Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/6: Register of Deeds, etc., 5 Jan 1620 to 3 Sep 1623

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/6 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own and it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes and sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: cit [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


11620/1/2Contract Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis - Marg Kinnymonth his mother relict of umqll Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis, John Oudny now her sp, John David & Andrew Ouchterlony brothers of Gilbert O yr
31620/1/5Band John Adame cair? cit Brechin, John Leiche baillie Brechin - Robert Lindsay cit Brechin
3Band John Stevenson yr wobster cit Brechin - Rot Lindsay skynner Brechin, Ja Ramsay son to Mr Th Ramsay commissary clerk Brechin
41620/1/12Band Th Wollam at W Mylne of Corvane - Da Lindsay cit Brechin, Jonet Lindsay his sp
5Band tenentis of Fords, Da Neische in Dwne, Th Blewhous in Dwne, Th Hill in Dwne, Da Smythe in Dwne - Andrew bishop of BrechinFordhouse of Dun; Dun
61620/1/24Marriage contract John Shiphird in W Drimmis, Th Schiphird his son - Ja Ross in Mylnelands of Caldhame, Alex Ross his son, Isobell Ross dtr to James R future sp to Th Shiphird - Lord Da Carnegie of Kynnaird
7Contract Th Mortimer of Flemington - Walt Scot cit Brechin, Agnes Scot his dtr, Marg Scot his dtr
11Band Ja Clark in Lytill Coull - Wm Guthrie of that ilk, Da Clark in Burnsyd of Coull, Wm Humble in Pyeillin, Ja Cader in Pyeillin
121620/2/12Band Ja Meikesone in Newbigging, Wm Forbes in Glentyre to Sir John Carnegie of Ethie
13Discharge Marg Erskyne dtr to umqll Th Erskyne of that ilk and Isobell Fraser his sp, Mr Da Erskine now sp to Marg E to Ja Livingstone of Whytfeild now sp to Isobell F
141620/3/1Band umqll Alexander [Forbes] bishop of Caitness and last Aberdeen to umqll Wm Clark in Drumhendre
15Band John Smythe in Kinell, And Taylor in Mains of Brakie to Da Guthrie baillie burg Montrose
161620/3/7Band Geo Arrot in Grage of Airlie, Wm Arrot in Kinclune to Geo Houme servitor to the lord of Mar
16Band Walter Smyth in Galrow to John Cele exwer to umqll John Smyth cit Brechin his brother
181620/3/15Band John Cumynge yr fear of Carsbank, John Symmer in F..nerton to Da Junckin in Neleton
201620/3/20Band John Reid in Ardow to Geo Alschende son to umqll Alex A in Drumgraine
21Band Cautionarie Testament Mr Ja Ferguson burg Dundee - Marg Berrie relict to umqll And Lichton skipper burg Dundee
221620/3/31Band Cautionarie Testament John Small skipper burg Dundee - Jonet Barrie relict to umqll John Quheitt maltman burg Dundee, Ja Q son to John Q
22Band Testament Alex Maiker maltman burg Dundee - Marg Entosche, Th Thomson yr maltman burg Dundee, umqll Marg Qellatie relict to umqll John Hall merch Dundee
23Ja Dempster son to umqll John Dempster sometime of East Inglismale, Rot Dempster in Carreston to umqll Grissell Gardyne relict to umqll Wm Spalding burg Forfar, And Spalding his son
241620/4/17Band John Dicksone maltman burg Arbroath to Walt Futhie in Kirkton of Inverkeilor
25Band Henry Hanton skinner burg Montrose, Barbara Melvin his sp to John Murray indweller in Montrose
27Band Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp to John Skynner cit Brechin
29Band Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp to John Paterson merch cit Brechin
31Assignation John Skynner cit Brechin to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp
33Assignation John Paterson merch cit Brechin to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp
35Pa Cob taylor burg Dundee v Gilbert Mackduff merch burg Dundee, umqll Marjorie Hering his sp
361620/5/15Rot Collace of Balnamoon, John Collace fear of Balnamoon his son, John Allardice of that ilk, Ja Allardice his brother, Th Allardice also his brother - Ja Ramsay son to Mr Th Ramsay clerk of the commissary of Brechin, Christian Leiche sp to Ja Ramsay, Mr And Leiche of Kilmoir her father
401620/5/12Band Alex Gib in Drimmboy of Tillebirme, Marg Smart his sp to John Mathew in Pendruge
41Discharge Da Noray baillie Brechin to Da Livingstone of Newtoun, Marg Livingstone his dtr sp to Da Noray, Pa Livingstone of Balrovnie, Allan Livingstone of Lappie
43Discharge on matrimonial contract Th Hunter in Perthill, John Hunter brabiner his son & umqll Ja Quhytt in Unthank, Helen Hind his relict, Jonet Quhyt his dtr future sp to John Hunter
45Disposition Da Ramsay baillie burg Arbroath to Da Archibald in Balzordie
461620/6/9Band Th Adam in Mulndeuis of Strathcathrow to And Donald in Rottnaw
47Pa Abercrombie in Gourdie, Th Abercrombie of Pittelpie. Ja Abercrombie mariner burg Dundee
481620/6/9Band John Craill, umqll John Craill sometime common clerk Brechin his father to Mr John Pygott minister LethnotTraill?
49Band Da Fotheringham, And Maule of Guildie, Rot Maule his eld son, John Gray port of Badehill, John Gray now in Balmaiche to Th Arnot now in Balmaiche
521620/6/16John Ogilvie in W Hatton - Walt Forfar, And Forfar in Thormiehill his father
53Band Da Mylne in Mylne of Memus, John Smart in Sandefuird, Da Smart to John Mureson in FowtraSoutra?
55Band Ja Clark in Little Coull, Walt Clark his son, Da Beaton of Carsgownie, John Ogilvie of Inschewin to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
57Band Archibald Wilkie in Cotton of Corralhill, Ja Barrie in Cotton of Corralhill son to Ja Barrie eld to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
581620/6/19Rot Collace of Balnamone, John Collace fear of Balnamone his son, Da Collace also his son, Th Burne in Ballentoun to Ja Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie
61Band Ja Johnstone yr in Waine, Ja Johnstone sr in Boggieschallow his father, Alex Johnstone brother to Ja J yr to John Hendersone fleschour cit Brechin
621620/6/20Band Ja Mackey burg Montrose, Ja Williamson baillie Montrose, Mr Wm Mackey burg Montrose to Pa Livingstone of Balrovnie
641620/6/26John Gibsone tennant in Wester Hwamis of Rossie, John Smythie tennant in Wester Hwamis of Rossie to And Lamb in Dynneuald
65John Beaton in Ballindochie, Da Beaton of Carsgownie, John Ogilvie of Inschewin, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin to John Speid of AuchdowyeArdovie
67John Bellie in Little Lour, Wm Bellie burg Forfar, Ja Guild cit Brechin to Rot Guild in Waystane of Carmyllie
681620/7/7Harry Guthrie of Bothe to John LyonBoath
69Rot Mortimer in Abuchaitt, Rot Sampsone in Ravelgrein to Wm Lyon burg Forfar
71Marg Johnstone relict to umqll John Smythe hammerman Kynneill, John Smythe their son, John Littlejohn in Little Mylne to John Lamb in Gilthorne
721620/7/10John Smythe in Kynneil, Ja Smythe his brother, And Cairhous in Mareis of Kynneil to John Lambe in Gilchorne tutor to Henry Lambe, And Lambe in RuffisRuives
741620/7/10Th Coull indweller in Middiltoun of Gardyne, Ja Wod burg Arbroath to Da Wichtane maltman burg Arbroath
761620/7/19umqll Ja Lyndsay, ... Strachan his relict, Mr Da Lindsay minister Kinnettles to Da Talbert in Inglistoun of Kinnettles
77John Smythe smith in Kynneill, And Taylor in Mains of Wester Brackie, John Pitcairne in Gilchorne - Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
801620/7/25Th Pearson in Corfache, Ja Pearson his son, Geo Dick in Inschewin to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
821620/7/29John Carnegie in Eglisjohne to Geo Erskine of KarbuddowKirkbuddo
83Alex Wod in Fischertoun of Inschewin, Ja Lowme in Carcarie to Ja Wod merch burg Montrose
85Wm Sympsone in S Melgund to John Gardyne in Murras
85John Scrymgeour of Balinsho, Geo Wischart in Auchlige to Marg Pygott & Susanna Pygott dtrs to Mr John Pygott sometime minister Craiche, Matilda Ogilvie his sp, John Ogilvie, John Noray, Pa Cabill, Gilbert Scrymgeour in Ballemno
87Alex Wedderburne merch burg Dundee to Grissel Boytar, umqll And Boytar her father, Sara Auchinleck his relict
881620/8/14John Durham in Dinfurd to John Hamilton chamberlane Arbroath
89Da Schewan merch burg Dundee to Marion Young, John Schewan merch burg Dundee her sp, Rot Peblis burg Dundee, John Peblis his eld son
941620/8/19Wm Fullartoun of Ardow, Fullartoun of that ilk?, John Thomson millar in Mylne of Cragow, Th Mylne in Cabrow, Carnegie?
95Band Testament John & Isobell Spark children to umqll John Spark in Annanmuck, Rot Spark, Gilbert Spark - John Lowrie merch in Stamheiff, Charles Edbart in Halbhill, Da Spark in Legawin, Wm Mourton in Legawin
961620/9/4Ja Anderson maltman burg Forfar to John Ramsay customer in Forfar, Jonet Renny his sp
97John Guthrie in Little Mylne to John Ramsay customer burg Forfar
981620/9/18Th Lepar in Ballothe to John Dunkesone baxter cit Brechin
99Da Schipard baxter burg Dundee, And Schipard baxter burg Dundee - Christiane Rea relict to umqll John Jack baxter burg Dundee
1001620/9/25John Murray yr maltman burg Montrose, Marg Gray his sp - Alex Fyiff burg Montrose, Helen Mame his sp
1021620/9/29Band John Allardes of that ilk, John Allardes of Kynneff his brother to Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin his son, Marg Rollok dtr to Rot R eld, Th Ogilvie her sp
1041620/10/10John Rennelt burg Montrose, Pa & Elsbeth & Marg & Jonet Alsche children to umqll Pa Alsche baxter burg Montrose, Marg Russel relict to umqll Da Hessnall sometime servitor to John Rennelt, Elspet Hessnall
105Alex Done in Steilstrathe, Catherine Michell his sp to John Will vebstor in Dinhendie, John Michell in Deanstrathe
1061620/10/23Henry Smythe in Kinblamonth to John Mylne maltman Arbroath
1081620/10/26Testament umqll Alex Clark merch cit Brechin - Th Liddell baillie Brechin, Mr Alex Bissatt minister Brechin, John Skynner cordiner, Alex Geillie cordiner, Alex Fyiff merch cit Brechin, John Cargill merch cit Brechin
109Alex Gardyne fear of Borrowfeild, John Gardyne burg Montrose his brother, Ja Ramsay of Wester Ogillas to Alex Lindsay of Canterland, John Guild servitor to Sir Da Carnegie of Kynnard
1131620/10/27Assignation John Guild servitor to Lord Carnegie to Mr Alex Lyndsay of Canterland, Alex Gardyne fear of Borrowfeild, Ja Ramsay of Wester Ogill minister at Tanutdes, John Gardyne burg Montrose
1151620/10/31And Quhytburne tennant in Wodray, Wm Neische tennant in Wodray to Da Dargie in Hill of Fennewin
1161620/10/31Band Testament Kinnymont, Mr Da Ogilvie of Peimowis, Mr Alex Kinnymont eld minister Kirrimuir, Mr Alex Kinnymont yr his son, umql Elizabeth Kinnymont relict to umql John Wod cit Brechin
1171620/11/4Cautionarie Testament Ramsay, Da Leis, Marg Davidson relict to umqll Alex Ramsay cordiner burg Dundee, Euphame & Bessie & Marg & Marion & Barbara & Isobell & Agnes Ramsay his dtrs
117John Ouchterlony in Quarrahill, Wm Guthrie fear of that ilk, Th Lyell of Murthill, Da Lindsay of Corralhill, Ja Fenton in Balgallie, Rot Dempster in Nether Carrestoun to Alex Strachan fear of Brigtoun
1191620/11/11Charles Dempster cit Brechin, Ja Dempster eld merch cit Brechin to Rot Dempster skynneir indweller in Brechin, Rot Dempster indweller in Danskin, Da Dempster sometime fear of Peithill his father
1211620/11/20John Beaton in Ballindahe, Catherine Futhe his sp, Da Beaton of Carsgownie, Mr Ja Beaton in Mylne of Carrestoun to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
1241620/11/23Geo Wischart yr fear of Drymme, Geo Stewart tennant in Drymme to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
1251620/11/23Da Archibald in Glenmessak, Alex Carnegie maltman cit Brechin to Mr Rot Noray chantor in Brechin and deacon of Stracathrow, And Wischart of Muirtoun
1271620/11/27Ja Watt in Blueberhill to Ja Bannerman burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
1281620/12/7Ja Downy taylor sometime in Nether Pithforthe now indweller in Brechin to John Wudroue eld merch cit Brechin
1311620/12/8Band Alex Cobburne in Balgawie to Ja Lenchard in Over Balgawie, John Bull in Balgawie
1321620/12/8Band Testament Bultie, Da Blythe merch burg Dundee, Alex Bultie merch burg Dundee
132Marriage contract John Jamesone in Gallowsyde of Edzell, Elizabeth Jameson his dtr - John Dirrow future sp of Elizabeth J, Isobell/Elizabeth Mylne mother of John D, umqll John Dirrow her sp father of John D yr
1341620/12/10Oliver Ogilvie of Lethsyid, Geo Strachan of Pitgarvie to Ja Futhie
1351620/12/12Wm Thomsone in Balzordie to Arthur Forbes, Alex Forbes of Toweis his brother
1361620/12/13umqll Wm Murray cit Brechin to umqll Alex Clark merch Brechin
1371620/12/22And Thomsone maltman in Mekill Mylne of Brechin, Wm Thomsone in Balnabriche his brother to umqll Alex Clark merch Brechin, John Lyon notar
1391620/12/29Geo Wyllie in Middiltoun, Ja Wyllie in Powburne, Alex Wyllie in Athrois to Wm Ballantyne skynner burg Montrose
1401620/12/29Marriage contract John Mylne, umqll John Mylne sometime in Cotton of Fendrowie his father - Marg Smythe future sp of John M, Alex Smythe her father, Cathrine Wilkie relict to umqll John Grewar in Balhall
1431621/1/2John Schewan notar cit Brechin, Th Johnson sometime servitor to Th Lyon to Harry Guthrie in Bothe, umqll Sir Th Lyon of Auldbar
1441621/1/10And Kirk in Quhytfield to Da Barclay of Mathers
1451621/1/10John Carnegie in Elisjohne to Geo Erskine of Karbuddow
1461621/1/15Contract Henry Smythe in Kinblamonth - Ja Watsone servitor to Sir Wm Graham of Brakbow, Christiane Dorwart sp to Ja W, John Dorwart in Cotterschand of Bruntoun
1501621/1/19Wm Carnegie flescher cit Brechin - Wm Talbis in Cromars
1511621/1/20Th Greige in Fullartoun, Wm Greige in Auld Montrose his son, Rot Carnegie in Galrow, Wm Mitchell skynner cit Brechin to Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
1531621/1/23John Gibsone in Mains of Rossie, John Smythe in Mains of Rossie to Walt Jameson burg Montrose
1541621/1/26Harry Balfour sometime servitor to Sir John Wood of Fettercairne to Ja Dempster, Ja Dempster of Easter Inglismaldie his father
1551621/1/30Th Greig in Fullartoun, John Mylne in Wester Futhie to John Henderson baxter in Brechin
1561621/2/5John Ordie in Balhall to Wm Donaldson servitor to Da Collace of Barkhill
1571621/2/12And Kirk in Quhytfield of Ballandro, John Young in Mourton of Benholme to Th Jameson maltman burg Montrose
1581621/2/12Marriage contract Wm Wilson servitor to Sir Harry Lindsay of Cairntoun - Catherine Barclay future sp to Wm W, Alex Barclay, John Barclay in Kingseatt his father
1601621/2/15Oliver Ogilvie of Lochsyid, Th Fenton in Kirktoun of Kincardine, Pa Blair in Kirktoun of Kincardine to John Piggott minister at Lethnot
1611621/2/20Acquittance Dame Euphame Douglas, umqll Sir Th Lyon of Auldbar her sp to Ja Stewart of Tullois, Dame Euphame D tennants: in Drumes; John Stevenson, Da Guthrie, Geo Mitchell, Rich Caull, Wm Taylor, Rot Quheitt, in Mursyd; John Cant, Wm Thomsone, Walt Shiphird, And Scott, in West Mursyd; John Coull, Th Pottar, Wm Pottar, Wm Steven, Da Taylor, in Crayend; Wm Watson, John Dick, John Kyid, Da Hendrie, John Cant, in Stambrig; Wm Kyid, Ja Mylne, John Shiphird, Da Quheitt, John Bull, Da Petrie, John Feck, in Quhytmuir; Da Scott, in Planes of Drumes; Ja Haisteis, in Staneche; Da Black
1631621/2/21Ja Livingstone, Ja Livingstone of Caldhame his father, Mr John Livingstone eld son to Ja L of C to Ja Ramsay, Mr Th Ramsay clerk of the commissar of Brechin his father
1651621/2/26John Dickson maltman burg Arbroath, Da Futhie yr burg Arbroath to Mr John Durie minister at Inverkeillor
1661621/2/26John Black in Buidrohwod to Wm Suttie
1671621/3/20John Wollame in Kirk of Cortognnhie, Ja Cant in Myln of Kynnadie to Da Ramsay merch Brechin
1691621/4/2Th Greige in Fullartoun, Da Cob in Mains of Rossie, Ja Ramsay son to Mr Th Ramsay clerk of the commissar of Brechin to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
1701621/4/4John Smythe in Scogorhelis, Th Smythe in Caldsyid of Brigtoun, John Rollok in Mylne of Brigtoun to Alex Guthrie of Crachiemylne
1721621/4/21Band Cautionarie Testament Petrie, Th Chalmers taylor burg Dundee, Bessie Black relict to umqll John Petrie maltman burg Dundee now ?sp to Th C
1731621/4/21Cautionarie Testament Carnegie, Rot Gardyne goldsmith burg Dundee, Th Gardyne burg Dundee, umqll Marg Carnegie his sp
1741621/4/21Cautionarie Testament Duff, And Crawford maltman burg Dundee, Magdalen Adeson relict to umqll Wm Duff
174Testament Watson, Henry Elder brabiner burg Dundee, Catherine Watson dtr to umqll Ja Watson skynner burg Dundee, Jonet Kynneir his relict
1751621/4/21Testament Spanyeis, Th Fledge maltman burg Dundee, umqll Christian Webster alias Spanyeis, Rot & Th Spanyeis baxter burgesses Dundee her brothers
1761621/4/21Testament Craige, John Tyrrie in Hill of Dundee, umqll John Craige bonnetmaker burg Dundee, Elspet Low his relict, Wm Craige their son
176Testament Etterschank, Mr Wn Balfour notar Dundee, And Nicoll, umqll Catherine Etterschank
1771621/4/21Cautionarie Testament Kendow, Wm Carmichael skynner burg Dundee, umqll Rot Kendow merch burg Dundee, Ja Kendow his only child
1781621/4/21Testament Lowssone, John Fordyne chiragion burg Dundee, umqll Jonet Lowssone, John Roger taylor burg Dundee her sp
178Testament Abirden & Hill, And Shiphird axter burg Dundee, umqll Da Abirden flescher burg Dundee, Da Abirden his son, umqll Isobel Abirden, And Hill baxter burg Dundee her sp, Wm & And Hill their sons
1791621/4/21Testament Kinnimont, Rot Lin lister burg Dundee, umqll And Kinnimont bonnetmaker burg Dundee, Marg Gib his relict
1801621/4/23Testament Chricton, John Rattray of West Forret, Beatrix Rattray his sister, umqll John Chricton in Denflig her sp
180Testament Lyon, Th Annand of Parsie, Alex Annand, Mariore Lyon their mother, Ja Annand son and air to Th A of P
1811621/4/26Th Beaton of Melgund, Geo Campbell in Melgund to Ja Cramond in Burnsyd of Auldbar, Geo Cramond in Burnsyd of Auldbar his son
1831621/4/26John Cant in Birkinbuss, Rot Mortimer in Akenhall, Geo Croill of Kethik to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
1841621/4/27John Douglas eld son to John Douglas of Tillequnhollie, Da Barclay of Mathers, Anna Barclay his dtr, Archibald & Rot & Ja & Francis & Wm Douglas all sons to John D of T
1861621/4/28Cautionarie Testament Robertson, Mr John Ogilvie brother germ to Lord Ja Ogilvie of Airlie, umqll John Roberston baxter burg Dundee, Th Roberston in Denmylne his brother
1871621/4/30Testament Goldman & Jack, Da Wedderburne burg Dundee, umqll Marg Jack, umqll Ja Goldman burg Dundee, Charles Goldman merch burg Dundee their son
1881621/5/7Wm Greig in Auld Montrose, Th Greig in Fullartoun his son, Da Cob in Mains of Rossie to Francis Ruthven in Gardyne, John Ruthven his bother germ
1901621/5/12Ja Kethe of Harvestoun to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
1911621/5/18Discharge And Anderson in Bogburne to Alex Strachan in Arnebarrow, Helen Lindsay his sp, umqll Alex Lindsay in Corsbit her father
1921621/5/21Band Dame Catherine Lindsay relict to umqll Sir John Lindsay of Woodray, Th Lyell of Murthill, John Lindsay notar in Corstoun of Aberlemno, Alex Fleming in Wodheid of Balmitche, John Wobster in Polgarok - Ja Cramond in Burnsyd, Alex Cramond his son, Marg Kyid sp to Alex C, Ja Lyon of Wester Ogill, And Lyon his son
1951621/5/22John Erskine minister & tutor in Downe, John Erskine of Tayock, Rot Erskine of Ardestie to Da Lidell, merch cit Brechin, Da Donaldson cit Brechin
1961621/5/24Duncan Lyndsay millar in Mylne of Newbin, Ja Fairwedder in Planruow, John Man pierson Menmuir to John Duickson baxter cit Brechin
1971621/5/24Duncan Lindsay millar in Mylne of Newbin, Ja Fairwedder in Planruow to John Duickson baxter cit Brechin
1981621/5/25And Wobster in Mekill Coull, Ja Fenton in Mekill Coull to John Rea maltman cit Brechin
2001621/5/26Band Th Lyell of Murthill, Ja Dewquhar in Barnegeadis, Th Muresone in Tannatdis, John Adame in Murfeid of Murthill, Wm Black millar in Mylne of Murthill to umqll Pa Lyon in Mourtoun, Elizabeth Lyon his relict, And Lyon in Brechin, umqll Ja Lyon of Wester Ogill, umqll Pa Lyon Lord Lyon and Glmais of Kinghorne, Mr Da Essie in Mourtoun
2021621/5/29Th Peitter in Braddistoun to John Barclay of Johnstone
2031621/5/29Marriage contract Lichtoun to Beaton, Rot Lichtoun of Billschewin, Ja Lichtoun his son - And Wischart of Muirtoun, Jean Beaton relict to umqll Harry Wischart of Carnebege future sp to Ja L
2061621/5/30Contract John Erskine Lord of Mar - John Langnill burg? [citiner] Brechin, James Millar in Pipulloth
2081621/5/31Rot Barrie in Mylne of Wodend of Doid, And Estene in Cotton of Phinnestoun to John/Wm Bellie in Baldukie
2091621/5/31Th Vinthettis in Clayfandles, John Ordie in Balhall his son in law to Alex Bellie skynner cit Brechin
2111621/6/1Th Duncan in Bonitoun, Ja Greige in Bonytoun, Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin to Ja Dempster, Ja Dempster sometime of Balrovnie his brother german
2121621/6/4Da Sympsone in Hollmuir of Carsgownie, John Weist in Hollmuir of Carsgownie to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
2141621/6/6John Chepman, umqll Richard Chepman cit Brechin his father, John Ramsay of Balnabreich, And Gray, Th Lyell of Muirhill, to Rot Dempster skynner cit Brechin, Agnes Liddell his sp
214Gray to Dempster
2151621/6/6And Gray, Th Lyell of Muirhill, Ja Lyell his son, Ja Lyell brother to Th L of M, Wm Gray sometime of Pitscandly to Rot Dempster skynner cit Brechin
2161621/6/6Geo Millar in Balnedlie to Ja Cramond in Follinshel
2171621/6/8Th Dempster, John Dempster sometime of Balrovnie his brother, Alex Comper wright cit Brechin to John Wodrove merch cit Brechin
2181621/6/8Ja Levingstone of Caldhame to John Wodrove merch cit Brechin
2191621/6/11John Chrystison alias Macky in Vitton, Ja Mitchell in Mylne of Indreskendie to And Kenny gardiner in Edzell
2201621/6/13Th Genblow in Melgund to Geo Campbell son to umqll Geo Campbell of Criewan
2211621/6/13Geo Sponnar in Mylne of Melgund to Geo Campbell son to umqll Geo Campbell of Criewan
2221621/6/13Pa Wobster in Vatterstoun to Geo Campbell of? [in] Melgund
222Alex Wollam in Easter Balnabriche to Geo Campbell in Melgund
2231621/6/13And Meisthe in Balnabriche to Geo Campbell son to umqll Geo Campbell of Crewnan
2241621/6/14Ja Clark merch cit Brechin to Ja Dempster sometime baillie cit Brechin
224And Wichtane maltman burg Arbroath to Catherine Boyes former sp to John/James Lokkie, John Thomson now her sp
2261621/6/18Testament Spark, Geo Stratton of Glentoun, Geo Stratton yr his eld son, umqll Ja Spark in Soerstoun of Glenbervie, Ja & Archibald Spark his sons
2271621/6/19Th Wod in Ground of Dullades to Da Gellie in Deanstrathe
2281621/6/20Cautionarie Testament Findlasone, John Findlasone eld merch burg Dundee, umqll Ja Findlasone yr sometime baillie of Dundee, Jonet Findlasone her dtr & granddtr to John F eld
228Agnes Murray relict to umqll Wm Murray skynner cit Brechin, Th Liddell notar now her sp to John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin, Helen Kirk his sp
2291621/6/23John Lindsay in Wodray, Alex Fleming in Wodheid to Alex Junckin in Balhlassie
2301621/6/27Oliver Ogilvie of Lochsyid, John Souttar in Scheill of Clintlaw to Wm Ogilvie in A..dnache
2311621/6/29John Drummond in Eydsmaldie to John Young skynner burg Montrose
2321621/7/2Ja Dorvard in Newgrange to John Austeane in Kirktoun of Jondkellor
2331621/7/2Ja Wod to Walt Ramsay brother to the Laird of Balmaine
2341621/7/2Rot Gilzeatt of Barrie Mylne, John Scott of Over Barremuir, Alex Lichtoun in Denheid to Th Arnott in ?hind
2361621/7/2Geo Watson in Tua Mylne of Rossie to John Ouchterlony servitor to the commissar of Brechin
2371621/7/2Mr And Beddie in Mondyuis to Alex Gray merch burg Montrose
2381621/7/3John Carnegie in Egillsjohne, John Erskine minister at Downe, Gilbert Anderson skipper burg Montrose to Rot Rollok eld, Rot & Marg Rollok his children, Th Ogilvie sp to Marg R
2391621/7/7Testament Collie, Ja Smart portioner of Dwmne, Marg Robbie relict to umqll John Collie in Over Elirk
2401621/7/7Testament Lichtoun, Th Macincoll in Easter Inveraritie, Wm Lichtoun, umqll Th Lichtoun his brother
240Testament Barnet, Ja Chrichtoun in Little Kilrie, Th Barnet, umqll Ja Barnet his father
241Testament Brune, Th Hall portioner of Dolnacobok, Da Brune, Ja Brune in Dumnie of ???
241Testament Duncan, Ja Shiphird in Mylne of Tuiktoun, umqll Alex Duncan, Marg Duncan his dtr
2421621/7/9Wm Arbuthnot in Porcartoun to Alex Gray burg Montrose
2431621/7/11Testament Adame, Th Ogilvie of Persie, John & Th Mylne children to umqll Euphame Adame sp to John Mylne in Balgray
2441621/7/11Testament Broustar, John Irius portioner of Kinclwne, umqll Da Broustar in Kinclwne, Ja & Marg Broustar his children
244Testament Spalding, Pa Rattray notar in Alyth, umqll John Spalding in Drumslognie, John Spalding his son
245Testament Robie, Da Ogilvie of Belltie, umqll Jonet Rob, John Aschende in Dykheid her sp, Marg Rob eld, And Burne her son, Marg Rob yr, John Alexander her sp, Isobell Rob, John Souttar her sp
245John Alschende in Watterscheill to Th Ramsay in Ardounie
2491621/8/27Archibald Wilkie in Corralhill, Ja Barrie in Corralhill, Wm Black in New Mylne to Rot Rollok in Brechin
2501621/8/27umqll John Erskine minister at Dwne, And Low officiar of the Baronie of Dwne to Th Watt cordiner at the Brigend
2521621/8/27Marriage contract Dikesone to Bellie, John Bellie in Badardie, Da Bellie merch cit Brechin, umqll Ja Bellie sometime in Melgund, Isobell Bellie his dtr - Ja Dikeson eld cordiner burg Forfar, Ja Dikeson yr burg Forfar his youngest son future sp to Isobell B
2541621/8/27Discharge And Wischart of Mourtoun, John Noray cit Brechin to Ja Kethe of Canterland
2551621/8/27Walt Mathow now in Newtoun to Mr Rot Bruwn minister Kynnard
255Geo Huchone in Balcathe to John Ouchterlony in Balmirmur, John Kenny baxter burg Arbroath
2571621/8/27John Kenny baxter burg Arbroath to John Ouchterlony of Murhouse
257Renunciation And Wischart of Murtoun to umqll Ja Kethe of Canterland, Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland
2591621/9/14Wm Sympsone in Easter Mairstaine to John Sympsone in Fanuow?
2601621/9/17Ja Collace cit Brechin to John Lindsay in Balfour
260John Quhyt agnavtie man citiner Brechin, Maldie Bellie his sp, Walt Bonack cordiner cit Brechin to Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
2611621/10/2Wm Carnegie fleschor cit Brechin to John Carnegie in Tillequhillie
2621621/10/2Wm Carnegie in Tillequhillie to Wm Stevenson in Dulbreik
2631621/10/22Ja Irving in Reidmyns, Ja Vyllie in Pwburne to Rot Middiltoun of Caldhame
2641621/10/31Band Cautionarie Testament Coll, John Salter in Alyt, Ja Peddy portioner of Kinclune, umqll Marg Coll his mother
2651621/10/31Band Testament Ogilvie, Alex Campbell of Crovnane, Da Ogilvie of Bellatie, umqll Da Ogilvie his father
265Th Hill in Fordes of Dwne, Da Smythe in Fordes of Dwne to Mr Alex Bissat minister Brechin
2661621/11/3Wm Mylne in Hauche of Brechin, Elspet Stewart his sp to Geo Howme chalmerlaine to the Lord of Mar
2671621/11/5Wm Huntar skynner burg Forfar to Ja Lanermanburg Forfar
2681621/11/6Contract John Erskine Lord of Mar - Wm Owsteane in Mylne of Barma?, John Barclay in Balmakewy
2701621/11/6Ja Adame in Patdoakie, Alex Neische in Mylne of Tannadeis, And Wobster in Meikill Coull to Rot Beattie merch burg Montrose
270Th Gibsone in Balgillie, Th Skair in Little Merques to Rot Beattie/Bellie merch burg Montrose
2711621/11/14John Scrymgeour of Wester Ballinscho, Th Wischart in Baldarge, Mr Alex Kynnimont minister Keremuir to Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot & Marg Rollok his children, Th Ogilvie sp to Marg R
2731621/11/14Dougall Campbell dean of Brechin, Wm Mackeane eld burg Montrose to Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot & Marg Rollok his children, Th Ogilvie sp to Marg R
2741621/11/14Gilbert Wischart in Balgarrok, John Wobster in Balgarrok, Th Wischart in Bandarge, Barbara Kyid to Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot & Marg Rollok his children, Th Ogilvie sp to Marg R
2761621/11/16Band Ja Greig, Th Duncan in Bonytoun, Elizabeth Henderson his sp, Da Greige in Vestoun? Of Rossie, Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin to Ja Dempster, John Dempster sometime of Ballrouny his brother germ
2781621/11/19And Mellvell in Balkellie, Ja Melvell in Dysart to Da Foullar in Forredey
2791621/11/21Th Collace of Pitforkie, John Collace fear of Pitforkie his eld son to Rot Wobester merch cit Brechin, Christiane Robertson his sp
2811621/11/21John Pottar in Easter Muirsyd, Wm Pottar in Wester Muirsyd his brother germ to John Speid of Auchdovi, umqll Ja Suttar
2821621/11/21Rot Gray, John Noray notar cit Brechin to Geo Home chalmerlane and factor to the Lord of Mar
2841621/11/22John Stevenson yr voebster cit Brechin to Rot Lindsay skynner cit Brechin
284Ja Myllar in Pitpullix to Da Lindsay bishop of Brechin
2851621/11/22John Wilson in Kincraig to Da Lindsay bishop of Brechin
2861621/11/22Da Smythe in Fordes of Dwne, Th Hill in Fordes of Dwne, Th Blewhous in Fordes of Dwne to Da Lindsay bishop of Brechin
2871621/11/22John Scot tenant in Wester Balnabriche, Jonet Lour tenant in Wester Balnabriche relict to umqll Da Bellie to Da Lindsay bishop of Brechin
2891621/11/26Ja Piggot in Mekill Balgillie, Wm Lyon burg Forfar, Alex Cokburne in Balligge to umqll John Piggot in Kerremuir, Ja & John & Abraham & Elspet Piggot his children
2901621/11/26Wm Hakney in Cugilstoun of Kynnettles to Alex Ramsay cordiner burg Forfar
290Marriage contract Kemp to Langlands, John Langlands in Muirsyd of Melgund - Catherine Wallace future sp to John L, Isobell Kemp relict to umqll Pa Wallce in Farrow her parents, Wm Wallace in Fannow, Da Wallace in Furd, Pa Wallace in Melgund
2921621/11/26Alex Strachan fear of Brigtoun, John Symer of Brathinche, Ja Cant in Mylne of Corloqhue to Marg Rollok, Th Ogilvie cit Brechin her sp
2941621/11/27Marriage contract Windizettis to Myllar, Th Winzettis in Clayfaldis of Dubtone & his sp Isobell Wat, Annabel Winzettis their dtr - Ja Myllar in Pitpullox, Wm Myllar his son future sp to Annabel W
2961621/12/3John Langlands in Muirsyd of Melgund to Wallace - Catherine Wallace future sp to John L, umqll Pa Wallace & Isobell Kemp his relict parents of Catherine W
297Wm Austene in Mylne of Barnis, Gilbert Austeane, John Greig in Unthank to John Barclay in Balmakellie, John Erskine Lord of Mar
2991621/12/6Sir Ja Stewart of Tullois, John Cant in Easter Muirsyd, John Pottar in Easter Muirsyd to Th Ogilvie in Brechin
3001621/12/8John Glen in Nether Carestoun, Sir Harry Lindsay of Carestoun to Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
3011621/12/8John Glen in Nether Carestoun, Sir Harry Lindsay of Carestoun to Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
3021621/12/10In Wester Drumes; John Stevenson, Da Guthrie, Geo Mitchell, In Easter Murresyid; John Pottar, And Scott, Wm Thomson, John Cant, Walt Shipherd, In West Muresyid; John Coull, Wm Steven, Wm Pottar, Da Taylor, Th Pottar, In Scanbridges; John Shipherd, Da Quhyt, Ja Bule, Wm Kyd, Da Petre, In Leidheid; Wm taylor, Richard Coule to Ja Kynnimonth portioner of that ilk
3041621/12/10John Stevenson in Wester Drumes, John Cant in Easter Murresyid, John Pottar in Easter Murresyid, Walt Shipherd in Easter Murresyid to John Schewan notar Brechin
3051621/12/10Marriage contract Langlands to Keany, Geo Langlands, John Langlands bonnetmaker cit Brechin his father - And Keany in Mossyd of Arnehall, Marg Keany his dtr relict to umqll Rot Godt future sp to John L
3071621/12/13Wm Watsone to Agnes Findlasone relict to umqll Alex Stevenson merch cit Brechin
3081621/12/15Band Sir Ja Stewart of Tulloes, Alex Weddel in Hatton of Tulloes, Wm Petter in Hatton of Tulloes to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
3091621/12/17Ja Mackeane burg Montrose, Wm Mackeane yr burg Montrose to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
3111621/12/17Marriage contract Daikeris & Kyid, Barbara Kyid relict to umqll Da Loure her 1st sp & relict to umqll Ja Bellie in Polgarrok her 2nd sp, Elspet Lour her dtr, John Lid in Wodvray, Da Kyd in Pitkenitre - Alex Daikeris future sp to Elspet L, umqll John Daikeris in Kindrokvod his father, Alex Jonkyne in Balgalssie
3121621/12/17Geo Watsone in Tua Mylne of Rossoy to Geo James in Barnes of Crago
3131621/12/18In Nether Carestoun; John Glen, Alex Leiche, Henry Arthor, And Spens, Rot Jonk, Rot Ardir, Th Chrystie, Alex Dalgatie, Elizabeth Strachan, John Broun, And Broun, John Willie, Jonet Willie relict to Hnery Mudie, Da Skair, Wm Jonkyne, Rot Dempster, In Balglassie; Alex Konkyne, In Aikir; Rot Mortimer; to Th Lyell of Murthill, John Cuming of Carsbank, John Cuming fear of Carsbank his son, Dr Ja Eliot minister Forfar, Ja Lyell in Balifedden, Dugall Dikisone
3161621/12/28John Diksone maltman burg Arbroath, Da Futhe yr burg Arbroath to Da Airtlje in Mains of Aithie
3171621/12/31John Pottar in East Muirsyd to Th Fyiff in Buttergill
3181622/1/2John Pottar in East Muirsyd of Drumes to Hercules Spens servitor to John Wilson maltman in Brechin
3191622/1/2Da Duncasone baxter cit Brechin, Rot Duncasone baxter his son to Wm Murray cit Brechin
3201622/1/4Da Smythe in Dunlapie to Da Broune servitor to the Laird of Edzell, Mr Wm Reid in Cowii
3211622/1/4John Wast in How Mure of Cargonny, Da Sympsone in How Mure of Cargonny to Da Lindsay of Balgayes
3221622/1/4John Pitcairne in Galchoren to John Mylne eld in Balmuly Mylne
3231622/1/4Wm Nachtie in Middiltoune, Th Coull in Middiltoune to John Lambe in Gilchorne
3251622/1/4Wm Nachtie in Middiltoune to John Lambe in Gilchorne
3261622/1/7Wm Nachtie in Middiltoune to Wm Scot in Burnesyd
3271622/1/7Arthur Hamilton mariner Montrose to Wm Wallantyne burg Montrose
3281622/1/14John Pitcairne in Githorne, Ja Pitcairne in Hiltoun to Mr John Durie minister Inverkeilor
3291622/1/14Rot Sampsone in Canhyt Forret, John Craik in Canhyt Forret to Th Gipsone in Over Balgillie
3301622/1/14Rot Gibsone in Leckoquitie to And Huntar provost Forfar
3311622/1/14Marriage contract Robie to Wobester, Alex Robie eld, Alex Robie yr his son - And Wobester in Meikill Coull, Jonet Wobester his dtr future sp to Alex R yr
3341622/1/19Wm Leiche in Auld Montrose, Isobell Creig his sp to Da Huchone in Bonytoune
3351622/1/20John Bull in Stanno?.. to Th Liddell cit Brechin
3361622/1/28Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykes to Mr Da Ramsay schoolmaster in Meigle
336Oudny cautioner for Ramsay
3371622/2/2John Oudny of Kethik baillie of Brechin, umqll John Ramsay merch Montrose, Alex Ramsay in Kirk of Fourdon, Christiane & Marg & Helen Ramsay his dtrs, Ja Clerk sp to Christiane R, Rot Maine sp to Marg R
3381622/2/4Ja Walker in Pendriche to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
3391622/2/8John Myllar in Pipullox to Mr Alex Bissatt minister Brechin
3401622/2/11John Blak in Kindrochit, Th Watt indweller in Cadlhame Mylne to Wm Thomson in Balnabriche
3411622/2/13Archibald Speik in Blaksnab, Sir Rot Doglas of Glenbeivy to Walt Melville in Bleirernot, Elizabeth & Marg Melville his granddtrs
3431622/2/18Ja Findlow, Ja Arkill, Wm Lindsay in Hairstane to Alex Tollow fear of Craignestoune
3451622/2/19Testament cautionarie Thaine & Futhie, Ja Thaine in Balgay, Ja Futhie merch burg Dundee, umqll Mr Henry Futhie minister Fowlis
3461622/2/20Isobell Forbes, Ja Gairdner her sp to Th Ogilvie cit Brechin
3481622/2/25Th Murisone yr at the Mylne of Tannadeis to Da Petrie in Forfar
348Rot Mortimer in Aikinhait to Christopher Eleis in Over Kinyr, Catherine Noiry
3491622/2/25John Blak in Kindrochit to Geo Wat in Kindrochit, Rot Neische in Kindrochit, John Daikeris in Balnabriche, John Guthrie in Wodend
3501622/2/26Band Testament Anderson & Souttar, Ja Anderson in Auchinklay, Richard Souttar alias Anderson, umqll Rot Souttar alias Anderson
3511622/3/4Geo Stewart in Kynnard in Atholl, Alex Maxwell burg Forfar to John Thome in Drumclune
3521622/3/9Wm Carnegie in Lochtie, Isobell Souttar his sp to Th Lyell of Murthell
3541622/3/11Discharge Alexander Chrystisone sometime in Schannow - Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland
3551622/3/14Wm Carnegie in Lochtie to Rot Cowie in Brechin
3561622/3/14John Mudie mariner burg Dundee, And Abercrombie skipper burg Dundee, Th Mudie mariner burg Dundee to Th Liddell cit Brechin
3571622/3/23Wm Bellie in Nethertoune of Melgund, Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin to John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
3581622/3/23Wm Sympsone in South Melgund, John Ramsay maltman cit Brechin to John Dempster sometime of Balrouny
3591622/3/25John Rynd in Wester Dod to Ja Banerman burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
3611622/4/1John Ramsay maltman cit Brechin to Wm Dysart brabiner cit Brechin, Th Dysart his son
3621622/4/1John Henderson in Nether Lullowis, Alex Donaldson in Wodsyd to John Spark in Ledine
3631622/4/11Wm Guthrie in Drummes, And Thomsone? in Mekill Mylne of Brechin to And Kinloche merch burg Edinburgh
3641622/4/11John Cant in East Mursyd, Geo Mathie cit Brechin to And Kinloche merch burg Edinburgh
364Wm Watsone in Craigend of Drummes, John Ramsay in Mursyd of Auchlane to And Kinloche merch burg Edinburgh
3651622/4/11John Stevensone in Wester Drummes, Da Guthrie in Wester Drummes to And Kinloche merch burg Edinburgh
3661622/4/11Walt Shiphird in Mursyd, John Pottar in Mursyd, Da Hendrie in Craigend, Da Guthrie in Drummes, John Stevensone in Drummes to And Kinloche merch burg Edinburgh
3671622/4/13Wm Austene yr at Mylne of Barnis of Balmakellie to Joh Findlasone messr, Isobell Wischart his sp
3681622/4/13John Glen in Nether Carestoun to John Findlasone messr in Brechin, Isobell Wischart his sp
3691622/4/13Da Findlasone smythe cit Brechin to John Taylor cordiner indweller Brechin
3701622/4/19Band Henry Belfurd at Brathinche Mylne - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
3711622/4/19Band Duncan Lindsay at Newtoun Mylne, John Murray, William Nachtie - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
3721622/4/19Band Wm Scot in Innerescandie - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
3731622/4/27Band Th Lyell in Dalgati - umqll Henry Muddie on Carrestoun
3741622/4/29Band Testament Christian Michell relict to George Ogilvy in E Maytis? exer to umqll Ja Edmistoun in Cunnestoun - Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland
3751622/5/8Band John Gibsone in W Mains of Rossie - Pa Carnegie son to Alex Carnegie now in Ulischewen
376Band Ja Macken merch burg Montrose, Geo Petrie yr merch burg Montrose, Ja Wood merch burg Montrose - umqll Pa Stewart in Logie of Wittouny, Isobell Michell his exer
3771622/5/8Band Jonet Muddie relict to umqll Th Lyell in Getsye of Kincraige, Wm Lyell her son - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
3781622/5/9Band Testament Alex Wichtoune? Merch burg Dundee - Catherine, Isobell & Marg Rinkine children & exer to umqll Walter Rinkin mariner burg Dundee
3791622/5/9Band Testament Wm Davidson maltman burg Dundee - Marg, Bessie, Agnes & Helen Syme dtrs to umqll Henry Syme maltman burg Dundee
3801622/5/9Band Testament And Shiphart baxter burg Dundee - Ja, Th, Da, Elspet & Marg Mackie children to umqll Ja Mackie baxter burg Dundee & umqll Marg Watt his sp
3811622/5/11Band Th Greig in Fullartoun, Mr Alex inglis minister Lunane - John Guthrie of Lunane
3821622/5/11Band Mr Alex Inglis minister Lownan - John Guthrie of Lunan
3831622/5/11Band Th Greig in Fullartoun, Mr Alex inglis minister Lunane, Da Cobe in Mains of Rossie - John Guthrie of Lunane
3851622/5/11Band Da Tullow of Craignestoune, Alex Tullow fear of Craignestoune - And Greif of Grenbodin
3861622/5/12Band Th Greig in Fullartoun - Ja Jamesone cordiner Montrose
3871622/5/12Band Wm Essie at Balbrine Mylne, John Lindsay sometime in Brechin and now in Balfour - Alex Duncan in Lichtnie
3881622/5/15Band Wm Mylne at Fettercarne Uther Mylne - John Smythe in Tillitogillok
3891622/5/15Renunciation Lucrecia Beaton sp to And Wischart of Mourtoun - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Marg Ouchterlony his sp
3901622/5/18Contract Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland, Helen Haddon his sp - Da Graham now in Montrose, Catherine Carnegie his sp
3921622/5/18Band Th Robert in Meikill Loure, John & And Robert his sons - Ja Lindsay in Lobothe
3941622/5/18Band And Robert in Greinefuird - Ja Lindsay of Ledbothie
394Band Wm Nevay brother to John Nevay of that ilk - Ja Lindsay in Labehaie
3951622/5/18Band John Smyth in Newlands of Auchinlek - Ja Lindsay of Ledbothie
3961622/5/20Band Ja Gardiner maltman cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
3971622/5/22Renunciation Marion Beaton sp to Wm Petrie burg Montrose - umqll Ja Beaton of Melgund, Th Beaton sometime of Melgund his son - Marquis George Marquis of Huntley
3991622/5/23Band Da Tullow of Craignestoun, Alkex Strachan, Da Strachan his son, Geo Taylor in Craignestoun - Henry Balfour in Fettercarne
4021622/5/27Band Geo Sibbalt in Kairntoun, Wm Abatoun cotterman Kairntoun, And Forfar cotterman Kairntoun - Archibald Falconer in Redhinche
404Band Wm Mylne - Archibald Falconer in Reidhinche
405Band Alex Fraser in Tullischill of Cragnestoun - Archibald Falconer in Redhinche
406Band Da Andro in Kincardin - Archibald Falconer in Inchgray
406Band John Allane smyth in Kincardine - Archibald Falconer in Redhinche
407Band Ja Gairdner maltman cit Brechin - John Fraser in Craigend
4081622/5/28Band John Quhyit pewdarer cit Brechin - John Wuidroune merch cit Brechin
4101622/5/28Band Wm Robertson merch burg Montrose - Alex barclay merch burg Montrose
4111622/5/29Band Ja Louny in Carcary - Alex Bunzeoun in Fullartoun
4121622/6/3Band John Symmer in Fermertoun - John Loundie in Buidfor brother tAlex Loundie in Muirseat of Barneyard
4131622/6/3Band Da Cob in Corthill - Ja Philip in Cottoun of Barnyards, Rot Pattone in Hillsyd of Guthrie
4151622/6/4Band Wm Nachtie in Middeltoun of Gardyne - John Durie in Cotton of Bonnytoun
4161622/6/4Band Da Tullow liferentar of Craignestoun - Alex Tullow fear of Craignestoun his son
416Band And Smyth in Clochie, Ja Smyth in Clochie - Alex Gellie in Tillearblit
4171622/6/6Band John Symmer in Fermertoun of Ferne, Ja Scrymgeour of Balquhadlie - Ja Guthrie in Pitforthir
4181622/6/7Band John Pottar in E Muirsyd, Walter Shiphird there - John Speid of Achdovy
419Band Wm Sympsone in Nethertoun of Melgund, John Stevenson of Braktillo, Geo Stewen - Wm Bellie in Nethertoun of Melgund
420Band Alex Neishe in Kindrochit, Geo Watt there, Janet Jakir there, Ja Bellie there, Wm Bellie - And Graham factor & chalmerlane to Ja Lyon of Auldbar
422Band John Greig maltman cit Brechin - John Ramsay in Muirsyd of Auch?.
423Band John Cant in E Mursyd of Drumes, Walter Shiphird there, Da Taylor in W Mursyd - John Lindsay in Balfour of Menmuir? - Speid
4241622/6/10Band Ja Gardner maltman cit Brechin - Wm Rutherfurd chirurgeoun cit Brechin
4251622/6/10Band Ja Gardner maltman cit Brechin - Geo Lowssie in Blakhall
4261622/6/11Band Rot Findlasone skynner cit Brechin, Rot Wobster in Brechin, John Smart in Tillequhillie, John Carnegie, Th Gold, Henry Fairwedder in Haltoun, John Lindsay in Balfour - John Douglas elder of Tilliequhillie, Ja Findlasone in Tullow
4271622/6/11Band Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Ja Findlasone sometime in Nathrow now in Tullow
4281622/6/11Band John Smart in Tillequhille, John Carnegie, Th Gold - Ja Findlasone in Nathrow
428Band Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Ja Findlasone in Tullow
4291622/6/11Band Henry Fairwedder in Hatton of Menmuir - Ja Findlasone in Tullow
4301622/6/13Renunciation Da Graham in Canterland - Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland, Helen Haddein his sp
4311622/6/14Band Pa Spens in Leuchland , Da Wilson in Kincraig, John Scot in Vindiage - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
4321622/6/14Band Th Greig in Auld Montrose - Alex Henrie in Hill of Baluyllow
4331622/6/14Band Ja Lyon in Inschewane, Geo Lyon there his son, Ja Adam in Baldukie, Da Cadger in Littil Coull, Wm Smyth there, Wm Fyiff in Lorfachie - And Lamb in Dunnynald
4341622/6/14Band Alex Tullow fear of Craignestoun - John Tyndall in Craignestoun
434Band Th Smyth in Caldsyid of Brigtoun, John Rollok at Brigtoun Mylne - Wm Lyon in Middletoun of Ogilly
4351622/6/14Band John Hendersone flesher cit Brechin - Wm Lyon in Middletoun of Ogilvie
4361622/6/15Band Walter Michell in Ctiwok? - Walter Daw in Nansfurd of Farnell
436Band Henry Ramsay eld son to Henry Ramsay of Ardownie - Rot Durhame son to the Laird of Grange - captain Archibald Beaton, Mr Henry Drummond
4381622/6/17Band And Allan in Neiothorne?, Th & ?. Allan his sons - And Torry smyth Henchheid
438Band Da Rossie of that ilk - Ja Guthrie in Pitforthie
4391622/6/17Band John Daw sometime in Chappeltoun, Walter Daw in Nansfurd his brotehr - Da Brown servitor to the Laird of Edzell
4401622/6/17Band John Patersone in Baldowie - An Orchart servitor to Rot Carnegie of Dinichin
4411622/6/18Band Th Allan in Midmains of Thorntoun - Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
4421622/6/18Band Ja Niddrie in Liodland? - Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
442Band Da Brown in Meikiltoun of Guthrie - John Speid of Auchdowy
4431622/6/18Band Geo Spownes at Melgund Mylne, Rot Rollok yr of Brich.., Ja Burne in Caldsyd - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, John Ramsay sometime cit Brechin now in Ballischen
4441622/6/18Band Ja Ramsay fractionemantar of Arbeky, Alex Ramsay his son, Sir John Cranegie of Ethie, Mr John Durrie minister Inverkeilor - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Marg Ouchterlony his sp
4471622/6/18Band John Smyth in Mains of Rossie, Hercules Smyth in Mains of Rossie his father, Alex Smyth there his brother - Wm Souttar at Kynnard Pow Mylne
448Band John Stevenson in W Drumes, Alex Neische there his son in law - John Lindsay in balfour
4491622/6/20Band Rot Erskine of Ardestie, Ja Abercrombie burg Montrose, Mr Da Erskine in Ballylo - Agnes Graham dtr to umqll Rot Graham in Cherletoun
4501622/6/21Band Rot Findlasone skynner cit Brechin - John Tullow merch cit Brechin
4511622/6/22Band John Man person of Menmuir - John Wuidrow burgess? Brechin
451Band Alex Scott in Coull - John Wuidrow merch cit Brechin
4521622/6/22Band Th Robertson in Glestenno, Th Hill in Baneilie, Th Hill in Balnyllow - John Hill yr in Ballnylow
4531622/6/24Band John Rynd in W Dod - Th Matheris burg Forfar
4541622/6/24Band Geo Davidson in E Dillappie - Th Gentleman in Fettercarne
454Band Alex Barclay in W Matheris, John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - John Speid of Auchdowie
4551622/6/27Band Mr John Levingston eld son to Ja Livingstone of Caldhame - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
4561622/6/27Ja Levingstone yr son to Ja Livingstone of Caldhame, Da Livingstone his brother - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
4571622/6/27Band Gilbert Ouchterlony in Blackdykis - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
4581622/6/27Band Ja Smythe gan maker burg Forfar, Wm Lyon cit Brechin - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
458Band Ja Fenton in Nether Balgillie - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
4591622/6/27Band Agnes Kynneir relict to Rot Dempster in Nether Carestoun - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
459Band Nicol Liddell skynner cit Brechin, Hugh Direw rueikmaker? Cit Brechin - Alex Laynge in Badowky
4601622/6/27Band Wm Fleming in Arnehall, Th Fleming his son - Da Barrie in Forfar
4611622/6/30Band Ja Rossie of that ilk - Ja Ramsay messr cit Brechin
4621622/7/1Band Alex Strachan yr of Brigtoun, Ja Cant in Baldowkie - Alex Nevay skynner burg Forfar
4631622/7/2Marriage contract John Cant in Drumclane - John Bellie eld in Boldardie, John Bellie yr there his son - Rot Dempster in Nether Carestoun, Elizabeth Dempster his dtr
4661622/7/3Contract Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Nicoll Liddell skynner cit Brechin
4671622/7/4Band Alex Pearson of Balmadies, Da Ouchterlony smyth in Denmylns his tennant - John Ouchterlony notar Brechin
4681622/7/5Band Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis, John Cant in Birkinbuss - Mt Alex Bissat minister Brechin
4691622/7/5Band Geo Wischart eld of Drymmie, Geo Wischart yr of Drymmie, Mr Da Erskine in Balvyllow - John Henderson baxter cit Brechin
4711622/7/5Band Geo Maule in Lanhard - Mr Alex Bissat minister Brechin
471Band And Thomson at Mekill Mylne of Brechin, Alex Knox there - Mr Alex Bissat minister Brechin
4721622/7/5Band And Thomson maltman cit Brechin, Wm Thomson in Balnabriche - The poor of Brechin
4731622/7/5Band John Michell in Tillifargus - Th Done in Halkertoun
4741622/7/5Band Ja Carnegie in Vairdlandis of Carsgowny - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
474Band Geo Grube eld at Kynnaber Mylne, Geo Grube yr in Charletoun - Geo Erskine of Kirkbolde?
4751622/7/10Band Walter Shiphird in Mursyd - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
4761622/7/11Band Mr And Leiche - John Wuidronie merch cit Brechin
476Band Ja Scot in Watterstoun - Alex Scot servant to John Wat? In Muirtoun
4771622/7/13Arbitral And Daw In Caldhame Mylne Lands - Bessie Coull in Nansfurd, Catherine Daw her & And Daws dtr - Th Lyell in Dalgatie, Geo Beans servitor to Lord David Lord of Carnegie and Kinnaird
4781622/7/13Band Walter Shiphird in Mursyd of Drumes - John Coull in W Mursyd
479Band Rot Neistlie in Kindracut, Wm Fyff in Tillibruy, Alex Neistlie in Balnabriche - John Dempster sometime of Balrovnie
480Band Geo Watt in Kindrochit, Wm Fyff of Tillibroy, Th Watt cordiner brother to Geo W - John Dempster sometime of Balrovnie
4811622/7/14Band Ja Lownie in Meikill Carcare - Rot Traill brother to Da Traill in Dysart
481Band John Guthrie in Lytill Mylne - John Parker yr burg Forfar
4821622/7/15Band Th Tindell sometime in Drumache now in Brechin, Alex Bellie skynner cit Brechin - Alex Gellie? in Balnabricht, Da Bellie yr merch cit Brechin
483Band Henry Findlasone in Watterstoun, Wm Jack in Schandfurd - Th Carnegie taylor in Reidfuird
4841622/7/18Band Christiall Matheris in Dilphowber, John Clerk in Coany - John Anderson in Drumhendre
485Marriage contract Rot Kethe yr burg Montrose, Lilas Gardyne now his sp - Alex Gardyne of Borrowfeild father of LilasRobert Keith was a provost of Montrose
4861622/7/27Renunciation Nicolas Ouchterlony, Wm Rait of Dunbarrow her sp - Ja Ouchterlony of Seaton her father
487Contract Isobell Reat sp to John Strachan of Plasdo - Mr Alex Keithe of Over Dysart, Elizabeth Melville his sp
4881622/7/29Band Da Bellie in S Melgund, John Guthrie in Wodend, John Stevenson in Brachilo - John Gairdin of MurrosBractillo?
4891622/7/29Band Hugh Drew cit Brechin - Marg Cramond of Balnabriche
489Band Geo Watt in Kindrochit - John Dempster sometime of Balrowny
490Band And Clerk at Panmure Mylne - Th Arnot in Auchnacaret
491Band Charles Murray at Perthe Kirk, And Allan in New Thorntoun - Da Strachan in Burgartoun
4921622/8/4Band Wm Muirtoun merch cit Brechin, John Murtoun his edl son, John Donaldson merch cit Brechin - Ja Cramond in Burnsyd of Auldbar
493Band John Chritisone in Craigeschmnow of Glenesk - Ja Broune in Straithe of Balmain
4941622/8/9Band Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin, Christiane Robertsone his sp - Th Collace of Pitforkie. John Collace his son
494Band Ja Mylne in Mains of Bonitoun - John Jamesone in Carcarie
4951622/8/19Band Wm Sector in Schanfur, Wm Low his tennant, John Bowman in Carncross - John Grube in Disolmne
4961622/8/26Band John Lyon notar citiner Brechin - Geo Murray son to Wm Murray cit Brechin
496Band Wm Sympson in S Melgund - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
4971622/8/29Band John Dundas sometime in Dubtoun now in Dundee, Geo Wischart yr fear of Drymmie, Nicoll Liddell cit Brechin, Alex Watt cit Brechin - Rot Rollok cit Brechin
4991622/8/29Band Nicoll Liddell skynner cit Brechin, Alex lellie merch cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5001622/9/2Band Walter Mwrrisone smyth in Ordie - Ja Bowman burg Forfar
500Band Th Liddell merch cit Brechin - Ja Guthrie in Over Pitforthe
5011622/9/4Band Da Findlasone smyth cit Brechin - Rot Wobster merch cit brechin
5021622/9/4Band John Livingstone fear of caldhame - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
5031622/9/16Band Henry Fairwedder in Haltoun of Menmuir, Rot Fairwedder at Menmuir Kirk, John Lindsay in Balfour of Menmuir, John Stratton fear of that ilk - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
5051622/9/20Discharge Ja Clerk cit Brechin - Da Tullow of Cragnestoun, Alex Tullow his eld son
505Band Da Shiphird in E Balinschall - Walter Cairncorie brother to Nicoll Cairncors of Balmshanerthe
5061622/9/20Band Ja Fenton in Lytill Balgillie, Ja Mercheill there - Walter Cairncors brother to Nicoll Cairncors of Balmashamer
5071622/9/20Band Ja Guidblat port of Strabrone - Walter Cairncors brother to Nicoll Cairncors of Balmashamer
507Band Da Twedell in Cotton of E Balmschall - Walter Cairncors brother to Nicoll Cairncors of Balmashamer
5081622/9/20Band John Mathie in Blairfedden - Walter Cairncors brother to Nicoll Cairncors of Balmashamer
5091622/9/23Band Wm Lyon burg Forfar, Mr Ja Elpot minister Finevin, Mr Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar - Elizabeth Lyon his sister relict to umqll Pa Lyon in Mwrtoun of Tannadice
5101622/9/23Band Wm Guthrie apperand of that ilk, Henry Guthrie his brother, Da Barclay of Auchlewchrie, Ja Fenton son to Ja Fenton sometime of W Ogill, John Ouchterlony in Baldukie - Elizabeth Lyon relict to umqll Pa Lyon in Mwrtoun of Tannadice
5111622/9/23Band Dr Da Beaton son to umqll Da Beaton of Melgund & Lucreis Beaton, John Ogilvy of Inschewane - Ja Livingstone of Canhyitfeild, Isobell Fraser his sp - Mr Wm Kaythe
5131622/9/23Band Dr Da Beaton son to umqll Da Beaton of Melgund & Lucreis Beaton, And Wischart of Murtoun, John Lowsone of Baldewny, And Lowsone eld son to sd John L - Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild, Isobell Fraser his sp - Rot Kethe eld, Mr Wm Kethe his son , umqll Da Ladowie
5161622/9/26Band Barbara Kyd relict to umqll Ja Bellie in Polygarrok - Alex Wobster at Polygarrok Mylne
5171622/9/27Band Geo Malder portioner of Ardow, Arthur Malder his eld son, Arthur Malder in Botheris, Wm Mourton eld cit Brecin, Wm Fyff in Buttergill - John Ouchterlony writer cit Brechin
5191622/9/27Band Geo Malder port of Ardow, Arthur Malder his eld son - Ja Levingstone of Qugytfeild, Isobell Fraser his sp
5211622/9/30Band John Cant in Mursyd, Walter Shipherd in Mursyd - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
521Band Ja Walker in Watterstoun - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5221622/9/30Band Ja Walker in Pendriche, Ja Reid vobster, John Gynd taylor in Pendriche - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5231622/9/30Band Ja Walker in Pendriche, Ja Walker cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5241622/10/3Band Wm Sprount in Balhall - Alex mylne in Trosto
524Band John Guthrie in Holl Mylne, John Guthrie in Wodend his son - Th Ogilvy cit brechin
5251622/10/5Contract John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - Gedione Fullartoun his son - Mr Rot Stratton of Strathe
5281622/10/7Band Ja Leucharis in Balgillie - And Muresone in Drochie
528Band John Ramsay cordiner burg Forfar, Ja Dickson cordiner burg Forfar his father in law, John Dicksonburg Forfar his eld son - Da Wood burg Forfar
5291622/10/7Band Geo Lyon cordiner burg Forfar, John Mylne - Da Wood cordiner burg Forfar
5301622/10/8Band Arthur Stratton in Newlandis - Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland - Rot Keythe baillie Montrose
5311622/10/9Marriage contract Lucreis Beaton relict to Andrew Wischart of Mourton - Alex Wischart son to umqll Harry Wischart of Carnebege - Christian Wischart natural dtr to umqll And W of M
5321622/10/14Band Geo Wischart fear om Drymmie, Marg Falconer his sp - Da Erskine in Ballvyas
5331622/10/16Band John Thomson in Pendriche, Alex Gairdin there - John Ross merch cit Brechin
5341622/10/16Band Alex Hind smyth Ardow - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
5351622/10/16Band Ja Bellie in Hinhuer of W Ogill, Alex ballie skynner cit Brechin, Alex Guthrie maltman Brechin - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
5361622/10/16Band John Guthrie in Wodend of Auldbar now at Kindrochit Holl Mylne, John Guthrie his son - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
536Band Rot Andersone in Balwissie, umqll And Clerk at Panmure Mylne, And Aleson - Rot Ramsay cordiner burg Dundee
5371622/10/21Band John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin - Gilbert Nicoll in Skechyne
5381622/10/21Band Wm Carnegie cit Brechin - John Walker burg Forfar
5391622/10/21Band Wm Thomson in Balnabriche, Elspet Reid his sp - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
5401622/10/21Band John Guthrie in Wodend of Kellok, Jonet Mathey hi sp, John Guthrie their son - John Paterson merch cit Brechin
540Marriage contract Alex Ogilvy of Auchnagray, Christian Arbuthnot his sp, Agnes alias Jeane Lindsay her dtr, Ja Lyon of E Ogill, Wm Arbuthnot in Petdouny - Th Arrot on Auchnacarrot, minister Tannadice, Ja Ramsay, John Dempster of Balrowny
5421622/10/23Band Geo Watsone in Edicat, John Mairschall in Edicat - Da Findlow cit Brechin
5431622/10/30Band Th Skair in Littill Markius - Da Schewan in Nether Balgillo, Ja Merschall in Nether Balgillo
5441622/10/31Band Ja Ramsay son to Mr Th Ramsay commissary clerk Brechin, Alex Bellie merch cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5451622/10/31Band John Thomson in Pendriche - Agnes Findlasone relict to umqll Alex Stevenson merch cit Brechin
545Band John Danald in Murheid of Kynnardy - Da Philip servant to Lord Ogilvy
5461622/11/1Band Wm Thomson in Balnabriche - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5471622/11/1Band Wm Thomson in Balnabriche, Geo Wat in Kindrochit - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
547Band John Guthrie cordiner cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5481622/11/1Band Ja Johnston in Bowgiesohallolie, Alex Johnston in Litill Watterstoun his son - Geo Home chalmerlaine to John Erskine Earl of Mar
5491622/11/4Band And Barclay in Staine of Benholme, John Barclay his eld son - John Strachan of Goiseslie
549Band Geo Wischart yr of Drymmie - Ja Guthrie in Pitforthie
550Band umqll Th Arnot in Auchnacaret, Th Dempster his exer - John greig maltman cit Brechin
5511622/11/7Band Ja Johnston in Vane, Alex Johnston his brother - Mr Geo Symer minister Ferne
551Band Wm Murray cit Brechin - Da Ramsay messr cit Brechin
5521622/11/9Band Geo Maule in E Banhard - Sir John Hamilton of Lettrik
5531622/11/11Band Ja Smythe in Clothie, Alex Smythe in Margce his brother - John Souttar in Synnanche of Leithnot
5541622/11/11Band Wm Steill in Cregie - John Barclay of Johnstone
554Band Alex Daikeris in Brathinche, John Symer of Brathinche - Ja Ross in Bd? Of Dalbodge
5551622/11/11Band Ja Lyell in Balmano - John Findlow wobster in Hiltoun
5561622/11/12Band Wm Rutherfurd chirurgionn cit Brechin - John Duncason baxter cit Brechin
5571622/11/12Band John Leiche cit Brechin - Mr Pa Lindsay commissar Brechin, Th Greig in Brechin
5581622/11/12Band Wm Leiche sometime in Kirktoun of Menmuir and now in Cosyd of Balhall - Geo Stratton in Crewok
558Band Henry Fullartoun in Legatstoun, And Fullartoun in Park of Conan - Chritiane Low dtr to umqll Th Low in Park of Conan
5591622/11/12Band And Fyllartoun in Park of Conan - Christiane Low dtr to umqll Th Low in Park of Conan
5601622/11/15Band Ja Sanderis in Mains of Balnamde - Da Wilson in Gare Myre servitor to And Malasone yr
560Band Ja Bungeone in Fullartoun - John Jamesone in Carcare
5611622/11/18Band Charles Smythe in Margie sometime in Parkland, Christian Durvart his sp - Alex Gryme in Badsyd of Dolappie
5621622/11/18Band Alex Johnstone in Vane, Ja Johnstone in Bogischa?, Alex Chrystisone sometime in Schannow now in Brechin - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
5631622/11/18Band Alex Chrystisone sometime in Schannow noe in Blairdarge - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
5641622/11/18Band Wm Thomsone in Balnabriche, Alex Wollame there - And Wentoun fear of Strickmartin
5651622/11/18Band Alex Dewquhar of Greinfurd, Wm Dewquhar Mains of Kellie, John Stevenson of Braktullow - Marg Crammond of W Balnabriche
5661622/11/18Band Wm Bellie in Nethertoun of Melgund - Margaret Crammond of W Balnabriche
5671622/11/18Band Ja Fentoun in Meikill Coull, Geo Croill in Drumnaharik - Ja Fenton of Nether Balgilie
567Band Ja Lindsay in Over Kimattie, Wm Dick there, Wm Thomson there, Ja Gray there, John Low there, John Brechin there, Da Curror there, Wm Curror there - Da Lindsay of Balgawyes
5711622/11/21Band Ja Irving of Reidmyr - Wm Taylor at Qveith Kirk
5721622/11/21Band John Guthrie in Littell Mylne - Ja Rynd burg Forfar
5731622/11/22Band Geo Wallantyne in Pitgarley - Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
5741622/11/22Band John Wallantyne in Hwnche Heid of Thorntoun - Sir Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
5751622/11/23Renunciation Rot Carnegie of Leuchland
575Band And Annand port of Dickmontlaw, Ja Wannand in Dickmontlaw - Sir John Carnegie of Eathi
5761622/11/24Band John Wannand in Dickmontlaw - Sir John Carnegie of Eathie
5771622/11/25Band Th Lyell of Murthell, Ja Dewquhar in Hanche of Fineven, John Gibsone in Balgillie - John Wuidruone merch cit Brechin
5781622/11/25Band John Henrie yr in Keremuir - John Wallantyne burg Montrose
578Band Alex Irnis brabiner in Aethmeithie, Marg Dorward his sp - Alex Peter merch burg Arbroath
5791622/11/25Band Da Steven in Conan, umqll John Williame in Guynd, Isobell Auchinlek his relict - Alex Peter merch burg Arbroath
5801622/11/25Band Th Duncan in Auld Montrose, And Duncan there, John Dures in Bonytoun - Walter Jamesone burg Montrose
5811622/11/25Band John Luke in Carden - Beatrixe Meissr relict to umqll John Neill merch burg Dundee, Wm Donaldsone port of Beichil Hill her sp
581Band Henry Richard in N Tarrie, John Queitlaw burg Arbroath, Wm Alschinder, Wm Anderson taylor burg Arbroath, Pa Low, Ja Thomson yr burg Arbroath, Geo Haillis, John Ouchterlony burg Arbroath, Catherine Pearson, Alex Huntar - Mr Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
5831622/11/25Band Wm Fullartoun in Myrdyk of Newtoun, John Renny yr cordiner burg Arbroath, Geo Meikson in Newbigging, Alex Lowrance - Mr Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
5841622/11/25Band Th Guthrie in Auchmuthie - Mr Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
5851622/11/25Band John Keny baxter burg Arbroath, Wm Burhame - Mr Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
5861622/11/25Band Mr Ja Meikesone in Newbigging, Th Wuidram in Littill Carcare - Mr Geo Aikamn baillie Arbroath
5871622/11/25Band John Keny baxter burg Arbroath - Mr Alex/Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
587Band John Donaldsone at Meikill Lour Mylne - Mr Geo Aikman baillie Arbroath
587Band Ja Fentoun in Meikill Coull - Alex Guthrie maltman cit Brechin
5881622/11/27Band John Wallantyne in Hanche Heid of Thorntoun - Rot Middeltoun of Caldhame
5891622/11/28Band Alex Ogilvy of Glencalie, John Cumming yr of Carsbank - Wm Bellie at Melgund Mylne
5901622/11/28Band John Archibald in Pendriche - Nicoll Wright cit Brechin
590Band John Wood in Kenneres, John Stevenson of Braktullis - Mr Ja Philip schoolmaster Arbroath, Marg Aikman his sp
5911622/11/30Band And Barclay in Blacokmuir - Mr Alex taylor at Conveithe Kirk
5921622/11/30Band John Hampton at Convethe Kirk - Mr Alex Taylor at Convethe Kirk
5931622/12/1Band John Greig eld in Auchquliandlaiy, John Greig yr his son now in Gioclet?, Da Bellie eld cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony notar cit Brechin
5941622/12/2Band Wm Cuthbert in W Cotton, Isobell Craik his sp, Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykis - Rot Rollok cit Brechin
594Band Geo Ogilvy in Kilburne, Rot Fyiff in Colzeanie, Alex Loky in Dykheid, John Broune in Dykheid, John Wobster in Colzeanie - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
5951622/12/2Band Wm Blak in Correllhill Mylne, John Watt in Murtoun, John Craik in Quhytforret - Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin
5961622/12/2Band Geo Watt in Kindrochit, Th Watt indweller in Caldhamne Mylne his brother - And Cob cordiner in Mekill Mylne of Brechin
596Band Wm Cob at Brigend in Buttergill - And Cob cordiner in Mekill Mylne of Brechin
5971622/12/2Band Alex Johnstone in Vaine, Ja Johnstone in Boiggie Schalloe his father - Alex Duncan in Lichtine
5981622/12/2Band Ja Johnston on Bogischallow - Alex Duncan in Lichtine
598Band Da Archiblad in Balzordie, John Man person of Menmuir? - Th Lyell in Dalgatie
5991622/12/3Band Wm Ouchterlony of Cairne, William Adama, Pa Pyot in Mylndens, Paul Symmer son to Geo Symmer apperand of Balzordie - Th Oliphant in Mursyd of Tullois
6001622/12/4Band Mr Ja Lichtoun minister Inschbrayok - Christian Arbuthnot relict & exer to umqll Mr And Strachan parson of Dwne
6011622/12/4Band Alex Findlow at Insche of Eisclune? - Wm Michell at Aurnhall Mylne
601Band Da Blewhous in Ballaquhy. - Th Blewhous in Fordds
6021622/12/6Band Th Hill in Balneillie - Th Blewhous in Fordes
6031622/12/9Band Wm Robertsone merch burg Montrose - John Gryme merch burg Montrose
6041622/12/9Band Wm Coupper in Ferrddene - Richard Nauchtie in Brodland of Scotsitoun
604Band Ja Stratton of Drumcairne, Mr Laurence Skynner minister Nawer - Ja Chisholme servitor to Da Lindsay of Edzell
6051622/12/9Band John Cant, Wm Huntar in Forfar, John Ouchterlony in Murroes - Wm Lyon cit Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
6061622/12/9Band Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis, Rot Rollok yr cit Brecin - Wm Lyon cit Brechin, Nicolas Guthrie his sp
6071622/12/9Band Rot Mortimer at Finneven Mylne, And Gray of Aikinheit, Mr Geo Symmer minister Ferne - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
607Band Mr Geo Lyon in Inschewane, Wm Glendy there, John Symmer in Fermertoun, Pa Lyon maltman Brechin - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
6081622/12/9Band Wm Huntar balllie Forfar, Geo Browne in Restennet - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
608Band Th Gibsone on Over Balgillie, John Gibsone there, John Watt in Murtone - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
6091622/12/9Band Rot Cowie cit Brechin - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
609Band John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony cit Brechin
6101622/12/14Band George Malder port of Ardow - Agnes Jamesone relict to umqll John Ouchterlony cit Brechin
610Band Da Ramsay notar burg Forfar - Charles Smythe in Margie
6111622/12/17Band Richard Fenton in Glenley - Th Liddell in Drumniathie, Alex Bellie cit Brechin
6121622/12/17Band Wm Cuthbert in W Cotton, Isobell Craik his sp - Alex Bellie cit Brechin
612Band Alex Ogilvy of Glencalie, And Ogilvy of Collow, Pa Ogilvy of Bendthie - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6131622/12/20Band John Quhyt aquavitie man cit Brechin, John Quhyt pewderer, Walter Boak cordiner cit Brechin - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno
6151622/12/23Band Alex Fairwedder in Baldawie - John Speid of Achdowie
615Band John Bellie in Baldardie - John Speid of Achdowie
616Renunciation Marg countess of Crawford, umqll Harry last Earl of Crawford her sp - Adam Rea burg Edinburgh
6171622/12/27Band John Lindsay in Balfour, John Lindsay notar in Wodray, Henry Fairwedder now in Haltoun of Menmuir - Agnes Jamesone relict to umqll John Ouchterlony cit Brechin, John Ouchterlony notar her son
6181622/12/27Band John Croill in Kethik, John Murray in Kethik, Geo Richart there, John Oudny of Kethik - Pa Blair of Lichtonhill
6191622/12/28Renunciation Marie Beaton relict to umqll Wm Petrie eld burg Montrose - John Mylne bower burg Montrose
6201622/12/30Band Geo Watsone in Garlat, John Strachan in Carcare?, Pa Stewart in Symmer Hill - Ja Ramsay in Tannaxsmyir
6211622/12/30Band Rot Bell in Dubtone, John Croill in Kethik - Rot Walker brabiner cit Brechin
6221622/12/30Band Da Chryistisone cit Brechin, Rot Barnet in Gleslat - Ja Scrymgeour in Lahaquhadlie
6231622/12/30Band John Hendie yr in Kerremuir - Ja Scrymgeour port of Balquadlie
623Band John Gibsone in Meikillallie - Ja Scrymgeour of Balquadlie
6241622/12/31Band Ja Scot in W Balnabriche, John David there, Margaret Cramond relict to umqll captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin - Hercules Taylor of Borrowfeild
6251623/1/2Band Alex Daikeris at Kynnard Mylne, John Daikeris in Mains of Auldbar, Wm Daikeris there - Da Watt cit Brechin
6261623/1/2Band Ja Sympsone in Fannow - Da Watt cit Brechin
6271623/1/2Band Testament Da Guthrie merch burg Montrose - Agnes Lichtoun exer to umqll Wm Ramsay provost Montrose
627Band Wm Patton in Cotton of Arnott - Ja Scot in Caldcottis
6281632/1/3Band John Kar in Pentoscall - Th Greig servitor to Geo Neische maltman cit Brechin
628Band John Low yr in Stracathrow - Th Strachan in Balnamone
6291632/1/3Band Catherine Malden relict to umqll Wm Peat in Stracthrow, John Low in Stracthrow - Th Strachan in Balnamone
629Band Alex Mackankuell merch burg Montrose, Wm Robertsone merch burg Montrose - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
6301623/1/6Band Ja Clerk merch Stainhaist - Ja Scot merch burg Montrose
6311623/1/8Band Alex Weddell in Tullok, Ja Low there, Th Rossie in Kennereis - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6321623/1/8Band Th Lyell of Mwrthill, Da Lyon, Ja Fenton, Ja Duquhar - Rot Rollok eld
6331623/1/30Band John Ferrear lister cit Brechin - John Wuidrome
6341623/1/8Band Ja Johnstone in Glastane, Alex Johnstone his son, Wm Fyiff in Buttergill - Geo Wright notar Brechin
6351623/1/13Band Da Cleatton in Nebar - John Watson in Perstfeild
6361623/1/13Band And Wobster in Lytill Coull, John Ramsay - Ja Lin in Caiestoun
636Band Alex Anderson skipper burg Montrose, And Gray merch burg Montrose - John Broun burg Montrose
6371623/1/20Band John Sturrok In Achterforfar, Alex Sturrok in Crache Mylne his brother - Da Arbuthnot of Auchterforfar
6381623/1/20Band Catherine Low relict to umqll Ja Break in the Strathe beside Drumheid - Alex Croill cordiner in Thirnehill of Balbegow
638Band Jonet Smyth in Vedsche?, And Gryme his son - Alex Michell at Arnhall Mylne
6391623/1/23Renunciation Catherine Taylor sp to Th Lyell in Dagatie, John Guild of Lytill Futhe Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp
6401623/1/25Band Testament Alex Carnegie of Drumgraine - Agnes Noray relict & exer to umqll Da Carnegie of Drumgraine
6411623/1/29Band John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin - Wm Nauchtie in Leidsyd of Kethik
6421623/1/29Band Walter Moir, Da Elsplen, Th Proctor, Da Dovne all in ?.. of Dryme - Da Bellie merch cit Brechin
6431623/2/3Band Mr John Pygott minister Lethnot - John? Wuidrome merch burg? Brechin
643Band Testament Da Rollok skipper burg Dundee - Alex Copping mariner burg Dundee, Wm Copping mariner burg Dundee exer to umqll ?.. Copping mariner burg Dundee their father
6441623/2/4Band Alex Shipherd in Grang of Innerkeillor - John Smart in Kirktowne of Innerkeillor, umqll Marie Mylne his sp, Ja Smart their son
644Band Pa Sampsone in Glenqueich, Richard Cant at Kimaltie Mylne - Th Ramsay servitor to ?. Ogilvy of Glenqueich
6451623/2/11Band John Daikers in S Melgund, Alex Daikers in Haich of Brechin, Wm Daikers in Kindrochet his brothers - John Ouchterlony notar Brechin
6461623/2/11Band John Humble flescher cit brechin, And Croill bronster cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony notar citiner Brechin
6471623/2/11Band Da Archibald in Balzordie - John Edzeir in Balconme
647Band Gabriel Guthrie at Halkartoun ?.. Brother to Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun, Alex Guthrie maltman cit Brechin, Th Skair in Littell Markcud - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
6481623/2/14Band Wm Austeane in ??.. - Kirstane Austeane his sister
648Band John Hendrie eld in Keremuir, Mr Alex Kinnymont minister Kirremuir - Bessie Lindsay relict to umqll Mr Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar, Rot Lindsay her brother
650Band Marg Wobster relict to umqll Ja Watt in Kindrocket, Geo Watt her son - Th Liddell maltman cit Brechin
650Band Geo Watt in Kindrocket, Ja Watt in Bluberhill - Th Liddell baillie cit Brechin, children of umqll Da Schewan merch burg Dundee
6511623/2/18Band John Archibald in Pendriche - Jonet & Marg Cudbart dtrs to umqll John Cudbart sometime in Brathinsche, Da Wallis in Auchnacaret
6521623/2/20Band Alex Strachan of Brigtoun, John Mylne burg Forfar - John Strachan in Cotton of Thorntoun
6531623/2/21Band Wm Adamsone in Cult? Of Glennoy - Th Hendersone somtime in Auldbar now in Brechin
6541623/2/22Band Alex Wat quheill vrich? cit Brechin - Geo Skynner cit Brechin
654Band Charles Murray baxter burg Montrose, And Murray indweller Montrose, Wm Hill burg Montrose - Da Dick merch burg Montrose
655Band Ja Coktip in Courtfourd, Janet Davidson his sp - Th Liddell baillie cit Brechin
656Band Ja Millar in Pitpullo, Wm Millar his son - Th Liddell cit Brechin
657Band John Ferrar lister cit Brechin - Th Liddell baillie cit Brechin - John Schewan son to umqll Da Schewan merch burg Dundee
6581623/2/25Band Ja Arrot in Nether Petf?., Marg Arrot his sister relict to umqll Blak in Scomaquhie - Wm Pringle in Over Pitforthie
658Band Catherine Taylor dtr to umqll John Taylor cit Brechin now sp to Th Lyell in Dagatie - Rot Speid maltman cit Brechin -
6591623/3/3Band John Arnot in Waschewin? - Wm Futhe in Bruntoun
6601623/3/8Band Ja Dewquhar in Barneyards, Da Dewquhar of that ilk - And Reid in Tonkis?
6611623/3/10Band Alex Shiphird at Mariekirk, Alex Fullartoun of Law - Rot Lokkart in Fettercarne
661Band Wm Couttis in the Strathe, Wm Couttis his son - John Andersone in Drumheid
6621623/3/10Band Ja Findlow in Burnsyd of Cragnestoun - John Anderson in Drumheid, Anna Hantoun his sp
6631623/2/11Band Da Anderson in Blakhillis of Carmyllie - Alex? Sturrok in Blakhillis of Carmyllie
663Renunciation Marg Erskine sp to Mr Da Erskine in Montrose, umqll Th Erskine of Quhytfeild & his 2 dtrs, curators Ja Levingstone of Quhytfeild brother to Da Livingstone of Donapace, isobell Fraser sp to Ja L of Q
6651623/3/12Renunciation Marie Erskine dtr and air to umqll Th Erskine of Qhytfeild & noqw sp to And Gray burg Montrose, Isobell Frser her mother?
6671623/3/14Band Jhon Duries meilmaker cit Brechin, Hugh? Duries meilmaker cit Brechin - Alex Bellie skynner cit Brechin
6681623/3/17Band Wm Nevay in Cutlehaith - Ja Cant at Kinnaltye Mylne
668Band Th Newtoun in Langbank - Ja Watsone in Kinquhillie
6691623/3/17Band Ja Findlo in Kuileis - Th Croill taylor in Fettercarne
6701623/3/18Band Testament Th Huntar writer Dundee - Mr Wm Huntar exer to umqll Da Huntar of Balgry burg Dundee his father
670Band Testament Alex Anderson merch? burg Dundee - Rot, Grand?, Grissell, Marg & Helen Hamilton children to umqll Rot Hamilton merch burg Dundee
6711623/3/23Band Walter Cairncross in Nether Bew - Wm Graham burg Montrose
6721623/3/24Band John Smythe in Glascaririe - John Souttar in Funalthye
672Band John Stratton in Mekill Carcairie - Ja Watson in Garlot
6731623/3/24Marriage contract John Sutar in Fumath - Charles Smyth in Mergie, Isobell Smyth his dtr
6751623/3/30Band Da Chrystison cit Brechin - And Lyon
6761623/3/30Band Alex Thomson maltman burg Montrose - And Gray in North Bank of Morphie
677Marriage contract Decret Charles Drimie in ?.. - John, Marg & Agnes Gorme exer to umqll Agnes Stratton relict to umqll Jhon Gorme in Peit, Th Low now her sp, Isobell Gorme their dtr
6781623/4/7Band Alex Skair in Murhillok, Th Skair in Littell Mercus? - Wm Carnegie in Mains? Of Murthell
6801623/4/8Band Alex Lyell of Balmaleiddie, Wm Lundy in Lungair, Th Lyell in Dalgatie, Wm Fyiff in Buttergill, Wm Brabiner merch Fettercarne, Ja Ramsay of Arbeikie - Ja Dempster eld cit Brechin
6821623/4/12Band John Cumming yr fear of Carsbank, John Cumming eld of Carsbank - And Lyon cit Brechin
6831623/4/14Band Wm Scot in Gowanheidip of Farnelbell? - Th Ferreair in Mains of Farnelbell
683Band Testament Ja Kyd merch? burg Dundee - Bessie Bernay relict & exer to umqll John Brabiner burg Dundee
6841623/4/21Band John Schewan notar cit Brechin - John Lindsay in Balfour
6851623/4/25Band John Anderson in Cairne - Th Bowak in Murhouse
685Band Alex Erskine of Dune - umqll Mr And Strachan parson of Dune, Christian Arbuthnot his sp - ?. Petrie relict to umqll ?. Beyton burg Montrose
6861623/4/28Band John Rollok at Brigton Mylne - Alex Strang merch? Burg Forfar
6871623/4/30Band Th Lyell of Murthill, Nicoll Cairncross of Balmessennor, Th Annand of Persie, Ja Lyell in Plerifedden brother to sd Th L - John Stratton fear of that ilk
6891623/4/30Band Th Lyell of Murthill, Nicoll Cairncross of Balmaschanar, John Ogilvy of Balnagarok, John Ogilvy his eld son - John Stratton fear of that ilk, Lindsay
6921623/4/30Band Da Bell in Quarralhill, John Bell his son, Wm Millar in Barrie, Da Wilkie all in Quarralhill - John Lindsay in Balfour
6931623/4/30Band Lilleus Ruthven relict to umqll Da Lindsay of Corrilhill, John Will there, Geo Fyff there, John Bell there - John Lindsay in Balfour
6941623/5/2Band John Donaldson merch cit Brechin, Rot Cowis cit Brechin, Rot Wobster merch Brechin - Alex Wat wright cit Brechin
6951623/5/5Discharge Mr Da Lindsay of Pitskandlie - Da Lord Carnegie, John Lichtoun son & air to umqll Rot Lichtoune of Ullisheven, John Willesone of Newmansailly, Pa Lichtone burg Montrose
6961623/5/5Marriage contract John Scot brabiner Meikill Mylne of Brechin, And Scot his son - Marg Mair relict to umqll John Robertson indweller Brechin, Jonet Robertson his dtr
6971623/5/7Band Geo Portar in Kinnardie, John Portar in Louchunlme? - Ja Spairk in Inrichtie
697Band Testament Mr Gilbert Auchinlek port of Dunsyud - Ja Rankeuis only child & exer to umqll John Ranken mariner burg Dundee
6981623/5/14Band Mr John Levingstone fear of Cauldra.. - Th Findlasone in Nathrow
6991623/5/14Band Da Smyth in Kinblathmont - Hugh Lewss in Ballisoik
699Band Th Bellie cordiner cit Brechin - Alex Bellie skynner Brechin
7001623/5/15Band Th Gray of Wodende - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
700Band Ja Adame in Nether Balgillo, Ja fenton, Alex Walker - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
7011623/5/15Band Ja Gudlait port of Straybroik - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
7021623/5/15Band John Cant in Birkinbusche, Rot Carnegie of Lowchland - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
702Band Ja Fenton in Meikle Coull of Tannadice, Th Gibsone in Buydlie of Tannadice - Wm Lyon cit Brechin
7031623/5/17Renunciation Agnes Paycok dtr to umqll Alex Paycok burg Dundee, Ja Scot her sp - umqll And Donaldson eld cordiner Dundee
7041623/5/19Band Da Beaton of Carsgownie, John Collace yr fear of Bonn?.., Da Barclay of W Auchleuchrie - Da Bellie yr cit Brechin
7051623/5/23Band Gilbert Gray of Mylntoun of Schewes - Walter Gardyne eld son to umqll Mr Gilbert? Gardyne of Bothe - umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie
7061623/5/25Band Test Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose - Ja, Marg & Catherine Scot exer to umqll Marg Robertsone sp to Ja Scot yr burg Montrose
706Band Caut Sir Ja Crichton of Ruthvene?, Pa Lichton burg Montrose, Mr Da Lindsay yr, Ja Gardine of Pressok - Mr Laurence Skynner minister Dillope
7071623/5/29Band Ja Milne in Holmilne of Rossie - Alex hendrie in Hill of Balvyillo
7081623/5/29Band John Robertson in Rossie, Th Robertson his brother - Alex hendrie in Cotton of Balvyello
708Band John Gibsone, Da Cole, John Smyth - Alex Hendrie in Hill of Balvyllo
7091623/5/31Band John Bruite in Raw of Balmennebe - Alex Wischart in Buloneane
7101623/6/2Band Richard Tullow in Newbigging - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
710Band And Robertson in Fernall, Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin - Sir John Carnegie of Eathie
7111623/6/7Band And Gray of Dynnenald, John Leslie in Nearis of Dynnenald, John Wyllie there - Th Jamesone cordiner burg Montrose, Lichtone
7121623/6/7Band John Low in Burnet - Alex Michell at Arrehall Mylne
7131623/6/9Band John Mathie in Blairfedden, Jonet Guld his sp, Ja Gibsone in Blairfedden, Isobell Strachan his sp, Alex Taylor, Isobell Guld his sp - Harry Lindsay of Blairfedden
7141623/6/9Band John Mathie in Caldham?, John Bowman in Kirremuir - Harry Lindsay of Blairfedden
7151623/6/9Band Geo Galloway in Carsgownie, John Schild there - John Bellie in Baldardie, Alex Fairwedder there
7161623/6/11Band Da Rossie of that ilk - Paul Synder in Bellie Hill, Symer, Wobster
716Band John Chepman son to umqll Richard Chepman cit Brechin - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
7171623/6/12Band John Bellie in Littell Lour, Rot Adame cordiner cit Brechin - Geo Wright notar Brechin
717Marriage contract John Douglas yr eld son to John Douglas eld of Tillequhillie - Da Barclay of Matheris, ... Barclay his dtr
7181623/6/17Band Wm Austeane at Mylne of Bairqit? - Ja Falconar troutter?
7191623/6/18Band Ja Makie baxter burg Dundee, Alex Makie skipper burg Dundee - And Creall chirgrgiane burg Dundee
720Band Da Bellie now in S Melgund, Wm Bellie in Mylntoun of Melgund his brother - Da & Alex Bellie sons to Th Bellie in Baldardie brother to Da B in S Melgund
7211623/6/20Band Marie Erskine one of 2 dtr airs to umqll Th Erskine of Quhytfeild, And Gray burg Montrose now her sp, Isobell Fraser? her mother - Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild
7221623/6/21Renunciation Isobell Fraser sp to Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild dtr to umqll Mr Paul Fraser chantor of Brechin & Barbara Liddell his sp - John Symer of Brathinge, umqll John Symer of Brathinge & Catherine Strachan his sp
7241623/6/24Band John Leithe cit Brechin - Rot Cowy cit Brechin
7251623/6/26Band Ja Watsone at Mikle Mylne of Brechin, John Gynd in Penriche - Alex Bellie merch? & skynder Brechin
7261623/6/28Band Wm Gryme merch? burg Montrose - Pa Blair of Lichtonhill
726Band Alex Strachan sometime of Brigtone - Rot Fentone cit Brechin
7271623/6/29Band Testament Wm Forbes alias Saidler cordiner burg Dundee - Grisell Spalding relict & exer to umqll Wm Forbes alias Sadler cordiner burg Dundee
7281623/7/4Band Richard Fenton in Glenlay - Alex Bellie merch cit Brechin
728Band Geo Mader in Ardo - Alex Bellie
7291623/7/5Band John Cumming of Carsbank - Alex Strange merch burg Forfar
729Band Th Rea son to umqll Mr Th Rea minister St Vigeans - Ja Rea brother to Th R yr
7311623/7/5Band Th Lyell baillie cit Brechin - Rot Rollok cit Brechin
731Band John Loussone of Ballunyie, And Loussone his eld son - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok Dtr to Rot eld & Th Ogilvy her sp
7341623/7/7Band Rot Beattie merch burg Montrose - Ja Scot burg Montrose
734Band Da Rossie of that ilk - Ja Guthrie of Pitforthie
7351623/7/8Band Alex Bellie skynner cit Brechin - Ja Humble flescher cit Brechin
735Band John Loussone of Ballewnye, And Loussone his son - Mathew Wod? in Dillidis
7361623/7/11Band Ja Guthrie maltman Arbroath - Th ???. in Bawland, Isobell Graland his sp
7371623/7/14Band Alex Strachan sometime of Brigtone - Ja Lyon of E Ogiluie
7381623/7/14Band Alex Strachan of Brigton - Ja Lyon of E Ogillie
738Band Mr Geo Forrestar in Bantoune - John Forrestar exer to umqll Anna Broune sp to John Forrestar of Dayhous
7391623/7/28Band John Wat yr taylor cit Brechin, Th Wat in Mylnlands of Caldhame - Ja Wat reider Brechin
739Contract Geo Wischart eld of Drymme - John Low sometime in Peirt, Jonet Elsone his sp
7411623/7/29Band Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin, Alex Cramond in Damsyd of Balglassie - Th Michell yr in Poltqill of Kynnard
7421623/8/7Band John Cudbert burg Forfar - Christopher Dickson yr burg Forfar
7431623/8/7Band Alex Wod in Ullishevin - Walter Petrie indweller Montrose
743Band Alex Strachan sometime of Brigton now in Balduiekie, John Symer of Brathinche, John Cant at Kimaltie Mylne - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
7461623/8/7Henry Futhe of Ballindoche, Isobell Futhe his sister relict to umqll Wm Guthrie sometime of Kingennie, Ja Guthrie of Over Pitforthe his son - Ja Mylne now in Ponditowne? & Jean Lambe his sp, Ja Mylne in Bonitoun, John Mylne at BalmwieFithie of Bandoch; for Isobell read Elizabeth/Bessie
7491623/8/9Band Testament And Kirkcaldie in Fearnes in Fyfe - Elizabeth alias Bessie Lochmalony relict & exer to umql Alex Kirkcaldie burg Dundee
7501623/8/11Band John Lindsay in Kirktoun of Cloway - Ja Scrimgeour in Balquadlie
7511623/8/13Band Ja Lowper at Bollischeane New Mylne - And Thomson at Meikil Mylne of Brechin
751Band Hugh Duro cit Brechin - John Dundas in Dubtoun
7521623/8/13Band Alex Wollame in E Balnabrichte, And Dais in Craigend - Geo Skynner cit Brechin
7531623/8/13Band Da Archibald in Glenossok, Alex carnegie maltman cit Brechin - Geo Skynner cit Brechin, Isobell Skynner his dtr
7541623/8/7Band Jonet Mudie in Getsyd of Kincraif, Wm Lyell her son - John Henrysone baxter cit Brechin, Helen Kirk his sp
755Band Wm Spente in Kincraige - John Henrysone baxter cit Brechin
7561623/8/7Band John Duncan eld wobster cit Brechin - John Henrysone baxter xit Brechin
7571623/8/7Band John Milne in Mikle Futhie, Ja Taylor in E Futhe - John Henrysone baxter cit Brechin
7581623/8/7Band Ja Gardiner maltman cit Brechin - John Henrysone baxter cit Brechin
7591623/8/7Band John Henrysone flescher cit Brechin - John Henrysone baxter cit Brechin
7601623/8/20Band Testament Pa Davidsone burg Dundee - John Ramsay merch burg Dundee, Jonet, Isobell Grissell, Marg & Catherine Davidsone exer to umqll Rot Davidsone, umqll Wm Davidsone merch burg Dundee
7611623/8/20Contract Isobell Hamilton sp to James Lord Ogilvy of Airlie - Da Master of Carnegie eld son to Da Lord Carnegie of Kinnaird
762Band Da Rossie of that ilk - John Collace fear of Balnamone, Wm Lyon cit Brechin
7641623/9/1Band Rot Mortimer at Fynneven Mylne, John Lindsay in Aikinhait, John Cant in Birkinbuss, And Mortimer in Kingseat - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
7651623/9/1Band Ja Scot in W Balnabiche - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin, John Ouchterlony notar Brechin his assignees
7661623/9/1Band John Daud in W Balnabriche - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin
766Band John Lunnane in Pendricht - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin
7671623/9/1Band Alex Daikery in Brathinch, John Daikery in Auldbair - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin
7681623/9/1Band And Allane in New Thorntoun, John Allane his son, Th Allane in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - Charles Dempster skynner cit Brechin
7691623/9/1Band John Ramsay in Mursyd of Aichdowie - John Speid of AichdowieArdovie
7701623/9/1Band Ja Forfar eld in Westmistoune, Ja Forfar yr there - Ja Strachan son to umqll Ja Strachan in Westmistoune & son in law to Ja Forfar eld
7711623/9/1Band Th Low in Bogtone, Ja Burne in Auldtoun, Ja Ross, John Burne - Alex Beattie in Gallowen?, Isobell Diroch his sp
7721623/9/3Band Jonet Kinnimonth alias Lour relict to umqll Da Beltie in Balnabriche - Alex Jonkin in Balgossie
772Band John Mores in Balnabriche, Elspet Bell his sp, John Mores their son - Marg Cramond of W Balnabriche
7741623/9/3Band Ja Scot in Balnabriche, Christiane Barclay his sp - Marg Cramond of Balnabriche

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