Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/4: Register of Deeds, etc., 2 Nov 1614 to 28 Dec 1619

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/4 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own and it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes and sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: cit [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiarnotar: notary;oy: grandchild


11614/11/2Band Wm Strachauchin in Mid Mains of Throntoun - Th Alexander servitor to John Wischart in FaisdowPhesdo
21614/11/4Band Da Doge in Hedderstakis - Mr James Eliot parson of Scotland
3Band Wm Strachauchin in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - John Duncan in Petgarvie
41614/11/7Band Mr John Symmer, George Symmer yr of Balzordie his father, Rot Arbuthnot of Mayndynis, Alex Strachan of Thorntoun - Rot Rollok elder cit Brechin
5Band Da Fyiff in Schewlik? - Henry Browne at Holmylne of Arbuddo
7Marriage contract Wm Cokburne at the Holmylne, Margaret Cokburne his dtr - Henry Browne in BallischoneBolshan
91614/11/9Band Wm Strachan in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - And Mahsone at the Mylne of Cragnestoun
101614/11/9Band Wm Strachan in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - Geo Croill in Langhill of Thorntoun
111614/11/9Band Wm Strachan in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - And Gray at the Scyll? Of Vraidgett? In Fettercarne
121614/11/11Band John Ogilvy at the Mylne of Kynneill, John Daikeris elder in Kindrochit, And Bellie thair, George Wat thair, John Black thair - John Dempster sometime of Balrounie
141614/11/14Band Arthur Erskine of Burnsyd, Wm Bellie burg Forfar - Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar
15Band John Boldon in Hilsyd of Drumcrouie, James Patton merch burg Forfar - Alex Steven at the kirk of Kinnettles
16Band James Patton merch burg Forfar - Alex Steven in Kirktoun of Kinnettles
171614/11/15Band Alex Wall burg Forfar, Pa Oliphant of Turinges, John Car - Da Steven burg Forfar
181614/11/15Band Pa Oliphant of Turinges, John Car - Da Steven in Carsbank
191614/11/15Contract & Band Da Lindsay yr cit Brechin - John Schewan notar cit Brechin
211614/11/15Band Alex Wuidrowne, Wm Watsone in E Dunnes - James Livingstone of Caldhame their master
221614/11/16Band John Lyon of Auldbar, Alex Guthrie Chrachemylne, Mr Ja Stewart in Tullois - John Dempster sometime of Balrounie
241614/11/17Band Alex Lindsay sometime of Brodland, John Lindsay his eld son - John Dempster sometime of Balrounie
251614/11/17Band Da Barclay of W Auchleuchrie - Da Ramsay yr burg Forfar
26Band Gilbert Nicoll at Fellawis Duellinge, John Nicoll at Skechin Duellinge - John Scrymgeour at Boithe Duellinge
27Band umqll John Wischart son of Alex Wischart port of Kethik, Elizabeth Pearson now relict of John W - John Norie master of Maisondew in Brechin
281614/11/21Band Richard Carnegie in Newbarns of Redcastle - John Croill in Linffis?
291614/11/23Band And Mortimer in Blackeykis, John Mortimer in Parkfurd, Alex Cokburn in Wolstaw, John Leiche baillie Brechin - John Norie cit Brechin
301614/11/26Band Rot Kynneir of Botheris, Th Daw in Buttergill - John Dempster sometime of Balrounie
311614/11/27Band Wm Bellie burg Forfar - Ja Sympsone in W Fanrow
321614/11/26Band John Nicoll yr wright cit Brechin
341614/12/3Band John Ferrar in Kymatie - Pa Ogilvy of Benquhie
35Band Rot Chop in Lytill Carnebege - John Low in Balfeiche
36Band Alex Walker in Auchlenchrie, And Adame in Quhilkow - Da Beaton of CarsgownieQuilkoe
371614/12/21Band Mathew Bowman son to umqll captain Th Bowman cit Brechin - Margaret Mylne mother of Mathew
381614/12/21Band John Lowrie in Staniehawe - John Gardyne merch burg Montrose
401614/12/22Band Rot Mongomerie of Haltoun - Mr Th Mongomerie minister Logie his brother - Rot Rollok cit Brechin, George Wischart yr & eld of Drymmie
411614/12/24Discharge Christopher Webster brabiner cit Brechin - Walter Scot cit Brechin, Da Mylne
421614/12/30Band James Hall burg Montrose - Walter Jameson burg Montrose
44Discharge Mr John Gardyne minister Barrie - Ja Melville of Dysart, Richard Melville his son - Ja Durhame of Petkarrow
45Discharge Alex Ramsay of Godhall burg Dundee - Ja Melville of Dysart, Richard Melville his son
46Discharge John Cant in Birkinbuss - Ja Melville of Dysart, Ja Melville son to umqll Richard Melville of Cotsyid
47Band John Lichtoun in Valfurd, Catherine Futhe his sp - Da Schewan baxter in Brechin brother to John Schewan notar in Brechin
48Contract Mr Wm Carnegie of Leuchland - Th Lyell cit Brechin - Ja Graham sometime in Leuchland - Rot Mongomerie in Haltoun, Agnes Mylne his sp - umqll Da Gardyne of Leys, Mr Robert Gardyne his son, Gilbert Gardyne also son, Jean Gardyne dtr to umqll Pa Gardyne of that ilk, John Dempster sometime of Balrounie - umqll Alex and John Richart port of Kethik - John Williamsone burg Montrose - Sir Da Carnegie of Kinnaird, Alex Carnegie of Balnabriche
561615/1/16Band Wm Carnegie at the Mylne of Polgarrok - Barbara Kyd in Polgarrok
57Contract Alex Strachan of Thorntoun - Ja Stevensone cuper in Bogsyd of Arnehall
58Band umqll Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Harry Guthrie his brother, Wm Smyth in Lonheid of Guthrie - John Ferrar in Nether Canestoun
60Band Da Sympsone at the Mylne of Rescobie - Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin
61Band Rot Fenton son to Ja Fenton sometime of W Ogill - umqll Mr John Lindsay in Symatche, Ja Stratton in Drumicarn
631615/2/21Band John Burny in New Mylne, Th Ramsay in Kirkden - Mr Geo Symmer minister Ferne
64Band Alex Lindsay now lord Spynie, son to umqll Alex Lindsay lord Spynie - John Lindsay of Markhous notar?Marcus
661615/2/23Band Pa Lindsay of Burnyards, Th Daikeris in Baldwkie, Th Cathrow in Langland - Rot Sampsone in Ordie
671615/2/25Band Henry Ross flescher cit Brechin, John Leiche cit Brechin - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
681615/2/27Band John Ramsay in Balmane, John Wischart & Wm Pratt his tennants, John Ramsay eld son to John R in B - Alex Huchoun
711615/2/27Band John Nicoll yr maltman in Brechin - John Duncan baxter cit Brechin
72Band Mr Ja Lindsay in Arburrow, John Lindsay in Glenesack - Ja Pikeman in Kincardine
731615/3/10Band Th Hodge in Auchmithe - Ja Guthrie in Achmithe, Richard Carnegie in Rokynnow
741615/3/14Band Ja Futhie of Guynd - James, Adam & Christian Futhie children of umqll Th Futhie in Leitfie uncle of Ja F of GFithie
761615/3/17Discharge on a Marriage contract Alex Lindsay cordiner Brechin brother in law of Th Low cordiner Brechin - Ja Davidson & Christian Moreis his sp, Catherine Davidson their dtr sp of Alex L
771615/3/17Discharge James Davidson merch cit Brechin - John Ouchterlony writer cit Brechin, Charles Dempster
781613/3/20Decret Arbitral Ja Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie - John Brown at the Mylne of Ferne, Rot Dempster
83Band Ja Walker in Drumgley - Alex Buchane at the Mylne of Drumgley, Catherine Langlands his sp
841615/3/29Contract Alex Erskine of Dwnie, John Erskine Earl of Mar, John Erskine minister Dwnie, John Erskine of Tayok, Margaret Erskine dtr of umqll John Erskine of Dwnie sp of John E of T - Wm Mackei & Robert Beattie burgesses Montrose
891615/4/3Contract Wm Murray at the Mylne of Kincardine, Christiane Arrot his sp - Wm Calliny flescher cit Brechin, Margaret Wright his sp - Th Bellie yr
911615/4/12Band Da Low in Thermnehill, Th Chrystisone at the Mylne of Ballegnow - John, Wm & Isobell Low children of umqll Alex Low sometime in Balnakattill & Catherine Chrystisone their mother
93Marriage contract Th Kynneir son to Wm Kynneir in Bankheid - John Adame in Pott, Isobell Johnesone his sp, John Sturrok in Draftoun, Alex Adam son to John A, Catherine Adam his dtr
941615/4/18Band John Reid in Ardow - Da Bellie yr merch in Brechin
951615/4/20Band John Millar notar in Montrose, John Langwill baillie cit Brechin Wm Thomasone proc in Dundee
971615/4/22Band Ja Dempster sometime in E Inglismaldy now cit Brechin - Wm Mourtoun cit Brechin
981615/4/24Band Gilbert Rynd in Balhongie, John Smythe in Nether Bw? - Wm Bellie in Northevynd
99Band umqll Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Alex Guthrie of that ilk his father, Harry Guthrie his exer, Jonet Lyon dtr to Ja Lyon of E Ogill & granddtr to Alex G elder - John Weymiss sister sp to sd Janet G
1001615/4/28Band Alex Robertsone in Murrois - Th Ramsay in Cotton of Kinkenny
1011615/5/1Band Da Smythe in Kinbalmont, Henry Smythe in Brountoun - John Ouchterlony in Balmirmer
1031615/5/8Band Ja Wischart in Barras - John Chaplane in Fettercarne his brother in law
104Marriage contract umqll John Quhitt merch burg Dundee, Janet Balfour his relict, A Small now her sp, umqll Harry Balfour of Drumtenet her father, Agnes Ramsay her mother - Wm Quhitt
1071615/5/11Contract Sir Robert Graham of Morphie - Da Barclay fear of Mathers - Ja Ogilvy elder & yr, John Stratton cottars in Eglisgeorge - Ja Erskine Earl of Mar - Earl of Murray - Andrew Maule of Guldie
113Discharge Da Barclay of Mathers - Sir Rot Grahame of Morphie
114Band umqll Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Harry Guthrie his exer - Da Ramsay yr messenger cit Brechin
116Band umqll Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Harry Guthrie his brother & exer - Mr Alex Ramsay brother to John Ramsay commissar Brechin
117Band Da Barclay eld son to Wm Barclay of Achleuchrie? burg Montrose - Christian & Mariore Barclay sisters of Da B
1191615/5/22Band John Scot at the Mylne of Bonytoun, And Mylne in Holmylne of Rossie - Sibilla Lambe relict of umqll Walter Lyell in Futhe
1201615/5/22Decret Arbitral Da Doge in Hallestakis - John Rynd of Carss, John Mortimer in Parkfurd - Ja Smythe in Clothow, Wm Smyth in Corstoun of Aberlemnot, John Smyth in Tannadice brother to Ja S, umqll And Smythe indweller in Forfar, Th, Ja & Alex Smyth sons to umqll Th Smythe in Caldsyd, Alex Smyth in Blakburne, Da smythe in Glenmuwk
125Band Henry Ross flescher cit Brechin, Barbara Taylor his sp, Gilbert Ouchterlony cit Brechin - Wm Moir at the Mylne of Knokendo
1271615/5/29Band Wm Robertsone in Brewsoutt of Rossie, Th Robertsone in Cloack, John Ferrar there - Th Ferrar in the Gowameheid of Fernell
1281615/6/1Band John Collace fear of Balnamone - Da Collace of Birkhill
132Band John Nicoll maltman cit Brechin, Isobell Wat his sp - John Nicoll yr his brother - Ja Kengow merch cit Brechin, Marg Sand his sp
136Discharge John Smythe smyth in Dwne, Wm Bonnar - Th Collace of Pitforkie
1381615/6/3Band Da Dewquhar of that ilk, John Symmer in Fermertoun - Ja Dewquhar in Dewquhar
1391615/6/5Band Alex Ogstoun in Fettercarne , Alex Burnet in Chamstoun, Richard Wilson at the Mylne of Fettercarne - Alex Tendill on Over Cragnestoun
141Band And Mortimer in Blackdykis, John Mortimer in Parkfurd, Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis his master - John Leiche cit Brechin
143Discharge Da Gardyne of Lawtoun - Ja Ramsay of Arbekie, Alex Ramsay apperand of Arbekie, Catherine Inglis sp of Ja R of A, Elizabeth Craill sp to Alex R, John Ramsay commissar of Brechin, Ja Ramsay of Ogill, John Middletoun of Caldhame, Da Lindsay yr cit Brechin
1451615/6/19Contract Alex Jafray at New Kirk of Brayok - John Kyid there
1471615/6/19Band Wm Davidsone in Estertoun of Dalappie - And Bennie gardiner Edzell
148Discharge Th Collace of Pitforkie - Sir Da Carnegie of Kynnard
1501615/6/24Band Th Hill at Balbirner Mylne - Th Erskine at Darctis Mylne
151Renunciation & Discharge Elizabeth Kinnymonth alias Lour only dtr to umqll Alex Kinnymonth alias Lour cit Brechin & Agnes Crammond his sp - Wm Arrot sometime of that ilk
154Renunciation Ja Arrot sometime at the Mylne of Arrot and now messenger in Montrose, umqll Wm Arrot of that ilk, Geo Arrot his son & apperand - Sir Rot Arbuthnot of that ilk heritable proprietor of Arrot
156Renunciation Mathew Bowman son to umqll captaine Th Bowman cit Brechin & Marg Mylne - George Arrot sometime fear of that ilk - Sir Rot Arbuthnot of that ilk
1591615/6/26Band Euphame Douglas lady Auldbar - John Schewan baillie Dundee
160Contract John Stratton fear of that ilk, Da Barclay of Mathers, Da Ramsay fear of Balmaine, Pa Livingstone of Balrounie, Allan Livingstone port of Dolappie, Da Rait apperand of Halgren - Ja Strachan apperand of Monbow now of Midbodde, Ja Strachan of Monboddow his father
166Band Jonet Findlo in Nether Cragnestoun, Wm Lamb her son - Wm Huntar in Cragnestoun
1671615/7/3Band John Ramsay in Balmaine - Wm Michell at the Mylne of Sklairfurd
168Band Raiff Car at the Mylne of Leys, Henry Ross flescher cit Brechin, George Wright notar cit Brechin - Ja Gardiner maltman cit Brechin
1701615/7/14Band Alex Guthrie skipper burg Dundee - Ja Ouchterlony mariner burg Dundee
1711615/7/25Band of Caution John Kynneir meilmaker in Hill of Dundee, Ja, Rot & Isobell Ostlaris, umqll Catherine Clark their mother sometime sp to Mathew Ostlar brabiner in Hill of Dundee
1721615/7/25Band of Caution Mathew Ostlar brabiner in Hill of Dundee, Elspet Barclay relict of umqll Wm Clark broustar in Hill of Dundee
1731615/7/25Band of Caution Geo Fleming maltman burg Dundee, Da Fleming maltman burg Dundee exer to his father umqll Th Fleming maltman burg Dundee
173Band of Caution Ja Grey hammerman burg Dundee, Christiane Cokburne relict of umqll Rot Guthrie maltman Dundee, Jonet, Marg, Isobell & Agnes Guthrie
1741615/7/25Band of Caution Mathew Ostlar brabiner in Hill, Isobell Kynneir dtr to umqll Jonet Webster sp to John Kynneir meilmaker in Hill of Dundee her father
1751615/7/25Band Th Lyell of Muirthill - Andrew Ogilvy brother to Ja Ogilvy of Cloway
176Band umqll Wm Breiwhous in Auld Montrose - Rot Wod in Marstoun
1781615/7/27Band of Caution Wm Nevay uncle to John Nevay of that ilk, Da, Anna & Elspet Fullartoun children to umqll Geo Fullartoun sometime of Denwne
1791615/7/31Marriage contract Ja Car in Fostsait of Dod, John Car his son, Marg Car dtr to James C - Rot Gibsone in Pulfrulds of Inderichte
182Marriage contract Alex Gardyne eld of Borrowfeild, Lilas Gardyne his dtr, Alex Gardyne yr fear of Borrowfeild - Rot Kethe eld burg Montrose, Rot Kethe his eld son - umqll John Erskine of Dwne, John Erskine of Logie his grandson
1861615/8/1Band Alex Marscheill in Achnacre - Marg Crammond relict of umqll capt Alex Ramsay cit Brechin
1871615/8/9Contract Rot Fullartoun son to umqll Da Fullartoun cit Brechin & Anna Stewart his mother, Geo Skynner her sp - John Skynner cit Brechin
1911615/9/11Marriage contract Normand Farlie saidler cit Brechin - Da Keith in Balhagertie, Marg Keith his sister Mr Ja Keith of Halinstoun, Ja Keith in Brydstoun, John Ogilvy at the Mylne of Licthe
1941615/9/11Band Helen Scot relict of umqll Ja Lindsay messenger burg Forfar - Ja Portar son to Gavin Portar burg Forfar
1951615/9/28Band of Caution Rot Ross mariner burg Dundee, Wm Davidsone, Andr Ross, Donald Thorntoun burgesses Dundee, Jonet Jack relict of umqll Alex Ross merchant Dundee
1971615/9/29Band Wm Nicoll, Isobell Spens his sp, Wm Nicoll their son - Sir Ja Ogistoun of Puthwemes
1981615/10/2Band John Peddy at the Mylne of Balbegnot, Da Peddy in Lourkettill - Wm Brabiner merch burg Fettercarne (Montrose?)
1991615/10/2Band Alex Ogstoun in Fettercarne - Wm Brabiner burg Montrose
199Wm Neische in Vodnry, And Quhyttnrn, John Mortimer in Parkfurd, Alex Junkin in Hantche of Babylassie - Alex Watt in Balnabreiche
201Band And Quhtburn in Wodreg, John Philip burg Forfar, Rot Philip in Restennet - Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno
2021615/10/10Marriage contract Th Fox cit Brechin, Helen Fox his dtr - Geo Bellie at the Mylne called Balbronnes Myll
2041615/10/11Band Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Wm Glendy - Ja Black in Dykheid
2061615/10/11Band John Pareis at Carrit - Isobell Gardyne
2071615/10/14Band Oliver Ogilvy in Capsie, John Irnes in Baldow? - Pa Ogilvy of Bennetie
2091615/10/16Band Wm Bellie burg Forfar - Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun
2101615/10/16Band Ja Pittillox in Auchterforfar, Arthur Erskine of Burnsyd - Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun
2111615/10/16Band Rot Gilbert in Halkartoun - Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun
2121615/10/16Band Car in Cansbiyt, Wm Nicoll in Carnecros of Balmaschiner - Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun
2131615/10/16Band Wm Piter at the Kinreiff - Harry Guthrie of Halkartoun
2141615/10/21Band Da Steven in Watterstoune - Th Ramsay servitor to Lady Queiche
2151615/10/23Band Alex Shiphird in Grange - Ja Gardyne of Pressok
2161615/10/26Band John Rea maltman cit Brechin - Ja Dempster yr cit Brechin his son in law
2171615/10/26Band Th Hill athe the Mylne of Balbirney, Wm Spens in Bincraige, And Thomsone at the Meikill Mylne of Brechin, Alex Knox there - Ja Demspter yr cit Brechin so to Da Dempster skinner
2191615/10/26Band umqll Da Lindsay eld of Vayne, John Symmer in Fermertoun, John Berne at the Mylne of Vayne, John Clark in Fendtoun, Th Cob in Hildon of Watterstoun - Da Steven in Carjs
221Band Wm Arbuthnot in Portartoun, John Erskine of Tayok, Mr Wm Wischart parson Fettercarne - Wm Brabiner merch in Fettercarne
2231615/11/6Band John Wischart notar in Fondo - And Wischart of Mourtoun
2241615/11/6Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in Balbenny, John Scrymgeour of Ballinscho his brother - Wm Brughe of Davidstoun
2251615/11/8Band Alex Souttar in Brodland - And Wischart of Mourtoun
2271615/11/13Band Ja Patton burg Forfar - Th Matheris burg Forfar
229Band Alex Guthrie skipper burg Dundee - Wm Rob baxter burg Dundee
2301615/11/21Band Wm Spens in Kingcraige, And Thomsone at the Meikill Mylne of Brechin - Th Lyell in Dalgatie - Mr Wm Carnegie of Leuchland - Alex Joylly cit Brechin - John Wilsone yr in Masindew of Cerlane
2311615/11/30Band Alex Fawins flescher cit Brechin - Barbara Sand relict of umqll Ja Kenzow merch cit Brechin, Carnegie?
233Band Ja Ramsay flescher cit Breachin, Barbara Sand his sp - Wm Carnegie cit Brechin
2341615/12/1Band Da Wod in Balvyllo, Wm Wod in Marytoun, And Duncan in Auld Montrose, Richard Wod in Hichin, Duncan Willie in Auld Montrose, Alex Wod in Balishin - Ja Dempster skinner cit Brechin
2361615/12/4Band Marg Miller in Leuchalnd - Th Lyell in Dalgatie, umqll Mr Wm Carnegie of Leuchland her master
2371615/12/12Band Marg Miller in Leuchalnd relict of umqll Rot Presthok - Wm Michell in Stracathroune
2381615/12/12Band Rot Mortimer in Aikinhait, Th Wobster at the Mylne of Fentoun - Th Ogilvy in Brechin
2401615/12/27Band Marione Car relict of umqll Hercules Sponnar in Blaberhill, Th Keassone her son - Mr Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar
2411616/1/5Band Alex Wod burg Forfar - Alex Rynd son to Gilbert Rynd in Rescobie
242Band John Low cit Brechin - Marg & Isobell Elas? Exer to umqll Geo Cob maltman cit Brechin
2431616/1/15Band John Sturrok in Draffin, Alex Sturrok in Kynnereis - Geo Reid in St Sturrie
2451615/1/19Band Alex Clark in Craige, Geo Lamb in Corfache, Da Clark in Muirheid - Walter Scot cit Brechin, Wm Bellie in Arnnefoiwll
2461615/1/22Band Th Young cordiner Keremuir, John Man cordine there - Ja Scrymgeour in Kingnhirine
247Contract Th Mortimer of Flemington - John Bellie in Baldardie
254Discharge Th Mortimer fear of Flemington, John Mortimer of Flemington - John Bellie in Baldardie
259Contract James Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, Dame Jeane Forbes his sp (his mother?), umqll James Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy of Airlie his father - Mr Dougall Campbell dean of Brechin
261Band David Traill in the Mains of Rossie - Wm Baxter servitor to Ja Chrichtoun of Ruthven
262Band John Pittbladdo sometime in Nethertoun of Melgund - Wm Bellie now occupier of Nethertoun of Melgund
263Band Da Wod in Balbyllo - And Thomsone maltman at Mekill Mylne of Brechin
2641616/2/27Band And Glendy yr in Tulhallok, John Palmer in Garlabank - Alex Mackesone son to umqll Alex Mackesone in Kinaordie
2651616/3/1Contract Th Wright at the Mylne of Arkistoun, Alex Wright his son, Bessie Youn his sp dtr to Th Y - Th Young in Dunkenne, John Young his nepot
268Band John Guild in Emmistoun - Christiane Chalmers at Kirkden
269Band Th Wobster at the Mylne of Fennewin - John Smyth in Ballindarge - Wm & Th Hendersone brothers to John Hendersone in Inglistoun
2711616/3/11Band Alex Wod in Seatown of Ullishewen - And Scot there
272Renunciation Ja Melville of Dysart - Rot Kethe brother to Ja Kethe of Canterland
274Band Th Mortimer of Flemington, Pa Lindsay? bishop of Ross, Th Wischart in Ballindarge - Alex Clark merch cit Brechin
2761616/3/19Band John Crombe in Cramondinsche, Catherine Home his sp, John Crombe his son - Abraham Piggott yr notar in Keremuir
277Band Ja Leucharis in Markhars - And Fod in Joltoun of Balg??
2781616/4/2Band of Caution And Gray of Lour, Mr John Rig minister at Dunnichen, And, Elspet, Agnes, Christin & Catherine Rig his children together with umqll Helen Garihne his sp
2791616/4/9Band Testat John Duncan skynner burg Dundee, Patrick Kyd baillie Dundee, Isobell & Marg Clark exer to umqll Matilda Kyd relict of umqll Wm Clark burg Dundee their mother
2801616/4/9Band Testat Thomas Lindsay baxter burg Dundee, Jonet Py & John Roche her son exer to umqll John Roche burg Dundee
2811616/4/9Band Testat Wm Ramsay mariner burg Dundee, Namia? Coppin mariner burg Dundee exer to umqll Christian Kynneir his sp
281Band of Caution Wm Duncan mariner burg Dundee, Euphame & Barbara Sanderss dtrs to umqll Da Sanders mariner burg Dundee
2821616/4/9Band of Caution And Thomson maltman burg Dundee, Isobell Doge relict to umqll Da Andersone in Dundee
2831616/5/2Marriage contract John Will cordiner cit Brechin, Geo Will his son - Grissell Thomsone relict of umqll Ja Barclay thirngrone? cit Brechin, Elizabeth Barclay his dtr, John Thomasone in Fereden her brother
2851616/5/6Band Da Renny in Spittill, John Taylor merch burg Montrose, John Barclay in Balnamo, Ja Ogilvy yr in E Mathers - Henry Smart notar indweller Montrose
2861616/5/11Band John Thomsone, Wm Chrystie, John Sympsone, Richard Benny, Alex Steven, John Wischart, Da Drymme & Walter Clark servands & tennants to John Ramsay of Balnamo - Walter Ramsay in Lytill Carnebege
288Band Th Bunyeonn in Maritounlaw, Da Bunyeon his son, Ja Bunyeon in Fullartoun, Henry Smart notar in Montrose - John Mylne bowar burg Montrose
2891616/5/20Band Wm Baxter servitor to Sir Ja Chrichtoun of Puthewins - Alex Ramsay fear of Arbeikie
2901616/5/20Band Richard Tullow in Inshgray, Euphame Strachan his sp - Da Tullow of Cragnestoun, umqll Alex Tullow of Cragnestoun - Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
2931616/5/21Band Th Futhe in Holmylne, Barbara Lindsay his sp - Th Ramsay in Crewkwird?, Jean Fullartoun his sp
2941616/5/24Band Da Panter sometime of Newmanswalls, Rot Kethe burg Montrose, Rot Kethe yr his son burg Montrose, John Murray eld burg Montrose - Marg Crammond relict of umqll capt Alex Ramsay cit Brechin
2961616/5/24Band of Caution Ja Fyiff burg Dundee, Marg Richie exer to umqll John Drymme burg Dundee
2971616/5/27Band Da Ferne in Drumbog of Tillebirne, Th Collace of Pitforkie - John Collace fear of Balnamone
2981616/5/27Band Sir Harry Lindsay of Carrestoun, Rot Sampsone, Alex Buist?, Ja Neische - Alex Campbell of Crewnane
3001616/5/27Contract Geo Campbell son to umqll Geo Campbell of Trewna? - Pa Daw in Vodland, Th Geinlow in Vodland
3021616/5/28Band Da Beaton of Carsgownie, Alex Ogilvy of Scehill - Th Lyell in Dalgatie cit Brechin
303Band Ge Gardyne skipper burg Dundee, Mr Geo Andersone merch Dundee - umqll Geo Fenton port of Mekilltoun of Guthrie, John Speid, Wm Air his exer
3051616/6/4Band Ja Smart merch cit Brechin, John Symmer fear of Brathinsche, John Ramsay son to umqll capt Alex Ramsay cit Brechin - Wm Mourtoun cit Brechin
3071616/6/5Band Da Wod in Balnyllo, Alex Wod in Seaton of Ullishewin - Rot Patersone servitor to Rot Grahame at the Mylne of Auld Montrose
3091616/6/6Marriage contract Mr Da Ogilvy fear of Petmowis, Euphame Ogilvy his eld dtr - Da Panter eld son to umqll Pa Panter of Newmanswalls & Jean Erskine, Da Rait fear of Halgren, Rot Collace of Balnamone, Geo Wischart eld of Drymme, Mr John Erskine in E Barras his curators - Pa Mostrop of Casteltoun & umqll Euphame Makallane, umqll Mr Th Makallane, umqll Mr John Mostrop advocat in Edinburgh father of Pa M
314Band Ja Ramsay of W Ogill minister Tannadice, Christian Dempster his sp, Ja Ramsay their son, Ja Elliot minister Fynnewen - umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill, Catherine Melvill his sp, Andrew Lyon in Brechin his brother & exer
318Band Geo Symmer of Balzordie - umqll Harry Symmer son to umqll John Symmer of Haltoun, Helen Gray his relict, John Craill now her sp, Ja Drummond burg Dundee
319Marriage contract John Weymiss of Over Pitforkie, Catherine Weymiss his mother, John Oudny in Over Pitforkie her sp - Ja Lyon of E Ogill, Jonet Lyon his eld dtr, Alex Guthrie of tha ilk grandfather to Jonet L, Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk mother brother to Jonet L
3241616/6/8Band Alex Strachan at the Mylne og Bognidolo - Alex Tendell in Over Cragnestoun
3251616/6/10Band Geo Meldrum in Haltoun of Achterleis - Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin
326Band Da Wod in Marytoun, Richard Wod in Heahin?, Wm Forbes cit Brechin - umqll Walter Lyell in Futhe, Sibilla Lambe his exer
3271616/6/13Band Th Rea minister Torsoquhie, Mr John Rea his eld son - Alex Lindsay in Rottnall
3291616/6/17Contract Walter Erskine port of Tillbarblit, Catherine Oudny his sp - Alex Gellie in Tillearblit, Catherine Fanveille his sp
3321616/6/17Contract Walter Erskine port of Tillearblit, Catherine Oudny his sp, John Oudny of Kethik, Th Erskine brother to Walter E - Alex Gellie in Tillearblit, Catherine Fanveille his sp
3371616/6/24Band Th Mylne in Logie Montrose, John Mylne his son, John Erskine minister Dwne, Rot Mongomerie in Haltoun - John Speid of Achdowne, Da Liddell merch cit Brechin
339Acquittance Elizabeth Kinnymont alias Lour relict exer to John Wod cit Brechin - Th Collace of Pitforkie
340Band Alex Gardyne fear of Borrowfeild, Rot Grahame in Sillecottis - umqll Walter Lyell in Futhe, Sibilla Lambe his sp
3411616/6/27Contract John Lindsay in Kirktoun of Cloway - Da Lindsay son to Pa Lindsay of Barneyards, Th Mylne in Loge, Alex Barclay in Matheris, Th Narne in Galrow, Wm Carnegie in Glastanno
341Band Sir Wm Fullartoun of that ilk - Rot Mongommerie in Haltoun
3431616/7/3Band Geo Michell in Kirktoun of Glenmylla - Ja Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy of Airlie
344Band Alex Tendell in Over Cragnestoun - umqll Gellis Law in the Insche of Distlane, Ja & Charles Drymme her exers
345Marriage contract Ja Gibsone in Schilhill, Agnes Gibsone his dtr - And Hollie in Fomartoun?
3471616/8/2Band of Caution Walter Smythe maltman burg Dundee, Marg Lwmane dtr to Da Lwman & Jonet Smart, umqll Da Lwman maltman in Hill of Dundee
348Band of Caution Rot Rollok fear of Mourtoun, John Stevenson in Dundee, umqll Rot Stevenson son to umqll Rot Stevenson sklaitter in Dundee
3491616/8/2Band of Caution Wm Gray shreff deput Forfar, Ja & Th Fyiff sons tumqll Elizabeth Wilsone sp to Th Fyiff baxter burg Dundee
349Band of Caution Th Calyhills merch burg Dundee, Rot Clayhills merch burg Dundee, umqll Agnes Hubtar his sp
3501616/8/2Band of Caution John Alesone eld fa?.. Burg Dundee, Gilbert Greiff maltman burg Dundee, umqll Catherine Lasone relict to umqll Ja Mackei burg Dundee
350Band John Low cit Brechin - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
351Band John Low cit Brechin - John Patersone cit Brechin
352Band John Low cit Brechin, Da Bellie eld cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
354Acquittance Catherine Melville relict of umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill - And Lyon brother to sd Ja L
354Acquittance Samuall Guthrie lister burg Edinburgh - umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill
355Discharge Wm & Barbara Lyon children to umqll Ja Lyon of E Ogill - And Lyon brother to sd Ja L
3561616/8/10Band Andrew Leiche merch burg Montrose, John Leiche cit Brechin his brother, Da Wod in Balwyllo, Alex Carnegie in Craige, Wm Richart, Alex Wod - Rot Rollok eld, Rot Rollok yr, Marg Rollok, Th Ogilvy her sp
3581616/8/10Band David Wod in Balwyllow - Rot Rollok edl cit Brechin
3601616/8/10Band John Low cit Brechin, Geo Wischart of Drymme, Geo Wischart fear of Drymme - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr, Marg Rollok dtr to Rot eld, Th Ogilvy her sp
3611616/8/15Band Ja Demspter in Cragend - Robert Rollok edl cit in Brechin, Rot Rollok yr, Margaret Rollok dtr to Rot eld, Thomas Ogilvy her sp
3621616/9/7Band Geo Campbell in Melgund - And Wischart of Mourtoun
3641616/9/7Band Rot Chope in Lytill Carnebege, John Beatti in Westertoun of Pittaro, Geo Rait there - And Wischart of Mourtoun - Mr Ja Wischart of Glenfarqr
3651616/9/18Band John Rynd of Carss - Th Rynd his brother
3661616/10/11Band John Fettons in Pitgarowe, Da Strachan - John Mongomerie in Brigton
3681616/10/11Band John Fettons in Petgarvie - John Mongomerie in Brigton
3691616/10/17Band Th Mylne in Loge, Barbara Chalmers his sp, John Mylne their son, John Erskine minister Dwne - Sir Wm Fullartoun of that ilk
3711616/10/19Band Geo Cowttis in Myrsyd of Ogill - Th Daikers servitor to Pa Lindsay of Barnyards
3721616/10/21Band And Croill & Alex Croill his son in Kincardin - And Man in Inschegray
373Band John Wischart in Fabsdow, Harry Wischart of Carnebege - umqll Alex Tendell in Over Cragnestoun, Jeane Walker his exer
3741616/11/2Band And Bellie in Kindrchond, Agnes Hantoun his sp - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
3751616/11/6Band John Burnett in Auchkerne - And Wischart of Mourtoun
376Band Hercules Guthrie in Drymme - Da Steven in Ordie
377Band Alex Fairwedder in Baldarde - Da Steven in Carsbank
377Band Wm Sympsone S Melgund - Da Steve in Ordie
378Band Wm Baldwie in Kilhill, Wm Bellie burg Forfar - Da Steven in Carsbank
379Band Sir Harry Lindsay of Carestoun - Da Steven in Ordie
380Band Alex Scott in Lytill Coull, John Mortimer in Parkfurd - Da Steven in Carsbank
381Band John Neische in Leddinhenrie, John Wat in Mourtoun, Wm Thomsone in Balnabriche - Da Steven in Ordie
3821616/11/12Band Rot Mongomerie son to Rot Mongommerie of Haltoun - Mr Th Mongomerie minister Logie
3831616/11/14Band John Schewan notar cit Brechin - Rot Dempster sadler cit Brechin
3851616/11/18Band Alex Gardyne eld of Borrowfeild, John Fullartoun of Kynnaber, Rot Kethe yr burg Montrose, John Gardyne merch Montrose, Pa Beaton schoolmaster at the Kirk of Fourdoun - Wm Gryme merch burg Montrose
386Band Oliver Small in Kriktoun of Kincoldrum - John Allane merch Keremuir
3871616/11/23Band Ja Bunzoun in Fullartoun, Th Greige there - Mr Richard Melvill of Baldwie minister Marytoun
3881616/11/24Band Alex Steven in Caierglaik, Da Angus in Burnsyd, John Striuiling of E Braky
390Band Alex Strachan yr fear of Brigtoun - Geo Strachan of Skeichin? his uncle
3911616/12/2Band Charles Guthrie in Middeldrumes, Ja Taylor in E Futhe - John Speid of Achdowie
3921616/12/5Band John Strachan in Vatterstoun, Isobell Coullie his sp - Wm Gryme burg Montrose
3931616/12/5Band Da Hill in Arrott, Geo Quhytt in Leuchland, Alex Fowie in Arrott - John Dempster somtime of Balrwnie
3951616/12/7Band John Cumming of Carsbank, John Cumming his eld son, John Neische in Balnabriche, Wm Thomsone there, John Wat there his tennants - Andrew bishop of Brechin
3961616/12/9Renunciation And Niddrie in Croftis of Auchkerne - Alex Strachan of Thorntoun
3971616/12/22Decret Arbitral John Collace fear of Balnamone, Da Collace of Aucheforsie curators to Marg C - Mr Joseph Rea sp to Marg Collace dtr to umqll Rot Collace cit Brechin sometime of Hisleceus? - John Oudny of Kethik, Ja Scrymgeour in Balquhadlie, Alex Piggott notar in Tannadice - Mr Th Rea minister Cortoquhe father of Mr Joseph - Th Mortimer of FlemingtonAuchfairsie
4021616/12/24Band Andrew Thomson at the Meikill Mylne of Brechin, Marg Fyiff his sp - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his dtr, Th Ogilvy her sp
403Band Alex Cramond in Balglassie - Pa Blair son to Wm Blair of Balgillow
404Band And Robertsone servitor to James master of Ogilvy - Pa Blair of Lithvinhill
4051617/1/4Band Pa Niddrie in Aichkerny - And Wischart of Mourtoun
406Band Walter Muresone smythe in Tannadice, Th Muresone his father there - Euphame Liddell relict of umqll And Watt merch cit Brechin
407Band captain Alex Wischart of Fandow - Ewa? Wischart relict of umqll Archibald Irving in Roidmyr, Alex & Harry Irving their sons
409Assignation Euphame Liddell relict to umqll And Watt merch cit Brechin - Wm Wright merch burg Dundee
411Band Th Wobster in W Ordie, Rot Sampsone in Rawilgrein, Henry Mudde in Watterstoun, Wm Jack there - John Edzeir in Balconnall
412Band Ja Tullow servitor to Dame Jean Douglas lady Glenfarquhair, umqll Pa Panter of Newmalswells, Da Panter his son - Alex Strachan now in Murelhous
4131617/1/21Band Geo Schorswod in Glendy - Wm Hoge in Vodhous, Rot Blacklaw in Spittowme
414Assignation umqll John Drymme burg Dundee, Marg Rohie his exer - Wm Murray skynner cit Brechin - Rot Flager alias Hobbie in Forgound
415Band Catherine Guthrie relict to umqll Alex Taylor in Damheid, Ja Guthrie in Petnekin her father, John Ogilvy at the Mylne of Kynnell - Ja Taylor son to Catherine, Da Bege in Kynnell tutor, umqll Alex Taylor his father
4171617/2/10Assignation Elizabeth Chrichtoun lady Cloway, John Ogilvy of Mylnhanche, And Ogilvy of Tullow - John Cumminge of Carsbank
4201617/2/17Band And Black in Hillheid od Stanmothe?, John Bull there - Alex Guthrie in Crathemylne
4211617/2/28Band John Symmer in Balzordie, John Symmer fear of Brathink - Rot Aadam cordiner cit Brechin, Ja Mylne at the Mylne of Inschewen
4221617/3/3Band Pa Gray apperand of Lour - Harry Guthrie of Halkertoun
4231617/4/8Band Testat Wm Gray sheriff clerk of Forfar, Alex Gray maltman burg Dundee, umqll Isobell Thomsone his sp
4241617/4/8Band Testat Geo Lowsone merch burg Dundee, Ja, Th, Wm, Jean, Rot & Grissell Lowsone children to umqll Catherine Fendrethe sp to t Th Lowsone merch burg Dundee
424Band Testat Pa Gardyne bonnatmaker Dundee, John Cob, umqll Christian Duncan his sp
4251617/4/8Band Testat Ja Strachan notar burg Dundee - Christian Mow dtr to umqll Agnes Jamesone sp to Mr John Mow in Dundee
425Discharge Mr Ja Eliott parsone Fynneven - Ja Ramsay of W Ogill minister Tannadice, John Symmer fear of Brathansche, And Wischart of Mourtoun, Geo Symmer eld son to Geo Symmer eld of Balzordie
427Band umqll Alex Johnson in Mains of W Brakie, Isobell & Marg Johnson his exer - geo Wright notar Brechin
4281617/4/13Marriage contract Hugh Lindsay in Burne of Carbuddow, Jonet Mylne his sp, Agnes Railzie? Their dtr - John Brechin in Gask
430Band umqll Ja Law at the Mylne of Dalboge, Agnes Michell his exer - And Wischart of Mourtoun
431Band umqll Ja Wischart in Carnebeg, Wischart his exer - John Fettons in Louheid of Fettercarne
432Band Rot Lindsay skynner cit Brechin, Da Lindsay eld his father, Da Lindsay yr & Mr John Lindsay minister Aberlemno brothers to Rot - Andrew bishop of Brechin, baillies & counsil of Brechin
4331617/6/2Band of Caution Rot Blair merchant burg Dundee - Jonet & Marg Kyd children to umqll Th Kyd goldsmith burg Dundee their father
434Band Geo Erskine of Carbudow - John Carnegie, Agnes Litqnow his sp
4371617/6/16Band Geo Barclay of Syd, Alex & Pa Barclay his sons - And Wischart of Mourtoun
4381617/6/18Band Ja Clark in Lytill Coull, Da Clark in Murheid - John Ogilvy of Quelzenne
439Marriage contract Geo Scot son to umqll Rot Scot sometime in Futhe, Grisell Ramsay his mother, John Mylne now in Futhe his father? - Wm Greige in Auld Montrose, Jeane Greige his dtr
4401617/6/23Band John Burnett in Achkerne, Alex Burnett in Thainstoun, John Jack in Stainrehanhe - John Cowie in Strathe of Balbegrow
4421617/6/24Band John Gold in Stracathrow - Agnes Findlosone relict to umqll Alex Stevenson merch cit Brechin
442Band Testat Da Wedderburne burg Dundee - Da Coustoun burg Dundee exer to umqll Th Coustoun his brother
4431617/6/30Band And Mortimer in Blackdykis, John Mortimer in Parkfurd, Gilbert Ouchterlony cit Brechin - John Leiche cit Brechin
444Band Th Lyon brother to John Lyon of Auldbar - John Collace fear of Balnamon
4451617/7/5Wm Spens in Kincraige, And Thomsone, Alex Knox at the Meikill Mylne of Brechin, Th Hill in Leuchlands, Barbara Stevenson his sp, John Lyon notar in Brechin
4471617/7/7Band Henry Paireis in Cannot Dwelling - Da Gardyne his son in law
4481617/7/9Band Charles Murray in Netherpt, Wm Murray merch Brechin - Da Michell maltman cit Brechin
4491617/7/9Band John Michell in Coklaw - Da Michell maltman cit Brechin his brother
4501617/7/14Band Th Duncan in Auld Montrose - Wm Greige in Auld Montrose
4511617/7/14Band And Moncuir in Glamis? - John Stratton fear of that ilk
4521617/7/17Band Rot Mortimer in Aikinhartt, Th Mortimer of Flemington, Rot Sampsone in Raveillgrein - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
4531617/7/17Band Rot Mortimer in Aikinhaitt, Rot Sampsone in Raveillgrein - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
4541617/7/19Contract Archibald Craill in Nether Bow - John Proctor in Hill of Crage, Christiane Hinhoue his sp
4561617/7/23Band John Wischart of Logie - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
4571617/7/24Band Walter Greig in Lathe of Kilhill, And Greig in Middltoun- Walter Jamesone burg Montrose, Wm Wallantyne skynner Montrose
458Band Harry Symmer mariner burg Dundee - John Symmer yr fear of Brachinsche
4591617/7/28Band And Greige in Middiltoun, Geo Vyllie in Middiltoun - Wm Wallantyne skynner burg Montrose
4601617/7/28Band Pa Purwois in Brethertoun, Mr Alex Purvois in Ballache - Th Jamesone maltman burg Montrose
4621617/7/29Band Duncan Wyillie, John Wyllie his son, And Duncan in Auld Montrose - Ja Dempster skynner cit Brechin
4631617/7/29Band Duncan Wyillie in Auld Montrose, John Wyllie his son - Ja Demspter skynner cit Brechin
464Band Wm Guthrie apperand of that ilk, And Esplene in Guthrie, John Wilsone there - Ja Demspter yr skynner cit Brechin
4661617/7/29Band Da Beaton of Carsgowne, John Allardice of that ilk, Ja Allardice fear of Kynneff his brother - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
4671617/7/29Band Th Wentoun of Strickmartin, Da Lindsay of Balgayis - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
4691617/7/29Band John Erskine of Tayock, John Erskine minister Dwne, Pa Brown in Logie, Th Mylen there - Rot Rollock eld cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok dtr to Ror eld, Th Ogilvy cit Brechin her sp
4701617/7/29Band umqll George Wardlaw sheriff clerk Forfar, Rot Lichtoun of Ullisheven, Pa Lichtoun burg Montrose, Ja Mackie burg Montrose - And Barclay in Raistennot
4721617/8/12Band Wm Burges at the Mylnetoun of Matheris - John Young in Laurentstoun
473Band umqll Geo Wardlaw, Wm Gray his exer - Geo Wright notar Brechin
4741617/8/18Band And Woudroune Mains of Dysart - Th Young quhytfischer in the fischertoun of Ullisheven
475Band Wm Burges at the Mylne of Matheris, Wm Burges his son - John Vallentyne indweller Montrose
4761617/8/26Contract John Leiche cit Brechin, Grissell Thaine his sp - Mr Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar, Elizabeth Lindsay his sp
4821617/8/27Band Alex Barclay of W Mathers - John Speid of Achdowie as factor to And & Elizabeth Watt children of umqll And Watt & Eupham Liddell his relict
4831617/9/3Band Wm Arbuthnot in Portartoun - Ja Clark merch cit Brechin
4841617/9/17Band Testat Wm Newtoun cordiner burg Dundee - Wm Simpson indweller Dundee, umqll And Man bonnatmaker Dundee
4851617/10/10Band Alex Schiphird in Grange of Inverkeillor - Rot Maxwell of Gardyne
4861617/10/13Band John Schewan notar Brechin, John Lindsay indweller Brechin, John Langnill cit Brechin - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
4871617/10/13Band Alex Dorward in Crinfbege? - Alex Huntar burg Forfar
488Band Wm Rait now in the Furdhous of Pittarow, Ewa Wischart now his sp relict of umqll Archibald Irving sometime in Reidmyir - And Wischart of Mourtoun
489Band John Ogilvy in W Wodtoun - And Wischart of Mourtoun
4901617/11/4Band of Caution Gilbert Scrymgeour brother to Scrymgeour of Kirktoun - Nicolas, Ja, Th, Helen & Agnes Bruntfeild children to umqll Th Bruntfeild burg Dundee, Agnes Rinkin his relict
4911617/11/4Band Testat Ja Man merch burg Dundee - Ja, Euphame, Wm, Alex Duncan children to umqll Wm Duncan mariner burg Dundee, Christiane Man his relict
4921617/11/4Band of Caution Alex Wedderburne merch burg Dundee - Lit? & Th Jack exer to umqll Wm Jack in Dundee brother sons to umqll Rot Jack merch burg Dundee
492Band Testat Wm Ramsay mariner burg Dundee - Da Wilsone mariner burg Dundee exer to Elizabeth Smyth his sp
4931617/11/4Band of Caution Mr Jon Mow master of the Sangschoull of Dundee - Marg Hay relict to umqll Ja Small in Dundee exer to umqll Marg Small his dtr
493Band Testat Ja Forestar merch burg Dundee - Rot, Da, John, Christiane & Marg Flesher exer to umqll Christiane Yeoman sp to And Flescher of E Innerpeffer
4941617/11/4Band Testat Rot Stibill reider at Dundee - John & Rot Stibill exer to umqll Catherine Mylne sp to John Stibill baxter in Dundee
494Band Richard Black in Smyddiehill - And Wischart of Mourtoun
496Contract Ja Ramsay of Arbakie, Alex Ramsay his son, Catherine Inglis sp to Ja - Da Lindsay eld cit Brechin, Marg Ramsay his sp, Da Lindsay yr son of Da eld, Jonet Lindsay his sp, Rot Lindsay brother to David L yr
5021617/11/10Band Ja Collace sometime of Mylnden, Wm Fyiff in Buttergill - Charles Fullartoun of Syid?
5031617/11/17Band John Ogilvy in Langbank - Geo Campbell in Melgund
5041617/11/26Band Geo Symmer of Balzordie, Mr John Symmer his son, Wm Ouchterlony fear of Cairne - Robert Rollok eld cit Brechin, Th Ogilvy cit Brechin his son in law
5051617/11/26Band Geo Davidson in E Dolappie - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
506Band Th Ramsay in Achintullow - Da Noray & John Anderson exer to umqll Mr Geo Donaldson minister Dolappe
5071617/12/5Band John Leiche baillie cit Brechin, John Paterson merch cit Brechin - John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin
5081617/12/12Band Da Wyllie eld sometime in Banamone now in Tillepwne, Da Wyllie yr his son - Gilbert Nicolsone in Murelhous
5091617/12/12Band John Lawsone in Dod - John Arld? burg Forfar
5101618/1/16Band Ja Mourtoun skipper burg Dundee -Da Kinloch now of Abirbathrie eld son to umqll Da Kinloch of Abirbolhok, Grissell Hay his relict
5111618/1/18Band Da Sympsone in Howmuir of Carsgownie, John West there - John Speid of Achdownie
5121618/1/18Band Ja Inndrarrtie? In Symmerhill of Ballischone - John Ferrar in Cloack
5131618/1/26Contract Ja Ogilvy of Cloway - Alex Ogilvy of Glencallie, Jean Lyon his sp
5181618/1/28Band Geo Grimb in Strathe of Balbegnow, Geo Logie in Raw of Balmaine - John Cowie in Strathe of Balbegnow
5191618/2/7Band John Leiche baillie cit Brechin, John Patersone merch cit Brechin - John Fairwedder maltman cit Brechin
5201618/2/7Band John Leiche cit Brechin - John Patersone cit Brechin
5211618/3/11Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund - Th Rossie? Of Kynnereis
521Band Testat And Liddell maltman burg Dundee - Gilbert Thaine exer to umqll Catherine Barbar in Dundee his mother
5221618/3/18Band Wm James in Faskie - Ja Middone? Eld in Kincardine
5231618/4/11Discharge Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin - Th Wenton of Strickmartin, Da Lindsay of Balgayis
5241618/4/21Band And Wischart of Mourtoun, Ja Wischart of Pitarrow, Peter Leiper in Banff - Barbara Wischart relict to umqll Ja Arbuthnot of Leicushe?, Ja & Walter Arbuthnot hir sons
5261618/4/27Band Wm Walls son to umqll Ja Walls burg Forfar - And Huntar merc burg Forfar
5271618/4/27Discharge Richard Black in Smyddehill - Ja Smythe baxter cit Brechin
5281618/5/9Band David Beaton of Carsgownie, John Allardice of that ilk, John Allardice his brother - Robert Rollok elder cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr & Marg Rollok his son & dtr, Th Ogilvy her sp
5291618/5/9Band Testat Da Ogilvy of Newtoun - Jonet, Agnes, Ja , Wm, Alex & Wm? Burindes exer to umqll Catherine Alschende in Kirkhillokis
530Band Testat Wm Mackincoll in Inverriche - Jonet Beg exer to Bessie William spous to Ja Bege in Glenmarkie
530Band Testat Ja M in Srewchie - Ja Rinsall exer to umqll Gilbert Rinsall in Dulbenne his father
531Band Testat Alastar Barron in Frewchie - Da Spalding son & exer to umqll Ja Spalding in Bellitie
531Band Testat Da Ogilvy of Bellitie - Jonet Clark dtr & exer to umqll Da Clark in Bellitie
532Band Testat Da Ogilvy eld of Bellatie - Isobell & Jonet Allan dtrs & exer to umqll Ja Allan in Glenmarkie & umqll Jonet Clark his sp - Da Allan in Rantillete
533Band Testat John Roger in Mylntoun of Glennylla - John & Catherine Baxter & John Rotstoun her sp exer to umqll Barbara Baxter their sister
533Band Testat John Rokkit in Kilre - Isobell & Agnes Adamsone exer to umqll Agnes Glenny sp to Alex Adamsone at the Mylne of Trape their mothe
5341618/5/9Band Testat Walter Car?. In Newcraige - John, Wm & Helene Guthrie exer to umqll Christian Nitoun? In Iver Craige their guddan (grandmother?), Da Guthrie their father
534Band Pa Barclay son to George Barclay of Syid, Harry Wischart of Carnebege - Euphame Liddell relict to umqll And Watt merch cit Brechin
535Band John Williamsone now in Guynd - John Scrymgeour in Mylntoun of Connan
5361618/5/29Band Pa Lichtoun baillie burg Montrose, Ja Williamsone Burg Montrose - Pa Ogilvy brother to James Lord Ogilvy of Airlie
5381618/6/5Band Th Wobster at the Mylne of Fonetoun - John Allan wright now in Balbegne
5391618/6/5Band Wm Burgess elder & Wm Burgess yr in Mylntoun - John Muddrie at the New Mylne of Morphie
5401618/6/8Band John Carnegie in Eglisjohne, John Erskine minister De..
5411618/6/12Band Th Ventoun of Strickmartin, Da Lindsay of Balgayis, John Cummings in Balnabriche eld son to John Cummings of Carsbank, Geo Campbell in Melgund - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Marg Ogilvy his dtrWintoun of Strathmartine; Balgavies
5431618/6/12Band Wm Scot in Lytill Coull, John Ouchterlony in Baldukie, Alex Strachan yr of Brigtoun, John Mortimer in Parkfurd, And Brune in Lytill Coull - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5441618/6/18Band Ja Ramsay of Arbeikie, Alex Ramsay his son, Mr Th Ramsay commissar clerk Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Marg Rollok his sp, Rot Rollok yr cit Brechin, Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin their father
545Contract And Grey of Lour - John Gray burg Montrose his brother
5511618/6/27Contract John Moncour of Blacokmuir - Walter Done & James Cant the Mylne of Blacokmuir
5521618/7/1Band John Douglas of Tillequhillie - John Andersone burg Montrose
5531618/7/7Band Testat Pa Davidsone merch burg Dundee brother to umqll Wm Davidsone eld merchant burg Dundee - Barbara Jack his relict, Isobell, Grissell, Marg, Catherine, Rot & Wm Davidsone their children
5541618/7/16Band Henry Smythe port of Bonnitoun of Arbroath - John Hodgtoun servitor to Ja Ardeis of Pittarry
5561618/7/21Band Da Archibald in Glennessack, Henry Fairwedder in Blainow, And Archibald in Pitmuddie - Rot Rollok elder cit Brechin, Rot Rollok yr his son, Marg Rollok his dtr, Th Ogilvy her sp
5571618/7/25Band Richard Black in Smyddehill - Jonet Gall relict to umqll Alex Cob cit Brechin
5581618/8/18Band John Smyth provest in Kynnell, Mr Pa Carnegie chalmerlaine of Arbroath, Alex Peter merch burg Arbroath - Bessie Schort sp to John Brune indweller in ??.., Ja Brune hir son
5601618/8/19Band Th Mylne in Inschewen - Geo Campbell of Melgund, Da Barclay of W Achlewchrie
5611618/8/31Band Ja Fairwedder at the Kirk of Menmuir - Ja Law in Auchferfie, John Edzeir in Balconnall
5621618/9/7Disposition Hugh Maxwell yr of Teillin - Geo Robertsone in W Dog
563Band John Lyon earl of Kingorne lord Lyon and Glamis and his curators, James Marquis of Hamilton, John earl of Mar, Wm Earl of Mortoun, Wm Earl of Tullobardyne, Dame Anna Murray countess of Kingorne our mother - Th Lyon son to umqll Sir Th :yon of Auldbar
5661618/9/28Band John Gold in Stracathrow, Da Makysone in Mylnden - Th Strachan in Balnamone
5681618/10/1Band Alex Strachan in Raw of Balmaine - Walter Ramsay brother to Da Ramsay of Balmaine
568Band Rot Mongomerie in Haltoun - Alex Lyell of Balmaleidde
5691618/10/12Band Testat John Erskine of Tayock - Alex Douglas son & exer to umqll John Doglas of Tillequhillie
5701618/10/19Band John Traill in Sandfurd, James Traill - Mr Da Lindsay in Cheppeltoun
5721618/10/19Band Rot Lin burg Arbroath - Mr Geo Aikman burg Arbroath
5731618/10/26Band Geo Sibbald in Carntoun - Jean Walker in Over Cragnestoun
5741618/10/26Band Alex Cargill & John Cargill tennants in town lands of Reidlackie - Ja Ogilvy of Cloway, Jean Herning his sp
5761618/11/4Band Rot Skein in Farfodw - And Wischart of Muirtoun
5771618/11/7Contract Sir Rot Graham of Morphie, John Earl of Montrose Lord Graham - John Norie notar cit Brechin, Christian Stratton relict of umqll Alex bishop of Caitnis, Wm Forbes eld son to sd bishop Alex - Sir Rot Graham of Scotstoun son to the umqll Earl of Montrose
5831618/11/11Band John Watsone in Symmerhill of Ballischone - Alex Fyiff burg MontroseBolshan
585Band Andrew Buoick in Mursyid of Ballischone - Alex Fyiff burg MontroseBolshan
5861618/11/11Band Alex Fyiff in Symmerhill of Ballinschone - Alex Fyiff burg MontroseBolshan
5871618/11/11Band John Cant in Damheid of Ballinschone - Alex Fyiff burg MontroseBolshan
5881618/11/11Band Th Johnston in the Border of Leys - Alex Fyiff burg Montrose
5891618/11/11Band And Bowack, Pa Stewart, Anna Ferguson, Alex Inneraritie, Da Inneraritie in Symmerhill & Muirsyd of Ballinschone - Alex Fyiff burg MontroseBolshan
5901618/11/12Band And Brune in Lytill Coull, Ja Brune in W Ogill, Alex Brune in Watterhauche, Ja Fenton son to Ja Fenton sometime of W Ogill - Da Ramsay messenger Brechin
5921618/11/14Factory Rot Irving lieutenant to captain Alex Wischart of Vallisdorp - Gilbert Irving his brother
5941618/11/16Band Hugh Roge in Burnheid of Achnadey, Christopher Alite in Achnadei, Th Gibsone there - Ja Bannerman burg Forfar, Jeane Spalding his sp
5961618/11/16Band Ja Strachan in Conamie, John Strachan in the Bank of Balloquhe, Mr Alex Purvois in Balloquhe, Ja Fettons in Pt - Mariore Lyell relict to umqll Th Arnott in Cheppeltoun
5971618/11/17Band Alex Adam in Lochtie, Wm Adam in Bogtoun of Balhall his brother - Agnes Findlasone relict to umqll Alex Stevenson merch cit Brechin, Alex Bellie skynner now her sp
5991618/11/18Band Da Symmer burg Montrose, John Ramsay son to umqll captain Alex Ramsay cit Brechin - Rot Findlasone skynner cit Brechin
6001618/11/23Band Da Caittnes vobster in Ballinsgart - John Ferne taylor in BrabinerhillBallinsagart?
6011618/11/23Band Paul Stratton in Balmaleiddie, And Greig in Middiltoun - And Wischart of Mourtoun
6031618/11/26Alex Quhyt in Leuchland - Mr Alex Bissatt minister Brechin, Mr Hugh? Spittall in Brechin - John Rea cit Brechin, Da Muheill? cit Brechin, umqll Th Coupar in Brechin
6041618/11/26Contract Mr Da Pearson in Bracktullo - John Wod in Dunbarrow - And Stevenson in Dunbarrow, umqll John Stevenson - Mr Pa Wod
6071618/12/1Band John Duncan baxter cit Brechin, Isobell Hoy his sp, Wm Mourtoun cit Brechin, John Mourtoun his eld son - John Henderson baxt cit Brechin, Helene Kirk his sp
6081618/12/4Band And Greige in Middiltoun, Geo Wyllie in Middiltoun - Wm Ballintyne skynner in Montrose
6101618/12/8Contract Sir Harry Lindsay of Carrestoun, Geo Lindsay his eld son - Th Lyell of Murthill, Da Beaton of Carsgownie, John Cumming eld of Carsbank, Ja Beaton of Westhall
6131618/12/14Band Alex Clark in Rossie, Ja Clark in Coull - Alex Arnot in Scotstoun, Da Arrot his son
6141618/12/14Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in Balbenne, Elizabeth Lindsay his sp - Da Bellie eld merch cit Brechin
6161618/12/15Band Geo Wat in Kindrochit, And Bellie there, Rot Neische there, John Black & Alex Daikeris there, John Guthrie in Wodend - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6181618/12/16Band Martins Renny indweller in Montrose - Alex Hakkit servitor to John Graham of Heilleveik
6191618/12/18Band Wm Young cit Brechin, Th Johnestoun servitor sometime to Sir Th Lyon of Auldbar - Ja Dempster cit Brechin
6201618/12/21Band Th Law in Haltoun, Ja Jack in Haltoun - John Mddrie at the Mylne of Morphie
6221618/12/29Band John Hind in Kethik, Alex Hind his brother, John Quheitt penddarar cit Brechin - John Maitland taylor cit Brechin
6231618/12/31Band Alex Adam in Lochtie - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
6251619/1/4Band Da Lindsay of Edzell, Lord Da Carnegie - Ja Ross in the Wood of Dalboy
6261619/1/4Band And Duncan in Auld Montrose, Allan & Pa Lennox in the Cottertoun? Of Montrose - John Wallintyne maltman burg Montrose
6281619/1/4Band And Duncan in Auld Montrose, Henry Duncan in Gettsyid - John Wallantyne burg Montrose
6291619/1/15Marriage contract Contract Walter Arnot in Halkhill, John Arnot in Balkeillie his brother - Mr Da Pearson common clerk of Forfar, Helen Gardyne his sp relict of Rot Stevenson of Bractullo, John Stevenson eld son to Helen G, Jonet Stevenson dtr to Helen G
6331619/1/22Band Wm Nanchtie at Mylne of Dolappie - Alex Michell at Mylne of SklaitfurdDunlappie; Slateford
635Marriage contract Ja Baid maltman burg Dundee - John Sturrok in Nethertoun of Liff, Isobell Sturrok his dtr, Crokkit relict & exer to umqll John Sturrok merch burg Dundee
6371619/2/6Band Alex Gardyne of Lytill Futhie - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6391619/2/6Band Geo Symmer edl son to Geo Symmer eld of Balzordie, Mr John Symmer his son , Ja Ramsay minister Tannadice, John Symmer fear of Brathinsche, And Wischart of Mourtoun - Mr Ja Eliott minister Fynnevin - Ja Dempster of E Eglismaldie, John Dempster his son
6411619/2/6Band Testat Alex Kyd eld merch burg Dundee - Pa Kyd baillie Dundee exer to umqll Archibald Kyd his father
6421619/2/6Band Testat Wm Strachan cordiner burg Dundee - Da Patton merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Jonet Anderson his sp
6431619/2/6Band Testat Pa Guthrie merch burg Dundee - Pa, Elspet & Marg Guthrie children & exer to umqll Helene Dynneris sp to John Guthrie merch burg Dundee
6441619/2/6Band Testat Th Wichtane notar burg Dundee - John Scrymgeour Of Kirktoun exer to umqll Gilbert Scrymgeour his brother
6451619/2/6Band Testat Alex Kinnimonthe Walker burg Dundee - Marg, Christian, Jonet & Elspet Boyack exer to umqll Elspet Scot sp to And Bouysack maltman burg Dundee
6461619/2/6Band Testat Rot Lin lister burg Dundee, Rot Browne cordiner burg Dundee - Christian Maiddin relict to umqll Wm Guthrie merch burg Dundee, Pa Gilbert & Wm Guthrie his sons
6471618/2/8Band John Melville of Dysart - Wm Ruthven son to Wm Ruthven of Baldein, Ja Ruthven
6491619/2/16Band John Kar in Englistoun of Essie - John Symmer servitor to the Master of OgilvyEassie
6501619/2/16Band Testat Rot Erskine merch burg Montrose - Elspet, Marg, Jean, Helen Beattie children & exer to umqll And Beattie yr burg Montrose, And Beattie elder, John Beattie his son, John Gardyne burg Montrose
6511619/2/17Band umqll Wm Fyiff - John Speid of Auhdowie
6531619/3/1Band Damall Watsone maltman burg Arbroath - Wm Ouchterlony of Cairne
6541619/3/2John Mortoun port of Megginsche - John Ramsay merch burg Dundee - Elspet Creall dtr to umqll Rot Creall merch burg Dundee
6551619/3/2Contract? Mr John Mow burg Dundee, Elspet Creall dtr to umqll Rot Creall merch burg Dundee & Jonet Jack his relict and now sp of John Bathgait notar indweller Dundee
6571619/3/3Contract Rot Fyiff in Buttergill tutor to Da Fyiff son to umqll Alex Fyiff in Somshill, Marg Fyiff dtr to sd umqll Alex & Marg Dymeis his sp, Helene Blowhous dtr to Marg F - And Thomsone at Mekill Mylne of Brechin - Alex Knox at Mekill Mylne of Brechin - Th Blewhous in Fordes of Dwne - umqll Wm Fyiff in ButergillFordhouse of Dun
6641619/3/15Band John Oudny of Kethik, And Oudny his eld son - John Wuidrouie eld merch cit Brechin
665Da Barclay of Mathers - Ja, Da, Rot, Euphame & Elspet Barclay his children, umqll Elspet Livingston their mother
668Da Barclay of Mathers - Harry Barclay his son, umqll Elspet Livingstone his mother
670Da Barclay of Mathers - Marg Barclay his 2nd dtr, Elspet Livingstone her mother, Laird of Laurestoun and Donapace, Ja Livingstone of Quhytfeild, John Barclay of Johnston
673Da Barclay of Mathers - Alex Barclay his 2nd son, Elspet Livingstone his mother
675Da Barclay of Mathers - Anna Barclay his eld dtr, Elspet Livingstone her mother
6781619/3/24Band John Humble flescher cit Brechin - Da Brokhaus baxter cit Brechin
6791619/3/24Band Testat Th Clayhills master of the Veyhous of Dundee - Th Clark exer to umqll Th Clark skipper in the North Fere of Tay his father & Mariore Leis his relictNorth Ferry
6801619/3/31Band Testat Ja Hodge skynner burg Dundee - Elspet Hodge exer to umqll Jonet Yeoman sp to John Hodge mariner burg Dundee her mother
6821619/4/3Band Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykis - Geo Wright notar cit Brechin
6831619/4/3Band Testat Wm Ramsay messr burg Dundee - John Mylne yr merch burg Dundee, umqll Elspet Duncan his sp
6841619/4/5Band And Andersone son to umqll And Andersone burg Forfar, Helen Wod his mother, Wm Andersone his brother - Da Wod cordiner burg Forfar
6871619/4/15Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund, John Guthrie in Wodend of Kellok - Wm Carnegie cit Brechin, Barbara Sand his sp
6881619/4/17Band Geo Millar in Somshill - umqll Marg Drymmes relict of umqll Alex Fyiff in Somshill - Th Blowhous
6901619/4/26Band Geo Cob in Bogsyd, John Cob in Tullow - Th Cob in Petmuddy their brother
6921619/4/26Band Testat Wm Farquharson in Cragmatie, umqll John Farquharson in Cragmatie his father, Marg Ogilvy his mother
6931619/4/27Band Testat Sir Geo Auchinleck of Balmano - Dame Elizabeth Auchinleck Lady of Glenbervie relict & exer to umqll Sir Rot Douglas of Glenbervie
6941619/4/28Band Testat And Scrymgeour fear of Fordie - John Campbell apperand of Rinddell? Exr to umqll Pa Campbell in Cleointoun
6961619/5/8Band John Fullartoun of Kynnaber, John Browne clerk of Montrose, Ja Guthrie burg Montrose - umqll John Vleatton alias Clepan burg Montrose
6971619/5/10Band John Black in Kindrochit, Wm Thomson in Balnbriche - Geo Watt & Rot Neische in Kindrochwod
6991619/5/10Band Da Sympsone son to umqll Wm Sympsone in Gask - Helene Wod relict to umqll Archibald Anderson burg Forfar
7011619/5/17Contract John Striuiling of Brakie, John Striuiling his eld son - Pa Ogilvy brother to James Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, Isobell Murray his sp - Th Ogilvy cit BrechinStirling of Easter Braikie
7041619/5/17Band John Stirling of Brakie, Ja Stirling his eld son - Pa Ogilvy brother to James Ogilvy Lord Ogilvy of Airlie - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
7071619/5/21Band Wm Smyth in Drumgleg - Ja Bannerman burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
7091619/5/21Marriage contract Da Dequhar eld in Gemordie, Da Dewquhar his eld son - Th Gib at Burne of Carbuddow, Barbara Gib his dtr
7121619/5/24Band Wm Greig in Fullartoun, John Greig in Balkellie & Th Greig his son - John Ouchterlony writer Brechin
7131619/5/24Band Donnall Watsone maltman burg Arbroath - John Wod in Bothe
7151619/6/4Band Hercules Dalgatie - Alex Durham, Elizabeth Nevay his sp
7171619/6/14Band Ja Guthrie of Auchmutie, Rot Guthrie of Kinblathmont, John Der & Wm Broun in Auchmutie - John Ouchterlony maltman burg ArbroathAuchmithie; Kinblethmont
719Decret John Moreis in Wandershill - umqll Wm Fyiff in Buttergill, Ja, Alex, Jonet & Marg his exer
720Da Black in Scannahe - umqll Wm Fyiff in Buttergill
7211619/6/19Band Wm Ogilvy in Campsie son to umqll Ja Ogilvy of Innerkeillor, John Ramsay in Newtoun, Alex Irnis in Kynnard Alex Ogilvy of Achquharas - Da & Wm Ogilvy sons to umqll Da Ogilvy sometime in Hill of Achicothe - Oliver Ogilvy in Murheid, Alex Ogilvy of Achcharoche, Da Dewquhar of that ilk, John Fenton in Kellor
7231619/6/19Band Henry Richart in Burnsyid, John Richart his son - Gilbert Ouchterlony maltman burg Arbroath
724Band Alex Fraser in Caldstreame, John Fraser his son - Arthur Stratton in Insche of Disteane
726Band Richard Black in Smyddehill - Arthur Stratton in Insche of Arnehall
727Band Ja Adame in Cottoun of Balwkie, Wm Humble in Cottoun of Lytill Coull - And Lyon brother to Ja Lyon of E Ogill
7281619/6/30Contract Ja Ramsay of Ogill, Ja Ramsay fear of Ogill his son - Ja Fenton somtime of W Ogill, Wm Guthrie fear thereof?, Ja Fenton, Rot Fenton - Mr Ja Eliott, John Symmer yr of Brathinsche, Ja Lindsay eld
7311619/7/1Band Wm Mourtoun cit Brechin, John Mourtoun his eld son - Catherine Thaine relict to umqll John Mourtoun cit Brechin
7321619/7/1Band Mr Th Mongomerie, Rot Collace of Balnamone, John Collace fear of Balnamone - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
7351619/7/7Band John Wilsone in Kincraige - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
7361619/7/7Band Wm Spens in Kincraige, John Scott in Vuiderge officer to the Earl of Mar - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
7381619/7/12Band Alex Johnstone in Vane, And Cowie in Berehill of Glennesk - Alex Gellie in Tillearblit
739Decret Harry Guthrie in Meameis, Da Mylne at Mylne of Meamis, Wm Smuth in Mains of Guthrie - umqll Wm Fyiff in Buttergill
7411619/7/26Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund - Alex Watt wright cit Brechin
7421619/7/29Band Henry Richartsone in Burnsyd - Mr Da Lindsay in Chepeltoun his master
7431619/8/3Decret Arbitral Alex Dewquhar in Grenfurd of Kellie - Ja Scott sometime in Watterstoun now in Balnabriche - John Oudny of Kethick, John Ramsay commissar of Brechin, Alex Lundie
7491619/8/2Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund - Alex Cramond in Polyglassie
7511619/8/6Band Mr Da Erskine future sp to Marg Erskine dtr to umqll Th Erskine of Quhytfeild, Rot Erskine of Ardeistie father to Da E - Isobell Fraser relict to sd umqll Th E, Ja Levingstone now her sp, John Erskine minister at Dwne & Mr Wm Erskine his brother
7531619/8/6Band Testat John Parp maltman burg Dundee - Marg Broun relict to umqll Henry Holmes in Dundee
7541619/8/9Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund, Wm Bellie in Nethertoun of Melgund - Marg Erskine dtr to Rot Erskine cit Brechin & Helene Liddell
756Band Henry Guthrie skynner burg Forfar - John Findlow burg Montrose, Wm Carnegie cit Brechin
7571619/8/10Band Henry Smythe port of Bruntoun - Mr Ja Hay minister Forge?
758Band John Lamb in Balkeillie, Wm Lamb his son, Ja Mylne in Bonitoun - Alex Hendrie in Hill of Balwyillo
759Decret now umqll Wm Fyiff - Rot Dempster in Nether Carrestoun - Wm Fyiff in Buttergill
7611619/8/19Band Richart Black in Smyddehill - Ja Findlow in W Inglismaldie
763Band Geo Quhytt in Leuchland - Rot Crammond in Brechin
7641619/9/9Band Th James flescher burg Montrose - Ja Scott burg Montrose
7651619/9/15Band John Melville of Dysart - Wm Ruthven yr of Ballanden
7661619/9/20Band Alex Fairwedder in Baldardie - Ja Peter in Dymnhin?
767Band Da Smythe in Fordes of Dwne, Mariore Young his sp - Ja Scott eld leschour burg Montrose
7681619/9/27Band Th Greig in Fullartoun, Da Cob in W Mains of Rossie - Alex Arnot in Scotstoun
7701619/9/27Band John Hepburn eld in Mourtoun, John Hepburn yr his son - John Noray master of Maisondew
7711619/10/4Band John Melville of Dysart, Helen Ramsay his sp - John Ramsay indweller Montrose
7721619/10/6Band Geo Malde portioner of Ardow - Ja Fyiff his brother in law
773Band Geo Wallantyne in Pitgarwie - And Forfar in Thornnehill of Balbegnow
7751619/10/11Band Alex Barclay in W Mathers, Th Mylne in Loggie - Walter Jamesone merch burg Montrose, And Lambe in Dynnenald
7771619/10/11Band Th Mylne in Loge, Alex Barclay in Mathers - Walter Jamesone burg Montrose
779Band John Carnegie in Kuictwne - John Reid son to John Reid in Braidmuir
780Band Th Fenton in Kirktoun of Kincoldrum - John Reid taylor in Kincoldrum
781Decret Walter Lindsay in Sklaitfurd - Marg & Marie Erskine dtrs to umqll Th Erskine of Quhytfeild
783Band Ja Leucharis in Markhous, Ja Ramsay minister Tannadice, Wm Leucharis in Tannadice - Alex Cokburne in Balgillie
7841619/10/30Band John Symmer son to Rot Symmer sometime in Clethie - Th Findlosone in Nathrow
7861619/10/30Band And Gibsone in Haltoun of Kynnell - Ja Peittes in Rymmuir
7871619/11/4Band And Michell in Nether Balmakewin - John Loucheane cordiner Montrose
789Band John Hereis in Caldhame - Wm Thounstfithle? In Caldhame
7901619/11/8Contract Sir Harry Lindsay of Carriestoun - John Rea, Da Michell, Ja Gardiner all maltmen cits Brechin - Wm Mourtoun cit Brechin - Rot Dempster in Nether Cariestoun, John Watt sometime in Balnabriche, Ja Reid in Midildrumes
7931619/11/10Band Mr Da Jamesone burg Dundee - Da Flescher merch burg Dundee exer to umqll Elizabeth Ramsay relict to umqll Ja Forestar burg Dundee
7941619/11/13Band Geo Stewart in Drymme - Geo Wischart yr of Drymme
7951619/11/15Band Ja Dugund eld in Fettercarne - Patrick Muddie now in Raw of Balmane, Pa Falconer of Newtoun
7971619/11/15Band John Neische in Balnabriche, John Gibsone in Mekill Balgillie - Alex Lange in Cotton of Baduikie
7981619/11/15Band And Brune in Lytill Coull - Alex Laynge in Baldwikie
7991619/11/15Band Ja Clark in Coull, Alex Scott in Lytill Coull, Da Clark there, Ja Adame in Balduicke - Alex Lange in Balduckie
8001619/11/15Band And Greige in Middiltoun of Halcartoun, Geo Wyllie there - Wm Wallantyne skynner burg Montrose
8021619/11/16Band John Erskine tutor & minister of Dwne - John Speid of Achdowne
8031619/11/16Band John Erskine tutor & minister of Dwne - Da liddell merch cit Brechin
8051619/11/16Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund - And Lyon cit Brechin
8061619/11/17Band John Symmer fear of Brathinsche, Da Barclay of Auchleinhrie, Wm Guthrie fear of tha ilk, John Symmer eld of Brathinsche - John Dempster sometime of Balrovnie
8081619/11/17Band Mr Rot Durhame son to Mr John Durhame minister Monekie - John Hamilton chalmerlane of Arbroath
8091619/11/17Band Ja Sympsone in Conansythe - John Hamilton chalmerlane of Arbroath
8101619/11/18Band Th Greig in Fullartoun, Wm Greig in Auld Montrose his father - Wm Ruthven of Gardyne
8121619/11/20Band Mariore Graham relict to umqll Rot Graham at Mylne of Auld Montrose - John Williamsone of Newmanswalls, John Noray cit Brechin, John Andersone yr burg Montrose, Wm Stevenson burg Montrose
8141619/11/22Band John Guthrie in Lytill Mylne - Walter Carncross in Carbege?
8151619/11/22Band John Smythe in Kynnell, John Hamilton chalmerlane of Arbroath - Mr Ja Philip schoolmaster Arbroath, Marg Aikman his sp
8161619/11/23Band John Cumming of Carsbank, John Cumming his eld son, Wm Fyiff in Buttergill - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
8171619/11/27Band Mr And Drummond minister Panbryd - Wm Ruthven son to Wm Ruthven of Gardyne
8191619/11/29Band And Smythe in Kinblathmont - Wm Austeane in Cottoun of Redcastle, Wm Mylne in Raismylne, Th Mylne in Kirktoun of Innverkeillor
8211619/11/29Band John Ouchterlony in Corralhill, Harry Lindsay in the Vaine - Pa Ogilvy of Bendoquheie
8231619/11/30Band Rot Mortimer in Aikenhatt, Rot Samsone in Raweilgdin, John Dargie there, John Mylne at Mylne of Fenton, Wm Black at Corralhill Mylne - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
8251619/12/3Band Sir Harry Lindsay of Cariestoun, Wm Michell in Braklow, Rot Allardis there, And Spens there, Da Jack in Lytill Watterstoun, Mr Ja Beaton at Carrestoun Mylne, John Cummings yr in Balnabriche, John Glrn in Nether Carrestoun - Rot Rollok eld cit Brechin
8291619/12/6Contract John Man minister Menmuir, Geo Symmer apperand of Balzordie - Da Archibald, Catherine Pofeit his sp
8321619/12/9Band Th Peirsone in Torfache, Ja Peirsone his eld son, Da Curror? In Denheid - Joh Guthrie in Stoame of Mamus
8341619/12/10Band Wm Sector in Schenfur - Wm Smart in Kindrochewod, Elizabeth Bane his sp
8361619/12/11Band Geo Watt in Kindrochet, Rot Neische ther, Jonet Jack & Agnes Hantoun tennants in Kindrochwod - Pa Blair in Lagtounhill?
8371619/12/11Band John Rynd in W Dod - Alex Patton brabiner burg Forfar
8391619/12/13Band John Cumming yr fear of Carsbank, And Daisin in Cragend, Wm Bellie in Nether Melgund, John Symmer in Fomai?., Wm Thomson in Balnabriche - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
8411619/12/13Band Alex Robertsone in Keremuir - Rot Wobster merch cit Brechin
8421619/12/21Band John Leiche cit Brechin - Helene Clephan Lady Fedowrie
8431619/12/28Band Wm Sympsone in S Melgund, John Guthrie, Da Taylor in Muirsyd - Wm Carnegie flescher cit Brechin, Barbara Sand his sp
845Band Da Taylor in Muirsyd - Barbara Sand relict to umqll Ja Kenzow merch cit Brechin

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