Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/5: Register of Deeds, etc., 2 Jan 1615 to 9 Feb 1618

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/5 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own and it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes and sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: cit [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


PageDateType of deedPartyPartyNotes
11615/1/2Band Da Watsone, Geo Watsone his brotherAlex Arnot in Scotstoun
21615/1/6Band Da Strange burg Forfar, Grissell Kyndimont his sp Da Lindsay eld cit Brechin
3Band Wm Strachan in Mains of ThorntounWalter Forfar in Thornehill
3Band John Smythe in FettercarneWm Pratt in Burnsyd of Fettercarne
41615/1/31Band Da Smyth in KinblathmontDa Rynd maltman burg Arbroath
4Band Da Wod in BayllowTh Mylne in Logie MontroseBalwyllo
51615/2/7Band Geo Couttis in Ogill Mylne, Ja Couttis in CourtfurdRot Vobster in Kindrochit
6Band Ja Davidsone cit BrechinJohn Schewan notar cit Brechin, John Duncan
6Band And Dysart in AuchmutheJohn Watsone maltman burg ArbroathAuchmithie
71615/4/3Band Violet Vaiddie in Drumheidre, Alex Michell in BogmuirRot Lokkart in Fettercarne
81615/4/3Band Jonet Williamsone sp to And BaldowJohn Murray maltman burg Montrose
91615/4/3Band Alex Geillie in CaldsteaneAnd Wischart brother to Alex Wischart taylor in Balman
101615/4/18Band Wm Wod in Maritoun, And Duncan in Auld MontroseHenry Futhe maltman cit Brechin, Alex Bellie in Brechin, Da Bellie
111615/4/28Band Rot Greige in Pottarhill of Kinnard, Marg Hunhon his spDa Hunhon in Mekill Carcares - John Ramsay maltman cit Brechin
11Band Wm Butchart at Kincreiche MylneMarg Crammond relict to umqll captain Alex Ramsay
121615/5/7Band Mr Geo Ouchterlony minister CarmyllieChristian Chalmer relict to umqll Rot Gall burg Montrose
131615/5/31Band John Reid port of Ardow, Isobell Ogilvy his spJa Findlo in Scragwall
13Band Alex Clark in CraigGeo Thomson Servitor to Mr Rot Nairne advocat
141615/6/5Band Th Robertson in Glascow, Mr Alex Puros in BallocheTh Jameson maltman burg Montrose
151615/6/7Band Wm Michell skynner cit BrechinJohn Henderson baxter cit Brechin
161615/6/8Band Da Duncanson cit BrechinTh Fains Cit Brechin
16Band Th Collace sometime in Mylndems now in BrechinHenry Futhe maltman cit Brechin
171615/6/9Band Alex Ogstoun in FettercarneJohn Lindsay in Glennessack, Da Lindsay his brother
18Band Th Duncan baxter cit Brechin, Bessie Ramsay his spDa Brokhous baxter cit Brechin
191615/6/21Band Richard Tullow in InschegrayAlex Burnet in Achkarne, And Maysone at Cragnestoun Mylne
201615/6/22Band Da Smythe in Fordes of Dwne, Ja Robertson burg MontroseJa Collace cit BrechinFordhouse of Dun
211615/6/26Band Th Hill in Leuchlands, Da Hill in ArrotTh Jamesone burg Montrose
221615/6/28Band And Wyiss eld & John Wyiss both vodstens in PitarlocheJohn Williamsone merch burg Montrosewobsters?
231615/6/29Band Th Hill in Leuchlands, Da Hill in Arrot his brotherJohn Stevenson port of E Drummes
24Band Alex Jame in GallowhillokWm Huntar in Nether Crigestoun
251615/7/1Band Th Hill at Balbirne MylneRot Dempster son to Da Dempster cit Brechin
261615/7/1Band John Greige in AuchquhandtounDa Dempster skynner cit Brechin
271615/7/5Band John Austeane at Thorntoun Mylne, John Barclay in Balmano, Wm Austeane at Barnis MylneDa Strachan in Burgartoun
281615/7/10Band Ja Wod in NewbiggingAlex Tindall, Jean Nakcar his sp
291615/7/10Band Alex Ogstoun in FettercarneAlex Croill in Fettercarne
301615/7/12Band Da Lindsay of Corralhill, Christopher Lindsay in Vardend of Corralhill, John Huichony in CorralhillDa Steven in Carsbank, Elizabeth Lockie servitor to Christian Lockie in Lethnot
31Band Da Croill cordiner cit Brechin, John Guthrie cordiner cit BrechinMarg Wright sp to Wm Caleis flescher cit Brechin
321615/7/24Band Th Malder in KeremuirWm Suttie in Cowfurd
331615/7/26Band John Burnet in Auchk?.., John Jack, And ReaRichard Tullow in Inchegray
341615/7/27Band Th Hill at Balbir? MylneJa Smythe baxter cit Brechin
35Band Alex Falconer sometime in Cuwack now in BalfeicheJa Ramsay son to Mr Th Ramsay commssar clerk Brechin
361615/7/29Band Wm Middeltoun in ReidhenlyAdam Strachan in Hedrahench
37Band John Michell in Nether PetforthieJohn Stevenson, Elspet Dikkie his sp, John Langlands yr bonnatmaker
381615/9/8Band John Mortimer in Parkfurd, And Mortimer in Blakdykes his brotherMarg Crammond relict to umqll captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin
39Band Ja Greig & John Ker in PentostallJohn Watson millar at Kincardine Mylne
411615/10/2Band John Kynneir in ColmelieRichard Wobster at Fettercarne Mylne
41Band Wm Millar in Fettercarne, Walter Findlo in Styill of Breidgeit at the toun of FettercarneJa Wod in Fettercarne
431615/10/2Band Th Lyell cit BrechinWalter Scot cit Brechin
43Band Th Low in Thornihill, Wm LowWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
441615/10/2Band Wm Law at Marie KirkWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
451615/10/9Band Henry Richart in ConansytheJa Esplen in Newtoun
46161510/11Band Da Smythe in Fordes of DwneJohn Patersone merch cit BrechinFordhouse of Dun
46Band John Sufwright in Caldcatis, Ja Collace in BrechinHercules Car in ??.
471615/10/23Band John Kirk in Lonheid of FettercarneWm Pratt in Burnsyd of Fettercarne?
481615/10/25Band John Duncan baxter cit Brechin, John Taylor baxter cit BrechinJa Davidson cit Brechin
48Band Ja Glendy in Langbank, Pa Glendy there, John HowieJohn Neische in E Balnabriche
501615/10/26Band Ja Dewquhar in BabingJa Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy
511615/10/27Band Henry Futhie maltman cit BrechinJohn Jamesone in Connallis Murd?
521615/11/2Band Wm Junkin in PolglassieJohn Watsone in Bellihill of Melgund
531615/11/6Band Da Wylie in Petnamorie Alex Tyndeill in Over Cragnestoun
541615/11/8Band Alex Cokburn in Nether BagfillieTh Murrisone at Tannadice Mylne
551615/11/10Band Grissell Thomson relict to umqll Ja Barclay chirurgeone cit BrechinJohn Windrome merch cit Brechin
561615/11/20Band Th Blowhous in Mains of Dwne, John Hill yr in Ballaellowd, Wm Hill his brotherMalcolm Walker merch burg Montrose
571615/11/24Band John Gordon in Brodland, John BurnetJa Pikeman in Kincardin
581615/11/24Band John Burnet in AchkarnieJa Pikeman in Kincardin
591615/11/27Band John Fettons in PetgaweAlex Jame in Gallowhillok
59Band John Hessnall eld in KerremuirJa Scrymgeour in E Kinquhirre
601615/11/27Band Th Cathrow in Cheppeltoun, Wm Daw cordiner KerremuirJa Scrymgeour in Kynquhire
611615/11/27Band Pa Chrichtoun in AchindoreJa Scrymgeour in Kynquhire
621615/11/27Band Wm Wod in Marytoun, Wm Leslie in Conansythe, Alex Carnegie in CraigeWm Wallantyne burg Montrose
631615/11/27Band Th Robertson in Glastano, Th Hill in Bavyllo, M..tus Renny burg MontroseWm Wallantyne in Montrose
641615/11/29Band Da Clark in Muirheid of MurthillJohn Petie in Quhytwalls
64Band John Fettons in PetgarvieJohn Mongomerie in Brigtoun
651615/12/4Band John Symmer in Balzordie, Da LindsayJa Fenton yr son to Ja Fenton eld sometime of Ogill
661615/12/4Band Da Lindsay of CorralhillJa Fenton yr son to Ja Fenton eld sometime of Ogill
671615/12/11Band Ja Smart merch cit BrechinHenry Smart notar burg Montrose
681615/12/12Band Alex Lindsay of Carne?Ja Scrymgeour in Baquhadlie
691615/12/12Band John Reid port of ArdoWm Michell in Stracathrow
701615/12/12Band Wm Cutbert in Courfurd, Geo Couty? in Muirsyd, John Birnie at Ferne New Mylne, Th Ramsay in Kirkden of FerneMr Geo Symmer minister Fern
721615/12/18Band Walter Erskine in KincraihAnd bishop of Brechin
731615/12/18Band John Ogilvy of BalnegarrowJean Spalding relict of umqll Inland? Guthrie in Forfar
741615/12/20Band Th Hog in AchmutheAnd Lamb in S Tarrie
751615/12/20Band Rot Mongomerie in HaltounMr Da Lindsay in Cheppeltoun
761615/12/21Band Da Steven in WatterstounTh Ramsay servitor to the Laird of Querche
76Band And Croill in Kincardin?And Gray in Styill of Bradpett
771615/12/28Band John Scrymgeour of BallinschoWm Brughe of Davidstoun
781616/1/1Contract Da Fraser of Haltoun of KynnellJohn Piter & And Gibson in Haltoun of Kynnell
811616/1/8Band Gilbert Murray mariner indweller Montrose, Henry Hantoun burg DundeeJohn Murray indweller Dundee
821616/1/20Band Ja Clark in Coull, Geo Lambe in CarfaiyieWalter Mureson in Tannadice
83Band And Quhytburne in WodrayGeo Galloway in Cargow, Christiane Inglis? his sp
84Band Wm Millar in FettercarneTh Gentilman in Fettercarne
851616/2/5Band Th Hill in Balloyillo, Th Robertson in GlastannoMalcolm Walker merch burg Montrose
86Band Wm Middiltoun in Reidheuche?Wm Lindsay in Hanstamuir?
87Band Geo Caldwalls in Nether Inschmadde, John Gray eld burg Montrose brother to And Gray of Kingorme, Rot Peddie at Inglismaldie Nether MylneWm Brabiner burg Montrose & remandge in Fettercarne
881616/2/7Band Th Wod in Cheppeltoun of Dulladie?John Smythe in Dulladie?
891616/2/14Band Ja Watt in Cleisfurd servitor to Da Earl of Crawford, Th Duncan at Wodend of Phimdtoun?Da Bellie eld cit Brechin
901616/2/20Band Wm Ruthven of Ballinden, Wm Ruthven his eld sonDa Bellie eld merch cit Brechin
911616/2/23Band Da Skair in Kirktoun of KirthokAnd Gowanes in Cotton of Burnsyd
921616/2/27Band Ja Hogstoun at Lownam MylneJohn Wallantyne in A..natstoune?
931616/2/27Band Mr Th Mongomerie minister Tigy?, John Arbuthnot maltman burg Montrose, Ja Mylne bowar burg MontroseWalter Jamesone burg Montrose
951616/2/27Band Ja Rait skynner cit BrechinDa Broun in Bratow
961616/2/28Band Geo Smythe in KilhillDa Lange in Newtoun
971616/2/29Band John Hind smyth in KethikRot Cramond his father in law
981616/3/4Band Marg Petie relict to umqll Wm Brokhous in Auld MontroseAlex Bellie skynner Brechin
98Band Wm Lyon in OrdieJohn Edzer in Balconnal
991616/3/9Band Ja Greige eld in Pentostall, John Greige his son thereJohn Dunkeson baxter cit Brechin
1001616/3/15Band Ja Brune vobster cit BrechinMagdalen Cudbert relict to umqll Walter Knox taylor cit Brechin
1011616/3/18Band Alex Young in Cottoun of Halekertoun, Marg Blair his sp, Christiane Auld sp to Christopher Dikesone burg ForfarArthur Skynd of Burnsyd, Wm Wobster
1021616/3/9Band Wm Craik in Over IncheAbraham Piggot notar in Keremuir
104Band Charles Murray in Nether PertJohn Murray of? Smyddehill
1051616/4/1Band Rot Mylne in FettercarneAnd Wischart of Mourtoun
105Band Ja Hodgtoun at Lwman Mylne, John Hodgtoun in Arma?John Mylne in Futhe
1061616/5/7Band Ja Gardiner in ArbirlotWm Renne servitor to Sir Wm Irving of Cuthlie
1071616/5/7Band Alex Allan in ArbirlotWm Renne servitor to Sir Wm Irving of Cuthlie
1081616/5/13Band Wm Millar in FettercarneWalter Forfar in Thornehill
108Band And Wuidrome in Litill FutheJa Wyllie in Mekil Futhe
1091616/5/20Band John Leiche cit Brechin, John Duncan baxter cit BrechinDa Lindsay yr cit Brechin
1101616/5/21Band Marg Wright relict to umqll Wm Colice flescher cit Brechin
1111616/5/21Band Ja Dempster in Craigend of Auldbar, Da Black in Hilheid of StamiocheGeo Wright notar in Brechin
111Band John Greige in Pentostall, Ja Greige there his fatherDa Ramsay yr messer Brechin
1121616/5/27Band Rot Gray at Ca..unestoun MylneDa Smythe now in Petleve
113Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in BalkenneGeo Campbell son to umqll Geo Campbell of Crow?
1141616/5/27Band Da Wod in BalbylloJohn Clark in Strathe
1151616/5/27Band Da Wod in BalbylloJohn Clark in Deanstrathe
115Band Th Jamesone flescher burg MontroseWm Drymme in Cleatton
1161616/5/28Band Da Beaton of Carsgownie, Alex Ogilvy of SchilhillTh Lyell in Balgatie cit Brechin
117Band John Sturrok in DraffinDonnall Gibson in Achterlony
1181616/5/29Band John Lousson in Schanfurd, Helen Heres his spTh Rea son to John Rea maltman Brechin
118Band John Michell in CoklawTh Rea son to John Rea maltman cit Brechin
119Band Wm Lousson in Bogtoun of BalhallTh Coup cit Brechin
1201616/6/5Band John Coull in GrenbrigesJohn Wod in Dunbarrow
120Band Mr Geo Ouchterlony minister CarmyllieWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
1211616/6/10Band Da Dog in HedderstakisAnd Huntar sometime provost Forfar
1221616/6/17Band John Erskine tutor & parson of Dwne, Pa Bruce in Loge MontroseRot Mylne in E Inglismaldie
122Band Ja Walker cord burg ForfarCatherine Portar dtr to Gavin Portar burg Forfar
1231616/6/19Band Alex Sympsone in Clokbugs, Alex Fairwedder in BaldardeAnna Stewart relict to umqll Da Fullartoun cit Brechin
1241616/6/20Band Da Brokhous baxter cit Brechin, Helene Gardiner his spJohn Henderson baxter cit Brechin
1251616/6/21Band And Kedy sometime in FettercarneDa Strachan in Brungartoun
125Band John Ogilvy at Kynnell MylneJohn Scrymgeour in Bothe
1261616/7/3Band Mr Geo Ouchterlony minister Carmyllie, Alex Henderson in E KnoxJohn Scrymgeour in Bothe
126Band John Wod in DunbarrowJohn Scrymgeour in Bothe
127Band Alex Smythe in Ciege?Archibald Taylor in Brechin
1281616/7/11Band Da Sampsone in QuhitlowIsobell Walker relict to umqll John Sampsone in Quhytforet
128Band Agnes Panter relict to umqll Ja Dempster cit BrechinIsobell Mourtoun relict to umqll Geo Cob maltman cit Brechin
1291616/7/16Band And Richardson in Mains of KelliePatrick Ouchterlony of Banhard
1301617/7/22Band Alex Wod in Seatton of UllischewinWm Gray in Isakstoun
130Band Marg Davidson guidwyfe of QtstaneJohn Findlo flescher burg Montrose
131Band John ThomsonJohn Ramsay custom in Forfar
132Band And Thomson cordiner burg Forfar, John Thomason his sonPa Patton burg Forfar
132Band Alex Marschall at Carestoun MylneMr Ja Beaton in Kirktoun of Aberlemno, Marg Symmer his sp
133Band Ja Carnegie in CarsgownieJohn Patersone in Aberlemno, John Patersone cit Brechin
134Band Rot Pressock in Leuchland, Marg Millar his sp, John Lindsay in BrechinJa Collace sometime in/of Mylneden now in Brechin
135Band Da Wod in Ballbyllow, Richard Wod in Hecihun?, Alex Wod in Ullishewen, Wm Wod in MarytounJa Collace sometime in Mylnden now in BrechinUsan
136Band Da Wod in Ballyllo, Wm Wod in Marytoun, John Will cordiner cit BrechinJa Collace sometime in Mylndens now in Brechin
137Band Ja Dempster in Cargend of Auldbar cit Brechin, Agnes Panter his spJa Collace cit Brechin
138Band Da Anderson alias Waltar at Newtoun Valk MylneJa Collace sometime of Mylnden now cit BrechinWalcar?
139Band Th Fauns flescher cit Brechin, Jonet Johnston his spJa Collace sometime of Mylnden now in Brechin
139Band Henry Ross flescher cit BrechinJa Collace sometime of Mylnden now in Brechin
140Band Th Chrystisone in Tillequhillie, John Smart thereTh Findlosone in Mathrow
1411616/7/31Band John Findlow in ThewittonJohn Findlow in Insche of Distlame
1421616/7/31Band Charles Dempster son to umqll Charles Dempster of BalrownieMr Alex Ramsay
142Band Rot Young in Faernertoun, Wm Cudbert in CourfurdTh Ramsay in Kirktoun of Ferne, Catherine Robertsone his sp
143Band Ja Clark in Lytill Coull, And Bruce in Towiehill of MameisTh Ramsay in Kirktoun of Ferne
1441616/8/3Band Th Hill in Dyksyid of Fullartoun, Th Greige in FullartounDa Scott servitor to Alex Bunywoun in Fullartoun
144Band Agnes Baldowie sp to John Benny burg Forfar, John Pholp cordiner burg ForfarWalter Maitland indweller Forfar
145Band Ja Hodgtoun at Lwman MylneJohn Cleattoun in Irinhill
1461616/8/12Band Rot Peddie at Eglismaldie Nether Mylne, Wm Rait in Stracathrow, Wm Beattie in Nether BalmakewAlex Muheill in Inglismaldie, Euphame Low his sp
1471618/8/14Band Alex Ogilvy in Glenmoy, And Weddell ther, Wm Glendy in StroneTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
1481616/9/2Band Wm Middiltoun in ReidhencheJohn Muddie yr in Kincardin
148Band Rot Neilson in FettercarneJohn Strachan yr in Fettercarne
1491616/9/16Band Arthur Erskine of BurnsydWm Bellie burg Forfar
149Band And Dysart in AchmutheMarg Greige servant to Ja Ouchterlony of W Seaton
150Band And Croill in Kincardin, Alex Croill his eld sonAlex greige in Nether Cragnestoun
1511616/9/30Band And Thomson in Forfar, John Thomson there his sonWm Sympsone in Melgund
1521616/10/1Band Geo Wischart in KincardinWm Lindsay in Hairstanemuir
152Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in BalkenneWm Sympson in S Melgund
1531616/10/4Band John Zett? In Ailhous of FidlesJohn Graham in Nether Witstoun
153Band John Wischart notar FettercarneWm Barbiner merch Fettercarne
154Band And Wuidrouie in BalstintJa Melville of Dysart
155Band Da Wyllie in Petnams, Alex Burnet in Symondfeild, Rot Walker in KincardinAlex Jame in Gallowhillok
156Band Th Michell in BaniahardWm Clark in Dreifheid
1571616/10/20Band Th Robertsone in GlastamieWm Clark in Drumheid
157Band Richard Bothe in Cotton of CrouddeJa Wallace
1581616/11/1Band Th Allan in Mid Mains of ThorntounAdam Strachan in Hedderiehaiche
1591616/11/1Band And Allan In NewthorntounAdam Strachan in Heidlrchache
159Band Ja Millar in Pitpullo, Jonet Speid his sp, Wm Millar their sonJohn Ross cit Brechin
1601616/11/2Band John Ferrar lister cit BrechinJohn Wuidrouie merch cit Brechin
160Band Wm Fullar in W MatheJa Thonlas cit Brechin
161Band John Feittous in PetgarvieDa Croill at Burnsyde of Eslie
1621616/11/9Band John Stewart maltman KerremuirPa Steven in Kynnettles
162Band John Findlow In New?.John Drymme in Insche of ??.
1631616/11/11Band Wm Gaw in Backehill of CanterlandJohn Anderson cup burg Montrose
1641616/11/11Band John Greige in PentostallJohn Angus present servitor to Rh Daw in Buttergill
1651616/11/11Band Ja Clark in CoullJa Fentoun sometime of W Ogill
165Band Wm Broun in BraroddeJa Fenton sometime of W Ogill
1661616/11/12Band Th Simpsone in KincardinRot Mylne in Nether Inglsmaldie
166Band Th Allan in Middlmains of ThorntounGilbert Touche in Ailhous of Thorntoun
1671616/11/18Band Ja Hodgtoun at Lwman MylneAnd Scot in Vashewen
168Band John Reid port of Ardo, Alex Hind his son in law, John Hind in KethikJa Bruce vobster cit Brechin
1691616/11/19Band John Reid port of Ardo, Geo Maller in ArdoIsobell Mortoun relict to Geo Cob cit Brechin
169Band Th Pearson in Torfache, Ja Pearson his sonDa Muresone in Baldukie
1701616/11/23Band John Symmer in BalzordieGeo Keir in Hiltoun
171Band Ja Glenny port of Achrenne, Alex Chrictoun at Crage MylneDa Fairwedder millar in Dulloward, Jonet Smythe his sp, Rot Mylne son to Wm Mylne in Eliott
1721616/11/25Band Wm Peat in BalmanoAnd Peat his brother
172Band Alex Sturrok? Indweller KynneessTh Rossie
1731616/11/25Band Isobell Austeane in NewtounJohn Hind in Drumagar
1741616/11/25Band Wm Tendell in ScanfurdJohn Ordie in Bogtoun
1751616/11/25Band Da Traill in RossieTh Ramsay in Craikward
175Band John Ouchterlony in Baldukie, Alex Scott in Lytill Coul, David Muresone son in law to John OTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
1771616/11/27Band John Ouchterlony in Baldukie, Alex Scott in Lytill Coul, David Muresone son in law to John OTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
178Band Alex Balbirne sometime of InnerrihtieDa Smart of Hospitalfeild
179Band John Barry burg Arbroath, Da Thomson meason burg ArbroathDa Smart of Hospitalfeild
180Band John Lindsay in WodrayRot Dymmeis burg Montrose
1811616/12/2Band John Lamb at Rossie MylneWm Wallantyne skynner servitor to Da Woll? burg Montrose
1821616/12/2Band Mr Th Rea minister Cortoquhe, Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno, John Lindsay in WodrayJohn Edzeir in Baltonnall
182Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in BalbenneRot Dymmeis burg Montrose
183Band Alex Henderson in KnoxJa Gardyne in Pressok
1841616/12/4Band Alex Mylne yr in Dyllalie, Alex Mylne eld in Over Thainstoun? his father, John Man in ChirchetounWm Barbiner merch Fettercarne
184Band Wm Mylne at Fettercarne MylneWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
185Band John Ogstoun in Lytill StratheWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
1861616/12/5Band Wm Glendy in Strone of MamusAnd Bruce in Cowiehillok
186Band Ja Bruce in VuidhorneAgnes Findlason relict & exer to umqll Alex Stevenson merch cit Brechin
187Band And Gib in VuidshorneDa Lindsay eld cit Brechin
1881616/12/9Band John Alschende in Cotton of GlascamoTh Brune son to Th Brune at Lytill Mylne of Dwne
188Band Alex Cokburn in Balgillie, Ja Fenton thereWm Brabiner merch Fettercarne
1891616/12/12Band John Reid port of ArdowPa Livingstone of Balrownie
189Band Da Mylne gardner in HalcartounJohn Findlow in Burnsyd of Cragnestoun
190Band Ja Mylne in BantounJohn Guthrie of Lwman
1911617/1/4Band Wm Millar in FettercarneAnd Wischart of Murtoun
1921617/1/6Band John Williamsone in Mylntoun of Co.nan.?Ja Esplen in Newtoun of Leys
192Band And Low in Leys of DwneNormand Fairlie cit Brechin
1931617/1/7Band Walter Erskine in Kincrage, Catherine Oudny his spRot Adamson cordiner Brechin
1941617/1/11Band John Pressok in Innareskende, And Wischart of Mourtoun, John Findloson messr, John Collace of Tillekirin?
195Band John Symmer in Balzordie, Da Bellie eld cit BrechinEuphame Liddell relict to umqll And Watt cit Brechin
195Band John Symmer in Balzordie, Mr Geo Symmer minister Ferne, Da Bellei eld merch cit BrechinTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
1961617/2/9Band Da Beaton of CarsgownieJohn Vuidroune merch cit Brechin
1971617/2/25Band Alex Hind in ArdowWm Knox merch cit Brechin
1981617/3/5Band Wm Halliburton skipper burg DundeeTh Liddell cit Brechin, Ja Schewan minister Naver
198Band John Michell in Toklaw, Elizabeth car his spJohn Henderson baxter cit Brechin
1991617/3/11Band Rot Mylne notar E Inglismaldie, Mr Rot Straton in DenstratheMr And Steven schoolmaster Fettesso
199Band Alex Strachan eld son to umqll Alex Strachan fear of Brigtoun, John Neway of that ilk, Pa Earl of Kingorne, Gilbert Thorntoun of that ilk, Pa Thorntoun his eld son, Rot Strachan in Foshontie? uncle to Alex S yrJohn Nicoll wright cit Brechin
2011617/3/29Band Da Wyllie eld in Petnamone, Da Wyllie his sonJa Muddie eld in Kincardin
2021617/3/31Band Christopher Leucharis in CarstounAlex Rynd in Clokisbrigis
2031617/4/5Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in Balbenny, Da Bellie eld merchant cit Brechin, John Lindsay in Wodray, Wm Fuller in Ghame in BalberneTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
204Band Ja Levingstone of CaldhameJohn Lyell chirurgeone cit Brechin
2051617/4/11Marriage contract John Smythe in W Dolappie, And Smythe his son, Da ArchibaldDame Agnes Ogilvy lady Loge, Anna Erskine her dtr, umqll John Erskine of Logie her father, Th Mylne in Loge - Pa Bruce in Mylnehill of Logie, Rot, Ja, Agnes, Helene & Isobell Erskine
2081617/4/13Band Th Rossie of KynnereisDa Loussonn servant to the Laird of Halcartoun
2091617/4/13Band Geo Maule of CarnecortieHenry Gray servitor to Da Lord Carnegie
209Band Da Graham in Newtoun of LeysAlex Fyiff in Gilchorne
2101617/4/25Band Pa Pyett in MylndeneDa Bellie yr merch cit Brechin
2111617/5/8Band Alex Dorwart in Truisbeg?John Ramsay customer
211Band John Bellie in Lytill Lour, John Sturrok in BugtounTh Mylne in Loge
2121617/5/21Band John Black in Ken?..Pa Blair in Lichtounhill
2131617/5/28Band John Mylne merch cit BrechinJohn Wuidroune merch cit Brechin
2141617/6/4Band John Rynd in W DodJa Piter in Den?
2151617/6/9Band Alex Wobster in MuriehillokJohn Skair in Muriehillok
2161617/6/13Band Alex Maymeill indweller ForfarAnd Ratrey fear of ??.
216Band John Guthrie in Halhill, John Findlow in Newdosk, Wm Collie in Letton?, Rot Michell there, John Donnald thereAnd Wischart of Muirtoun
2181617/6/16Band John Donnald in ArnhallAnd Wischart of Muirtoun
218Band John Brok eld in IndreskendeWm Rait in Stracathrow
2191617/6/17Band John Duncan baxter cit BrechinJa Rait skynner cit Brechin - Da Broun servitor to Da Lindsay of Edzell, John Ogilvy at Kynnell Mylne
2201617/6/18Band John Lindsay in Wodreg, Alex Fleming in WodheidWm Mourtoun cit Brechin
2211617/6/18Band Da Stratton in Mosend of AruehallWm Mourtoun cit Brechin
221Band Ja Humble flescher cit BrechinWm Mourtoun merch cit Brechin
2221617/6/18Band John Erskine tutor & minister Dwne, John Erskine of TayokWm Mourtoun cit Brechin
2231617/6/18Band Geo Watsone alias Wobster in Garlett, Mathew Bowman cit BrechinWm Mourtoun cordiner? Cit Brechin
224Band Ja Millar in PitpullokJohn Cob at Mekill Mylne of Brechin
224Band John Stewart in Symmehill of BallishoneJa Ramsay in Tannaxsnyir?Bolshan
2251617/6/28Band Archibald Ramsay in VeieGilbert Mcolsone in MuirelhousMuiralehouse
2261617/7/1Band Ja Collace of TullekbirneJa Fairwedder at Memus Kirk
226Band Alex Hind in Ardow, John Hind in KethikPa Levingstone of Balrownie
2271617/7/5Band Geo Malder son to Arthur Malder port of Ardo?Pa Levingstone of Balrownie
227Band Ja Mylne on Bonitoun, Wm Lambe in BalkillyWm Wallantyne skinner indweller Montrose
2281617/7/8Band John Mylne millar FynnewenArchibald Wyllie servitor to Da Earl of Crawford
2291617/7/10Band John Car in PentostallTh Lyell in Dagatie
229Band Da Gib in Aichlenche, John Norie there, Rot Fyiff in Inshewen, Geo Dick there, Wm Humble in Litill CoullTh Lyell in Dagatie
230Band Ja Clark in Coull, Da Beaton of CarsgownieTh Lyell in Dagatie
2311617/7/10Band John Mortimer in PakfurdTh Lyell in Dagatie
2321617/7/11Band John Sand eld in Muirhous, John Sand yr thereJa Scrymgeour port of Balquhadlie
2331617/7/11Band Mr Th Rea minister CortoquhieJa Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie
233Band Mr Th Rea minister CortoquhieJa Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie
2341617/7/14Band Wm Mylne miller at Kirktoun Mylne of ArbroathAlex Strachan in Newtoun
2351617/7/16Band John Henderson baxter Brechin, And Smart brabiner BrechinJohn Paterson burgess? & cit Brechin
2361617/7/23Band Th Greige in FullartounJa Clark merch Brechin
2371617/7/23Band Gilbert Wischart in Polganck, John Wobster thereJa Clark merch cit Brechin
2381617/7/23Band John Cumming fear of CarsbankJa Clark merch cit Brechin
2391617/7/24Band Th Duncan in BonitounWalter Jamesone burg Montrose
2401617/7/24Band And Duncan in Auld MontroseWalter Jamesone merch burg Montrose
2411617/7/24Band Th Duncan & Wm Greige in Auld MontroseWalter Jamesone merch burg Montrose
2421617/7/26Band Da Renny in Balmano, Wm Renny merch burg MontroseJohn Barclay in Balma? father in law of Da R
2431617/7/26Band Da Renny son to umqll Alex Renny sometime in BalmanowJohn Barclay his father in law
2441617/7/29Band John Lindsay in Wardmylne, Alex Barclay in KingseatJohn Wuidroune merch cit Brechin
2451617/7/29Band John Spalding in AchanacheJohn Hendrie in Keremuir
2461617/7/29Band And Rait baillie Innerbervie, Ja Allandes of KyneffAnd Barclay in Frame? Of Benholme
2481617/8/14Band Ja Scott in Watterstoun, Alex barclay in Kingseat of Ph?..his brother in lawWm Jack in Carestoun, Marg Fyndlason his sp
2491617/8/28Band John Hay in Newtoun of LourPa Patton
249Band Ja Greige in Litill FetheJa Ogilvy master of Ogilvy
250Band Pa Nidre Hache of AchkarneAlex Jame in Gallowhillok of Thorntoun
251Band Walter Greige in Latche of KilhillAlex Jame in Gallowhillok
252Band Ja greige in BonitounAnd Robertson servitor to Lord Ogilvy
253Band Ja Greige in Litill Futhe, Duncan Wyllie in Auld MontroseJohn Car at Fernall MylneLittle Fithie; Farnell Mill
2541617/10/20Band Geo Cowtie in DykheidAnd Daw in Lethuie
2551617/10/21Band Testat Wm Burnet in HanheidTh Taylor in Cullonache exer to umqll Elspet taylor his sp
255Band Peter Oliphant of Kirktoun of RescobieJohn Donaldson merch cit Brechin
2561617/10/27Band And Peit in PhaisdoTh Walbar in Fettercarne?
256Band Walter Varcaly in KirktounhillWm Steill in Barnis
2571617/11/3Band Th Tendell, Wm Lyell, Alex Reid in Hill of HaltounWm Steill in Barnis
2581617/11/3Band John Dolas in Newtoun of BarnisWm Steill in Barnis
2591617/11/3Band And Allan in New ThorntounWm Steill in Barnis
2601617/11/3Band Alex Mylne in DustidrungWm Hynd in Cononsyth, Walter Lamb in Aukincloss, Henry Bowack in Auld Montrose
260Band Rot Smythe in Grange of ConnanJohn Wallentyne smyth in Fernall
2611617/11/6Band Wm Burgis eld & yr in Mylntoun of Mathers, Alex Low thereWm Taylor in Berehillok
2631617/11/10Band Wm Baxter Mains of Rossie, Da Greige in Westoun of RossieJohn Windroune merch cit Brechin
2641617/11/10Band John Skair in Coullie, Richard Tullow in InschegrayWalter Ramsay brother to the Laird of Balmane
2651617/11/12Band Ja Wischart in BalfourRot Irving leutenant to captain Alex Wischart of Velifdoot?
2661617/11/13Band John Guthrie yr cordiner BrechinDa Browne servitor to Da Lindsay of Edzell
2671617/11/15Band John Reid port of Ardo, Alex Hind his son in law, John Hind in Kethik, John Lindsay messerJohn Tuwche in Hauhemuir of Brechin
2691617/11/18Band John Lowson of BallennyAlex Bellie in Brechin
269Band John Melville of DysartDa Traill in Rossie
2701617/11/24Band John Paterson shiphird in Ballishon, John Jameson in ConalsmuirJa Ramsay in Taniasmyir
2711617/11/24Band John Bull in Achqualane, Da Clark in Muir MylneCharles Cob in Fennall Mylne
2721617/11/25Band Th Spens in Kin?., Wm spens his son, Da Wilson thereAnna Stewart relict to umqll Da Fullartoun cit Brechin
2731617/11/25Band John Reid port of Ardow, Isobell Ogilvy his spWm Scott cit Brechin
2741617/11/26Band John Reid port of Ardo, John Reid his sonRot Rollok yr cit Brechin
2751617/11/27Band Alex Guthrie eld of that ilk, Th Smyth, Wm Junkin
2761617/11/27Band Ja Adame in Fiderlarveill, Wm Black at Murthull Mylne, Rot Miller there
277Band John Fettous in MurfeitisJohn Mureson in Soutray
2781617/11/27Band Th Mylne in InshewenJohn Mureson in Soutray
2791617/12/8Band Walter Oliphant in Kirktoun of RescobieJohn Piter in Deichen
2801617/12/8Band John Erskine of Tayok, Alex Douglas in BalbreddeRot Kethe yr merch burg Montrose
2811617/12/8Band Ja Abrecombie burg Montrose, John Erskine of TayockRot Kethe yr merch burg Montrose
2821617/12/13Band John Smythe smyth in Kinnell, And Taylor in Mains of W BrakieTh Ogilvy cit Brechin
2831617/12/15Band Alex Lindsay of KethikDa Lindsay eld cit Brechin
2841617/12/15Band John Smart taylor cit Brechin, John Leiche, Ja Smart, John Adame, And Smart all cit BrechinDa lindsay eld cit Brechin
2851617/12/15Band John Guthrie in Wodend of AuldbarJa Bannerman burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
2861617/12/30Band Th Robertson in Glastanow, Da Erskine in Balbyllow, Th Hill in BalbyllowWm Wallantyne skynner Montrose
2881618/1/3Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in Babenne, Mr Rot Petre schoolmaster Aberlemno, John Mud? in Torstoun?, Alex Davidson in TorstounMr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno
2891618/1/12Band Ja Greige in Auld Montrose, Da Greige in Westertoun of Rossie
2901618/1/17Band Gilbert Ouchterlony son to umqll Gilbert Ouchterlony cit BrechinElizabeth Kynnimont relict to umqll John Wod cit Brechin
2911618/1/18Band Th Law in Haltoun, Alex Law in Hill of HaltounElspet Petie relict to umqll Ja Barclay in Ranshew
2921618/1/18Contract Geo Wischart yr fear of DrymmeGeo Stewart yr in Quhytfeild, Geo Stewart eld his father, Agnes Gray sp to Geo S yr
2941618/1/26Band Th Wobster at Fynneven MylneJohn Michell in Bakinbuss, Catherine Walker his sp
295Band Alex Lindsay in Cransheid in Ballinsho, Th Duncan in Wodend of FinnewinJohn Michell in Birkinbuss
2961618/2/2Band Alex Fraser yr son to Alex Fraser eld in Caldsteanne, Da Lamb son to umqll Wm LambAlex greige in Grembadune?
2971618/2/3Band Da Smythe in Fordes of Dwne, Th Hill thereAnd bishop of BrechinFordhouse of Dun
2981618/2/9Band John Guthrie in Wodend, Jonet Mathie his spJohn Paterson merch cit Brechin
2991618/2/9Band John Guthrie in Wodend, Geo Sonnar at Melgund Mylne, Ja Burne in Hache of MelgundJohn Paterson merch cit Brechin
3001618/2/9Band John Scott eld in DubtounJohn Paterson merch cit Brechin
300Band John Brok in Andreskende, John Scott eld in DubtounJohn Paterson yr burg? In Brechin

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