (Macklemun, Makillmun), James, husbandmanMarjory Sandelandsm. by Mr A. Ramsay without proclamation on the man's part in Liberton 16 July 1633
McMath, DavidJean Brounm. at Liberton by permission of Mr Andrew Kynneir 4 Apr. 1680
Mowtray, John, mealmaker in Lasswade par.Christian Garnock, d. of Andrew G., farmer at Kinross9 July 1699
m. at Liberton Kirk 11 Aug. 1699
Paterson, Mr Alexander, merchantMargaret Louthianm. at Libertoun 28 Apr. 1673
Porteous, Thomas, servant to the Laird of MortounJanet Wairdrob14 Oct. 1658
Raith (Reath), Andrew, son of the deceased Hew R., farmer at NiddrieJanet Daling, d. to George Daling, writer at Leith19 Feb. 1691
Robertson, John, schoolmaster in LibertonHelen Craik12 June 1656
Small, Patrick, beadle in LibertonJean Hunter31 July 1628
Smith, John, baker, indwellerRachel Houden, d. of deceased James H., farmer at Liberton12 May 1700
m. 6 June 1700
Thin, Robert, litsterJean Hay, in Liberton16 Feb. 1654
Veitch, Robert, son of Mr Thomas V., advocateElizabeth Home, d. of deceased Alexander H. of Muirhouse in Liberton par.22 Sept. 1700
m. 10 Oct. 1700
Warrock, Clement, in LibertonMargaret Tailyeour19 July 1610
Warrock, William, merchantJanet Jossiem. at Liberton by Mr Ninian Paterson 30 Jan. 1680
Wauchope of Nidrie, Andrew, youngerMargaret Gilmour3 Oct. 1656
Winraham (Vinerame), Major George, lawful son of the deceased Sir George Vinerame of LibertounMargaret Stuart, lawful d. of the deceased Mr John S. of Ketlestonm. by Alexander, Bishop of Edinburgh 6 Aug. 1674
Young, JohnElizabeth Cochranm. at Libertoun upon a license directed to the Dean by his permission 25 Jan. 1680

See also the corresponding pages for 1701-1750 and 1751-1800