Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/7: Register of Deeds, etc., 3 Sep 1623 to 30 Sep 1629

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/7 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own and it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes and sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: cit [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


PageDateType of DeedPartiesNotes
11623/9/3ContractMarg Cramond of E Balnabriche, John Ramsay her eld son - Ja Scott in Watterstoun, Christian Barclay his sp - John Hendrie
21623/9/3ContractMarg Cramond relict to umqll captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin, John Ramsay her son - Jonet Kinnymonth relict to umqll Da Bellie - Alex Neische
41623/9/3ContractMarg Cramond of W Balnabriche - John Mores at Ballrounie Mylne, Elspet Bell his sp
61623/9/7BandWm Lyell in Ardo - Th Jamesone maltman burg Montrose
71623/9/15BandMr Dugall Campbell dean of Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
7BandJohn Allardes of that ilk, Ja Allardes of Kynneff his brother - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot Eld, Th Ogilvy her sp
91623/9/15BandJohn Allardes of that ilk, Ja Allardes of Kynneff his brother - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot Eld, Th Ogilvy her sp
111623/9/19BandWm Pett in Balmame - Hugh Greige in Thornehill of Bowergot
121623/9/26Band TestamentGeo Duncane maltman burg Dundee - Th Duncane son & exer to umqll Rot Duncane maltman burg Dundee
131623/9/30BandJa Millar in Pitpollok, Wm Millar his son - Helen Clephane Lady Fendourie
141623/9/30BandJa Walker in Pendriche - Helen Clephan Lady Fendourie
14Band TestamentJa Clark merch cit Brechin, And Wright in Kennatie - Elspet, Jean, Marg & Isobell Wright exer to umqll Geo Wright notar in Brechin
151623/10/6BandJa Fairwedder in Blairo - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
161623/10/6BandJa Fairwedder in Blairo, Da Fairwedder - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
171623/10/6Band TestamentEuphame Quhytlaw of Haystone - Walter Gairdin son to umqll Mr Gilbert G of Both, Marie Gairdin his sister - Ja Strachan of CarmyllieBoath
17BandJohn Lyon burg Arbroath, Ja Guthrie in Over Pitforthie - And Lyon cit Brechin, And Lyon his son
191623/10/7BandDa Chrystesone in Reidheuche, Ja Forbes in Brarodie, Ja Ramsay fear of W Ogill - Th Lyon son to And Lyon cit Brechin
19BandPa Carncorss in Truffteig? - And Huntar provost Forfar
201623/10/7BandGeo Cruok brabiner burg Forfar - And Huntar provost Forfar
211623/10/7BandJohn Cumming elder of Carsbank, John Cumming his eld son fear thereof, John Scrimgeour of W Balnabriche, John Cumming natural son to sd John Cumming elder - And Lyon cit Brechin
231623/10/7BandJa Ramsay of Arbykie, Alex Ramsay his eld son, Ja Balfour eld of Over Tarrie, Ja Balfour his eld son, Ja Ramsay eld of W Ogill, Ja Ramsay his eld son, Th Lyell of Murthill, Da Balfour of Guynd - And Lyon cit Brechin, Marg & Jonet Lyon his dtrs
261623/10/11BandTh Daikeris in Dubtone - Marg Millar sp to Da Ramsay messr Brechin
26BandAlex Couper wright cit Brechin - Marg Millar sp to Da Ramsay messr
271623/10/11BandJa Marschall in Nether Bagille, Ja Fenton in Nether Balgille - Da Ramsay messr Brechin, Marg Millar his sp
281623/10/13BandAlex Findlo at Burnesyd of Balmen - Th Genrilmane in Fettercarne
29BandJohn Lindsay in Wodwrey, Rot Mortimer in Aikinhack, And Mortimer in Blakdikis - John Lindsay in Brechin
301623/10/20BandAnd And Buekholmen - John Bellie in Baldardie
30BandTest John Taylor merch burg Montrose - Wm Beattie merch burg Montrose, umqll Marg Beattie relict to umqll John Wilsone burg Montrose
31BandIsobell Rossie sp to Rot Falconer of Dryme, umqll Pa Rossie of that ilk her father, Th earl of Kellie viscount of Fentone, Th Lord Dirltoune, Sir Da Hering fear of Glasolwnie, Stecharucuror? fear of Logy Mikle
331623/10/20Marriage contractJohn Dall in Loneheid of Leys - John Mame at Collestone Milne, Isobell Mame his dtr
341623/10/29BandAlex Ogilvy of Schilhill - Rot Howy in Longbank
351623/10/29BandCaptain Alex Erskine burg Montrose - Wm Wallantyne skynner cit? Montrose
35BandJohn Milne in Cotmyr - John Hamilton factor to Sir John Hamilton of Leatrik
361623/11/3BandTh Glen in Tillebirne - John Edzeir in Balconall
371623/11/3BandTh Winrahame in N Tarrie, Ja Balfour of Tarrie - Sir John Carnegie of Ethie
381623/11/8BandJa Lindsay at Kenne Mylne, Alex Michell at Arinhall Mylne, Geo Michell in Discline? - Wm Straton son to Sir Alex Straton of that ilk
391623/11/8BandJohn Cant in Birkinbuss - Marg Cramond of Balnabriche
39TackJohn Symsone in Qtforret, Madleine Maill his sp, John Bowman in Blairfedden, Jonet Guthrie his sp, Henry Lindsay of Blairfedden, Alisone Scrymgeour his sp John Wilsone, Jonet Gray his sp sometime in Quharrie
411623/11/11BandRot Collace of Balmamone, John Collace his eld son - And Lyon cit Brechin, Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Marg & Jonet Lyon dtr of And L
431623/11/11BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone - And Lyon baillie Brechin
441623/11/11BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone, Th Cumming in Walkertoune - And Lyon baillie cit Brechin
451623/11/12BandTh Bunzeonne in Maritoune - Alex & Walter Maddeind sons to umqll Da Maddeind
461623/11/16BandJohn Guthrie cordiner Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
471623/11/18BandDa Kyd in Mains of Crago - Rot Keith burg Montrose - John Fullartoun son to umqll Alex Fullartoun of Law
481623/11/18Band TestamentRot Cawin in Halkhill, Da Andro yr in Dromlithie - Alex Andro relict? & exer to umqll Marie Johnstone his sp
48BandMr Th Piggot schollmaster Forfar - Wm Scott cit Brechin
491623/11/24BandJa Cant at Kinnaltie Milne, John Symsone in Migwi - George Marquis of Huntly his chalmerlaine or factor
501623/11/24BandJa Melville in Corlehed - John Smythe servitor to John Lindsay Gownemaker burg Montrose
511623/11/24BandDa Barclay fear of Matheris, Geo Barclay of Brigtoune - Marg Beattie relict to umqll John Wilsone burg Montrose
521623/11/24BandAnd Beattie yr burg Montrose, John Gairdin burg Montrose, Th Reany yr burg Montrose - Marg Beattie relict to umqll John Wilsone sometime burg Montrose
531623/11/25BandGeo Lyell in Barnis of Balmakellie, John Barclay yr, John Willok yr - Geo Houme, John Erskine Earl of Mar
541623/11/25ContractJohn Fullartoun of Kynnaber - Gideon Fullartoun his son - John Fullarton apperand of Kynnaber, Jean Falconer his sp
561623/11/25Marriage contractJohn Car in Pentostall, Jonet car his dtr - Wm Cob indweller Brechin
571623/11/29?Elspet Pearson relict to umqll John Richard in Kethik, Geo Richard yr, John Richard her son - John Duncasone baxter cit Brechin
581623/11/29BandDa Michell maltman cit Brechin, John Hind port of Ketheik - Da Bellie in Argeitht
591623/11/29BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone, John Collace fear of Pitforkie, And Daes in Nether Pitforthie - Rot Rollok eld cit Bre, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr to Rot eld, Th Ogilvy cit Brechin her sp
611623/11/29BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone,John Collace fear of Pitforkie, Th Collace of Pitforkie his father - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr to Rot eld, Th Ogilvy cit Brechin her sp
631623/12/1BandJa Wyllie in Powburne, Sir Geo Keyt of Drumlochtie - John Barclay of Johnstone
641623/12/1BandJa Wyllie in Powburne, Alex Wyllie in Athrens - Da Keyt in Balhaggartie, Agnes Wod his sp
651623/12/1BandAnd Gibsone in Fallins - John Ouchterlony maltman burg Arbroath
661623/12/2Band TestamentJa Alisone hammerman burg Dundee - Wm Mertine taylor Dundee, umqll Bessie Whyt his sp
66BandDa Arsbald in Balzordie, John Ramsay of W Balnabrich - Wm Lyon cit Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
671623/12/2BandOgilvy of Collow, Mr Ja Beaton at Carrestone Mill - Wm Lyon cit Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
681623/12/2BandMr John Livingstone of E Drumes, John Ogilvy burg Montrose - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
691623/12/2BandAlex Lindsay of Auchnady, Th Gibsone tennant and occupier in Auchnady - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
701623/12/2BandMagdalen Guthrie of W Auchleuchrie, Alex Barclay her eld son, Mr Ja Lindsay of Glengouch - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
70BandPa Oliphant in Drymmir, John Ogilvy of Balfour - Wm Lyon cit Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
711623/12/2BandMagdalen Guthrie relict to umqll Da Barclay of Auchleuchrie, Alex Barclay of Auchleuchrie her son - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
71BandAnd Mortimer in Kingseat, Th Gibsone in Achnady, Christopher Eleis there - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
721623/12/4BandTh Glen in Tillebirnie, John Skair in Drumboy of Tillebirnie - Hercules Cramond of Balhall
731623/12/4BandJohn Gynd in Pendrich, Catherine Findlo his sp, Ja Reid in Pundler there, John Scot & Rot Fyff indweller in Pendrich - Hercules Cramond of Balhall, John Edzer of Balconhall
741623/12/4BandTh Hill in Batneyly of Dune - Da Neische in Sowinhill of Dune
751623/12/6ContractEuphame Neische relict to umqll Wm Fyiff in Buttergill, Mr John Fyiff her eld son, George Houme, Rot Fyff, Ge Neische, Da Neische - John Skair
771623/12/8BandJa Andersone mariner Montrose, Ja Jaffray merch Montrose - Walt Jamesone maltman burg Montrose
781623/12/8BandJa Rinkine in Dysart - Walt Jamesone burg Montrose
791623/12/8BandTh Piter in Brodistoune - Walt Jamesone merch burg Montrose
801623/12/9BandTh Hill in Balvyllow - Th Blewhous in Fordes of Dune
811623/12/15BandAlex Smythe in Mergie - Ja Buchane servitor to Da Lindsay of Edzell
81BandCatherine Wood Lady Ulishewine - Pa Lichtoune burg Montrose
821623/12/22BandDa Cob in Nether Maines of Rossie - Isobell Greig relict to umqll Th Smyth maltman burg Montrose
831623/12/22BandGeo Reid in Eitskurie - Alex piter merch burg Arbroath
83BandRot Guthrie of Kinblamont, Ja Guthrie in Auchinthin - Alex Piter burg Arbroath
851623/12/30BandJohn Rennie in Lyes of Dune - Ja Profeit taylor Brechin
861623/12/30BandAlex Fyff in Fordes - Th Fyff in Buttergill
881624/1/3BandJa Nachtie in Lettei Beg - Jean Chapman relict to umqll Alex Rany sometime in Lettei Beg, Alex Duthie in Montquheath now her sp
891624/1/5BandRot Dunkesone baxter cit Brechin - Wm Murray cit Brechin
89BandGeo Kinganes in Ward of Dysert, Hercules Kingane his son - Alex Carnegie in Ulisewin?
901624/1/7BandTh Lyell of Murthill, Ja Lyell his eld son, Ja Lyell in Balnaganow, Da Lyon in Balgillie, Ja Fentone there - Rot Rollok eld cit Bre, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr to Rot eld, Th Ogilvy cit Brechin her sp
921624/1/8BandTest Th Liddell yr cit Brechin - Adam, John, Wm & Grisell Watt brother & sisters, Alex Hucheis sp to sd Grisell, umqll Agnes Watt dtr to Ja Watt merch cit Brechin & Elspet Cant his sp
931624/1/8BandMr John Livingstone fear of Caldhame, Ja Livingstone of Caldhame his father - David Lord Carnegie of Kinnard
941624/1/8BandAlex Knox at Mikle Mylne of Brechin - Da Lord Carnegie
951624/1/10Band TestamentDa Leyis customer burg Dundee - Euphame Watsone sp to Pa Boyd maltman burg Dundee, umqll Da Thomson aquatieman in Dundee, Isobell Bonnet his sp
95BandAlex Dewquhar in Grenfurd, John Stevenson in Braktullow - John Stevenson port of Drumes
961624/1/12BandJohn Sifvrith in Caldcottis, John Michell in Pitforthie - John Glen, Alex Glen cit Brechin his father
971624/1/21BandJa Guthrie in Authmuthie - Rot Lyne burg Arbroath
981624/1/24DischargeAnd Gray burg Montrose, Marie Erskine his sp, John Gray burg Montrsoe his father - Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild, Isobell Fraser his sp - Mr Da Erskine son to umqll Rot Erskine of Ardeistie, John Erskine of Newbigging, Geo Wischart of Dryme, John Erskine, Mr Wm Erskine, umqll Th Erskine someones father
1001624/1/24Band TestamentAnd Pitbladdow son to umqll And Pitbladdow of that ilk - Elizabeth & Isobell Forrest sisters to umqll Anges Forret sp to Walt Riddell burg Dundee, Stepha Philip merch burg of Edinburgh
1011624/1/26Band TestamentJa Findlasone eld burg Dundee - Da Lyes burg Dundee, umqll Da Blyth burg Dundee
101Band TestamentWm Ramsay maltman burg Dundee - Marie & Barbara Jack dtrs to umqll Marg Baldowie relict to umqll Ja Jack skipper burg Dundee
1021624/1/26BandJohn Pyot in Phinestone - Pa Wallace in Phunaw
102BandWm Jack in W Schanfurd, John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin - Wm Wilsone gardiner in Carrestone
1031624/1/26Band TestamentRot Homssone maltman burg Dundee - Wm Nullow? Wright burg Dundee
1041624/1/26Band TestamentJohn Lowsone baxter burg Dundee - Elspet Kynd, umqll Th Mante sometime taylor burg Dundee
104Band TestamentJohn Scungeor baxter burg Dundee - Ja & Marg Vandleis, umqll Marg Langlands sp to Rot Vandleis maltman burg Dundee
1051624/1/26Band TestamentJohn Alesone baxter burg Dundee - Rot, Alex, Marg, Bessie & Anna Davidsone exer to umqll Marg Alisone sp to Rot Davidsone burg Dundee
105Band TestamentJa Findlasone sometime baillie Dundee - Henry, Wm, Gilbert, Rot & John Knith exer to umqll Aleson Cunstable sp to Gilbert Knith in Forrie
1061624/1/26Band TestamentMr Alex Wedderburne eld of Kingenny - Th Halyburton eld burg Dundee, Th Halyburton yr his son exers to umqll Alex haliburton burg Dundee
106Band TestamentJa Chrystie in Adamstone - Mr James, Geo, Alex, Da & Gilbert Robertsone sons & exer to umqll Th Robertsone maltman burg Dundee, Isobell Christie his relict
1071624/1/26Band TestamentRot Jack eld son to umqll Da Jack merch burg Dundee - Pa & Alex Jack sons to Th Jack merch burg Dundee exers to Maddelene Wedderburne their mother
107BandGeo Ogilvy indweller Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin his father in law, Marg Rollok his sp
1081624/1/30Band TestamentRot Graham notar merch burg Montrose - Marg & Catherine Malcom(Makincoll), umqll Rot Malcom(Makincoll) burg Montrose their father, Isobell Leiche his sp
1091624/1/31Band TestamentMr Ja Lichtone minister Dune - Christiane Arbuthnot exer to Mr And Strachan? parsone of Dune her sp
109BandAlex Watsone of Kinguddie, Alex Watsone merch burg Dundee - Marg Baldowie relict to umqll Ja Jack skipper burg Dundee
1101624/2/2BandJohn Clark in Ferntone, And How there - Th Carnegie in Reidfurd
1111624/2/4BandJa Blak merch burg Dundee - Elspet Mores dtr & exer to umqll Rot Mores merch burg Dundee & Maniss? Craige his sp
111BandTh Findlasone in Balquane - Wm Jack in Carrestoune
1121624/2/16BandJohn Duncan baxter Brechin - Wm Jack in Littell Watterstone
1131624/2/16BandDa Archibald in Balzordie, Wm Ouchterlony of Cairne - Hercules Cramond of Balhall
113BandJohn Stratton fear of that ilk - John Lindsay in Balfour of Menmuir - Th Lyell of Murthill, Nicoll Carnecross of Balmesteir?, John Ogilvy of Balgarrow, John Ogilvy his eld son - Th Lyell of Murthill, Th Annand of Persie, Ja Lyell in Blerifedden his brother, Nicoll Carnecross of Balneshenor - John Oudny of Kethik, Ja Livingstone of Caldhame, John Vennes of Over Pitforthie - Ja Keyth in Craig of Garvolk, Mr Ja Keyth of Neddistone his father, Geo Keyth eld son of Ja K in Craig, Rot Keyth, Ja Booll burg Montrose
1151624/2/28BandTesta Mr John Hamilton minister at Craige & Ricardtoune - Ja Stewart only child & exer to umqll Ja Stewart merch burg Dundee
1161624/2/28RenunciationBessie Chrystieson sp to John Wilkie yr in Tristo, relict to umqll John Findlasone in Trosto - John Wilkie eld in Trosto
1181624/3/1BandDa Keid in Pitkentie - John Speid of Auchdowie
118BandDa Keid on Pitkenitie - Rot Dymies med burg Montrose
1191624/3/15RenunciationJonet Cramond sp to John Sped in Pitpullok - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno
1201624/3/17Band TestamentJohn Collace fear of Balnamone - Marg, Isobell & Elspet Collace exer to Marg Carnegie sp to John Collace fear of Pitforkie
1211624/3/17AppointmentCatherine Breik in Honitthill - Da Lindsay of Edzell
122BandJohn Buchart maltman burg Arbroath - John Mackconie burg Arbroath
1241624/4/2BandTh Windraham in N Tarrie - John Thomson meason in Auchmuthie
1251624/4/2BandHenry Richardson in N Tarrie - John Thomson in meason in Auchmuthie
125BandJohn Balfour of N Tarrie, Ja Balfour his eld son, Th Vuidrahame in N Tarrie - John Thomson meason in Auchmuthie, Catherine Boyes his sp
1261624/4/2BandCharles Milne in Denheid, Ja Wallace in Blindvallis - John Ouchterlony of Murhous
1281624/4/3BandHarry Guthrie of Both brother to umqll Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk - John Ross cit Brechin
128BandGeo Richard in Kethik, Th Liddell merch Brechin - Rot Watt cit Brechin, Da Donaldsone cit Brechin
1291624/4/10RenunciationAlex Erskine taylor Brechin son to umqll Alex Erskine in Dune - John Ramsay of W Balnabriche - Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild, John Habrun? sometime in Murtone
1311624/4/13BandTh Rossie of Kynnareis - Grissell Fleschour relict to umqll And Boyttar merch burg Dundee
1321624/4/13BandJohn Elschundie in Hill of Gleskenne - Rot Stronich baxter burg Montrose
132Band of CautionJa Rinkin taylor burg Dundee - Walt Rinkin skipper burg exer to umqll Grissell Durham his mother sp to Ja Downie skipper burg Dundee
1331624/4/15BandJohn Man parson of Menmuir, Mr John Piggot parson of Lethnot - Da Schewan skipper Montrose
1341624/4/17Band of CautionJa Knox skynner cit Brechin - And Manfod merch burg Dundee
1351624/4/19BandJa Clark merch cit Brechin - John Ramsay sometime commissar Brechin
135Band of CautionJa Kayll chirurgianer burg Dundee - Marione Gudlet relict exer to umqll Th Kaiyll mariner burg Dundee
136Band of CautionAnd Fordyce chirurgianer burg Dundee - Pa & Geo Broune sons & exer to umqll Geo Browne merch burg Dundee
1371624/4/26BandGilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykis - Margaret Kinnimonth sp to John Oudny of Kethik
137BandTh Rossie of Kinnaries, Wm Rait of Dunnborrow - John Ogilvy
1381624/5/10BandJa Livingstone of Caldhame, Mr John Livingstone fear of Caldhame his eld son - Ja Livingstone his 3rd son
1391624/5/10BandJa Livingstone of Caldhame, Ja Livingstone his son - Rot Rollok yr of Kirktoun of Aberlemno - John Ramsay of Balnabriche, Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Hercules Ro? servitor to Da Livingstone of Dunnapace - Ja Elvin merch burg Edinburgh - Mr John Livingstone fear of Caldhame
1411624/5/10BandJa Ramsay of Arbeckie, Alex Ramsay his eld son, Ja Ramsay eld of Ogill, Ja Ramsay yr fear of Ogill, Ja Balfour eld of Tarrie, Ja Balfour yr of Tarrie, Th Lyell in Dagattie - Ja Livingstone of Caldhame, John Livingstone his son
1421624/5/10BandDa Chrystiesone son to Alex Chrystiesone in Schannow, Alex Carnegie of Vane, Alex Chrystiesone his father, Ja Fairwedder in Blairno - Ja Livingstone of Caldhame
1441624/5/11BandJa Findlasone in Tullow - Ja Watsone at Mikle Mylne of Brechin
1451624/5/12BandAnd Cob(Gyb) in Wuidshorne, Ja Berne yr, Wm Jack in Schanfurd - Sir John Carnegie of Eathie
1461624/5/12BandJa Stewart of Valkuntnies [Waulkmills?], umqll ... Futhie his sp - Jean Guthrie dtr to umqll Wm Guthrie of Kingennie
1471624/5/12BandGellis Bairdie sp to And Cobe cordiner in Tenemeld - Th Fyff son to Rot Fyff in Buttergill - Duncan Brabiner at Caldhame Mylne lands
1481624/5/19BandElizabeth Duncan sp to Th Watt sometime in Tennements of Caldhame - And Cobe cordiner there, Gellis Berdie his sp
1491624/5/19BandJohn Graham port of Heddervick - Geo Grube yr son to Geo Grube at Kinnaber Mylne
1501624/5/19ContractMagdalene Guthrie relict to umqll Da Barclay of Auchleuchrie - Th Lyon brother to umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill, Catherine Beornie sp to Th L
152BandJohn Graham port of Heddervick - Geo Grube yr son to Geo Grube at Kinnaber Mylne
152ContractMagdalene Guthrie relict to umqll Da Barclay of Auchleuchrie - Th Lyon brother to umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill, Catherine Beirnie sp to Th L
1541624/5/19BandGeo Broune yr merch burg Dundee son to Ja Broune merch indweller in Fordyce - Da Suord merch burg Dundee
1551624/5/19BandGeo Broune yr merch burg Dundee son to Ja Broune merch indweller in Fordyce, Anna Dickson sp to Geo yr - And Moresone burg Dundee
1571624/5/20DischargeWm Gryme merch burg Montrose - Da Livingstone of Dunapace, Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoune, Sir Rot Arbuthnot fear of that ilk, John Stratton fear of Lawrestoune
158BandCharles Fullartoun in Allerdyce, Ja Buill burg Montrose - Alex Barclay burg Montrose, Agnes Young his sp
1591624/5/24BandJa Buill burg Montrose, Ja Brounis in Ulisevin - harry, John, And & Marg Smart children of umqll Henry Smart notar burg Montrose - John Rinnald, John Milne eld, John Brounis all burgesses Montrose, John Jamesone in Carcarie curators
1601624/5/25BandJa Carnegie in Carsgannie - Elizabeth Bowman dtr to umqll John Bowman in Corstone of Aberlemno
1611624/5/26BandMr Richard Melvine of Baldowie minister Maritone - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
1621624/5/29BandTh Rossie of Kinnereis, Da Rossie of that ilk, Richard Melville of Baldowie, Rot Fraser sometime of Doris fear of Beltie - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot eld, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin her sp
1651624/5/29BandDa Rossie of that ilk - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot eld, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin her sp
1681624/6/1DischargeDa Wod 2nd son to Sir Harry Wod of Bonitoune - umqll Sir Da Wod of Bonitone, Nicolas Wardlaw Lady Bonnitone
1711624/6/1BandDa Lindsay eld cit Brechin, Da Lindsay yr his son, Mr John Lindsay also his son, Rot Lindsay cit Brechin son to Da eld - Andrew bishop of Brechin - Elizabeth Kinnimont, John Lyon, John Watt, John Daw
1741624/6/5DischargeDavid bishop of Brechin, Da Lindsay baillie counsel Brechin, Th Liddell baillie counsel Brechin - Rot Lindsay cit Brechin, Mr John Lindsay
1761624/6/4BandSir Geo Keth of Witsone, Geo Lambe of Dunkenne, Gilbert Lambe in Balharrie his brother, Cudbert Quhytheid in Halledstone, John Michell in Powburne - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot eld, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin her sp
1801624/6/4BandGeo Lambe of Dunkenne, Gilbert Lambe his brother - Th Ogilvie cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp, Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
1821624/6/8Band of CautionRot Douglas eld son to Mr John Douglas parson of Glenbernie - Agnes, Marg & Christiane Maynes children & exer to umqll Rot Maine in Hawod, Marg ramsay their mother, Wm Ross her sp
1831624/6/8BandJohn Daikeris in Balnabriche, Alex Carnegie of W Balnabriche, Alex & Wm Daikeris his brothers - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
185BandJonet Jack relict to umqll John Daikeris in Kindrocatt, Alex Daikeris in Hanche of Brechin - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
1861624/6/12BandJa Lyell indweller Montrose, Alex Lyell of Balmaldie - Walt Jamesone merch burg Montrose
1881624/6/14BandGilbert Ouchterlony of Bladykis - John Bellie in Baldardie, And Beattie eld burg Montrose, Geo Millar messr
1891624/6/16Band of CautionRot Strachan burg of Mussiwrnt? - Mr Ja Strachan merch burg Edinburgh, umqll Ja Strachan nota burg Dundee
189BandJohn Lindsay in Balfour at the kirk of Menmuir - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno, David Lindsay his brother
1911624/6/28BandTh Collace of Pitforkie, John Collace his eld son, John Norie cit Brechin - And Manfod merch burg Dundee
1921624/6/28BandArchibald Chrystesone in Gryein Burne - Alex Carnegie in VlisshowineUsan
1931624/6/30ContractSir Geo Kethie of Witstone, Hercules Cramond of Balhall - Rot Mongommerie son to Rot Mongommerie of Hiltoune
1951624/7/1AssedationTh Findlosone messr son to umqll John Findlosone messr Brechin, John Ferrier lister cit Brechin, Lucres Wod his sp - Ja Dempster, Rot Lindsay, John Allane
1971624/7/1Marriage contractWalt Jamesone in Carcarie, John Jamesone his son - Th Vunheone? in Fullartoune, Elizabeth Vunheone? his dtr
1991624/7/10Marriage contractJa Livingstone of Caldhame, Mr John Livingstone his eld son - Sir John Ogilvy of Innerquhardie, Helen Ogilvi his sister, John Stratone fear of that ilk - Mr Tho Ramsay, Ja Ramsay, Th Liddell, John Wilsone, John Quheit all citiner Brechin - Catherine Lichtoune
2071624/7/12BandTh Broune in Ballishen of Panmur - Da Meilmaker
2081624/7/12BandTh Johnstone in Hewcheid - Da Meilmaker in Corceden
2091624/7/12Band of CautionJohn Lindsay gunner burg Montrose - Euphame Malkcoune exer to umqll Rot Malkcoune, James Smyth maltman her sp
2101624/7/12BandJohn Cuming of Carsbank, John Cuming his eld son - umqll Geo Wright notar publicus cit Brechin, Elspet Jeane Marg & Isobell Wright his exer, James Clark merch Brechin & And Wright their curators
2111624/7/12BandAnd Dayis in Craigend of Balnabriche - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2121624/7/12BandRot Adam cordiner cit Brechin - Geo Wright notar Brechin
2131624/7/12BandAlex Cupar wright cit Brechin - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2141624/7/12BandRot Skair skynner cit Brechin, Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Geo Wright cit Brechin
2151624/7/12BandWalt Buock cordiner cit Brechin, Ganuell? Buock on Cokhall his brother - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2161624/7/12BandHenry Futhie in Murreheid, Ja Guthrie of Monboy, Geo Pursone burg Arbroath - Geo Wright notar Brechin
2171624/7/12BandRot Carnegie in Lewchalnd, Rot Carnegie of Leuchland his master - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2191624/7/12BandWm Michell skynner cit brechin, Rot Michell in Lichtonehill his brother - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2201624/7/12BandEupham Neische relict to umqll Wm Fyff in Buttergill, John Fyff her eld son - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2211624/7/12BandWm Ouchterlony of Cairne, John Ouchterlony of Muirhous - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
2231624/7/12BandDa Norie cit Brechin - Geo Wright notar Brechin
223BandDa Auld burg Dundee - Marg Ritchie dtr & exer to umqll Th Ritchie in Dundee, Wm Milne her sp
2251624/7/21BandGilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykis, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin - John Speid of Archdowie
225BandJohn Donaldsone merch cit Brechin - Rot Adam cordiner cit Brechin
2261624/7/21BandJa Milne in Bonitone - John Findlo flescher burg Montrose
2271624/7/21BandHenry Johnstone skipper burg Dundee - Alex Jack burg Dundee sp to umqll Christiane Alexander, Th Alexander & David Jack their children
2281624/7/28BandJohn Muresone in Souttar of Ogill - Th Cudbert merch burg Montrose
2301624/7/29BandAlex Andersone at Kinnaber New Milne - John Barrone burg Montrose
2311624/7/30BandGilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis, John Ogilvy of Inverkeilor - Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild
2321624/7/30BandJa Forbes in Brarodie - Da Norie cit Brechin
2331624/8/2BandAgnes Marg & Catherine Maine exer to umqll Rot Maine, Rot Ross yr tutor - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose - Rot Maine in Harrat of Glenberuie
2341624/8/2BandJohn Dicksone maltman burg Forfar - Th Matheris burg Forfar
234BandJohn Dicksone maltman burg Forfar - John Rind in W Dod
2351624/8/7Band of CautionRot Rollok mariner burg Dundee - Jonet & Marg Mudie exer to umqll Jonet Rollok sp to Th Mudie merch burg Dundee their mother
2361624/8/9BandGilbert Ousteane in E Clettone - And Greig in Outhank of Garvock
2371624/8/17BandAlex Strachan of Brigtoun, John Symer of Brachinsche - John Reay maltman cit Brechin
2381624/8/30BandDa Symer burg Montrose, John Symer of Brachinsche, John Ramsay of Balnabriche - Helen Barclay relict to umqll Da Fullartoun mariner burg Montrose
2401624/9/8DischargeJa Carnegie of Balmachie - Alex Junkin in Balyglassie?, Alex Cramond in Damsyd of Balyglassie, umqll Da Jonkin, Alex Kyd in Balbenne his exer - Alex Lord Fenton -
2451624/9/9BandAlex Strachan in Baldoukie - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
2461624/9/9BandJohn Ogilvy of Inschewane, Alex Strachan of Brigtoun - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
246BandJa Cant at Kinnatie Mylne, Alex Cant in Russak his brother - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
2471624/9/10BandAlex Clark in Dunnald - John Nicoll Pithill
2491624/9/17BandPa Wod cordiner cit Brechin - Wm Lyon Cit Brechin
249BandAlex Scot in Coull - Ja Clark cit Brechin
2501624/9/22BandJa Clark in Coull, Wm Lyon in Kinnatie? - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2511624/9/22BandJohn Lindsay of Correhill, Lilleas Ructhen relict to umqll Da Lindsay of Correhill his mother - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2521624/9/22BandAnd Dewquhar in Hiltoune of Watterstone - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2531624/9/22BandAnd Dewquhar in Hiltoune of Watterstone - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2541624/9/22BandJohn Reid - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
254BandAlex Milne in Balmaine - Marg Peddie relict to umqll Alex Wischart in Balmaine, Marg Wischart hir dtr, Wm Huntar
2561624/10/14Band of CautionJa Milne qtsischer in Montrose - Catherine Grant relict to umqll Alex Jame, John & Thomas Jame his sons
256Band of CautionJohn Young burg Montrose - Da James Jonet Marg John Rot & Catherine Young children & exer to umqll Wm Young burg Montrose
2571624/10/18BandJa Findlasone in Outhlaw - Rot Mortimer in Kingseat
2581624/10/18BandWm Smyth in Fettercarne, Ja Andrew yr - Th Gentelmane
259BandGeo Minle maltman burg Arbroath, And Daw in Pettohill - Ja Andersone burg Arbroath
2601624/10/21Band of CautionTh Dow in Makrichie - John Dow in Mekderrie his brother sp & exer to umqll Christiane Masterstone
2611624/10/25BandJohn Graham of Hedderveick, Wm Graham of Sermsleit - Geo Scot at Kinnaber Wak Milne
2621624/11/1BandJa Pitcairne in Kirktoune Milne - Mr John Durie minister Inverkeilor
2631624/11/1BandJa Andersone mariner Montrose, Ja Jaffra burg Montrose - John Jamesone in Carcarie, And Lambe in Dinnynald - John Guthrie of Lownane
2651624/11/4BandCatherine Lichtone sp to Ja Livingstone of Caldhame - Helen Arrott sp to John Lyon notar Brechin
2661624/11/9BandGeo Maidder in Arbroath - Ja Futhie merch burg Dundee his master
2671624/11/15BandRot Litteljohn in Boghaid of Ethie, Harry Richardson in E Seaton - John Petrie servitor to Sir Peter Young of East Seaton
2691624/11/17BandChristiane Wischart relict to umqll Ja Adamsone in Counstone, Mr Alex Petrie schoolamster Montrose, Geo Petrie eld burg Montrose, Geo Petrie yr burg Montrose - Elspet Wischart relict to umqll John Fettons burg Montrse
270BandMr John Livingstone of Caldhame - Ja Clark cit Brechin
2721624/11/20BandArthur Malder in Botheris, John Malder in Botheris his brother - John Ouchterlony notar citiner Brechin
274DischargeAnd Lyon cit Brechin, Ja Watt millar - John Collace fear of Balnamone
275?And Lyon cit Brechin, Marg & Jonet Lyon his dtrs - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose, Rot Collace of Balnamone, John Collace his eld son - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
2771624/11/22RevocationAlex Barclay eld son to umqll Da Barclay of Auchleuchie - Alex Skair in Murihillok, Th Ramsay in Kirkden of Ferne - John Ogilvy of Inschewane, Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis - Alex Barclay burg Montrose
279DischargeWalter Scot cit Brechin, Catherine Scot his dtr, umqll Elizabeth Scot his sister sometime sp to And Davidsone in Arbekye, Henry Scot in Cloak, Isobell Scot dtr to sd Walter Scott
2801624/11/24BandJohn Croill in Kethik - Da Norie bailie Brechin, Bessie Donaldsone dtr to umqll Mr Geo Donaldsone minister Dolappie
2811624/11/25ContractJohn Erskine Earl of Mar, Marie Stewart his sp - John Andersone yr Cowper burg Montrose, Alex Andersone burg Montrose his father
2831624/11/29Band of CautionTh Ogilvy of W Persie - John Rot Th & Da Millne sons & exer to umqll Catherine Duncane sp to Alex Milne in Persie
2841624/11/29Band of CautionPa Patone merch burg Forfar - Oliver Powrie merch burg Dundee, umqll Andersone his sp
2851624/11/29BandJohn Hamilton chalmerlaine of Arbroath, William Ouchterlony of Cairne, John Ouchterlony of Murhouse - Harry Balfour in Fettercarne, Marg Fullartoun his sp
2881624/11/29BandJa Beddy skipper Auchstruther, umqll Da Corrie in Eathie - umqll Da Carngill in Killokburn, Christiane Preth his relict, Ninian Spink in Arbroath her present sp, Th & Helen Carngill children of umqll Da and Christiane, Ja & Da Crangill children of umqll Da & Jonet Thomson his 1st sp
2901624/12/1BandWm Carnegie flesher cit Brechin - John Findlasone messr cit Brechin, Jean Findlasone his dtr, Th Findlasone his son
2911624/12/1BandJa Proffeit taylor cit Brechin - Th Findlasone messr cit Brechin
291BandJohn Cumming yr fear of Carsbank - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2921624/12/1BandEuphame Sandeman, Ja Adam in West? of Alyth - John Burne, Helen Sandeman her sister
2931624/12/1BandAlex Wollam in Carrestone, George Lindsay Earl of Crawford his master - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2951624/12/1BandAlex Wollam in Carrestone, George Lindsay Earl of Crawford his master - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
2961624/12/3?Rot Lundie in Hill of Craigie, Sir Rot Graham of Morphie - Alex Erskine of Dune, John Earl of Kingorne, Alex Lord of Spynie, Mr Da Lindsay of Pitskandlie, John Erskine of Newbigging
2971624/12/6BandJohn Williamsone in Mikle Martus - John Burne in Watterstone
297Marriage contractDa Ouchterlony in Milnehill, Pa Ouchterlony, Alex Allone maltman burg Arbroath, John Milne yr in Cotmyr, The umqll mother of Da O and his sister, John Ouchterlony - Wm Guild in Celeme? Guid brother of Da O
2981624/12/8BandTh Barrie cit Brechin, John Barrie his eld son - John Lyon notar Brechin
2991624/12/9BandJohn Boull in Maines of Guthrie - Wm Guthrie of that ilk
3001624/12/13BandJohn Ouchterlony maltman burg Arbroath - Alex Piter merch burg Arbroath
3011624/12/14BandAnd Guthrie sklitther Brechin - John Milne melamaker Brechin
301BandWm Junkin in Nether Carreston - Da Robertsone in Brechin, Ja Fentone
3021624/12/16BandJa Carnegie in Kingisfauldis of Carsgownie - Alex Fairwedder in Milnehill of Baldardie
3031624/12/16Band of CautionPa Kinnard indweller in Inschewin - Da Pa Rot & Alex Yeoman children & exer to umqll Da Yeoman merch burg Dundee
303BandJa Scot wright burg Dundee - David bishop of Brechin
3041624/12/16BandJa Scot wright burg Dundee - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin
3051624/12/27BandJohn Greige eld in Ochandlaine - John Guthrie of Lunan, Rot Guthrie in Drumlassie
3061624/12/28Band of CautionJa Wardropper eld indweller in Abernit - Helen & Elspet Broune exer to umqll John Broune in Elpinstone their father
3071624/12/29BandJa Pitcarne at Kirktoune of Inverkeillor - John Hamilton chalmerlane Arbroath
3081624/12/31Band of CautionMr Rot Rollok minister Murrois - Mr John Rollok brother & exer to umqll Mr Wm Rollok minsiter Strickmartine
308ContractTh Mortimer of Flemington - John Bellie in Kirkinbuss? - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno - Alex Jonkine in Balglassie, John Kyd in Holl, Alex Cramonth in Damheid, John Wobster in Polygarroche - John Bellie of Baldardie
3201624/12/31ContractTh Mortimer of Flemington - Alex Bellie cit Brechin - umqll Wm Duncan burg Dundee - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno - Alex Jonkine in Balglassie, John Kyd in Holl, Alex Cramonth in Damheid, John Wobster in Polygarroche
3321625/1/13Band of CautionAnd Muresone merch Dundee - Wm & Ja Cok exer to umqll Jonet Blyth sp to Wm Cok saidler burg Dundee
332Band of CautionDa Muddie maltman Dundee - Rot Low maltman Dundee exer to umqll Elspet Dewquhar his sp
3331625/1/13Band of CautionRot Auchenleck skynner burg Dundee - Christiane & Marg Clark exer to umqll Th Clark mariner burg Dundee
3341625/1/13Band of CautionTh Traill yr hipotnger burg Dundee - Th Traill edl merch burg Dundee his father exer to umqll John Traill yr merch Dundee
334Band of CautionPa Guthrie merch burg Dundee - John Guthrie merch Dundee exer to umqll Pa Guthrie merch Dundee
3351625/1/13Band of CautionAlex Bellie merch burg Dundee - John Marg Elspet Agnes Euphame Barbara & Anna Pearson exer to umqll Elizabeth Findlasone sp to Ja Pearsone their father
3361625/1/13Band of CautionTh Clayhills merch burg Dundee - Rot Clayhills of Baldoune merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Jonet Boyter his sp
336BandAlex Strachan sometime of Brigtone, John Symer of Brathinsche, Ja Cant at Kinnaltie Mylne - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
3381625/1/19Band of CautionDa Strachan cordiner burg Dundee - Th Gray exer & son to umqll Euphame Jack sp to Th Gray merch burg Dundee
338DischargeWm Mackein merch burg Edinburgh, umqll Wm Mackein merch Montrose his father? - Rot Carnegie of Leuchland, umqll Catherine Carngie his sister sp to sd Wm M
3401625/1/20Marriage contractJa Forfar eld, Ja Forfar yr, Marg Forfar dtr of Ja F eld - Wm Murray cit Brechin, Geo Murray his eld son, Christiane Arrot his mother sp of Wm
3431625/1/22BandJohn Guthrie merch burg Dundee - Pa Edbart son to umqll Da Edbart burg DundeeEdward
3441625/1/22BandJohn Traill merch burg Dundee, Isobell Rinkine his sp - Th Traill, Euphame Blenschill his sp
3451625/1/22BandGeo Murray, Wm Murray cit Brechin his father - John Lyon notar cit Brechin
3461625/2/2BandJohn Stratton fear of that ilk, John Lindsay of Balfour, John Norie notar cit Brechin - John Edzer in Balcoell
3471625/2/7Band of CautionJa Scot yr merch burg Montrose - Christiane Marg & isobell Gryme exer to umqll Catherine Scot sp to Wm Gryme merch Montrose
3481625/2/10Band of CautionGilbert Nicoll maltman burg Dundee - Ja & Marg Nicoll children to umqll Ja Nicoll maltman Dundee
3491625/2/10Marriage contractGeo Cramond in Grein Hills, Alex Andersone his son in law - Da Dryme in Boigmuir of Esty, Marg Dryme his dtr
3501625/2/12BandJa Gairdine of Preschok - Mr Th Ramsay minister at Edbem?Idvie, i.e. Kirkden
3511625/2/19ContractRot Carnegie of Leuchland - Geo Murray son to Wm Murray cit Brechin
3551625/3/8BandGeo Petrie yr burg Montrose - Jean Admastone relict to umqll Geo Petrie eld burg Montrose his father
3561625/3/10Band of Caution Ja Fyff eld maltman burg Dundee - Gilbert Gairdin skipper burg Dundee, Marioble Gairdine his dtr, umqll Catherine Broune sp to Gilbert g
3581625/3/30BandJa Scot in W balnabriche - Alex Watt wright cit Brechin
3591625/4/27Band of CautionRot Braine cordiner Drumlithe - Archibald? Braine exer to umqll Roger Braine
3601625/4/27RenunciationMarg Mackgrigorie sp to Walt Haliburton in tenements of Caldhame - John Sprint servitor to Lord Carnegie
3611625/5/5BandJa Straton in Drucarne, Christiane Barclay his sp - Rot Fairwedder, Marg Straton his sp dtr of sd Ja S, Henry Fairwedder
3631625/5/5Band of CautionJohn Ramsay merch burg Dundee - Wm Jonet Isobell Grissell Marg & Catherine Davidsone children & exer to Wm Davidsone merch burg Dundee
363Marriage contractDa Daw, John Daw in Peblik his father - Mariore Futhie relict to umqll Wm Collie
3651625/5/14Marriage contractJohn Lindsay port of W ??, Marg Lindsay his dtr, John Lindsay her brother - John Spalding sometime port of Kinnaltie - John Faiter? at Mill of Cathine, Geo Steill at Bry of Airlie
3671625/5/23RevocationMarg Laindsay relict to umqll John Spalding in Kinnaltie
3681625/5/26BandTh Watson in Kinnaltie - John Buchane
3691625/5/31Band of CautionAnd Gray of Bulzeon - John Carnegie maltman burg Dundee exer to umqll Wm Bright of Davidsone burg Dundee - Wm Gray sheriff clerk of Forfar - Pa Gray in Davidsone
370BandRot Wischart cit Brechin, Ja Humble flescher Brechin - Wm Arrot servant to Da Lindsay baillie Brechin
3711625/6/2BandRot Falconer of Drymie - Rot Butter in Montres?
3721625/6/8BandTh Carnegie in Dillopie - Charles Carnegie servitor to Lord Carnegie
372bBandJohn Gib skynner cit Brechin - John Wallace at Mylne of ??.
3731625/6/14Band of CautionJa Stannerus merch burg Dundee - Euphame Wedderburne relict & exer to umqll Archibald Blyth skipper burg Dundee
373BandWm Mackein burg Edinburgh, John Mackein burges Montrose his brothers - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp
3751625/6/17BandJohn Ramsay son to captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin, John Symer fear of Brathinsche, Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - John Speid of Auchdowie, John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
3771625/6/21RenunciationJonet Glaidstone sp to Alex Fullartoun port of Craigow, Sibillia Lambe his mother relict to umqll Alex Fullartoun of Law his father - Ja Strachan of Monboddo, Rot Strachan his son, umqll Rot Keth in Tullow
3801625/6/24BandRot Carnegie of Leuchland - And Lyon cit Brechin
382BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone, Rot Collace of Balnamone his father - And Lyon cit Brechin, Marg Lyon his dtr
3851625/6/25?Da Guthrie of that ilk, Alex Guthrie of Kincaldrum his eld son - Thomas Ogilvy, Marg Rollok his sp
388BandTh Rossie in Kinnereis, Da Rossie of that ilk, Alex Guthrie of Kincaldrum - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot eld, Th Ogilvy her sp
3901625/6/27BandAlex Strachan of Brigtone - Ja Fentone in Nether Balgillie
3911625/6/28BandAlex Scott in Littill Coull, Th Skair in Littill Markhous, Ja Adame in Fidlervall - Da Ramsay messr Brechin, Marg Millar his sp
3921625/7/6BandAlex Ramsay fear of Arbekie, Ja Pitcarne in Hilton - John Ramsay commissar Brechin
3931625/7/6BandJohn Milne in W Futhie - John Ramsay commissar Brechin
3941625/7/13BandWm Greig in Auld Montrose, And & Walt Greig his sons - Rot Erskine of Ardestie
3951625/7/13BandWm Leiche in Auld Montrose, Wm Greig in Auld Montrose - Rot Erskine of Ardestie
3961625/7/14BandAlex Fullartoun of Law, Wm Fullartoun of that ilk - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr of Rot eld, Th Ogilvy her sp
3981625/7/18BandJohn Lindsay of Kingisseat - Ja Smart merch cit Brechin
399BandJohn Lindsay in Kingisseat - Ja Smart cit Brechin
399BandJa Ramsay eld of Arbekie, Alex Ramsay his eld son - Walt Scot cit Brechin, Isobell Norie his sp
401BandWm Young in Drumes - Ja Smart merch Brechin
402BandWm Lyon eld in Balgillie, Alex Donald in Hilton of Balgillie, Ja Smart merch cit Brechin - John Hendersone baxter Brechin
402Band of CautionAlex Liddell baxter burg Dundee - John Carnegie maltman burg Dundee, umqll Wm Bright of Davidsone - Mr Geo Pittillou minister at Newtyll? - Wm Gray sherriff clerk
4031625/7/28BandTh Lyell in Dalgatie, Catherine Taylor his sp - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
4041625/7/28BandRot Stewart in Halche of Brechin, Geo Home chalmerlane to Earl of Mar - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
405BandWm Graham of Fairnisleit, John Graham port of Beddervick - Isobell Norie relict to umqll Walt Scot cit Brechin, And Lyon now her sp - Rot Kynneir of Botheris, Isobell Murray his sp
4071625/8/15BandIsobell Strachan relict to umqll Rot Halkney - John Hendersonein Gilstonne of Kinnell
4081625/8/26Band of CautionWalt Rinkin skipper burg Dundee - Elizabeth Marione Marg & Grisell Ross dtrs & exer to umqll Andr Ross skipper burg Dundee, Marion Durham his relict
4091625/9/16Band of CautionRot Durham in Cragie - Th Bowak in Cragie exer to umqll Alesone Nubge? his sp
409Band of CautionPa Pourie baxter burg Dundee - Alex Broune baxter burg Dundee exer to umqll Marg Drummond his sp
4101625/9/20Band of CautionJohn Alisone baxter burg Dundee - And Harry Elspet & Marion Broune children to Henry Broune maltman burg Dundee & umqll Elspet Rinkin his sp
4111625/9/23BandAlex Strachan sometime of Brigtone and now in Baldoukie - Wm Lyon baillie Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
4121625/9/23BandGilbert Wischart in Polygarrok, Th Wischart in Baldarge - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
4131625/9/26BandRot Bowak in Cairnie, Th Bowak in Ru?. - Grisell Gurlay Relict to umqll John Hog in Tempiltone, Wm & And Hog her sons
4141625/9/28Band of CautionTh Boyak in Cragie - Rot Durham in Craigie exer to umqll Marg Boldonie his sp
4151625/9/28Band of CautionRot Clayhills of Baldounie - Ja Boytar of Netehr Lyst? Exer to umqll Anna Alesone his sp
415Band of CautionPa Guthrie merch burg Dundee - Wm Guthrie son to John Guthrie merch Dundee & umqll Marg Lessillis
4161625/10/3BandJohn Oudny of Kethik - John Skynner master of the hospital of Brechin
4171625/10/18BandJohn Duncan eld cit Brechin, John Duncan yr cit Brechin, Wm Forbes burg? Brechin and now in Carmyllie - Francis Ogilvy of Newgrange
4181625/10/27BandAlex Strachan sometime fear of Brigtone, John Symer of Brathinsch - John Rea maltman Brechin
4191625/11/12BandRot Eatine at Mikle Mylne of Brechin - Hercules Taylor of Borrofeild
4201625/11/14BandGeo Knox merch cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony notar Brechin
4211625/11/26BandJohn Collace of Balnamone, Alex Erskine of Dune, John Mancur of Flauir? - Ja Livingstone of Caldhame, Pa Livingstone of Balroune, Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild
424BandGeo Knox merch cit Brechin - John Duncasone baxter Brechin
4251625/12/1BandJohn Fraser in Craigend of Pitforkie - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
426BandJohn Loussone of Ballormie - Geo Neische maltman Brechin
4271625/12/3Band of CautionPeter Hay of Nanchtaine, Geo Hay his led son exer to umqll Da Yeoman burg Dundee
427RenunciationNicolas Erskine relict to umqll John Findlo yr burg Montrose, John Findlo her father in law, Marg Maill her mother
4291625/12/13BandTh Michell in Caldham, John Adamsone in Craigrinff, Ja Taylor in Kirktoun of Cloway, John Adamsone there, Da Hew there, John Kingheow in Claigleith, Ja Donald in Halton of Claigleith - Sir Da Ogilvy of Cloway
4311625/12/13BandJa Markie in Hillok of Bradoune, Ja Scormomot there, Th Hendrie in Bonhard, Alex Low in Bonhard, Da Low in Bonhard, John Lucas in Bradounie, John Hendrie in Bradounie, John Donald there, John Ramsay in Bradounie, Pa Lucas in Bradounie, John Duncan - Sir Da Ogilvy of Cloway
4351625/12/15BandMarg Cramond of W Balnabriche - David bishop of Brechin
435BandAnd Wannand port of Dickmontlaw - Mr Harry Pearson burg Arbroath
4361625/12/20BandAnd Gibsone in Fallauas - John Milne maltman Arbirlot
4371625/12/21Band of CautionWalt Smyth maltman burg Dundee - Barbara Agnes & Jonet Ramsay dtrs & exer to umqll Henry Ramsay cordiner Dundee
4381625/12/21Band of CautionWm Forbes cordiner burg Dundee - Jonet Rolland relict to umqll Rot Ramsay cordiner Dundee, Pa Ramsay cordiner Dundee their son
4391625/12/21Band of CautionWm Petrie maltman burg Dundee - Ja & Sara Petrie children to Ja Petrie maltman Dundee & umqll Matilda Michelson his sp
439Band of CautionJa Mackie baxter burg Dundee - Da Matilda Isobell & Marg Nevay children to Da Nevay maltman Dundee & umqll Isobell Clark his sp
4411626/1/6Band of CautionDa Dewquhar of that ilk - Ja Dequhar in Halch of Finnevin, umqll Christiane Lindsay his sp
441BandMr Dougall Campbell dean of Brechin - John Wallantyne maltman burg Montrose
4421626/1/9BandJohn Lyon in Barinhardie - Ja Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie
4431626/1/9BandRot Collace of Balnamone, John Collace his eld son - Da Broune in Cheppeltoune
4441626/1/9BandJa Fentone in Mikle Coull - Rot Rollok of Kirkton
4451626/1/11BandJohn Collace fear of Balnamone, Th Burne in Walkertone - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
4461626/1/16Band of CautionAlex Edvart yr burg Dundee - John Guthrie merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Marg Wilkesone relict to umqll Pa Guthrie merch burg DundeeEdward
446Band of CautionAlex Edvart yr merch burg Dundee - Pa & Marg Guthrie exer to umqll Elspet Guthrie their sister children to John Guthrie merch & Helen Dynne? his 1st spEdward
4471626/1/16Band of CautionRot Gairdine merch burg Dundee - Mr John Andersone minister Cargill, John Broune merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Marg Broune relict to umqll Rot Flescher of Innerpeffer
447Band of CautionJa Fyf maltman burg Dundee - Marg Prot Sp to Rot Mores in Dundee exer to umqll Mariore Prot sp to Alex Prestonne skipper Dundee
4481626/1/16Band of CautionJohn Guthrie merch burg Dundee - Pa Dynnes skipper? Dundee exer to umqll Elspet Wilkesone relict to umqll John Dynnes merch burg Dundee
448Band of CautionWm Rollok son to umqll Walt Rollok in Dundee - Jonet Blyth relict to umqll Walt Rollok in Dundee, umqll Agnes Rollok his dtr
4491626/1/16Band of CautionJa Robertsone brabiner Dundee - Marg Muddie relict & exer to umqll Peter Wedderburne burg Dundee
449Band of CautionPa Kinnereis merch burg Dundee - Children of umqll Pa Air port of E Guthrie & umqll Matilda Strachan his sp
4501626/1/16Band of CautionTh Traill typutheter? Burg Dundee - Euphame Marg & Elspet Grein exer to umqll Catherine Traill sp to Pa Grein merch Dundee
450Band of CautionWm Durvard merch burg Dundee - Jonet Wischart exer to umqll Marg Syme sp to Th Wischart taylor Dundee
4511626/1/16Band of CautionWm Durvard merch burg Dundee - Ja Smart son to Ja Smart indweller in the Weillgait in Dundee & umqll Jonet Jack his sp
451Bandcaut And Shipherd baxter burg Dundee - John And Alex & Marg Boyis exer to umqll Barbara Shipherd sp to Alex Boyis burg Dundee
4521626/1/19Band of CautionPa Ogilvy of Bonitie, Th Ogilvy of Persie - Da Ogilvy of Balnabeth exer to umqll John Ogilvy of Braysyd his brother
452Band of CautionTh Steing maltman burg Dundee - Rot Johnstone glaisinwright burg Dundee exer to umqll Alex Johnstone glaisinwright his father
4531626/2/6Band of CautionJohn Loussone baxter burg Dundee - Ja Gray brabiner burg Dundee exer to umqll Isobell Spanchie? his sp
4541626/2/8BandWm Ogilvy mariner burg Dundee - Th Quheit maltman burg Dundee, Geo Quheit his son, umqll Isobell Schankis sp of Th Q
454Marriage contractDa Hucheone eld cordiner Keremur, Marion Stuill his sp, Da Hucheone yr their edl son - John Wache in Keremur, Elizabeth Essone his sp, John Wache yr their son, Iosbell Wache their dtr - umqll Ja Hucheone, Th Gait, Da Adamsone, John Frendret in Keremur, John Hessnall edl in Keremur, Walt Schewan notar Keremur, Th Erskine, Abraham Piggot, And Duggall
4591626/2/20BandDa Dick burg Montrose - Ja Andersone skipper burg Montrose
4601626/2/24BandJa Smyth cit Brechin - John Jamesone in Carcaire, Dugall Jamesone
460BandAlex Barclay eld son to umqll Da Barclay of Auchlen?.. - Alex Barclay burg Montrose
4611626/3/15?John Chepman eld son to umqll Rot Chepman cit Brechin - Wm Carnegie cit Brechin, Barbara Sand his sp, umqll John Kinghow merch Brechin
4621626/3/29BandDa Michell maltman cit Brechin - Alex Laying in Baldoukie, Ja Wyld
4631626/3/31BandJa Fentone in Mikle Coull - Da Michell maltman cit Brechin
4641626/3/31BandAnd Wobster in Mikle Coull - Da Michell cit Brechin
4651626/4/3Band of CautionDa Stewart in Kirktoune of Arbuthnot - Marion Stewart dtr & exer to umqll Nicolas Keith her mother sp to Rot Stewart of InschbraikInchbreck
4661626/4/24BandRot Wilsone at the Lai.. in Fettercarne, John Taylor of Fettercarne burg Montrose - Rot Mancur servant to Da Barclay of Matheris
4671626/4/25Band of CautionTh Maknicoll port of E Inveraritie - umqll Christian Prusen, John Bruce her sp, Wm Prusen her brother
467?Da Chalmeris baxter burg Montrose son to umqll Alex Chalmeris of Newbigging - umqll John Erskine of Newbigging
4691626/5/1Band of CautionDa Milne wright cit Brechin - Marg Millar exer to umqll Da Ramsay messr Brechin her sp
4701626/5/3Band of CautionAnd Howat maltman burg Dundee - Catherine Gill dtr to umqll And Gill merch Dundee her father
470Band of CautionWm Peirie taylor burg Dundee - Euphame & Elizabeth Auchinlek dtr & exer to umqll Rot Auchinlek skynner Dundee
4711626/5/15BandGilber Schand in Garanoth - Marg & Elizabeth Schand dtr & exer to umqll John Schand in Garanoth their father, John Ritchie sp to Marg S, Wm Man in Reidhall sp to Elizabeth S
4721626/5/15BandAnd Pypper in Baliulie, Ja Abertronie - Marg Graham dtr to umqll Rot Graham in Chairltoune
4731626/5/17BandWm Weymiss skipper burg Dundee - And & Isobell Weymiss children & exer to umqll John Weymiss mariner burg Dundee
4741626/5/24BandJohn Gib skynner Brechin - John Mathew in Pendrich
474BandJohn Gib skynner Brechin - John Mathew in Pendriche his father in law
475BandAnd Dewquhar in W Hilton of Watterstoun - Wm Lyon baillie Brechin
475BandWm Guthrie of that ilk, Da Guthrie of Kincaldrum - Barbara Lyon dtr to umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill
4761626/6/1BandJohn Cant in Damheid, Alex Steven in ?. of Quhethill, Alex Innerhairte? There, Geo Ogilvy of Funahe? - Wm Ruthven of Gardyne
4771626/6/1DischargeWm Gryme merch burg Montrose - Sir Da Livingstone of Donapace baronet, Sir Alex Strachan of Thornton, Sir Rot Arbuthnot fear of that ilk, John Stratton fear of Camentston?
4791626/6/1DischargeWm Gryme merch burg Montrose - Sir Da Livingstone of Donapace
479BandColin Campbell of Denheid - Rot Fenton cit Brechin
480BandJa Simpson in Fannous - Marg Galloway presently in Kinnell
481DischargeMarg Wischart sp to Wm Huntar in Balmane dtr to umqll ?? Wischart & Marg Gelly? in Balmane, Wm Huntar eld in Gem? of Cragnestone
4821626/6/21?Ja Strachan of Monboddow, Da Barclay of Matheris, Mr Rot Wischart of Carnebege, Rot Arbuthnot of Litill Fiddes? - Mr Alex Bissett minister Brechin, Th Ogilvy burg Dundee, Alex Marg & Euphame Pigott children to Mr John Pigott minister Lethnot & Matilda Ogilvy his sp
4841626/6/23BandJohn Ogilvy at Kinnell Mylne, Matilda Scrymgeour his sp - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
4851626/7/1ContractMarg Fullartoun sp to Harry Balfour in Fettercarne - John Straton fear of that ilk
4871626/7/7Band of CautionJohn Rennet? Burg Montrose - And Clark burg Montrose exer to umqll Helen Renny his sp
487?Jonet Wat relict to umqll Geo Wat in Kindrochit
4881626/7/22Band of CautionMr John Drumis notar burg Dundee - John Yeoman burg Dundee exer to umqll Pa Yeoman of Drybrglp? burg Dundee his father
4891626/7/22Band of CautionHenry Rea taylor burg Dundee - Christiane & Agnes Nicoll dtrs to And Nicoll maltman burg Dundee & umqll Catherine Jack his sp
4901626/7/22Band of CautionJohn Nicoll taylor burg Dundee - Christiane Nicoll relict to umqll Alex Jack maltman burg Dundee, Pa Roger baxter burg Dundee now her sp
4911626/7/31ContractMr Wm Wischart parson of Fettercarne, Elizabeth Kethe his sp - Da Lindsay of Edzell, Da Lord Carnegie of Kynnard before Sir Da Carnegie of Kynnard
4931626/7/31?Mr Ja Wischart of Pittarow - Mr Wm Wischart parson Fettercarne his brother, Elizabeth Kethe sp to Wm W
493Marriage contractTh Benny eld son to Richard Benny in Balmane - John Charlis in Panschow, Grissell Mylne in Kilhill relict to umqll John Charlis, Catherine Charlis sister to sd John Charlis
4951626/8/15RenunciationIsobell Norie relict to umqll Walt Scot cit Brechin now sp to And Lyon cit Brechin, John Scot eld son - Rot Kynneir of Botheris, Isobell Murray his sp
4971626/8/25Band of CautionRot Burnet in Baldelphin - Wm Futhe in Gellone exer to umqll Ca Hog his sp
4981626/8/25Band of CautionJohn Stewart in Ardlair - John & Wm Andersone exer to umqll Jonet Fraser sp to John Andersone
498Band of CautionJohn Andersone in Tillelair - John Ross in Tillelair exer to umqll Helen Smyth his sp
4991626/9/7Band of CautionAlex Browne maltman burg Dundee - Ja Marg Wandles children & exec to umqll Rot Wandles maltman burg Dundee
499BandWm Young in Brechin - John Hendersone sometime in Auldbar now in Brechin
500BandJa Lyon of E Ogill, Wm Lyon his brother, Wm Guthrie of that ilk - Wm Lyon cit Brechin uncle to Ja L of E O
501RenunciationDame Marg Ogilvy countess of Marscheill, Wm Kethe Earl of Marscheil, Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun now her sp, Rot Middltoun of Caldhame, Mr Ja Wod of ??.., Ja Kethe of Benhome, Marg Lindsay his sp
503RenunciationMarg Lindsay Lady Benholme, Ja Kethe of Benholme her sp - Wm Kethe Earl of Marscheil - Marg Ogilvy countess of Marischeill, Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun her sp, Rot Middletoun of Caldhame, Mr Ja Wod, Ja Kethe of Benholme - Mr Alex Kethe of FairsdowKeith of Phesdo
5051626/10/11RenunciationRot Melville son to John Melville of Dysart & Helen Ramsay, Mr Richard Melville minister Marytoun - Ja Gardyne of Pressock, Wm Gryme burg Montrose, Geo Campbell of Carsgownie, Paul Symmer son to Geo Symmer of Balzordie, Rot Butter in Mains of Rossie
5061626/10/30Band of CautionJohn Dempster sometime of Balrownie - John Th Da & Marg Souttar exer to umqll Ja Souttar their brother son to umqll Ja Souttar in Mursyd of Achdowie
5071626/10/31Marriage contractRot Mylne in Cletoun - Walt Garvie in Carslack, Catherine Wallace his dtr in law
5081626/11/12BandJohn Graham in Hedderveick - John Mackie in Murfuitt of Hedderveick, Gellis Smyth his spHedderwick
5091626/11/14BandHenry Findlosone in Watterstoun, John Wilke eld in Crosto?, Wm Jack in Schanfurd - Ja Watson at Blackhall Mylne
5101626/11/18BandJohn Graham in Caldcottis John Gardyne burg Montrose
5111626/11/20BandArchibald Chrystison in Gremburne - Isobell Michell relict to umqll Pa Stewart in Loche of Wodtoun
511BandJohn Lyon messr burg Dundee - Allan Stewart in Invillie in Banff
5121626/11/20BandJohn Chepman cit Brechin - Th Schewan notar Brechin
512BandGeo Lyon in Littil Coull - Mr Ja Lyon minister Inschebroyock his brotherInchbrayock
513BandJohn Ogilvy of Inschewin, John Ogilvy of Innerquhartie - And Dempster in Nether Carestoun
5141626/11/28?Mr Alex Kinnimonth son & exer to umqll Mr Alex Kinnimonth minister Keremuir - John Lyon notar citiner Brechin - umqll Elizabeth Kinnimonth alias Lour or Robert in Brechin
515BandDa Ross sometime cit Brechin now indweller Montrose, Agnes Dryme his sp - Rot Farlie taylor cit Brechin
515Marriage contractJohn Souttar at Pow Mylne, Jonet Collace his sp, Magdalen Souttar their dtr - Ja Louper at Ballinscho Mylne, Wm Louper his son
5161626/12/18BandRot Guthrie of Kinblamont, John Hamilton chalmerlane Arbroath - Alex Piter merch burg Arbroath
517BandCharles Mylne in Denheid - Alex Piter merch burg Arbroath
5181626/12/18ContractTh Ogilvy of Inschewen, Marg Erskine his mother - Alex Ogilvy of Schilhill, Christian Arbuthnot his sp - Findlo Farquahrson yr, Euphame Kynneir, Richard Cant
5231626/12/23RenunciationChristiane Wischart sp to Alex Wischart of Murtoun - Captain Rot Irving
5251627/1/5Marriage contractJa Finloson in Tullow, Marg Finloson his sister - Wm Daikeris in Mains of Auldbar - John Daikeris in Auldbar, Da Daikeris in Kindrochet, Alex Chrystiston in Blandange
5271627/1/20BandJohn Rinckin cordiner burg Dundee - Marg Gibson dtr to umqll John Gibson baxter burg Dundee
5281627/1/23Band of CautionAlex Smyth in Over Theands? - Ja Mores exer to umqll And Mores skipper burg Dundee
528Band of CautionWm Rea chirugron - Wm Contable yr brabiner in Hill of Dundee son to Wm Constable eld in Hill of Dundee & umqll Isobell Hog his sp
5291627/1/23Band of CautionJa Hog bonatmaker in Hill of Dundee - umqll And Fordyce chirugroun burg Dundee
529Band of CautionJohn Bindon? merch burg Dundee - Barbara Bowar only dtr & exer to umqll Ja Bowar merch burg Dundee
5301627/1/23Band of CautionTh Fleming maltman burg Dundee - John Isobell & Elspet Mullow children & exer to - umqll John Mullow couper burg Dundee
530Band of CautionTh Constoun mariner burg Dundee - Christiane Constoun dtr & exer to umqll Marg Muddie
5311627/1/23Band of CautionAnd Dog in Achtertyir - Marg Eslpet & Agnes Ramsay exer to umqll Gilbert Ramsay maltman burg Dundee, Jonet Wobster his relict, Gilbert Fuid? now her sp
531Band of CautionTh Symme mariner burg Dundee - Walt * Ja Thorntoun sons to umqll Violat Strandglow sp to Walt Thorntoun merch burg Dundee
5321627/1/26Band of CautionJa Ramsay maltman burg Dundee - John Yeoman yr merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Marg Yeoman his dtr
532Band of CautionWm Clayhills merch burg Dundee - Th Clayhills his father exer to umqll Marg Clayhills his dtr
5331627/1/27Band of CautionWm Cob skipper burg Dundee - Marion Broun exer to umqll Gilbert Curdghame? Stabler Dundee
533BandDa Kethe in Balhagarte - Da Guthrie merch burg Montrose
5341627/1/30Band of CautionAnd Haliburton mariner burg Dundee - Geo & Marg Gray exer to umqll Geo Gray maltman burg Dundee - Alex Gray maltman burg Dundee
5351627/2/3ContractJohn Ogilvy eld son to umqll Th Ogilvy of Inschewin, Geo Campbell of Crewname tutor to John O, Alex Campbell his eld son - Alex Ogilvy of Schilhill - Cahtherine Ogilvy relict to umqll Th O, Da Beaton apperand of Hospitalfeild now her sp
5371627/2/5BandTh Bunzeon in Maritounlaw, Da Bunzeon in Maritounlaw his son - John Findlow eld burg Montrose
5381627/2/27Band of CautionDa Norie cit Brechin - Christiane Michell exer to umqll John Moncreiff in Auld Montrose, Rot Strono? Burg Montrose her son in law, Ja Smythe baxter cit Brechin, Th Robertsone
5391627/3/14BandGeo Knox merch cit Brechin, Alex bellie skynner cit Brechin - Da Syme son to John Syme eld taylor cit Brechin
539Band of CautionJohn Gryme merch burg Montrose - Christiane Catherine & Marg Dickie exer to umqll Da Dickie burg Montrose
5401627/4/20BandJohn Arnot in Ullishewin - And Scott skipper in Ullishewen
540BandAlex Wischart of Smyddehill, umqll Lucrecia Beaton his guiddame sometime Lady Melgund - Ja Clark cit Brechin
541BandAnd Ogilvy of Coullow?, Alex Ogilvy of Glencallie - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
542BandJohn Lindsay in Pettrathe, John Ogilvy in Langbank - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
5431627/5/28BandJohn Croill in Strathe - Wm Erskine merch burg Montrose
543BandGilbert Wischart of Polygarrok - John Windrome merch cit Brechin
5441627/7/18Decret ArbitralHercules Cramond of Balhall, John Ramsay of Balnabriche, Catherine & Isobell Coull exer to umqll Marg Miller - John Schewan notar Brechin her sp
5471627/7/20Band of CautionJa Fleschour burg Dundee - Grissell Isobell & Elspet Broun exer to umqll Jean Ramsay sp to And Broun couper burg Dundee
547Band of CautionRot Gray brother to Wm Gray sheriff clerk of Forfar - John Kynner in Dundee exer to umqll Euphame Gray his sp
5481627/7/20Band of CautionWm Lyell merch burg Dundee - Jean & Euphame Reid dtrs & exer to umqll Agnes Ballingall, Geo Reid merch burg Dundee
548Band of CautionPeter Wedderburne n? burg Dundee - Peter Th Marg & Matild Wallar exer to umqll Ja Wallar merch burg Dundee their father
5491627/7/21BandAnd Stratton in Mursyd of Carigie - Marg Stratton exer to umqll John Noray master of Maisondew in Brechin
549BandWm Clark in Canmestoun? - Henry Maull in Carmyllie, John Forestar of Dayhous, John Pilmor in Achrymne - Pa Maule of Panmure
5501627/8/13Band of CautionOliver Car skipper burg Dundee - Th & Ja Annand his sons in law exer to umqll Marg Annand their father sister
5511627/8/17ContractTh Malder in Keremuir, Christian Man his sp - Wm Suttie in Cowfurd of Balhall - umqll Wm Schewan merch Keremuir, John Ogilvy of Indquharte?
5541627/8/20Band of CautionJohn Ferrar in Balhill of Panmure, Da Kyid in Newtoun, Henry Kyid at Panlathe Mylne - Isobell Kyid relict to umqll Ja Watson in W Moneky, And Henry & Marg Watson exer to umqll Ja Watson
5551627/8/21Band of CautionTh Liddell yr cit Brechin - John Mortimer sometime fear of Cragewar exer to umqll Jonet Gardiner relict to umqll John Langnill? Cit Brechin
555BandAlex Wod in Ullischewin, Ja Hodgtoun at Lwmanmylne - John Orknay skipper Ullishewin
5561627/8/29BandTh Bunzeon in Marytounlaw - Rot Strono baxter burg Montrose
5571627/9/11Band of CautionMr Archibald Pearson of Cheppeltoun - Ja Pearson fear of Balmadies exer to umqll And Beattie yr burg Montrose
5581627/9/11Band of CautionTh Mowat of Ardow - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin exer to Marg Rollok his sp
558BandJohn Fullartoun yr of Kynnaber - Euphame Greig in Montrose
5591627/11/7BandPatrick Geall Mackallan merch Newgroddy - Ja Fairwedder in Balnno
559Band of CautionWm Williamson deacon of the cordamans of Dundee - Wm Forbes alias Saidler cordiner burg Dundee exer to umqll Wm Forbes eld alias Saidler burg of Dundee his father
5601627/12/17BandGeo Grinb? at Kynnaber Mylne, Ja Caidell of Aslawne his master - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
5611627/12/18Band of CautionTh Fleming maltman burg Dundee - And Muresone merch burg Dundee, Agnes Mureson relict to umqll Alex Cowttie merch burg Dundee children to umqll Rot Mureson of the Valkmylne of Knap indweller Dundee
562Bandumqll John Noray cit Brechin, Marg Stratton his exer - Euphame Liddell relict to umqll And Wat cit Brechin
563BandJohn Moncreiff in Auld Montrose - Marione Graham relict to umqll Rot Graham at Auld Montrose Mylne
563BandGeo Davidson in Eistertoun of Dolappie - Magdalen Murray relict to umqll Allan Livingstone of Dollappie
564BandJonet Bellie relict y umqll Ja Dempster eld cit Brechin - John Greige maltman cit Brechin
5651628/1/8TackMarg Cramond of Balnabriche, John Ramsay her son - Rot Tanndall at Brechin Mylne, Elisabeth Falconer his sp
5681628/1/8?Marg Cramond relict to umqll captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin, John Ramsay her son apperand of Balnabriche - Da Archibald in Balzordie, Catherine Profeit his sp
5691628/1/10BandJohn Chepman son to umqll Rot Chepman cit Brechin - Jean Dempster mother of John C
5701628/1/15BandGeo Erskine in Cociraw, John Hill in Balbyllo, Th Blewhous in Fordes, John Maitland taylor Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5711628/1/17AssignationJohn Ouchterlony notar citiner Brechin, Mr Da Lindsay servitor to David bishop of Brechin - Henry Fairwedder sometime in Haltoun at the kirk of Menmuir, John Lindsay in Balfour of Menmuir, Rot Fairwedder sometime at Menmuir Kirk
5721628/1/23BandJa Annand mariner burg Dundee - Mr Rot Rollok minister Murrois exer to Geo Rollok in Gotterstoun? his uncle
573BandAlex Barclay of W Achleuchrie, Da Barclay of Mathers - Alex Barclay burg of Montrose uncle of sd Alex B of W A
5741628/2/6Band of CautionWm Fargasson son to Mr Wm Fargasson burg Dundee - Wm Goldman burg Dundee exer to Mr Peter Goldman doctor of medicin in Dundee his uncle
5751628/2/23Band of CautionWm Robertson maltman burg Dundee - Th Robertson maltman, Rot Johneston glasswright burg Dundee exers to umqll And Boyack maltman burg Dundee
575Band of CautionWm Henderson mariner burg Dundee - Alex Blair burg Dundee exer to umqll John Balir son to umqll Th Balir mariner burg Dundee
5761628/2/23Band of CautionJohn Thomson cordiner burg Dundee - Wm Constable yr brabiner in Hill of Dundee exer to umqll Wm Constabel eld burg Dundee indweller in Hill of Dundee
576Band of Caution?.. Butchart merch burg Dundee - Agnes Butchart relict to umqll Richard Turin? Merch burg Dundee
5771628/2/23Band of CautionPa Powre burg Dundee - Ja & Henry Hay exer to umqll Isobell Golloway sp to Ja Hay burg Dundee
577Band of CautionWm Coppin skipper burg Dundee - Marg & Isobell Coppin dtrs to Alex Coppin mariner burg Dundee & umqll Grisell Nicoll his sp their mother
5781628/3/24Band of CautionJohn Constable fleschor burg Dundee - Th Constable in Baldowe exer to umqll And Nicoll in Baldowe
5791628/3/29BandJa Piggott son to umqll Jonet Baxter relict to umqll Ja Piggott in Drumache - John Piggott eld in Keremuir, John Piggott his oy son to umqll Henry Piggott, John Piggott servitor to the Earl of Manschell - Mr Rot Stratton of Denstrathe, Mr John Piggott minister at Lethnot son to umqll Hnery Piggott sometime of Cramond
5801628/3/31BandJohn Cant in Srennwshill? - Ja Ogilvy of Cloway
5811628/4/5BandDa Beaton of Carsgownie, John Allardice in Carsgownie fear of that ilk, Da Lindsay of Balgayis - Th Humble in Achlenhrie, Catherine Gold his sp
5831628/4/7BandJa Johneston in Bogieschallow - John Hendersone (Chrystisone?) baxter Brechin
5841628/4/23Band of CautionWm Gray in Ballagarno brother to And Gray of Bulzdony? - Da Huchon in Locheie, Christian Huchon his sister exer to umqll Rot Huchon merch burg Dundee their brother, John Newtoun sp to sd Christiane H
5851628/4/25Marriage contractDa Findloson in Fomartoun - John Fraser in Cragend, Christian Fraser his dtr
5871628/4/26Band of CautionTh Coull burg Dundee - Th & Rot Fraser sons & exer to umqll Rot Fraser alias Lea? Merch burg Dundee, Jonet Philip his relict
587Band of CautionRot Stibills reidder at Dundee Kirk - Da Kynnard exer to umqll Pa Kynnard mariner burg Dundee his father - Mr Ja Gleig master of the grammar school of Dundee
588RenunciationLudovick Lindsay son to umqll Harry Lindsay Earl of Crawford - George now Earl of Lindsay & Alex Lindsay brothers of Ludovick, umqll Sir John Lindsay of Theodoun of Boythe
590Band of CautionMr John Piggot minister Lethnot - John Schewan notar Brechin exer to umqll Da Ramsay messr Brechin
590BandMathew Bowman cit Brechin - Marg Miller sp to Da Ramsay messenger
591RenunciationHelen Ogilvy sp to Mr John Livingstone of Caldhame - Da Livingstone his brother
593RenunciationDame Marg Ogilvy sp to Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun - Da Ramsay fear of Balmane
5951628/6/5ContractJonet Lyon, Ja Guthrie fear of Over Pitforthe - John Ouchterlony notar citiner Brechin, Agnes Carnegie his sp
597RenunciationMarg Smyth, Alex Lindsay at Rottnall Mylne her sp - John Strachan eld of Goslieslie, Alex Strachan his eld son - Harrie Balfour in Fettercarne, Marg Fullartoun his sp
5991628/6/9Band of CautionJohn Ramsay skynner burg Dundee - Marg Pitscottie relict to umqll Da Prinzell merch burg Dundee
6001628/6/9Band of CautionDa Collin merch burg Dundee - Ja John Marg Catherine & Jean Gourlay children & exer to umqll Walt Gourlay maltman burg Dundee, Ja Gourlay lister Da Gourlay baxter his son, Henry Broun maltman burg Dundee, Gilbert Nicoll maltman burg Dundee
6011628/6/9ContractMarg Strachan, John Hay in Drumcarne her sp - John Edzeir of Balconnall - John Collace fear of Balnamone
6021628/6/16Marriage contractTh Duncan in Ballachis of Rottnall, Isobell Duncan his dtr - John Young in Vatterheid of Nanes
6041628/6/19Band of CautionMr Alex Scrymgeour minister Kinghorne - Helen Ramsay relict to umqll Geo Kinloch skipper burg Dundee
6051628/6/21DischargeRot Lichton fear of Ullishewin - Rot Lundie in Grenileyis of Benholme
6061628/7/17BandWm Jack in Littill Watterstoun - Th Carnegie in Reufurd his son in law
6071628/7/25Band of CautionWm Gray eld sheriff clerk of Forfar - Bessie alias Elizabeth Bruce relict to umqll Ja Bowar merch burg Dundee, Barbara Bowar her dtr
6081628/8/2RenunciationAnna Hantoun, John Anderson in Dumhendrie her sp - Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
6101628/8/13DischargeJa Clark merch cit Brechin, Da Beaton of Carsgownie - George Lindsay Earl of Crawford
6111628/8/13Band of CautionTh Erskine at Dr? Mylne - John Souttar in Dyksyd of Fullartoun exer to umqll Jonet Cathe his mother
611Band of CautionJa Williamson burg Montrose - Isobell Miller relict to umqll Mr Wm Mackein burg Montrose, John Da & Wm Mackein his sons
6121628/9/12Band of CautionWm Forbes cordiner burg Dundee - Alex Galloway fleschor burg Edinburgh exer to Wm Galloway batterman Dundee
6131628/9/15BandAlex Daikeris in Hanche of Brechin - John Daikeris in Balnabriche
6141628/9/22Band of CautionJohn Rennett? Burg Montrose - John Rennett? Only child to umqll Christian Taylor & Alex Rennett? burg Montrose
614Band of CautionWm Gray sheriff clerk of Forfar - Wm Gray yr notar burg Dundee his nephew, umqll Ja Bowar merch burg Dundee
6151628/9/25Band of CautionJa Hodge skynner burg Dundee - Christiane & Marg Hodge dtrs to umqll John Hodge skipper burg Dundee, Christiane Fleshour his relict
615Band of CautionJa Fleschour eld burg Dundee - Th Buchart merch burg Dundee exer to Agnes Butchart relict to umqll Richard Turin merch Dundee
6161628/9/25Band of CautionRot Broun cordiner burg Dundee - Rot Housson maltman burg Dundee exer to umqll Catherine Rob his sp
616Band of CautionPa Guthrie merch burg Dundee - Pa & Marg Guthrie exer to umqll Wm Guthrie son to John Guthrie merch burg Dundee & umqll Marg Lesse? his sp
6171628/9/25Band of CautionJohn Black merch ?. of Dundee - John Quheitt exer to umqll Marg Scrymgeour sp to Wm Quheitt skynner burg Dundee
617Band of CautionAnd Quhittoun in Leyloge - Richard Anderson in Achinhare exer to Jonet Anderson relict to umqll Th Fentoun sometime horshyne in Dundee
6181628/10/29BandJa Muresone in Burstouit - Alex Alschende baxter burg Montrose
6191628/11/1BandJa Lownie in Carcare - And Scot in Ullishewin
619BandGilbert Jarvis cit Brechin - Da Collin merch burg Dundee
6201628/11/15BandJa Louper at Ballishour New Mylne - Da Ramsay messr Brechin
6211628/11/15BandAlex Skair in Muirehillok of Tannadice - Da Ramsay messr cit Brechin
6221628/11/17BandAnd Smyth, Da Chrystison of Tilleburne his master - John Guthrie yr cordiner cit Brechin
6231628/11/18BandJohn Ogilvy of Inschewin, Alex Barclay of W Achlenhrie - And Dempster in Barnyeards
623BandAlex Wilson in Lonheid of Guthrie - Ja Alschende merch Brechin
6241628/11/24Band of CautionMr Wm Ogilvy minister Kincaldrum - Ja Fraser at Cantersmylne exer to umqll Rot Fraser his father
6251628/12/18BandJohn Smythe in Mains of Rossie - And Scot in Ullishewin
625BandDa Kyid in Wodrey, Alex Junkin in Balglasse, Alex Kyid in Balbenne - John Watt servitor to Wm Bellie in Nethertoun of Melgund
6261629/8/17Band of CautionWm Alschioner in Kirkhillok - Marg Bruce exer to umqll Jonet Peddie sp to John Bruce in Tannok
626Band of CautionRot Stibels reder of Dundee - Da Kynnard son & exer to umqll Pa Kynnard mariner burg Dundee - Ja Gleg master of the grammar school of Dundee
6271629/2/12Band of CautionJa Moncur foiper? Burg Dundee - Elspet Pearson dtr to umqll Da Pearson skipper burg Dundee, Marjorie Moncur his relict
6281629/2/13Band of CautionMr John Durwart master of the grammar school of Perth - Wm Durwart merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Isobell Buok? his sp
6291629/2/25Band of CautionDa Ogilvy of Bellicie - Ja & Gilbert Ogilvy sons & exer to umqll Helen Ramsay sp to Da Ogilvy apperand of Newton in Glennylla
629BandDa Davidson in Chapeltoune - Da Gardyne of LourtounLawton?
6301629/3/11Band of CautionWm Stevenson skynner burg Dundee - Ja & Marg Cochrane children & exer to umqll Marg Paterson sp to Ja Cochrane merch burg Dundee
630Band of CautionJohn Black skipper burg Dundee - Rot Barbara & Marg Constable children & exer to umqll Marg Hendersone & Th Constable fleschor burg Dundee
6311629/3/11Band of CautionGeo Wichtane notar Dundee - John Henryson notar Dundee exer to umqll Th Fentone horshyrer Dundee
631BandWm Rob baxter burg Dundee - Wm Gerrioche lister Dundee exer to Jonet Crawford his sp
631Band of CautionPa Purrie baxter burg Dundee - Marg Bessie & Agnes Symes exer to Helen Syme dtr to umqll Henry Syme maltman Dundee
6321629/3/11Band of CautionJohn Galloway brabiner Dundee - Richard Loch burg Dundee exer to umqll Marg Myln relict to umqll Rot Goldman merch burg Dundee
6331629/3/11Band of CautionJa Rankyne sometime of Mylnheid of Barrie - John Thorntone ony child to umqll John Thorntone mariner Dundee & Catherine Rankine his sp
633Band of CautionJa Butchart merch burg Dundee - Marg Butchart dtr to umqll Ja Butchart merch burg Dundee
6341629/3/11Band of CautionJa Auchinlek eld son to umqll Mr Gilbert Auchinlek of Dinfurd - Pa Auchinlek brother also son of Mr Gilbert
634BandMr John Piggott minister Lethnot, Ja Smyth baxter cit Brechin - Da Lindsay late baillie Brechin
6351629/4/7BandJohn Lindsay sometime in Balfour of Menmuir now indweller in Brechin - Wm Lindsay son to umqll Alex Lindsay of Cultrenny
6361629/4/10BandMr Henry Pearson burg Arbroath, Pa Lyell notar burg Arbroath - Da Mailmaker in Corsdey
6371629/4/10BandTh Johnstone in Hencheid of Panmure - Da Mailmaker in Corsdey
6381629/4/29Band of CautionJohn Cargill merch cit Brechin - Agnes Cargill relict to umqll Da Myln wright cit Brechin exer to umqll Ja Peires merch cit Brechin
638BandJohn Cargill merch cit Brechin - Th Liddell cit Brechin, John Skynner cit Brechin, John Patersone cit Brechin, Da Lydell cit Brechin exer to Da Findlow in Brechin
6391629/4/30Band of CautionTh Hunter of Resvel? - Wm Goldman exer to umqll Mr Peter Goldman doctor of medicine Dundee
639BandAnd Wobster at Watterstone Mylne - Ja Espline in Arbroath servitor to Lord Spynie
6401629/5/13Band of CautionWm Ouchterlony of Seaton, William Ouchterlony of Newbiging - Isobell Ouchterlony dtr to umqll Ja Ouchterlony of Seaton,sp to Mr Ja Philip, Marg Ouchterlony dtr to Gilbert Ouchterlony of Muirdrum, umqll Elspet Ouchterlony sp to Mr John Rig minister at Dunnichen
6411629/5/15Band of CautionWm Reny mertcly? & burg Montrose - Agnes Hardie sp to Gilbert Hardie merch burg Montrose exer to umqll Catherine Reny her mother
641Band of CautionJohn Lindsay gunmaker Montrose - Marg Marg Euphame & Catherine Malrone dtrs to umqll Rot Malrone burg Montrose & umqll Isobell Leith his sp, Wm Medden sp to Marg M, Ja Smyth sp to Euphame M
6421629/5/20Marriage contractWm Davidson son to Geo Davidson in Dunlappie - Isobell Arbuthnot, John Arbuthnot in Montrose her father
642ContractRot Rollok of Carsbank - Wm Lyon baillie Brechin
6431629/6/28BandJohn Livingstone brother to Da Livingstone of Donypace - Mr Alex Norie minister Donypace
6441629/6/30BandGeo Bellie in Kindrochet?, Richard Speid in Pitpullox, John Gryssie in Pitpullox - Wm Low in Glenbenge?
645RenunciationElizabeth Lindsay dtr to umqll Alex Lindsay if Cultrany?, Ludovic Guthrie ?.smyth burg Montrose her sp - John Lindsay sometime in Balfour now in Brechin
6461629/6/15Band of CautionGilbert Wintone merch burg Dundee - Helen Lovell relict to umqll Peter Wedderburne burg Dundee
6471629/6/15Band of CautionRot Carmichel skipper burg Dundee - Mr James Grissel & Elspet Durham children & exer to umqll Jean Fraser sp to Ja Durham of Pittarrow
647Band of CautionPa Kyd of Grange of Barrie burg Dundee - Charles Catherine & Mariore Smyth children & exer to umqll Bessie Rollok sp to Alex Smyth merch Dundee
6481629/7/10Band of CautionJohn Fullarton skynner burg Edinburgh, Wm Mckeane burg Montrose - Alex Falconer of Halkertoune, John Lyank?, Laird of Johnstone, John Myln burg Montrose, Wm Carnegie
648BandDa Cuik in Denhead of Kynnaltie - Mr Ja Lindsay of Glenqueiche
6491629/7/18BandJohn Low in Scrogwall, Alex Alschener in Drymmie his father in law - Th Strachan in Cottoun of Balnamo?
649Band of CautionDa Pearson baxter burg Dundee - Wm Pearson exer to umqll Mariore Auchinlek dtr to umqll Henry Auchinlek skipper Dundee
6501629/7/18BandJohn Broun burg Montrose - Alex Renny burg Montrose exer to umqll John Renny his son, Christian Taylor mother of John R sp to Alex
6511629/7/18Band of CautionDa Mailmaker in Gorstoun? of Carmyllie - Ja M?? in Craiglene? exer to umqll Bessie Duncan his sp
651Band of CautionRichard Speid maltman cit Brechin - John Rot And Geo Jonet & Isobell Speid exer to umqll Catherine Speid sp to John Speid? in Craig of Balnabriche
651Band of CautionGeo Mather in Ordon? - ?? Mather at the Myln of Syd exer to Marg Cant his sp
652Band of CautionDa Lyddell theseor of Brechin - John & Wm Elschender exer to umqll Isobel Shipherd sp to Ja Elschender merch Brechin
652Band of CautionRot Quheit maltman burg Dundee - Da Lyes burg Dundee, John Ouchterlony procurator fiscal to commissariat of Brechin, umqll John Smal skipper burg Dundee
6531629/8/17Band of CautionWm Elschinder in Kirkhillok - Marg Bruce exer to umqll Jonet Peddie sp to John Bruce in Cennock
653Band of CautionPa Fithie in Kirktoun of Glennylla - John Nicoll in Cennok exer to umqll Jonet Elschender his sp
6541629/8/17Band of CautionDa Lindsay in Smyriche of Eglismequhen - Alex & And Lindsay exer to umqll Marione Adesone sp to Alex Lindsay in Eglismequhen
6551629/8/17Band of CautionDa Ogilvy of Bellire - Th Scott in Cannok exer to umqll Jonet Nicoll his sp
655Band of CautionPa Fithie in Kirktoun of Glennylla - Ja & Elspet Beg exer to umqll Catherine Findlow sp to Wm Beg in Freiche?
655Band of CautionJa Mackinnes in Laveime of Lentrathen - Wm Rot Da Ja & John Rob exer to umqll John Rob in Vraigmattie
6561629/8/17Band of CautionTh Macknicoll in Glennakie - Elspet Winter exer to umqll Jonet Fentone sp to John Winter in Glennake
656Band of CautionAlex Lindsay in Rotwall - Marg & Jonet Allane exer to Christiane Ogilvy sp to John Allane in Fichell
656Band of CautionMr Wm Ogilvy minister Kingoldrum, Alex Lindsay in Kinchiny? his son in law - umqll Ja Andersone in C?...
6571629/8/17Band of CautionOliver Small yr in Kirktoun - John & Geo Taylor exer to umqll John Taylor in Kincaldrum, Jaynis? Bruce his relict
657Band of CautionPa Ogilvy at Brigmylne of Lintrathen - Oliver Ogilvy in Kirktoun of Kincoldrum exer to umqll Christiane Scrymgeour his sp
6581629/8/17Band of CautionGilbert Roger in Meirtoun of Balfour - Helen Laisson exer to umqll Th Fentoun in Meirtoun of Balfour, John Fentoun his son
658Band of CautionWalt Grey schoolmaster at Kincoldrum - Bessie Robert exer to umqll Ja Steil in Balgray
658Band of CautionWm Ogilvy minister Kincoldrum - Helen Scot exer to umqll John Duncane in Meirtoun of Balfour, Wm Smyth sp to sd Helen S
6591629/9/4BandJohn Thomson in Schilhill, Ja Buchart at Inerquharitie Mylne - Lylies Hervie dtr to umqll Ja Hervie advocat in Edinburgh
6601629/9/9BandRot Adame in Tenements of Caldhame, Marg Myln his sp - Dougall Jamesone at Mekil Mylne of Brechin
6611629/9/15BandWm Thomson in E Balnabriche - John Gairdner eld wright Brechin
6621629/9/21Band of CautionDa Lyddell merch cit Brechin - Catherine Wobster exer to umqll John Wobster maltman in Tenements of Caldhame, Ja Elschinder merch cit Brechin now her sp
662Band of CautionJa Smyth in W Bogheid of Athie - John Terie in Bogheid of Atthie exer to umqll Walt Tere his brother servitor to Rot Grey in CarcarieBoghead of Ethie
6631629/9/30BandJohn Strachan merch burg Montrose - Wm Peirs skynner Brechin

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