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The former parish of Newdosk in Kincardineshire was annexed to Edzell ANS ca. 1658. It was transferred to Fettercairn in 1889.

Please also visit the page of general information applicable to all of Angus & Kincardineshire.


NLSNational Library of Scotland
NRSNational Records of Scotland, formerly called the National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and, before that, the Scottish Record Office [SRO]
HM General Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YY (Tel: +44-131-535-1314)
OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


Books & articles


Statistical accounts of Fettercairn


Maps of Fettercairn

For the full range of maps of Fettercairn, see National Library's Maps.


Photographs of places

Geograph.org: Fettercairn - recent photographs of Fettercairn. National Grid ref. NO6573.

Geograph.org: Newdosk - recent photographs of Kirkton of Balfour, Newdosk. National Grid ref. NO6073.


Fettercairn parish church

Located in Fettercairn village at National Grid ref. NO652735. Built in 1803. The mediaeval kirk was dedicated to St Mark.

Photograph of Fettercairn Kirk


Parish ministers 1560-1948

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

William Strachan (Strathauchin)1563reader
Patrick Boncle1563min. of Fordoun, had this charge 1563
John Thom1563-1574reader, as suc. to Strathauchin
James Strachan (Strathauchin)1576bro. of John Strachan of Claypotts; parson
James Lindsay1576-15804th son of David, 9th earl of Crawford; pres. 5 Jun 1576 on death of James Strachan; d. 15 Jun 1580 Geneva
John Collace1580-1587son of John Collace of Balnamoon; pres. to parsonage and vicarage 15 Aug 1580; also had Newdosk in the charge 1585; d. 16 Mar 1587; test. 30 Dec 1588 Edinburgh
Alexander Forbes1588-1616M.A.; pres. 28 May 1588; bishop of Caithness 1606, retaining the charge of Fettercairn; tr. to bishopric of Aberdeen 21 Aug 1616
William Wishart1611-1613, 1618-1630M.A.; adm. as colleague 24 Apr 1611; tr. to Minto ROX aft. 6 Oct 1613; re-adm. here aft. 10 Mar 1618; tr. to S. Leith MLN 6 May 1630; mar. ca. 1611 Elizabeth Keith
David Strachan1630-1662M.A. Edinburgh 1622; pres. 2 Aug 1630; bishop of Brechin 7 May 1662
William Chalmers1665-1669b. 1620, son of Wm C., min. of Boyndie BAN; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1640; adm. Marykirk bef. 17 Jan 1648; tr. & adm. 21 Jun 1665; d. 1669 London; mar. Elizabeth Barclay (possibly, of Towie family); issue: Wm, min. of Glamis; James, min. of Cullen BAN; Robert, schoolmaster, Turriff ABD
Hercules Skinner1669-1698b. ca. 1630; son of Laurence Skinner, min. of Navar; M.A. St Andrews 1651; schoolmaster Brechin 1653; ord. Navar 22 Jul 1658; tr. & adm. 29 Oct 1669; d. Jan 1698; mar. 1666 Agnes, dau. of Patrick Lyon, min. of Barry; issue: Hercules, Isabel
David Ramsay1700-1722b. ca. 1668; M.A. St Andrews 1689; ord. 20 Mar 1700; d May/Jun 1722; mar. 1700 Margaret Rait; issue: Eliz., Jean
Anthony Dow1723-1772b. ca. 1693; M.A. St Andrews 1714; ord. 26 Sep 1723; d. 25 Aug 1772; mar. (1) 1724 Ann, dau. of Wm Reid, min. of Dunning PER; issue: Wm; Jean (mar. Robert Trail, min. of Panbride); David, min. of Dron PER; Anne; Anthony; mar. (2) 1742 Catherine Futt
[John Barclay]--b. 1733?, son of Ludovic Barclay, farmer/miller, Muthill PER; M.A. St Andrews ca. 1755; ass. Errol PER 1759-63; ass. here 1763-72; held Antinomian doctrines; formed Berean sect (or Barclayites, after himself); settled in Edinburgh; ord. 12 Oct 1773 Newcastle/Tyne as Berean; d. unmar. 29 Jul 1798 Edinburgh; buried (monument) Old Calton Burying Ground, Edinburgh
Robert Foote1773-1809b. 11 Mar 1742, son of Charles Foote, min. of Kinfauns PER; ord. Eskdalemuir DFS 22 Sep 1768; tr. & adm. 15 Sep 1773; d. 1 Jul 1809; mar. 1778 Jane, dau. of James Smith, min. of Garvock; issue: Chas Wm; James, D.D., min. of North par., Aberdeen; Mary; Barbara S.; John; Christian C.; Eliz. B.; Archd, merchant, Montrose; Cath.; Robert; Alexander Leith Ross, D.D., min. of Brechin
James Keyden1810-1814b. 11 Oct 1785, son of James K., min of Dunning PER; ord. 5 Apr 1810; res. 1814; purser on HEICS vessel; d. unmar. 5 Nov 1821 Lochee, Dundee
John Muir1814-1816ord. ass. & suc. 27 Dec 1814; tr. to St Vigeans 24 Sep 1816
Alexander Whyte1817-1858b. 1790, son of David W., farmer, Clova; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1810; tutor to fam. of earl of Airlie; schoolmaster, Auchterhouse 1813-17; ord. (ass. & suc.?) 13 Mar 1817; d. 11 Jan 1858; mar. 1827 Jane Farquhar, dau. of James Shand, min. of Marykirk; issue: James S.; Margaret H. E.; Alexander, naturalist; Mary G. (mar. William Low Henderson, architect, Aberdeen)
Adam Inch Ritchie1858-1867b. 19 Oct 1831 Biggar, son of David R., farmer; ord. St Davids Dundee 25 Sep 1856; tr. hence 28 Jul 1858; tr. to Whitekirk & Tynninghame ELN 7 Mar 1867; d. 7 Mar 1900; mar. (1) 1859 Marion Eliz., only dau. of Alexander Young of Rosefield; issue: Charles David; Alexander Young; Marion; Lilias (mar. Elkanah Hewitt, solicitor); mar. (2) 1870 Susan, 3rd dau. of James Durie, Fettercairn; issue: James Durie, engineer
William Anderson1867-1909b. 8 Dec 1834 Loudoun AYR, son of James A., lapidary, Kilmarnock; ord. Melville, Montrose 6 Oct 1864; tr. & adm. 8 Aug 1867; res. 21 Oct 1909; d. 16 Jan 1917 Edinburgh; mar. 1867 Grace Isabella, dau. of David Ferguson, Irvine; issue: James Edward, C.B.E.; Grace H.; Wm D. F.; John A.; Edith J.; Fredk
Charles Lamb Hunter1910-1948b. 14 Nov 1878 St Boswells ROX, son of Benjamin H.; M.A. Edinburgh 1902; ass. East par. Aberdeen; ass. Park par. Glasgow; ord. 6 Apr 1910; adm. to united charge 1929; dem. 30 Nov 1948; mar. 1911 Edith Alice, dau. of Wm Kerr, Glasgow

Parish ministers of Newdosk

Patrick Bonkill1563min.; also at Fettercairn and Fordoun
William Chalmers1565M.A.; parson 3 Apr 1565
David Straton1574-1580reader
Thomas Stewart1586reader

Ministers of the Free Church (later, United Free Church), Fettercairn

David Paton?-1851-1881-?b. ca. 1810 Montrose; d. 13 Apr 1901 Joppa; mar. 1848 Catherine Shaw; issue: Margt; Hope H. [dau.]; Eliz. G.; James
Robert Henderson Ireland Abel?-1891-?b. 17 Jul 1850 Skene ABD, son of Wm A.; mar. Williamina Clark Grant ---; issue: Williamina, M.B., M.D.

Ministers of St Andrew's Episcopal Chapel, Fasque

Donald Irvine?-1851-?b. ca. 1813 Edinburgh
Andrew Holmes Belcher1875-1909b. ca. 1830 Thrapston, Northants ENG; B.A.(Cantab.) 1852; rector of Tomgrancy, Co. Clare in 1871; d. 7 Jun 1909 Fasque; mar. Annie Emma Kitt ---; issue: Ralph; Kate; Helen E.; Annie; Lucy; Constance


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Fettercairn Kirkyard (ca. 130 stones) and also those in the private burial ground of the Gladstones of Fasque, at Fasque (ca. 10 stones), and at Newdosk Kirkyard (at Kirkton of Balfour; ca. 20 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Kincardineshire" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1999), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Kincardineshire MI - The Mearns" in their online shop.)

Full texts of all 298 inscriptions in Fettercairn Kirkyard in 1996, together with plan of kirkyard and location map are in:
Sheila M. Spiers - The Kirkyard of Fettercairn (Aberdeen: Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS, 1997: ISBN 0-947659-34-X).
The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland FHS has an online search facility for names of people on the monuments they have recorded. Their list of publications is here.

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Fettercairn in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 1, pp. 250-6.

There is a monument to William Shand, sometime of Arnhall (d. 26 Feb 1845, aged 69), at Dyce ABD. See John A. Henderson's Aberdeenshire Epitaphs and Inscriptions, p. 4.

See also Fettercairn Churchyard.

A complete listing of the monuments at Newdosk (Kirkton of Balfour) follows. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.


[p778], etc., indicates that I already have a photo of the monument, and I will happily supply any of these photos free, on request by e-mail, at the full size of 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size. The links on this page are to these photos, but reduced in size to 576 x 432 pixels.

[1; M2] In memory of HELEN DUNN SMITH born 26th May 1828 died 5th Nov. 1901 MAY SMITH born 16th Aug. 1831 died 19th Jan. 1902 JOHN SMITH born 5th Sept. 1829 died 10th March 1906

[2; M3] WA; MD MD; (.D); IA DA IA IA IA IA IA AA AA; This monument is erected at the co(.) of WILLIAM ADAM Memento mori
[west] 1747 Here lyes the corps of MARGARET DURY sometime spouse to WILLIAM ADAM tennant in Achmol She departed this life sometime in March 1735 years Also here lyes the corps of MARGARET DUNCON second wife to WILLIAM ADAM She uas born the first of January & departed this life the 34 year of hir age year of God 1740 Here lyes WILLIAM [buried]

[3; M4; p779.jpg] In affectionate remembrance of JAMES ADAM, who died Sep. 1870, aged 90 years. Also his wife MARGARET DUNCAN, who died July, 1852, aged 62 years. AGNES, daughter of the above, who died July, 1838, aged 15 years. JAMES, who died in London, June, 1868, aged 49 years.

[4; M5; p778.jpg] 1846 Erected by JEAN and HELEN ADAM in memory of their father WILLIAM ADAM, who died, 12th Feby 1812, aged 66 years. Their mother, AGNES LOW, who died, 1st Decemr 1844, aged 81 years. Their brothers, JAMES ADAM, who died, 4th Febry 1808, aged 18 years. DAVID ADAM, who died, 4th August 1819, aged 21 years. ALEXANDER ADAM, who died, 14th Januy 1821, aged 27 years. And their sister, MARY ADAM, who died, 7th May 1818, aged 18 years.

[5] In loving memory of RACHEL OSGOOD HARLAND 1915 - 1990 of Burn Garden House and HENRY CHARLES HARLAND late the Royal Scots 1905 - 1993

[6; M6; p780.jpg] Erected in ever loving memory of our dear son WILLIAM V. LAWIE born 27th June 1922 died 21st March 1932. Also my dear husband WILLIAM VALENTINE LAWIE born 15th Feb. 1890 died 18th Nov. 1947. Also his wife MARGARET SCOTT DUTHIE born 4th Feb. 1891 died 25th March 1973 Only good-night beloved not farewell.

[7; p781.jpg] Fondest memories of a loving mother VIOLET F. GLASSEY 4th Jan. 1926 - 16th June 1996 beloved wife of ROBERT G. D. LAWIE 9th Dec. 1925 - 22nd Nov. 2008 Both sadly missed

[8; M7; p782.jpg; small cross; south] In remembrance of ROBERT MATTHEW LAWIE born 19th May 1858, died 14th May 1922, for 42 years head gardener at the Burn. This stone is erected by the family he faithfully served.
[east] Also his son GEORGE DEANS who died at Calcutta 15th Jan. 1939 aged 42
[west] Also his wife BETSY VALENTINE died 27th March 1944 aged 77 years.

[9; M9; p783.jpg] In loving memory of ANDREW DOW who died at West Woodtown the Burn on 22nd June 1891 in his 84th year. Also his wife CHRISTIAN ROSS who died on 24th May 1897 in her 86th year. BARBARA DOW died 2nd July 1911, aged 74 years

[10; M8] Erected in loving memory of DUFF WEIR who died at New Mill, Arnhall 4th April 1906, aged 85 years. Also of his wife JEAN SILVER who died 1st February 1908, aged 84 years. "To be for ever with the Lord."

[11; M10] Erected by CHARLES LITTLEBOY in memory of his mother ELIZABETH GIBB, who died 14th January 1844. Also his grandfather JAMES GIBB. And his uncle ISAAC GIBB.

[12; M11] In memory of ROBERT CAW, gamekeeper on the Burn estate, who after faithful service of twenty-six years died in it 7th March 1895 aged 67. Also of his widow CATHERINE CAMPBELL who died 26th August 1906, aged 76. And of his daughters, MARGARET who died 21st March 1899, aged 21. CATHERINE who died 13th August 1907, aged 40. "To memory dear."

[13; M12] Erected by DUNCAN McFADYEN, in memory of his beloved daughter AGNES FLORA McFADYEN, who died on the 7th June 1904, aged 22 years. Also the above DUNCAN McFADYEN, who died at Strathywell, Fettercairn on the 13th July 1932, aged 83 years. "Since to enjoy thou dost deny, Oh teach me to resign."

[14; M13] Erected to the memory of JOHN WILL tenant of Waggles who died 14th April 1881, aged 80 years. Also of his wife HELEN YOUNG who died 12th July 1858, aged 58 years. Also JOHN BRUCE sometime tenant of Waggles who died 10th March 1890, aged 64 years. Also of his wife MARY GOLD who died 13th Feb. 1891 aged 63 years.

[15; M14] Erected by ALEXANDER GOLD senr Hillock in memory of his wife JANET SMART who died on the 13th day of March 1832. Likewise his father mother grand father and great grand mother are interred here. ALEXr GOLD senr died 15th Nov(r) 1835 aged 89. ARTHUR GOLD died 19th Nov. 1836 aged 8 months.
[west] O may the grave become to me, / The bed of peaceful rest: / Thence I shall gladly rise at length, / And mingle with the blest.

[16; M15] 1742 ... stone was erected by ROBERT CARNEGIE; Ro Ca; Is Go
[west] Here lies ISABEL GOLD spous to ROBERT CARNEGIE ... who departed this life September 30 ... being the 31 year of her age leaving beheind her a son that ... ROBERT hade betw... them ... CARNEGIE his age 2 years

[17; M16; cross] To the memory of JOHN NICOL farmer Inch of Arnhall born at Anguston Peterculter 15 Dec... died at Woodmy... March ...

[18; M17; cross] In loving memory CHARLES McINROY C.B. of the Burn born 3rd March 1838 died 4th Fenruary 1919

[19; M18] HARRIET BARBARA wife of WILLIAM McINROY of the Burn died there 2nd July 1890 WILLIAM McINROY of the Burn died there 29th April 1896 aged 91.

Note on 19: i.e., Harriet Barbara ISAAC


Fettercairn war memorial

Scottish War Memorials Project: Fettercairn


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Burial records for Fettercairn and for Newdosk are held by the Registrar in Stonehaven. See Kincardine and Mearns Burial Grounds.

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives hold the following records for Fettercairn Churchyard:

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Fettercairn Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/152/...

Church Session Records of Fettercairn Free Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/128/...
Roll of communicants18441
Draft Feu Charter by Trustees of Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain
in favour of Trustees for the Free Church of Fettercairn
Deacons' Court minutes1844-18553


Fettercairn Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR703/...
Minute book1851-19291
Account book1853-19292
Estimate for repair of church19243


Land owners

There were 8 proprietors of land in the parish in 1837:



Following records are held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Fettercairn Parochial Board: Minute Book1844 - 1854AS/KPfec/1
do1846 - 1851AS/KPfec/2
do1851 - 1858AS/KPfec/3
do1858 - 1880AS/KPfec/4
Fettercairn Parochial Board / Parish Council: Minute Book1880 - 1910AS/KPfec/5
Fettercairn Parish Council: Minute Book1910 - 1930AS/KPfec/6


School records

The following records are some of those held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Fettercairn School: Log Book1874 - 1931ED/GR6S/K18/1/1
do1931 - 1960ED/GR6S/K18/1/2
Fettercairn School: Admission Register1874 - 1928ED/GR6S/K18/2/1
do1928 - 1938ED/GR6S/K18/2/2
do1939 - 1948ED/GR6S/K18/2/3
do1948 - 1968ED/GR6S/K18/2/4
Inch School: Log Books1874 - 1970ED/KC5/111/1
Inch School: Admission Registers1873 - 1969ED/KC5/111/2


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

17551950Dr Alexander Webster
1791ca. 2000Old Statistical Account

After transfer of Newdosk to Fettercairn parish:


* of whom, 234 were living in the village of Fettercairn


Testaments & wills

Fettercairn was in the Commissariot of St Andrews.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Fettercairn people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1823

Alexander Allanin Drumhenrie10 Dec 1614
Alexander Andersonweaver in Town-head of Fettercairn31 Dec 1774
Christian Arklespouse to John Chrystie, in Bannaket3 Aug 1616
William Austintenant at Neither Mill of Balmain5 Jun 1788
William Bennyin Wittoun20 Apr 1615
Margaret Bettsometime spouse to Alexander Smith, merchant in Fettercairn11 Jul 1683
Alexander Bowischapman in Fettercairn1 Nov 1616
William Brabonermerchant in Fettercairn22 Dec 1619
James Brownin Straith2 Apr 1618
Thomas Chapillin the Strath20 Apr 1624
Mary Chapmanlawful daughter to Thomas Chapman, sometime in Spittell, spouse to William Udny, in Fettercairn6 Mar 1688
Alexander Chrystie or Christie sometime porter at the Zeatts of Balmain20 Jun 1605
John Chrystiefarmer in Loan of Balbigno9 Aug 1776
John Clerkin Denskiath31 Jul 1637
Margaret Clerk spouse to James Ritchie, brewer in Fettercairn18 Feb 1748
William Clerkin Drumhenrie8 May 1619
George Coulliein Boigmoor of Eslie3 Jul 1675
John Craigiein Greengattis13 Aug 1613
Isobel Croallspouse to Robert Lockhart, in Fettercairn22 Mar 1627
Bessie Davidsonsometime spouse to James Ogilvie, in Straith of Balmain20 Jun 1605
Thomas Davidsontenant in Tillytweglis23 Jan 1751
John Donaldsonin Arnhall14 Apr 1627
Agnes Downiespouse to George Chalmers, in Eslie25 Dec 1625
William Drummiein Arnhall2 Jan 1674
Christian Drymmiespouse to David Drymmie, in Boginwid26 Aug 1619
Christian Drymmiespouse to Alexander Mitchell, in Skaitfurd21 Jul 1625
Alexander Finlay in Drumhenrie18 Oct 1581
John Fullarton weaver at Fettercairn23 Oct 1751
William Gelliecotterman in Esly24 Jul 1650
Alexander Gentlemanmerchant in Fettercairn6 Dec 1616
Thomas Gentlemanmerchant in Fettercairn25 Jul 1635
John Gibbtenant of Milnton of Arnhall24 Aug 1820
James Hillokin Barno4 Mar 1676
Margaret Hutcheonspouse to Walter Clerk, in Balmaine11 Aug 1618
Alexander Jamiein Fettercairn15 Oct 1581
Janet Jamiein the Inchee, spouse of John Drymie12 Sep 1621
Margaret Jamiespouse to David Drynnie, in the Bogmure of Eslie20 Oct 1624
Elspet Jamiesonspouse to John Couper, in Eslie25 Dec 1625
William Laingshoemaker at Rottenholls10 Feb 1814
Catherine Lawspouse to George Findlow, in Calsayend15 Oct 1681
James Leighton (Lichtoune)in Wodtoun23 Aug 1620
John Leighton of Ulishevin [Usan]17 Nov 1615
Grissell Lindsayspouse to Thomas Walker, in Fettercairn19 Aug 1636
Marion Lindsaysometime spouse to Patrick Wood, in Fettercairn31 Jan 1614
John Lintounin Monqueich, par. of Fettircairn24 Jul 1613
Gelis Lowin Inch of Disclum24 Apr 1616
James Lowin Stranoson22 Mar 1781
Janet Lowrelict of John Thomson, in Quinzie20 Feb 1755
Margaret Lowspouse to William Bruce, in Raw of Balmain2 Dec 1626, 1 Aug 1627, and 2 May 1629
Alexander Lyell at the Mylne of Balbegenoch27 Oct 1624
Margaret Lyellrelict of Thomas Arrat, in Chapiltoun of Arnhall9 Feb 1627
John Manin Creichie-burn of Seskie11 Aug 1618
Andrew Middletonthird lawful son to the deceased Andrew Middleton of Balbigno13 Sep 1710
Charles Middletonlawful son to the deceased Andrew Middleton of Balbigno13 Sep 1710
Robert Millin Balmanie15 Oct 1681
Alexander Milnein Strechwell20 Apr 1624
Thomas Milnein Soter21 Aug 1617
Alexander Mitchellin Sclaitfuird2 Apr 1628
Catherine Mitchellspouse to Alexander Donn, in Schill Strath19 Dec 1618
Isobel Mitchellspouse to Robert Stratoun, in Coldcoats4 Mar 1676
James Mitchellin Esslie19 Apr 1756
William Mitchellat the Milne of Arnhill3 Aug 1616
David Morrisin Balmean22 Jun 1697
Elizabeth Morrisin Balmain20 Jul 1715
James Mylnein Raw of Balmain2 Feb 1688
John Niddriein Inch of Arnhall9 Jan 1782
Christopher Peatin Balmayne, and Marjorie Anderson, his spouse21 Aug 1617
Helen Peddielast spouse to umquhile John Andro, in Cowdoun20 Apr 1615
Robert Rhindtenant in Surgeonshall26 Apr 1823
Margaret Sangspouse to David Croill, in Burnsyde of Dowrie1 Apr 1607
Elspet Shepherdspouse to Alexander Wooll, at Milne of Strath4 Mar 1676
James Smithflaxdresser in Fettercairn, spouse of Isobel Taylor27 Nov 1816
Charles Stephensometime in Fettercairn24 Jan 1683
William Stephenin Fettercairn19 Nov 1675
Grissell Stewartin the Inche, spouse of James Drymie12 Sep 1621
Robert Stewartin Nethermill27 Aug 1823
William Strachan of Bonniekettle11 Jun 1712
Arthur Strattoun in the Inche of Disclune19 Dec 1618
Mr David Strattounschoolmaster at Fettercairn25 Jul 1627
John Taylorin Cottartoun of Eslie, and Janet Strachauchin, his spouse20 Apr 1615
Isobel Vallentinespouse to David Nidrie, in Woodtoune13 Sep 1675
William Vallentineat the Mylne of Balmain20 Apr 1624
John Waddiein Eastertoun of Balfure14 Oct 1681
John Waddie17 Jun 1706
William Waddiesometime in Straith of Delladie19 Apr 1614
Mrs Jean Waldieresiding at Raw of Balmain, widow of Alexander Hodge, farmer at Mains of Fasque3 Feb & 10 Nov 1818
Janet Walkerspouse to John Will in Drumhendre21 Jul 1625
Mr James Watsonschoolmaster at Fettercairn1 Jun 1685
Agnes Willspouse to the deceased James Mitchell, at the Cairn of Balbegno29 Jun 1716
John Wishartin Balmanie12 Apr 1637
Marjorie Wishartspouse to William Pyot, in Ground of Leslie [Eslie?]20 Apr 1624
Elizabeth Woodspouse to William Lockkie, in Wittoun2 Apr 1628
Matina Woodsometime spouse to David Ogilvie, apperand of Clova22 Nov 1616
James Woollin Steillstraith21 Dec 1615
James Wylliein Creuchie burne25 May 1626
Patrick Wylliein Mains of Fettercairn27 Feb 1618
Sara Young spouse to William Kinloch, in Bogmuir13 Jun 1628

Testaments of Fettercairn people registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant.

Peter Forbes of Balfour21 Jul 1728
Andrew Glenin Eastmains of Balfour14 May 1764
Andrew Lindsayin Brawlinmuir30 Jun 1762
Mr Robert Milneschoolmaster at Fettercairn23 Jun 1742
George Smithin Fettercairn15 Mar 1732
John Taylorin Fettercairn26 Sep 1744

Testaments of Newdosk people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1800

John Jamiein Banchrie, par. of Newdosk21 Jul 1625
Euphaim Lindsayspouse to John Wischart, in Ruchmoill, par. of Newdosk19 Apr 1614
James Stephensometime at Kirktown of Newdesk, par. of Edzell21 Jun 1759
Margaret Strachanspouse to George Mores, in Newdosk17 Oct 1673

Testaments of Fettercairn people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823

David Simpsonin Bogmuir22 Feb 1809

Testaments of Fettercairn people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

William Arkellin Kincardine, par. of Fettercairn in the Mearns(vol. 45) 19 Jul 1609
Alexander Donchopman in Fettircairn, in the Mearns29 Nov 1608
John Pediein Stronossine, par. of Fettircairne, in the Mearns(vol. 45) 22 Nov 1609
James Wallacein the Strath, par. of Fettircairne, in the Mearns8 Mar 1603
Walter Wood of Fettircairne and Balbegnoin the Mearns6 Feb 1607


Jacobite rebels - 1745 rebellion
From: A List of Persons concerned in the Rebellion (Edinburgh, Scottish History Soc., vol. 8, 1890)

NamesDesignationsAbodeActs of rebellion
& circumstances
Where at present
David CroleweaverBonykettle
Alexander CatenochservantLandends
Robert DuncanservantBonykettle
William DuncanfarmerBent of Balbegnie
William GardnerservantBrae of Balfour
John WhiteweaverDalladies


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Fettercairn:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/79


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Fettercairn:


Places of interest


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