Parties in the Register of Deeds of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/9/1: Register of Deeds, etc., 24 Oct 1594 to 19 Apr 1602

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/9 are Registers of Deeds.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/9/1 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own & it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes & sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: citiner [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchantmessr: messengerPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fractioner: must mean "liferenter" (though the word "fractioner" seems otherwise unknown);fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


11594/2/22Decret Arbitral John Douglas of Tillequhille - Mr John Strachan parson Kin-----
51594/10/24Renunciation Alexander Awane sometyme in Mylnehill in favorem Wm Ouchterlony de eodem
71594/10/24Obligation Agnes Lyell, David Stephen her son - David Petrie in Tannadise, Patrick Lindsay of Barneyards
81594/10/28Obligation George Erskine in Cotraw, Walter Jameson in the Mains of Elder, James Smyth in Hill of Hedderwick - Andrew Petrie burgess Montrose
9Obligation Robert Lindsay of Balhall - Mr Patrick Wischart son of Alexander Wischart of Carnebege, Gray
10Contract Alexander Wischart of Carnebege - Robert Lindsay of Balhall
13Acquittance Wm Fullarton of Ardo, Arthur Fullartoun his son in law, John Douglas of Tillequhille, David Livingstone of Newtoun - Mr John Strachan parson of Kincardine
16Contract Sir Harry Graham of Morphie, John G fear of M his son, John Arbuthnot of Mondynes, Wm A his son
19John Moncur of Glames - Peter Moncur in Knox his son in law, Marion? Moncur his sp dtr of John M
21Alexander Guthrie yr of that ilk - Mr John Lyndsay provost of the college kirk of Guthrie
22Obligation Robert Sampsone & Andrew Knicht in Murthill - Thomas Lyell of Murthill
23Obligation Thomas Lyell of Murthill to David Lindsay of Vane
241595/12/29Contract between William Ouchterlony of that ilk & Alexander Ouchterlony
281595/12/29Contract between William Ouchterlony of that ilk & James his son & Robert Guthrie of KinblamonthKinblethmont
341595/12/29William Ouchterlony of that ilk, William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk his son & Catherine Scrymgeour his spouse, & James Ouchterlony his son.
381595/12/29William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk & James Ouchterlony his brother
40Alexander Guthrie fractioner of that ilk & Thomas Finlasone
45Marriage contract - Walter Melvill in Blairarnot, Anna Melville his dtr - Robert Falconer in Cleschindrame son of George Falconer in Tarroquhil
47Contract Thomas Fraser of Kynnell & Fraser of Braikie & David Lichtoun son of John Lichtoun in Ethie, Isobell Fraser his sp, John & Alexander Lichtoun his brothers - Sir David Carnegie of Kinaird, Margaret Keyt his sp
53Thomas Peirsone burgess Arbroath, Agnes Boswall his sp - David Lichtoun in the Maines of Ethie, Agnes Fraser his sp
561594/2/1William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk, William Ouchterlony of that ilk his father
59James Melvill of Dysart, Richard Melville his son - Mr James Keythe of Drinntochtie
621594/3/14Contract between William Ouchterlony of that ilk & William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk
66Discharge George Ogilvie son of Lord James Ogilvie to Eupham Guthrie mother in law of George O
68James Strachan elder fractioner of Dullivairdie - John S his eldest son
691594/4/16Obligation Alexander Ouchterlony - Ouchterlony of that ilk
731595/5/16William Ouchterlony of that ilk & William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk
76Renunciation Peter Clayhills in favour of Walter Wod of Fettercairne
78Marriage contract - John Thorntoun of that ilk, John T his 2nd son - Archibald Hering of Drymie, Marie Hering his dtr
81Obligation John Cutberd cit Brechin, John Adam taylor Brechin - David Jack burgess Dundee
831595/7/20Alexander Lindsay lord of Spynie grants to William Ouchterlony of that ilk
841595/7/23Renunciation Strachan of Brighton in favor of Ouchterlony of that ilk
871595/8/11Acquittance Durham of Grange to Ouchterlony of that ilk
88John Forrest in Inglistoun of Kinnettles, Wm Fleming thair - John Bouchart portioner of Kincreiche
89John Gray br to Andrew Gray of Kingornie - Margaret Young relict of David Purtes in Johneshean--, Elspet Purtes his dtr
91Duncan Watsone, Marior Watsone his dtr - John Williamsone in Patrene son of David W in Pater---
93Hugh Curror in Gocharstoun, Euphame Strachan his sp - Patrick master of Gray
951595/10/6James Ouchterlony 3rd son to William Ouchterlony of that ilk
981595/10/6William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk
1001595/10/13William Ouchterlony of that ilk & William O his eldest son
1041595/10/28Lindsay of Spynie - Ouchterlony of that ilk
111Andrew Hering of Glasclwne, David H his son - George Wod in Abbatoun
115Walter Ogestone of Kirklands of Fettercardyne - George Wod in Abbatoun
1191595/11/16James Ouchterlony son of William Ouchterlony of that ilk
119Robert Guthrie of Kinblamont - William Ouchterlony of that ilkKinblethmont
120John Spalding at the mylne of Balmacathie, David, Wm, John, Isobell Spalding his children - Thomas Scrymgeour at the mylne of Balmacathie their father in law
121Alexander Strachan in Arnbarrow - David Wod of Craige, Agnes Wod his sp
125James Guthrie port of Balnabricht, Cristene Barron his sp - John Daikers in Kindrokwod
128James Guthrie port of Balnabricht, Cristene Barron his sp, Mr James G their son, Elizabeth Guthrie his sp - John Daikers in Kindrokwod
130Isobell Guthrie relict of John Leslie yr cit Brechin, Patrick Leslie of Kyncraige, George Leslie his son, John Leslie cit Brechin father in law of Isobell G, John Guthrie of Coleistoun, George Barron of Kynnard, Mr James Guthrie
132Renunciation Marrorie Inchemellen relict of Robert Ruthven, Richard Willok her sp - Richard Willok her son in law
134John Stewart Lord Innermeath - Irving - John Lichtoun in Ethie & David Lichtoun his son
137Contract between John Fullartoun of Cinnuber & George Wod of AbbatounKinnaber
1411596/4/18Obligation David Saidler in Dundee - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
142Contract between David Stratton of Cregie & David Stratton his sone & James Graham portioner of Leuchland
1451596/4/24Obligation Helen Balfour relict of umqll James Durward portioner of Bonnytoun & Ouchterlony of that ilk
1461596/4/24Acquittance Andrew Ouchterlony to Ouchterlony of that ilk
1471596/4/24Contract Ouchterlony of that ilk & Creichton
1481596/4/24Contract William Ouchterlony of that ilk & William Ouchterlony his eldest son
152Contract between John Fullartoun of Kinnaber & William Barclay of AuchmutieAuchmithie
1551596/4/28Obligation David Gardin to William Ouchterlony of that ilk
156Obligation Alexander Ogilvy of Auchindore - John Scrymgeour of Glaswell
1571596/5/11Contract Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk - Wm Ouchterlony his son
1611596/5/12Acquittance Robert Guthrie of Kinblamonth - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilkKinblethmont
1621596/5/12Renunciation Catherine Fullartoun relict of Alexander Murray burgess Montrose - Ouchterlony of that ilk
164Contract between David Lindsay apperand of Vayne & Alexander Stratton of that ilk
166Renunciation John Livingstone of Donepace, Catherine Lichtoun his sp given to the noble & potent Lord John Erskine earl of Mar
168Contract Andrew Wischart in Mylnden - James Collace of Mylnden
171Contract David Gairden fear of Leys - John Alexander in Balmacatle & Agnes Spalding his spouse
1731596/5/27Obligation William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk - David Ogilvy of Kerniff
174Contract Alexander Peirsone at the Wardmylne of Arbroath, Isobell Betoun his sp - James Peirsone of CarneyCairnie
1781596/5/29Acquittance William Rynd of Carss & John Rynd fear of Carss & William Ouchterlony of that ilk
178Acquittance James Ouchterlony of Wester Seaton & William Ouchterlony of that ilk
1791596/5/29Acquittance William Durham of Grange & William Ouchterlony of that ilk
1811596/5/29Acquittance James Auchinleck of Wodhill discharges William Ouchterlony elder of Kelly
181Obligation Andrew Guthrie in Kenny, Hercules Guthrie in Potscandlie his son - David Lindsay in Labothie
183Obligation John Collace of Balnamone, Robert C his son & Alexander Elder in Stanie
184Contract John Rait of Colliflat - Margaret Fullartoun relict of Mr Andrew Rait in Over Knox
188Contract between John Collace of Balnamone & Alexander Scot cit of Brechin
192Obligation Alexander Petrie, John Alexander, David Smythe all burgesses Montrose - John Leslie in Kirktoun of Inverkeillor
194Contract John Thorntoun of that ilk - Charles T his son
196Contract Alexander Quhytlaw of Peblis - John Aikman yr burgess Arbroath, Jonat Clerk his sp
1991596/7/1Mr Patrick Carnegie chamberlain of Aberbrothok discharge to William Ouchterlony of that ilk
200Sir Harry Graham of Morphie, Robert G his son - David Strattoun of Cregie, Elspet Strattoun his dtr
203John Fullartoun fractioner of Kynnaber, John F fear of K - Wm Guthrie burgess Montrose, Jean Guthrie his sp
207John Jarvis webster Brechin, David J his father - Wm Allane in Manies, Elspet A his sister
208Marriage contract - Robert Kinneir of Botheris, Mariore Fullartoun his sp, Christian K their dtr - Thomas Liddell cit Brechin
210James Ramsay fear of Arbeky, Catherine Ingles his sp - Walter Arnot in AuchnacarrasArbikie
213Wm Rait of Halgrein - Margaret Young relict of David Provess in JohneshawinJohnshaven
2161596/8/14Isobell Lindsay, relict of James Chrichtoun in Nether Kelly, Abraham Chrichtoun burgess Arbroath her son - Jonat Fethie in Easter Innerpeffer, Wm Hendersone her son in E Innerpeffer, Jonat Ramsay his sp
219Alexander Campbell bishop of Brechin - John Arbuthnot burgess Montrose
220Marriage contract - Mr David Gardine of that ilk, Helen Gardine his sister - Charles Dempster of Balrowny
2231596/8/21Contract John Scrymgeour of Glaswell - Alexander Neway in Farlie, Margaret Ouchterlony his sp
225Contract James Irnes portioner of Kunlune, John & James I his sons, John Peblis at the mylne of Scampsie, his sons - John Thorntoun son of Thorntoun of that ilk
2291596/9/13William Ouchterlony of that ilk - William Henderson in Easter Innerpeiffer & Janet Ramsay his spouse
2341596/9/13James Ouchterlony aquittance to William Ouchterlony of that ilk his father & William Henderson
236Marriage contract - David Nevay burgess of Forfar - Jean Spalding dtr of David Spalding skipper Forfar - David Lindsay of Kinnettles
238Contract Peter Moncur brother german of Andrew Moncur of that ilk - the children of Thomas Erskine in Tayok - Mr Arthur Erskine
2401596/10/4Obligation William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk - Patrick Ouchterlony his brother
2411596/10/4Contract Abraham Chrichtoun in Nether Kelly & Agnes Gardin his sp - Mr George Glaidstone minister at Arbirlot
243Contract John Lichtoun fractioner of Inschewin, Robert Lichtoun provost Montrose - Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk, Jean Lichtoun his sp dtr of sd John L
246Contract Thomas Annand of Parsie - John Robert in Nether Parsie
248Contract John Collace of Balnamone, Robert C his eldest son - James Murray fear of Smyddiehill, Elisabet Quhytlaw his sp
251Contract Thomas Robert burgess in Montrose & his cautioners - David Grahame in Glenbervie
254Interdiction James Knox in the Mylne of Brechin son of John Knox in Mekle Mylne of Brechin - James Dempster of Pothill, David D fear of P
256Contract David Wod of Craige, Agnes Wod his sp - Thomas Renny, Margaret Chalmer his sp
258Acquittance Jerome Lindsay port of Innerbervie - Andrew Arbuthnot of that ilksee also no. 340
259Discharge Andrew Gray of Denneeynald - Alexander Balkary of InnerachtieDunninald
260Marriage contract - John Sander in Elicht, Andrew S his son - John Duncan in Drumfeik, Margaret Duncan his dtrAlyth
262Obligation Lord John Stewart of Innermeath - John Pitcairne in DunbartnatDrumbertnot
263Contract David Stratoun elder of Craigie David S yr his eldest son - Arthur Stratton of Kirksyd, David S his eldest son
268Amdrew Stratoun apperand of Kirksyd - Margaret Beatie
269Contract between James Thayne baillie of Brechin, Isobell Knox his sp - Andrew Craill port of Kethik, Margaret Andersone his sp
272Contract Andrew Gray of Lour, his children, brother & sisters - George Wood, Elizabeth Auchinlek hi sp
278Acquittance John Gray burgess in Montrose - George Wod of/in Abbatoun
280Obligation David Gardyne fear of Leys, Mr Robert Gardyne his brother & his cautioners - Thomas Gardyne in Legastoune
281Obligation George Wischart of Drymme - Andrew Wischart in MildonMilldens
282Contract John Middeltoun of Kilhill - David Ramsay apperand of Balman - Catherine Mortimer relict of James Forbes of Corsinday, sp of sd John MBalmain
284Marriage contract - Thomas Wentoun in Kirksyd, Catherine Wentoun his dtr - James Willie in Drumforbes, Andrew Willie his son
285Obligation Alexander Guthrie of Halcartoun - Gilbert Rynd son of Wm Rynd of Carss
286Obligation Barclay of Mathers & his cautioners to Wm Barclay of Wester Auchlwchrie, Mariore Melville his sp
289Obligation David Law at Marie Kirk of Arbuthnot - William Barclay of Wester Auchluchrie
290Obligation Robert Erskine in Logie - William Gray servitor to Lord John Earl of Montrose
291Obligation Henry Auchinlek in Mwiryes - umqll Helen OgilvyMuirhouse/Murroes
292Obligation John Howatt in Blaconot - George Symmer of Balzordie
293Alexander Fleming in Glamis - John Findlaw
294George Hardy in Balnolie - William Carnegie burgess of Montrose
295Obligation Patrick Forbas merch in Brechin - John Smart merch Brechin
296Alexander Souttar baxter Montrose - John Smart merch Brechin
297Obligation Robert Strachan of Balhossie - John Pinkoine in Mylnehead
2981597/1/4Andrew Guthrie in Buttergill - Robert Rollok cit Brechin
299Obligation James Kyid in East Betoun - John Pinkoine in Mylneheid
300Alexander Auchinlek of Cotsyd, Henry Kyid in Mains of Panmure - John Rinkine
302Obligation John Auchinlek burgess Dundee - Thomas Andersone port of Barrie
303Discharge Thomas Moncur tutor to the barnes of umqll Thomas Erskine to David Stratoun fear of Craige & David Lindsay of Vayne
304Obligation Alexander & George Wallantie brothers - William James maltman Frenidlie
305Gilbert Gardyne brother german to David Gardyn of Leys - James Durvard burgess in the Canongate
306Contract David Lindsay fear of Edzell - James Grahame portioner of Leuchlands
313Contract Walter Wood yr of Fettercardine - Patrick Guthrie of Patmolbes, Marion Fotheringhame his spPitmuies
317Obligation David Man in Meikle Balgille - Thomas Muiresone at the mylne of Maine
318Obligation Mr Thomas Wichtoun in Forfar - Andrew Guthrie in Craguhmylne
319Obligation John Lyon apperand of Cossins - Alexander Neway in Wester Mathie, Catherine Neway, Mariore & Isobell & Mariore? Butchart dtrs of umqll James Butchart port of Granag & umqll Grisell Neway his spNevay
320James Drummond in Dundie, Catherine Hay relict of George Drummond of Blair - Thomas Annand of Persie
322Obligation Robert Stratoun brother of David Stratton of Cragie - James Grahame in Leuchlands
323William Wood son of Walter Wod of Fettercardine - Agnes Wischart dtr of umqll Andrew Wischart in Vittoun
324John Pewin in Hawmwro of Benholme - David Fullartoun burgess Montrose
325Marriage contract between William Lakie in Garlabank, Margaret L his dtr - Alexander Neische in Fothariggie
326Contract Thomas Browne in Keremur - Thomas Smart in Kinattie
327Obligation James Symsone, Wm Makie - Alexander Fyiff indweller Montrose
329Contract John Lichtoun of Ulischewen, Robert L fear of U & Cathrine Lindsay relict of George Petre at the Mylne of LogieUsan
331Contract James Melville of Dysart, David M his son - Arthur Stratoun of Kirksyd, Margaret Keithe his sp
333Contract James Melville of Dysart - Robert Kethe indweller Montrose, Elizabeth Stirueling his sp
335James Grahame sometime port of Leuchland brother german to Sir Harry Graham of Cwicstoun & sp of Catherine Fullartoun - David Lindsay younger of Edzell, Margaret Wischart his sp
336Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk - Gideon Guthrie of Bellok
337Obligation Mr John Gardyne in Edny, Thomas Thayne in Edny, David T his son - David Melville of Balrowny, Catherine Rossie his sp
338Obligation James Stratoun to Patrick Guthrie
3391597/2/21Obligation Walter Ferrar in Schannally to Dame Agnes Betoun
340Andrew Arbuthnot of that ilk & Mr Jerome Lindsay eldest son of Mr David Lindsay minister [South] Leithe, Margaret Colvill [first] sp of Mr Jeromelater, Sir Jerome Lindsay of Annatland, advocate, Lord Lyon King-of-Arms
343Obligation Andrew Tendill & John Ker in Glamis
3441597/2/28Submission between William Rynd of Carss & Thomas Lyell younger of Murthill
345Obligation Walter Wood fear of Fettercairne - Andrew Arbuthnot of that ilk
346Andrew Guthrie of Wester Balnabriche - David Guthrie cordiner Brechin
347Contract James Ogilvie of Balfour - ... Ferrar, Walter Cairmaig, James Yrnis, John Yrnis his son, James Peddie
348Marriage contract - John Makaenane in Langdruny, Thomas M his brother, Elspet Rossie in Crdhrilli dtr of Thomas Rossie - John Robert in Murpersie, James Lakie son of Thomas Lakie
349Marriage contract - Thomas Robertsone in Fordes, Margaret Broun his sp, Wm Robertsone their son - Richard Willok at Maris Kirk of Arbuthnot, John Willok thair, Meriore Willok their sister
3511597/2/28Obligation William Rynd [of] Carss to Oliphant of Turingis
3521597/2/28Discharge Patrick Rossie fear of that ilk - David Rossie of that ilk his father - James Crichtoun of Ruthven, Margaret Erskine his mother
352Obligation Margaret Souttar relict of Arthur Law in Bankheid - Alexander Duncan in Slaines
353Obligation Andrew Ramsay in Cainestoun, David R his eldest son & his son - David Ramsay in Grenfuird
355Contract Andrew Kethe in Vne-stricstoun - Alexander Duncan in Slaines
357Contract George Ogilvy son to James Lord Ogilvie of Airlie to Patrick Guthrie of PetmowisPitmuies
359Obligation Thomas Lyell yr in Keremur, Thomas Ogilvie of Turbrax - James Gibsone, Agnes Stobbart? his spTarbrax
360Obligation David Guthrie in Stannoquhie, William Wilsone in Kincraigie - John Mitchell in KeremurStannochy
361Obligation Henry Durham in Fillall - David Dempster skynner cit Brechin
362Obligation Alexander Chapie burgess Innerbervie - William Rait of Halgrain
363Obligation Wm Durhame of Grange - John Spalding minister Rescobie, Barbara Auchinlek his sp
365Obligation Alexander Chalmer fear of Newbigging - Alexander Andersone cuper Montrose
366Obligation Mr Alexander Stratoun fear of that ilk - his father & David S his brother
367Contract Alexander Hay of Dalgatie & his cautioners - Sir John Lindsay of Wodheis & his cautioners - Elizabeth Keythe sometime sp to sd Alexander H
371Obligation John Steveinsone in Middiltoun of Gairdin - Robert Rait son of Wm Rait of Halgraine
372Obligation Wm Ramsay in Nether Knox - James Strachan of Monboddo
373Obligation John Rait of Billiston to George Mitchell in Balhagartie
375Obligation Alexander Chope son of Alexander Chope indweller Bervie - Thomas Muresone merch Aberdeen
376John Allardice of that ilk & Beatrix Kathe his sp - Thomas Brunoe merch at the Kirk of Arbuthnot
377Obligation John Spaliding of The Hill of Keremur - George Gairdin fear of that ilk
3781597/4/13Inst--- John Oliphant in Hiltoun & Alexander Ouchterlony in Balmirmour - Issobell Guthrie dtr of John Guthrie of Haltoun
380Contract Robert Lichtone fear of Uillishewin provost Montrose, John Fullartoun fear of Kinnaber - William Murray burgess of Montrose, Elizabeth Lichtoun his sp, Catherine Fullartoun his mother - John Lichtoun fractioner of Ullisheaven, Robert L son of sd Robert LUsan
385Obligation Mr James Leper in Barnhill to Niniane Davidsone burgess in Montrose
386Contract Sir David Lindsay of Edzell - David Deuqhneir of that ilk, Alexander D his brother
388Robert Pitcarne in Grange - John Arrot son of Walter Arrot in Ethie
389James Durhame portioner of Dunfurd - William Cokburne
390Mr John Erskine in Brigfuird, David Graham inat the Mylne of Glenbervie, Robert Spark in Westertoun of Glenbervie, John Coullie in Little Barras - William Rait of Halgrain
392Thomas Blair in Kincaldrine, John Duncan in Drumfork, John Fenton in Ostrevie - Thomas Frost son of Thomas Frost in Catnell
393Hugh Maxwell son of Maxwell of Teling - Thomas Sinclair of Evinstone
394Contract between James master of Ogilvie Thomas Sinclair in Evinstone
398Obligation George Hardie in Balnelie - Wm Hardie his brother
399Acquittance Sir John Lindsay of Wodheid - Alexander Hay of Delgattie. Barbara Forbes his sp
400Contract between David Lindsay apperand of Vane & Alexander Lindsay of Brodlane
402Obligation Thomas Maule son of Thomas M of Panmure - John Lichtoun brother to David Lichtoun in Maines of AthieEthie
403Renunciation James Graham brother germane to Sir Harry Graham of Morphie & Catharine Fullartoun his sp - David Strattoun younger of Craige
404Obligation James Fentoun fear of Ogill - James Dempster of Wester Eglismaldie
405Renunciation William Guthrie & Janet Fullartoun his sp in favour of Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, And Glamik
4061597/5/16Renunciation Thomas Collace of Pitforkie in favour of James Betoun of Melgund
407Obligation John Hardie cit Brechin - Wm Hardie burgess Montrose his brother
408Obligation Archibald Irving of Quldstaine - James Lyell of Balmaleddy
410Obligation Robert Spens in Tullando - Patrick Livingstone brother of John Livingstone of Donapace
411Obligation Mr Gilbert Gairden of Bractullow, Alexander G his eldest son to William Portar son of Galvin Portar burgess of Forfar
412Obligation William Young burgess of Arbroath - Mr John Fullartoun minister at Inverkeillor
413Obligation William Stirlening burgess , Wm Murray maltman, Patrick Young baxter all in Montrose - Henry Ogilvy & George Pitre burgesses Montrose
414Renunciation John Smythe in Caldhame - William Fullartoun of Ardow
416Contract James Dempster of Nether Eglismaldie - James Clark son of Walter Clerk in Coull
417Contract John Hailles maltman burgess of Arbroath - John Collein in Peisseild
4181597/5/23Obligation James Ouchterlony in Knox of Kellie - Alexander Fyff indweller in Montrose
419Obligation George Willok in Isackstoun - Wm Gray in Montrose
420Obligation Robert Pitcairn in the Grange, Andrew Pitcairne in Dunbarrow, Henry Durham in Fellall, Wm Ruthven of Banden, John Hodgestoun at the Mylne of Lounan, James Makon burgess Montrose - James Lytoun son of John Lytoun in EthieLunan; Lichtoun
421Obligation John Greig in Auquhandlan - umqll Alexander Neway cit Brechin, Christian Hucheon his relict
422Contract Walter Ougistone of Fettercardin & John Stewart of Inchbrek
424Contract Robert Lichtoun yr of Compse, Euphame Lichtoun his sp, Robert L burgess Montrose his father - Thomas Andersone sometime in Caramsley now in Ruthven, Elspet Gardin his sp
426Obligation John Ogilvie in Bollosche, David Psalter in Ak---, Thomas Anderson in Campse - Robert Lichtoun yr of Ullisheaven
428Obligation David Gairdin of Leyes - Mr Gilbert Gairdin of BotheLeys; Boath
430Obligation Robert Lychtoun apperand of Ulishewin - Thomas Bursie yr in KeremurUsan
430Marriage contract - John Lundie in Lumngar, Mariorie Lundie his dtr - Alexander Eldar in Stain of Benholme
432Robert Lichtoun fear of Ullishevin, Robert his son & Eupham Lichtoun sp of Robert yr - Wm & James Lichtoun sons to John Lichtoun in the Mains of Ethie
436John Gray of Kincardin - Alexander Young in Murtoun of BrethertounBrotherton
437Richard Spark son of Patrick Spark in Barras - Roger Lindsay in Barrall
438John Ogilvy in Freok - James Clunie in Cutherhill & Gillis Duncan his spFriock
440James Keyt of Canterland - Isobell Maxwell somtime sp to James Strachan of Carmyllie & Stephen Turror of Loqynngler her sister son
445Alexander Scot cit of Brechin - John Patersone yr cit Brechin
446David Strattoun of Craige - Andrew Smyth son of John Smyth sometime indweller at the Mylne of Indeskandie
448Obligation Andrew Stratoun son of Arthur Stratton of Snawdoun, Arthur Stratton his brother - Margaret Beatie sp of John Wilsone burgess Montrose
449Obligation John Pitcairn in Kirktoun Milne of Inverkeilor - Margaret Beatie sp of John Wilsone burgess Montrose
450Contract Mr Robert Douglas of Glenbervie - John Douglas lyferenter of Annanuk?
451Obligation George Wod in Abbatoun - Alexander Strachan in Aucinbarrow
452Obligation Richard Tullok in Inchgrey - Alexander Strachan in Arnbarrow
453Alexander Ogilvy son of Sir John O of Innerquharitie, Mr Alexander Kinnimont minister at Keremur - Alexander Lindsay at Milne of LenotLethnot?
455Contract John Collace of Balnamone, Robert C his son - Charles Dempster of Balrowny, John Speid of Auchdowy, George Speid his brotherArdovie
457Obligation Scot & Patersone (Walter Ferrar in Chemalie, James Gibsone thair - Mr William Gray minister Rvethe
458Obligation Hugh Allardice in Blaiokmure - Wm Robert at the Kirk of Qvethe
458Obligation Archibald Macfarlane portioner of Glenboy - John Neway of that ilkNevay
459Marriage contract - Thomas Annand of Persie, Mariore Lyon his mother, Isobell Annand his sister, John Lyon of Caissynes, George L his son - James Irnis portioner of Kinclune, John I his son
462Obligation Gilbert Alexander in Auchtvchcir - Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun
4631597/7/19Obligation Walter Ferrar indweller in Schannaly - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
4651597/7/20Acquittance David Ogilvie of Kineuiff [Kinneff] & William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk
4661597/7/21Obligation Thomas Cowie cit Brechin - John Gray burgess Montrose
466Obligation William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk - Sir John Lindsay of Wodheid
468Obligation Alexander Lauder of Winquhie - Henry Lauder indweller in Leythe
468Obligation Thomas Patton port of Auchinleis - John Andersone
469Obligation Thomas Patton port of Auchinleis - John Andersone in Auchinleiss
470Obligation David Gardin of Leys - Thomas Ramsay burgess Arbroath
471Obligation Andrew Symsone in Tempilland - Thomas Ramsay burgess Arbroath
472Contract Mr Arthur Futhie minister Kinnell - William Young burgess Arbroath, Catherine Schakart his sp, Ninian Young their son
475Last contract John Lundie in Lingar, Robert Lundie his son - Alexander Eldar yr in Staine of Benholme
476Obligation William Ruthven fear of Ballondroy - Matilda Lichtoun dtr to John Lichtoun in the Mains of Athie
477Assignation made be Sir John Lindsay of Woheid, Elizabeth Keyt sometime sp of Alexander Hay of Dalgattie - James Allardice son of Allardice of that ilk
480Contract Mr David Carnegie of Kinnard & Alexander Gleg
482Contract Alexander Guthrie fractioner of that ilk - Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk his son & Janet Lichtoun sp of Alexander yr
489Contract Isobell Kar dtr to Mr Cuthbert Kar - David Keyt in Balmadie
491Obligation Alexander Guthrie fract of that ilk, Alexander Guthrie fear therof his son - Thomas Findlasone burgess Edinburgh?
492Obligation George Barclay of Mathers - John Erskine Earl of Mar - Fyff - Smyth
492Obligation Thomas Smyth in Lawtoun - Alexander Fyff burgess Montrose
493Contract Alexander Scrymgeour of Glaswell - John Piggott elder in Kerremur, Agnes Futhie? his sp
495Obligation Patrick Lindsay of Barnyards - John Mortimar in Parkfuird
496Obligation Robert Weymis in Over Petforthie - Thomas Liddell elder cit Brechin
497Obligation James Robertsone burgess Montrose - Richard Gardin burgess Montrose
497Obligation John Farlie saidler Brechin - John Bellie in Dunis
498Marriage contract - George Barclay of Mathers, Elspet Wod his sp, George B their son - Elizabeth Makgill reclict of David Wod of Craigie, Christiane Wod their dtr
504Appointment Sir David Lindsay of Edzell - James Watterstoun fear of that ilk
507Renunciation Thomas Finlasone burgess Dundee, Mariom Gairdin his sp - Alexander Guthrie fractioner of that ilk, Alexander Guthrie his son fear of that ilk
510Discharge Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk - Thomas Finlasone burgess Edinburgh?
510Obligation Finlaw Farquharsone brother to F of Innercould & his cautioner to John Robertsone of Straloche
512Obligation Thomas Peirsone in Carsanchie & his cautioner - John Robertsone of Straloche
513Obligation Thomas Symmer in Coatterstoun - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
515Obligation John Cob in Balmady - Thomas Collace of Pitforkie
516Obligation Robert Lichtoun fear of Ullisheiven - Thomas Ogilvy in Keremuir, Thomas BursieUlysseshaven/Usan
517Decret arbitral Wm Carnegie in Milntoun of Stevin? - James Cure in West Fuld
518Marriage contract Archibald Irwing in Reidmyr & Robert Arbuthnot of Little Fiddes, Helen A his dtr
520Obligation Archibald Chope baillie in Innerbervy & his cautioner - Archibald Irwing in Reidmyr
522Obligation Wm Arrott of that ilk - James Smart merch Brechin
5231597/11/19Obligation Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk & Wm O apperand of that ilk to John Lindsay of Wodheid
524Obligation Robert Keyt brother to James Keyt of Canterland, David Erskine son of John Erskine of Logie, Mr Arthur Erskine brother to John E of L - Walter Wod burgess Montrose
525Obligation Wm Irwing in Knokhill - his brother Archibal Irwing in Reidmyr
526Acquittance Gedeon Guthrie - James Guthrie brother of Alexander Guthrie elder of that ilk
526Obligation Alexander Guthrie elder of that ilk - Alexander Guthrie his son & apperand
527Contract Alexander Gardin of Borrowfield - Alexander Chalmer fear of the half lands of Newbigging, John Chalmer his father fractioner therof
528Obligation John Speid in Pitpullox - James Smyth merch Brechin
530Obligation John Lyon apperand of Cossynes - Issobell Buchart & John Wellis her s
5311597/11/28Obligation Mr Alexander Beaton of Hospitalfield - Alexander Strachan of Brigtoun
532Robert Lundie father in law to Patrick Purroes, Margaret Young relict of David Purroes
535Alexander Wanche portioner of Glenboy - Agnes Broun his motherWauche?
538Catherine Graham relict of Wm Grahame fear of Kalendaris & Robert Grahame now her sp - Lawerence Grahame tutor of Kalendaris
540George Symmer of Balzordie, Georg S his son fear of B - Andrew Strattoun in Hill of Craigie brother to Alexander S of that ilk
542Obligation Agnes Broun relict of Patrick Wanche portioner of Glenboy - Adam Smyth in Denheid
545Obligation John Allane in Kerremur to Isobell Ogilvy relict of John Wischart of that ilk
546Marriage contract Gilbert Buchart in Nether Craigie & Downy Fairwedder his sp - John Muirtoun in Wester Mathie
548Robert Grahame of Hedderweik - Mr Andrew Leiche parson of Kilmoir
550John Scrymgeour son of John S in Tulloie & Bessie Spens redlict of John Forsamekle - John Gray burgess of Montrose brother to Andrew Gray of Lour
551James Ogilvy of Balfour - John Robertsone of Straloc alias Reid & othersStraloch
557Andrew Rollok in Ballo brother to Sir Walter R of Hoiwtoun? takink burden for Andrew Rollok of Duncrub his brother son - John Ogilvie in Frak
559David Erskine in Logie brother to John Erskine of Dwne - Robert Erskine in Logie? his brother
561James Dempster of Nether Inglasmaldie, John Oudny, Richard Chapman, David Dempster yr - Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin
562John Fullartoun fear of Kinnabak? - Wm Barclay of Wester Auchlenchru
565Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun - John Strachan of Claypottis
5661598/1/28Obligation Alexander Ouchterlony brother germane to William Ouchterlony of that ilk - David Lindsay of Vane
567James Ramsay of Arbekie & James R fear of A - Alexander Melville brother to James M of Dysart
570James Gardin of Dunbarrow & Agnes Lauder his sp & James G their son - Mr John Rig minister at Dunnechin
572James Gardin of Dunbarrow & Agnes Lauder his sp - Mr John Rig minister at Dunnechin
573William Cathron merch Kerremur - James Irnes portioner of Kinclune
574Andrew Arbuthnot of that ilk & Patrick Arbuthnot his son - James Keit of Canterland
579Patrick Wod of Bonitoun & James W his son - John Mortimer of Flemyngton
5821597/2/18David Arrot Taylor burgess Edinburgh, Wm Wod of Lawtoun - Robert Guthrie of Kinblamonth & Catherine Ouchterlony his sp - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
583Patrick Lindsay of Barnyards - James Lindsay his father brother
5841597/2/28William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk as principal & William Ouchterlony of that ilk his father as cautioner - Sir John Lindsay of Banscho? [Ballinshoe?]
585Alexander Burnet of Legie & Thomas Burnet of Crugmilne - Alexander Burnet of Cragor & Myrable Cullace his sp
587James Fenton of Ogill - James Clerk in Coull
590Robert Keithe brother to James K of Canterland - George Mitchell in Balhal Garthie
5911597/3/7Alexander [Campbell of Carcko] bishop of Brechin, Sir John Hamilton of Letherik [Lettrik] his son in law - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
592John Scrymgeour of Glaswell - John Neway of that ilk
594[1596/7/15]Mr John Durie minister Montrose, Mr Andrew Leiche minister Maritoun - Mr John Hepburn thesaurer of Brechin - John Strachan in Goisseslie, Isobell Grahame his sp relict of Mr James Hepburn parson of FentounFentoun is error for Finavon
595James Mwreson, John Cuttir, Alexander Cheild - Alexander Ogilvie son of John O of Inschevin
5961599/3/29Mr Peter Young of Easter Seaton - John Hallie baillie Arbroath, Margaret Carnegie his sp
601David Wolam of Wrayand, Alexander W his son, Margaret Ogilvy sp of David, Mariore Barclay sp of Alexander - Thomas Sinclair & Janet Scrymgeour his sp
603Harry Lindsay of Carrestoun - Eupham Guthrie relict of Robert Montgomerie
605John Butter in Balgeirscho - Thomas Sinclair of Findbark?
606Peter Hay of Leyis - Sir John Lindsay of Ballinscho
607Thomas Scrymgeour & Elspet Gardin his sp - David Spalding son in law of Thomas S & son of John Spalding in Balmackatie
610John Scrymgeour of Glaswell - Thomas Scrymgeour his brother
612John Hendrie in Keremur, John Lyell in Creiff - Thomas Wischart in Logie Wischart
613Mr Andrew Leiche parson in Kilmoir & Issobell Donaldsone his sp - Robert Low son of John Low cit Brechin
615Robert Low son of John Low cit Brechin - Mr Andrew Leiche parson Kilmoir & Cristin Collace his sp
618William Gray indweller Montrose - Robert Andersone indweller Montrose
619John Robertsone alias Reid elder of Straloch & Mariore Robertsone his sp - James Fentoun of Ogill & Janet Robertsone his sp
622John Haill yr burgess Arbroath & Rachel Quhytlaw his sp - Thomas Davidsone skipper burgess Dundee & Margaret Peirsone his sp
624Alexander Ogilvy of Achindorie - Thomas Ogilvy of Inschevin
625William Grahame of Claverhous - John Balbirny
626Alexander Quhytlaw of Peblis & Geillis Lichtoun his sp - John Sikart (Rikart?) burgess ArbroathPeebles (in St Vigeans)
629Mr Patrick Quhytlaw of Newgrange, Issobell Barre his sp, Patrick Q their son, Marie Maxwell his sp - John Aikman burgess Arbroath, Margaret & Barbara Aikman dtrs of John Aikman burgess Arbroath
633James Knox & John Knox son of Thomas Knox
634James Ogilvy of Balfour - David Ogilvy of Kilruiff & James O his son
637Marriage contract James Ogilvy of Balfour - David Ogilvy of Kilruiff & James O his son
638George Barclay of Matheris - Catherine Strattoun relict of Thomas Barclay son of sd George B & Mr John Strachan parsone of K----- now sp of sd Catherine SKinneff?
640Patrick Guthrie of Petmoweis & Marion Fotheringhame his sp & Alison G their dtr - Walter Wod fear of FettercardinPitmuies
642Alexander Montgomerie son of Robert M in Haltoun - John Montgomerie in Chaldham
644Wm Fullartoun of Ardo, Alexander Fullarton son of umqll Alexander F portioner of Cragow - Sibilla Lambe relict of sd umqll Alexander FCraigo
649John Strachan in Goiseslie & Bessie & Catherine Strachans his dtrs
650David Deuquhair of that ilk - John Symmer in Serin--?
653Grissell Fentoun dtr to David F of W Ogill - Norman? Ogilvy son of James O of Aucherachie
655John Livingstone of Donypace & Alexander & John L his sons, James Mwbray of Finydhill? & Magdalen & Issobell M his dtrs
656John Livingstone of Donypace - Alexander Montgomerie sometime portioner of Nether Peit - Mr David Lindsay minister [South] Leithe - Alexander Strattoun fear of that ilk
658Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar & Wm Lyon in Balgilbie - Cathrine Guthrie his sp
661John Stirraling fear of Braky - David Ogilvy of KinrinffStirling of Easter Braikie
663John Gray son of George Gray of Schelhill & Margaret Kinnimont hi sp - John Lyon apperand of Cossynes & Jean Campbell his sp
665Alexander Gardin of Borrowfield - Alexander Chalmer of Newbigging
666Walter Lyell brother of James L of Balmalidie - Mariore Irwing relict of John Burnet
669Margaret Richie relict of Robert Taylour burgess Montrose, Margaret Taylour her dtr - Andrew Leiche brother of John Leiche cit Brechin
670Marriage contract John Allardice of that ilk, John A yr his son - David Lindsay of Vane, Alison Lindsay his dtr
685John Arbuthnot burgess Montrose - Mr Andrew Strachan minister Dwne, John S his sonDun
687David Gairden of Leys, Cristian Auchinleck relict of Charles Michelsone, now sp of sd David G of L - William Lyon at the Border of Leys
689David Douglas in Wodend of Glencomend - Margaret Bruwne
690Patrick Graham son of Sir Harry G of Morphie - Robert Young in Arbirny
691James Guthrie burgess Arbroath - William Murray burgess Montrose
692James Durhame of Pitkerro - Richard Melville of Cotsyd
6931598/8/21Obligation Walter Ferrar in Schannaly - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
695Mr David Gairden of that ilk, Elizabeth Stewart his sp, George G his brother - Elizabeth Dempster dtr of Charles Dempster of Balrowny our[?] sister dtr of David G of that ilk
696Charles Dempster of Balrowny - David Dempster his son, John Dempster also his son, George Gairdin his brother in law
697John Arbuthnot burgess Montrose - Richard Tullow? in Inchgran
699Andrew Wod of Dunie - Alexander Wischart of Carnebege
700Alexander Ogilvy of Auchindourt - John Alexander in Balmicatie
701James Fentoun fear of Wester Ogill - Wm Lyon son of James Lyon of East Ogill
7051598/10/4Issobell Lindsay relict of James Creichtoun - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
7071598/10/23William Ouchterlony of that ilk & William O apparent of that ilk his son - Alexander Butchart in Balmirmur
7091598/10/23Alexander Ouchterlony portioner of Balmirmur son of William O of that ilk, Barbara Durham his sp - Alexander Butchart tenant in Balmirmur
710William Murray burgess Montrose - Thomas Murray his brother
711Arthur Strattoun younger of Kirksyd - John Wilson & John Arbuthnot burgesses Montrose
713Marriage contract John Smyth in Wardmylne, David Smyth his son - Cristian Samsone in Bow? relict of John Adam, Jonet Adam their dtr
7141598/10/28John Kinnimond of Wester Mathe, Elisabeth Lambe his sp, John K their son - Alexander Neway brother of John Neway of that ilk, Margaret Ouchterlony his sp
7171598/10/31William Ouchterlony of that ilk, William O apparent of that ilk his son - William Henderson in Innerpeiffer, Jonat Futhie his mother & Jonat Ramsay his sp
720David Betoun of Spittalfield - Peter Oliphant of Turinges
721George Symmer of Balzordie - Alexander Elder in Sch---edden
722Obligation Alexander Elder in Stane of Benholme - John Lundie in ----- his father in law
724Acquittance Wm Cant of Halgreen - Lord James Ogilvie of Airlie
725James Betoun of Melgund - Lucrecia Betoun relict of David Betoun of Melgund, Andrew Wischart in Mylnden now her sp
736James Betoun of Melgund - Peter Oliphant of Turingis
746Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Lucrecia Betoun relict of David Betoun of Melgund, Andrew Wischart in Mylnden now her sp
749James Betoun of Melgund, Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Lucrecia Betoun relict of David Betoun of Melgund, Andrew Wischart in Mylnden now her sp
751Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Andrew Wischart in Mylnden
752Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Andrew Wischart in Mylnden
753Alexander Wod in Maritoun - John Browne burgess Montrose
754John Strattoun in Aich---ll - Andrew Guthrie cit Brechin & Margaret Guthrie his sp
755James Lyon of Easter Ogill - William Lyon his son
7561598/12/2Obligation William Ouchterlony of that ilk - Sir John Lyndsay of Wodheid
757Thomas Finlasone burgess Edinburgh - Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk
7581598/12/18William Ouchterlony of that ilk - William Henderson in Innerpeiffer
7601598/12/18William Ouchterlony of that ilk - William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk
762Wm Ruthven fear of Ballindean - Mr Patrick Wischart son of Alexander W of Carnbeye & Issobell Gray sp of Patrick W
765James Melville of Dysart - James Ramsay fear of ArbekeArbikie
767James Melville of Dysart - James Ramsay of Arbeke & James Ramsay fear of Arbeke his son
769Patrick Oliphant in Little Beanme - Alexander Symsone in Mairstaine
770David Smyth in Glamis, Isobell Smyth his dtr relict of Thomas Buquhon - Alexander Huyan in Balgillie, Alexander Huyeon his son
771Thomas Annand of Persie - Thomas Annand his brother naturell
773Thomas Annand of Persie - Richard Cant at the Mylat[?] of Cortoquhie & Margaret LyellMylne?
774Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun - James Melville of Dysart
775Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun, Mr David Carnegie of Culluthe his father in law - James Melville of DysartColluthie
778Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun - James Melville of Dysart
779Margaret Crawmond relict of Alexander Ramsay cit Brechin - James Dempster of Nether Eglismaldie, John Oudny in Petfothe, Richard Chapman, David Dempster yr
780Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar - David Dempster yr, Andrew Guthrie in Dud
781John Traill clerk of Forfar - Richard Rynd in Wester Dud, John Rynd his sonWester Dod
782John Arbuthnot burgess Montrose - Andrew Pitcarn in Dunbarnat
782David Wod in Abbatoun son of George Wod in Abbatoun - James Strachan apperand of Monboddo, James S of M his father
783David Wod in Abbatoun - David Strachan brother in law of David Wod, son of James S of Monboddo
7841598/2/13William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk - William Ouchterlony of that ilk his father
7851598/2/13William Ouchterlony of that ilk on? - William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk & Catherine Scrymgeour his sp
788James Fentoun fear of Ogill - John Robertsone alias Reid elder of StralocStraloch
789Mr Alexander Betoun of Hospitalfield, Margaret Allardice his sp, David Betoun their son - James Betoun of Melgund
791James Finlasone burgess Dundee - John Finlasone burgess Dundee his brother, John Burnet in Wester Mathers
792Thomas Peirsone in Carsaquhie, George Lambe in Carsaquhie - Alexander Ogilvy son of John Ogilvy of Inschewin
7941598/3/7Alexander Guthrie yr of that ilk, James Ouchterlony of Wester Seaton, Robert Stratton in Dendstraithe - Patrick Guthrie of PetmovesPitmuies
7951598/3/13George Norie son of Alexander Norie cit Brechin, John & David Norie brothers of George - Alexander Hendri merch Edinburgh
796Alexander Guthrie of Halcartoun - Wm Guthrie his brother
7971598/3/24Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Eupham Douglas his sp - Wm Rynd of Carss & Margaret Ogilvy his sp, John Rynd his son, Patrick Rynd his brother, Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk & Wm his son as cautioners
801David Wod of Craigie - David Schairpe in Boigtoun & Janet Low his sp
802Mr John Hepburne minister Brechin, Mr Harry Stirueling minister Aberlemno his son in law - James Clerk merch Brechin
803Henry Link in Casteltoun, Alexander Buchart in Cateltoun, Grissell Butchart relict of Patrick Link son of sd Henry - Alexander Smyth in Hattoun
8051599/4/2Alexander Ouchterlony in Balmirmur, Isobell Gold, David Rossie of that ilk, William Ouchterlony of that ilk
806David Dempster fear of Pathill, Mathew Dempster his brother in Balhaker-- - James Dempster of Pathill
807David Dempster fear of Pathill - Jonet Fentoun his mother, James Dempster her sp
808James Collace of Mylden, Elizabeth Wischart his sp - Andrew Wischart in Mylnden, Lucrecia Betoun his sp
812Hugh Arbuthnot in Dudzochin - Robert Preschio
812James Keithe of Canterland - Andrew Wischart in Mylnden?
814Isobell Guthrie lady of Halcertoun - George Guthrie her brother son of Henry Guthrie of ColestounColliston
815David Wod of Crage - Elizabeth Makgill his mother, James Wod his brother
816Wm Guthrie in Rescobie - John Rynd fear of Carss
8171599/5/2James Ouchterlony in Dawre - John Mikesone in Petconra & Agnes Wichtoun his sp
8181599/5/2Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
8191599/5/2George Cedrik merch Edinburgh sp to Margaret Hay relict of James Purdie - John Ouchterlony, William Ouchterlony of that ilk
820... Lawrenstoun, Alexander Strattoun fear of that ilk - David Strattoun his brother
821James Strachan apperand of Monboddo, Alexander Strattoun of that ilk, James Strachan of Monboddo
823Alexander Strachan in Petbeidlie - Wm Barclay of Wester Auchleuchrie
823David Fullartoun burgess Montrose - Alexander Guthrie of that ilk
824Paul Young burgess Montrose, John Beatie his son in law, Elspet Beatie sister of John - Wm Petrie yr burgess Montrose
825John Arbuthnot of Carnegall - Walter Ramsay in Newlands, Isobell Murray his sp, John Arbuthnot in Raneshaw her sometime sp
827Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Eupham Douglas his sp - James Betoun of Melgund
830Sir John Lindsay of Ballinscho - Peter Hay of Leyes
831Alexander Annand in Kinquhirre, Robert Lakie - John Robert in Nilbreilhon
832James Betoun of Melgund - Peter Oliphant of Turinges, Margaret Lundie his sp
836Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Euphame Douglas his sp - Peter Oliphant of Turinges, Margaret Lundie his sp
840Lord James Ogilvie of Airlie, Patrick Ogilvie his son - James Murray fear of Smyddehill, Isobell Quhytlaw his sp
8431599/6/8Alexander Deuquhair [of?] Greinfurd - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
8441599/6/8Sir John Lindsay of Ballinscho - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
845Peter Oliphant of Turinges - Lucrectia Betoun relict of David Betoun of Melgund, Andrew Wischart in Mylden now her sp - James Betoun of Melgund
850Mr Duncan Douglas parson Glenbervie channon Brechin, Wm Douglas of Glenbervie his father - James Melville of Dysart, Robert Melville of Legevin his son
852Wm Auchinlek at Woodhill - Richard Melville of Cotsyd, Alexander Auchinlek sometime of Cotsyd & now of Schanggie, Anna Betoun sp of Alexander
853Alexander Auchinlek sometime of Cotsyd & now of Schanggie, Anna Betoun his sp - James Melville of Dysart, Richard Melville his son
8541599/6/15Walter Ferrar in Schannaly - Dame Agnes Betoun & William Ouchterlony of that ilk as cautioner
855Wm Watsone, George Nicoll, Gilbert Hill tennants Easter Dwnoyne - Alexander Gardin of Borrowfield
856Wm Cochrane in Keremur, John Andersone in Memus - Margaret Innes dtr of James Innes portioner of Kinclune
857Arthur Strattoun of Fulltoun, Andrew Strattoun his 1st son, Arthur Stratton yr of Mwrtoun 2nd son
864James Dempster of Nether Eglismaldie, Jonet Lyell his sp - Jonet Lyell relict of Christopher Matheris, Thomas Mylne
866Thomas Allane in Banneillie - Barbara Sibbald relict of Wm Burnde? of Camphill?
867Mr Andrew Arbuthnot son of Robert Arbuthnot of Little Futhes - David Patton in Conkies, Margaret Quhyt his sp
868Sir Harry Grahame of Morphie, Robert Graham his grandson, Robert Graham of Hedderweik, Patrick & Robert Grahame sons of Harry, John Erskine - David Pitcarne son of David? Pitcarne of Drumes
871James Dempster fear of Eglismaldie - Wm Wod, Agnes Wischart dtr of Andrew Wischart in Tillekgill
872Andrew & David Wod - James Dempster fear of Eglismaldie - Wm Wod in Thamstoun, Agnes Wischart dtr of Andrew Wischart in Tillekgill
873Alexander Strachan od Brigtoun, David Tabert in Inglistoun - Mr James Fotheringhame in Bakeinbeik, Lucrecia Betoun of Carsbank, Andrew Wischart now her sp
874John Arbuthnot in Wester Kinniff, Mr Andrew Arbuthnot apperand of Little Futhes his brother - John Burnett brother of Alexander Burnett of Leyis
876Alexander Gardin of Borrowfield - Elizabeth Makgill relict of David Wod of Crage, Mariorie Wod their dtr
880James Ogilvy of Balfour - Mr Wm Forbes mr & bittar of Kincoldrum
881Arthur Strattoun of Strattoun, Henry Strattoun in Scottistoun his brother - Robert Graham of Hedderweik, John Graham Earl of Montrose - Arbuthnot of that ilk & James his son
883Alexander bishop of Brechin, Helen Clephen his sp, Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick theri son in law - Wm Nicoll in Fendowry
885Thomas Gardin in Legastoun - David Gardin of Leys
886Sir John Wischart of Pittaro, David Lindsay fear of Edzell, Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie - Robert Graham of Hedderweik, David Arbuthnot of Fendowry, David Graham at the Mylne of ..., Isobell Movat his sp, James Strachan of MonboddoHedderwick; Findowrie
888James Dempster of Nether Eglismaldie - James Fenton of Ogill
889John Douglas of Tilloqu---- , Stracathro - George Wischart of Drymie
892Thomas Collace of Pitforky - Mathew Dempster brother of David Dempster constable Brechin
893Andrew Gray of Dynnald - John Gray burgess MontroseDunninald
894John Sibbald of Cair - John Irving of KynnokKair
896John Sibbald of Cair - John Irving of KynnokKair
897John Dempster son of Charles Dempster of Balrowny - Thomas Arnot in Aichna----
898John Wischart, Marione Erskine his sp dtr of umqll Wm Erskine burgess Montrose - Alexander Erskine in Balnallo, Mr John Erskine in Birgfurd
899James Wod apperand of Bonitoun - William Wod of Bawlaine, --- Guthrie brother of Alexander Guthrie of that ilk
900Wm Barclay burgess Montrose, Gabriel Guthrie now in Duellar? brother of Alexander Guthrie of that ilk - Robert Graham of Halcartoune
901Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Thomas Oliphant his brother
902Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Thomas Oliphant his brother
902Robert Arbuthnot of Little Futhes son of Andrew Arbuthnot of Pitairles - Patrick Panter of Newmanswalls
9031599/11/22Walter Ferrar - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
905Mr Andrew Leiche minister Maritoun - Patrick Buttor of Maritoun
906David Ogilvy of Neids, John Duncan portioner of Petlochrie - Catherine Gray relict of Robert Ogilvy portioner of Bellatie, John Piggott now her sp
911Alexander Chalmer portioner of Newbigging - Thomas Mylne in Garlo
912David Ogilvy of Neido - John Wilsone alias Symond portioner of Cainbok
916Robert Lichtoun burgess Montrose son of Robert Lichtoun provost Montrose fear of Ullishevin - Thomas Andersone in Wester Campsie, Patrick Andersone his son
919George Barclay of Matheris, Elspet Wod his sp, Jean Barclay - George Barclay of Syd, John Barclay his son
922Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk - William Guthrie of Langlands
925James Dempster fractioner of Peithill, Mathew Dempster his son - David Dempster also son of James
927Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun - Agnes Erskine relict of Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun, John Strachan of Claypottis now her sp
929Agnes Malcomtoische [McIntosh] of Termuit - Alexander Falconer of Halcertoun
9311600/2/2Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
931Sir John LIndsay of Wodheid - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
932Alexander Cokburn son of John Cokburn of Nether Petforthie - William Lyon in Bagillie, Eupham Lyon his dtr
935Alexander Boyis portioner of Panbryd - David Carnegie of Kynnard
9361600/2/19William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk, William Ouchterlony of that ilk his father - William Henderson in Innerpeffer Janet Futhie his mother & Janet Ramsay his sp
9391600/2/19David Ouchterlony in Bagacie brother germane to William Ouchterlony of that ilk - William Henderson in Innerpeffer Janet Futhie his mother & Janet Ramsay his sp
943David Fullartoun burgess Montrose - Alexander Scot cit Brechin
944John Middletoun of Kilhill? - Barclay of Johnstoun
945George Barclay of Matheris - Wm Rait of Halgreine
946Alexander Guthrie fractioner of that ilk, Alexander Falconer of Halcartoun, David Guthrie fear of ? - Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk, James Lyon of Ogill, Wm Wod of Balblaine
948James Fenton fear of Ogill, James Fenton fractioner of Ogill - John Ogilvy son of John Ogilvy of Inschewin, Helen Wischart dtr of Alexander Wischart of Carnebege
951Wm Douglas Earl of Angus - John Arbuthnot of Mondynes
952Wm Wod of Lawtoun - John Lichtoun in Mains of Athrie, John Lichtoun his son
955Alexander Gardine of Borrowfield - Alexander Chalmer portioner of Newbigging, Agnes Erskine his sp
959Robert Keyt in Montrose - Margaret Keyt his sister relict of John Ogilvy of Ewutrwn? - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell, John Erskine of Dwn
961Sir David Lindsay of Edzell - Robert Kynneir fractioner of Botheris, John Kynneir his son fear of Botheris
962John Collace of Balnamone - Wm Peiris cit Brechin
963John Allardis of that ilk, John Allardis his son - John Collace of Balnamone
9651600/5/7Contract Alexander Gardine of Borrowfield - Alexander Chalmer of Newbigging, Agnes Erskine his sp
969John Midletoun of Kilhill, Alexander Midletoun of Berrehill his brother, Harry Barclay fear of Johnstone - Robert Strachan in Kindell? son in law to John M
9701600/5/26George Barclay of Matheris, Elizabeth Wod his sp - Patrick Wod of Bonitoun, David Hering elder & yr of Glascownie, James Ouchterlony in S?
971Harry Ogilvy brother of John Ogilvy of Wuntran? - Thomas Gray son of George Gray in Schihill
972Alexander Guthrie yr of that ilk - John Fentoun in Ougstoun of Guthrie
975Hugh Maxwell yr of Teilling - Thomas Sinclair of Oustoune
977Marriage contract - John Middeltoun of Killhill, Margaret Middletoun his dtr - James Strachan of Monboddo, Robert Strachan his son
9791600/6/18Gilbert Ouchterlony proc for William Ouchterlony of that ilk his brother germane - James Gibson in Schannaly & Grisell Ferrar his sp
981John Kynneir in Cowdowne - James Melville of Dysart
984Marriage contract - David Barclay of Cullarny, Cristean Barclay his sister - Alexander Lindsay of Kethik, Agnes Lyell his sp, Alexander Lindsay their son
988James Strachan of Monboddo, Thomas Strachan in Leyie, Jeane Strachan only dtr of umqll James Strachan in Monboddo & Agnes Murray his sp - Roattco[?] Ramsay now in Newlandis, sd Agnes Murray
9901600/7/8Wm Rynd of Carss fractioner of Carss, John Rynd his eldest son, Margaret Ogilvie sp of sd Wm, Isobell Ouchterlony sp of sd John - Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blakdykes
994Walter Wod of Fettercarne - James Lyell of Balmaleiddie, David Wod his son in law brother to sd Walter
997Marriage contract - Alexander Skair in Mwrehillok, David Skair his son - John Mudie in Brayingtoun, Margaret Mudie his dtr
998Alexander Lindsay of Brodland, George Wod burgess Montrose - Elizabeth Auchinlek relict of sd George Wod, John Gray in Bromibuw?, Andrew Gray of Lor his brother, James Strachan in Monboddo his son
1000Alexander Guthrie fear of that ilk - Wm Guthrie his father brother, Isobell Wod
1001David Lindsay of Vane, Alesone his dtr, - John Allardes of that ilk
1002Robert Kynneir, Isobell Murray his sp, Alexander Clerk cit Brechin Jonat Murray his sp, Bessie Kynneir dtr of sd Robert & Isobell, John Shewan & Margaret Pendddw his sp
1003Mathew Dempster somtime in Balliggactie? now in Airlaud - Thomas Collace of Pittforkie
1004David Erskine 2nd brother of John Erskine of Dwn - John Erskine Earl of Mar, John Erskine now of Dwn brother son of sd DavidDun
1005David Low in Barnis of Balmala---, Thomas & James Low his sons - David Rollok of Puiss?, John Erskine Earl of Mar
1006George Barclay of Matheris - David & Walter & Alexander Barclay his sons, Elspet Barclay his dtr
1009John Livingstone of Dunnipace - Elizabeth Livingstone his dtr, David Barclay, George Barclay of Matheris
1011Marriage contract - Alexander Reid in Balmeaow, Janet Reid his dtr - John Mudie in Barns
1012Wm Symmer brother of George Symmer of Balzordie - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
1013Thomas Oglivy of Inschewin, Finlo Farquharsone in Raudrink? , Robert Gib in Inuari-- - Thomas Hall in Crombie
1015James Montgomerie brother of Robert Montgomerie in Hiltoun - John Langnaw servitor of Lord -----
1016John Strattoun brother of Alexander Strattoun of that ilk sometime in Auchinlek - Sir David Lindsay of Edzell
10181600/11/24Marriage contract - James Strachan of Carmyllie, Isobell Maxwell sometime his sp, Isobell Strachan their dtr - Gilbert Auchinlek of that ilk, Wm Durhame of Grange, Andrew Gray of Lour, Mr Gilbert Auchinlek his ?, Alexander Ouchterlony his father in law
1023James Murray of Findohill - Robert Murray his brother
1025George Barclay of Matheris, Elspet Wod his sp, David, Walter & Alexander Barclay their sons - David Barclay apperand of Matheris grandson of sd George
1031Peter Oliphant of Turingis - Thomas Oliphant his brother
1034Arthur Strattoun of Snawtoun, Arthur Strattoun in Canterland apperand of Snawtoun his son - Peter Oliphant of Turingis
1037Catherine Mortimer relict of James Forbes of Corfundas, John Middletoun fractioner of Kilhill her sp - David Ramsay apperand of Balmanchie?
1039Thomas Smyth in Easter Balblaine, James Peter in Wester Balblaine - David Livingstone of Newtoun
1040Thomas Cuper cit Brechin, Catherine Menawr? his sp - Isobell Cuper their dtr, John Rea cit Brechin her sp
1041James Rea at the Mylne of Thorntoun - Thomas Cuper cit Brechin, Catherine Menwr his sp, Isobell Cuper their dtr, sp of John Rea
1043Alexander Guthrie yr of that ilk - Gabriel Guthrie
1044Mr James Douglas parson of Glenbervie - John Forfar
1048David Deuquhar of that ilk, David Strattoun elder of Cregie, Henry Futhie of Byllschok, James Ramsay in Tannades - Alexander Deuquhar his brotherFithie of Boysack
1050John Wilsone burgess of Montrose, Margaret Beatie his sp - Arthur Strattoun yr of Snawtoun
1051James Arbuthnot portioner of Arrott - Wm Arbuthnot of that ilk, Jonet Ogilvy his sp
1054John Rynd fear of Carss - Geddon Guthrie portioner of Balnannche
1054Andrew Arbuthnot of that ilk, Patrick Arbuthnot his son - Robert Falconer elder of Ballandro, Robert Falconer his son
1061Robert Erskine of Ardestie, Jonet Durhame his sp, James Durhame his father in law - Peter Rolland burgess Dundee, Margaret Young his sp
1063Robert Erskine of Ardestie - Peter Rolland
10651601/3/21Gilbert Ouchterlony in Muirdrum & Marion Cant his spouse - umqll William Ouchterlony of Wester Seaton his father
1066Mr Alexander Keythe in Over Dysart - John Guthrie of Lownan his son in lawLunan
1067Thomas Gray son of Andrew Gray of Doninald - John Gray in Branaknow
1068Thomas Lyell elder of Murthill - Thomas Lyell yr his son
1070Steven Carror fear of Logie - John Neway of that ilk his father in lawNevay
1071Alexander Strachan of Thorntoun - Wm Strachan of --rardin his brother, John Strachan of Thorntoun their father
10721601/5/13Between William Ouchterlony of that ilk, William Ouchterlony apparent of that ilk his son - Patrick Ouchterlony his 4th son
10741601/5/13Sir John Hamilton of Lettrik - Wm Ouchterlony of that ilk
10751601/5/13John Auchinleck merch burgess Dundee son of umqll James Auchinleck of Wodhill, Elizabeth Kinloche his sp - William Ouchterlony of that ilk
1076John Strattoun of Aichin--ll present sp of Catherine Guthrie sometime lady Carrestoun - David Lindsay Earl of Crawford, Wm Fullartoun of Ardo
1077James Peter in Wester Balblaine, Thomas Smyth in Easter Balblaine - David Livingstone of Newtoun
1078John Curror fear of Logie Mugill, Alexander Moell baxter burgess Dundee - John Cunning portioner of Balnabriche
1079Alexander Strachan of Brigtoun, Mr James Fotheringhame rector of Balumbie
1081Robert Ogilvy of Foffartie - Alexander Wollame of Polgarrok, Marion Barclay his sp, David Wollame of Wodwray, Margaret Ogilvy his sp
1082George Ramsay of Banff, Gilbert Ramsay his son - Sir John Lindsay of Bal----, Margaret Keyt his sp, Wm Fullartoun of F--, Adam Fullartoun his son in law, John Ramsay of Jordanstoun, David Ramsay fear therof & others as cautioners for Sir John
1083James Strachan of Monboddo - John Neill skipper burgess Montrose
1084Charles? Murray in Nether Perthe, Wm Murray his brother burgess Montrose - Patrick Livingstone brother of John Livingstone of DonnipaceNether Pert
1085Abraham Carruddes burgess Cuper, Alexander Carnegie portioner of Feilro? - Alexander Wod burgess Montrose
1086Sir Walter Rollok of Gardine, Jeane Stewart his sp - Andrew Gray of Lour, Margaret Gardine dtr of Patrick Gardine sometime in Ballindarge
1087John Allardice fear of that ilk - John Allardice elder his father & James Allardice his brother, Margaret Allardice his sister
1092Wm Barclay burgess Montrose, James Guthrie clerk of Montrose, John Arrot, Mathew & Thomas Arrot his brothers, umqll Walter Arrot their brother, umqll Walter Arrot their father & umqll Elisabeth Lichtoun his sp, James Williamsone burgess Montrose, John Panter burgess Montrose
1093Marriage contract - Walter Smyth in Galro - David Carnegie, Helen Carnegie his dtr in law dtr of umqll James Carnegie of Galro & Matilda Taylor his sp
1095James Lyon of Easter Ogill, James Lyon fractioner of Easter Ogill his father, Alexander Guthrie elder of that ilk, Andrew Lyon brother of sd James Lyon yr, Patrick Lyon his brother, Rebecca Guthrie dtr of sd Alexander Guthrie elder
1097Peter Oliphant of Turinge, Margaret Lundie his sp - Walter Ogilvy brother of umqll Alexander Ogilvy of Clovay, Jonet Sibbat sp of sd WalterClova
1099Marriage contract - John Matherie son of David Matherie cit Brechin - John Cuper cit Brechin, Janet Gardiner his sp, Catherine Cuper their dtr
1101Mr Andrew Lambe of South Tarrie, Isobell Hering his sp, Thomas Ramsay baillie Arbroath, Patrick Balfour, John Aikman, John Halie, Richard Watsone, Daniel Lyell, James Stevinsone, Patrick Low, William Gullane, David Rynd all in Arbroath, James Futhie of Guynd, James Lambe brother of sd Mr Andrew
11021601/8/26Henry Guthrie in Mwrhouse, Euphame Balbirny his sp - Archibald Macfarlane portioner of Glenboy & Mariam Ouchterlony his sp
11041601/8/26Henry Guthrie in Mwrhouse, Eupham Balbirny his sp, Alexander Balbirny of Innerichtie - Archibald Macfarlane portioner of Glenboy, Marion Ouchterlony his spMuirhouse/Murroes
1107James Ouchterhouse Earl of Buquhay? - David Ogilvy of ParsieBuchan?
1109David Lindsay of Qurrehill - Lilas Ruthven relict of David Rattray tutor sometime to Silvester Rattray of Crag---, Wm Ruthven elder of Ballinden
1110David Strachan in Getsyd - Andrew Strachan his son
1112Thomas Arnot in Aicbuarror - John Dempster son of Charles Dempster of Balrowny, Cristin Dempster his sister
1115Marriage contract - Alexander Lindsay brother in law to Thomas Low cordiner Brechin - James Davidsone merchnat Brechin, Cristin Mores his sp, Catherine Davidsone their dtr
1116John Scrymgeour of Glasuall, Andrew Scrymgeour in Druclwue his brother - Thomas Annand of Peirsie, Alexander Annand at the Mylne of Kinqubirrie, ---- Murray his sp
1118Ard Andersone skynner Forfar, Helen Wod his sp - John Bellie in Bildardie
1120Peter Oliphant of Turinge - Thomas Oliphant his brother
1122Peter Oliphant of Turinge - Thomas Oliphant his brother
1123Christopher Crichtoun in Braysyd, Beatrix Crichtoun his sp - John Cunnynge in Balnabriche
1125Mathew Wod in Thamstowne, Helmor Wod his dtr - David Pikeman at the Easter Mylne Bogindolo, James Pikeman his sonHelinor?
1127John Livingstone of Donypace - David Livingstone of Newtoun, Jean, Margaret, Isobell & Elspet Livingstone his dtrs, umqll John Livingstone of Donypace his father
1129Sir David Lindsay of Edzell, Lord, College of Justice, Jean Forbes his sp - James Watterstone of that ilk now in Duellar of Barresindweller
1140David Lyndsay fear of Edzell, Margaret Wischart his sp - James Graham portioner of the shadow half lands of Leuchland, Robert Graham his eldest son
1143David Lindsay fear of Edzell - James Keyt of CanterlandKeith
1145Mr Alexander Keyt in Over Dysart - John Guthrie of LownanKeith, Lunan
11471602/11/20John Williamson burgess Montrose - David Ross of that ilk on behalf of William Ouchterlony of that ilk, Alexander Ouchterlony his brother
1148David Gardine of Leys, David Gardine his son in Hister, Robert Gardine his brother, George Gardine in Hister - John Andersone in ---ome, Helen Musset his sp
1152Mr David Gardine of that ilk, George Gardine his brother - Thomas Gardine in Legastoun

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