Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

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Source: NRS CC3/9/2: Register of Deeds, etc., 3 Jan 1605 to 16 Aug 1609

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/2 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own & it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes & sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: citiner [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


11605/1/3Alexander Auchinleck in Denheid - David Lindsay yr of Vane
2Wm Profeit yr in Dunlappie, George Davidson in Dunlappie - Walter Scot cit Brechin
3Wm Profeit yr in Dunlappie - Walter Scot cit Brechin
3John Leslie in Kynnatie - Henry Smart notar
4Wm Palmer in Boig - John Bernat in Over Insche
5James Guthrie brother to Alexander G of that ilk - David Fullartoun elder burg Montrose
6James Pearson indweller Montrose - David Fullartoun elder burg Montrose
7Thomas Lyell apperand of Murthill - Sir John Lindsay of Wodheid
8John Williamsone burg Montrose - James Williamsone burg Montrose
9John Bell in Fettercarne, Walter Ogestoun of Fettercarne - James Wischart son of Alexander W of Carnebeg
10John Bell in Easthill of Carmyllie - John Alsplene son of Wm Alsplene
13John Arnot in the Mains of Athe, David Gardyne in Kirktoun of Inverkellor, David Mer---- in the Mains of Kinblamonth - Mr John Stirling of Easter BrakieEthie; Kinblethmont
15James Stewart in Wester Balblane - John Sterling of Brakie
16John Daw in Logyhill - John Stirling of Brakie
171605/1/19William Ouchterlony apperand of Kelly, William Ouchterlony of Kelly his father - Alexander Ogilvy of Auchindore
18David Ogistoun, George Petrie burges Montrose - James Scott burg Montrose
19John Auchinlek in Barrie - John Clark yr of Burnesyid
21John Ferrar in Crawmond - Robert Lakie in Murpersie
22Nicoll Buak in Haltoun of Kinneill - Mr David Guthrie in Kirktoun, umqll David Gardyne of Leys & Isobell Gardyne his relictBowack; Hatton of Kinnell
23Marion Douglas relict of Wm Erskine burg Montrose - Richard Gardyne burg Montrose
24Wm Smart in Inschok - James Smart merch Brechin, John Watsone in Brechin
25David Lindsay of Correlhill - Wm Hay merch Dundee
26Andrew Fentoun in Putpollokis - David Lindsay yr cit Brechin
26John Wat taylor Brechin, Agnes Webster alias Watsone his sp - Jean Gardyne sister to Mr David Gardyne sometime of that ilk
27David Erskine of Logy - Wm Arbuthnot in Newmanswalls son of James Arbuthnot of Lentusche?
28David Erskine in Logy - Wm Arbuthnot in Newmanswalls
29John Wischart of Pittarrow, Jean Douglas his sp - Mr Andrew Strachan parson of DwneDun
32Arthur Strattoun yr in Canterland - Alexander Strattoun fear of ------
33Andrew Rollok in Feok - Thomas Gardyne in LegastounFriock
34Wm Brown in Medeltoun of Gardyne - Thomas Gardyne of LegastounMiddleton
36Alexander Wollam fear of Polgarrok - George Rynd son of Richard Rynd in Fannow
37Elizabeth Irving relict of Quiche - James Wischart of Blakbuttis
37Alexander Wollam fear of Pollgarrok - David Fullartoun burg Montrose
38Marriage contract - Andrew Lyne in Garlabank - James Chalmer in Keremur, Elspet Mechel, Margaret Andersone dtr to sd Elspet M
40John Rynd fear of Carss - John Bellie in Balderd
41James Quhyt burg Forfar, Isobell Andersone his sp, John Quhyt their son - John Bellie in Balderd
41Arthur Strattoun in Canterland - Alexander Alschende in Cottartoun of the Mains of Craigie
42Marriage contract - John Irving in Quheitrigur, Elizabeth Irving his dtr - Robert Sibbald in Carutoun
44Wm Barrie in Mekel Coull - John Ogilvy of Colemne
45Alexander Burnat in Fynnedisfeill? - Catherine Oechthender? relict of David Strachan in Murtoun
46Arthur Strattoun yr of Hill of Creychie - John Stirling of Easter Braky
47Patrick Oliphant in Little Kenny - Alexander Sympsone in Mairstane
48Henry Guthrie in Glenboy - Margaret Kethe lady of Dunrone, James Ogilvy in Duncrone now her sp
49Wm Fullartoun of Ardo - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
50David Wod of Craige - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
51John Erskine son of Wm? Erskine sometime of Dunsmyling burg Montrose, ---- Douglas his sp, brother and air of Archibald Erskine, Alexander Erskine of Balmyllo & Jonet Nanche[?] his sp
53Mariory Douglas relict of William Erskine burg Montrose, John Erskine son of Wm E
55Gilbert Barclay in Ranscheid - Andrew Lyne webster Montrose
57Peter Oliphant of Turingis - James Beaton of Melgund
58John Arbuthnot of Mondynes, Robert Arbuthnot his son - James Tullo in Abbatoun
61Wm Rynd of Carss, Mr Wm Carnecorss of Balmashanner, Elizabeth Adamsone lady Craig, Andrew Gray of Lour, Harry Guthrie apperand of Halcartoun, Arthur Erskine of Burnesyid, John Lyon of Coissingis, Thomas Erskine of Restennot, John Strang port of Kilramus, John Rynd - Mr Henry Fullartoun ministerCossins
63John Broun in Mylntoun of ------ - Isobell Lyon relict of Walter Clark of Coull, James Clark his son
66Sir David Lindsay of Edzell, John Livingstone of Donapace - Anna Mersch lady Thorntoun and Balrowny relict of Alexander Strachan of Thorntoun, James Gordon apperand of Lesmoir now her sp
781605/11/27Wm Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk - Thomas Ogilvy cit Brechin
81George Barrie in Colzemie - John Mortimer in Parkfurd
82Robert Murray merch St Andrews - Robert Mainss at the Corne Mylne
85Marriage contract - John Walterstoun son of umqll Alexander Walterstoun fear of that ilk & Jonet Wollam, Alexander Watterstoun her present sp his father in law - Elizabeth Wischart dtr of and apperand air of umqll Mr Patrick Wischart son of umqll Alexander Wischart of Carnebog, Isobell Gray her mother & John Glen her sp
88Marriage contract - David Lindsay baillie Brechin, David Lindsay his son - Grisell Bursie relict of Patrick Lyon burg of Brechin?, Elizabeth Lyon their dtr
921606/1/10John Norie - the citie of Brechin - Wm Fullartoun of Ardo, Alexander Ramsay his author son of captain Alexander Ramsay
97John Beddie in Gallouill - Isobell Beddie dtr of sd John & Chathran Moncur his sp
99Mr Andrew Graham port of Easter Kynneff - Robert Graham his son
101Walter Ogstoun of Fettercarne - John Wod son of George Wod of Abbotoun
104John Ramsay in Newtoun of Pentrochin? - David Yeoman at the East ---- Mylne of Rattray
105John Millar at the Mylne of Kynnard - Thomas Millar his brother
106James Melville of Dysart, Richard Melville his son - James Melville son of Harvestoun
113Walter Ogstoune of the Kirklands of Fettercarne, Marion Lindsay his sp - George Wod in Abbotoun
116Walter Ogstoune of the Kirklands of Fettercarne - George Wod in Abbotoun
120James Suffwright in Fundehill, Gelis Mylne relict of John Donaldsone in Fetercarne - David Tullo fear of Craig
1221606/5/10James Fentoun of Ogill, James Lyon yr of Easter Ogill, Alexander Ogilvy of Achnagray, Alexander Strachan fear of Brigtoun, Alexander Guthrie elder of that ilk, Thomas Pearsone in Torfarlie, George Lambe & parishoner of Tannadice - James Ramsay minister Tannadice
124John Lauder in Tewchetdrume of Braktullo - John Barrie his sister son, Margaret Bocht sp of John B
127John Melville fear of Dysart son of Robert Melville fear of Dysart, David Rossie of that ilk, David Ramsay fear of Balmane, Alexander Melville in Halcartoun, Richard Melville - James Melville fractioner of Dysart his grandfather
128Robert Barclay burg Montrose, Gilbert Barclay in Da-- his father - Euphame Mylne relict of Wm Ramsay in Nether Knox, Isobell Ramsay her dtr
131James Collace of Murtoun - Harry Wischart of Carnbeg
132Mr Andrew Leiche parson of Keilmor - James Livingstone of Caldhame
1331606/8/4Isobell Ouchterlony relict of John Gardyne lister Edinburgh, Adam Gardyne their son - John Ouchterlony in name of Wm Ouchterlony elder of that ilk
135Alexander Lindsay of Brodland, David Lindsay fear of Edzell - David Ogilvy of Kynnaltie brother of Sir John Ogilvy of Inverarity
136Wm Fullartoun of Ardo - Sir John Lindsay of Wodrey, Mr James Eliott minister FenevinFinavon
137Marriage contract - James Lambe, Andrew Lambe his son both in Gilchorne - David Smyth in Bogheid, Henry Smyth his son, Elizabeth Smyth his dtr
140James Halyburton of Essie - James Tyrie in NevayEassie
141George Wischart elder of Drymie - Henry Fairwedder at the kirk of Menmur, David F his son
144Robert Falconer of Balandrow - Alexander Wischart of Carnbeg
148Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Euphame Douglas his sp - Arthur Erskine of Burnesyid, Alexander Arbuthnot of Petcarles
151Andrew Lyon son of James Lyon of Easter Ogill - James Ramsay minister Tannadice, Sir John Lindsay of Wodheid, James Beaton of Westhall
152John Mr of Montrose, Mr Alexander Forbes sometime parson of Fettercairn now bishop of Caitness - Sir Robert Graham of Morphie
154Patrick Guthrie of Petmabis - John Ogilvy in DrumesPitmuies
155James Livingstone of Caldhame - David Dempster skynner Brechin
156Patrick Livingstone brother to John Livingstone of Donapace - James Dempster elder cit Brechin, David Dempster yr cit Brechin
157John Marny son of John Marny in Chopdaill - Alexander Sibbald in CairKair
159David Steven - James Walker both in Watterstoun
160Patrick Livingstone brother to John Livingstone of Donapace - James Dempster of Easter Inglismaldy, Walter Ogstoun of Fettercarne, Robert Dempster in Nether Carestoun
161Thomas Wischart in Logie - James Chrichtoun of Ruthven
163John Ramsay of Coull - James Chrichtoun of Ruthven, Margaret Erskine his mother
164John Spalding of The Hill of Keremur - Alexander Wright in Keremur, Helen Tempelnio? his sp
165Agnes, Elizabeth, Helen & Isobell Erskine dtrs of John Erskine of Logie & Agnes Ogilvy his sp, Patrick Brune sp to Elizabeth - Thomas Mylne in Logie
169Marriage contract - John Findlasone in Balnahard - John Strachan of Dullevaird of Chepeltoun, Wm Strachan in Chepeltoun of Dolevard, Catherine Strachan dtr of David Strachan in Grenfeid father brother of sd John S and brother of sd Wm S
172Walter Wod in Montrose - James Pikeman his son in law
174Alexander Gardiner of Borrowfield, Margaret Graham his sp - John Medden in Auld Montrose
1751607/6/27Marriage contract - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk, Wm O his son, Elizabeth O dtr of Wm elder - Alexander Strachan of Brigtoun, Alexander S his son
1901607/7/4Wm Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk his father
1921607/7/4John Ouchterlony of Cairne - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk, Alexander Buchart in Balmirmur, Alexander Deuchard in Grenfurd
194James Earl of Atholl, Marie Stewart his sp, Thomas Gardyne in Legastoun, John Pitcarne at Kirktoun Mylne of Inverkeillor, John Collin in Persfeild, John Steven in Irneshill - Henry Futhie yr sometime of BallischokPersfeild - now Priestfield; Ironshill; Fithie; Boysack
1961607/8/31Alexander Ogilvy of Achindorie - Sir Wm Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk
197Constantine Wod, Alexander Wod son of George Wod burg Forfar - James Cur skynner Forfar
200John Walterstoune in Balhall - David Bellie in Balhall
201Sir Harry Lindsay of Carestoun - Robert Dempster in Nether Carestoun
205Elizabeth Wischart dtr & air to Mr Patrick Wischart eldest son of Alexander Wischart of Carnebeg, Jon Walterstoun now her sp - George Barclay of Syid, Alexander Barclay his son
2081607/12/1James Halyburton of Essie - James Halyburton of Peitcur, Peter Hay of Maygrunis, Wm Ramsay of Mwirrne - Sir Peter Young of Seaton
209Robert Carnegie of Dunichin, Sir David Carnegie of Kynnard - Patrick Guthrie of Petmowes, Marion Fotheringham his spDunnichen; Pitmuies
211Andrew Cair in Easter Ballinschow - John Spalding in Balbegnot
212John Erskine Earl of Mar - James Halyburton of Pitcur, Robert Collane apperand of Balnamon
2141607/12/1Procuratorie James Beaton brother germane and apperand air t David Beaton of Rynd - James Beaton of Melgund
2171608/1/1Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Euphame Douglas his sp - David Fullarton elder burg Montrose, Mr Henry Fullartoun - William Rynd of Carss
219Arthur Stratton in Canterland - David Ramsay of Balmaine
2211608/2/1Wm Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk, Catherine Scrumgeour his sp, Wm O of that ilk his father - David Ouchterlony son of Andrew O maltman Arbroath
227Mr Paul Fraser chantor Brechin, Andrew Wischart of Murtoun, John Livingstone of Donapace - George Barclay of Syid
2281608/2/8Contract John Rynd fear of Carss, Wm Rynd his father - Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykes
2331608/3/8John Mortimer 1st son of John Mortimer fractioner of Flemington, Janet Guthrie his sp - Thomas Mortimer fear of Flemington 2nd son to John M of F
240John Mortimer - Thomas Mortimer
2411608/3/11Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk - Alexander Ouchterlony burg Arbroath, Patrick Ouchterlony of Bonhard his sons
244John Straton sometime in Athnuwll now in Tilletogolls - David Stratton son of Alexander Stratton of that ilk
245George Barclay of Syid, John B his son - John Dempster of Balroune, Charles Dempster his brother, Helen Gardyne mother of Charles
250James Dempster of Neyes - John Dempster of Balrownie, Helen Gardyne his mother in law relict of Charles Dempster of Balrownie, Charles D her son & Margaret D his sister
254Isobell Fullartoun relict of Thomas Huntar merch Montrose - Mr Henry Fullarton minister Forfar her brother
257Patrick Livingstone of Bal---- - Harry Wod of Bonitoun
260Marriage contract - David Lindsay of Correlhill, Alexander L his brother, Christin Lindsay his sister, Euphame Strachan sp of Alexander Cokbyrne - David Deuquhar of that ilk, James Douquahar his son
262John Browne burg Montrose spouse of Jean Smyth relict of Alexander Sympsone in Clokisbrigis, Isobell Sympsone their dtrClocksbriggs
266Agnes, Helen & Isobell Erskine dtrs of John Erskine of Logie & Agnes Ogilvy his sp, Elizabeth Erskine dtr of John E & Patrick Browne her sp - Thomas Mylne in Logie
2721608/10/10Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk - Patrick Ouchterlony his son
274James Greig son of Walter Greig in Barneheid - Mariore Allardice relict of Alexander Greig in Middeltoun
277Marriage contract - John Lambe of Dun---, Sibyl Lambe his sister - Alexander Fullartoun port of CragowDunkenny?; Craigo
2801608/11/21Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk, Wm O his son - Adam Rea burg Edinburgh
2821608/11/21Adam Rea burg Edinburgh - Adam Gardyne burg Edinburgh, Isobell Ouchterlony his mother, Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
283John Erskine Earl of Mar - Wm Austiane in Newtoun
285Mr Alexander Beaton of Hospitalfield, David Beaton his son, Margaret Allardice sp of Mr Alex - James Beaton in Drymmie, Margaret Symmer his sp
289James Murray sometime of Smyddehill - George Kynnear port of Balldwme, Elspet Fullartoun his sp
292Wm Talbert in Dod - James Mylne in Corstoun of Aberlemno, Mr John Lindsay minister AberlemnoCrosston
293Alexander Scot cit Brechin, Alexander S his son - John Patersone merch Brechin, Margaret Liddell his sp
297Alexander Scot cit Brechin - John Patersone merch Brechin
299Thomas Robert burg Montrose, David Robert his brother burg Montrose - James Greig in Unthank
301Archibald Turnbull in Blakstown, Peter Turnbull in Cwikstowne his son - Henry Ogilvy in Drumny
302Patrick Lindsay of Barnehards - David Jamesone in Achnacrie
3031609/5/8David Ouchterlony maltman Arbroath - Robert Stevenson in West Barnis of Redcastle
305Laurence Dundas cit Brechin, Margaret Wischart his sp - Wm Peiris cit Brecgin
306Harry Wod of Bonnitoun, Andrew Wardlaw of Torrie, Andrew Wardlaw his son - Patrick Livingstone of BalrownyWood of Bonnyton
309David Skair in Haiche of Brechin, Marion Mudie his sp - Thomas Bell in BanabreicheHaugh
311James Beaton of Westhall, Robert Erskine of Ardowie - Elspet Ogilvy relict of David Ramsay of Schangie
312John Spalding sometime port of Kinnallie? - George Lambe of DwnkennyLambie/Lammie/L'Amy of Dunkenny
313Allan Livingstone in Dunlappie - John Smyth in Dunlappie, Andrew Smyth his son
3181609/7/3Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk - Isobell Lindsay relict of James Chrichtoun, Wm Hendersone in Innerpeffer
322Sir John Lindsay of Wodwray - Wm Fullartoun of Ardo, John Ramsay of Jordanstone, Robert Erskine of Ardestie
324Sir John Lindsay of Wodwray - Wm Fullartoun of Ardo
327James Gardyne son of David Gardyne elder sometime of Leys - John Spalding in Balbeignon
329Jean Douglas lady Pittarrow - Elizabeth Falconar sp of Alexander Melville in Dysart
330David Lindsay fear of Vane, James Fentoun of Wester Ogill - Margaret Crammond relict of captaine Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin
333David Lindsay fear of Vane, James Fentoun of Wester Ogill - Margaret Crammond relict of captaine Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin
336John Lyell in Kinktun - Alexander Ogilvy of Auchoeihe
337John Rynd fear of Carss - Ormand Ogilvy in Keleniur son of James Ogilvy in Aucheroche
338George Kynnear port of Ballewny - David Bellie in Brechin
339John Reid port of Ardow, Isobell Ogilvy his sp - David Bellie merch Brechin
340George Fullartoun sometime of Denwne, Mr Henry Fullartoun minister Forfar - Robert Rollok baillie Brechin
341John Irnis port of Kinclune - John Lyell in Kinclune

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