Parties in the Act Books of the Commissariot of Brechin

A finding aid

Source: NRS CC3/1/2: Acts and Decreets, 23 Jun 1599 to 24 Aug 1605

The records of the Commissariot of Brechin are in NRS CC3. The series CC3/1 are Act Books.

This minute of the records in NRS CC3/1/2 was kindly provided by Jan Haraldson, who writes:

The original does not have page numbering so the numbering is my own and it starts with the first page with any content. I have included dates sometimes and sometimes not, but there are enough dates to be of value when trying to be of guidance when finding the originals. The dates refers to the date of registration or decision in the court not the date of the deeds, which could have been much earlier.

I have added the column Notes, with suggested readings for some surnames and place-names. The vast majority of the people listed are in Angus or Kincardineshire.


Alex: AlexanderAnd: Andrewburg: burgesscit: citiner [citizen]Da: Daviddtr: daughter
eld: elderexer: executor(s)Geo: GeorgeJa: James
Marg: Margaretmerch: merchantPa: Patrickport: portionerpror: procuratorRot: Robertsd: said
sp: spouseTh: Thomasumqll: umquhile [deceased]
Walt: WalterWm: Williamyr: younger


air: heir;fear: fiar;notar: notary;oy: grandchild


PageDatePartiesOther partiesNotes
11601/1/15Guthrie in MontroseJohn Meikeson
1Isobell Wichtoun relict to umqll Ja Jack fereurui? in Fyn...
1And Glendy in Hiltoun of Waldstoun?, Da S?.,Da Lindsay cit Brechin
21599/6/23Williamsone of N?., Wm ?..
2John Moris, ?. Williamsone at Balke Mylne
2Rot Murray in SmyddehillAlex Ouchterlony in
2Ja ListerWm
3Da Greige in CraigeJohn Livingstone
3Rot Nesche in KindrokundDa Lindsay baillie Brechin
41602/7/5John Greige in Auquhanland?, Wm Igilvy at Farnell MylneTh Lyell cit Brechin
4And Will skynner burg Montroseumqll Jonet Hoige sp to Da Millar
4Ja Gib in PendricheAnd Gib in Wuidfor his brother
5Gabriel Guthrie in Guthrie, Ja GuldWm Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk
5John Guld in MildenJohn Oliphant in Hiltoun, Agnes Ouchterlony his sp, William Ouchterlony apperand of that ilk
6Rot Malcolm burg Montrose, Wm Leiche yr in Auld MontroseWm Leiche eld in Auld Montrose, Isobell Hay alias Couper, John & Janet Leiche their children
7Da Lindsay eld of Vane
7Da Mylne cit Brechin, John Pattesone merch cit BrechinMr Paul, Barbara Liddell
8Sir Th Lyon of Auldbar, Dame Euphame Douglas his spJohn Nevay fear of that ilk
10Marg Peris sp to And Cant in BrechinGellis Millar sp to John Hepburn
10Th Beddie in Cotton of Bolische?Alex Clerk merch cit Brechin
11Th Downy in Burkhill, Ge Downy in CrewukJa Ramsay minister Tannadice
11Da Carnegie cit BrechinDa Birnie in Schanafurd
12John Cob in BalnadotieAlex Essay in Vundshon?
12John Irving in Bidinllie, Th Arbuthnot in Peiltoun?Geo Rait
12Gellis Millar sp to John HepburnMarg Pereis, And Cant her sp
12John Murtyne eld son to John Murtyne fear of Cragy?..
13John Arbuthnot burg MontroseJohn Arbuthnot of Mondynes
13Huchisnne Arbuthnot
13John Lindsay in GlenneskDa Fyfftericht? in Windishour
13Wm Donaldsone
13John Smyth in Dunlop, Alex Smyth thereJa Dempster customar Brechin
14John Cob at Meikle Mylne of BrechinJohn Bill in Auchquhandland
14Mathew Dempster in IrdlandJohn Birne at Ferone Mylne
14Alex Sandernam
14Huche.. ArbuthnotJohn Arbuthnot burg Montrose
14Th Lyell of MurthillAnd Knicht in Ordy
15Th LyellAnd Knicht
15Da Stratton fear of CregyAnd Stratton apperand of Kirksyd, Arthur Stratton his brother
15Wm Wat in PendracheDa Mychell maltman Brechin
16Geo Strachan in CorstIsobell Adam, umqll Th Wilky in Bow - Da Ibnat in Garlabond
16Wm Fettes in StrogywallJa Mwrty of Smyddehill
16Ja Wischart in BlakbutsJa Forfar in Brathinche
16Da DonaldsonGeo Strachan
17John Thomson yr cit BrechinDa Carnegie of Kynnard
17Jonet Blak, Rot Speid her spAlex Bishop of Brechin
17John Arbuthnot burg Montrose, John Arbuthnot of Mondynes
18Lucreis Beaton, And Wischart her spSir Th Lyon of Auldbar - Da Couper in Carsbank
18Rot Dempster in CarrakstounCharles Lyn in Hilton of WaldstounCareston?
18Alex Sandeman
18Harry WischartPeter Oliphant of Turinges
19Wm Rynd of CarssJohn Pigot in Belltie
19Geo Arrot master of the hospital of BrechinJohn Sibbald in Magdalane Chappel
19John Thomson cordiner, Ja Paterson burg Dundee
19Ja Fr..stoun in SmyddehillAgnes Hind, Th Dewquhar
20Gideon GuthrieJohn Lyon of Ossyn?
20Geo Arbuthnot, John Norie, Rot Arbuthnot eld son to umqll Ja Arbuthnot p? of Arrot, Rot? Arbuthnot fear of that ilk
21Ja Murtymer fear of Cragivar, John Mortymer his eld son, Geo Symmer of Balzordie, Helen Symmer his dtr
21John CarAlex Anelly?
221601/2/13Ja Futhie of GuyndDa Erskine of Logy exer to umqll John Erskine of Logy his father
23Catherine Lindsay sp to umqll Geo Erskine at Logy MylneDa Erskine exer to umqll John Erskine of Logy his father
24Alex Erskine in BalveilloDa Erskine in Logy exer to umqll John Erskine of Logy his fatherBalwyllo
25John Morgand burg MontroseHercules Taylor
25Alex ScotAnd Arbuthnot of that ilk
25Ja GardinerPa Hileis - Helen Ouchterlony in Denmylnis - Ja Millar in Pitpullox - John Cob in Balmaditie
261601/2/13Archibald Rait in BrarinsArchibald? Anderson in Brarins
26Pa Samson in MeniessMr Th Rai parson of Cortochy, Richard CantRay; Cortachy
26Wm Strachan son to umqll John Strachan of DallavardMr Ja Douglas parson of Glenbervy
27Ja FyniestonAgnes Hind dtr to umqll Da Hind in Carmyllie, Geo Hind
27And Wischart of MwretounPeter Oliphant of Turinges
27Decret Harry WischartPeter Oliphant of Turinges - And Wischart of Mylnden, Lucreis Beaton his sp - Ja Beaton of Melgund
291601/2/25Decret And Arbuthnot of that ilkAlex Falconer of Balando
301601//3/4Pa Graham son to Sir Harry Graham of MorphieWm Young in Arbirny
30Decret Wm Rait in NewtounDa Mychell maltman Brechin
311601/3/7Decret Marg Cramond relict to umqll Th Bege in Pitforthie
31Decret Peter Oliphant of TuringesLucreis Beaton, And Wischart her sp
321601/3/11Agnes Erskine dtr to umqll John Erskine of Dun, Agnes Ogilvy lady Dun her motherWm Makan burg Montrose, John Carnegie in Eglischrir?
32Pa Graham in Hill of Morphie, Wm Ramsay his father in lawRot Young in Arkirny
331601/3/14Richard Spark servitor to Earl of AngusJa Watson in Buries
33John Th Wm Agnes Elisabeth Catherine & Marg Erskine children exer to umqll Th Erskine of Tayok, Th MoncurGeo Malder, John Reid & And Will portioner of Ardo, umqll Ja Ballanden of Kilrwchin, Grisell Spens his sp
34Petition Isobell Arrot in Cotton of ArrotMagdalen Fraser, John Sibbald in Magdalen Chappel her sp
351601/3/16Wm Lyell son exer to umqll Bessie Drymie sp to Wm Drymie in Balmakewin, Euphame & Isobell Lyell sisters to Wm L
361601/3/18John Th Wm Agnes Elisabeth Catherine & Marg Erskine children exer to umqll Th Erskine of Tayok, Th MoncurGeo Malder, John Reid & And Will portioner of Ardo, umqll Ja Ballanden of Kilrwchin
36Sir Wm Graham of Brakow, Dame Marg Kethe his spBessie Strachan relict to umqll Wm Johnston in Carcarie
37Decret Magdalen Arrot?, John Sibbald in Magdalen Chappel her spIsobell Arrot in Cotton of Arrot
37Petition Geo Bellie in S MelgundWalt Ogilvy in Nether? Turinges
37Wm Bouchart in Grange of KarbolsydRichart
381601/3/21Decret umqll Th Erskine in TayokJohn Reid in Ardow, Arthur & Geo Malder, And Will in Ardow, Da Will in Ardow
39Bessie Strachan relict to umqll Wm Johnston in Carcarie, James Johnston his sonDame Marg Kethe, Sir Wm Graham of Brakow
39John RamsayJohn Methven burg Dundee
39Agnes Erskine dtr to umqll John Erskine of Dwne, Agnes Ogilvy Lady Dwne her motherWm Mckeane burg Montrose, John Carnegie in Eglischone
40Wm Arrot of that ilkMarg Livingstone relict to umqll Ja Arbuthnot, Da Carnegie of Balmaqenhy now her sp
411601/3/25John Wm Choisen? & Agnes Panter children to John Panter burg Montroseumqll Walt Arrot in Aichnacaret, John Arrot in Aichnacaret, Th Arrot in Aichnacaret
41Decret Wm Bouchart in Grange of KarbusyGeo Bellie in S Melgund
421601/3/28Th Richardson in ChirnsydAlex Balbirnie of Innerrichtie
42Christen Smyth relict to umqll Da Hind in Kethik, John Hind his sonAlex Lindsay of Kethik, Wm Beattie
43Edict curatorum John Rot Jean & Jonet Langlands children to umqll Rot Langlands & Elizabeth Smyth, Wm Langlands in Inglishtoun & John Langlands cit Brechin & Geo & John Smyth in Hill of Dundee nearest of kin on father & mother side, Geo Arrot cit Brechin, Edward Langlands in Brechin
43Rot? Collace cit BrechinDa Guthrie in Stannoquhy, Pa Guthrie his son, John Perfeit? in Kirkhill
43Th & John ArnotJohn Panter their brother in law
441601/4/1Mr Geo Donaldson master of the grammar school of BrechinRot Erskine in Brechin
44Th Richardson in ChirnsydAlex Balbirner eld son to umqll Alex Balbirnes of Innerrichtie
451601/4/4Decret Euphame Greige, Angus Ferquhar her spJohn Greige in Auchanhandlane
45Da LambAlex Shiphird
45John Walcar in Corstanes, John Biok yr in Inverskandy, Da Nill in InverskandyJa Dempster yr cit Brechin
46Alex MathewAlex Lindsay at Finneven Mylne
471601/4/29Violat Maxton? dtr to John Maxton? burg Perth & Violat Huntar his sp, And Neway sp to Violat M
47Pa Elizabeth & Agnes Forfar children to umqll John Forfar in Cairingussy & Mariore Murray his sp, Ja Forfar at Brathinsche MylneWm Ramsay
47Walt ChalmerJonet Chalmer dtr to umqll Edward Chalmer burg Dundee
47Rot Hunt?Euphame Moncreiff in Kingornis
48Wm BellieWm Fleming in Drum of Craquhy
48And Wischart of MourtounJohn Wischart
48Richard Bellie in Mwrsyd, Th BarclayCharles Car in Drwmes
48John Neische in VandshillHercules Urquhart?
491601/5/1Da Mylne in Cheppel?, Th Anderson in ArbirlotJohn Daw in Logyhill, Wm Ramsay in Logyhill?
49John Langlands bonnatmaker, Marg Anderson, And Croill his spJohn Murray in ..toun of Kethe, Wm Hind in ?toun of Kethe
49Decret John Bernard in Over IncheWm Palmer in Boige, Da Smart in Boige, Ja Glendy in Lanbank, And Glendy in Culhullrli?
501601/5/6And Wischart of MourtounAlex Dempster
50Jonet Chalmer, umqll Edward Chlamer burg Dundee her fatherWalt Chalmer in
50Petition Alex Symsone in Fyneven?Wm Buchart at Kincreich? Mylne - Da Cruikschank burg Arbroath
50Pa Elizabeth & Agnes Forfar children to John Forfar in Carnegrassy & Margorie Murray his sp, Ja Forfar at Brathincshe MylneAnd Forfar in Daltay of Garsvok - umqll John Barneman sp to sd Margorie M
531601/5/9Petition Sir Th Lyon of AuldbarPeter Oliphant of Turinges
53Decret Peter Oliphant of TuringesSir Th Lyon of Auldbar
541601/5/16Catherine Lyell, John Steill her spDa Law at Marykirk - Rot Gray
54Petition John Hendrie in Boigsyd of Tillearblit?John Paterson in ?toun of Edzell
551601/5/28John Smyth in Nethertoun of Dunlop, Da Smyth his brother, Alex Archibald at Dunlop MylneAlex Clerk merch cit Brechin
55Renunciation Ja Ramsay minister Tannadice, Rot Rollok cit BrechinWm Fullartoun of Ardo
561601/6/4Petition Mr Wm Forbes minister KingcoldrumJa Ogilvy fear of Auchdoalthe, John Gibson in Clyntlow?
56Ja Ogilvy only child to umqll Ja Ogilvy mariner burg Montrose
57Mr Wm Forbes minister KingcoldrumOliver Ogilvy yr, Oliver Ogilvy eld
57Petition Wm Black smyth in GardynJohn .pa..stoun in BolischenBolshan
57Da Law in MarykirkJohn Steill merch Montrose
57Isobell Lundy relict to umqll Alex Keyt, Rot Gray now her sp
57Wm Scot & John Scot in Bows?Pa Guthrie of PatmoweisPitmuies
581601/6/10Petition Adam Young in MwrtounMr Th Monly? minister ??. - umqll Euphame Guthrie
58Decret Agnes Broun in GlenboyTh Richardson
58John Strachan in RedfurdJa L? in Redfurd, Geo Mychell in Tille?.
59Petition Alex Gelly, Alex Richart, Alex Lindsay of Kethik
59Decret Alex Richart port of KethikAlex Gelly - Alex Lindsay of Kethik
59John ChrystieJohn Ogilvy
59Da Dempster yrTh Rossy
601601/6/24Geo LyonMarg Falconar relict to umqll John Guthrie of Colleston, Da Livingstone now her sp
60Adam YoungMr Th Montgomery
60Petition Th QuheitWm Fentoun in Ogill
60Petition Alex Dewquhar in GrenfurdWalt Aikiheit?
611601/6/27Henry Broun in BolschenAlex Paterson in Panbryd - Da Kyd - Wm LawstounBolshan
61Mr Th MontgomeryAdam Young
61Decret Mariore Fullartoun relict to umqll Rot Ky?.
62Da LyonJa Wobster
62Walter Duncan in CoullJohn? Allane skynner cit Brechin, Geo Skynner in Brechin
62Decret Da LitteljohnJohn Curie
631601/7/4Petition Adam YoungMr Th Montgomery
63Alex Wat in TannadiceWm Beattie burg Montrose
63Ja LindsayWm Beattie burg Montrose - John Neische
63Alex Neische
641601/7/8Decret Dannall Wollam in Cori?.Pa Strachan, umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie his brother
65Da Maule of Bothe commissar of St AndrewsRot Marg & Catherine MauleBoath
65Pa PanterAdam Young - Montgomery
65Decret John MwrestounGeo Symmer yr of Balzordie
661601/7/11Decret Alex CokburnDa Gardyn in Drymmie
66Decret John Gallovay in SardacheDa Gardyn in Drymmie
66And Leper in KirktounAlex Chepe in Inverberty, Archibald Chepe in Inverbervy
66Decret Da Maule of Bothe commissar of St AndrewsRot Marg & Catherine Maule children exer to umqll Th Maule of Murdrum, Nintha? Sosto? his sp
68Richard DundellJohn Marny, Archibald? Greige in Fordoun, Ja Smyth
68umqll ?. Walcar, Da Walcar his brother?
68Jean Louper dtr to umqll Alex Louper, Ja Louper in Far?., John Hall in Auld Montrose
68Jonet Jind in Pendr?, Wm Wat her sonWm Martoun cordiner cit Brechin
69Decret Da Ramsay at New Mylne of BolischeanJohn Allane in Coltoun of W FutheBolshan; Cotton of Wester Fithie
69Decret Rot CollaceDuncan Dundas
69Decret Wm Stevenson in Lewland, Jonet Hantoun his spBessie Wobster in BrechinLeuchland?
69Petition John Leinder at Un..aquhy MylneWm Kill in Pittarlie, John Golding in Pittarlie, Wm Damson in Pittarlie, John Kyd in PittarliePitairlie
69Rot Collace apperand of Balnamone, Da Mylne in CheppeltounWm Mylne
701601/7/25Petition Elizabeth Scot in Cotton of FullartounAnd Mylne at HolmylneHolemill of Rossie
70And Wischart of MourtounJohn Falconer in Barnis - John Irving his servant
70Elisabeth Steve relict to umqll John Barnet in Chalmehill
70Hector GibAnd Wischart of Mourtoun
70Richard Tendell, Agnes Duncanumqll And Carnecros in Ca?.., Rot Carnecros his son - And Duncan
711601/7/29Edict umqll Wm Man yr merch burg Dundee, Beatrix Chalmer his relict, Mr Rot Chalmer burg Aberdene her fatherGeo Robertson, Wm Man eld father to umqll Wm M yr, Da Man son to umqll Wm M
73Henry BrounDa Graham - Alex Watt in Stanehylle
73John GuldJohn Teinder
73Wm Bellie in DrumesBessie Webster in Brechin
73John Falconer in BarnisAnd Wischart of Mwrtoun
741601/8/8Mr Wm Gardyn vicar AberlemnoAlex Skai
74Pa Livingstone, Alex Carnegie in Galro, John Hardy at Luther Mylne, Th Hardy his brother, Geo Hardy in BalneillGallery
751601/8/12Ja Lyon in ColzenyDa Proctor in Balnamone
75Rot Mylne in MurthillDa Proctor in Balnamone
75Rot Bull in Haiche of FennevenTh Nicoll in Balunby, umqll John Bull burg DundeeBallumbie
76John Johnston wright in Carm?..Alex Glen in MasondewMaisondieu
76Da Walcar in Over KynimontTh Walcar his brother
76Wm Lowdian son to umqll Th Lowdian in Pitgarky?Anna Mercer relict to umqll Alex Strachan of Thorntoun, John Strachan his son
771601/8/15John Hogston in Lownan MylneAlex Keany
77Rot Collace cit BrechinJa Livingstone of Caldhame
77Rot BullElizabeth Bull, umqll John Bull her father
77Alex Cuik in KethikWm Beittie - Alex Lindsay of Kethik
77Walt CuikschankAnna Mercer relict to umqll Alex Strachan of Thorntoun, John Strachan his son
781601/8/22Archibald Spark in DrumleitheLilias Gellin in .., Wm RaitDrumlithie
78Elizabeth BullRot Bull
78Da PrictorhusAgnes Liddell in Brechin
791601/8/29And Stratton son to Arthur Stratton of Snawty?Alex bishop of BrechinSnawdon
79Crop of 1600
811601/10/14Ja Ogilvy only child to umqll Ja Ogilvy mariner burg Montrose & Catherine Greige his sp, Th Guthrie
81Henry Guthrie skipper burg MontroseJa Ogilvy son to umqll Ja Ogilvy mariner burg Montrose
81Archibald Rait in BralamurMr Abraham Sibbald parson of Dar, Mr Ja Sibbald parson of Benholme, umqll John Sibbald of Carr
821601/10/24Th Quheit cit BrechinCharles Sreff in Dyktoun
82Th Quheit cit BrechinDa Sreff in Dyktoun
82Edict umqll Da Wilson in Bagayes. Marg Hodge his spBalgavies
82John Pitbladdo at Melgund MylneAlex Wollane of Wodwray
831601/10/31Regration John Bellie in BaldordieArchibald Anderson burg Forfar, Helen Wod his sp
83John Lyell in Fullartoun?Barbara Ramsay servitrix to John Mwrtoun cit Brechin
83John Man minister Menmuir, Mariorie Bennet his dtr in lawJa Glen in Ledmuir
84Archibald Rait in BralamuirMr Abraham Sibbald parson of Deir, Mr Ja Sibbald parson of Benholme, umqll John Sibbald of Carr
84Wm Beattie in KethikAlex Lindsay of Kethik - John Mourtoun cit Brechin
84Wm Beattie in KethikMarg Blakhall in Balrownie
84Wm Adame in GrastanePa Strachan, umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie his brother
84Geo Rot Alex Wm Isobell & Cristen? Keith children exer to umqll Alex Keith in Bruabmr, Isobell Lamb? his relict, Rot Gray now her spJa Keith in Crage
851601/11/4Absolution Ja Bruce sometime in RucheracheTh Fentoun in Reidheuche, Th Fentoun his son, Agnes Fentoun dtr to Th F eld,
861601/11/7Edict curatorum John Wod, umqll Alex Wodd in Bakelkeillie, Richard Wod in Bakelkeillie & Da Wod in Maritoun nearest of kin on father side, Wm Taylor in Drumurgar & Ja Taylor in Ratonu? nearest of kin on mother side
86Archibald Rait in BlabralairMr Abraham Sibbald parson Deir, Mr Ja Sibbald parson Benholme, umqll John Sibbald of Cair
86Alex Lindsay of KethikWm Bertie in Kethik
87Charles Smyth yr in DunlappieAlex Carnegie in GalroGallery
87Marg Blakhall in Balrownie
87Rot PressacheCristen Hall relict to umqll Rot Gib
87Da Michell maltman cit Brechin, Elizabeth Cuper his spGeo Wright notar cit Brechin
881601/11/11Alex Lindsay of KethikWm Bratie in Kethik
88Geo Bellie in ClaylekGeo Scheip burg Montrose
88Adam Young in Muirtoun of BeiholmePa Panter of Newmanswalls, Mathew? Montgomery
89Ja FindlasoneDa Carnegie in OtlaOathlaw
89Geo Dickie in AuldcaokAlex Andrew in Drumlechtie
89Rot Collace apperand of BalnamoneJohn Allane in Brechin - Mathew Dempster in Litill Reok?
89Regration Wm Strachan of TippirtieAnna Mercer relict to umqll Alex Strachan of Thorntoun, John Strachan his son
901601/11/14Ja Keith in CrageIsobell ??. Relict to umqll Alex Keith, Rot Gray now her sp
91John Lwsone yr burg Dundee, John Lowson eld burg DundeeJohn Mourtoun merch cit Brechin
91John Mourtoun cit BrechinGeo Barclay of Fucathdrx?
91Th MeilmakerDa Keillor
91Colin Campbell in E InveraritieJohn Rob in E Inveraritie
91John Macknicoll, John Drwry
91And Wischart of MourtounWm Rait in Newtoun, John Greffeittis in Balfour
91Wm Rait in NewtounGeo Symmer yr of Balzordie - And Wischart of Mourtoun
921601/11/17Renunciation Barbara Wischart, Alex Wischart of Carnebege her father, Mariore Falconar his spJa Arbuthnot of Leutasche, Grisell Leslie his sp, Ja Arbuthnot their son sp to Barbara W. - Alex Gairdane of Borrowfeild - Geo Barclay of Matheris
941601/11/18Anna Mercer relict to umqll Alex Strachan of Thorntoun, John StrachanWm Strachan of Toppertie
95Mr Ja Keith of WittstounJa Graham in Wardcapdrum?Wardroperton = Warburton
95Regration Mr Rot Browne son to John Brown of Fordell?, And Bryddie of CasteltounAnd Moncur eld of that ilk, And Moncur his eld son
95Isobell Bungzeon relict to umqll Alex HallAnd Mylne at Holmylne of Rossie
95Duncan Lindsay at Newtoun Mylne, John Fyff in BallewnieDa Bellie cit Brechin
96Duncan Lindsay at Newtoun MylneDa Bellie cit Brechin
96Cristen Bellie, John Steill her spAlex Stratton in Murheid
96Rot PresancheCristen Hall relict exer to umqll Rot Gib
96Alex Melville in HalkartounWm Robert at Ivethe? Kirk
96Da Young in Cultertoun of Brath?..Th Montgomery, umqll Euphame Guthrie? his mother
97Alex Andrew in DrumlethieGeo Dickie in Auldkeok - Wm Sibbald
97And Johnstone at Mekill Mylne of BrechinJohn Daikeris & Rot Neische in Kindrochit
97Absolution Da Mylne in CheppeltounWm Arbuthnot brother to the laird of Arbuthnot
97Ja Archer brother to umqll Duncan ArcherDyddra? Gray relict to umqll Duncan
98Alex Wollame fear of Polygarrok, Ja Wollame his brotherJohn Cummong of Balnabriche
98Jeane Wollame, Alex Wollame fear of Polygarrok her brother, Ja Wollame her brotherJohn Cumming of Balnabriche
98Wm BurneCristea Hall relict & Th Hall brother in law to umqll Rot Gib in Inveraritie
98Pa MacnicollTh Hall
98Ja Lakie in Glenmarkie
98Alex? Middiltoun in Brodland, Walt Taylor in TillfroskieMr Abraham Sibbald parson Deir, Mr Ja Sibbald parson Benholme, umqll John Sibbald of Cair
991601/11/28John Gray in BanacaicheJohn Ogilvy in W Drumes
99Absolution John Muddie in Haltoun, Alex Reid in Garvockhis father in lawJa Montgomery burg Montrose
99John Scot at St Tuareid? KirkWm Robert at St Tuareid? Kirk - And Beatie in Cotton of Halkartoun - John Arbuthnot
1001601/12/2John Nicoll cit BrechinJohn Clerk ?. of Balhall
100Ja Cramond in BurnsydJohn Ogilvy in W Drumes
100Rot Teaedell at Crage MylneDa Low in Thorntoun
100Wm Carnegie of E FutheWm Murray maltman MontroseEaster Fithie
100John OgilvyJa Bellie in Guynd
100John Wod of InschokJa Stewart ?.. to the Earl of Atholl
1011601/12/5Ja Keith in CrageGeo Rot Alex Wm Isobell & Cristen Keith, Isobell Lundie? their mother, Rot Gray her sp
101Ja Lakie in GlennarkiePa Macnicoll
101Th Bege cit BrechinJa Davidson cit Brechin
101Da Steven in WerldstingJa Wilkie in Schanfurd
102Da StevenJa Wilkie
102Pa Monfod merch cit BrechinJanet Sibbald, Walt Ogilvy in Taraigak her sp, Th Ogilvy their son
102Isobell Lundie relict to umqll Alex Keith in Bruntoun, Rot Gray hir spJa Keith in Crage
102And Lambe in Mwre MylneJa Ramsay in Tannak?..
102Ja Davidson cit BrechinRot Kynneir
1031601/12/9Th Gibson in BagillieJohn Robert in Balnindie
103Th Gibson in BagillieJa Cattis in Bagillie, And Fod in Barnezdarde
103Richard Crack in BaldardieAlex Kempe in Drumedinaid
103John TaylorJa Lambe in Boguidlo
103Alex Stratton in MurheidJohn Steill at Blaklechin Mylne, umqll Casten Bellie at Blaklechin Mylne
103Wm Burne in GlenmyllaCristen Hall relict to umqll Rot Gib
104Pa Macknicoll in StraeleCristen hall relict to umqll Rot Gib
104Marg Wischart sp to Da Lindsay fear of EdzellJa Graham, Euphame Fullarton his sp, Rot Graham eld his son - Sir John Wischart of Pittaro
105Th Lichtoun in CragnestounAlex Melville in Halkartoun
105Helen Ougstoun relict to umqll Da Strachan in Over CragnestounJohn Donaldson in Kincardin
105Geo Arrot commissar deputy of BrechinAnd Wod - Geo Wischart of Drymmie
1071601/12/16Da Lindsay fear of VaneWm Fentoun - Rot Hind - John Cob
107Wm Bellie in AuldbarJa Wat in Kindrikwod
107And Stratton brother to Alex Stratton of that ilkEliszabeth Stratton relict exer to umqll John Rait sometime in Sewsleit
1081601/12/19Alex Low in BalinikratieDa Wolray in Kinnard
108Da FerrarJa Low in Perche, Th Murray in PerchePert?
108Ja Wat in KindrockwodWm Bellie in Auldbar
108Ja Mylne in BlakhillJohn Smyth in Dunlappe
109Th Gibson in BagillieJohn Cob in Balmadie - Ja Birney in Ferne New Mylne
109John Mourtoun cit BrechinGeo Hardie in Bandillie
109Ja Gardner cit BrechinJa Smythe maltman Dundee
109Ja Smyth cit Brechin
109Da Steven in WaldferneJa Wilkie in Schanfurd
109Christopher Michell in RosillJean Aikin, Th Findlo her son, umqll John Findlo in Eglismaldie
1101601/12/23Da Walcar in KinnardAlex Low Balmacrettie
110Petition Da Cruikschank in ArbroathGilbert Ouchterlony in Brechin
110John Cob in BirlinerdieTh Gibson in Bagelie
110Regration Da MoncurJohn Moncur of Slaines? his brother - And Moncur
111Meld?? Macken burg MontroseMarg Linlithgow relict to umqll John Ramsay in Inscheok
111Geo Alexander in E KirktounDa Law at Marie Kirk
111Christopher Michell son to umqll Alex Michell in RoshillJanet Aiken, John Findlo her son, umqll John Findlo in Nethertoun of E Eglismaldie, Marg Findlo dtr to umqll John
1121602/1/9Wm Watson alias Wobster in Haltoun of KynnellJohn Smyth in Kynell
112Petition Gilbert Ouchterlony cit BrechinPa Guthrie in Stacmojuhie? - John Pitbladdo in Melgund - Rot Sampson in Ordie
112Petition Alex Ouchterlony brother to the Laird of KellieRot Murray burg Arbroath now in Smiddehill
112Pa Falconer brother to the Laird of HalkartounAnd Mylne in Halkartoun
113John Johnson in KynnellWm Scot in Bowis
113Edict umqll Rot Gib port of Achuildess, Jonet Gib his dtr, Agnes Hall sp to umqll John Collie
113Wm Strachan port of Kyncardin?
114Renunciation Jonet Haliburton sp to Da Lyon yr in BagilliePa Lyon Lord Glamis, John Leiche of Mongarie
114Jonet Sibbald, Wm Ogilvie in Turinges her sp, Th Ogilvy their sonPa Monfod cit Brechin
114John Paterson merch cit BrechinAlex Scot in Turhinge
1151602/1/13Th Johnson in Got of CarmyllieRot Murray in Smiddehill
115And Mylne at Holmylne of RossieIsobell Bungzeon in Fullartoun
115Ja Lin servitor to Lord CrawfordGeo Mortimer in Bagillie - Charles Maitland
115John Pitbladdo in Melgund MylneJohn Dempster smyth
115And MairJohn Pitbladdo at Melgund Mylne
1161602/1/16Rot Smyth in FeddensJa Clerk in Towie
116Th Bull in VaneJohn Barclay in Kinnard
116Rot Carmichael in BrechinHenry Louson, Wm Steill
116Alex SutarWm Robert at Learmont Kirk
116Wm Simsone in Kincarne
116Alex Arkill in Newbigging of Thourntoun?Wm Robert
116Geo Alschende in E Kirktoun HillDa Low at Marie Kirk
1171602/1/20Regration Marg Baldowie dtr & air to umqll Da Baldowie burg Montrose, Ja Baldowie of that ilk, Da Baldowie fear of that ilkAlex Falconar of Halkartoun, Rot Falconar of Ballandrorik
119Ja Arrot burg MontroseJohn Willok in Bandillie
119Da Low at Marie KirkGeo Alschende in Kirktoun Hill
119Geo Alschende in Kirktoun HillDa Low at Marie Kirk, Cristen Burnet his sp
119John Dempster smythJohn Pitbladdo at Melgund Mylne
119Geo Barclay of MatherisJohn Mourtoun merch cit Brechin
119Da Wilson notar ForfarJonet Keny relict to umqll John Hill in Colestoun - Wm Watson - Geo Mortimer in Bagillie
1201602/1/23Walt Scot cit BrechinJohn Dood? in Tannadice
120Lindsay of EdzellTh Lin
120Cristen Burnet, Da Low at Marie Kirk her spGeo Alschende in Kirktoun Hill
120Wm Bell in DubtounTh Smart in Quhysteill
120Da Quhyt in Haltoun of BrathinscheTh Mylne in Blakhill
120Da Smyth in Dolappie
121Th Morisone in Tannadice, Cristen Donnald in TannadiceWm Smythe merch Tannadice
121And Mariore Isobell & Catherine Bruce children exer to umqll Th Bruce in LedactaneGeo Davidson in Dunlappie - Alex Glendy in Mains of Borronit? - Alex Wat in Tannadice - And Bruce in Wald Haiche
121Ge Davidson in DolappieWm Stevenson in Leuchland
121And Mylne in Holmylne of RossieWm Leiche yr in Auld Montrose
122Geo Alexander in Kirktoun HillCharles Keith in Crage - Da Low in Marie Kirk
122Laird of KynnardAlex Glen
122Walt Chalmer, Th Lyell of MurthillMr Geo Lindsay in Kirktoun of Ferne
122Th Findlo in Wittona?, Rot Jeillie in Steillstrat
122Ja? Michell in JanskandieGeo Profeitt in Dolappie
122Ja Thomson in StragneillDa Smyth, John Robertson, And Smyth, Da Archibald, John Archibald, Alex Davidson, Da? Kynnier
123Wm MaknicollWm Burne
123Rot Jeillie in Steill StraitTh Findlo in Wittoun
123Da Dickeson in ForfarAnd Knight in Ordie
123Marg Linlithgow relict to umqll John Ramsay in InscheokWm Mackean burg Montrose
123Gilbert Pacok in CarsburneWm Watson in Wardmylne
123Gilbert Ouchterlony in MuirdrumJa Melville of Dysart, Da Lies
1241602/2/3Alex Glen in MaisondewLaird of Kynnard - Th Lyell, John Carnegie in Eglisjohn, Ja Arrot in Montrose
124Ja Buchart in Haltoun of InveraritieWm Buchart at Mylne of Kinrieche
124Mr Geo Hardie in BandellJohn Mourtoun merch cit Brechin
124Catherine Bruce dtr exer to umqll Th Bruce in LedincaineJohn Lichtoun in Walfard - Th Cuttie at Ferne Auld Mylne - Da Bruce in Schanfurd - Marg Weillie in Courtfurd - Wm Cutberd, John Donaldson in Foudtoun
1251602/2/6And Mariore Isobell & Catherine Bruce children to umqll Th Bruce in Ledincanie & Marg Nesiche his spDa Lindsay of Vane, umqll Mariore Stewart his sp - John Hanvill - Elspet Hanvill, John Robert her sp - Da Finlason smyth Brechin - Wm Bruce sadler Brechin
125Ja Melville of DysartGilbert Ouchterlony in Muirdrum
126Alex Arkill in NewbiggingHeane? Logie
126Mr Geo? LindsayTh Mureson at Tannadice Mylne
126Mariore Strachan, Rot Lindsay in Barrad her sp, Isobell Strachan her sisterHarry Ogilvy in Montrose exer to umqll Henrie Ogilvy of Dwntrune his father
126Mr Pa LindsayDa Symmer
126Alex RobertsonDa Wobster - Roger Seaton
126Catherine Pikeman, Gilbert PikemanDa Muddie in Midiltoun of Halkartoun
126John Peiblis at Mylne of Chaundwie, Alex Esse in Wurefor
1271602/2/10Renunciation Jean Guthrie relict to umqll Mr Ja Wischart burg Montrose
127Sir John Lindsay of WodheidWm Falconer at Auld Montrose Mylne
127Th Smart in Quhidgestreid of Hi..tounWm Bell in Dubtoun - Geo Carmichael in Brechin
1281602/2/13Regration Alex Gardin of BorrowfeildTh Montgomerie exer to umqll Euphame Guthrie in Haltoun his mother, Ja Montgomerie her son - Wm Ramsay, John Norie
128And Stratton brother to the Laird of LaurestonElizabeth Stratton relict to umqll John Raitt of Selefleit
128Da Lindsay eld of Vane, umqll Mariore Stewart his sp, And Bruce in W Haiche, Geo Davidson in Dunlappe, John Donaldson in FinnevenAnd Mariore Isobell & Catherine Bruce exer to umqll Th Bruce in Lednicare
1291602/2/15Sir John Lindsay of WodheidWm Falconer at Auld Montrose Mylne
129Th Montgomerie exer to umqll Euphame Guthrie his motherJa Montgomerie his brother - Alex Gardin of Borrowfeild
129John CokeJohn Finlasone in Balquharie
130Wm Robert at Methe KirkAlex Melville in Mains of Halcartoun
130Isobell Hunter, Ja Bowar her spAlex Bowar inMasondew
130Helen Guthrie in GrendenJa Lowper in Kirkhill of Farnell
130John Fentoun in GuthrieAlex Guthrie fear of that ilk
1311602/2/20And Greige servitor to Alex Skar in Murehill
131Ja Clerk in CoullJa Fentoun of Ogill - Ja Dempster of E Eglismaldie
131Wm Gray at Mylne of VaneAlex Neische in Tannadice
131Geo Crokat in KincoldrumWm Thome
131Alex Guthrie fear of that ilkJohn Fentoun in Guthrie
131Walt Spark in Pet?..Alex Sibbald, Ja Innes, Abraham Sibbald, umqll John Sibbald of CairKair
1321602/2/23Ja Patton, Ja Patton in CarcarieTh Daw in Carcarie
132Mr And Drummond minister at PanbrideRot Anderson in Aichrannae
132Petition Edward Scot in Dunnich?Da Ouchterlony in Mylnden
132Edward Scot in Dunnich?Pa Heres in Balgilly
132Walt Wod burg Montrose, John Hardie at Litill Mylne, Wm Stratton in Litill Witstoun, Geo Bellie in ClalekDa Robert burg Montrose
133Th Guthrie servitor to Alex Lindsay Lord SpynieWm Lyon in Border of Leys, Ja Elphen in NewtounEsplin?
133Alex Beannies in LekrwreJa Futtie son to Geo Futtie burg Forfar
133Ja Bowman at Kethik MylneWm Beattie in Kethik
1341602/3/3Pa Oliphant in KeanieJohn Piter at Kincoldrum Mylne
134Th Blak at Finneven MylneJohn Cobe in Balunditie
134Decret Da Ouchterlony in MylndenEdward Scot in Dunnich?
134Pa Heres in BaligayEdward Scot in Dunnich?
134Decret Pa Guthrie in StanrequheioGilbert Ouchterlony cit Brechin
134Ja FairwedderJa Drymes
1351602/3/6Mr Ja Fotheringham parson of BallumbieJohn Guthrie of Littil Lour - Gilbert Gairden - Wm Duncan
135Bessie CollaceJa Collace of Milden
135Wm Wardane in AuchinlekRichard Teindell in Adnanstoun
135Rot Car at Caldhame MylneDuncan Lindsay at Newtoun Mylne
135Alex Sturrok in Bikhill of CarmyllieThe tutor of Carmyllie
136Th Alexander in Cuthel?..Hercules Alexander in Petbellie
136John Erskine Lord of MarAnd Barrie at Newtoun Mylne, Wm Oustane in Newtoun
136Th Kyd in Rottonraw of PanbrydRot Ramsay in Rottonraw of Panbryd, Marg Ramsay his dtr - Isobell Gib in Skryne
136John Irwing of Quhituges, Archibald Irwing in ReidmyreBaillies & Council of Brechin
1371602/3/10Ja Clerk merch cit BrechinJa Stratton in Drumcarne
137Alex Bishop of BrechinJa Fairwedder
137Absolution Marg Jamesone relict to umqll Ja Car in CarcareJa Patton servant to Geo Mylne in Dwne, Th Daw in Carcare, umqll Ja Patton in Carcarie
1381602/3/13Rot Lichtoun fear of UllishewinJa Neilsone in InverbervieUsan
138Alex Middiltoun in Brodland, Walt Taylor in TillfroskieMr Abraham Sibbald parson of Deir, umqll John Sibbald of CairKair
138Alex Thomson in DrumterarrotTh Robert in Corstoun of Dunnich?
138Ja FotheringhamJohn Guthrie in Denheid
139Alex Ramsay at Fordoun KirkAlex Sibbald in Wattestoun, umqll John Sibbald of CairKair
139Ja Millar in PetpulloxGeo Arbuthnot in Petforthie
139Alex Sturrok in Bakhill of CarmylliePa Strachan exer to umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie - Wm Futhe servitor to Mr Wm Carnegie
139Alex Guthrie of CrachiemylneDa Brayingtoun - Th Robertson in Pykervan, John Lamb in Pykervan - Elizabeth Wischart in Coldbirn of Powrie
1401602/3/17Abraham Piggott notar exer to umqll Th Annand, Mariore Lyon his relict, John Ogilvy of Newtoun now her sp
140Alex Sturrok in Bikhill of CarmylliePa Strachan exer to umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie
140John Kynneir of BotherisMariore Fullartoun his mother
140John Erskine eld son to umqll Th Erskine in TayokJa Ballatyne eld son to umqll Ja Ballantyne of Kinocher, Mr Alex Ballantyne - Geo Malder & Da Wod & And Wilkie? & John Reid all? portioners of Ardo
141Geo Symmer of Balzordie, Geo Symmer of Balzordie his fatherWm Arbuthnot son to umqll Arbuthnot of that ilk
141Da Brayingtoun in StarrieAlex Guthrie in Crachiemylne
141Rot Young in CorstounAlex Thomson
1421602/3/20Da Robert burg MontroseJohn Strachan of Balhaissie
142Rot Mylne in FettercarneHugh? Allardice at Mylne of Peit - John Scot at Blacokmwr Mylne
142John Willok in BandillieGeo ?. in Isakstoun
142John Lyon of Oisuik?, Geo Lyon his son, John Laurie of Dunkeannie, umqll Th Annand of Persie, John Ogilvy of Newtoun sp to Mariore Lyon relict to sd umqll Th A
142And Knight in OrdieDa Dikesone burg Forfar
1431602/3/24Ja Fairwedder in WalkertounJa Drymes in Dalhie
143Wm & Pa Daw exer to umqll And Daw in BalpetrieDa Renny
143Wm Arbuthnot son to Arbuthnot of that ilkGeo Symmer yr of Balzordie, Geo Symmer of Balzordie his father
143Da Anderson in Ballewnie LawsoneGeo Barclay, And Wischart in Ballewnie
1441602/3/31Alex Middiltoun in Brodland, Walt Taylor in TillfroskieMr Abrham Sibbald parson of Deir exer to umqll John Sibbald of Cair his brotherKair
1461602/4/1Petition Da Ouchterlony baillie burg ArbroathAnd Rollok in Freok - Rot Murray in ArbroathFriock
146Regration John Anderson sometime in Burnsyd now in TempiltounDa Gairdine of Leys, Da Gairdine his eld son, Mr Rot Gairdine brother to Da eld, Geo Gairdine
146Wm Middiltoun in CosnowWm Strachan in Tillebornie
146Alex Richart port of KethikAlex Lindsay of Kethik
1471602/4/14Abraham Piggott in GlamisMariore Lyon relict to umqll Th Annand of Persie, John Ogilvy of Newtoun in Glenylay her spGlenisla
147Wm ArbuthnotGeo Symmer yr of Balzordie, Geo Symmer of Balzordie his father
147Edict umqll Marg Beiddie sp to Wm Forfar in Nether Kinnimont, Ja & John Forfar his sons
147Da Balbirne at Mylne of Syd, Janet Thomson his sister dtrDa Hacheonn in Kerkend
147Da Barclay eld son to Wm Barclay of W AuchleichrieAlex Guthrie eld of that ilk, Magdalene Guthrie his dtr future sp of Da B
148Mathew Ja Agnes & Isobell Peirss, Jonat Blak their mother, umqll Wm Peirss cit Brechinthe relict to umqll Wm Johnson in Carcare
148Th Oustean in SpittellGeo Alexander in E Kirktoun
148Geo AlexanderTh Oustean
148Wm Hynd in DynnichenJohn Watson in Dil?.., John Clayhill , Wm Findla, Hendrie in Fether?
1491602/4/17John Pattoun in Stirocqahu, Stephen Patton his son, Mr Ja Irwing in Pitquheddell, Mr John Fullartoun sheriff clerk of Kincardin, Mr And Wischart, Archibald Irwing in Reidmyr
1501602/4/17Decret And Rollok in FreokDa Ouchterlony in Arbroath - Rot Murray in SmiddehillFriock
150John Cobe at Mekill Mylne of BrechinDa Finlo in Arb
150Alex Cokburne in WoulslrwJa Lin in Dikis
151Pa Guthrie of PitmewisJohn Strynigerz? in CarmylliePitmuies
151Ja Collace of MildenBessie Collace in Milden
151Walt Jamesone in BalloquhyEsse Blak burg Edinburgh - Walt Nobe
151Wm Merchant in WetterstounWm Strachan in Tellebrinie
1521602/4/21John Wod cit BrechinAlex Wod his brother
152Ja Millar in PitpulloxMathew Dempster in Milden of Ogill
152Decret Wm Lichtoun in SkechinWalt Ouchterlony in Arbroath
152Th FutheHenry Shiphird
152Archibald? GuthrieDa Barclay his son in law
153umqll Janet AndrewAnd? Andersone in Inschbrak - Geo Andrew
153Marg Hendrie relict to umqll Th Johnson in Glenmoy, Wm Sadler in Glenmoy, Wm Johnson father in law to Marg HJa Peyt
153John Symmer in FouertounMarg Weillie relict to umqll Alex Coul in Cour..furd, Marg Beddie dtr to umqll Da Beddie
1541602/4/24Walt Spark in PetquhorchieAlex Sibbald brother to umqll John Sibbald of CairKair
155Anna Hepburne dtr to umqll Mr Ja Hepburne minister & parson Finneven & Elizabeth Graham his sp, Mathew Hepburne sometime of Caldhame & Mr John Hepburne son to umqll John Hepburne minister Leith? nearest of kin on father side, Da Graham in Nether Cragie & Richard Graham in Over Cragie nearest of kin mother side, Wm Ramsay, Da Graham ervyd brother to Anna H, John Strachan of Gerslslie?
155Th Stewart burg DundeeTh Daw cit Brechin
155Th Ogilvy son to Da Ogilvy in KeanieJohn Michell
156John Strachan in CarmylliePa Guthrie of Pebuirebuds?
156John Marnie in Fuerglen?Alex Strachan in Petgernie
156Ja Stratton in DridcarneJa Clerk merch Brechin
156Isobell Mylne relict to umqll Paul Schewan cit Brechin, Marg Schewan his dtr, John Schewan her brother, Ja Schewan minister Navar
1571602/4/28Th Adame in NewmylneRot Mortimer in Kingeseitt
157And CreillAlex Lindsay of Kethik
157Alex Mwrie in Mylnehache of KinriuffWm Ogilvy in Inselze?, Alesone Robert his sp
158Ja StrattonJa Clerk merch cit Brechin
158Geo ThomsonJonat Aikin relict to umqll John Findlo
158Wm Carnegie in FlemingtonDa Skair in Hache of Brechin - Alex Wollam fear of Polygarrok
158Pa Starrok in Dunnchta.Rutherfurd in Hill of Carmyllie
158Alex Ogilvy of AchindorieRot Pyggot in Murheid of Kin.reie
158Elizabeth IrwingAlex Taylor in Kirkhill
1591602/5/1Alex Lindsay cordiner cit BrechinJa Davidson his father in law
159Pa Gray, Pa MesoneJohn Ramsay son to the Guidman of Carntoun
159Ja Gentilman at the ?.. of FordounJohn Irwing in Quhyttaiges
159John Dempster in BrigendRot Montgomerie in Haltoun
1601602/5/4John Marnie in Fridiglen?Alex Strachan in Pebgernie?
160Rot Pressok in Kincars?John Wobster yr son to John Wobster at Kincardine Mylne
160Marg Hendrie, Wm Findlo her spWm Johnson in Glenmoy
160Wm Gib in GuthrieAlex Fettes in Leyid Mylne - Pa Watsone, Da Philip in W Grefurd?
160Gib in PendricheKinneir
1611602/5/9Collace, Charles Chalmer of Craigor her spTh Collace of Pitforky
161Geo Arrot procurator fiscal of St Andrews, umqll Da Peddy cadger, John Peddy in Kirktoun of Benholm brother in the father side & Walt Peddy whole brother to umqll Da P
1621602/10/13Wm Blair of BalgilloAnd Bellie in Kindrokwod, Charles Blak in Kindrokwod, Marg Wedbster in Kindrokwod
162John Mesoun in Kincrage, Rot Mesoun in PentostallJohn Stevenson brabiner? Cit Brechin
162Alex Chrystie in PetnamoneDa Chrystie merch cit Brechin
163Wm Barclay burg MontroseJohn Fullartoun eld of Kynnaber, John Fullartoun yr of Kynnaber, Ja Dempster of E Eglismaldie, Harry Barclay fear of Johnstone, Geo Barclay of Mathers
163Th Wischart in Brechin?Qm? Bowcha.. in Dodglen?
163Renunciation Jonat Ogilvy relict to umqll Alex Ogilvy in Schilhill, Rot Symmer in Cloch.. now her sp, Mr John Ogilvy her sonSir Da Lindsay of Edzell
1651602/10/20Th Wischart in LeogyJohn Bowerham in Dr..gley - Da Murray
165Helene Garden sp to Mr John Rige minister DunnichenWm Justice merch Edinburgh, Christiane Rig his sp - umqll Wm Melville, Wm Lyon
1661602/10/23Alex Rosse, Th Lentsit? his son in lawJanet Rosse in Lytill Beoy
166John Dempster, umqll Th Lyell of MerthillDa Lindsay eld of Vane
166Geo Wischart brother to John Wischart of that ilkWalt Newtoun? in Culhallok, John Newtoun
167Alex Suittie burg ForfarPa Heis in BalgayesBalgavies
167Archibald Anderson burg ForfarPa Heis in BalgayBalgavies
167umqll Wm Findlason in Pitlachie, Pa Findlason his son, Ja Donald in Frewchin
1681602/10/27Mr Geo Lindsay in Kirktoun of FerneJohn Dempster
168Alex Cowie in Dridnagan?Wm Carnegie in Balmanow, Da Barclay son to Geo Barclay of Matheris
168John Gellie in E KirktounWalt Barclay
1691602/11/3Th SymerHenry Broun in Bolischeny - Da Rynd in Arbroath, Wm Gulland in ArbroathBolshan
169Jerome Lyn at Ruthven KirkJa Tullo in Elrie?
170John Stevenson brabiner BrechinJohn Lichtoun eld in Grenfurd
170Th SymmerAlex Ouchterlony in Balmirmur, Isobell Guthrie his sister dtr future sp to sd Th S, John Oliphant in Hiltoun
170John Watson in Cotton of Litill InscheleAnd Davidson in Cotton of ArbekyLittle Inchock; Arbikie
1711602/11/10Alex Ogilvy in GlenmoyAlex Man in Barnsyd - John Chrystie in Kynalte
171Ja Tullo in KilireJerome Lyn at Ruthven Kirk
171Pa Ogilvy of Drymie, John Lindsay brother to umqll Da Lindsay of Barne nearest of kin on father side to Ja Lindsay son & air to umqll Da Lindsay of Barne & Christ.. Arbuthnot his sp, Ja Arbuthnot & Geo Arbuthnot brother
1731602/11/10Wm Hill in Balb?John Mathers wright Brechin
173Da Ouchterlony baillie ArbroathHenry Piter? in Conansyth, Wm Daw in Mains of Guthrie
173Ja Lindsay son to Da Lindsay of Barneyards & Christen Arbuthnot his sp, John Lindsay brother to sd umqll Da L nearest of kin on father side, Ja Arbuthnot & Geo Arbuthnot brothers to And Arbuthnot of that ilk nearest of kin on mother side
174Da Smythe in DunlappieCharles Smythe in Perkfeild
174John BurnetAlex Stiel
174Helene Ogstoun relict to umqll Da Strachan in Over CragnestounTh Lichtoun
175Mariore Fullartoun relict to umqll Rot Kynneir of BotherisWm Pyper in Brathinch - John Michell yr in Botheris
175John Nicoll? in BrechinWm Mylne in Hous of Nillie?
175Ja Campbell in KetheChristopher Creichtoun, Geo Ogilvy in Cotyeny?, Geo Burn?, Wm Ogilvy
1761602/11/16John Dempster eld son to Ja Dempster of E EnglismaldieCharles Keythe in Craig of Garvok - John Oveie in Over Pitforthe, Richard Chepman cit Brechin - Ja Beaton of Melgund, John Ramsay commissar Brechin
1771602/11/15James Stewart master of Atholl eld son to John Stewart Earl of AthollSir Da Lindsay of Edzell, umqll Marg Lindsay his sister mother of sd Ja S
1791602/11/17John Speid of AuchdowyTh Quhyt maltman
179John Erskine Earl of MarDa Dempster skynner Brechin
179Rot Graham of CharletounJohn Fullartoun yr of Kynnaber
180And Knicht in OrdyDa Lindsay brother to Barnyards
180Th Spens in Kuncoige?, Helen Skirling his sp
180Mariore Fullartoun??.. her son
180Da Mylne in BrechinJa Fairwedder in Valcarty?
1811602/11/20John NorieAlex Erskine
181Rot Arbuthnot in BirhillRot Young in Birny, Alex Elder, Elizabeth ?? his relict
181Mathew PeryGeo Symer of Balzordie
181Pa Thome in K?Ja L?.
182Da Cob?Da Linll?
182Da Bothe, Jonat Dew his spTh Richart in Burnsyd
184Gabriel GuthrieJa Guthrie his brother
184Rot Neilson in PentostallGeo Mather in Bulbirnys Mylne - Th Moreis, Catherine Belle his sp
184John Cant in CragendJohn Gary
184Geo Puccar? in GlenmoyM? Brunit?
184Mariore Sand relict to umqll Da Lyell
185Th Clerk merch BrechinJohn Lichtoun
185Th Findlo in EglismaldyJohn Findlo in Wilton?
185Da Smyth chepmanCharles Smyth
185Renunciation Rot Symer in Clechin?, Jonet Ogilvy his sp, Mr John Ogilvy her son, Sir Da Lindsay of Edzell
1861602/11/27Ja Reid in PendleicheWm Archibald in Penleiche - Wm Reid brother to Ja R
187Da Lowsone in L? of DodJonet Car relict to umqll Richard Rind
187Da Piter in Cotton of BurnsydJonet Car relict to umqll Richard Rind
187John Pwlis in PendrecheJa Walcar in Pendreche
188Strachan tutor of CarmyllieJohn Lowson in Dun, Mr Gilbert Gardyn - John Forest in Haltoun - Fraser yr of Braky - John Muir?Braikie
188And Arbuthnot of that ilkMr Abraham Sibbald parson of Deir, umqll John Sibbald of CairKair
190And Arbuthnot of that ilk, umqll Marg Hopringill his spMr Abraham Sibbald parson of Deir, umqll John Sibbald of Tillefroskie - umqll John Sibbald burgess - John Hay in Boghill of Arbuthnot
192Helen Ogstoun relict to umqll Da StrachanAlex Gellie in Barhill
192Peter Oliphant of TuringesJa Beaton of Melgund, John Pitblado, Th Oliphant
192John Taylor in BoigeschalloJohn Duncan in Lichtuy
192Wm WalcarElizabeth Meir his mother?
1931602/12/4Charles Smyth in DunlappyJohn Robertson in Brechin
193Da Kyndir in BochhallJa Webster at Kincardin Mylne
193umqll Ja Guthrie at KirkbulbJohn Guthrie his eld son
193Wm Arrot of that ilkJa Arrot burg Montrose
1941602/12/8John Patton in BolischeidWm Wobster, John Gib
194Charles Smyth in DunlappyDa Smyth in Dunlappie
194Wm Millarty?John Hwrd in Punds - Ja Gib exer to umqll John Gib
194Dame Euphame Douglas sp to Sir Th Lyon of AuldbarRot Strachan of Petskelle, Helen Carnegie his sp
194Isobell Guthrie Lady Halkertoun, her umqll spGideon? Guthrie - Mr G?. ?. of Bractille
195John Makiy in HedderinkTh Adame at Balzerde Mylne
195Peter Oliphant of TuringesJa Beaton of Melgund, John Pitblado in Meyrtoun, Th Oliphant brother to sd Peter O
195Th Liddell cit BrechinWm Paterson gardiner Kynnard
195Mariore Hantoun relict to umqll Da Lyon
195Catherine relict to umqll Th Fyff in Balglassie, Ja Wm Alex Rot & Christen Fyff their children
1961602/12/13Wm Esplen servitor to Lord of Sleinyigcant?, Mariore Hantoun relict to umqll Da Lyon at Mekil Mylne of Brechin, And Thomson now her sp
196Th Fettes in PertheJohn Robert in Perthe, umqll Isobell Thomson his spPert?
196Decret John Barrie in BlakdykesGilbert Ouchterlony cit Brechin - Ja Lyne in Correhill
196Da Taylour? in Muirsyd, Janet Walls his spWm Bellie cit Brechin
1971602/12/15Alex Gairdine in Cragnestoun, Malcolm Gentilman in FettercarneTh Wischart in Knottieburne
197John Smythe in DunlappieJohn Robertson sometime in Dunlappie and now in Brechin
197Da Taylour in MuirsydDa Dempster cit Brechin
197Ja Anderson in DynnichinAlex Kyd - Ja Kyd his father - Roger Wod in Muirsyd
198Da Fyff in DoidWm Palmer in Kere?..
198Catherine Fairwedder relict to umqll John Duncan in Tillabbit
199Da Cobe in Cothill? of Mandein?Elizabeth Bell relict to umqll Peter Lessvlle?
199Ninian Davidson burg MontroseJa Arrot burg Montrose - John Lichtoun of Ullischewin, Catherine Fullartoun relict to umqll Alex MurrayUsan
199Mariore Douglas relict to umqll Wm Erskine burg MontroseWm Arrot of that ilk, Janet Ogilvy his sp
200Isobell Kyndel?, Da Anderson her spDa Kyid? in Bukhill
200Th Forrestar in SichillJanet Tempil? relict to umqll John Duncan in Drumpr?, Ja Bruce now her sp, Pa Blair in Kirktoun of Kincoldrum, John Fentoun in Escrewre
2011602/12/22Rot Pressok in KincardineJohn Jack in Staurehanche of Petnamoi - Th Sinclair of Wustoun - Da Wollame of Wodw?, Alex Wollam his son
201Ja Mychellson in TulloisMr Charles Welwod minister Kirkden
201Da Michell maltman cit BrechinSamuel Erskine in Tillearblett
2031603/8/20Crop of the year 1602 & 1603
203Abraham Pigot notar in Glad?Alex Smyth in Carss, Ja Moreis in Carss
203Claim John Ouchterlony in BaldukieTh Gibson in Balgillie
203Rot BeittieCharles Kyt?
2041603/10/11Wm Hardie burg MontroseJohn Pitbladdo at Melgund Mylne
204John Smythe in Logie of DwneGeo Mylne in Logie of Dwne
204John Barre at Finneven MylneWm Palmer in Boguilk
2051603/10/15John Ellis in BagillieDa Schewan in Tillesowill
205Da Keythe in Balhargartie, Margaret Keythe his sisterCharles Keythe sometime in Wahe of Garwok
2061603/10/19And Keygow in Myrtoun of Mathe?Th Gibson in Inglistoun Alex Weddell in Cotton of Inglistoun
206Alex Watterstoun in BalhallJohn Fairwedder in Lochtie
207John Fairwedder in LochtieAlex Watterstoun in Balhall
207Richard Hind in BoighallWm Propheitt yr & Wm Prpheitt eld in Estertoune of Dunlappie
207Da Smart in DodPa Wallce, And Wallace
208Jean Paul, John Norie cit Brechin her sp, Cristian Paul her sisterJean Guthrie relict to umqll Mr Ja Guthrie burg Montrose, umqll Marg Pauveis his sp
208John Wobster at Kincardine MylneJohn Wobster his son
208Rot Stevenson in W Mains of RedcastleMariore Pitcarne relict to umqll Wm Smart in Inscheok
2091602/10/22Mr Ad[am Walker] minister FordounWm Arkill in Kincardine - Hugh Logie in Kincardine - Geo Meldrum in Kincardine
209John Beddie in StaukJa Knox at Mekil Mylne of Brechin, Isobell Beddie his sp?
209Pa Gray son to And Gray of LourJa Dairdine of Dunbarrow - Ja & Wm Rait of Halgrene
211Rot Stevenson in W Mains of RedcastleMariore Pitcarne relict to umqll Wm Smart in Inscheok
211Sir Wm Graham of Brake, Dame Marg Keythe his spJohn Carnegie in Eglisjohn
2121602/10/26Harry BrowneAlex Cloak in Downie - Ja Muddie - Gellis Wilkie - Rot Petrie in Bollischane of Panmure, Th Browne in Carss - Cristen Johnstone relict to umqll Alex Paterson in Panbryd
213Th Robert in InscheokWm Durwart in Newtoun
213Wm Propheitt yr & Wm Propheitt eld in Easttoun of DunlappeRichard Hind in Boighall
213Wm Davidson in DunlappieGeo davidson in Dunlappie his brother, umqll Geo Davidson his father
213Th JohnsonHelen taylor relict to umqll Ja Gib in Pendriche
214Rot Stevenson in W Mains of RedcastleMariore Pitcarne relict to umqll Wm Smart in Inscheok
214Mr And Strachan parson & minister at DwneJa Livingstone son to John Livingstone of Donypace, Da Fullartoun burg Montrose, Wm Murray burg Montrose
214Rot Creakschank taylor burg ArbroathRobertson alias Ungand? relict to umqll Geo Cobe in Gardyn, John Car in Middill Drumes now her sp
2151603/11/2Gawan Portar burg ForfarArchibald? Traill in Garlaband
215Sibilla Lambe relict to umqll Alex Fullartoun port of CraigowWm Smythe in Cragow, Isobell Clerk, umqll John Clerk in Hill of Craigow, umqll Hakket mother brother to sd Isobell C
2161603/11/9John Lowson in DodMr Th Gairdine of Balirtoun, umqll Mr Gilbert Gairdyne of Bothe
216Alex & Wm Taylor children to umqll Alex Taylor messinger at Couvethe KirkJohn Ogilvy in Hill of Halkartoun, And Lepar in Kirktoun of Arbuthnot , Mr Richard Lownay
216Wm Hind in BalhallWm Donaldson in Baconnall
217John Buchane at LochmylneAnd Skirlinge - Archibald Makfarland at Brigtoun Mylne - John Haiknay in Inglistoun - Alex Buchane, John Young at Brigtoun Mylne
217Ja Doge in PetskandlieAnd Quhytburne in Petskandlie, Wm Neische in Petskandlie, Da Doge in Petskandlie
2181603/11/16Mr Geo Lindsay in Kirktoun of FerneHelen Ogstoun relict to umqll Da Stracahan in Cragnestoun
218Ja Wobster at Kincardine MylneAlex Crystie in Petnotmoy
219Rot Michell son to umqll John Michell in Nether EglismaldieJohn Hendrie in Drumhendre
219Alex CrystieJa Wobster - And Gray - Geo Gordowne
2201603/11/19Elizabeth Ker & 4 dtrs to umqll Wm Car in Farnell, Jonet Grige his spJohn Ker, umqll Ja Ker his father
220John Lowsone in DodMr Th Gairdine of Bothe, umqll Mr Gilbert Gairdine in Pone?Boath
220Alex Clerk merch cit BrechinCristen Smythe relict to umqll Da Guthrie cit Brechin, Alex Donaldson now her sp
2211603/11/23Ja AikinheidWm Muresone
221Ja Aikenheid, Walt Aikenheid his brotherWm Muresone
221Archibald Traill in GarlabankGawin Portar burg Forfar
2221603/11/26John Car, umqll Ja Ker his fatherElizabeth Ker & 4 dtrs to umqll Wm car in Farnell
222Walt Suttar in Hiltoun of WalterstounJa Lewcharis at Merkheid Mylne
2231603/12/3Gilbert Ouchterlony in MuirdrumJa Melville of Dysart, Da Leis in Barre
223Ja Dempster yr cit BrechinAgnes Mylne, Rot Montgomerie her sp
223Alex Ramsay in InscheokMariore Pitcarne relict to umqll Wm Smart in Inscheok
224Arthur Stratton of SnawtounMr John Stratton minister Forres his son
224Geo Wallentine in PetgerwodAnd Wat in Hill of Mayns
224John Wat taylor cit BrechinWm Murray cit Brechin
224Geo Hardie in Baneate?And Wat merch Brechin
225John Muresone smyth in Balrownie now in M..khous MylneJohn Dempster of Balrownie
225Ja Car in CransleyGeo Ogilvy indweller Leiche
225Alex Clerk merch cit BrechinCristen Smythe relict to umqll Da Guthrie, Alex Donaldson now her sp
2261603/12/7John YoungAlex Buchart in Lechmylne
226John Willok in Baicelle?, Richard Willok in Marie Kirk his brotherAlex Wilson in Tenpill of Benholme
226Wm Brabiner in Fettercarne, Cristen Brabiner in FettercarneElizabeth Lindsay in Redenheid
227umqll Janet Robert in Mylnhache of Kilroy sp to Alex Mwrie, Wm Ogilvy in Colzenie, Alesone & Bessie Robert sisters to umqll Janet R
227Da Finlasone merch cit BrechinWm Arrot of that ilk
227umqll Bessie Young in Craige, John Young her brother
227Da Lyon in BagilletJanet Lyon relict to umqll Da Guthrie in Stannoquhye, Pa Guthrie her son - Da Dempster
2281603/12/14Da Brakie in E?Alex Thomson in Drumes
228Wm Murray cit Brechin, Cristen Arrat his spJohn Wobster at Kincardin? Mylne, Elspet Lindsay in Redheye
228Da Sreff in DyktounWm Bouar in Dyktoun
228Ja Melville of DysartGilbert Ouchterlony
228Alex Sturrok in CrachieHenry Robert in Lour
2291603/12/17Da Skair in Hache of Bathuye?John Humbill yr in Bathuie?
229John Humball in BrechinDa Skair in Hache - Ja Millar in Petpullox
2301603/12/21John Leiche cit Brechin, Elizabeth Kinnimont alias Lor cit BrechinBarbara Kyd relict to umqll Da Lor in Polgarrok
230John Car in E DrumesJohn Paterson merch cit Brechin
230Pa Stewart in WittounJohn Aistean
230John Car in E DrumesJohn Fentoun stabler cit Brechin
2311603/12/31Euphame & Jean Ogilvy dtrs to Mr Da Ogilvy fear of Patmoues & umqll Martha Makalzean? his 1st sp, Pa Makalzean? alias? M?. of ListinhallJa master of Ogilvy & ?. Ogilvy his brother nearest of kin on father side, Th Rot & Ja Makallan son to umqll Mr Henry Makallan nearest of kin on mother side - Pa Guthrie of Kinbalmont, Th Ogilvy cit BrechinGuthrie of Kinblethmont
2321604/1/11Wm Mychell in EglismaldieDa Archibald yr at Dunlappe Mylne
2331604/1/14Th Bege yr cit BrechinJohn Greige in Langlands of Guthrie
233Da DonaldAlex Smythe in Dunlappe
233Da Archibald at Dunalappe MylneWm Mytchell in Eglismaldie
233Archibald Walcar in TandieTh Walcar in Drwmlithe
2341604/1/18Da Lindsay yr of VaneDa Wobster in E Eglismaldie
234Mr Adam Walcar ministerTh Walcar in Drumliche, umqll Wm Walcar his father
234Wm PortarIsobell Adame in Overbowie
2351604/1/21Ja Cramond in Burnsyd of AuldbarDa Bellie in Kirktoun of Aberlemno
235Geo Croill in PolygarrokBarbara Kyd relict to umqll Da Lor in Polygarrok
235Wm Duncan in OrdieJa? Lait in Dobie
235Rot Angus in LeuchlandGeo Arbuthnot in Nether Petforthie
236John Greige in Langland of GuthrieTh Beige yr in Brechin
236Alex Smythe in DunlappeDa Donald
236And Greige in AlherhouseJohn Marnie at Walk Mylne of Balhicht - Marg Stratton relict to umqll Archibald Hantoun in Bodmin of Pette
2371604/1/25Walt Mylne cit BrechinMr Adame Walcar minister Pallides Kirk
237Ja Melville in Cragtoun of DownieJohn Wilson in Leidsyd
238Da Ellie cotaidr? of BrechinJohn Fyff in Newtoun - Da Findlo in Ardo, Geills Caitaes his mother in law
238Ja Mylne in Dunidchine?, Wm Beyll alias Young
239Th Ogilvy cit Brechin, Euphame & Jean Ogilvy dtr to Mr Da Ogilvy fear of Petmowiesumqll Martha Macalzeane their mother his 1st sp, Pa Macalzeane alias Mocrupe of Clifthonhall - Pa Guthrie fear of KinblamontKinblethmont
2401604/1/28Rot Willok in Marie Kirk of AberluthnotJohn Glen sometime in Montrose, John Watson in Kincarge
240Wm Duncan at Dollede MylneJohn Malysone at Dollede Mylne, John Wod at Dollede Mylne
240Geills Caitnes in Ardow, John Findlo Da Ellie taylor cit Brechin
240John Fyff im Moretoun?Da Elliie taylor cit Brechin
2411604/2/1Th Galloway in GreinmyreCatherine Ramsay in Ballinscho - John Millar in Grange of Connane
241John Wilson in HedsydJa Melville of/in Cragcowie
241Peter Oliphant of TuringesJohn Ferriar in Carsgownie
242John Guthrie in HirdhillJohn Guthrie in K?
242Ja Pyott in Carngie, John Counall in Carngie - Peter Pitbladdo servant to the Laird of Turinges
242John Michell yr in ??Wm Drymie in Balnaketin
2431604/2/8Geo Ogilvy of QuhythillWm Browne in Midiltoun of Gardine
243Peter Pitbladdo brother to And Pitbladdo of that ilkPeter Oliphant of Turinges
243John Wilson in Kincrage, Rot Wilson in PentostallAlex Glen in Tillebirnie
243Henry Guthrie in MonboyArchibald Makfarland
2441604/2/11Elizabeth Wischart, Geo Barclay of Syd her spElizabeth Wischart dtr to umqll Mr Pa Wischart, And Wischart of Murtoun, Ja Wischart in Mylnden, Harry Wischart of Carnebeg
244John Paterson merch cit BrechinJohn Fairwedder in Lochtie
244Alex & Catherine Crofts children to umqll Th Crofts in Newtoun of CarmyllieIsobell Smart his relict, John Bellie in E Hill of Carmyllie
2451604/2/15John Bouar in InveraritieArchibald Makfarland at Brigtoun Mylne
245Geo Durward in SpittilhillAlex Tendell in Barnes
245And Strachan in MwrtounWm Wilson in Balnmakeane
245Ja Strachan burg ArbroathAlex Fettis in Leys? - Alex Smart in Litill InscheokLittle Inchock
246Th Walcar in DrumlitheMr Adam Walcar minister Fordoun
246Ja Clerk merch cit BrechinJa Etterschank son to umqll John Etterschank cit Brechin
246Archibald Walcar in CandieTh Walcar in Drumlithe
2471604/2/18Geo Rynd son to umqll Richard Rynd in Fannow..Archibald Makfarland in Mylntoun of Brigtoun
247Alex Fettes in LeysJa Strachan burg Arbroath
247John Hesnall yrGeo Moncur in W Braschow
248John Johnson wright CarcarieMr Dougall Campbell dean of Brechin
248Alex Patton in Bukheid, Helen Smart relict to umqll John M..ll in MuirperseTh Smart in Muirperse, Rot Lakie in Muirperse
248Ja Smart merch cit BrechinJa Lindsay in Tannadice
2491604/2/22John Mowatt servitor to Sir John Lindsay of WodheidGeo Millar in Souishill
249umqll Rot Strachan servitor to Da Ramsay of Balmane
249John Erskine eld son to umqll Th Erskine sometime in Tayok, Rot Erskine in Ardestie, Mr Arthur Erskine his brother, umqll John Moncur of Slanis?, John Strachan of Claypottis, Wm Fullartoun of Cragow, Pa Panter of Newmanswalls, Mr Samuel Ramsay minister Montrose, John Erskine minister Eglisgrege
2511604/2/28Da Duncan in Slanis exer to umqll Alex Duncan in Slanis his fatherAlex Chepe, Archibald Chepe baillie in Inverbervie, John Tandell, John Beddie, Richard Mowatt in Mekill Barras
253John Gibson in Garlet, Th Wobster in Mains of BrakieWalt Scot cit Brechin
253Mariore Fullartoun relict to umqll Rot Kynneir of BotherisWm Futhe in Dwne
253John Mowatt servitor to Sir John Lindsay of WodheidGeo Millar in Souishill
254Alex Smart in Litill InscheokJa Strachan burg Arbroath
254Dame Catherine Lindsay sp to Sir John Lindsay of WodheidDa Lindsay eld son to umqll Mr John Lindsay of Balcarres sometime servitor to our soverain lord, sd Da lindsay eld brother to Dame Catherine
2551604/3/4Ja Guld in MyldenisWm Hind in Conansythe - Alex Wobster in Wodend - Rot Barrie - Rot Mytchell in B??.
256Pa Traist in CragenathinAlex Smart at Kincoldrum Mylne
256Th Wobster in E BrakieJohn Gibson in Garlet - Walt Scot in Brechin
256Geo Huntar burg ForfarJohn Gibson inCagertoun, Wm Ramsay burg Forfar
256Agnes Mylne in Kuokbro?Gilbert Johnson Nether Mylne of Byllisak
2571604/3/7John Sadler in PanmureJohn Brichane in Gardaie
257Alex Ramsay in InscheokMariore Pitcarne relict exer to umqll Wm Smart in Inscheok
257Mathew Bowman son to umqll Th Bowman cit BrechinJohn Kingzow cit Brechin
2581604/3/10John Connall in CarnigiePeter Pitbladdo servitor to Peter Oliphant of Turinges
258Archibald Makfarland at Brigtoun MylneAlex Woddell in Cotton of Inglistoun - John Bonar in Inverarite?
258Catherine Donaldson relict to umqll Alex NoriePeter Oliphant of Turinges
2591604/3/14Alex Woddell in Inglistoun of KinnetlisArchibald Makfarland at Brigtoun Mylne
259Ja Louper in Kirkhill of FarnellAlex Tadzeoz? in Kirkhill of Farnell
259Alex Hind in KethikJohn Hesnall eld in Keremuir
259Ja Lindsay in TannadiceJa Smart merch cit Brechin
2601604/3/17John Symmer of BrathincheJohn & Th Blakhall exer to umqll Alex Blakhall in Muirtoun of Balrownie their brother
260Wm Dynneis at Borrowfeild MylneWm Fyff in Buttergill, Geo Mather port of Ardow, umqll Th Fyff in Baglasse, Catherine Fyff his dtr
260Henry Wilson at Monikie KirkJohn Forbes in Balquhane
261John Stewart in ArnehallJohn Drow in Moissyd - Da Kinner in Cottilbire?
261Andrew How son to Ja How in Ferniectoun?, Isobell Moresone his sp
261Alex Wat in TannadiceJa Fentoun of Ogill - Da Lindsay yr of Vane
2621604/3/21Geo Davidson in DunlappieGeo Harpar
262Walt Scot cit BrechinWm Glendy in Strine
262Alex Scot in CoullJa Lyon in Gella
262Euphame Liddell dtr to umqll Th Liddell cit BrechinCristen Kynneir relict exer to sd Th L
263Mr Dougall Campbell dean of BrechinJohn Johnson wright Carcarie
263John Gibson in CagertounAlex Quhytlaw - Da Fotheringham, Da Duncan in Dundee - Peter Blair
2641604/3/24John Pitbladdo at Melgund MylneDa Petrie burg Montrose, Wm Carnegie in Polygarrok
264Mathew Dempster cit BrechinJohn Pery in Brechin
264Alex Quhytlaw in WesthallJohn Gibson in Cadgertoun
2651604/3/28Da StrachanJohn Gibson in Cadgertoun, Rot Duncan in Dundee
265Peter Blair in InveraretieJohn Gibson in Cadgertoun
265Alex Da & Agnes Hall exer to umqll Alex Hall their brotherJohn Hall in Auld Montrose - Richard Piter in Auld Montrose - Th Lambe in Auld Montrose
266John Hall in Auld MontroseAlex Hall
266Da Edward in Rontyluse?Agnes Olipher relict exer to umqll Richard Clerk in Inveraritie
266Da Dempster cit BrechinJa Millar in Petpullox
266Ja Buchart in BrigtounAlex Buchane in Lochmylne
2671604/3/31Th Gibson in Inglistoun?Alex Buchane in Lochmylne
267Alex Mylne in BrigtounAlex Buchane in Lochmylne
267Alex Hucheoun at Brigtoun MylneDaniel Lambe at Kincoldrum Mylne
267Ja Fentoun of Wester [Ogil?], John Young at Donaschewin MylneJa Wilkie in Myrsyd
267Ja Collace in KinneffJa Collace of Mylden
2681604/4/7Walt Ogustoun of Fettercarne, Da Pikeman in Kincardine, Ja Pikeman his sonWalt Wod sometime in in Thanistoun, Helinor Wod his dtr future sp to Ja P
2691604/4/18Wm Henderson in PetleiwieRot Anderson in Aichranie, Harry Wilson in Monkie
269Da Duncan baxter cit BrechinTh Johnson in Got? of Carmyllie
269John Clerk in CounanieJohn Malysone at Caldfache Mylne
269Ja Collace of MyldenJa Collace in Kinneff
2701604/4/25Ja Thomson in StraigwallAnd Smyth in Petmodie - Da Smythe in Dunlappie
270Da Fullartoun burg MontrosePeter Oliphant of Turinges - And Mylne at Holmylne of Rosse
270Th Arnot in Aichnacaret, Th Smythe in CoullDa Alexander oy & exer to umqll Th Browne trawellar, Wm Browne in Midiltoun of Gardyn
2711604/4/28Gilbert Ouchterlony of BlakdykesJohn Ouchterlony in Mursyd of Baldukie
271Ja Gellie in StrathieTh Arkill in Arnhall
2721604/5/2Da Wod in Nether EglismaldieJohn Gordon in Cotton of Caldhame
272Adame Mwbray at Keremwre MylneJa Futtie burg Forfar
272Peter Oliphant of TuringesJohn Norie notar
272Wm Baldowie in Schilhill exer to umqll Catherine Lyon his spMariore Ogilvy dtr to Da Ogilvy in Over?.., Da H??
2731604/5/9Adam Mwbray in KeremwreWm Mylne in Litill Leckiwie
273Walt Ougstoun of FettercarneWalt Wod of Balbeignow, Alex Teindell in Kirktoun of Fettercarne
2741604/5/12Peter Oliphant of TuringesDa Fullartoun burgess
274Da Lies in BarreJohn Strachan of Balhousse
274Bessie Low in BarnesBessie Keythe exer to umqll John Falconar in Barnes
2751604/5/23Elspet Jack exer to umqll Ja Jack in Ordie, Isobell Wichtean his relictCatherine Jack relict exer to umqll John Daid in Tannadice - And Knycht in Ordie - Ja barrie in Murthill
276Rot Sampsone in OrdieTh Blak at Finneven Mylne
276Wm Wobster alias Watson in Haltoun of BrakieTh Clerk cit BrechinBraikie
276Da Angus in ArbekyJohn Duris yr in Ro?., John Durs eld in MonboyArbikie, Montboy
2771604/5/30John Strachan sometime of Claypotis now of BalioissieDa Lies in Barre
277And Lyell in BalmalidieMarg relict to umqll Gilbert Mesone
277umqll John Auchinlek, Wm Ja & Barbara Auchinlek
2781604/6/6Ja Graham in LeuchlandRot Erskine in Brechin
278Alex Clerk merch cit BrechinEuphame Lindsay relict to umqll Wm Low in Aderat?, John Quhyt now her sp
278umqll Th Daw in CarcarieJohn Suittar in Buttergill - Charles Smythe in Dunlappie - Th Mylne in Carcarie - Da Lowell in Carcarie - John Ferriar in Garlett - Marg Laing in Carcarie - Th Daw in Buttergill
2791604/6/9Mariore Scot relict to umqll Mr Alex Allardes minister at EglisgrageJohn Allardes of that ilk, Hugh Allardes in Blatokmwre
279Harry Dow servitor to Earl of MarMarg Crammond in Brechin - Master of Glamis
2801604/6/13Bessie Low in BarnesBessie Keythe relict exer to umqll John Falconar in Barnes
280John Elder now in Stane of Benholme exer to umqll Alex Ousteane taylor burg Edinburgh, Wm Millir? his son in law
2811604/6/16Bessie Low in BarnesBessie Keythe relict exer to umqll John Falconar in Barnes
281John Elder now in Stane of Benholme exer to umqll Alex Ousteane taylor burg Edinburgh, Wm Millir? his son in law, Geo Oustean son to Alex O
281Alex Taylor in FarnellJa Louper in Farnell, Bessie Ogilvie his sp
281Wm Thomson pror in DundeeMr And Laike of Nether Tarrie, Wm Small burg Dundee, umqll Ja Bonnar sheriff deputy of Forfar
2821604/6/20umqll Alex Wod burg Montrose, Marg Wod his sister, Rot Graham her sp, And Beaton burg Montrose, And John Alex Wm Jeane Janet Marg & Elizabeth Beaton his children, umqll Elizabeth Wod their mother sister to sd umqll Alex W
283Wm PlamourJa Piggot in Drummachie
283Baillies of BrechinDa Wod somtime in Balfour
283Archibald Traill in Garlabaok?Ja Piggott in Drummachie
2841604/6/30Da Fullartoun burg MontroseGeddoy Guthrie burg Forfar - Pa Anderson servant to Lord Ogilvy
284Marg Hill relict exer to umqll Th Daw in CarcarieJa Leuper in Farnnell - Ja Brewhous in Auld Montrose - Wm Wallace in Carcarie - John Lindsay
285John & Wm Orknay children to umqll Ja Orknay & Janet Lawsone his sp in Deickmyre of Ogill, Ja Orknay in Coull & Rot Watson in Dyktoun nearest of kin on father side, Wm Lowsone in Bogtoun & John Lowson in Shanfurd nearest of kin on mother side, John Birne at New Mylne of Fe...
285Peter Lowrie measonPa Cloak in Dunicain exer to umqll John Cloak his father, Janet Cloak dtr to John C sp to Peter L
2861604/7/4Wm Proffeitt yr in DunlappieWalt Scot cit Brechin
286Geo Davidson in Dunlappie
286John Donaldson in FonertounWalt Scot cit Brechin
286John Willok in BantillieJohn Glen in Tillebrine
286Wm Beanie in AuchterlownieWm Meikisone in Conansythe
2871604/7/7Wm Smart in CowfuirdJohn Ogilvy in Drumes, Da Ogilvy port of Waltoun
287Walt Michelson port of the E Grange of KincriecheDa Kar in Kincrieche
287Geo Craik in W IncheTh Philip in W Inche
287Ja Barnet in Ker?Da Hanheoun in Ker?
2881604/7/11Geo Craik in W IncheTh Philip in W Inche
288Ja Davidson eld cit BrechinTh Bege eld, Th Bege yr, Ja Bege son to Th B eld
288Th Peiblis at New Mylne of AirlieJohn Farquharson in Cragndatie
288Da Hogluie? in Over IncheDa Hucheoun in Ker, John Ogilvy his brother?
288Da Cudbert servitor to John Norie notar BrechinAnd Cletoun in Mains of Dwne
2891604/7/14Wm Poffeitt in DunlappieDa Smythe in Dunlappie - geo Proffeitt in Dunlappie
289Sir John Lindsay of WodrayAlex Wollame of Polygarrok
289Mr Adam Walcar minister & vicar FordounJa Niddrie? in Kincardine, Wm Arkhill in Kincardine, Catherine Soutar in Pet?..
2901604/7/18And Cletoun in Mains of DwneDa Cudbert servitor to John Norie notar Brechin
290Pa Helen & Barbara Strachan children exer to umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie, Pa Strachan in CarmyllieElizabeth Maule relict to umqll Ja S, Geo Strachan now her sp
290Ja Dempster cit Brechin, Ja Dempster his fatherWm ..rchart in Coklaw
2911604/7/21Wm Paterson in Kinkell?John Skair in Fordoun
291Rot Michell in Eglismaldie, Da Gellie in DeanstratheRot Michell in Eglismaldie
291John Erskine Earl of MarAnd Barrie at Mylne of Barnes, Wm Ousteane in Welltoun
291Ja Peirss cit BrechinIsobell Cuper alias Hay relict exer to umqll Mathew Parss cit Brechin
2921604/7/25John Chrysteson at Flelnot? MylneAnd Cobe in Patmudie
292Alex Alschender in GlenhentounAlex Gentilman in Fettercarne
292Ja Glennie in AichraineJohn Farquharson of Cragmatie
292umqll Rot Lyell in Kirktoun of Inverkeillor, Elizabeth Lyell
292John Traill burg ForfarJa Patton burg Forfar - Wm Cardey burg Forfar
293John Wat in Marie KirkAlex Young in Marie Kirk
293John Hantoun in Marie KirkJohn Wat in Marie Kirk
293Ja Livingstone of CaldhameRot Collace cit Brechin, Alex Ross cit Brechin, John Wat cit Brechin, Th M?. in Caldhame, Geo Belle
2941604/8/1Harry Skirling in E DrumesJohn Skirling in Skryne - John Mudie in Popertsled?
294John Michell in Bothey, Da Michell his brotherElizabeth Moreis relict exer to Da Ellie cit Brechin
294Da Sreff in BalnabricheJohn Sreff in Hache of Fernie?
2951604/8/8Ja Gellie in Nether EglismaldieDa & John Michell
295Sir John Wischart of Pittarro exer to umqll John Wobster at the Caserend?Alex Wobster his brother, Da Weillie in Midiltoun, Walt Taylor in Petnamone, Archibald Rait in Caserend?
295Ja Ogilvy of BalfourJa Smythe in Balgray - Bessie Robert - John Smart - John Mylne in Balgray
296Walt TaylorSir John Wischart of Pittaro
296BarclayWod of Balbeigrow?
296Th Smyth in Cotton of Coull?Agnes Wobster in Pendriche, Wm Wobster her brother - umqll? Th Browne
296Alex Strange burg ForfarJa Suttie burg Forfar, Ja Car in Westfeild of Forfar
2971604/8/15Henry Ogilvy burg MontroseWm Arrot of that ilk - umqll Henry Ogilvy of Duntrown
297Isobell Forbes lady BalbeigrowMathew Wod in Dilledies
297Wm Hereis in Weymys, Marg Hendrie his spMariore Ogilvy relict exer to umqll Da Henrie in Fotheregye?, Wm Forrest now her sp
2981604/8/22Crop of 1603 & 1604
298Ja Thorntoun son to umqll John Thorntoun of that ilkIsobell Strachan his relict
298Isobell Leurence, Alex Balfour her sp in AlherhousCatherine Spens, Th Finlo in Gollardo?
298Da Willie, Archibald RaittisPa Lyell
2991604/8/29Isobell Strachan relict to umqll John Thorntoun of that ilkJa Thorntoun her son
299Wm Thomson pror in DundeeMr And Lambe of Nether Tarre, Wm Small burg Dundee, umqll Ja Bouar sheriff deputy of Forfar - John Pitbladdo at Melgund Mylne, And Guthrie in Brechin, Alex Jonkyne in Baglasse
299Wm Thomson pror in DundeeMr And Lambe of Nether Tarre, Wm Small in Dundee
3001604/10/10Alex Strang burg Forfar, Ja Strang his brotherJa Hunter burg Forfar
300Wm Collace cadgerGeo Davidson in Dunlappie
300Wm Ramsay burg Montrose
3011604/10/20Wm Carmichael burg DundeeMarg Baxter only dtr & air to umqll Da baxter burg Dundee, Da Man? her sp
302Ja Smart cit BrechinGeo Davidson in Dunlappie
302Geo Davidson proffeitt in Dunlappie, Cristane Lour his spDa Archibald at Dunlappie Mylne
302Geo Davidson in DunlappieWm Callies cit Brechin
3031604/10/24Da Carnegie cit BrechinAnd Thomson at Mekill Mylne of Brechin
303Marg Ramsay relict exer to umqll Pa Wallace in Westertoun of Pettarrow, Ja Rollok her spWm Brabiner in Fettercarne - Isobell Wallce dtr to umqll Pa sp to Wm B
304Cristen Brabiner in FettercarneElizabet Lindsay in Reidreny
304Pa Wilson wrichtSteven Brechin exer to umqll Pa Downy in Wesnestoun
304Alex Piter in De?..Walt Piter in Bothe his brother
3051604/10/31Wm PalmerJa Piggot in Drumioche - Wm Watsone in Garlobank
305John Spalding in BalnacatieWm Spalding his brother
3061604/11/3Alex Wobster exer to umqll John Wobster creillman in CalstyeidJohn Wischart in E Witton - John Oustean in Blakonilez - Da Oustean in Blakonilez - John Beattie in Westertoun of Pittaro - John Ogilvy in Bent - Archibald Rait in Calsyeid - Da Wellie in Middiltoun
307Wm Lyon in Nefan..gas?Eleson Cleiton relict exer to umqll Alex Smyth in Kirktoun Mylne - Alex Wobster in Wodend of Dod
307Wm Hardie burg MontroseJa Ogilvy in Wester Cowie of Rossie
307Da Proffeitt in DunlappieDa Archibald at Dunlappie Mylne, Catherine Proffeitt dtr to Da P sp to Da A - Alex Smythe
307John Willok in BanelllitTh Arrot son to Ja Arrot in Montrose?
3081604/11/10Charles Thorntoun son to umqll John Thorntoun of that ilk, Alex & John Thorntoun sons to sd umqll John
308Alex Law in BalfiecheSir John Wischart of Pittaro - Walt Wod of Balbeignow, Walt Wod of Fettercarne? - John Wischart in Wittoun
309And Thomson at Mekill Mylne of BrechinDa Carnegie cit Brechin
3101604/11/14Elisoun? Cheild relict to umqll Alex Smythe in Kirktoun MylneWm Lyon in Facneid?
310Alex Piter in Dentoun MylneWalt Piter his brother
310Alex PiterRot Gairdine in Dentoun Mylne - Walt Piter brothe to Alex P
310Wm Lyon in Fatnioid?Wm Hind
3111604/11/17Gelli & John Souttar her sp in CalseyendRot Gaw in Carnbeg
311Geo Adame in Aichleiss brother to umqll John Adame in Lethnot, Ja Geo & John Adam sons to umqll JohnJa Pructor in Lethnot, Th Reid in Lethnot, John Nicoll in Lethnot, John Cuper in Corsmylne
311Ja Dempster cit BrechinJohn Eillane in Kere?.r - Geo Skynner cit Brechin
312John Collie in Hill of HalkartounWm Ousteane in Newtoun
312Walt Carnot cit BrechinJohn Couper in Corsmylne, umqll Da Hucheoun
312Da Smythe in DunlappieMarg Walcar relict to umqll Th Carnegie at Dunlappie Mylne, Wm Carnegie her son
312Charles Smyth in Parkland, Geo Davidson in DunlappieDa Smyth in Dunlappie
3131604/11/21Rot Gairdine at Mylne of Gairdine called Dentoun MylneAlex Piter in Dentoun Mylne
313Th Luchanis in TannadiceTh Daw cit Brechin - Da Dempster cit Brechin
313Wm Futtie in CowfurdDa Rickart in Wuidsor
3141604/11/24Da Scot in WodendJa Burne in Turinges?
314Walt Schipart in Hillsyd of GuthrieJa Wilkie in Bagay - Rot Michell in Balgay - And Millar in Bagay - Geo Esplein in Longeid
314Wm Ougistain in Newtoun of AberlemnoJohn Alexander in Marchrid
314John Smart in Panlathie
3151604/12/1John Langwill in KincrageAlex Skair in Muirhillok, Da Skair his son
315Catherine Ogilvy relict to umqll Th Ogilvie in InschewinMariore Barclay sp to Alex Wollame of Polygarrok
3161604/12/5Ja Forfar in Bryddistan exer to umqll Alex Forfar his brotherElspet Auchinlek relict to umqll John Forfar - umqll John Auchinlek in Doidlehe
316Ja Forfar in BryddistanElspet Auchinlek exer to John Spark now her sp - umqll John Forfar - umqll Alex Forfar
316Bessie Watson relict to umqll John Spark, John Spark her son
317Malcolm Arkhill in Newbigging of FettercarneJohn Gellie in Caldcott - John Gibe in Petnamon - Geo Tait in Fahill
317Ja Michell at InereskandieGeo Davidson in Dunlappie
317John Durward in ConansythWm Daw in Conansyth
318Ja Browne in Nether PertheWm Lyell in Haltoun
318Geo Davidson in DunlappieJa Smythe in Dunlappie - Geo Hardie in Bacdillie
318Ja Cuper in GreinfurdJohn Kay at Auchinlek Mylne
318Alex Medden in Auld MontroseJohn Car in Carcarie - Ja Louper
3191604/12/12John Rickart in MonboddoMalcolm Arkill in Newbigging
319John Erskine Earl of MarAnd Barrie at Newmylne of Barnes
319Richard Nauchtie in Litill CarcarieAlex Chrystie in Nether Dysart
319Da Glenny port of AichrannieIsobell Watson relict to umqll Ja Clerk in Kirktoun of Glenmylla
3201604/12/15Marg Jack relict exer to umqll Ja Goldman merch burg DundeeJohn Smythe in Balgay
320Wm Mylne in LitilleckineAlex Mylne in Drum of Crachie
321Rot Gellie in StallstraitDa Gellie in Deanestrat
321Marg Lindsay relict exer to umqll And Carnegie in Tenement of Carrestoun, Wm Jack now her spWm Carnegei in Polygarrok
3221604/12/19Alex Glen cit BrechinJohn Noray factor to John Low son & air to umqll John Low cit Brechin
322Wm Oustean eld in NewtounJohn Alexander in Marchre
322Malcolm Arkill in NewbiggingJohn Rickart in Monboddo
322Das? Scot relict to umqll ?. Wobster in CorstounDa Michell cit Brechin
322John Dempster servitor to Ja Dempster of Nether EdglismaldieJa Gellie in Cotton of E Eglismaldie
3231604/12/22John Michell in DuldowoDa Froster of Glencalie, John Mylne in Bughind - Alex Ogilvy of Achindoue, Th Wischart in ?.., Mr Alex Kinnimont minister at Keremuir, Th Rea Minister at Cortoquhie - umqll Mariore Watson sp to the persuer sd Da Froster, Oliver Wat in Buichind, Agnes Wat his dtr
325John Noray factor to John Low son & air to umqll John Low cit Brechin, umqll Marg Wischart mother to John L yrPa Brokas - Da Moreis, John Small - Alex Wod - Th Bege
325Geo Proffeitt in DunlappieJa Michell in Indeskendy
326Wm Lyell in Balinaketul?, Alex Carnegie in Galro, Th Mylne in Galro, Alex Peddie in Petbecdle, Paul Young in Balandrow, John BlakhallMarg Lindsay relict to umqll Alex Carnegie in E Mather, Alex Barclay now her sp
326Alex Guthrie fear of that ilk, Rot Falconar, Da Livingstone of Newtoun
3271605/1/9Malcolm Symmer in W ?letounWm Ousteane yr in Cletoun
327John Egger in BaconnallDa Dempster cit Brechin
327Rot Dempster in CarrestounDa Ouchterlony
327Alex Lindsay in BallinschoJohn Samson yr in Blerefedden
327John Car in Densyd of CoullWm How in W Hache of Ogill
3281605/1/19Charles Fullartoun son to umqll Mr Ja Fullartoun parson of Edzell, Isobell Graham his sp, Rot Fullartoun in Peithe & Wm Fullartoun of Ardow nearest of kin on father side, Da Graham in Netehr Cregie & Richard Graham in Over Cregie nearest of kin on mother side, Mr Alex Lindsay son to Sir Da Lindsay of Edzell
328Da Tyrie maltman burg DundeeJohn & Marg Tyrie children exer to umqll Ja Tyrie sometime in Neway, Janet Hereis in Neway relict to umqll Ja T, Wm Moncur son to Laird of Moncur now her sp
329Mr Th Halyburton brother to Laird of PitcurJohn & Marg Tyrie children exer to umqll Ja Tyrie sometime in Neway, Janet Hereis in Neway their mother relict to umqll Ja T, Wm Moncur
329John & Alex Smythe in DunlappieAnd Wischart of Muirtoun
3301605/1/23Da Lindsay of AichnadeyDa Lindsay of Blerefedden, Harry Lindsay his brother
330Elizabeth Auchinlek relict exer to umqll John Forfar, umqll Alex Forfar, John Forfar now her spJa Forfar in Breddistoun brother to sd umqll Alex F - ja Auchinlek notar Dridlithe
330Da Macky skynner burg Dundee, Elizabeth Bull in Dundee
331Bessie Watson, John Spark her son exer to umqll John Spark in DridlitheJa Forfar in Brydistoun, umqll John Forfar
331Renunciation John Lichtoun son to umqll Rot Lichtoun provost MontroseJa Crombie burg Montrose
331Ja Smart cit Brechin, John Watson cit BrechinMariore Pitcarne, Alex Ramsay in Inscheok
3321605/1/30John Neilson in KincrageGeo Willok in Isakstoun
332Wm Dundis at Borrofeild MylneRichard Gardin burg Montrose, Alex Gardine of Borrowfeild
332Wm Palmer in Bogreilk?Ja Doge in Petskandlie - John Barrie at Finneven MylnePitscandly
332Wm Craik in Clo?.Ja Doge in PetskandliePitscandly
332Da Beanie in ArrotWm Richart in Coklaw
3331605/2/6Ja Lyne in FinnevenGeo Futtie burg Forfar
333Wm Smyth in Leyis of DwneGeo Michell
333Rot Bull in BarneyardsElizabeth Bull dtr exer to umqll John Bull in Dundee - Da Daikers in Finneven, Rot? Daikeris his son, Da Lindsay & Th Mureson in Tannadice
333John Mathers in PendridcheJohn Thomson in Pendriche, Elspet Cletane his sp
3341605/2/11Th Greige in Auld MontroseJa Dwne in Auld Montrose
334Arthur Erskine of Burnesyd, Gelroy? Guthrie port of Baluacaicheumqll Mariore Erskine relict to umqll Wm Guthrie at Rescobie Mylne - Alex Fairweder in Mylnehill of Baldardie, Rot Findlo at Rescobie Mylne
334Th Scot in WatterstounWalt Scot cit Brechin
334Arthur Erskine of Burnesyd, Gelroy? Guthrie port of Baluacaiche, umqll Mariore Erskine relict to umqll Wm Guthrie at Rescobie MylneAlex Fairweder, Rot Findlo
335John Paterson merch cit BrechinMarg Weymis in Quhytfeild
335Wm Adam in Kirktoun of KinnellJohn Oliphant in Fuordat
335Da Schewan burg DundeeDa Wat
335Arthur Erskine of Burnesyd, Gelroy? Guthrie port of BaluacaicheAlex Fairweder, Rot Findlo
335FindloPressok his mother, Findlo his brother
3361605/2/27Alex Fairwedder in Mylnehill of Baldardie, Rot Findlo at the Mylne of RescobieArthur Erskine of Burnsyd, Gideon Guthrie portioner of Balnacaichie, umqll Mariorie Erskine relict to umqll Wm Guthrie at Rescobie Mylne
3371605/3/2Th Wilkie in VatterstounWilkie in Hestoun of Vatterstoun
337Elizabeth Bull dtr to John Bull burg DundeeRot Bull in Cotton of Barneyards
337Abrham Neische in DundeeWm Small burg Dundee exer to umqll Ja Bonna in Dundee
337John OliphantJohn Ramsay commissar Brechin
337John Cant in DruncluneAlex Auchinlek in Biskellie
337John Cant in DruncluneAlex Auchinlek in Deiheid
3381605/2/24Wm Strachan at Billeward? MylneAlex Melville in Mains of Halkartoun
338umqll Rot Irving in Tillegownie, Janet Mackie sp to Alex Millar in Tillelair
338Da Beannie in ArrotDa Will? port of Ardo
338Wm Murray cit Brechin, John Wobster at Kincardine MylneJohn Stratton sometime in Kincardin now in Petnamon
3391605/3/9John Slawered in Findehillok of HalkartounJohn Stratton sometime in Kincardin now in PetnamonPitnamoon
339John Stratton in PetnamoneWm Murray cit Brechin, John Wobster in Kincarie
339Ja Wobster, Wm Murray cit Brechin
339John Stratton in PetnamoneJohn Slawdred in Smidehill
339Alex Lindsay in Downye
3401605/4/10Ja Chalmer in Kerens, Elspet Michell his sp, Pa Anderson in Kerens, Wm Cuper in IniecheAnd Line in Kerens
340Alex Fettes servitor to John Stirueling of E BrakieJohn Muddie in Brakytoun - Stirling of Easter Braikie
340Alex Auchinlek now in KerremuirTh Anderson vicar Barre, John Barrie at Traiss of Barre, Walt Roben in Traiss of Barre, Gellis Nicoll in Traiss of Barre, Catherine Ramsay in Traiss of Barre, And Johnstoun in Cragtoun of Downie
340Mr Charles Wolwood minister DwnePa Rossie fear of that ilk, Da Thaine in W Dunie
340John Norie procurator fiscal
3411605/4/13Walt Scot cit BrechinJohn Thomson in Pendrieche - Isobell Norie sp to Walt S
341John Striueling of E BrakieJohn Muddie in BraingtounStirling of Easter Briakie; Mudie of Bryanton
341John Gibson in Garlet, Da Euphame & Catherine Brounhill children to umqll And Brounhill in CrageWm Smythe in Dridgley
3421605/4/17Th Musart in CuikstounJohn Nicoll in Neway - John Jack at Balgowny Mylne - Wm Abbat in Woilflet of Glamis - John Reid in Glen of Ogilvy - Rot Piggot in Muirheid - John Thome in Craige - John Aikin in Craige - Wm Deuquhar at Dilliyard, Mariore Wind sp to sd Th M - Ja Ogilvie in Dilliyard, Walt Wind - Ja Winter in Greuge - Wm Roger in Kynnattie - John Spalding in Kynnaltie - And Jamesone in Brydstoun - Wm Mustart in Carden
3431605/4/20John Thomson in PendricheWalt Scot cit brechin
343Mr And Leiche parson of Kilmor minister MarytounBesse Schewan relict to umqll Wm Beatie burg Montrose, John Carnegie now her sp
343Henry Beany at Haltoun Mylne of BrakeTh Wobster alias WatsonHatton Mill of Braikie
343Wm Thomson pror in DundeeCresten Maule relict exer to umqll Henry Gray in For the
343Da Lindsay of BlerefeddenDa Lindsay of EachnaldeBlairyfeddon
3441605/4/27Ja Daickers in Hache of FinnevenWm Buchart at Keibit Mylne
344Ja Scherpe in BowglenAnd Stratton?, umqll John Stratton in Kincardy
344Sir Da Lindsay of Edzell yrJa Keythe of CanterlandKeith
344Wm Rollok of BalbeigieTh Archay? at Canastoun Mylne
344And Gray of Kingorny, John Moncur in Blacoknavre?, Pa Falconar brother to Laird of Halkartoun, And Moncur fear of Slanes, Marg Gray now sp to John M
3451605/5/1Th Laio in Cotton of Laurenstoun, Alex Barclay now in BerlinakellieAlex Findlo in Bidray
345Wm Buchart at Kerb? MylneJa Dankey in Hache of Finneven
345John SimpsoneDa Lindsay of Blerefedden
346Ja Scherpe in BollgelnAnd Symmer exer to umqll John Stratton in Petnamon?
346Th Wobster alias Watson in BrakyHenry Peannie in Haltoun Mylne of KynnellBraikie; Hatton Mill of Kinnell
346And Johnson in Cragtoun, Janet? Smyth his spAlex Auchinlek in Barre
346Ja Ogilvy of BalfourWalt Carnegie in Kincluny?
346Wm Lyon in Faunas?Da Gairdyne eld of Leys
3471605/5/4Th Archear at Cannistoun MylneWm Rollok of Balbeggie
347Hugh Allardes at Peithe MylneRot Mylne notar in ?.cary
347John Cutberd burg ForfarAlex Bowman in Cragheid
347John Robertson in KynnattiePa Sampsone in Glenquhache
347Cristen Maule relict to umqll Henry Gray in Futhe
3481605/5/15Ja Bellie in PolygarrokJa Wakie in Cottertoun of Colhaok
348Wm Forrester in LoichlairJa Forrester in Carnyllie
348Alex Lindsay in DownyDa Fraser in Mains of Downie, Ja Skirling in Mains of Downie, Marg Steven in Mains of Downie, Rot Browne in Mains of Downie
348Ja ForresterWm Forrester
348Wm Thomson pror in DundeeCristian Maule relict to umqll Henry Gray
3491605/6/1Da Thaine in EidiaeMr Charles Walwod minister IdioneWelwood, Idvies (i.e. Kirkden)
349Wm Telling in Litill LourPa Ogilvy in Litill Lour
349Alex Adamson in EletheJohn Robson in Achinleische - Jonat Nicoll relict to umqll John Adame in Mikill Darie
349Th FinlasonAnd ?.sone
349Agnes Chepman, Mr Charles Walwod her spDa Thaine in Edioie
349Ja Fuittie burg Forfar, Ja Car in Westfeild of Forfar
3501605/6/8Alex Patton burg ForfarIsobell Adame relict to umqll Th Wilkie in Bow - Wm Fleming in Dru of Craiche - John Guthrie in Denheid of Lor?
350Da Alexander burg DundeeJohn Scrymgeour in Carmyllie
350Ja Johnson in GlescarrieJa Duncan in Lichtuie, John Duncan his father - Th Duncan in Slebat - John Fyff at Keannie Mylne
3511605/6/19And Lindsay in Asslett?Pa Lindsay in Cottahache
351Alex Lindsay eld of KethikJohn Lindsay brother to Laird of Barneyards
352Bessie Alschende in Da.. of CracheAlex Strange in ForfarBessie Alexander
352Ja Suttie burg Forfar, Ja Car in Westfeild of ForfarAlex Strange in Forfar
352Alex ScherswodAlex Auchinlek in Denheid
352Alex Thomson in Dridtermont?Ja Boyll in Tallondas, And Speid in Astarre - Isobell Starrck in Drumoltay
3531605/6/22John Liddell, Abraham & Walt Carnow gardnerDa Carnegie cit Brechin
353Cristen Thomson in Stennebryes, John Alexander her spAlex Smyth in Bahill of Dunlappie
353John Buchane in Easttoun of DunlappieDa Dirow in EastTown of Dunlappie
353Geills Wilkie relict to umqll Wm Robertson in CaniestounJa Skirling in Mains of Downie
353Agnes Gardyne relict to umqll Abraham CrichtounJohn Wallace
3541605/6/26Wm Denadis at Borrowfeild MylneJohn Beaton in Donindalie?
354Ja Peirss in BrechinIsobell Cuper relict exer to umqll Mathew Peirss brother to Ja P, And Guthrie now her sp
354John Dargie in Finniven, Da Craige in Finneven, John TullotJa Suttie in Forfar
354And Watson in BaldassieJohn Greige in Fullartoun
354Mariore Fullartoun relict to umqll Rot Kynneir of BotherisJohn Kynneir ... son
3551605/7/3Wm Mertein in DunlappieCristen Thomson, John Alschende her sp - John Smythe in Dunlappie, Da Proffeitt in Dunlappie
355Da Paull in Cotton of LawusJohn Davidson in Downiekeane
355Pa Gloak in DowniekeaneJohn Davidson in DowniekeaneDownieken
355Agnes Gairdine relict exer to umqll Abraham Crichton burg ArbroathWm Doge servitor to the Master of Ogilvy - John Wallace in Blaidwallie
355Ja Crichtoun son to Agnes Gairdine relict to Abraham CrichtounJohn Wallace
356Da Dirow in DunlappieJohn Murray in Smiddehill
356Elizabeth Smart dtr to And Smart in Inscheok & Marion Hill his sp, John Smart in Panlathie & Henry Smart notar Montrose nearest of kin on father side, Wm Hill burg Dundee & Da Hill burg Dundee nearest of kin on mother side, Ja Smart cit Brechin, Da Fyff eld in Newtoun of Carmyllie
356Wm Chrystie in Tenements of CarrestounMarg Chrystie, John Spruntt her sp
356John Scrymgeour in CarmyllieRot Grein
357Isobell Hey relict to umqll Mr Hugh Peirss cit Brechin, And Guthrie now her spJa Peirss
357Wm Fettes servitor to ?.. of Brechin, And Stevenson in Stracathrow
357Ja Car in ForfarJohn Rynd at Rescobie Mylne
357Da Gawai? in QuhythillJa Melville in Cragtoun
357Alex Cokburne in BagillieJa Smart cit Brechin
357John Ferguson of Crignitie?Ja Deuquhar in R?., Wm Helen John & Th Smyth children exer to umqll Th Smyth in Cocardey?Deuchar
3581605/7/10Ja Baxter in KirkhillokJa Deuquhar in Vijvane?Deuchar
358Sir Wm Graham of Brako, Dame Marg Keyt his spJohn Carnegie of InglisjohnEcclesjohn
358Wm Proffeitt in DunlappieDa Dirow in Dunlappie - John Murray in Dunlappie
358Wm Leiche in Auld MontroseAlex Hill in Dyksyd of Fullartoun
358Da Mylne at ReishmylneMr Alex Inglis in Lunan - John Robertson in Inscheok, John Leslie - Th Gardyne in Legastoun
3591605/7/17Geills WilkieJohn Gray in Dundee
359Alex Erskine in Bacodelo?, Archibald Erskine in EnuerquharritieDa Fullartoun burg Montrose
359Gilbert Ouchterlony cit BrechinAlex Strachan fear of Brigtoun
359Geills Wilkie in CaniestounAnd Gray in Firthe
359Pa Ramsay in PanbrydAnd Gray in Firthe
359Ja Piter son to umqll John Piter in Lundie, Da Piter in Peissehill, Ja Piter in Wallmylne nearest of kin on father side, John Creystoun in Newtoun of Arbirlot & Nicoll Creystoun in Cotton of Inverpeiffer nearest of kin on mother side, Ja Hering
3601605/7/27And Lyne burg MontroseGilbert Barclay sometime in Ranscho now in Dawa, Rot Barclay his son
360Henry Gibson in Kirktoun of Monikie, Elizabeth Archer his spAnd Gray in Firthe of Plan?
360John Moncur in ParkfurdJa Bonar in BalgayBalgavies
360John KynneirMariore Fullartoun his mother?
361Richard WatsonJanet Souttar relict to umqll Walt Birne in Cragnestoun
361Ja Davidson merch burg DundeeJa Wod chepman indweller Dundee
361Th Smythe in Keremuir, John Cutberd in Keremuir, And Quhowman in KeremuirTh Mikesone in Keremuir
361Mr Ja Keyt of WottstounRot Pedde in BalglasseKeith
361John Adame, Elspet Johnson his sp, Charles Stewart in Mylntoun of CarmyllieJohn Bellie in Hill of Carmyllie - John Esplein his servitor
3621605/7/31Da Lindsay eld of KinnettlesJa Futhe of Guynd
362Ja Bonar in BalgayJohn Mortimer in ParkfurdBalgavies
362And Baldowie in Danfurd?Geo Wilson in Kirktoun of Monikie - John Schanke in Cragtoun of Do?
3631605/8/7John Car in Kirktoun of FarnellAlex Guild in Cr?.pitton of Balmadie
3641605/8/10Ja Bonar in BalgayesJohn Mortimer in ParkfurdBalgavies
364Decret Da Ouchterlony baillie ArbroathRot Dempster in Carrestoun
364Daniel Wollam in CorsdenJohn Mudie in Poppersleid - Wm Mudie in Mostoun - Ruigin? Schakhard in Arbroath
364Rot Watson skipper DundeeGrisell Duncan relict exer to umqll Rot Gairdine yr burg Dundee
364Th Hayok in Hill of DundeeOliver Ogilvy at Leis, umqll John Ogilvy his father
3651605/8/14Pa Mule yr son & air to umqll Pa Maule of Pla?Pa Strachan tutor of Carmyllie exer to umqll Ja Strachan of Carmyllie
365Ja Raddell in SandifurdTh Gallway in Greninihre
365Alex Quheit in LeuchlandJohn Wuidrowne servitor to John Cobe at Mekill Mylne of Brechin
365Mr Da Guthrie chalmerlane of Arbroath
365And Moncur of SlainesJa Ibwine? in Hilsyd of Morphie
365John Lyell at Lethar MylneJa Lindsay, Geo Dempster skynner Brechin
3661605/8/21John Barrie in AuchterforfarArhtur Erskine of Burnsyd
366Mr Adam Walcar minister FordounRot Sibbald in Banchredanmk?
366Roger Patton in ConansytheTh Patton in Wodfurd
3671605/8/24Alex Peirson at Wardmylne of ArbroathMr Alex Kythe in Over Dysart - Alex Ramsay in InscheokKeith
367Alex Scot in CoulWm Barrie in Mekill Coul
367Henry Wilson in MonikieWm Rollok of Balbeigne
367Janat Hoy widow in MontroseAlex Chalmer sometime of Newbigging
3681605/3/15John LangwillDa Mylne, Da Anderson cit Brechin [begins on page 371 folio 186]
368Marg Robertson dtr to umqll Da Robertson burg Dundee
3691605/7/15Alex Gellie cit Brechin, Catherine Chrystie sister exer to John Chrystie son to John Chrystie at Mylne of Cthcachineowie?, Alex Gellie in Telliearblit, Rot Brok
369Wm Scot in Bonss of BoschowneJa Ramsay in TannaksmyrBolshan
3701604/1/16Th Mewmis in Langlands of GuthrieJohn Johnstone at Kynnell Mylne
370Geo Hardie in BalneillyAlex Fyff in Somshill
370Marg Bell relict exer to umqll John Speid yr in Potpullox
3711604/2/17Geo Millar in SomshillJohn Mowatt servitor to Sir John Lindsay of Wodheid
371Jonet AirJohn Mylne of Ailthat?
371Da MylneJa Mylne his brother
371Marg Straton sp to Da Mylne in BarnisJohn Langwill in Kinarlihe - umqll John Leslie [continues on p 368 folio 185]
3721603/7/18Da Bellie in Balhall, Alex Robertson in Claik? of FarnellJohn Taylor alias Barrvune in Tillebarnes, Catherine Bellie only child in life of umqll Ja Bellie & Janet Moresone
372And Cuik in EdwieDa Fotheringham in Kirkbuddo
3731604/1/9Da Woddell in Cortoquhie, John Nicoll at Mwrelhouk, Th Prey at Cortoquhie MylneJohn Ordie in Boigtoun of BalhallCortachy
3741603/6/4Janet Knovis relict to umqll Alex Taylor messenger, Wm & Alex Taylor his sons
374John Andrew, Wm Watson, umqll Da Watson
374Alex Gellie cit BrechinAlex Ramsay? in Kirtoune of Kincardine
3751603/7/20Marg Rait relict exer to umqll Mr Walt Moresone minister GarwokGarvock
375Wm Allardes son to umqll Mr Alex Allardes minister Eglisgrige, Mariore Scot mother to Wm Amin. of St Cyrus
375Da Daw cordiner burg Arbroath, Th Daw cit BrechinAlex Smyth in Dunlappie - Pa Beanie in Forfar
3761602/6/2Ja Melville of Dysart, Richard Melville of Cotsyd
376Henry Bowak in CarmylliePa Wod son to Wm Wod of Balblaine
3771602/11/15Ja Ramsay in TannoxmyreDa Hoidge in Grenlaw of Farnell
377Alex Shippert in Grange of Invertol?Da Gardyne yr fear of Leys now in Lawton
3781602/3/25Da P?.. at Mylne of Collis?John Allane in Cotton of W FutheColliston?; W Fithie
378Th How in BlakhallRot Speid maltman cit Brechin
3791602/6/1Isobell Lyon sp to Geo ?.. cit Brechin
379John Paterson in Mains of CollistJa Ramsay in TannesxmyrColliston?
379Th Daw in CarcarieJohn Paterson yr merch cit Brechin
379John Paterson merch cit Brechin
3801601/11/6Da Carnegie of Tul??., Wm Arrot in Arrot Mylne, John Michell in Arrot, Da ?.., Geo Stewart in ArrotGeo Petrie yr eld in Montrose, Wm Maken burg Montrose
380Da Mylne cit Brechin, John ?..sone brabiner cit Brechin
380Wm Murray maltman MontroseMr Wm Carnegie
380Geo Arnot?Da Barclay fear of Mathers

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