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NLSNational Library of Scotland
NRSNational Records of Scotland, formerly called the National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and, before that, the Scottish Record Office [SRO]
HM General Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3YY (Tel: +44-131-535-1314)
OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


Books & articles


Statistical accounts of Strachan


Maps of Strachan

For the full range of maps of Strachan, see National Library's Maps.


Photographs of places Strachan - recent photographs of Strachan. National Grid ref. NO6792.


Parish church

The ruined former kirk is located at National Grid ref. NO674923. The priest of the mediaeval church was ex officio Archdeacon of Brechin.

The later parish kirk, built in 1866, is now closed.

Strachan Kirk

Above: the parish kirk of 1866 on the north side of the road through the village. There is a worn and partly defaced memorial in the roadside wall in front of the kirk:

1865 In remembrance of William Burnett Ramsay of Banchory Lodge ...

Other churches

Strachan Free Kirk

Above: the former Free Kirk (later, United Free Kirk), now a private house, on the north side of the road through the village.


Parish ministers 1560-1900

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

John Irvine1574-1580reader
James Ross1585-1599adm. bef. 1585; tr. to 3rd charge Aberdeen 11 Sep 1599
Thomas Burnett of Slowie1599-16372nd son of Wm B. of Slowie; gson of Alexander Burnett of Leys; adm. 1599; d. Aug 1637; mar. Christian, dau. of Andrew Strachan, min. of Logie-Durno; issue: Andrew, Thos, James, Christian
George Burnett1641-1658M.A.; adm. bef. 1641; tr. to Kincardine O'Neil bef. 19 Oct 1658
John Strachan1659-1701yr son of Robert Strachan, physician, Montrose; schoolmaster Montrose 1656; adm. bef. 17 Aug 1659; d. Jan x Feb 1701 at great age; mar. (1) Beatrix, 3rd dau. of David Strachan, bishop of Brechin; issue: Robert, rector, Montrose Grammar School; Jean; mar. (2) 1669 Margaret, dau. of John Speid of Ardovie; issue: Geo., mercht, Montrose; James; Alexr; John
Alexander Simm1702-1703M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1697; ord. 23 Sep 1702; d. aft. 23 Jun 1703 probaly unm.
Lewis Reid1704-1762b. 1676 Banchory-Ternan, son of Thos R.; gson of Robt R., min. of Ban.-Ternan; M.A. Marischal 1697; ord. 21 Mar 1704; d. 26 Nov 1762; mar. (1) 1704 Margaret, dau. of David Gregory of Kinairdy; issue: David; Thomas, philosopher & min. of New Machar; Isobel; Jane; mar. (2) 1735 Janet, dau. of Alexander Fraser of Phopachy; issue: Margaret (mar. Alexander Leslie, min. of Fordoun); Eliz.; Grace (mar. John Rose, min. of Udny); Robt; Mary
John Ramsay1763-1800b. 1732 in Fife; presbyt. min. Kirkley, Northumberland; adm. 27 Jul 1763; dem. 26 Nov 1800; d. 4 Aug 1821 Aberdeen; mar. Jean Thomson
William Thomson1801-1807b. 1764 Annandale; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1783; ord. 7 May 1801; d. 20 Nov 1807; mar. 1804 Helen Adamson
James Bryce1808-1814b. 1785 son of John Bryce, min. of South par. Aberdeen; M.A. Marischal 1800; ord. 31 Aug 1808; chaplain of HEICS Bengal establishment 1814; D.D. Edinburgh 1818; dem. 1836; d. 11 Mar 1866 Edinburgh; mar. 1822 Mary, dau. of Hugh Meiklejohn, D.D., min. of Abercorn; issue: Mary; Anne Isabella; Anne ELiz.; John Henry; Harriet Flora McWhirter (mar. George Thomas Jamieson, D.D., min. of Portobello);
Alexander Cushny1815-1820ord. 29 Mar 1815; tr. to Rayne 7 Jun 1820
James Gordon Garioch1820-1835b. 1783 ABD; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1812; ord. 14 Sep 1820; d. 9 Nov 1835; mar. 1824 Helen, eldest dau. of John Roger, min. of Kincardine O'Neil; issue: Frances Farquharson (mar. Alexander Rhind, Free Kirk min., Knockando); Mary Russell (mar. John Bain, Free Kirk min., Delting); Cath. Forbes; Jane Charlotte (mar. Wm Burnett, Free Kirk min., Huntly; James; John; Rachel (mar. Wm Leslie Reid, advocate in Aberdeen)
David Scott Fergusson1836-1843b. 1808, son of Andrew F., min. of Maryton; ord. 10 Jun 1836; joined Free Kirk 1843; min. of Free Kirk, Strachan 1843-97; d. 4 Sep 1897 Strachan; mar. (1) 1836 Eliz., yst dau. of Alexr Duthie, customs officer, Abd; issue: David Scott; mar. (2) 1877 Margaret, dau. of John Emslie, hotel-keeper
David Martin1843-1861b. 1802, son of David M., land surveyor; ord. 21 Sep 1843; d. 13 Jun 1861; mar. 1844 Mary, dau. of Wm Millington, Staffordshire
Alexander McLean1861-1906b. 1828 Inchture, son of John McL; ass. Erskine; missionary Brodick 1854-7; ass. St Paul's Dundee 1857-9; ord. Wallacetown Dundee 17 Feb 1859; tr. & adm. 7 Nov 1861; dem. Oct 1906; d. 26 Feb 1913; mar. 1869 Patricia Collins, only dau. of John Grant Dawson, advocate in Abd; issue: John Dawson, min. of Maryton; Alexr; Helen Bowman; Hugh Barrack, farmer, Canada; Elise Margaret; Geo. Barrack, engineer; Patricia Collins; Wm James, engineer; Anne Gladstone, teacher; Grace Grant; Emily Duranti
Andrew Tweedie1907-1917M.A., B.D.; ord. 15 Feb 1907; tr. to Maryculter 13 Jun 1917
Peter Carmichael Marr1917-1919b. 1899 Leith, son of Andrew M.; M.A. 1912 B.D. 1916 Edinburgh; ass. Dalziel; missionary Darnconner; ord. 27 Sep 1917; dem. 1 Oct 1919; ass. Linlithgow 1922; adm. Haywood 27 Nov 1923; charged with murder of James McNair Dalgleish, house painter, Leith on 30 Aug 1930; found insane; confined in criminal lunatic asylum 17 Nov 1930; d. 15 Jul 1937
James Alexander Waddell Mulligan1920-b. 1862 Portadown, son of John H. M.; B.A. Queen's Belfast 1886; ass. Abbey Church Dublin; ord. Ray Manor Cunningham 9 Dec 1890; etc.; tr. & adm. 15 Jan 1920; mar. 1894 Jemima, dau. of Rev. James Anderson; issue: John H.; James A.; Hugh W.

Ministers of Strachan Free Kirk (later, United Free Kirk)

David Scott Fergusson1843-1897see above list of parish ministers
James Crawford Laing?-1915b. ca. 1844 Dumbarton; d. 16 Dec 1915 Strachan


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Strachan Kirkyard bearing pre-1855 information (ca. 80 stones) are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Kincardineshire" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1999), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Kincardineshire MI - The Mearns" in their online shop.)

Full texts of all 175 inscriptions are in:
Robert W. Pirie - Monumental Inscriptions for Strachan Churchyard (Aberdeen: Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS, 1984).
The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland FHS has an online search facility for names of people on the monuments they have recorded. Their list of publications is here.

Andrew Jervise recorded several monuments at Strachan in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 1, pp. 29-32.

See also Strachan Churchyard.


Strachan war memorial
South side of road through the village, nearly opposite the former Free Kirk

Strachan WW1 memorial 1914-1919

Pte. Chas. Y. Bell, 7th Gordon Hrs.
" Geo. Bell, 2nd " "
" Arthur Burnett, 5th " "
" Maxwell Cromar, 3rd " "
" Alex. Middleton, 4th " "
" Wm. Ross, 6th " "
" Alex. Sim, 4th " "
" Alex. Brown, K.O.S.B.
" Jas. M.F. Birss, 2nd H.L.I.
" David Gardyne, 2nd Scots Guards.
" Jas. H. Copland, 6th South Staffs.
" Ian A. Cameron, M.C.C.(Australia)
" Wm. Wilson, 6th Huraki Inf. (N.Z.) [Hauraki Infantry]
" Geo. Boyle, 4th Gordon Hrs.
Strachan WW2 memorial 1939-1945

Capt. M.H.A. Stuart-Hamilton, M.C., The Black Watch (R.H.R.)
Lieut.(A) Edward H. Goodbrand, R.N.V.R.
Sgt. Inst. John W. Collie, 10th Bn. Parachute Regt
Pte. Ronald Hay, 1st Gordon Hrs
" Douglas Laing, 2nd " "
Rfn. William Bell, The Cameronians Scottish Rifles

See also Scottish War Memorials Project: Strachan


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Strachan Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/1305/...
Minutes & accounts1783-18101


Church Session Records of Strachan Free Church
later, United Free; Strachan West Ch. of S.

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH3/1295/...
Deacons' court minutes1844-19493
Baptismal register (Ch. of S. 1836-43)1836-19494


Strachan Heritors' records

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. HR678/...
Minute book1863-19281
Papers re ecclesiastical buildings, etc. (church, manse, School)1858-19264
Papers re transference of property to Church of Scotland General Trustees1927-19295
Valuations of parish1833, 18356


Land owners

There were 3 proprietors of land in the parish in 1790:

There were 4 proprietors of land in the parish in 1842:



Information and map of Poorhouse in Strachan.


School records

The following records are some of those held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives:

Nature of recordDatesRef.
Strachan School: Log Book1870 - 1920ED/GR6S/K40/1/1
do1920 - 1938ED/GR6S/K40/1/2
do1938 - 1957ED/GR6S/K40/1/3
Strachan School: Admission Register1893 - 1922ED/GR6S/K40/2/1
do1935 - 1955ED/GR6S/K40/2/2
Glendye School*: Log Books1871 - 1947ED/KC5/110/1
Glendye School: Admission Registers1870 - 1946ED/KC5/110/2

* formerly known as Scollie's Cross School


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

1755796Dr Alexander Webster
1792about 700Old Statistical Account


Testaments & wills

Strachan was in the Commissariot of Brechin.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Strachan people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

John Alexanderson to umquhile David Alexander, in Tilliquhomrie, par. of Strachan12 Apr 1597
David Andersonsometime in Mylle of Haugh, par. of Strachan23 Nov 1709
Jean Arbuthnotspouse to William Burnett, in Heuke of Pitrodde, par. of Strathauchin17 Oct 1610
Alexander Begin Balblay, par. of Strachan26 Apr 1678
John Bellin Cammie, in par. of StrachanT. -- 1743
James Bruce in Heathriehaugh, in par. of Strachan17 Feb 1742 and T. 22 Jul 1745
Elspet Burnetspouse to Alexander Thome, in Knok, par. of Strachan17 Aug 1636
Mr Thomas Burnet parson of Strachan, and Christian Strachan, his spouse13 Dec 1637
Robert Clarkin Belblyth, par. of Strachen17 Apr 1719
Christian Colliein Dilfro, spouse to Robert Collie there, par. of Strachan1 Jul 1622
James Coupertailor, in Templetoun of Strachan, par. of Strachan27 Oct 1636
Katherine Couperspouse to James Reid, in Esly, par. of Strathauchine26 Jul 1611
Agnes Couttsspouse to John Grant, in Shampher, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
Margaret Cragmyllin Balquhairne, par. of Strathauchin30 Oct 1593
Isobel Drumspouse to William Collie, in Knock, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
Katherine Durhamspouse to John Shaw, in Easter Delphine, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
James Fotheringhamein Letterbeg, par. of Strachan16 Mar 1621
Janet Fraserspouse to John Anderson, in Nether Tillelair, par. of Strathauchine25 Aug 1626
Thomas Gawiein Todlochie, par. of Strathauchine, and Elspet Jamesone, his spouse3 Aug 1612
Margaret Henryspouse to William Reid, brabiner in Murtoun, par. of Strarhan19 Nov 1632
Katherine Hogspouse to William Smythe, sometime in Gellane, now in Caimbe, par. of Strachan25 Aug 1626
Gilbert Irvinein Larachmoire, par. of Strachan, and Jean Blair, his spouse6 Apr 1680
Christian Jamiesonspouse to John Smythe, in Tillequhomvrie, par. of Strathauchin2 Sep 1626
James Jamiesonin Gauell, par. of Strachan2 Jul 1656
Margaret Johnstonspouse to umquhile Robert Syme, in Patradie, par. of Strachan26 Aug 1581
Catherine Knoxin Tillewhumrie, par. of StrachanT. 22 May 1672
Robert Laysometime in Collonoch, par. of Strachan30 Apr 1701
John Lindsayin Shamsheir, par. of Strachan, and Jean Grant, his spouse18 May 1664
Archibald Milnesometime in Tirrelind, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
Robert Milnein Sandyhill, in par. of StrachanT. -- 1737 and T. 14 Dec 1744
James Murrayin Wester Tilliequhomrie, par. of Strachan20 Jul 1689
Alexander Neillin Tillelindy, par. of Strachan, and Christian Wilson, his spouse15 Aug 1612
David Reidin Heathrie-Hauch, par. of StrachanT. 9 Dec 1676
Alexander Rennyin Letterbeg, par. of Strachan, and Jean Chapman, his spouse3 Jan 1624
Elspet Robertsonspouse to William Robertson, in Shannelhead, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
John Robertsonin Cuttishillok, and Janet Robertson, his spouse, par. of Strachane12 Jul 1624
Stephen Robertsonin Bog, par. of Strachan, and Jean Strachan, his spouse27 Oct 1631
James Rossin Gatesyde of Strachan21 Jan 1698
William Rossat the Milne of Strachan, and Anna Gillenders, his spouse17 Jul 1706
Alexander Rossiein Blackhall, par. of Strathachine23 Aug 1581
John Scottin Hendry Hall, par. of StrachanT. 20 May 1672
Elspet Scroggiespouse to Robert Skrogge, at the Brig of Dy, par. of Strachan3 Nov 1612
Isobel Scroggiespouse to John Neill, in Nether Tillielour, par. of Strathauchine17 Oct 1610
Robert Scroggiein Belbay, par. of Strachan, and Elspet Tame, his spouse4 Jun 1678
James Silverin Balquhairne, par. of Strachachine12 Apr 1581-2
Jean Smythspouse to James Bruce, in Hadriehaugh, par. of Strachan16 May 1682
Jean Smythspouse to William Jamieson, in Bowbutts, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
John Smythsometime in Pittreddie, par. of Strachan27 Feb 1685
John Smythat the Mill of Cammy, par. of Strachan14 Nov 1716
Catherine Snawiespouse to William Bruce, in Knok, par. of StrachanT. 20 May 1672
William Steelhousein Yeilstaine, and Helen Hunter, his spouse, par. of Strachan24 Jul 1635
Andrew Strachanin Getsyde, and Beatrix Henderson, his spouse, par. of Strachan23 Dec 1636
Beatrix Strachanspouse to Mr John Strachan, minister at StrachanT. 9 Jun 1669
Mr John Strachanminister at StrachanT. 20 Jan 1701
Katherine Strachanspouse of umquhile Alexander Ross, par. of Strachine20 Aug 1581
Margaret Strachanspouse to James Strachan, in Blackball, par. of Strachan18 Jun 1623
Margaret Strachanspouse to David Robertson, in Curane of Strachan6 Sep 1626
Adam Thomein Wester Tilleciuhomrie. par. of Strachen16 May 1632
Robert Thowat the Wake mill of Strachan18 May 1664
Isobel Throwin Balblythe, par. of Strachan12 Oct 1631
Alexander Wilsonin Glendy, par. of Strathauchin, and Christian Jaffray, his spouse17 Oct 1610

Testaments of Strachan people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Aberdeen, 1800-1823

John Ramsayminister of the gospel at Strachan18 Aug 1821
Jean Thomsonrelict of John Ramsay, minister at Strachan20 Jun 1822

Testaments of Strachan people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Isobel Frasersometime spouse to Robert Hog, in Gellane, par. of Strathauchin in the Mearns3 Jan 1588-9
John Irvingin the Kirktoun of Strathauchin in the Mearns13 Jan 1592-3

Testaments of Strachan people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Jane Lindsaysometime spouse to Archibald Irving, of Quhytstane, goodman of Mure ailhouses, par. of Strachauchine, in the Mernes31 Jul 1601
Andro Strachanand Elspeth Gray, his relict, in Pitdelphin, par. of Strachauchine, in the Mearns16 Oct 1606
Katherine Strachansometime spouse to Alexander Strachauchine, in Mure-ailhouse, par. of Strachauchine, in the Mearns25 Jul 1608


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Strachan:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/79


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Strachan:


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