Testaments & wills for the royal burgh & parish of Arbroath, Angus (pre-1801)

Arbroath was in the Commissariot of St Andrews. See also testaments for St Vigeans parish.

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Testaments of Arbroath people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1800

George Adamtown-clerk of Arbroath8 Jun 1720
Robert Addisonmariner in Arbroath20 Mar 1776
Margaret Andersonin Arbroath, spouse of David Hunter1 Aug 1662
William Andersonmanufacturer in Arbroath4 Apr 1785
Grissell Arnottspouse to Patrick Low, workman in Aberbrothok25 Jul 1599
William Bairdieburges of Aberbrothok9 Dec 1591
Margaret Bowakin Aberbrothok24 Jul 1599
Christian Brownin Arbroath8 Dec 1777
Peter Brownin Aberbrothok2 Nov 1648
William Brown of Gladsmuirpar. of Arbroath11 May 1782
Alison Brucerelict of Charles Futhie, burges of Aberbrothok16 Mar 1621
David Buchanin Aberbrothok10 Dec 1628
Bessie Cairdspouse to Henry Kynneir, burges of Aberbrothok23 Jan 1618
Elizabeth Campbellwidow of Joshua Humphreys, late of London, hog merchant, thereafter residing in Arbroath10 Oct 1799
Jean Campbellrelict of James Caird, late dyer in Arbroath10 Oct 1799
Robert Carnegie of Newgatepar. of Arbroath18 Nov 1685
David Chaikardburges of Aberbrothok11 May 1614
Abraham Crichtonburges of Aberbrothok1 Mar 1606
James Criemariner in Arbroath, and Jean Mitchell, his spouse, par. of Arbroath26 Oct 1791
John Dalgatyvintner in Arbroath6 Jan 1774
Elspet Dicksonsometime spouse to Andrew Wichtoune, in Aberbrothok23 Nov 1591
David Dryburghweaver, burges of Aberbrothok21 Aug 1662
Elspeth Duncanrelict of James Johnstoun, burges of Arbroath27 Oct 1687
Helen Duncansometime spouse to James Mar, chapman, burges of Aberbrothok4 Jan 1600
Ninian Duncanin Aberbrothok14 Apr 1599
Geillis Fairarspouse to David Haills, baxter, burges of Aberbrothok25 Feb 1606
Mr John Fergusonminister at Arbroath[25 Jul 1737] 5 Mar and 4 Apr 1745
Charles Fethieburges of Aberbrothok7 May 1616
Helen Fothringhamrelict of James Kyd of Craigie, par. of Aberbrothok27 Oct 1746
David Futhieburges of Arbroath23 Oct 1624
James Gardyne of Midletounpar. of Arbroath2 Dec 1790
John Gardyneburges of Aberbrothok14 Jun 1617
Margaret Gardynerelict of William Stevenson, maltman, burges of Arbroath25 Mar 1724
William Geikiemerchant in Arbroath13 Nov 1793, 9 Nov and 1 Dec 1808
Mr George Graingersometime schoolmaster at Arbroath24 Nov 1682
John Grantmerchant and sometime bailie in Arbroath18 Feb 1749
Isobel Guthriesometime spouse to Mr Archibald Peirsoun, at the Ward milne of Aberbrothok19 Jan 1600
George Haillisin Aberbrothok12 Nov 1591
David Hallmerchant in Arbroath6 Jul 1709
Helen Hallresidenter in Arbroath, lawful daughter of David Hall, merchant there18 Oct 1784
Thomas Hamiltonlate bailie of Aberbrothik26 Jul 1686
Janet Hendersonspouse to David Scott, cooper, burges of Aberbrothok11 Jul 1621
Alexander Hunterseaman in Arbroath26 Jun 1724
James Jamiesonburges of Aberbrothok22 Apr 1617
James Johnstoneburges of Aberbrothick27 Oct 1685
Mr Alexander Keithmerchant in and late Provost of Arbroath9 Mar 1774
Charles Kennysometime bailie in Arbroath27 Feb 1719
Janet Kennyspouse to James Forsyth, in Aberbrothok31 Jul 1616
Janet Kinnearrelict of George Keinny, sometime carpenter, burges of Arbroath23 Jul 1706
Christian Kinneresrelict of John Ramsay, sometime bailie of Arbroath8 Sep 1703 and 8 Mar 1704
Margaret Laingspouse to William Mathew, indweller in Aberbrothok31 Oct 1674
Margaret Lauderspouse to David Wichtan, maltman, burges of Aberbrothok21 Jan 1617
Thomas Leitchin Arbroath2 Jun 1747
Agnes Lindsaysometime spouse to David Guthrie, burges of Aberbrothok18 Nov 1598
Helen Lindsayspouse to James Stevinsoun, burges of Aberbrothok13 Feb 1606
Katherine Littlejohnindweller in Arbroath31 Oct 1746
Barnard Logieburges of Aberbrothok19 Mar 1619
Andrew Lowslater, burges of and indweller in Aberbrothok21 Aug 1662
Catherine Lowspouse to James Thomson, wobster, burges of Aberbrothok19 Jul 1616
William Lowcreilman in Aberbrothok25 Jul 1599
William Lundiein Arbroath26 Oct 1687
Thomas Lyell of Gourdinepar. of Arbroath2 Oct 1793
Margaret Manrelict of William Mudie, late stamp-master in Arbroath8 Jun 1776
Agnes Mekesounsometime spouse to William Renny, in Aberbrothok11 Feb 1606
Charles Mekesounsometime mariner in Aberbrothock25 Mar 1755
Thomas Mekesounin Aberbrothok23 Nov 1591
Margaret Millarrelict of Alexander Dingwell, sometime land-labourer in Arbroath29 Mar 1775
William Mudieson of the deceased James Mudie, merchant in Arbroath8 Aug 1785
Elspet Mylnespouse to Thomas Hamilton, in Arbroath30 Jul 1662
James Nairnmariner in Arbroath15 Dec 1787
Patrick Nairnson to Alexander Nairn, seaman in Arbroath15 Dec 1787
Alexander Neishlate tenant in Boath, after residing in Arbroath31 Dec 1774
Patrick Neishfarmer in Arbroath5 Apr 1791
George Newtonmerchant in Arbroath19 Apr 1786
Agnes Ochterlonyspouse to Mr George Aikman, burges of Aberbrothok14 Jul 1627
Alexander Ochterlonysometime burges of Aberbrothock24 Apr 1596
Alexander Ochterlonymerchant in Aberbrothick27 Jun 1722
Gilbert Ochterlonymaltman, burges of Aberbrothok17 Aug 1621
James Ogilviebrother-german to Sir Francis Ogilvie, of Newgrange, late clerk of the Regalitie of Arbroath2 Sep 1692 and 16 Aug 1693
Oliver Paulburges of Aberbrothok29 Jul 1614
Alexander Pearsonmerchant in Arbroath26 Oct 1687
John Peddiein Arbroath26 Oct 1687
Dr Henry Philip (Henry Philp)minister at Aberbrothick, and Isobel Peterson, his spouse2 Jan 1629
Mr James Philip (James Philp)burges of Arbroath7 Mar 1636
Margaret Pilmourspouse to John Ranny, elder, burges of Arbroath7 Mar 1636
Isobel Pirierelict of William Robertson, merchant in Arbroath, lawful daughter of David Pirie, merchant in Johnshaven, and Janet Chaplain, both deceased, which last was sister-german of the also deceased George Chaplain, of Jamaica, and James Chaplain of Colliston, par. of Arbroath29 Mar 1775
Bessie Pittillockin Aberbrothok, spouse of John Spink, fisher25 Jul 1599
John Porterin Arbroath18 Oct 1673
Helen Rainyspouse to John Wallace, maltman, burges of Aberbrothok4 Mar 1625
John Raitsometime shipmaster in Arbroath19 Dec 1722
Agnes Ramsayspouse to John Rany, tailor in Aberbrothok4 Jan 1600
Isobel Rankinerelict of William Stevenson, in Arbroath16 Oct 1673
Patrick Reidbrewer in Arbroath26 Jun 1724
Alexander Rodgercotterman in Aberbrothok8 Jan 1600
William Russellcottar in Aberbrothok31 Jul 1596
Thomas Scottsurgeon in Arbroath30 Mar 1720
Thomas Scottapothecary in the burgh of Arbroath29 Jul 1720
William Scottresidenter in Arbroath14 Nov 1782
William Shakartmariner in Aberbrothok30 Dec 1615
Margaret Simersspouse to Robert Carnegie of Newgate, par. of Arbroath26 Oct 1683
Geillis Simpsonrelict of Robert Hoge, wobster, burges of Abirbrothok14 Mar 1606
John Simpsonbrabanar, burges of Aberbrothok, and Janet Jack, his spouse4 Jan 1600
Elspet Sinclair, alias Teindersometime spouse of John Bairdie, burges of Abirbrothok12 Nov 1591
Marjorie Sinclairsometime spouse of William Haillis, in Aberbrothok12 Nov 1591
James Spinkfischerman in Aberbrothok25 Jan 1600
John Spinkseaman in Aberbrothok21 Jul 1636
William Spinkshipmaster in Arbroath26 Apr 1770
Ambrose Starktide-surveyor or coast-waiter at Arbroath25 Jul 1772
Thomas Sterneservant man to John Wallace, in Aberbrothok19 Jul 1625
George Stevenburges of Aberbrothok29 Jul 1613
Patrick Stevenmerchant and Provost of Arbroath5 Mar and 2 Jul 1707, 25 Aug 1708 and 20 Jun 1709
James Stevensonlate bailie of Aberbrothick16 Jul 1701
Isobel Strachanwidow in Arbroath29 Jul 1613
James Strachanmaltman, burges of Aberbrothok2 May 1615
John Strachanin Arbroath26 Oct 1687
Robert Taylorin Arbroath5 May 1676
William Titchetmerchant in Arbroath20 Aug 1800
John Todstationer in Arbroath1 Jul 1794
David Wallacemaltman, burges of Arbroath4 Nov 1675
David Wallacemerchant in Arbroath22 Mar and 14 Apr 1721
David Wallaceshipmaster in Arbroath3 Aug 1758
John Wallaceskipper in Aberbrothick3 Jul 1707
John Wallacemerchant in Aberbrothick16 Oct 1723
John Wallaceshipmaster in Arbroath23 Aug 1749
Patrick Wallace seniorlate Provost of Aberbrothock18 Feb 1719
Patrick Wallacemerchant in Arbroath[16 Oct 1734] 19 Nov 1754
William Wallacesometime Deacon of the Shoemakers in Aberbrothwick21 Oct 1681
Lilias Watsonlawful daughter of the deceased John Watson of Thirty acres, par. of Arbroath14 Feb 1797
Margaret Watsonspouse to Patrick Stephan, Provost of Aberbrothick27 Oct 1687
George Websterresidenter in Arbroath3 Jun 1773 and 21 Feb 1774
James Webstersometime labourer in Arbroath8 May 1800
Andrew Wichtanemaltman, burges of Arbroath21 Jul 1636
Alexander Woodburges of Aberbrothok16 Sep 1613

Testaments registered at St Andrews that have been lost, for which only entries in the minute books are extant.

Francis Airflesher in Arbroath25 Jul 1744
James Andersonmerchant in Arbroath27 Jul 1726
George Auchterlonyprovost of Arbroath21 May 1731
John Carmichaelshipmaster in Arbroath4 Jun 1735
James Cookmerchant in Arbroath21 Feb 1739
Robert Crawfordin Hopehead of Arbroath26 Jun 1734
Margaret Dorwardrelict of James Grant, merchant, and sometime bailie of Arbroath22 Feb 1766
Mr Harry EdgarEpiscopal Minister at Arbroath18 May 1769
George Forretworkman in Arbroath21 Jul 1743
Katherine Forsythlate spouse to James Chalmer, late brewer in Arbroath16 Mar 1767
John Gelletlybailie in Arbroath16 Sep 1735
Mr Patrick Inglis of Peeblesminister at Sanquhar, par. of Arbroath22 Feb 1727
George Kyd of Woodhillpar. of Arbroath25 Oct 1735
Katherine Matherrelict of the deceased David Gray, brewer in Arbroath28 Oct 1762
Andrew Mitchellmerchant in Arbroath, and Jean Wann, his spouse27 Jun 1765
James Mudielate Surveyor of the Window and House Duty for the counties of
Forfar and Kincardine, and burges and merchant in Arbroath
10 Jul 1765
Robert Mudiemerchant in Arbroath25 Aug 1742
Helen Pearsonrelict of John Carmichael, shipmaster in Arbroath8 Jun 1737
James Philip (James Philp) of Almeriepar. of Arbroath15 Mar 1732
Alexander Ramsaymariner in Arbroath21 Sep 1743
Walter Ramsaywright in Arbroath11 Aug 1731
Robert Rennymerchant in Arbroath30 Sep 1734
John ShepherdConvener in Arbroath22 Feb 1738
David Spinkskipper in Arbroath15 Feb 1734
Patrick Spinkshipmaster in Arbroath7 Oct 1724
John Strachanshipmaster in Arbroath16 Apr 1742
Thomas Wallacemerchant in Arbroath14 May 1735
William Wallacelate bailie in Arbroath27 Nov 1734
William Williamsonmerchant in Arbroath21 Jan 1750
John Wilsonweaver in Arbroath21 May 1735

Testaments of Arbroath people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1800
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Charles and James Carnegielawful children to the deceased Mr William Carnegie, at Arbroath27 Feb 1708
Jean Carnegierelict of Mr William Carnegy, sometime minister at Arbroath29 Dec 1708
Margaret Johnstonspouse to James Espline, burgess of Arbroath10 Oct 1657
John Petriemaltman, burgess of ArbroathT. 21 Apr 1659
Margaret Philipspouse to John Ouchterlony, provost of Arbroath31 Jul 1657
Grissell Stevensonrelict of James Cant, sometime indweller in Aberbrothick21 Apr 1657
John Wallacesometime bailie of Aberbrothick, and Margaret Futhie, his relict1 Nov 1658

Testaments of Arbroath people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Alexander Aikmansadler, Abirbrothok25 May 1579
John Aikman elderburgess of Aberbrothok1 Aug 1592
Helen Brownrelict of John Aikman, burgess of Aberbrothock18 Feb 1595-6
Sir John Buakin Aberbrothock27 Oct 1595
Marion Campbellsometime spouse to James Lamb, indweller in Aberbrothock30 Jul 1596
Dean Richard Craikone of the Convent of Aberbrothock2 Mar 1595-6
Copine Guthrieburgess in Aberbrothok1 May 1577
Jonet Lyellsometime spouse to Mr Alexander Pearson, clerk, burgess of Aberbrothock7 Aug 1595
Isobel Maulesometime spouse to Patrick Aikman, burgess of Aberbrothok26 Jun 1594
Adam Mekiesounburgess of Aberbrothock18 Jun 1596
John Mekiesounin Newbigging, par. of Aberbrothock3 Jun 1577
Sir Thomas Mekiesounnotary in Aberbrothok3 Jun 1577
Mr James Melvillesometime minister at Aberbrothock22 Mar 1596-7
Thomas Smartin the Newtoun of Abirbrothik25 Aug 1586
Andro Wood of Broxburgess of Aberbrothok12 Aug 1592 and 9 Mar 1595-6

Testaments of Arbroath people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Thomas Ramsayburgess of Aberbrothock, in Angus1 Mar 1609

Testaments of Arbroath people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1701-1800

John and Patrick Auchterlonylawful sons of the deceased Mr John Auchterlony, sometime merchant in Arbroath, thereafter in America19 Aug 1774
William English mariner in Arbroath22 Mar 1770
John Hutcheon, alias Hamiltonof Campvere, lawful son of the deceased John Hamilton, alias Hutcheon, sometime provost in Arbroath, thereafter in Bourdeaux, in France, and last in Campvere20 Jan 1775
David Wallacesometime merchant in Aberbrothwick, late residenter in Edinburgh27 Feb 1719