Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/3: Register of Deeds, etc., 12 May 1610 to 31 Oct 1614

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/3 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own & it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes & sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: citiner [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


11610/5/12Contract David Gardyne of Leys - David Philip
1William Guthrie in Wester Ogill & Bessie Futhie his spouse - John Ogilvie of Cotzenne
2Thomas Thomsone son of umqll David Thomson in Haiche of Brechin - Alexander Lindsay sometime of Rultrame?
3Patrick Lyon in Mwrtoun of Tannadice son of umqll James Lyon of Easter Ogill - James Lyon of Easter Ogill his brother
5James Beaton of Melgund - Margaret Crammond relict of umqll captain Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin
7James Graham & Robert Graham his eldest son - John Speid of Aichdowie, Robert Erskyne cit Brechin
9James Lewquhairis in Merkus - George Home chalmerlene to Lord of Mar on behalf of Thomas Thomson sometime in Haiche of Brechin & now in CraigendMarcus; Haugh of Brechin
10William Alischende son of umqll John Alischende portioner of Petlochre - David Ogilvie of Belletie
12John Piggot in Kerremuir - David Ogilvy of Belletie
131610/6/13John Clark in Bellitie - David Ogilvie of Neidis
15George Proseit in Westertoun of Dolappie - John SmythDunlappie
16Alexander Fotheringham in Monekeis, Charles F his brother - Andrew Lindsay in Lecqnoby
18Henry Futhie sometime of Ballischok - David AndersoneFithie; Boysack
19Harry Guthrie oy & air to umqll Wm Guthrie of Halcartoun - Alexander Melvill som of umqll Th Melvill of DyschitDysart
22Alexander Strachan of Thorntoun - Alexander Lindsay fractioner of Brodland & John Lindsay his son & air - Andrew Wischart of Numtoun commissioner of captain Alexander Wischart his brother
29Alexander Strachan of Thorntoun - Alexander Lindsay fractioner of Brodland & John Lindsay his son & air - Andrew Wischart of Numtoun commissioner of captain Alexander Wischart his brother
31John Lyon in Nether Balgillie, Martha Guthrie his sp, William Lyon his father - Alexander Cockburn in Murtoun, Euphame Lyon his sp
42Alexander Lindsay of Kethik, James Livingston, John Oudny - David Barclay of Wester Auchleuchre, David Rossie of that ilk, David Livingstone of Newtoun
46Thomas Thomson son of umqll David Thomson in Haiche of Brechin - James Leucharis at the Mylne of Markhous his brother?Marcus
48Walter Ogstoun of Fettercairne - William Mitchell in Sklaitfurd
50Jonet Barrie in Migvie relict of umqll Alexander Lokkie in Migvie - William Muresone in Dirrache
51William Brown in Middiltoun of Gardyne - Thomas Gardyne in Legastoun
53John Pitcairne in Dumbartnot - James Macken burg MontroseDrumbertnot
54William Fell burg in Dundee, David Pearsone maltman burg in Dundee - Margaret Carnie inhabitant in Dundee - Magdalene Adesone, relict of umqll David Pearsone burg in Dundee, & Matilda Pearsone her dtr - William Duff sp of sd Magdalene
56Patrick Wod of Bonnytoun, Nicolas Wardlaw Lady Bonnytoun his sp, Harry Wod fear of Bonnytoun - Mr Richard Meluill of Baldovie assigned by John Fullartoun of Kynnaber yr, Wm Barclay burg in Montrose, Mariore Meluill his sp & David Barclay their son
58Marriage contract - Thomas Gruib at the Mylne of Sklaitfurd, George Gruib his son - John Cowie at the Styill of Brodgettis, Christine Cowie his dtr
60Gedione Guthrie sp of Jonet Fullertoun relict of umqll David Lindsay in Bonitoun - John Fullartoun yr of Kynnaber guid brother [brother in law?] of Gideone G
62John Thomson in Putquhorty of Arbuthnot - Harry Arbuthnot in Drwmzochar
64Lilias Gray Lady Drumkilbow as principal, Alexander Jamesone in Newtoun of Lownand [Lunan?] as cautioner - James Hoigstone at the Mylne of Lownand [Lunan?]
66Wm Butchart at the Mylne of Kincreiche - Andrew Lindesone in Little Leckoq---
68David Jamesone of Achnacre, John Symmer in Fermertoun, John Findlasone in Trosb - Margaret Crammond relict of umqll captain Alexander Ramsay
70John Souttar in Wester Hiltoun of Waterstoun, James Aikenheid in W Hilstoun of Waterstoun, Andrew Gib in Windschor - David Jamesone in Aichnacrie, John Symmer in Fermerstoun, John Findlasone in Trost
71Henry Beaton at Bysock Mylne - Mr James Futhie son of Henry Futhie of BandeicheBoysack; Fithie; Bandoch
72James ... in Panlathie, David Kyd in Newtoun of Arbirlot - Wm Kaird in Mylntoun of Carmyllie
74Harry Wod of Bonnytoun - Alexander Kair indweller in Edinburgh?
75Marriage contract - John Belly at the Mylne of Lethnott, James belly his son - Andrew Bellie in Kyndroch, Jonet Belly his dtr
78Wm Belly burg Forfar - Arthur Erskine of Burnesyde
79John Oudny in Pitforthie - David Ramsay fear of Balmaine, Thomas Mylne in Logie, Mr Thomas Montgomerie minister at Logie Montrose
81Jeane Erskyne executrix to umqll Patrick Panter of Newmanswalls - Christiane Tullow his sister dtr, James Tullow in Inschegray her father
82Jeane Erskyne executrix to umqll Patrick Panter of Newmanswalls - John Fettous his servant & tennant in Gallowtoun
83John Pittbladdow in Nethertoun of Melgund - Gideon Guthrie portioner of Balnabriche
84Elizabeth Kinnimonth alias Lour, John Wod of Inschoik her sp - David Barclay son of George Barclay of Syd, George Barclay brother of David - Margaret Crammond, John Ramsay her son
86George Grow in Auchmethie - Patrick Carnegie chalmerlene of Arbroath
88Wm Hardie burg Montrose - Walter Scot cit Brechin
89David Smart skipper burg Dundee - James, Margaret, Grissell & Elspet Lichtone children of Margaret Narne & Andrew Lichton tymmerman burg Dundee
90Mr Dougall Campbell dean of Brechin - John Pattersone merch cit Brechin
91Alexander Merschell of Auchuacrie - James Ramsay minister at Tannadise
93John Douglas burg Dundee, Isobell Lyon relict of umqll John Blair in Dundee, John Blair his son
94Wm Rynd of Carss - Archibald Andersone burg Forfar
95James Scot burg Montrose guidsone [son in law or grandson] to Wm Davidsone - Richard, Wm, Elspet & Margaret Davidsone children of umqll Wm Davidsone burg Dundee - Jonet Wedderburne
97David Beaton of Carsgowne - Thomas Gardyne of Legastoun
98John, Margaret & Helen Allan executrix to umqll John Allan in W Futhie - James Car in Meikill Carcairy
99John Leiche cit Brechin, umqll Wm Guthrie sometyme of Kingenny & W Balfour - George Wright notar in Brechin
100John Lindsay brother to umqll Alexander Lindsay of Cultrenny, Catherine Stratton sp of John L - Henry Findlasone in Leddinheid
101Margaret Dempster exer to umqll Charles Dempster her brother son of umqll Charles Dempster of Balrownie & James Dempster now her sp - James Clark in Coull, John Nicoll maltman in Brechin
102Wm Scheir maltman burg Dundee, Margaret Watsone cautioner for Margaret Kyd exer to umqll Margaret Gardyne her guidhame [grandmother]
103Marriage contract - John Birnie at the New Mylne of Ferne - Wm Muresone in Coull, Isobell Muresone his dtr
106John Oudny in Over Pitforthie, Elizabeth Oudny his dtr, Andrew Oudny yr cit Brechin - John Grinb? cit in Brechin exer to umqll George Gruid? merch cit his brother
107Alexander Striviling at Mariekirk, James Findlor at Mariekirk John Carnegie at Mariekirk - David Kethe in Balhagartie
108James Call wright burg in Montrose - John Williamsone merch burg in Montrose
110Andrew Oudny yr cit Brechin - John Oudny in Pitforthie, Elizabeth Oudny his dtr now sp of Andrew O
112James Dempster of Easter Inglismaldie, John Dempster his eldest son, James Dempster at the Mylne of Lithe son of James Dempster elder - George Symmer eldest son of George Symmer elder of Balzordie
114John Scrymgeour of Glasuall - John Spalding in Balbegnot
116George Liddell burg Forfar, Isobell Liddell his dtr, umqll Jonet Wood his sp, umqll James Wood Isobells grandfather
117John Traill elder merch burg Dundee, Thomas Traill burg in Dundee his brother, umqll Jonet Traill dtr of Thomas
118Henry Futhie of Muirhouse, Bessie Futhie relict of umqll Wm Guthrie in Ogill, James Guthrie their son, John Leiche cit Brechin - George Wright notar in BrechinFithie
120Andrew Allane in Lugdgnutoun of Mameis - John Allane in CrammondMemus?
121Andrew Tullow in Inschegray - Catherine Tullow dtr of Richard Tullow in Inschegray
123Patrick Arbuthnot in Pitforthie - James Tullow brother to Richard Tullow in Inschegray
124James Leucharis in Markhous, Alexander Skair in Murhillok - Jean Kinnear relict of umqll Thomas ErskineMarcus
126Patrick Beaton in Kirksyid, Archibald Greig in Fordoun - James Tullow in Inschegray
128James Findlason on Ordie - Alexander Wall burg in Forfar
129Alexander Cant in Acheris - Gilbert Barclay in Dalba, George Barclay his son
131Robert Strachan of Croftis, Alexander Strachan his son - Andrew Maule of Guildie
132John Hendrie in Kirremuir - Alexander Michell in Schilhill
134Robert Erskine at the Mylne of Dwne, Mr Alexander Erskine his brother, Hercules Taylor burg in Montrose - Andrew Beattie burg MontroseDun
136Laurence Oliphant of Nether Turingis - Richard Morgome burg Forfar
137Alexander Clark in Dwnnynald, Wm Brown in Middiltoun of Gardyne - Robert Gray in Firthe of PanmureDunninald
139Marriage contract - James Stewart in Sklaitfurd, Elizabeth Stewart his dtr - Wm Mylne in Ballotche
140James Findlason baillie burg in Dundee, David , James Davidson only son to umqll James Davidson burg in Dundee & Thomas Davidson burg in Dundee his uncle
142Patrick Quhytlaw portioner of Mylntoun of Connane, Robert Maxwell of Gotherstoun - David Archer eldest son to umqll Duncan Archer in the Mylntoun of ConnanConon
144John Ogilvie in Drummes, John Dalkeris in Kindrochit, Andrew Belly in Kindrochit, Charles Clark in Kindrochit, George Watt in Kindrochit - Patrick Blair son to Wm Blair of Balgillo, John Dempster sometime of Balrovne
146James Findlason in Ordy, George Findlasone sometime cit Brechin - David Michell maltman cit Brechin
147Alexander Fyiff burg Montrose, James, David, John, Patrick & Thomas Fyiff his sons, umqll Jean Fyiff dtr to Alexander & sometime sp of David Thayne in Pwie, John Fullartoun of Kinnaber
151David Fyiff in Mains of Carmyllie - Alexander Sympsone in Clokisbrigis, umqll Wm Sympsone his fatherClocksbriggs
153David Lousone at Mylne of Carmyllie - Stephen Sympsone son of umqll Wm Sympsone in Gask
154Marriage contract - George Smythe in Quhillkow, Wm Smythe his son - Wm Craik in Clochtow, David Craik son to umqll George Craik in Crayheid, Isobell CraikQuilkoe
157John Middiltoun of Kilhill, Alexander Tendell in the Latche of Kilhill - Andrew Malysone at the Mylne of Cragnestoun
158Patrick Makfod merch cit Brechin - Wm Mourtoun cordiner cit Brechin
1591611/8/17Walter Ogstoun of Fettercarne, Robert Mylne notar in Fettercarne - Alexander Strachan of Thorntoun
161Wm Profeit elder in Dolappie, Wm Profeit yr his son notar in Dolappie - John Murray now in SmyddiehillDunlappie
163Wm Profeit yr in Eastertoun of Dunlappie - John Murray in Montrose
164Mr Alexander Kethe in Over Dysart - Alexander Gardyne of Borrowfield, Thomas Collace of Pitforkie
165John Leiche cit Brechin - Andrew Croill portioner of Kethik
166John Carnegie in Inglisjohne - John Mylne bowar burg Montrose
167John Davidson merch burg Dundee, umqll John Pearson yr merch burg Dundee
168James Ramsay minister at Tannadice, Christian Demspter his sp, James Ramsay their son - Patrick Lyon in Murtoun, Elizabeth Lyon his sp
170Thomas Mylne in Logie - Robert Dempster sadler cit Brechin
171John Hogtoun in Hill of Garleit, Robert Michell in Gloack of Fernall, Thomas Robertson thair, Henry Scot thair, John Ferrar thair - David Carnegie cit Brechin
173Leonard Makfarlane in Halkartoun Myln - Robert Smythe in Cateltoun of Braymar
175John Weddell in Bractullow - Wm Hendrie in Ballandarge
176Patrick Erskine in Balneillie - Mr Arthur Erskine burg Montrose, Thomas Mylne in Logie
177John Austiane in Blacokmur - Alexander Greig in Grenbodun
178Patrick Findlow in Mylne of Rescobie, Patrick Patton burg Forfar, Alexander Monteithe burg Forfar - Margaret Traill relict of umqll Andrew Galloway in Fannow, Isobell Galloway their dtr
180Alexander Guthrie elder of Kincaldrum, Archibald Guthrie in Mourtoun of Lour, Alexander Finar at the Mylne of Kincaldrum - Archibald Woull at the Mylne of Innervarite
1821611/10/23Thomas Ramsay maltman burg Dundee, Alexander Hoge mariner in Dundee, Isobell Hoig his dtr, umqll Janet Hoge her sister
1831611/10/28Laurence Oliphant of Nether Turingis - George Browne
1841611/10/30Wm Greiff in Bonytoun - Christiane Chrichtoun his sister in law
185Robert Thane in Middiltoun of Glen of Ogilvy, James Fentoun thair his son in law - James Porter son in law to Gawin Porter burg Forfar
187Walter Jamesone in Ballochie - Andrew Pyper in Hill of CragovCraigo
188Gedione Guthrie in Carbrag, John Pitbladdo at the Mylne of Melgund, David Watsone in Balnacaiche - Mr Alexander Ramsay in BrechinBalnacake
190George Wright notar cit Brechin - James Livingstone of Caldhame
191John Pitbladdow in Nethertoun of Melgound, Jonet Ogilvy his sp - Thomas Liddell cit Brechin
192Alexander Foderingham in Monekie - James Sympsone in W Fannow
1931611/11/18Wm Ouchterlony in Mylnhill, Alexander Butchart in Balmirmur, Thomas Henderson in W Knox
195Marriage contract - Archibald Cudburt in Kiremuir, Christiane Cudbert dtr of umqll Thomas Cudbert in Kiremuir & umqll Agnes Stewinsone - John Kay in Caldhame
198Marriage contract - John Wilke in Crofts, Andrew Wilke his son - Alexander Lindsay in Glasleitt, Isobell Lindsay his dtr
201Wm Ogilvy at the Mylne of Fernuall, Jonet Buchane his sp - David Bellie elder merch cit BrechinFarnell
202Robert Montgommerie in Hiltoun, Wm M his son, John Oudny now in Pitforthie - John Lindsay notar in MarkhousMarcus
204Alexander Cokburn in Nether Balgillie, Patrick Lyon in Muirtoun - John Lindsay in Markhous, Sibilla Lyon his spMarcus
205James Erskine son of umqll John Erskine of Logie, John Erskine minister at Oglisgrig - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
207John Watsone at the Mylne of Kinguhurie - James Sanderis servitor to the laird of Cloway[Ogilvy] of Clova
208Alexander Lindsay sometime of Brodland - John Wod son of umqll Wm Wod of Chanstoun - John Douglas of Tillequhilly, Sir John Wod of Fettercairne, Isobell Forbes mother of John D, Thomas Fraser apperand of Duris, Thomas Fraser brother german to Andrew Fraser of Stannewod
211Wm Greig in Pentoscall - David Huichon in Carcarie, Lord James Ogilvy of Airlie
214John Lundie in Birne, Sir Robert Graham of Morphie - John Gray elder indweller in Montrose
215John Robert elder in Ednathie, John Robert his son - James Scrymgeour in Kinghornie
2171611/12/16Andrew Clark at the Mylne of Panmure - James Melvill in Cragtoun
218David Stewen, John Widdell in Carss - Jean Kinnear relict of umqll Thomas Erskine in Restennet
220Alexander Clark merch cit Brechin - Thomas Collace of Pitforkie
221James Greig in Grangeconnan, Patrick Donaldsone - John Johnesone in Denheid, Christian Johnesone his dtr & sp of James GreigGrange of Conon
2241612/1/7Andrew Rossie, Thomas Rossie, David Rossie of that ilk their father - Robert Kethe burg Montrose
2251612/1/13Adelbert Sturrok in Lechome - John, Andrew, Catherine, Helen, Yonger[?] & Margaret Morgouis children of umqll David Morgouis in Middiltoun of Gardyne, Robert Stevinsone tutor
2261612/1/13Wm Petrie in Bordor - Robert Stevinsone in Bracnell, Wm Sympsone in Funistoun tutors to John, Andrew, Helen yr, Catherine & Margaret Morguis children of umqll David Morguis in Middiltoun of Gardyne
228Mariore Fullartoun relict of umqll Robert Kynneir of Botheris, Wm Fullartoun of Ardo - Robert Kynnear wiccar of Brechin their son
2291612/1/16John Jamesone in Connalls Muir - Alexander Fayins cit Brechin
2311612/1/21Mr Robert Gardyne servitor to lord Graham, Jean Gardyne dtr to umqll Patrick Gardyne of that ilk - Grissell Gardyne servitrix to Mr Wm Carnegie of Balnabriche
2321612/1/21James Dempster son of James Dempster of E Inglismaldie - Grissell Gardyne relict of umqll Wm Spalding in Forfar
2331612/2/1John Gleig in Tullaine - John Watterstoun
235Henry Mylne in Bukarstons Lone, Andrew Taylor thair, James Spens thair, John Man thair, Alexander Curkor in Knobbray, James Moig thair, Wm Curkor thair - Wm Petrie in Border of Leys
2361612/2/5John Mitchell in Coklaw, Alexander Fyiff in Somshill - David Mitchell brother of John
2381612/2/7James Durhame portioner of Densuid - Isobell Henderson relict of umqll Thomas Ramsay in Cotton of Densuid
239Andrew Wischart of Murtoun, George Wischart yr of Drymmie, James Wischart brother to the gudman of Carnebege - Thomas Ogilvie cit Brechin
2411612/2/25Wm Pitcairne in Kinblamonth - Mr David Lindsay in Burnsyd of LeyisKinblethmont
242Wm Pitcairne in Kinblamonth - Mr Alexander Kethe in Over DysartKinblethmont
2431612/2/25Wm Pitcairne in Kinblamonth - John Rea maltman cit BrechinKinblethmont
2451612/2/27Wm Pitcairne in Muirsyd of Inverkeillor now in Kinblamonth - John Lyon notar cit BrechinKinblethmont
2471612/2/27Andrew Stratton in Over Cragie - Andrew Pyper in Hill of CragowCraigo
2481612/2/27James Lindsay cordiner in Tannadice
249Thomas Smythe in Pyiktilling of Little Coull - John Burne in Cowiehillok of Mameis
251Wm Pitcairne in Mains of Kinblamont, John Pitcairne at the Kirktoun Mylne of Inverkeillor - Catherine Lyell relict of umqll John Steill merch burg MontroseKinblethmont
253Wm Petrie in Border of Leys - Mr David Lindsay of Burnesyd
254David Mureson tutor to Wm Mureson son of umqll John Mureson lister burg Dundee - Magdalene Drummond relict of sd John M, James Gardyne now her sp
258John Mylne in Over Kynmont, John Duncan servitor to Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie - umqll Walter Melville Blairarnot in the parish of Glenbervie
2591612/3/25Thomas Ramsay maltman burg Dundee, Thomas Fleindge yr maltman Dundee, Robert, Thomas & Christiane Spaintheis?, umqll Christian Baxter their mother
2601612/3/27Thomas Lindsay goldsmith burg Dundee - Harry Lindsay of Blairfedden, John Scot servitor to Lord Crawford
2611612/4/7Robert Steill in Howathill, George Jamie in Hill of Morphie - Catherine Lyell relict of umqll John Steill burg Montrose
262John Sturrok in Cokhill, John Johnsone in Denheid - Patrick Donaldsone in Croftis
264John Sturrok in Cokhill of Carmyllie, John Johnesone in Denheid his father in law - James Greige in Brack, Christiane Johnesone his sp, Patrick Watsone in Croftis
266John Loussone in Dod - John Ramsay elder burg Forfar
2671612/4/29James Rossie son of umqll James Rossie sometime burg Montrose, Agnes Rait his mother
2691612/5/2Patrick Lindsay of Barneheards, Thomas Muresone in Tannadice, Andrew Richardson smyth thair - Andrew Ogilvy of Pelgarnie
270Patrick Lindsay of Barneheards, John Cant in Danulowne, Alexander Merschell in Achnacre - Alexander Ogilvy in Broklass son of umqll John Ogilvy of Inschewen
272Patrick Lindsay of Barneheards - Alexander Ogilvy in Inschewen
273George Symmer elder of Balzordie - George Symmer his son & George Symmer his grandson
2751612/5/12Robert Erskyne servitor to the laird of Pittarow - John Murray indweller Montrose
276John Nicoll maltman cit Brechin - Wm Bellie in Melgound
277Walter Erskine elder son of umqll Alexander Erskine in Balnyllow - Jonet Nauchtie Walters mother - Thomas & David Erskine
280Band Thomas Beaton son of umqll James Beaton & grandson of umqll David Beaton - Andrew Wischart of Muirtoun
282Band Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk, Wm Smyth, John Wilsone - John Ferrear exer to umqll Unnia? Ferrear tailor in Kirktoun of Aberlemno
284Band Robert Fraser in Rossie, Richard Melvill of Baldowie, Wm Marken burg Montrose - John Jamesone in Carcarie
286Band Thomas Rossie son of David Rossie of that ilk, Mr Richard Melvill of Baldowy, Robert Fraser apperand of Durris - Henry Smart notar indweller Montrose
2871612/6/4Discharge Patrick Lyon in Mourtoun of Tannadice, Elizabeth Lyon his sp - James Ramsay minister at Tannadice now of Wester Ogill, Christian Dempster his sp
289Band Arthur Erskine of Burnsyd, Wm Bellie burg Forfar - Gideon Guthrie burg Forfar, Jane Spalding his sp
290Band John Veddel burg Forfar - Wm Richardson in Halcartoun
292Renunciation Andrew Lyon, Patrick Lyon - James Lyon sometime fear of E Ogill & now of E Ogill their brother
295Contract David Lindsay now of Edzell son of umqll Sir David Lindsay of Edzell, Mr Henry Fullartoun burg Montrose now minister at Forfar son of umqll David Fullartoun of Montroid, umqll Th Hunter burg Montrose his brother in law - Robert Lichtoun fear of Elischewinfiar of Usan
306Decret Arbitral James Findlow in Nether Cragnestoun - Alexander Falconer in Culbark
3081612/6/10Band Thomas Pearson in Corfuchie - Alexander Ogilvy Glennioy
310Disposition Elizabeth Fethie relict of umqll Wm Guthrie sometime of Kingennie, James Guthrie their son - James Ramsay minister at Tannadice
312Band James Graham of Leuchland, David Graham his son - Margaret Crammond relict of umqll captain Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin
313Band Wm Petrie in Border of Leys - Wm Aistiane in Cotton of Redcastle
315Band James Irving in Kirktoun - Andrew Wischart of Murtoun
316Band John Brok in Innerreskondie - Andrew Wischart of Murtoun
318Indentor Elizabeth Fethie relict of umqll Wm Guthrie sometime of Kingennie, James Guthrie her son, James Ramsay minister at Tannadice - James Spens at the Walmylne of Ferne
320Band Alexander Lyon in Holmylne, James Lyon his son & Wm Lyon also his son Thomas & George Barclay sons of umqll George Barclay in Newtoun GlamisHolemill
321Band Alexander Michell in Capo - John Donaldsone son of umqll John Donaldsone SklaitfuirdSlateford
323Acq John Ferrar sometime in Achnacrie now in Carrestoun exer to umqll Anna Ferrar - Alexander Guthrie yr of that ilk
3241612/6/17Band Alexander Blair cordiner burg in Dundee, Patrick Clark cordiner burg thair - umqll Jonet Lindsay sp of Henry Clark cordiner burg Dundee
325Band John Carnegie in Inglisjohne, John Carnegie merch burg Montrose his son - John Dempster sometime of Balrownay
327Band Alexander Lindsay of Kethik, John Symmer fear of Brathinche, James Graham in Leuchland, David Barclay of Auchlewchrie - John Dempster sometime in Balrowny now in Brechin
329Band Alexander Neiche in Tannadice, Wm Leucharis in Cotton of Balgillie - James Ramsay minister at Tannadice
331Band Thomas Mylne in Loge Montrose, Patrick Brune at the Mylne in Loge Montrose, Alexander Fullartoun of Lawis thair - Robert Dempster sadler cit Brechin
3321612/6/22James Leucharis in Balgillie, Alexander Skair in Muirhillok, John Souttar in Hilton of Watterstoun - Jeane Kynneir relict of umqll Thomas Erskine
334Marriage contract Andrew Liundsay son of John Lindsay elder of Markhous - James Proctor in Nether Inshe, Elspeth Proctor his dtr
336Marriage contract Alexander Robe - Elspet Duncan & Alexander Young now her sp, Andrew Robie her first sp, umqll Alexander Robie his father - John Fentoun in Ascrevie, Janet Fentoun his dtr relict of umqll James Donaldsone - Alexander Robie in Eglismaghen, Alexander Robie his son
337Contract James Williamsone burg Montrose - Archibald Gordon mason indweller in Innerberwy
340Band Thomas Mylne in Logie, John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
3411612/6/26Band Alexander Gryme in Masendew, John Gryme his son - David Carnegie cit BrechinMaisondieu
3421612/6/26Band John Leiche cit Brechin - David Carnegie cit Brechin
344Band Alexander Balbirne of Innerrichtie, Thomas Erskine burg Forfar - John Ogilvy of Drunequhid indweller Montrose
345Band Alexander Michell in Capo - Wm Michell in Sklaitmylne
346Contract David Lindsay of Edzell - David Lindsay of Balcarres - Alexander Lindsay son of umqll Sir John Lindsay of Wodray, David Garden of Latoun, Thomas Lyell of MwrthillGardyne of Lawton; Murthill
348Discharge Duncan Robertsone of Dulcaban, Catherine Lindsay his sp dtr of umqll Robert Lindsay of Balhallell - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
350Band David Barclay of Matheris - David Lindsay of Edzell
352Renunciation John Strachan of Tillfroskie - David Lindsay now of Edzell
354Discharge John Stratton brother of umqll Alexander Stratton of that ilk - David Lindsay now of Edzell
355Discharge Margaret Crammond relict of umqll capt Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin - David Jamesone in Achnacrie, John Symmer in Fermertoun, John Findlosone in Crofts
357Band John Norie cit Brechin, James Dempster, umqll Mr Andrew Leiche minister at Marystoun parson at Kilmoir - Andrew Watt merch cit BrechinMaryton
358Band John Lyon of Auldbar, George archbishop of St Andrews - Wm Young sometime in Drimmes & now in BrechinDrums?
360Band Alexander Fodderinghame in W Monekie, Charles Fodderinghame in Leidsyd of Monikie - Robert Ramsay in Denheid of Auchinlek
361Band Alexander Fodderinghame in W Monekie, Charles Fodderinghame in Leidsyd of Monikie his brother - Robert Ramsay in Denheid of Auchinlek
362Decret Arbitral John Rynd in W Dod exer to umqll David Rynd - John Lousson in E Dod, Isobell Lousson his sister relict of umqll Wm Rynd in W Dod
365Band David Collace of Birkhill - David Lindsay of Edzell
369James Car in Fernell, Henry Benny in Haltoun Mylne of Braky - Alexander Clark merch BrechinFarnell; Hatton Mill of Braikie (Kinnell)
371Contract Mr Arthur Futhie minister Inverkeillor, Helen Stewart his sp, James Lord Ogilvy, James Master of Ogilvy - John Smythe yr in Kinnell
376Contract James Lord Ogilvy of Airlie - Wm Ogilvy at the Mylne of Fernell, Jonet Buchanan his sp, umqll George Ogilvy his father
378Band John Beattie in Westertoun of Pittarrow, James Greig at the Mylne of Covethe - John Cowie in Middiltoun
379Band Robert Kynner of Botheris cit Brechin, Walter Scot maltman Brechin - Thomas Ogilvy cit Brechin
381Disposition Alexander Clark merch cit Brechin, Jonet Murray his sp, Robert Collace fractioner of Balnamoe, John Collace his son fear thereof - umqll John Hog in Bowis of Ballischone, Thomas, David, Catherine & Agnes Hog his childrenBolshan
386Band James Car in Carcare - John Jamesone in Carcare
388Band Robert Mongomerie of/in Haltoun, Wm Mongomerie his son - John Findlo in Hill of Haltoun
3891612/10/12Lord John Erskine Earl of Mar - Contract Wm Austeane yr at the Mylne of Barins, Wm Austeane in Newtoun his father, Alexander Gellie cordiner cit Brechin
392Band Thomas Collace of Pitforkie, John Collace eld son - Jonet Murray dtr to umqll David Murray in ..., Alexander Clark merch cit Brechin
394Assignation Alex Clark merch cit Brechin, umqll Jonet Murray his sp - Jonet Murray dtr to umqll David Murray in ... brother to sd umqll Jonet - Th Collace of Pitforkie, John Collace his eld son
397Band John Macky eld in Dulfonbes - John Michell in Dulfonbes, Rot Macky son to John M, Christian Smyth his spDalfouper?
399Band Wm Carnegie in Glastannow - George Wallantyne in PitgarvieGlenskenno?
400Band John Nicoll maltman cit Brechin, John Nicoll wright in Peithill his br - John Findlosone in Crofts
401Band Thomas Mylne in Logie, John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
403Band George Hardie in Balneillie, Alex Gardyne of Borrowfield, Alex Gardyne his son - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
405Wm Carnegie in Glastannow - John Williamsone merch burg MontroseGlenskenno?
406Band John Melville second fractioner of Dysart - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
407John Carnegie in Eglisjohne, John Carnegie burg Montrose his son - John Williamsone merch burg MontroseEcclesjohn
409John Carnegie in Eglisjohne - John Williamsone merch burg MontroseEcclesjohn
410John Carnegie merch burg Montrose - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
411Band David Panter of Newmanswalls, Rot Kethe burg Montrose - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
412Band Alex Ogstoun in Fettercarne - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
414Band John Leslie in Dynievald, Rot Lichtoun fear of Usan? - John Williamsone merch burg MontroseDunninald?
415Band John Leslie in Dynievald, John Arbuthnot maltman burg Montrose - John Williamsone merch burg MontroseDunninald?
417Contract James Strachan now of Carmyllie son of umqll James Strachan of Carmyllie, Sir Alexander Falconer, Wm Gray of Baldiray - John Strachan of Claypottis son of umqll Gilbert Strachan of Claypottis & umqll John Strachan of Claypottis his grandfather, Elizabeth Maxwell relict of Gilbert
425Band David Lindsay of Corralhill, Alex Sympsone in Instiuhauhe, Archibald Wilke in Corralhill - Alex Walker in Achlenchrie, George Fyiff in Drumcltone
427Band James Glendy in Langbank, James Pygott in Cowiehillok - Rot Fenton son of James Fenton of Ogill
429Band John Mackie in Dufilfouber , James Michell in Innereskende, John Wallies at the Walk Mylne of Innereskende - Th Guib in Sklait Mylne
430Band John Lyon of Auldbar, John Daikeris in Kindrochit, Andrew Bellie thair, Robert Neische, George Wat, John Black, David Scot, John Cant, in Muirsyid, Wm Pottar thair - John Oudny in Over Pitforthie, NN Dempster
432Band John Lyon of Auldbar, John Daikeris in Kindrochit, Andrew Bellie thair, Robert Neische, George Wat, John Black, David Scot, John Cant, in Muirsyid, Wm Pottar thair - John Oudny in Over Pitforthie, NN Dempster
434Assignation John Oudny in Over Pitforthie - David Dempster cit Brechin - John Lyon of Auldbar
435Band John Lyon of Auldbar - David Dempster cit Brechin
437Band John Sufwright in Smyddehill - Andrew Wischart of Murtoun
438Band Arthur Stratton om Sualltoun, David Austiane in Canterland - John Murray burg Montrose
441Band Myrable Murray relict of umqll Rot Graham of Charlitoun, Wm Graham of Charlitoun her son - John Murray indweller Montrose
442Band Wm Gray of Pitskandlie, Thomas Gray in Wodend, Mr Thomas Lyon fear of Cossins, David Car in E Grange - Jonet Lindsay dtr of umqll David Lindsay in Ledbothie, Jonet Anderson, David Lindsay now her sp
444Band Mr Thomas Lyon fear of Cossins - Jonet Lindsay dtr of umqll David Lindsay in Ledbothe
445Band Margaret Gibsone relict of umqll John Piggot in Keremuir - David Patton taylor merch Keremuir
446Band James Patton burg Forfar - John Rynd in W Dod, umqll Rich Rynd his father
447Band Th Gray in Foffartie, Walter Muhelsone port of E Grange, Wm Bellie, John Ramsay, Rot Leonard burg Forfar, Henry & Walter Thomson burg Forfar - Andrew Lindsay in Little Leckay
449Band Wm Bellie burg Forfar, Patrick Patton, Rot Leonard wright thair, John Ramsay, John Mylne thair - Andrew Lindsay in Little Lekaquhe
450Henry Thomson burg Forfar, Walter Thomson burg Forfar - Andrew Lindsay in Little Lekaquhe
4511612/11/23Band James Glendy in Langbank - John Gibsone son to Th Gibsone in Balgallie
452Band Da Brown son to Wm Brown in Bray of Rodde, Wm Brown - Andrew Gray in the Firthe of Panmure
454Band Alex Balbirne of Indrichtie, Alex Renney at the Mylne of Indrictie, Alex Gray in Corquhapill - Grissel Kindymont, Da Strany burg Forfar her sp
455Assignation Da Ogilvy brother & air of umqll John Ogilvy son of Da Ogilvy of Kymatie - Da Lindsay of Edzell
458Renunciation Da Ogilvy Of Kynnatie - Da Lindsay of Edzell
460Discharge John Noray cit Brechin - Da Lindsay of Edzell, umqll Sir Da Lindsay of Edzell his father
461Discharge Rot Collace of Balnamon - Alex Lindsay of Brodland, David Ramsay apperand of Balmane, George Symmer apperand of Balzordie, John Symmer fear of Brathink, James Michell at the Mylne of Innereskeinde, Alex Chrystisone in SchannowBrathinch
462Discharge John Wod in Montrose brother & air of umqll Mr Da Wod son & air to umqll George Wod in Abbottoun - Da Lindsay of Edzell
463Discharge Th Shewane son to umqll Th Schewane baxter cit Brechin - James Rait skynner cit Brechin
465Marriage contract Wm Mourtoun brother & exer to umqll John Mourtoun merch cit Brechin - Catherine Thane relict of umqll George Fenton port of Eistertoun of Guthrie & future sp of John Mourtoun
4681612/12/14Band George Thomson in Connane, Ja Thomsone in Scrogball - Wm Michell in SklaitfurdConon
470Contract John Trail yr fear of Blebow, John Trail elder of Blebow - Ja Ramsay of Arbekie
475Band John Lyon of Auldbar - Ja Smart cit Brechin, Wm Young sometime in Drumes now in Brechin
476Band Th Gray in Foffartie, John Balbirne father brother to Alex Balbirne of Indruhtie - Gideone Guthrie burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
477Band John Frendreche in Keremuir, Archibald Cudburt in Keremuir - Rot Howie in Langbank
478Band Sir Wm Grahame of Ballelny, Wm Smythe in Lumlachin, Da Skirling thair, Alex Michellson thair - Da Patton taylor burg Dundee, Jonet Anderson his spLinlathen
480Band Alex Lindsay of Kethik, John Lindsay in Kingisseat his brother - Gideon Guthrie port of Balnakanhe, Jean Spaldinh his sp
481Band John Lindsay in Kingseat - Gideon Guthrie burg Forfar, Jean Spalding his sp
482Band of Caution Test Rot Forrestar maltman burg Dundee - Wm Gib son to umqll John Gib in Condie, umqll Jonet Gib his father sister
4831613/1/21Band Mr Dugall Campbell dean of Brechin, Ja Lowne in Carcare - John Patersone merch cit Brechin
484Band Wm Carnegie in Glastannow - John Medden in Glastannow
4851613/2/10Contract? Da Smart of Spitilfeild - Th Awane, Stephin Schakkart, Hercules Dalgatie, George Mylne burg Arbroath
488Band Pa Hereis in Hilsyid of Balgayis - Th Oliphant son to umqll Peter Oliphant of Turinges
4891613/2/10Band John Fullarton of Kynnaber - Da Smart burg Dundee
490Band Da Steill in Walton of Airlie, Andrew Steill in Bray of Airlie - Margaret Gibson relict of umqll John Piggott in Kerimuir
491Band of Caution Andrew Kynnard burg Dundee, Ja Thomson mariner burg Dundee exer to umqll Janet Thomson relict of umqll John Measson burg Dundee
492Band George Symmer of Balzordie - Mr John Rait burg Montrose
493Band Da Torrie Eathie - Th Futhe in Auchmuthie
4951613/3/6Contract Mr Wm Carnegie of Leuchland, John Norie cit Brechin, Alex Carnegie eldest son to Da Carnegie of Cuikstoun - John Ferne merch cit Brechin, Margaret Lindsay his sp, Rot & Da Ferne their sons, Da Lindsay elder & Da Lindsay yr cits Brechin their curators
499Band Wm Clark in Nether Lamsioche sometime indweller in Brechin, Th Clark merch cit Brechin - Jeane Lamb dtr to umqll Da Lamb flescher cit Brechin
5011613/3/11Band Th Collace of Pitforkie, Mr Da Ogivy fear of Pitmowis, Ja Mylne at the Mylne of Pitmowis - Th Ogilvie cit BrechinPitmuies
502Band John Rynd of Carss - Ja Porter son to George Porter burg Forfar
504Band of Caution Alex Haills baxter burg Dundee , Jonet Darg relict of umwll Henry Ogilvy burg Dundee
5051613/3/26Marriage contract Elizabeth Donaldsone relict of umqll John Suankie - Andrew Thomson maltmna burg Dundee
507Band of Caution Test Charles Goldman merch burg Dundee, Wm Goldman in Nether Sanotfurd burg Dundee, James, John, Robert, William, Charles, Christiane & Euphame Goldman children of umqll Robert Goldman merch burg Dundee
508Band John Carnegie merch burg Montrose, Wm Macken baillie, Walter Jamesone, George Petrie maltman burg Montrose - Th Liddell maltman cit Brechin
510Band Andrew Wischart of Mourtoun - Th Jamie in W Witton, umqll John Jamie in Newdosk his brother
512Band John Alexander tennant in Marcharie - Alex Alexander in Cotton of Morphie
5131613/4/17Band Th Annand of Persie, Th Lyell of Murthill - Ja Scrymgeour in Kinghornie
5151613/4/17Band Ja Glendy in Langbank, John Piggot servitor to Lord Ogilvy - Ja Scrymgeour in Kinghornie
5161613/4/22Band Th Carnegie in Eastertoun of Dolappe, Wm Carnegie his brother, John Smyth in Westertoun of Dunlappie - John Man parson of Menmuir
518Contract Alexander Clark merch cit Brechin exer to umqll Jonet Murray his sp - Wm Murray skinner cit Brechin brother son to Jonet, Agnes Murray his sp
5221613/4/26Band Wm Carnegie in Glastannow, Wm Belly in Arnafoull, John Pitbladdow at the Mylne of Melgund - Walter Galloway in Petkenlie
524Band John Dickson burg Forfar, Richard Dickson burg Forfar - Rot Stevensone in Bractullo, Wm Sypsone in E Fumestoun, John, Andrew, Helene, Catherinne & Margaret Morgouis children of umqll David Morguis in Middiltoun of Gardyne
526Band Da Forrestar eld in Glencallie - Agnes & Isobell Edvart dtrs of umqll David Edvart in Correbothhill
527Band Walter Ogstoun of Fettercarne - Jonet Souttar, Wm Slewricht her sp
528Band Da Croill cordiner cit Brechin - John Guthrie cordiner cit Brechin
5291613/5/27Band Rot Dempster collector cit Brechin, John Stevenson customer cit Brechin - John Speid of AuchdowieArdovie
5301613/5/27Band Mr Th Low servitor to the Laird of Lundie, John Low cit Brechin - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
531Band John Mylne in Bractullow, Alex Rodell in Haltoun of Tullow - Th Rossie of KynnereissKinneries
533Band John Mylne in Bractullow, Ja Mylne in Drum of Crachie his brother - Th Rossie of KynnereissKinneries
534Band James Mylne, Da Cudburt in Drum of Crachie - Th Rossie in KynnereissKinneries
5361613/5/28Band Wm Mylne in the Hous of Muir of Fendrowe - Rot Alexander in Balquharne son in law of Wm
5371613/5/28Band John Sampson elder in Bleirfedden - Wm Ramsay in Lyttle Leckowie
538Band Ja Grahame in Leuchlands, Ja Keithe in Craige of Garvock - Sir Rot Grahame of Morphie
5391613/5/31Band Ja Car in Mekle Carcarie - John Low in Carneborss
540Band Th Widraame in N Terrie - John Wod in Drumbarow
5411613/5/31Band Wm Leipar burg Innerbervie - Ja Tullow in Cosnot
543Band John Pitbaddow in Nether Bwne of Melgund, Jonet Ogilvy his sp, Patrick Pitbaddow his son - Wm Fyiff in Buttergill
5441613/6/3Band Gilbert Lyon servitor to the Lord of Kinghorne - Isobell Ogilvy his mother
545Band John Collace fear of Balnamone - Jonet Strachan in Funache
546Contract Alex Fyiff burg Montrose, Helen Mayne his sp, James David Patrick & John Fyiff their children - umqll Jean Fyiff their sister, Da Thain in Jeme her sp - Harry Wod of Bonitoun, Anna Cokburn his sp
549Marriage contract John Lousson port of Ballewne, John Hardie in Brechin his father in law - John Junckin in Balleuny, Elizabeth Junckin his dtr
551Contract Jean Erskine relict of umqll Patrick Panter of Newmanswalls - Da Panter of Newmanswalls her son, John Erskine in Barras his curator, Rot Kethe burg Montrose also his curator
553Renunciation John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - Da Lindsay of Edzell, Jearame Lindsay of Dynninow
5551613/6/18Band Ja Carnegie in Polgarrok, John Webster in Polgarrok, Wm Carnegie - Ja Ramsay minister Tannadice
556Band Th Mylne in Logie, John Morgoin burg Montrose - Walter Jamesone burg Montrose
5571613/6/21Band Ja Stewart in Sklaitfurd - Walter Lindsay in SklaitfuirdSlateford
558Band Ja Stewart in Sklaitfurd - Walter Lindsay in Sklaitfuird
559Band Ja Stewart in Sklaitfurd - Walter Lindsay in Sklaitfuird
5601613/6/22Band Ja Greig in Bonytoun, Th Greig in Auld Montrose, Da Greig - John Wallantyne son to umqll Henry Wallantyne sometime in Carcarie
5611613/6/23Band Th Mylne in Logie - Ja Fyiff son to umqll Th Fyiff in Balglassie
5621613/6/26Band Th Mylne in the Mains of Logie - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
5641613/7/1Band John Watsone cordiner cit Brechin, Mathew Thomson cordiner thair - John Speid of Ardowie, Da Liddell cit Brechin, umqll Andrew Watt merch cit Brechin
565Band Ja Clark in Lytill Coull, Th Pearson in Torfachie - Da Barclay of W Auchleuchrie
5661613/7/5Band John Gruib maltman cit Brechin - Wm Suttie in Cowfurd
567Contract Alex Blair in Brustoun, Henry Blair his son, Ja Blair of Brustoun brother of Henry - Da Andersone portioner of Achrennie, Isobell Ramsay his sp
569Band Margaret & Agnes Wricht, John Wricht - Wm Knox merch cit Brechin
570John Ogilvy of Balnagarow, Oliver Ogilvy in Myrtoun of Kincoldrum, umqll Ja Ogilvy of Balfour - George Arrot fear of that ilk
571Contract Da Barclay of Matheris - Sir Wm Fullartoun of that ilk
573Contract Alex Sandeman in Balhall - Da Bellie in Balhall, Alex Bellie his brother in Achfersie
575Renunciation Th Mylne in Logie, Barbara Chalmer his sp - Sir Wm Fullartoun of that ilk
5771613/7/29Contract Alex Strachan of Thorntoun - Ja Forfair in Vairmestoun
579Disposition George Hardie Balneillie - Alex Gardyne elder of Borrowfeild, Alex Gardyne yr fear thereof - Andrew Lyon brother of Ja Lyon of E Ogill - John Williamsone burg Montrose
580Contract Da Livingstone of Newtoun - Duncan Lindsay at the Mylne of Newtoun
582Band John Fullartoun of Kynnaber - Wm Gryme yr burg Montrose
583Band Patrick Lindsay of Barnyeards, Ja Glendy in Lanybank - Patrick Ogilvy of Bendoquhie
584Band John Huichome merch burg Dundee - umqll Ja Kenzow cit Brechin, Barbara Sand his relict
585Band Da Strachan in Ogill, Wm Duncan in Gouid of Ogill - Rot Fenton son to James Fenton sometime of OgillGoynd
5861613/8/9Band John Saidler in Balhill of Panmure - Henry Brown in BallischonBolshan
587Marriage contract Da Forrest in Keremuir - Ja Smythe in Quhilkow, Isobell Watsone dtr in lawQuilkoe
589Band Henry Beaton in Lunnlechin, Henry Ramsay of Ardowne - Tot Kyid in MurhousLinlathen; Ardownie; Murroes
590Band Ja Livingstone of Caldhame, Th Ramsay, Th Liddell bailies Brechin - Catherine Lichtoun sp of Ja Livingstone, John Lichtoun of Vaishew her fatherLichtoun of Usan?
592Band Sir Wm Grahame of Claypottis, Oliver Ogilvy son to umqll Mr Ja Ogilvy of Balfour
5931613/9/3Band Th Mylne in the Mains of Logie, Ja Macke burg Montrose - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
594Band Wm Graham in/of Charlton, Margaret Ramsay his sp - John Graham their son
595Marriage contract Alex Fairwedder in Baldardies, Margaret Fairwedder his dtr - Da Thaine in IdwieIdvie
597Band John Young burg Montrose - Wm Clark burg Montrose
598Band Wm Ramsay burg Forfar, Wm Storrak in Forfar - Archibald Murray servitor to the Lord of Kingorne
599Band Rot Mairnie merch burg Montrose Wm Clark merch burg Montrose indweller in Drumfendre
600Band Margaret Inschemedden sp to Ja Hesnall burg Montrose - John Andersone couper burg Montrose
601Band umqll John Kynneir of Botheris, Catherine Melvill his execr, Ja Lyon of E Ogill now her sp - Mr Th Ramsay clerk of the commissariat of Brechin
602Assig John Stevenson customne cit Brechin - Ja Dempster yr son to Da Dempster skynner cit Brechin
603Band Andrew Bellie, Charles Clark, Rot Neische tennants in Kindrocket - Ja Dempster son to Da Dempster skynner cit Brechin, John Stevenson customer at the north port of Brechin
604Band John Rynd of Carss - Alex Balbirne of Innerichtie - Da Ogilvy of KinrinffInvereighty
6051613/10/18Band Th Carnegie in Eistoun of Dolappe, Andrew Wischart of Murtoun - Andrew Smythe in Dolappe
6061613/10/22Band Alex Lindsay of Kethik - John Ogilvy of Colzennie
6071613/10/25Band Wm Nicoll in Dewquhair - Wm Jack in CarrestounDeuchar
6081613/10/25Band John Wod in Dunbarrow - John Gardyne in Murhous
609Marriage contract Ja Walker in Watterstoun, Jonet Walker his dtr - Walter Sufwright couper in Watterstoun
6111613/11/2Band Walter Jamesone in Balloquhne - Patrick Livingstone brother to John Livingstone of Donapace
6121613/11/4Band Patrick Erskine in Balneillie - Th Mylne in Logie
6131613/11/6Band Andrew Bellie tennant in Kindrocket, George Wat, Rot Neische, John Clark, Alex Daiberis, John Guthrie tennants in Wodend - John Dempster sometime of Balrownie
6141613/11/12Band Ja Car in Meikill Carcare, Henry Bennie in Haltoun Mylne of Kynell - Alex Fyiff merch cit Brechin
6151613/11/12Band Wm Dymmes at the new Mylne of Kynnaber, Alex Gleig in Denheid of Kynnaber - John Fullartoun of Kynnaber
6171613/11/13Band Richard Morgoun maltman burg Forfar - Margaret Stevenson relict of umqll Morgound in Middiltoun of Gardyne
6181613/11/15Band Ja Muresone in Mains of Rossie - John Kyd yr servant to Andrew Gray of Lour
6191613/11/15Band George Watsone at the Tua Mylne of Rossie, Jean Wod his sp - John Kyd burg Montrose
620Band John Macky in Loge, Alex Clark thair, Ja Nicoll thair - Da Lyon of Balgill
6211613/11/15Band Alex Junckin yr in Balglassie - John Speid of Auchdowie
6221613/11/15Band Wm Marnow in Sandfurd - George Kynnard of Clothindarge
6231613/11/15Band Wm Marnow in Sandfurd - Th Gibsone in Quhytfornett
624Decret Arbitral Wm Blair of Balgillow, Mr Alex Lindsay of Canterland, Da Lindsay of Edzell, John Dingind exer to umqll Sir Da Lindsay of Edzell - John Lindsay brother to Alex Lindsay of Cultrein, Catherine Stratton sp of John L
6291613/11/17Band Da Dempster cit Brechin, Th Liddell baillie, John Rea maltman cit Brechin - Da Mylne wright cit Brechin
630Band Ja Low in Ruissis - Ja Andersone in Graystane
6311613/11/20Band Wm Carnegie in Glastannow - John Lindsay in Glasleitt
632Band Alex Lindsay of Kethik, John Cant in Birkinbuss - Gedeone Guthrie, Jean Spalding his sp
633Band John Carnegie merch burg Montrose, Elizabeth Schewan his sp - Wm Clark merch burg Montrose
6351613/11/23Band John Mongumre in Brigtoun - Wm Clark in Drumhendre
6361613/11/27Band Da Fyiff eld in Mains of Carmyllie, Da Fyiff yr his son - Wm Kard in Mylntoun
6371613/11/29Band Wm Arbuthnot in Portertoun, Ja Abircromme merch burg Montrose - John Williamsone merch burg Montrose
638Band Da Piter in Pressokmuir, Henry Piter in Balmuir of Gardyne - Ja Piter in Demchin
639Band Ja Dempster son to Ja Dempster of Nether Inglismaldie, Rot Dempster in Nether Carrestoun - Wm Essie burg Montrose
640Band Th Carnegie in Eytertoun of Dolappe, Ja Smyth - Mr George Donaldsone minister Dolappe
6411613/12/6Band Edelbart Sturrok in Lechome, Da Sturrok his son, Ja Pot in Dunichen - John, Andrew & Helen Morgous, Catherine & Margaret Morgous children of umqll Da Morgous in Middiltoun of Gardyne
6431613/12/13Band John Millar at the Mylne of Blackhall - Adam Daw son to umqll Andrew Daw in Namfurd
644Band Andrew Ross cordiner cit Brechin, Agnes Wright his sp - Da Duncan cordiner cit Brechin
6451613/12/16Band Wm Barbiner merch indweller Fettercarne - Alex Smythe merch burg Dundee
6461613/12/24Band John Lindsay son to umqll Alex Lindsay of Culrenne, Th Collace of Pitforkie - John Dempster sometime of Barrowny
647Band John Sampsone cord burg Dundee - Rot Adamsone cord cit Brechin
648Band Alex Langlands in Ingilstoun of Kynnettles, Wm Smyth in Drungle - John Buchane brother to Alex Buchane at the Lochmylne
649Band Wm Lundie in Nether Knox of Benholme - his brother Robert Lundie son to umqll Andrew Lundie in Knox
6501614/1/10Band Ja Glendy in Langbank, Pa Glendy his son - Th Gibsone in Balgillie
6511614/1/10Band Th Gardyne yr, Mr John Gardyne his brother sons to umqll Th Gardyne of Legastoun Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6531614/1/10Band Henry Futhe sometime fear of Ballishok now of Murhous, George Wischart yr fear od Drumme - Th Ogilvy cit Brechin
6541614/1/11Band John Middiltoun of Murtoun, Walter Ogstoun of East Kirktounhill of Murtoun - Da Strachan in Burgartoun
655Band John Wischart of that ilk, George Kethe apperand of Wodstoun - Andrew Lyon in Brechin, John Lyon notar & Th Johnestone servitor to Dame Euphame Douglas lady of Auldbar
6561614/1/17Band John Guthrie in Wodend, George Crammond in Wodend of Kellokshaw - George Mathie maltman cit Brechin brother in law to John G
658Renunciation John Croill in Kethik eldest son to umqll Andrew Croill port of Kethik & margaret Andersone his sp, Elspet Bell sp to John C - John Oudny now portioner of Kethik, Alexander Lindsay sometime portioner of Kethik, umqll Alex Lindsay of Kethik his father
660Band Andrew Leiche parson of Kilmour Th Lyell, Ja Dempster, John Norie cits Brechin - John Peter son to Ja Peter in Denichen & Isobell Adam his sp
662Band Alex Low in Balfeichie - Ja Forfar in Voasmaistoun
663Band John Lousone in Schanfurd - John Ordie in Boytoun
6641614/1/24Band Wm Greig in Fullartoun, Rot Grahame at the Mylne of Auld Montrose, Wm Leiche in Auld Montrose, Da Greig thair - Margaret Jamesone indweller Montrose
6661614/1/24Band Wm Dynneis at the Mylne of Borrowfield, John Reid port of Ardow - Wm Essie indweller Montrose
666Band Wm Cudbert in Conotfurd, George Cottis in Myrsyid of Ogill - Da Dickson burg Forfar
6671614/1/25Band Wm Strachan in Mid Mains of Thorntoun, Alex Strachan in Murtoun - Rot Kethe elder burg Montrose
668Marriage contract Ja Rait cit Brechin - John Couper cit Brechin, Jonet Gardner his sp, Helen Couper their dtr
671Marriage contract George Speid in Pitpullok - Da & Wm Beattie sons to umqll Wm Beattie in Kethik & Isobell Prat his sp, Jean Beattie their sister
673Band John Moreis in Stamnoche, John Bull thair - Ja Lindsay in Ledbothe
674Band John Watsone cordiner cit Brechin, Wm Watsone in Drumes his brother, Wm Michell skynner cit Brechin - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
675Band Ja Smart merch cit Brechin, Margaret Ramsay his sp - John Hendersone baxter cit Brechin
676Tack Rot Mongumerie in Haltoun - Ja Schewan parson of Navar, Alex Duncan in Lichtine
6771614/2/24Band john Ogilvy of Balnagarrow - Alex Nevay in Kynnaltie
6781614/2/28Band John Gordon in Brodland, Rot Irving liftennent to capt Alexander Wischart of Faisdo - Alex Burnett in Haichis of AichkairnePhesdo
6791614/3/7Band Wm Cudbert in Courtfurd - Rot Webster in Kindrocket
6801614/3/9Band John Dickson maltman burg Forfar - John Rynd in W Dod
6811614/3/10Assig Wm Rollok of Balbegne, Rot Rollok his son - Rot Maule son of Andrew Maule of Guilde - Rot Strachan of Croftis
6841614/3/21Band Arthur Erskine of Burnsyd - John ramsay eld burg Forfar
685Band John Carnegie merch burg Montrose, John Carnegie merch burg Dundee, John Falconer in Borrowstounes - Richard Lichtoun merch burg Hoist
686Contract Ja Strachan of Carmyllie son of umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie - Da Lindsay in Labothe, Jonet Lindsay his dtr, Elspet Lindsay & David Lindsay her sp
689Band Ja Paterson maltman burg Dundee - Wm Fenton his servitor
6901614/4/16Band of Caution Test George Ramsay of Banff, Ja Hay in Ballow, Ja Eliot father to Isobell & Bessie, Isobell Eliot sp to Ja Hay, Bessie Eliot her sister, umqll Helen Eliot sp to Barnett in Lytill DerreBamff
6911614/5/2Band Alex Lindsay of Kethik, John Roill in Siesbank, John Norie in Cotton of Carne his tennants - Wm Fedderinghame in Densyid of Balglassie
6921614/5/2Band John Junckin in Balglassie - Rot Dynneis merch burg Montrose
692Band umqll Th Man merch burg Dundee, Wm Man his son - Pa Hodge cordiner burg Dundee
693Band Andrew Mylne at the Mylne of Rossie - Henry Futhie of Murrois
6941614/5/9Band John Pitbladdo in Nethertoun of Melgund - John Spomner at the Mylne of Melgund
6951614/5/12Band of Caution Test Ja Stannaris merch burg Dundee, Wm Rea merch burg Edr, Charles Goldman burg Dundee - Margaret Goldman dtr to umqll Wm Goldman of Flashill & Marion Mastertoun his sp
696Band Henry Futhie of Murhous, George Wischart eld of Drymme - Da Lindsay of Edzell
6971614/5/31Band John Dickson baillie Forfar - Alex Sympsone in Clokisbrigis
6981614/5/31Band John Dickson maltman burg Forfar - Wm Sympsone in S Melgund
6991614/6/1Band John Pitbladdo at the Mylne of Melgund - Alex Michell at the Mylne of Sklairfurd
7001614/6/6Band John Carnegie in Inglisjohn - Mr George Erskine of Kirkbuddow
701Band John Carnegie in Inglisjohn - Mr George Erskine of Kirkbuddow
7021614/6/6Band John Leiche baillie cit Brechin - John Norie cit Brechin
703Band Da Fraser of Haltoun, Da Buock at the Mylne of Haltoun - John Irins of Kuiklwne
7041614/6/13Band George Kar in Crinfbeg - Da Ramsay yr burg Forfar
7051614/6/13Band & Contract Andrew Lamb in Dynnenald - Alex Arnot in Stocstoun, Alex Carnegie in Mains of Craige
7061614/6/13Band Andrew Duncan in Auld Montrose - Walter Jamesone burg Montrose
707Band Th Mortimer of Flemington - Wm Gardyne, Mr Rot Gardyne his brother - John Wischart of that ilk - Mr Rot Gardyne brother to Da Gardyne of Leys
7081614/6/20Band Ja Crombie burg Montrose, Da Norie baillie cit Brechin - Andrew bishop of Brechin
709Band Wm Greige tennant in Fullartoun - Th Hall in Eyksyid of Fullartoun
7101614/6/25Band John Greige in Achquhan, Da Bellie elder cit Brechin, Rot Michell in Cloackas - Andrew Oudny cit Brechin
711Decret Arbitral John Birne at the New Mylne of Ferne, John Fettous in Darnfurd, John Lanf son to umqll John Lange in Darnfurd, John Man minister at Menmuir, John Edyeir, Da Ferne in Drumle, Da Talbert, John Findlasone in Crofts, Andrew Daiss, Andrew Black in Schanfurd
712Band Th Spens in Kincraige, Wm Spens his son, Da Wilsone in Kincraige - Anna Stewart relict of umqll Da Fullartoun cit Brechin
7131614/6/30Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Rot Rollok elder cit Brechin his father in law - Da Lindsay of Edzell, Alex Lindsay sometime of Brodland
7141614/7/1Band George Wischart eld of Drymme, George Wischart yr fear of Drymme - Robert Rollok provost Brechin
7151614/7/2Contract Da Lindsay of Corralhill, Lilias Ruthven his sp, Alex Strachan eld of Brigtoun, Alex Strachan fear of Brigtoun his son - Euphame Strachan relict of umqll Ja Lindsay of Corralhill & mother of Da L therof
7201614/7/5Band David & Wm Beattie in Nether Balmakewin, Alex Beattie - George Lyell in Bairns
7211614/7/6Band John Lindsay in Corstoun of Aberlemno - Margaret Crammond of Holmyline
722Band Th Browne In Monquhir John Bellie in Eisqill of CarmyllieEast Hills?
723Band Matilda Nevay, umqll George Fullartoun sometime of Denwne now indweller in Dundee, umqll Roger Fullartoun skipper burg Dundee, John & George his sons - Andrew Creall chorngmar[?] burg Dundee
7241614/7/20Band Th Duncan baxter cit Brechin - George Neische maltman cit Brechin
7251614/8/1Band Alex Fleming in Glames, John Fleming his son - John Benny elder John Benny yr burg Forfar
7261614/8/3Discharge Pa Gordon brother to the Laird of Eicht - Rot Erskine of Ardeistie his father in law
727Band Margaret Rinkin exer to umqll John Collin in Persfeild - Elizabteh Kinnimont relict of umqll John Wod cit Brechin
7281614/8/9Band John Cant in Muresyd, Wm Pottar thair, Da Scott in Quhytmyr - Rot Dempster son to Da Dempster skinner cit Brechin
729Discharge Mathew Bowman cit Brechin son to umqll captain Th Bowman cit Brechin - Andrew Lyon brother to Ja Lyon of E Ogill, John Lyon notar cit Brechin
730Obligation Wm Strachan in Mains of Thorntoun, Da Strachan in Burgartoun, John Fettik in Pitgarwie - Th Walker in Fettercarne
7311614/8/15Band John Carnegie in Eglisjohne, John Hill in Balbillow - Rot Rollok cit Brechin, Margaret Rollok his dtr, Thomas Ogilvy her sp
7321614/8/20Band Ja Gall wright burg Montrose - John Willamsone merch burg Montrose
733Band Duncan Lindsay, Henry Belfard at the Mylne of Newtoun - Elizabeth Kinnymont alias Lour sp to John Wod cit Brechin
734Band Alex Guthrie elder of that ilk - Elizabeth Kynnimont alias Lour sp to John Wod of Inschok
735Band John Oudny of Kethik, Catherine Weymis his sp, Andrew Oudny his eldest son - Rot Rollok elder cit Brechin
737Band Ja Patton burg Forfar - Isobell Sympsone relict of umqll John Strachan in Creiff
738Band Th Baldowie in Kilhill, John Benny burg Forfar - Ja Butchart in Creiff
7391614/9/5Band Wm Clark in Cannestoun, Ja Findlasone baillie Dundee, Alex Fyiff baxter burg Dundee - umqll John Stevensone
741Two Bands Th Gardyne eldest son to Th Gardyne of Legastoun - Mr Da Lindsay in Burnsyd
7421614/9/24Band Gilbert Scrymgeour in Ballinscho brother to John Scrymgeour of Glasuall - George Lyon of Balmukatie
7431614/10/3Band Ja Stevenson in Sklaitfurd - Alex Michell in SklaitfurdSlateford
7441614/10/6Band Wm Strachan in Mid Mains of Thorntoun - Da Lang in Newtoun
745Band John Lyon of Auldbar, George archbishop of St Andrews - Ja Lawton advocat in Edinburgh
746Band John Cant in Mursyd, Da Scot in Quhytings, Wm Pottar in Mursyd - Ja Dempster yr son to Da Dempster skynner cit Brechin
747Band Walter Ogstoun of Fettercarne, Alex Smyth in Fettercarne - Alex Ogstoun in Gallowhilstoun his brother
7491614/10/25Band James Ramsay of Arbekie, Alex Ramsay his son - Rot Rollok cit BrechinArbikie
750Discharge Wm Guthrie son of Alex Guthrie of that ilk, Isobell Fenton sp of Wm - James Ramsay now of W Ogill, James Ramsay his son fear therof, James Fenton sometime of W Ogill
752Band umqll Geo Arrot cit Brechin, Christian Arrot his dtr, Wm Murray now her sp, James Arrot burg Montrose - Mr Alex Kethe in Over Dysart
7531614/10/29Band Alex Lindsay sometime of Brodland, John Lindsay his eld son, John Strachan of Varsmestoun? - Alex Teyndeill in Latche of Kilhill, Jean Walker his sp
7551614/10/31Band John Hall, Andrew Duncan, Duncan Willie, Wm Brewhouse all tennants in Auld Montrose - James Scot burg Montrose

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