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Rescobie parish church

Located at National Grid ref. NO509521. Built 1820.

Photograph of Rescobie Kirk

Another photo of Rescobie Kirk


Parish ministers 1560-1937

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

Thomas Gormack1563-1573min. in 1563; tr. to Fyvie ABD bef. 1574
James Balfour1574min. in 1574
John Spalding1590-1640min. in 1590; d. Oct 1640; mar. Barbara Auchinleck; issue: Andrew, min. here; John; Wm
Andrew Spalding1630-1638b. ca. 1604, son of above; M.A. St Andrews 1625; ord. (ass. & suc.) ca. 1630; d. 26 Oct 1638; mar. Marjory Hunter, who survived him; issue: John, Elspet, Margaret
Thomas Lyon1641parson 12 Nov 1641
David Lindsay1649-1677b. 1615, son of Henry Lindsay of Blairifedden (Blairyfeddon of Oathlaw); M.A. St Andrews 1635; ord. bef. 5 Jun 1649; d. 1677; mar. (1) Marjory, dau. of Robert Lindsay of Kinnettles; (2) Beatrice, dau. of -- Ogilvy of Carsbank; issue: David, min. of Maryton; Henry, min. of Dunnichen; Jean (mar. William Ogilvie of Whiteside); possibly also Marjory (mar. Andrew Pedy, min. of Lunan); Robert, min. of Edzell
Patrick Lyon1677-1703b. 1650; M.A. St Andrews 1670; schoolmaster of Kirriemuir; ord. 23 Dec 1677; d. Aug 1703; mar.; issue: James; Philip; Margaret (mar. John Auchterlonie, wigmaker, Edinburgh); Eliz.; Grisell (mar. Robert Straton of Warburton); Isabella (mar. Alexander Gavin of Easter Braikie)
John Dougal primus1704-1723b. ca. 1653; adm. 22 Mar 1704; d. 1 Dec 1723; mar. (1) Lydia Dougal; issue: John, min. here; mar. (2) 1697 Isobel Erskine
John Dougal secundus1725-1748b. 27 Nov 1690, son of above; M.A. Glasgow 1716; ord. 15 Sep 1725; dep. 13 Jan 1748 for stealing books; d. 28 Sep 1757 at sea; mar. 1728 Isobel Walker; issue: John, Isobel, David, Thos, Alexr, Jean
Robert Trail1749-1763ord. 15 Jul 1749; tr. to Panbride 13 Oct 1763
William Keay1764-1776b. ca. 1740, son of James Keay of Snaigo; ord. 26 Apr 1764; d. 29 Aug 1776 Inveresk MLN, unmar.
Thomas Wright1777-1808b. ca. 1740 BAN; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1759; ass. here; ord. 3 Apr 1777; d. 9 Apr 1808 unmar.
William Rogers1809-1842b. 1782 ANS; ord. 10 Apr 1809; found drowned in Rescobie Loch 10 Sep 1842; mar. (1) 1812 Agnes Hamilton, dau. of James Lyon, D.D., min. of Glamis; issue: Wm, James, Agnes, John; mar. (2) 1818 Ann, yst dau. of John Oldham, Nottinghamshire; issue: John Oldham; William Gourlay; Margaret Hannah; James Samuel; Ann; Mary; Geo. Lyon
David Esdaile1843-1880b. 6 Feb 1811 Perth, son of James Esdaile, D.D., min. of Perth East; M.A.; ord. 10 May 1843; D.D. St Andrews 1865; d. 10 Jun 1880 Rothesay BUT; mar. 1847 Mary Chatterton, dau. of John Lowson, Arbroath; issue: Ann Stevenson (mar. William C. Muir of Innistrynich); Mary Mowbray (mar. Alexr Walker, min. here); Alice; Margaret; James Blair; Agnes Marion (mar. Robert Fulton Thom, Portugal)
Alexander Walker1880-1899b. 14 Feb 1828 Dysart FIF, son of Alexr W.; ord. missionary Madras 11 Mar 1855; ass. chaplain Madras 30 Jun 1859; adm. here 19 Oct 1880; d. 28 Jun 1899; mar. (1) 1848 Robina Easton, dau. of Robt Hunter, banker; issue: Helen Condie; Alexandrina (mar. -- Campbell, solicitor, Edinburgh); Hunter Urquhart, physician; Robina Easton; Eliza Frances; Kate Stewart (mar. John Williams, Wishaw); mar. (2) 1880 Mary Mowbray, dau. of above David Esdaile; issue: Ernest Alexr, M.D., I.M.S.; Dora Mary, M.B., C.M.
Robert Hall1899-1937b. 25 Oct 1864 Newport-on-Tay, son of James H.; missionary Canongate 1892-5; locumtenens Airth STI and Roxburgh; ass. Alloa and Tullibody CLK; ord. 7 Dec 1899; dem. 16 May 1937; d. 25 May 1938 Edinburgh
John L. Terris1938-1948M.A.(St Andrews); lic. 1933; from Mossgreen, Crossgates; ind. 27 Jan 1938; tr. to Ruthven Jul 1948; mar.
David Y. Robertson1949-?from Edinburgh; ind. Jul 1949; res. 31 Aug 1951
Archibald J.R. Richmond *1953-1961b. 1914 Dalavich; ind. Spynie MOR Jul 1946; tr. & ind. here 22 Jan 1953; mar. 1947 Jean D. Anderson
George A. Watson1961-1970
Richard S. Bishop1970-tr. from Inverbrothock

* from 1953, ministers of joint charge of Guthrie and Rescobie


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Rescobie Kirkyard (ca. 80 stones) and in the small private burial ground of the Piersons at St Ninian's Chapelyard, Balmadies (31 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Rescobie in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 1, pp. 155-61.

The following are some of the monuments in Rescobie kirkyard. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering. [D1], etc., indicate Davidson's numbering. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.

Photographs of any of the inscriptions listed below will be supplied on request by e-mail, insofar as I judge it possible to obtain them. The photos will be 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size, taken in good lighting to show the inscriptions rather than the whole monuments. Please be prepared for a considerable delay in sending photos.

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The arms of Lindsay of Dowhill
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Murals on south wall of kirk

[M73; p2347, p2393-6; renewed; (undifferenced?) arms of Lindsay of Dowhill ([Gules], a fess chequy [argent & azure], in chief a star [argent], and the base barry undy [argent & azure])] MDL ; (H)[L] A[S] ML ;
Monumentum hoc in memoriam suorum parentum Mr DAVID LINDSAY pastor de Mary-Toune extruendum c... ;
[Ju]xta hunc lapidem depositae sunt reliquae Dom: HENRICI LINDSAY quondam de Blairifedden qui obiit anno Dom: [blank] ætat: 72: et uxoris ejus ALISON SCRIMSEUR filiae [blank] SCRIMSEUR de Glasswal qui obiit anno Dom: 1651 ætat: [blank] necnon filii eorum Dom: DAVIDIS LINDSAY pastoris de Rescobie qui obiit anno Dom: 1677 ætat: 62; & ejusdem duarum conjugum, MARJORIAE LINDSAY filiae [blank] LINDSAY de Kinnettles & BEATRICIS OGILVY filiae [blank] OGILVY de Carsbank quae obiit anno Dom: 1716 ætat: suae 89.
Ibidem loci quoque sepulti sunt nonnulli ejusdem DAVIDIS liberi, quorum nomina coeli injuria & prioris cippi vetustate perierunt.
Restored by Rescobie Kirk Session MDCCCLXVII

[M74; p2348; mural on south wall of kirk; see also M30] Erected by their bereaved family in memory of the Revd WILLIAM ROGERS, minister of this parish who died on the 10th Sept 1842 in the 60th year of his age and the 34th of his ministry. Also of AGNES, eldest daughter of the the Revd JAMES LYON minister of Glammis, his first wife, who died on the 30th of July 1816 in the 30th year of her age. And of ANN, youngest daughter of JOHN OLDHAM, Millthorpe Notts, his second wife, who died on the 19th of June 1844 in the 56th year of her age.

Laid flat into the gravel, west of the kirk

[M1; p2414-6] 1773 WS I(D) ; WILL SMITH ; ... ; Decreed by God in mercy to mankind / Our troubles are to this short life confind / Want weakness disease & sorrows have / their general quiets in the silent grave / keep death & judgment always in your ... / non's fit to live but who is fit to d... / make much of present time becaus you n... / take up your lodging in the d... / it's dreadfull to behold the setting sun / & night's approach befor your work ...

[M2; D4; p2414] (.)P ; ... ...ther JAMES PY... who depairtit in Turing (the) 15 of Ja[n]war 164(3) ye 7(.) yeir of his age JA..T FITCH.. his spous buir to him 8 bairns ALEXANDER JAMES JOHN PATIK W[ILL]IA[M] ... PYOTs ; AD ; (D)AIG(...) ; IAI(NE) ; Memento [mori]

[M6; p2412] IS MD 1725; ... (.)S (.)S DS RS MS WS Memento mori

[M8; D2; p2408-9] IB AR IB IB Memento mori Heir lyes JAMES [B...] who lived in Turin husband to ... ROBERT He [d]epairted 24 of Junii of age 80 years

[M10; p2410] 18(..) Erected by JAMES ROBB farmer, Springfield Arbroath, in memory of his mother MARJORY KERR, who died in 1813, aged 47 years. Also of his father DAVID ROBB, sometime tenant in Hillside of Fenhaven who died in 1849 aged 84 years. And are both inter'd here.

South of the kirk

[M13; p2349] Erected to the memory of DAVID LAW, quarrier Turin, who died the 23d September, 1839, aged 61 years.

[M17; p2350] 1825 Erected by FRANCIS ANDERSON & JANNET FAWNS in the Ground of Balgavies in memory of their children ANN who died the 14th Dec. 1806 aged 14 years WALTER died the 11th of Oct. 1823 aged 27 years JOHN died the 3rd of Dec. 1823 aged 14 years

[M18; p2351] Erected by JAMES MARTIN and JANE ANDERSON, his wife, in memory of their family ANN who died 14th Jan. 1870, aged 33 years. CHARLES ROBERT who died 28th Dec. 1879, aged 22 years ROBERT, DAVID, and JANE, who died in infancy. Also the above JANE ANDERSON, who died 20th June 1887, aged 7(3) years. Also the above JAMES MARTIN, who died 14th May 1902, aged 8(8) years. Also their son JAMES MARTIN, died 26th Feb. 1921, aged 80 years. And their daughter HELEN MARTIN who died 21st January 1938, aged 84 years.

[p2352] Erected by JOHN RAMSAY farmer Ward of Turin, in memory of his beloved wife JANET WHITTON who died 23rd June 1895, in her 76th year. The above JOHN RAMSAY, died at Kinbreich 19th April 1911, in his 91st year. And of JEMIMA HOOD, wife of GEORGE RAMSAY, Craiksfolds who died 25th April 1916, aged 70 years. GEORGE DOIG RAMSAY, late farmer, Craiksfolds, who died 15th June 1921, aged 74 years.

[M20; p2353] 1879 Erected in memory of JAMES KEY late farmer Rescobie, who died 25th Sept 1840 aged 60 years ANN KEY* his wife, who died 18th July 1862 aged 73 years And of their children ANDREW and CHARLES who died in infancy, JAMES who died 19th March 1868 aged 40 years MARY who died 23rd Decr 1878 aged 48 years
[* this is both her maiden and her married surname]

[M21; p2354] 1849 Erected by JAMES HENDERSON, mason, Forfar; in memory of his wife MARY MILNE; who died 9th Novr 1847, aged 45 years.

[M22; p2355] 1832 Erected by JOHN DEWAR, wright at Blackgate of Pitscandly, in memory of his wife, JANNET DEWAR, who died 24 Febry 1831, aged 38 years. The above JOHN DEWAR, died 8tht Octr 1883, aged 85 years. He was one of the four elders in the parish who left the established church in 1843 Also of his daughter, AGNES, who died 16th April 1884, aged 57 years.

[M23; p2356] MDCCCXXXIX Erected by CHARLES HILL, farmer Newmill of Burnside, in memory of KATHRINE MORISON his spouse, who died 26th June 1839; aged 61 years. CHARLES HILL died April 3d 1855, aged 85 years.

[M24; p2357] 1834 Erected by THOMAS WATSON, farmer, Clochtow, and HELEN FENTON, his wife, in memory of their son, ALEXANDER, who died on the 4th July 1833, aged 24 years.

[p2358; index finger pointing up] Meet me there Erected by ISABELLA MONCUR, in memory of her beloved husband WILLIAM TODD, who died at Dykehead Novr 27th 1885, aged 59 years. The above named ISABELLA MONCUR died at Reswallie Cottages 15th November 1907 aged 86 years.

[M25; p2359] Sacred to the memory of JANE DOIG, wife of GEORGE THOM, tenant, Auchterforfar, who died on the 1st of November 18(3)7, aged 74 years. Also of GEORGE THOM, who died 18th October 1857, in the 91st year of his age.

[M26; p2360] 1859 In memory of WILLIAM DOUGLAS farmer Finneston who died 25th June 1857 aged 72 years. Also his wife ISABELLA McLAREN who died 12th June 1859 aged 64 years. And their son ARCHIBALD who died 24th October 1850 aged 15 years. Also their daughter, CHARLOTTE who died 11th June 1893 aged 52 years.

[p2361] Sacred to the memory of ANDREW CAMERON miller, Milldens, Ochterlony, died 5th Sept. 1917, aged 60 years. Also his beloved children AGATHA, died 25th Octr 1899, aged 2 years. BELLA JANE, died 13th March 1901, aged 9 years. ALEXANDER, died from wounds in the Great War 2nd May 1917, aged 30 years and is interred in Aubigny Communal Cemetery nr Arras. MARGARET, beloved grandchild died 8th August 1918, aged 4 years. And his wife BARBARA CARGILL died 17th May 194(5). Also his daughters MARTHA, died at D.R.I. 28th Jan. 1951, aged 66. MABEL, died 11th May 1953, aged 62. Also his parents ALEXANDER CAMERON, died 24th June 1884, aged 81 years. MARY LOWDEN, died 1st Nov. 1894, aged 82 years. And his sister MARTHA, died 13th March 1907, aged 71 years.

[M27; p2362, p2406-7; on ground; partly defaced] In memory of JOHN CARR late farmer at .a... died ... [J]une 18(..) aged ... JEAN ROSS ... 18(7)1 aged ... their children ANNIE died 184(.) aged 11 y[ears] JAMES died 185(.) aged 10 years

[p2363] Erected by WILLIAM WALKER in memory of his two sons, DAVID who died 24th August 1878, aged 13 years. JOHN who died {the result of an accident at Guthrie} 24th March 1906, aged 18 years. Also his wife ANN YOUNG, who died at Wheelstaves Crossing 7th October 1925, aged 79 years. The above WILLIAM WALKER, who died 10th Sep. 1929, aged 93 years.

[M28; p2364] Erected by the family of the late ALEXANDER CHRISTIE quarry master Lunanhead who died on the 7th Septr 1877 in his 67th year He was a good husband and kind father Also their sister AGNES who died on 7th February 1848 aged 3 years & 9 months

[p2365; cross] In loving memory of ALEXANDER WALKER died 28th June 1899, aged 71 years. For nineteen years minister of this parish, for ten years a missionary and for twenty years chaplain in the Madras Presidency, India.

[M30; p2398-2400; chest; see also M74] Here lies the body of AGNES ... daughter of the Rev. ... minister of Glammis and spouse of the Rev. ... minister of Rescobie She fell asleep on the 30th ... year of her age ... Near this stone ... of ANN youngest daughter of ...

[M31; p2366] Erected by ANDREW OSLER, farmer, Tulloes, in memory of his wife SUSAN COUPER, who died Octr 7th 1859, aged 47 years. Also of their children ANDREW, who died Septr 29th 1841, aged 6 months. AGNES, [who died] Jany 8th 1845, [aged] 2 years. HELEN, [who died] Augt 20th 1848, [aged] 3 [years] JANNET, [who died] Decr 4th 1851, [aged] 10 months. ISABELLA, [who died] Septr 7th 1854, [aged] 5 years. The above ANDREW OSLER died Jany 17th 1862, aged 66 years. ANDREW SMITH [died] March 31st 1865, [aged] 2 [years] MARGARET OSLER, died Decr 30th 1892, aged 57 years. SUSAN C. OSLER, [died] June 7th 1895, [aged] 48 [years] DAVID OSLER, [died] Augt 23rd 1887, [aged] 56 [years] MARJORY I. OSLER, [died] Feb. 21st 1939, [aged] 87 [years]

[M32; p2367] In memory of DAVID SMITH, West-mains, Dunnichen, who died 10th May 1882, aged 61 years. Also of his children. ANDREW, died 31st March 1865, aged 2 years. WILLIAM, [died] 25th May 1868, [aged] 8 months. DAVID, [died] 31st May 1868, [aged] 8 years. THOMAS, [died] 1st Janr 1873, [aged] 13 [years]. JANE, [died] 5th April 1874, [aged] 2 days. And of his wife JANE OSLER, who died 8th July 1920, aged 87 years. MARGARET SMITH died 25th Oct. 1928, aged 67 years. ANN COUPER SMITH died 11th Feb. 1936, aged 78 years. ALFRED SMITH died 23rd July 1947, aged 71 years.

[p2368; cross] To the glory of God and in dear memory of WILLIAM TAYLOR FARQUHAR of Pitscandly, 1853-1923. "In thy light shall we see light."

[M33; p2369-70] MDCCCXLVI To the memory of JOHN FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly who died 14th June 1844, aged 49 years; Also of SUSANNAH FLOYD FARQUHAR, daughter of JOHN FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly and sister to the above, who died 10th February 1822, aged 23 years; Also of EMILY LAKE FARQUHAR, daughter of JOHN FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly who died 21st January 1839, aged 7 years; Also of SARAH SUSANNAH FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly who died in 1849, aged 26. And his wife MARY ANN SHILLITO, who died 10th March 1855, aged 63.
[west; p2403-4] In memory of JOHN FARQUHAR Esq., of Pitscandly who died 30th June 1808, aged 67 years. And his wife SUSANNAH FLOYD LAKE, who died 12th June 1857, aged 89 years. Also in memory of ELIZABETH FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly who died in 1764. THOMAS FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly who died 15th March 1789. The Reverend WILLIAM FARQUHAR, who died 4th March 1874. MARY ANN FARQUHAR, of Pitscandly wife of above Rev. WILLIAM FARQUHAR born 14th August 1825, died 1st December 1911.

[M35; p2371] Erected by JOHN TAYLOR, North Mains of Turin, in memory of his wife, ANN TAYLOR*, who died the 6th October 1853, in the 44th year of her age. Also in memory of his children COLIN who died the 19 May 1872 aged 10 months JOHN who died the 21st June 187(2) aged 9 years Also his grandchild MARY ANN TAYLOR who died 21 February 1882, aged 2½ months
[* i.e. Ann Young]

[M36; p2372] MARGARET BLAIR, wife of the Revd JAMES ESDAILE, D.D. Perth, died at the Manse of Rescobie, 24th May 1843. Her piety, good sense, and kindly feelings, gained her the esteem of all who knew her. Her husband, and children, venerate her memory, and can never forget her singular self-denial, and generous untiring affection. She died in her 68th year, and on her first visit to the manse of her son. JAMES ESDAILE, D.D. distinguished for vigorous intellect, varied learning, great amiability, and faithful service as a Christian minister, died 8th January 1854 aged 79.

[M40; p2373-5, p2397; table stone] In memory of DAVID DICKSON of Clocksbriggs, who died on the 12th of Septr 1803, aged 60 years; and of MARY CUTHBERT his wife, who died on the 8th of July 1816, aged 72. Also of their infant son DAVID, who died in the year of our Lord .... when only 19 weeks old; and of their son JAMES, an officer on board the Generous Friends, an East India ship, which was lost in the China Seas in 1802, and who is supposed to have perished, in the 22d year of his age. Likewise of their daughter ISABELLA, who died on the 11th of April 182(1), aged 37. Also of their son Major DAVID DICKSON of Clocksbriggs, born 1778, died 1859, aged 81. Also of their daughter MARY DICKSON, born 1788, died 1866, aged 78. Also of their son ALEXANDER DICKSON some time of Wemys, born 1780 died 1864 aged 84 and of ISABELLA DUFFUS CARGILL his wife born 1786 died 1870 aged 84.

[M39; p2376; obelisk] Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH LINDSAY, wife of DAVID DICKSON, esqre of Clocksbriggs, who died at Tours in France, the 10th June 1855, aged 40 years, and whose remains are interred here. DAVID DICKSON of Clocksbriggs Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor died at Dunkirk France November 1869 aged 58.

[M37; p2377] 1827 Erected by JAMES DONALD formerly tenant in Craighall of Tannadice in memory of his wife JEAN RATTRAY who died 13 Decr 1826 aged 49 years

[M43; p2378] Erected by DAVID GRAY West Hill End of Burnside in memory of his spouse ANN GIBSON, who died the 6th December, 1847, aged 56 years. And of his daughters ELIZABETH died 1st January 18(3)0, aged (1.) years MARGARET died 1(3)th July 18(51) aged 24 years The above DAVID GRAY died 10th September 1864 aged 7(9) years

[p2379] In affectionate remembrance of ALEXANDER BROWN farmer, West Mains of Turin, who died on the 19th Nov. 1879, aged 60 years. And of MARGARET his wife, who died on the 17th May 1879, aged 70 years. Also their daughter ANNIE GUTHRIE, died 7th July 1905.

[M45; p2380] 1859 Erected by JESSIE JAMIESON* in memory of her mother ELIZABETH CRUICKSHANK who died 29th April 1858 aged 84 years; also of her brother DONALD HILL who died 2nd September 1849 aged 42 years. The above named JESSIE JAMIESON who died 27th June 1891 aged 81 years. Also her husband DAVID JAMIESON who died 30th January 1899 aged 79 years.
[* i.e. Jessie Hill]

[M48] ...
[west; p2391, p2418] Glory be to God only 1750 TF HM ; TF IF ; This stone was erected by HELLAN MILLAR relect of THOMAS FINDLAY som time farmer in Carsbank who died the 16 of October 1743 aged 5(.) years Also erected by his sone THOMAS FINDLAY

[p2381; cross] JAMES POWRIE of Reswallie died May 25th 1895 aged 80. MARY DICKSON his wife died March 17th 1903 aged 88. THOMAS POWRIE son of above died October 8th 1933 aged (9)0.

[M56; p2382] 1816 Erected by CHARLES PULLAR and ELISABETH KINNEAR in West mains of Turin in memory of their children AGNES who died 5th March 1794 aged 2 years and 8 months and MARGARET died the 9th July 1815 aged 12 years.

[M55; p2383] 1818 Erected by JOHN HOWE and MARGARET SIMPSON in Haresburn in memory of their children ELISABETH who died 3d Jany 1783 aged 1 year and 9 months WILLIAM died 9th June 1792 aged 6 months and ALEXANDER 6th Jany 1817 aged 23 years.

[M54; p2384] 1840 Erected to the memory of JOHN HOWE, who was farmer of Hearsburn for 47 years, who departed this life in Oct. 1823, aged 73 years. Also his spouse MARGARET, who died in Oct. 1820, aged 63 years. They were industrious, beloved, and rispected, by all who know them. Also their oldest son JOHN, who departed this life in April 1824, aged 4(.) And also their daughter ANN, spouse of JAMES DAVIDSON, who died 15th Feby 1840, aged 41 years.

[p2385] Erected by EDWARD HOGG in memory of WILLIAM HOGG, farmer at Fonah, Rescobie, who died 26th February 1902, aged 75 years. And the following of his children JOHN BOWIE HOGG, clerk, Fonah, Rescobie, who died 27th November 1894, aged 30 years. ANNIE HOGG, Lochhead, Forfar, who died 13th October 1911, aged 52 years. ARTHUR HOGG, joiner, Lochhead, Forfar, who died 16th February 1924, aged 57 years. EDWARD HOGG, calf dealer, Lochhead, Forfar, who died 26th July 1938.

[M53; p2386] Erected by WILLIAM KINNEAR and JANET STIRLING at West-mains of Turin in memory of their children ELISABETH who died 27th of Septr 1807 aged 1 year and 9 months, JAMES died 27th May 1815 aged 5 years and 9 months, and JANET died 5th June 1815 aged 4 years.

[M52; p2387] Not lost but gone before Erected by MARGARET GRANT in memory of her husband JAMES WISHART farmer Haresburn; who died 16th Octr 1882, aged 72 years. Also of their daughter ANN GRANT who died 19th Sept 1854, aged 1 year. The above MARGARET GRANT, died 13th August 1888, aged 73 years.

[M51; p2388] 1843 Erected by JOHN GOVE in memory of his son JOHN, who died Octr 27th 1841 aged 10 years. JOHN GOVE, by whom this stone was erected, died 23rd March 1853 aged 55 years. Also his spouse AGNES ORAM, who died 9th June 1858, aged 58 years.

[M67; p2389] Erected by JAMES HUTTON, in memory of his wife ELIZABETH ROBERTS, who died in March 1844. And his children WILLIAM, aged (3), DAVID, 8 and JOHN, 10 years. JEANIE, ANDREW, WILLIAM, and HELEN, who died in infancy. Also his father and mother WILLIAM HUTTON, and HELEN LITTLEJOHN. His sister and brother WILLIAM and ISABELLA who were all interred here. Not lost but gone before. The said JAMES HUTTON, died (..) October 1883 aged (..) years.

[M70; p2390] 1829 Erected by JOHN ANNAT, in memory of his father, JAMES ANNAT, late wright at Hearsburn, who died 19 April 1828, aged 48. Also his two sisters, viz. MARGRET, died 29 April 1826, aged 18. ELIZABETH, died 11 April 1827, aged 15 years.
[west; p2419] Also his wife BETSY SALMOND, who died 24th Sept. 1869, aged 53 years. Their daughter BETSY died 31st Jany 1878, aged 44 years. His sister ANN died 1st March 1886, aged 72 years. The said JOHN ANNAT, died 1(3)th July 1892, aged 86 years. Their son JAMES, late joiner, Ward of Turin, died 5th March 1912, aged 66 years. Also his wife AIMEE BENNET, who died at Forfar, July 1935, aged 80 years.

[west; p2420] Sacred to the memory of JOHN GRAY ... ...stone who departed this life 23rd September 1874 aged ... years.

[M65 ?] ...
[west; p2421; largely defaced] .M .M .M .M .M .M .M .M ; 45

In north-east corner of kirkyard

[M72; p2422; south side] ID 175(8) ; This stone was erected by JOHN DALGITY in memory of his father DAVID DALGITY who died in June 1736 aged 36 His children IS(A)BELL and ELIZABETH ; (This) stone doth hold the corps of ... / ... judgment do appear / And then I shall be raised again / ...

The following are some of the 31 monuments at St Ninian's Chapel, Balmadies.

[M13] 1763 Here lies interred the mortal part of Mr JOHN PIERSON lawful son to JAMES PIERSON of Balmadies who died on the 16th of Febuary MDCCLXIII aged LXIV years. A devout worshipper of his creator and sincere lover of all mankind. Memento mori

[M21] Mrs MARGARET LINDSAY daughter to Sir ALEXANDER LINDSAY of Evliek firt married to the laird of Findoury and thereafter to JAMES PIERSON of Balmadies to whom she bore seven sons She died about the 56 year of her age on the 11 or 12 of May 1714 and here interred on the 18 A vitueus and religious lady Memento mori

[M22] Mrs ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT sister german to the present laird of Findourie died of a deceiy about the 18 year of her age a beautyful virtuous and religious young lady & was here interred some years before her mothers death Memento mori
[She died in 1704; her funeral cost the laird of Balmadies £328/-/4.]

[M23] Memento mori Mr ALEXANDER PIERSONE of Balmadies vas born the 3 of Febri 1626 died the 13 of March 170(1) and vas hier interred the 26 of the said moneth

[M24] Dam MARGRET MURRAY spouse to Mr ALEXANDER PIERSONE of Balmadies vas born the 9 of June 1625 died the 12 of Septer 1694 and vas hier interred the 26 of said moneth


Rescobie war memorial
In the new cemetery, adjacent to the kirk

Lt Col. Hugh A. Gray Cheape, D.S.O., Worcestershire Yeomanry.
Cpl. Robt Bannerman, Black Watch
Pte. Alex. Cameron, Black Watch
Pte. Donald Duncan, Warwicks.
Rescobie war memorial south

Pte Robt Milne, Black Watch.
Gnr. John Ramsay, R.G.A.
Pte. Wm H. Ramsay, Scots Guards.
Robt Robertson, Gordon Hdrs.
L/Cpl. Robt G. Simpson, Sherwood Forresters.
Pte. Robt Smith, Black Watch.
Rescobie war memorial east

Cpl. Wm Jack, Black Watch.
Pte. Ed. Low, R.A.M.C.
Pte. Geo. Macfarlane, Black Watch
A./M. Peter Mackintosh, R.A.F.
Pte. Wm J. Mackintosh, H.L.I.
Wm Mitchell, Black Watch.
Rescobie war memorial west


Pte J. Fyfe - Black Watch - Clocksbriggs
Sgt W. Dakers - R.A.F. - Baldardo
Rescobie war memorial north

See also Scottish War Memorials Project: Rescobie for further details.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Index to Parish Registers, 1688-1819 [Angus Archives ref. 63:929.3]


Church Session Records of Rescobie Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/536/...
Poors' fund accounts1845-186113
Communion roll1880-190015
Communion certificate & adherents claim194017
Communion roll1941-196118
4 misc. docs1948-195020
Removals & additions1900-191421
Communion roll189921


Rescobie Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR426/...
Minute book1828-19271
Cash book1874-19072
Papers re ecclesiastical buildings, etc. (church, manse)1924-19264
Correspondence, etc.1927-19295


Land owners

There were 11 proprietors of land in the parish, ca. 1842:


Estate & family records

Hunter of Burnside, 1499-1846 [NRAS ref. NRAS1398; held by Angus Archives]
Repertory of Hunter Archive

Pierson of Balmadies [Pearson of Balmadies], 1600-1757 [Angus Archives ref. MS 332]


Farmers / Tenants

BaggertonPatrick Fairweather-1871-
doAndrew Murdie-1881-
doWilliam & John Murdie-1891-
doJohn Murdie-1901-1924-
doMessrs Murdie-1924-
doJ. Murdie-1928-1931-
doWilliam Murdie-1931-1944-
doWilliam Murdie & Son-1947-
BaldardoMrs Elizabeth Gibson-1861-1891-
doJames Gibson [d. 1912]-1899-1912
doTrustees of James Gibson-1914-
doWilliam S. Nicoll-1918-1928-
doA.W. Jamieson-1931-
doDavid Y. Petrie-1935-
BurnsideEdward H. Robertson of Burnside-1906-
doW. Alexander-1928-1942-
Carsebank, WestWilliam Nicoll-1881-1901-
Carsebank, EastWilliam Nicoll-1902-1906-
Carsebank, WestWilliam Nicoll, jun. [d. 1907]-1907
doJames Nicoll [d. 1909]-1909
Carsebank, East & WestWilliam Nicoll-1910-1928-
CarsebankMisses Nicoll-1931-
doJ. & F. Niven-1935-1942-
Chapelton of Ochterlony
alias Chapelton of Balmadies (since 1936)
David McNaughton-1861-
doRobert Mitchell-1871-
doGeorge Mitchell-1885-1902-
doThomas Welsh-1906-
doT.W. Ramsay-1918-1921-
doJames Nicoll-1924-1928
doJohn Inverarity1928-
doJohn [d. 1952] & James Inverarity-1935-1948
doJames Inverarity1948-1952-
ClochtowDavid Grant-1861-1881-
doWilliam T. Farquhar-1891-1914-
doGeorge Black-1918-1928-
doR.S. Lamond-1931-1942-
ClocksbriggsThomas Alexander [d. 1910]-1881-1910
doThomas Mackie-1914-1931-
Cotton of TurinAlexander Webster-1861-
doPeter Ramsay-1871-1881-
doJohn Ramsay [d. 1916]-1891-1901-
DrimmieCharles Henderson-1861-
doDavid Lakie-1871-1914-
doWilliam Nicoll-1918-1921-
doMessrs Nicoll-1924-
doW. Nicoll-1928-1931-
doThomas Mackie [d. 1936]-1935-1936
doMrs Mackie-1938-1942-
East Mains of BurnsideMargaret Osler-1871-
doJames Ramsay-1881-1891-
doJames Paterson-1901-1914-
doG. Philip-1918-1931-
doJ. Bruce-1935-1942-
East MilldensJames Milne-1871-
doA. Smart-1928-1931-
doAlexander Gray-1934-1942-
East TrumpertonAlexander Bennet-1861-
doWilliam Ford-1871-
doDavid Ritchie [d. 1915]-1901-1915
FinniestonWilliam Douglas-1861-
doDavid Grant-1871-1881-
doWilliam Jolly-1891-
doAlexander Edward-1901-1921-
doGeorge Fenwick Watson-1924-1942-
FonahJane Spencer?-1861-
doDavid Ramsay-1871-1881-
doWilliam Hogg [d. 1902]-1891-1902
doWilliam Wilson [d. 1923]-1906-1923
doG.T. Wilson-1928-1931-
doJames M. Robertson-1935-1942-
ForesterseatGeorge Kyd-1871-
doAnnie Craig Kyd-1881-
doJohn McNicoll-1901-1924-
doG. McNicoll-1928-1942-
GreenheadPeter Smith-1861-1881-
doJames Doig-1891-1910-
doAlexander Cochrane-1914-1924-
doJ. Cochrane-1928-1942-
HagmuirJohn Carr-1861-
doGeorge Tyrie-1871-1881-
doWilliam Dakers-1891-1928-
doJohn Dakers-1931-1942-
HaresburnJames Wishart-1861-1881-
doJohn B. Wishart-1891-1902-
doGavin Steven-1906-
Hatton of CarseJames Kewans-1861-
doJames Simpson-1881-
doAlexander Simpson & James Henderson-1902-
doJames Henderson-1901-1914-
doR. Henderson-1918-1921-
doMessrs Henderson-1924-
doJ. Henderson, jun.-1928-1942-
HeatherstacksJohn Dalgety-1861-
doJames Taylor-1891-
doMrs Anne Taylor-1901-1914-
doLeslie Taylor-1918-1942-
Mains of BurnsideCharles Cable-1861-1871-
Mains of Ochterlony
alias Mains of Balmadies
William Watson-1871-1891-
doThomas W. Ramsay-1901-1914-
doA. Findlay-1918-1921-
doWalter R. Findlay-1924-1945-
Mid DodGeorge Thomas-1906-
Mill of BalmadiesAlexander Cameron-1881-
doAndrew Cameron-1891-1921-
doMrs Cameron-1924-
doW. Brown-1928-1942-
MilldensRobert Scott-1871-
doJames Martin, sen.-1881-
doJames Martin, sen. & jun.-1891-
doJames Martin, jun.-1901-1921-
doAlexander Smart-1924-
NethermuirGavin Steven-1910-1924-
doJames Martin-1928-1931-
doDavid Young-1935-1942-
doDavid K. Young-1952-
Newmill of BalgaviesJames Robertson-1861-1881-
doAlexander Sinclair-1891-1902-
doJames Simpson-1906-1921-
doMessrs Simpson-1924-
doJ. & J.D. Simpson-1928-1931-
doJ. Simpson-1935-1942-
North QuilkoeJames Chalmers-1861-1891-
doEdmund D. Keith-1901-1910-
doGeorge Fife-1914-1921-
doJohn Kerr-1924-1931-
doD. Clark-1935-1942-
Pitscandly MainsAlexander Cobb-1861-1881-
doR.W. Garland-1924-1931-
QuilkoeJames Mitchell-1861-1902-
doAlexander Walker, jun.-1906-1942-
ReswallieWilliam Grant-1906-
Reswallie MainsAlexander Philip-1910-1941
TrumpertonJames Findlay-1891-
doMrs Christina Low-1922
WardmillWilliam Rough-1861-
doMrs Helen Rough-1871-
doGeorge Rough-1881-1891-
doWilliam Monro-1901-
doWilliam & John Monro-1902-1906-
doWilliam Monro-1910-1921-
doWilliam Orr-1924-1931-
doMrs Orr-1935-1942-
Wards of TurinDavid Alexander-1861-
doGeorge Williamson-1871-
doJohn Ramsay [d. 1911]-1881-1895-
doGeorge D. Ramsay-1901-1906-
doJ. & J. Ellis-1910-1942-
WemyssWilliam Absolon-1861-1871-
doMisses Barbara & Margaret Absolon-1881-1902-
doJames W. Adamson-1906-1924-
doI.T. Stevenson-1928-
doWilliam S. Nicoll-1931-1942
West Mains of TurinAlexander Brown-1861-1871-
doAlexander Storrie [d. 1896]-1881-1896
doAlexander Cobb-1901-1902-
doMrs Jane Cobb-1906-1914-
doAlexander Cobb-1918-1921-
doTrustees of Mrs Cobb-1924-
doJ. Allardice-1928-1942-


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

1755798Dr Alexander Webster
1790934Old Statistical Account


Testaments & wills

Rescobie was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Rescobie people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Walter Bairtiein Baldairdie29 Jan 1607
Isobel Barriespouse to John Myle, at Rescobie31 Jul 1686
John Belliein Baldairdie15 Jun 1635
Margaret Blairspouse to David Dalgatie, in Over Turring22 Oct 1683
James Boukin Hearsburn of Drinie20 Oct 1683
Isobel Craikspouse to William Cuthbert, in Clochtow5 Aug 1641
William Craikservant to William Craik, elder, in Clochlow1 Jun 1614
David Cuthbertin Hedderstakis8 Apr 1614
Eupham Cuthbertspouse to James Fairweather, in Quilko26 Oct 1685
Patrick Daein Woodend of Dod22 Aug 1618
Andrew Dawsometime husbandman in Chepaltoun12 Apr 1600
David Dogin Hedderstak10 Dec 1619
David Doigin Rossiewallie, par. of Roscobie11 Jun 1692
Helen Donaldsonspouse to Alexander Buchan, in Easter Baldardie23 Oct 1685
Alexander Fairweatherin Mylnehill of Baldirdie3 Jun 1626
Janet Fairweatherspouse to Alexander Dickson, in Rescobie24 Oct 1685
Miss Susan Floyd Farquharres. at Hatton of Carse, yst dau. of dec. John Farquhar of Pitscandly, Esq.16 Nov 1822
John Forrestin Carss, dwelling in par. of Rescobie10 Jul 1613
Walter Gray of Carsepar. of Rescobie11 Jul 1775
Alexander Hayat the Myln of Balmadies1 Sep 1682
John Hepburnin Newtown of Balmadies15 Jan 1714
Andrew Hunter of Dod30 Dec 1713 and 7 Jun 1721
James Hutcheonin Cottoun of Turings22 Feb 1620
Isobel Kemprelict of Archibald Adam, in Easter Fannow25 Nov 1637
Janet Langlandsin Overtoun24 Oct 1685
Sir Patrick Lyon of Carse, knightpar. of Roscobie7 Jun 1695 and 14 Dec 1720
Mr Patrick Lyonminister at Rescobie3 May 1704 and 13 Jan 1710
Mr Patrick Lyon of Carsepar. of Rescobie6 Jun 1707 and 24 Jul 1708
Andrew Mathewin Dod18 Oct 1649
Catherine Peterspouse to John Wallace, in Phinnestoun24 Oct 1687
Patrick Pyotin Over Turring15 Oct 1683
Margaret Salterspouse to Charles Pullar, tenant in West mains of Turin10 Jun 1786
John Scottservant man in Criguhanlow12 Apr 1626
William Scott of Reswallie20 Apr 1813; 5 & 10 Jan 1820
Alexander Simpson of Mearstainpar. of Rescobie13 Jul 1616
Catherine Simpsonspouse to John Pyot, in Fennestoun17 Jan 1617
Patrick Smithin Quhilico29 Oct 1613
Mr Andrew Spaldingminister at Rescobie24 Aug 1639
Mr John Spaldingminister at the Kirk of Rescobie6 May 1641
Patrick Sturrockin the Myln of Rescobie28 Oct 1685
William Sturrockat the Myln of Rescobie24 Oct 1683
David Thomin Wester Cottoun of Carss11 Oct 1681
Thomas Thomsonin Easter Dod31 Jul 1637
Patrick Wallacepar. of Rescobie22 Feb 1620
Elizabeth Wilsonin Mains of Balmadies11 Aug 1718
John Winterin Cottown of Carse, par. of Kascokie [Rescobie], Forfar16 Oct 1723

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant

Margaret Adamsonspouse to Abraham Miln, in Carse2 Jul 1729
Patrick Finlaysometime in Hattan of Carse28 Sep 1761
John Fyfein Wardmiln of Rescobie25 Jun 1735
James Lowsonin Bagarton11 Apr 1744
Sir Patrick Lyon of Carse6 Jan 1725
Mr Patrick Lyon of Carse21 Oct 1731
Patrick Lyonson of Mr Patrick L., of Carse3 Oct 1733
John Meik of Drimmiepar. of Rescobie27 May 1741
John Wilsonin Milndens28 Sep 1737

Testaments of Rescobie people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823

John Ormondat Burnside of Rescobie [See also Dunnichen testaments]8 Jun 1820
Alexander Wallacein Dod, par. of Rescobie, and Isobel Pyott, his relict11 Mar 1657

Testaments of Rescobie people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Marion Calbeirtspouse to Andrew Whitburne, in Pitscandlie, par. of Roscobie, sher. of Forfar30 Oct 1598
Mr James Ogilvieat Rescobie-mylne, son lawful to umquhile Sir John Ogilvie of Innerquharitie, knight14 Aug 1596 and 19 Dec 1601
Peter Oliphant of Turingispar. of Rescobie, sher. of Forfar15 Mar 1595
Bessie Symsonspouse to Alexander Fairwedder, in Mylnehill of Baldardy, par. of Roscoby in Angus30 Oct 1598

Testaments of Rescobie people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Andro Gallowayin Wester-Fanoche, par. of Rescobie, in Angus6 Jul 1607

Testaments of Rescobie people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1701-1800

Mr William Keayminister at Rescobie10 Jul 1777


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Rescobie:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/57


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Rescobie:




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