Testaments & wills for the royal burgh & parish of Montrose, Angus (pre-1824)

Montrose was in the Commissariot of Brechin.

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Testaments of Montrose people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

William Aberdeinmerchant in Montrose8 Jul & 27 Aug 1811
John Adammerchant in Montrose19 Apr 1723
John Addisonmerchant in MontroseT. 19 Apr 1797
George Ainslielate gardener at Bonnytown, afterwards residing in MontroseT. 17 Jan 1786
Mr George Aitkenminister at Montrose24 Jul 1776
Thomas Alexandermerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Isobel Gardner, his spouse25 Sep 1609
Mary Alisonservant to Major Alexander Turnbull, residing in Montrose27 Feb 1804
Elizabeth Allanlawful daughter to the deceased Robert Allan, wright in Montrose18 Sep 1755
Janet Allanrelict of James Williamson, mariner in Montrose18 Jun 1694
John Allanshipmaster in Montrose24 Jan 1717
John Allanshipmaster in MontroseT. 2 Sep 1748
John Allanwriter and clerk-deput of Montrose10 June 1754
Mary Allanwidow of James Hume, shipmaster in Montrose19 Oct 1811
Robert Allanshipmaster in Montrose2 & 4 Jul 1822
Thomas Allan eldercarpenter, burgess of Montrose, and his spouseT. 8 Jan 1670
Thomas Allanmerchant in Montrose23 Nov 1686
James Alston elderresidenter in Montrose8 Mar 1754
Ann Andersonrelict of Alexander Ferrier, shipmaster in MontroseT. 28 Dec 1748
David Andersonbrabiner, burgess of Montrose11 Feb 1657
David Andersonbaxter in Montrose27 Mar 1762
James Andersonflaxdresser in Montrose4 Mar 1805
Janet Andersonrelict of Thomas Bruce, merchant in Montrose7 Jun 1683 and 7 Apr 1697
John Andersoncooper in Montrose1 June 1584
Robert Andersonat Muirside of Craigo, afterwards in Montrose13 Mar 1819
William Andersonskipper in Montrose, and Margaret Cloudslie, his spouse26 Jan 1704
William Andersonmerchant in Montrose26 Sept. 1715 and 18 Jul 1729
David Andrewsvintner in Montrose27 Jun 1821
Alexander Arbuthnotmerchant in Montrose12 Mar 1684 and 8 Feb 1688
George Arbuthnotmerchant in Montrose21 Sep 1773
James Arbuthnotmerchant in Montrose, and Margaret Beatie, his spouse21 Jan 1704
Mr James Arbuthnotresidenter in Montrose, and sometime minister at Bervie11 Oct 1732
James Arbuthnotlate shipmaster in Montrose9 Aug 1765
John Arbuthnotshipmaster in Montrose, thereafter in Caterline17 Jun 1737
Mr William Arrotminister at Montrose26 Mar 1736
John Auchinleckburgess of Montrose13 Nov 1581
Agnes Baillieresiding in Montrose13 Jul 1813
Dr David Bailliesupannuated surgeon of H.M. Navy, residing in Montrose22 Feb 1812
David Bailliein Wardhouse, afterwards residing in Montrose28 Jan 1815
Robert Bairdpublic teacher in Montrose26 Oct 1819
William Bakerresiding in Montrose7 Nov & 27 Dec 1809
William Baldowielitster, burgess of Montrose8 Jun 1594
Alexander Balfourshoemaker in MontroseT. 29 May 1800
Jean Balfourdau. of James Balfour, shoemaker in Montrose& the late Helen Cowlie his spouse23 Oct 1801
David Barclaymerchant in Montrose5 Feb 1692
Elspet Barclayspouse to Thomas Barclay, litster, burgess of MontroseT. 26 Jan 1643
Elspet Barclayspouse to Thomas Allan, wright, burgess in MontroseT. -- 1675
Helen Barclaywidow of John Foulerton of Thornton, par. of Montrose13 Sep 1819
Isobel Barclayspouse to Robert Preshow, burgess in MontroseT. 15 Feb 1672
John Barclay juniorweaver in MontroseT. 5 June 1786
Mary Barclayrelict of Alexander Rennald, merchant in MontroseT. 17 Aug 1742
Thomas Barclaylitster, burgess of Montrose, and Barbara Gilbert, his spouse1 Jul 1661
Thomas Barclaylitster, burgess of Montrose4 Aug 1685
William Barclayshipmaster in Montrose, part owner of the schooner 'Nymph' of Montrose18 Dec 1805
John Barronaquavitie maker of Montrose3 Dec 1632
Thomas Batemerchant in Montrose22 Jan 1803
John Batyein Montrose10 Oct 1579
Alexander Beattiemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Tailzour10 Mar 1634
Alexander Beattiemerchant, burgess of Montrose14 Dec 1682
Andrew Beattie youngermerchant, burgess of Montrose11 Sep 1627
Andrew Beattiemerchant, burgess of MontroseT. 30 Jan 1667
Ann Beattiein Montrose18 Nov 1819
George Beattiewriter in Montrose15 & 16 Dec 1823
Helen Beattiespouse to Robert Gardyne, merchant, burgess of MontroseT. 12 Sep 1646
Jean Beattiespouse to James Gilbert, skipper, burgess of MontroseT. 2 Mar 1642
Jean Beattiespouse to Robert Arbuthnot, bailie of Montrose12 Aug 1685
Margaret Beattierelict of John Wilson, burgess of Montrose20 Oct 1623
Margaret Beattierelict of John Litch, merchant in Montrose5 Dec 1683
Margaret Beattiespouse to John Livie, merchant in Montrose, and James Livie, their lawful son9 May 1759
Robert Beattiemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Helen Robertson, his spouse26 Sept 1622
Robert Beattieprovost of Montrose, and Elizabeth Findlow, his spouseT. -- 1654
Robert Beattiemerchant and late bailie of Montrose26 Nov 1750
Robert Beattiemariner in Montrose17 Mar 1738
William Beattiemerchant, burgess of Montrose17 Feb 1642
Alexander Belfordmerchant in Montrose4 & 23 Sep 1822
Nicholas Bellmerchant in MontroseT. 31 May 1748
Isobel Belliespouse to Alexander Reid, skipper, burgess of Montrose11 Dec 1634
William Benniein Cottoun of Kynnaber8 May 1600
James Bettiemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Bennay, his spouseT. 14 Oct 1652
James Birney senr.ship carpenter in Montrose22 Oct 1801
Robert Birssshipmaster in Montrose18 Nov 1762
Mary Boothrelict of Robert Booth, shipmaster in Montrose4 Oct 1776
John Bowackmanufacturer in Montrose16 Jun 1817
Lilias Boyesspouse to Alexander Scot, in Kynaber2 Jul 1662
Elizabeth Boyickin Montrose, relict of David Baillie, farmer in Wardhouse near Montrose15 Dec 1818
John Brabinerburgess, and indweller in Montrose19 Jun 1633
Alexander Brancarter in MontroseT. 10 Feb 1749
David Brodieshipmaster in Montrose21 Aug 1758
James Brownmerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Jean Train, his spouse13 Aug 1662
John Brownburgess of Montrose, and Jean Smythe, his spouse22 Jul 1635
Catherine Brucerelict of George Scot, at the Mill of Kinaber, par. of Montrose9 Jul 1662
Charles Bruceshipmaster in Montrose9 Dec 1740 and 11 Aug 1757
John Brucegrocer in Montrose & Mary Elmslie his spouse15 Nov 1823
Margaret Brucerelict of Robert Crawford, late mariner in Montrose2 May 1760
Thomas Brucemerchant, burgess of Montrose20 Sep 1680
Alexander Buchanmariner in MontroseT. 23 Mar 1750
Janet Buchanin Montrose, relict of Francis Souter, surveyor of Customs, port of Montrose31 Jan 1818
James Bullburgess of Montrose19 Feb 1631
Janet Bunzounspouse to Alexander Meddene, wright, burgess of Montrose3 Dec 1632
Dame Elizabeth Burnetrelict of John Fullertoune of KinnaberT. 26 Jun 1680
George Burnetmerchant in MontroseT. 14 Oct and T. 24 Dec 1748 and
T. 20 Mar, 29 Sep and 28 Feb 1751
Mary and Anne Butchartlawful daughters of the deceased James Butchart, shipmaster in MontroseT. 19 May 1743
Elizabeth Butterspouse to John Brydie, burgess of Montrosel0 May 1597
James Cairdmerchant in Montrose4 May 1809
John Caithnessglover, burgess in MontroseT. -- Aug 1669
Elizabeth Callumwidow of the late William Balfour, manufacturer in MontroseT. 13 Mar 1787
James Campbelltenant of Glenskenno [in Dun], afterwards of Links of Montrose21 & 25 May 1819
Jane Campbellin Montrose, dau. of the decd. John Campbell of the Customs at the port of Montrose30 Nov 1820
John CampbellComptroller of the Customs at Montrose14 Aug 1742
Margaret Campbellin Montrose, dau. of the decd. John Campbell, landwaiter of the Customs of the port of Montrose1 Mar 1819
Agnes Cantspouse to Alexander Smythe, in Hill of Hedderweik, par. of Montrose2 Oct 1609
Ann Carnegierelict of Robert Barclay, merchant in Montrose3 Sep 1740
David Carnegieshipmaster in Montrose29 Mar & 6 Aug 1811
John Carnegieat the Little Mill of Borrowfield, and Marjorie Kid, his spouseT. 14 Oct 1652
Katherine Carnegiespouse to William Mackene, merchant, burgess of Montrose22 Mar 1623
Helen Carnegyin Montrose, dau. of the decd. David Carnegy esq. of Craigo26 Oct 1818
David Chalmersworkman in Montrose8 Jun 1612
David Chalmersbaxter, burgess in Montrose, and Sara Caithness, his spouseT. 16 Jan 1675
Helen Chalmersrelict of Patrick Chalmers, shipmaster in Montrose12 Dec 1803
John Chaplainmerchant in Montrose4 Apr 1707
Janet Childspouse to William Schiphird, brabiner in Montrose9 Jul 1612
Alexander Christie esq.merchant in Montrose7 Jun 1802
Alexander Christiepostmaster in Montrose9 Feb 1807
Elizabeth Christiedau. of the late Hugh Christie, tenant in Bredieston, residing in Montrose1 Mar 1805
Robert Christietailor in Montrose3 Nov 1804
Alexander Chrystiemerchant, and late bailie of MontroseT. 30 Sep 1749
James Chrystiemerchant in Montrose23 Apr 1762
Thomas Chrystie, seniorlate merchant in Montrose20 Jul 1772
James Clarkshoemaker in Montrose15 Nov 1809, 30 Jan & 2 Feb 1810
John Clarkmerchant in Montrose20 Oct 1753
Margaret Cleatounspouse to Andrew Stevinson, in Hedderwik, par. of Montrose20 Nov 1609
James Cloudsliemerchant, burgess of Montrose18 Jan 1628
James Cloudsliemerchant in MontroseT. 2 Mar 1745
Nicolas Collinspouse to William Hodgton, in Hedderwick, par. of Montrose11 Aug 1641
James Coplandshipmaster in Montrose12 & 19 Aug 1823
Helen Coulliespouse to James Balfour, sometime shoemaker in par. of Marytown, now residing in MontroseT. -- 1800
Mr John Couperminister in the Town of Montrose, sometime residing in Parkland, par. of Strickathrow, and thereafter residing in Nether Tenements of Caldhame23 May 1774
Mr Thomas Couperminister at Montrose30 Jul 1663 and 17 May 1677
Alexander Couttsshipmaster in Montrose27 Jun 1730
James Coutts of Halgreenlate provost of Montrose24 May 1750
James Coutts, juniorin Montrose14 and 27 May 1730
John Couttslate provost of Montrose31 Oct 1738
Alexander Cowiesmith in Montrose, and Mary Webster, his spouse24 Feb 1735
Alexander Cowielate merchant in Montrose11 Oct 1769
John Cowieland-waiter in MontroseT. 29 Nov 1785
Margaret Cowlierelict of Robert Fraser, weaver in Montrose30 Dec 1803
James Crabbtailor in Montrose30 Mar 1802
Christian Craigresidenter in Montrose1 Nov 1739
Agnes Craigiespouse to David Pressock, cooper, burgess of Montrose3 Dec 1632
David Craigieburgess of Montrose22 Nov 1626
John Craigieshipmaster in Montrose, spouse of Ann Paton12 Apr 1809
Robert Crawmerchant in Montrose19 Feb 1804
Christian Crichtonrelict of John Deins, workman in Montrose27 Jul 1750
Isobel Crichtonresidenter in Montrose, lawful daughter of the deceased Nicoll Crichton, in Bowis24 Jul 1756
Andrew Croillmerchant, burgess of Montrose25 Sep 1633
Thomas Cromartiemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Catherine Gray, his spouse15 Jul 1661
John Crombieburgess of Montrose8 May 1600
George Croommerchant in Montrose10 Dec 1813 & 12 Jan 1814
John Cushniemerchant in Montrose3 Dec 1776
Elizabeth Cuthbertrelict of James Torrie, wright in Montrose26 Jul 1814
James Daesometime in Montrose, and Jean Sparke, his spouseT. 26 Aug 1668
George Davidsonmerchant in MontroseT. 8 Apr 1772
Helen Davidsonin Montrose13 & 21 May 1817
James Davidsonat Montrose24 Nov 1579
Ninian Davidsonmerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Melville, his spouse25 Sep 1609
Ninian Davidsonburgess of Montrose10 Jan 1610
William Davidsonbrewer and merchant in MontroseT. 28 Jun 1749
Margaret Davinerelict of John Smith, wright in Montrose7 Aug 1753
William Dawsoncarpenter in MontroseT. -- 1743
David Dickiemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Gryme, his spouse30 Mar 1627
Catherine Dicksonin Montrose11 Feb 1823
Christian Dicksonwidow of Joseph Spooner, minister of the Licensed Episcopal Chapel, MontroseT. 11 Nov 1782
David Dicksonmerchant in Montrose29 Nov 1737 and 9 Jan 1738
Michaell Dicksonskinner in Montrose, and Catherine Clerk, his spouse29 Mar 1692
Margaret Dirrowspouse to John Thomson, cordiner in Puggistoune, par. of Montrose9 Oct 1609
Dame Christian Doigin Montrose, relict of Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.19 Jan 1821
James Donaldson, seniormerchant in Montrose9 Oct 1717, (2) 5 Feb, (3) 13 Feb and 9 Dec 1718
James Donaldsonmerchant in Montrose6 Aug 1762
James Donaldsonlate merchant in Riga, thereafter residing in MontroseT. 15 Feb 1783
John Donaldsonmerchant, burgess of Montrose15 May 1683
John Donaldsonmerchant, burgess of Montrose31 Mar 1693
John Donaldsonshipmaster in MontroseT. 24 Jun 1743
Margaret Donaldsonrelict to James Gentleman, skipper, burgess of Montrose11 May 1716
Elizabeth Douglasrelict of Robert Moodie, late shipmaster in Montrose13 Dec 1766
George Douglasbutcher in Montrose20 Feb 1765
John Dourscooper in Montrose14 Feb 1734
Alexander Dunskinner, burgess of Montrose, and Agnes Smyth, his spouse24 Feb 1640
William Dunmariner, burgess of Montrose31 Dec 1662
George Dunbarrmerchant in Montrose, spouse of Sarah Cole5 Feb 1808
Alexander Duncanin Gatesyde, par. of Montrose, and Isobel Caithens, his spouseT. 9 Sep 1668
Hercules Duncanmariner in Montrose23 Jan 1691
Isobel Duncanlate servitrix to Paterson and Thomson, merchants in Montrose10 Apr 1758
James Duncanbroker & shipowner in Montrose27 Oct 1820
John Durieresidenter in MontroseT. 18 Mar 1783
Elizabeth Dynnesin Montrose4 Jan 1689
Helen Dynnesspouse to Robert Mackie, white fisher in Montrose20 Mar 1629
Elizabeth Edgarspouse to Thomas Webster, merchant and provost of MontroseT. 30 Jul 1792
Andrew Edwardindweller in Montrose, and Agnes Baxter, his spouseT. -- 1668
James Edwardshopkeeper in MontroseT. 20 Jun 1785
Ann Erskinelawful daughter of the deceased Alexander Erskine, merchant in MontroseT. 21 Dec 1797
Mr Arthur Erskineburgess of Montrose, and Margaret Maule, his spouse8 Apr 1612
George Erskinemerchant in Montrose3 May 1677
Gilbert Erskinemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Barbara Falconer, his spouse16 Dec 1629
Isobel Erskinespouse to John Ouchterlony, bailie of Montrose5 Oct 1664
Jean Erskine and Ann Erskinedaughters of the deceased Alexander Erskine, merchant in MontroseT. -- Oct 1797
Margaret Erskinelawful daughter of the deceased Mr Alexander Erskine, merchant in MontroseT. 4 Feb 1778
Marie Erskinespouse to Andrew Gray, burgess of Montrose22 Dec 1630
Robert Erskinemerchant, burgess of Montrose7 Jun 1623
Janet Essiespouse to James Cudbeit, in Tayock, par. of Montrose25 Feb 1624
William Fallcarpenter, burgess in Montrose, and Mary Jaffrow, his spouseT. 22 Jul 1672
Lewis Farquharsonresiding in or near Montrose21 Jul 1804
Margaret Fergusonsometime spouse to Alexander Beattie, merchant, burgess in MontroseT. 10 Dec 1673
Walter Fernebaxter in Montrose, and Elizabeth Beatie, his spouse15 Jul 1691
Mrs Catherine Ferrierspouse of Robert Souter (Soutter), manufacturer in Montrose27 & 29 Oct 1812
James Ferriermerchant in Montrose20 May 1805
John Ferriermariner in Montrose, lawful son to the deceased John Ferrier, at Bridgend of Brechin 15 Jun 1737
William Ferrierservant to Nicolas Bell, merchant in MontroseT. 12 Nov 1744
John Fettesindweller in Montrose23 Aug 1623
John Fettessometime in Montrose, thereafter in Lichtounhill, and Margaret Maitland, his spouse16 Jun 1624
Katherine Fettesspouse to John Nicoll, baxter in Montrose27 Jul 1685
Margaret Fettesonly daughter and bairn lawful of umquhile John Fettes, in Montrose, in Lichtounhill, and Margaret Maitland, his spouse17 Mar 1628
Margaret Fettesresiding in Montrose28 Apr 1806
Patrick Fettesindweller in Montrose1 Apr 1755
Alexander Findlayshipmaster, burgess in Montrose18 Aug 1714
Jean Findlaylawful daughter to the deceased Alexander Findlay, shipmaster in MontroseT. 1 Aug 1747
John Findlaymerchant, burges of Montrose, and Elspet Duness, his spouse11 Mar 1657
Captain Arthur Forbesindweller in MontroseT. 5 Oct 1652
David Forbessmith in MontroseT. 8 Jul 1748
James Forbes of Thorntounresidenter in Montrose21 Aug 1713
David Fordmerchant in & bailie of Montrose13 Jan 1807
William Fordmerchant in Montrose19 & 20 Feb 1822
John Forresterlitster in Montrose7 Jul 1688
George Forsythmerchant in Montrose, and Catherine Smith, his spouse24 Oct 1694, 29 Jun 1698, 2 Jan 1702, and 13 Aug 1725
James Forsythmerchant in Montrose31 Oct 1690
Margaret Forsythformerly in Suachyburn, thereafter in Montrose13 & 29 Apr 1811
Thomas Freebairnmerchant in Montrose, and Mary Muir, his spouse8 Jul 1729
Isobel Fullertonrelict of David Sooty, sometime weaver in MontroseT. 31 Oct 1743
Jean Fullertonrelict of John Coutts, merchant, and late provost of Montrose14 Mar 1740
Jean Fullertonresidenter in Montrose, lawful daughter of John Fullerton, in DrumhendryT. 24 May 1783
John Fullerton of Kinaberand Elizabeth Burnet, his spouse26 Jun 1679
John Fullerton of Kinnaberand Christian Stoddart, his spouse21 May 1698
Mary Gairdnerin Montrose, relict of William Douglas, merchant & one of the bailies of Leith16 Mar 1821
David Gardnerburgess of Montrose2 Dec 1710
David Gardner of Kirktonhillmerchant in MontroseT. 1 May 1797
Marjorie Gardnerrelict of David Keith, shipmaster in MontroseT. 15 Feb 1783 and T. 28 Oct 1785
Elizabeth Gardynerelict of Patrick Sutherland, mariner in Montrose4 Jan 1689
Margaret Gardynespouse to Andrew Stratone, apothecarie, burgess of Montrose10 Apr 1679
Robert Gardynelate bailie of Montrose, and Margaret Tailzour, his spouse18 Apr 1684 and 23 Dec 1695
William Geddesflax-dresser in Montrose15 Apr 1766
David Gentlemanshipmaster in Montrose27 May 1724
Jean Gentlemanyoungest daughter of the deceased John Gentleman, shipmaster in Montrose4 Jan 1757
William Gentlemanmerchant in Montrose, and Elizabeth Grahame, his spouse1 Apr and 30 May 1691
Mr John Gibsonarchitect in Montrose13 Jun 1810
Andrew Gilbertskipper, burgess in Montrose, and Elizabeth Gray, his spouse31 Aug 1664
George Gilbertmerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Beattie, his spouse5 Nov 1636
James Gilbertburgess of MontroseT. 31 May 1671
John Gilbertskipper, burgess of MontroseT. 3 Nov 1664
Lilias Gilbertrelict of John Peatrie, merchant, burgess of Montrose14 May 1701
Adam Glegg esq.merchant in Montrose25 Jul 1812 & 29 Mar 1815
Robert Gleggland-waiter of the Customs at MontroseT. 17 Aug and T. 6 Sep 1791
Mr James Gordonlate minister of the Episcopal Congregation at Montrose30 Jun 1732 and 22 Feb 1734
Dr John Gordonphysician in Montrose26 Feb 1756
Marjorie Gordonrelict of Alexander Kennedy, late vintner in Montrose19 Nov 1767
Dr William Gordonphysician in Montrose15 Jun 1739 and 6 Jan 1753
Peter Gouckin Montrose25 & 27 Feb 1815
Jean Gourlayrelict of William Kemlo, at Mill of Allardice, afterwards in Montrose19 Jan 1816
James Gowansshipmaster in Montrose & Ann Gowans, his dau.16 Apr 1806
Alexander Grahammerchant, burgess in Montrose, and Elizabeth Read, his spouseT. 13 Aug 1669 and 10 Mar 1675
Catherine Grahamrelict of James Dall, glover, burgess of Montrose14 May 1691
Elspet Grahamrelict of John Arnot, in Montrose7 Apr 1693
Jean Grahamspouse to William Gentleman, merchant, burgess in MontroseT. 16 Nov 1671
Jean Grahamspouse to David Wood, skipper, burgess of Montrose11 Nov 1684
Jean Grahamsometime spouse to umquhile John Paplay, burgess of Montrose2 Feb 1688
Margaret Grahamrelict of James Littlejohn, burgess of Montrose27 Jan 1704
Robert Graham of Hedderwickand Katherine Grahame, his spouse, par. of Montrose15 Feb 1610
Robert Grahamburgess of Montrose, and Katherine Grahame, his spouse5 Nov 1636
Andrew Graysometime provost of MontroseT. 28 Oct 1663
Bessie Grayspouse to Mathew Pooll, merchant, burgess of Montrose6 May 1635
James Graywright in MontroseT. 5 Aug 1747
William Graymerchant, burgess in Montrose27 Jul 1658
William Graypainter in MontroseT. 27 Feb 1748
Edward Greenmerchant in Montrose5 Feb 1822
Ralph Greenlate vintner in Montrose28 Dec 1772
Alexander Greigskipper in Montrose4 Sep 1711
David Greigtailor in MontroseT. -- 1747
James Greigvintner in MontroseT. 18 Aug 1781
John Greig, elderburgess of Montrose31 Oct 1600
Thomas Greigchapman, merchant, burgess of Montrose1 Mar 1716
Thomas Greigshipmaster in Montrose, and Elizabeth Donaldson, his spouse2 Apr 1734
Walter Greigskipper, burgess of Montrose15 May 1629
William Greigskipper in Montrose15 Oct 1701
George Grubbaxter, burgess of Montrose, and Helen Tap, his spouse28 Aug 1694
George Grubat the Auld Mylne of Kinnaber, and Margaret Bruce, his spouse10 Dec 1636
William Grubburgess of Montrose21 May 1621
Alexander Gryme (Grim)wright, burgess of Montrose, and Janet Preshow, his spouseT. 25 Apr 1683
Alexander Grymemerchant, burgess of Montrose5 Nov 1684, 4 Feb 1685, and 14 Jun 1686
Alexander Grymesometime merchant in Montrose19 May 1688
David Grymemerchant in Montrose22 Aug 1752
William Grymemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Helen Peirson, his spouse28 May 1635
William Grynnemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Elspet Ruthvene, his spouse16 Mar 1614
Dr Samuel Guise esq.surgeon in the service of the H.E.I.C., afterwards residing in Montrose26 Sep & 6 Nov 1812
Agnes Guthriesometime spouse to umquhile David McKean, merchant in Montrose7 May 1688
Christian Guthriespouse to John Greige, burgess of Montrose31 Oct 1600
David Guthriemerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Lichtoun, his spouse1 Oct 1640
Elspet Guthriespouse to Robert Gairdyn, merchant, burgess of MontroseT. 24 Mar 1642
Isobel Guthrieindweller in the burgh of Montrose, and lawful daughter to the deceased Walter Guthrie, merchant, burgess of the same burgh9 Apr 1691, 16 Sep 1692, and 17 Mar 1697
John Halketmason in Montrose20 Dec 1754
Janet Hallspouse to David Hall, in Clayleck, par. of Montrose14 Dec 1612
John Hantonburgess of Montrose8 May 1600
Marie Hardierelict of Alexander Gray, merchant, burgess of Montrose21 Jun 1662
William Hardieburgess of Montrose, and Bessie Kinnear, his spouse29 Jun 1614
Catherine Haylawful daughter of the late William Hay, merchant in MontroseT. 21 Dec 1797
Elspet Hayspouse to Robert Kendow, baxter in Montrose13 Jul 1612
James Hendersonglover in Montrose20 Oct 1741 and 23 Feb 1742
James Hendersonmerchant in Montrose25 Nov 1773 and 9 Jun 1775
James Hendersonshipmaster in MontroseT. 16 Jan 1778
Katherine Hendersonrelict of David Wat, mariner in MontroseT. 22 Jun 1749
Robert Hendersonsometime in Loan-dyks, thereafter in Montrose17 Jul 1708
James Henrymerchant in Montrose24 Jun 1823
John Henry (Hendrie)shipmaster in Montrose8 Apr 1732, -- 1744 and T. 19 Aug 1748
John Herdindweller in Montrose, and Margaret Jamesone, his relict26 Nov 1656
George HillWright, burges of Montrose8 Feb 1623
David Hodgstonfarmer at Kinnaber, par. of Montrose6 Sep 1817 & 8 Apr 1818
William Hodgstounin HederwickT. 22 Jan 1669
James Howieson (Hueson)skipper, burgess of Montrose, and Helen Murison, his spouseT. 13 Mar 1675
Margaret Humeresidenter in Montrose25 Aug 1755
Agnes Hunterspouse to William Grub, maltman, burges of Montrose20 Jun 1611
Barbara Hunterdaughter of the deceased John Hunter, merchant in Ayr, lately in MontroseT. 22 Jun 1785
Jean Hunterspouse to Alexander Turnbull, merchant, burgess of Montrose16 Aug 1665
William Huntersmith in Montrose25 Aug 1630
John Hutchisonmerchant in Montrose15 Jun 1750
John Hutchisonlate land surveyor in Montrose23 Feb 1770
Robert Hutchisonmerchant in MontroseT. 10 Sep 1748, T. 1 Nov 1749, 17 Feb and 14 Nov 1750 and 1 Apr 1751
John Innesmerchant in Montrose25 Jul 1820
James Jaffraymerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Katherine Smythe, his spouse20 Nov 1626
Margaret Jaffrayspouse to David Grahame, merchant, burgess of Montrose12 Jun 1661
John Jamesat the Mill of Kinnaber, and his spouse5 Jun 1691
Agnes Jamiein Montrose18 Apr 1684
Alexander Jamiewhitefisher in Montrose14 Oct 1624
--- Jamiesonsometime spouse to umquhile James Gryine, baxter, burgess of MontroseT. -- 1664
Alexander Jamiesonwriter in MontroseT. 23 Sep 1742, T. 20 Jun 1744, -- 1745, 25 Jan, 26 Feb and 16 Dec 1748
Janet Jamiesonrelict of Thomas Allan, shipmaster in Montrose25 Jan 1753
William Jamiesonwright, brewer in Montrose26 Dec 1761
Margaret Japprelict of the late Alexander Law, shipmaster in MontroseT. 9 May 1795
James Jarvesmariner in MontroseT. -- 1744
David Johnstonmerchant in MontroseT. 19 Dec 1781
John Johnstonbaxter, burgess of Montrose, and Catherine Spark, his spouseT. 1 Jun 1680
John Johnstonmealseller in Montrose24 Nov 1820
Margaret Johnstonrelict of Robert Stott, merchant in Montrose22 Aug 1704
Alexander Jollieshipmaster in MontroseT. 2 Dec 1779
William Jolliemariner in MontroseT. 17 Jan 1749
Alexander Keith messenger in Montrose5 Feb 1725
David Keithshipmaster in Montrose20 Feb 1755
John Keith esq.collector of Customs, port of Montrose21 & 25 Feb & 24 Mar 1820
Walter Keithshipmaster in Montrose14 Mar and 25 Sep 1730 and T. 12 Jul 1744
Alexander Kennedylate vintner in Montrose19 Nov 1767
James Kennedycomptroller of the Customs in MontroseT. 18 Aug 1781
Andrew Kermuck whitefisher in Montrose, and Janet Pert, his spouse6 Feb 1685
John Kermuckburgess of Montrose, and Elspeth Pearth, his spouse26 Mar 1684 and 8 Apr 1695
John Kermucklawful son to the deceased John K., in Montrose8 Dec 1703 and 9 Mar 1705
Walter Kerrmerchant in Montrose24 Feb 1709
John Kinnearmerchant in Montrose23 Mar & 5 May 1821
Thomas Kinnearmerchant, burgess of Montrose2 Nov 1664
Marjorie Kyd (Kidd)spouse to William Baxter, at the Little mylne of BorrowfieldT. 10 Nov 1650
Robert Kyd (Kidd)shipmaster in MontroseT. 6 Oct 1794
Bessie Lambrelict of David Maken, burgess of Montrose, lawful daughter to Andrew Lamb, sometime in CokilieT. -- 1668
David Lambmerchant in Montrose28 Jan 1817
William Lambweaver, burgess of Montrose, and Agnes Arne, his spouse10 May 1699
Silvester LammyDoctor of Medicine in Montrose11 May 1730
Alexander Lamondmerchant in Montrose & Barbara Smith his spouse18 May 1812
Alexander Lawshipmaster in Montrose, part owner of the sloop 'The Hope' of Montrose13 & 16 Oct 1809 & 17 Jul 1810
Agnes Lawrelict of John Clark, shoemaker in Montrose10 Dec 1741
Janet Lawrelict of Robert Jaffry, shipmaster in Montrose24 Jun 1809
John Lawshipmaster in Montrose23 Jul 1805
Elspet Leighton (Lichtoune)spouse to James Williamson, burgess of Montrose13 Jun 1611
James Leightonindweller in Montrose, and Jean Beattoune, his spouse18 Oct 1625
Marion Leightonrelict of Robert Gardine, late Provost of MontroseT. 12 Dec 1673
Robert Leightonmerchant in MontroseT. 13 Aug 1795
Isobel Leitchrelict of Robert Malcolm, burgess of Montrose15 May 1629
John Leitchwright, burgess of Montrose2 Mar 1662
Thomas Lesliemerchant in MontroseT. 7 Jun 1748 and 3 Aug 1750
Jean Liddellspouse to Robert Stronnour, baxter, burgess of Montrose17 Jun 1623
Metilde Liddellspouse to Alexander Thomson, burgess of Montrose29 Jun 1601
Elizabeth Lindsayspouse of John Murison, carter of Montrose21 Feb 1581-2
John LindsayProfessor of Mathematics in Montrose10 Oct 1738
William Lindsaymerchant in Montrose, only lawful son to the deceased William L., in Logy Wishart, late bailie of the Regality of Kirrimuir24 Dec 1725 and 23 Mar 1726
Aaron Lithgowschoolmaster in Montrose18 Jan 1804
Alexander Littlejohnskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Elspet Reat, his spouse29 Jun 1664
James Littlejohnburgess in Montrose, and Margaret Grahame, his spouse20 Jul 1685
William Littlejohnhorse-hirer in Montrose9 Jun 1710
Helen Lockiespouse to John Raney, maltman, burgess of Montrose10 May 1597
Andrew Logiesurveyor of the Customs of Montrose30 May 1768
David Logieshoemaker in Montrose22 & 29 Jan 1823
Walter Lothiancordiner in Montrose23 Apr 1624
Alexander Lowweaver, late at Caldham, par. Marykirk, thereafter at Pugiston, par. Montrose11 Jan 1809
David Lowmerchant in Montrose4 May 1773
John Lowlitster in Montrose29 Jan 1707
John Low, seniormerchant, s.t. one of the baillies of Montrose23 Jul 1805
Patrick Low merchant in Montrose24 Nov 1721
William Lowsmith in Montrose20 Jul 1776
Robert Lundieburgess of Montrose16 Feb 1633 and 4 May 1636
Andrew Lyalltanner in Montrose27 Oct 1810
Mr David Lyellsometime minister at Montrose8 Oct 1697
David Lyelllate at Stonehouse, near MontroseT. 16 Jan 1776
James Lyellmerchant in Montrose22 Feb 1738
John Lyellmerchant, burgess in Montrose, and Anna Lyell, his spouseT. 20 Oct 1675
Mr John Lyellpresenter of Montrose10 Nov 1684
John Macconnachiealeseller in Montrose23 & 27 Jan 1810
William McCullochlate comptroller of the Customs at Montrose11 Sep and 9 Nov 1758 and 21 May 1759
Joseph McIntoshshipmaster in Montrose27 Oct 1733
Mr William McKeanburgess of Montrose, and Isobel Miller, his spouse20 Aug 1628
John Machermerchant in Montrose13 Mar 1765
Robert Malcolmbaxter, burgess of Montrose31 Jan and 12 Jul 1624
Helen Mannrelict of Robert Crabb, landwaiter of the Customs at Montrose9 Oct 1812
William Marshallindweller in Montrose, and Margaret Straton, his spouse23 Oct 1695
Mr George Martinschoolmaster in Montrose, and Agnes Currie, his spouseT. 18 Apr 1748
David Mastertounwright in Montrose, and Jean Ogilvie, his spouse30 Jun 1703
William Maxwellchapman in Montrose15 Sep 1774
Alexander Mearnsshipmaster in Montrose21 Apr 1821
Andrew Mearnsmariner in Montrose21 Apr 1821
Andrew Measonmerchant in Montrose22 Nov 1760
Dr Charles MelvilleDoctor of Medicine at Montrose, and Catherine Tailor, his spouse11 Mar 1699
Margaret Melvillespouse to John Williamson, burgess of Montrose17 Jan 1610
Elizabeth Miffonrelict of John Robertson, sailor in Montrose22 Aug 1765
Alexander Mills.t. wright in Montrose, then in the service of the H.E.I.C.31 Oct 1801
Alexander Millwigmaker in London, thereafter residenter in Montrose16 & 19 May 1815
Ann Milldau. of the decd. Dr John Mill, physician in Montrose30 Mar 1813
Barbara Millspouse to James Watt, maltman, burgess of Montrose2 Jul 1662
Mrs Helen Mill and Elizabeth Milldaus of the late William Mill, merchant in Montrose14 Jan 1803
James Milllate bailie of Montrose, and Catherine Renay, his spouseT. -- 1665
John Millcooper, burgess of Montrose, and Giles Whyt, his spouseT. 17 Mar 1670
Mary Milldau. of the late William Mill, merchant in Montrose20 Oct 1801
Alexander Millarmerchant in Montrose18 Apr 1809 & 31 Oct 1810
Arthur Millarbaxter, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Stronoch, his spouse13 Oct 1658
Christian Millarspouse to Alexander Alschender, baxter, burgess of Montrose25 Aug 1630
John Millnarskipper in Montrose22 Sep 1686
James Mills esq.late of Gough Square, Fleet Street, London, now of Montrose10 May 1808
James Milnmerchant in Montrose10 Jun 1812
Alexander Milneblacksmith in Montrose5 & 8 Mar 1814
David Milnemerchant in Montrose8 Apr and 18 Sep 1724
George Milneweaver in Montrose29 Apr 1761
Isobel Milnerelict of John Sangster, shipmaster in MontroseT. 18 Jul 1780
Mr John Milnelate minister at Montrose13 and 15 Dec 1710
John Milne, juniormerchant in Montrose, and Isabel Ross, his spouse12 Jun 1725
John Milneflaxdresser in MontroseT. 1 Jan 1795
Margaret Milnespouse of William Wat, burgess of Montrose12 Jan 1581-2
William Milne merchant in Montrose, and Mary Lyell, his spouse8 Oct 1697
William Milneshipmaster in Montrose31 Aug 1773
Anne Mitchellresidenter in Montrose23 Jun 1756
John Mitchellin Montrose10 Jan 1821
Alexander Moirmerchant in Montrose16 Jun 1736
James Moirindweller in Montrose6 May 1771
Marjory Moirwidow of Andrew Logie, surveyor of Customs at Montrose, died in Edinburgh15 Oct 1814
Margaret Molisonrelict of John Hunter, wigmaker in Montrose15 Apr 1741
George Morisonmerchant in Montrose17 Nov 1742
William Morrisshipmaster in Montrose12 Jul and 23 Aug 1756
Helen Mudiedau. of the decd. Dr John Mudie, physician in Montrose3 Oct 1810
Janet Mudierelict of William Wood, shipmaster in Montrose12 Jan 1738
Margaret Mudieeldest dau. of the decd. Dr John Mudie, physician in Montrose20 Jan 1815
George Murraybookseller & stationer in Montrose1 Mar 1811
James Murrayburgess of Montrose, and Helen Lyell, his spouse23 May 1622
James Murray maltman in Montrose21 Aug 1684
James Murraymerchant in Montrose5 Dec 1684, 10 Mar and 8 Jul 1685
James Murraymerchant in Montrose5 Sep 1765
James Murrayvintner in Montrose15 Sep 1774
John Murrayburgess of Montrose, and Margaret Bull, his spouse8 Aug 1614
David Murrison, youngerskipper, burgess of MontroseT. -- 1666 (reduced 7 Jun 1667) and T. 7 Sep 1667
Helen Murrisonrelict of James Huisone, skipper in Montrose1 Feb 1688
James Mylne whitefisher, indweller in Montrose30 Sep 1609
Janet Mylnespouse to James Mackene, younger, burgess of Montrose22 Dec 1610
John Mylneburgess of Montrose, and Barbara Petrie, his spouse2 May 1635
David Nairnshipmaster in Montrose19 May 1736
Margaret Napierresidenter in Montrose, eldest lawful dau. of decd. William Napier, sometime bailie of BervieT. 30 Jan 1781
John Neillskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Katherine Anderson, his spouse3 Jun 1613
Mr Duncan Neishmerchant in Montrose19 Nov 1718, 30 Jan and 9 Apr 1719
Mr John Nicollmaster of the Grammar School of Montrose, and Margaret Fullartone, his spouse11 Mar 1657
Janet Ochaltrie [Ochiltree]spouse to William Couttes, merchant, burgess of Montrose22 Mar 1641
Mrs Ann Ogilviesister to the deceased Mr John Ogilvie of Balbegno, and relict of Robert Middleton, also late of Balbegno, residing in Montrose3 Feb 1774
Isobel Ogilviedaughter to the deceased James Ogilvie, wright in MontroseT. 9 May 1744 and 14 Feb 1745
James Ogilvieskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Elspet Robertson, his spouse11 Dec 1634
Jean Ogilvierelict of David Strachan, late baker in MontroseT. 22 Jun 1747
George Orchardweaver, burgess of Montrose, and his spouseT. 13 Feb 1668
Alexander Orkneyskipper (shipmaster) in Montrose28 Oct 1724 and 15 Jan 1725
James Orkneyshipmaster in Montrose16 Mar and 6 Aug 1753
Jean Orkneylawful daughter of the deceased James Orkney, late white-fisher in Montrose, and Isobel Nicol, his spouse, who was sister-german to the deceased David Nicol, late residenter in Brechin6 Dec 1775
John Orkneyshipmaster in Montrose5 Apr 1764
Christian Orrackspouse to James Scott, elder, burgess of Montrose23 Jun 1631
Elizabeth Orrackspouse to Alexander Turnbull, bailie of Montrose21 Jul 1685
Mrs Ann Ouchterlonyeldest lawful daughter of the deceased Robert Ouchterlony, merchant in Montrose26 Sep 1768
James Ouchterlony, seniorlate bailie of Montrose1 Jun 1730
Lieut. James Ouchterlonyresiding in Montrose9 Aug 1809
John Ouchterlonylate bailie of Montrose, and Margaret Keith, his spouse9 Feb 1682
Marjorie Ouchterlonylawful daughter of the deceased John Ouchterlony, merchant in MontroseT. 18 May 1797
Patrick Ouchterlonymerchant in Montrose17 Sep 1719
Peter Ouchterlonymerchant in Montrose3 Oct 1716 and 29 Aug 1717
Robert Ouchterlony esq.residenter in Montrose1 & 11 Oct 1816
William Ouchterlonyshipmaster in Montrose22 Nov 1769
David Pantonlint-dresser in MontroseT. 15 Jul 1749
Alexander Paterson, seniormerchant in Montrose, & others20 Dec 1806
David Patersonmaltman, burgess of MontroseT. 23 Mar 1659
Margaret Patersonrelict of Alexander Orkney, late shipmaster in Montrose20 Nov 1767
James Patonresidenter in Montrose30 & 31 Mar 1818
James Paton esq.collector of Customs, port of Montrose15 & 17 May 1823
Jean Patonshopkeeper, Montrose7 & 13 Mar 1820
Isobel Pattullospouse to Alexander Butchart, shipmaster in Montrose10 Dec 1739
George Pearsonlate of Carnoustie sometime Master of the ship "The Fortune" of MontroseT. -- 1745, 5 Aug 1746, 1 Sep 1750, and 3 Jun 1751
Jean Pearson or Peirsonlawful daughter of the deceased John Pearson, sometime officer of Excise at Glamis, afterwards at MontroseT. 7 Feb 1786
Margaret Pearsonrelict of James Pearson, indweller in MontroseT. 11 Jan 1744
Captain Thomas Pearsonshipmaster in Montrose4 Jun 1735
Thomas Pearsonshipmaster in Montrose15 Oct 1740
Thomas Pearson, juniorshipmaster in MontroseT. 20 Jul 1748
Jean Peatspouse to Andrew Watt, at Hillhead of Hedderwick31 Sep 1773
James Peddielate bailie of MontroseT. 2 Jun 1669
James Petertenant in Moor of MontroseT. 11 May 1747
Walter Petermason, burgess of MontroseT. 19 Jan 1643
Alexander Petriemerchant in Montrose31 Oct 1810
Barbara Petrierelict of John Mylne, burgess of MontroseT. 4 Feb 1647
Elizabeth Petriespouse to John Ochterlony, late bailie of Montrose10 Aug 1662
George Petrie, elderburgess of Montrose8 Mar 1625
Helen Petriespouse to John Mylne, bower, burgess of Montrose19 Dec 1597
James Petrieson of James P., maltman in Montrose30 Jun 1808
Katherine Petriespouse to Alexander Peire [Pirie], in Montrose14 Nov 1625
Margaret Petriedau. of the decd. William Petrie, shipmaster in Montrose22 Apr 1816
Mr William Petrielate Doctor of the Grammar School of Montrose20 Nov 1766
William Petrieshipmaster in Montrose9 Jun 1775
Agnes Piriespouse to John Cluidslie, burgess of Montrose28 Apr 1627
James Pirietailor at Roadside of Tayock, afterwards in the Folds of Montrose23 May 1820
Margaret Piriespouse to Daniel Watt, shipbuilder in Montrose, lawful daughter of David P., merchant in Johnshaven, and the now deceased Janet Chaplain, his spouse9 Jun 1775
George Pittendrichtobacco-spinner in MontroseT. -- 1737
George Preshowcooper, burgess of Montrose20 Jun 1677
John Preshowcooper, burgess in Montrose, and Esther Anderson, his spouseT. 15 Aug 1666
Robert Preshowcooper, burgess of Montrose18 May 1688 and 29 Aug 1694
Robert Preshowcooper, burgess of Montrose19 Dec 1688, 23 Oct 1691, and 29 Aug 1694
John Prophetin Borrowfeild, and Elspet Jap, his spouse, par. of Montrose3 Jun 1622
James Pyottmerchant in Montrose3 Oct 1774
John Pyott smith, burgess in MontroseT. 20 May 1675
George Pyperlate bailie of Montrose, and Agnes Doewell, his spouse3 Jan and 16 May 1692 and 27 Dec 1695
George Pyper merchant in Montrose, and Margaret Smith, his spouse5 Mar 1705
Janet Raerelict of David Will, burgess of Montrose28 Mar 1625
Elizabeth Raitrelict of Alexander Littlejohn, skipper, burgess of MontroseT. 4 Aug 1675
Mr James Raitmerchant in Montrose14 May 1725 and 26 Jun 1734
Mr James Raitminister at Inverkeillor, late residenter in Montrose22 Feb 1730
Robert Raitskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Orrack, his spouse24 Jul 1694
William Rait of Halgreenresiding in MontroseT. 23 Sep 1675
Charles Ramsaymerchant in Montrose13 Mar 1729
David Ramsaymerchant in Montrose13 Jun 1752
James Ramsaywriter in MontroseT. 4 Jun 1673 and T. 13 Apr 1674
James Ramsayshipmaster in Montrose, part owner of the brigantine 'Aurora' of Montrose25 Dec 1810 & 3 Jan 1811
John Ramsaymerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Janet Gryme, his spouse2 Feb 1622
Margaret Ramsayspouse to James Scott, burgess of Montrose26 May 1623
Miss Mary Ramsaydaughter of the deceased Charles Ramsay, late merchant in Montrose4 Oct and 11 Nov 1762
Robert Ramsaymerchant, and late bailie of Montrose29 Dec 1732
Mr Samuel Ramsayminister at Montrose30 Apr 1632
Walter Ramsayin Montrose9 Dec 1684
William Ramsayprovost of Montrose2 Jan 1623
William Ramsayshipmaster in MontroseT. 2 Sep 1748
Isobel Raneyand Andrew Line, her spouse, burgess of Montrose20 May 1601
Catherine Rayrelict of James Mill, late bailie of MontroseT. 13 Oct 1670
Alexander Reidskipper, merchant, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Gilbert, his spouseT. 15 May 1645
Charles Reidclerk in the Custom House of Montrose15 Dec 1808 & 8 Mar 1809
George Reidsmith in Montrose9 Mar 1738
John Reidslater in Montrose18 Dec 1754
Lieut.-Col. Robert Reidlate provost of Montrose26 Apr and 7 Jun 1728
William Reidmariner in MontroseT. 19 Jun 1669
Alexander Rennald, youngermerchant in Montrose, and Mary Barclay, his spouse14 Nov 1722
James Rennaldmerchant, burgess of MontroseT. 3 Apr 1650
John Rennaldsometime bailie of Montrose23 May 1681
Robert Rennaldlate provost of Montrose20 Apr 1693, 4 Oct 1704, 29 Jan and 19 Dec 1713, 7 Nov 1717 and 21 Jan 1726
John Rennetlawful son of Alexander Rennet, burgess of Montrose, by umquhile Christian Tailzour, his spouse20 Jul 1629
John Rennetburgess of Montrose, and Janet Broun, his spouse19 Feb 1631
Ann Rennyspouse to Robert Ouchterlony, merchant in MontroseT. -- 1795
Elspet Rennyspouse to David Schewan, skipper, burgess of Montrose5 Dec 1627
Helen Rennyspouse to Andrew Clark, burgess of Montrose7 Jul 1626
Helen Rennyin Montrose, dau. of Robert Renny of Borrowfield, esq.19 May 1820
James Rennyshipmaster in MontroseT. 15 Apr 1796
Katherine Rennyspouse to Mercus Renny, maltman, burgess of Montrose7 Nov 1633
Katherine Rennyrelict of Thomas Renny, burgess of Montrose15 May 1629
Marcus Rennyburgess of Montrose5 Nov 1636
Thomas Rennymerchant in MontroseT. 13 May 1779
William Rennymerchant, burgess of Montrose22 Dec 1630
Alexander Reyshipmaster in Montrose15 & 18 Oct 1814
James Reynoldson lawful to umquhile James R., merchant, burgess of Montrose (deleted)T. 17 Jul 1661
Elizabeth Ritchiedaughter of the deceased James Ritchie, merchant in MontroseT. 21 Jul 1781
Robert Ritchiemaltman, burgess of Montrose, and Agnes Young, his spouse11 Dec 1612
Francis Robertsonmerchant in MontroseT. 20 Sep 1800 & 15 Apr 1803
James Robertsonclerk of the Custom-House of Montrose29 Mar 1773 and T. 1 Dec 1779
James Robertsonsometime writer in Edinburgh, thereafter in MontroseT. 18 Sep 1793
Jean Robertsonspouse to James Butchart, elder, burgess in Montrose5 Jun 1683
John Robertsons.t. tenant at Baldovie, thereafter in Montrose7 Sep 1810
Margaret Robertsonspouse to Robert Mylne, whitefisher in Montrose10 May 1621
Margaret Robertsonspouse to Alexander Doeweill, merchant in Montrose21 Jul 1685
Thomas Robertsonbaxter, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Moncrieff, his relict23 Nov 1657
Alexander Rodgercart wheelwright in MontroseT. 1 Aug 1748
Alexander Rosspeuterer in Montrose, and Jean Keith, his spouse6 Sep 1693
Alexander Rossthread miller in Montrose & Margaret Robertson, his spouse11 & 12 Sep 1811
Alexander Rossphysician in Montrose, late surgeon in H.M. Navy31 Jan 1820
Isobel Rossin Montrose, dau. of George Ross, merchant, provost of Montrose5 & 6 Apr 1820
Dr James Rossphysician in Montrose11 Nov 1818
Margaret Rossspouse to the deceased Alexander Cumming, writer in Montrose4 Oct 1738
William Ross esq.merchant in Montrose20 & 24 Feb 1815
Jean Rowlate spouse to Alexander Turnbull of Woodston, merchant in Montrose, and only lawful daughter to the deceased Col. Archibald Row16 Jan 1730
Thomas Rudimanburgess of Montrose31 Dec 1581
Thomas Russellskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Jean Walker, his spouse5 Oct 1696
Mr Alexander Scottmaster of the Music School at Montrose27 Mar 1700
Alexander Scottskipper, burgess of Montrose5 Nov 1712 and 21 Sep 1716
Andrew Scottlitster, burgess of Montrose12 Dec 1578
Mr David Scottadvocate, residenter in Montrose22 May 1709 and 19 Dec 1717
George Scottat the Mill of Kinaber, par. of Montrose14 Jul 1662
Isobel Scottrelict of Thomas Peross, in Montrose23 Jun 1631
James Scott, elderburgess of MontroseT. 24 Dec 1647
James Scott, youngerskipper, burgess of MontroseT. -- 1696
James Scott, youngerskipper, burgess of Montrose, and Anna Kinneir, his spouse5 Jun 1700 and 26 Jan 1709
James Scottmerchant in Montrose9 Jul 1729
Janet Scottindweller in Montrose, relict of John Ritchie, in Heichime3 Dec 1632
John Scottin Hill of Hedderwek, par. of Montrose24 Nov 1625
John Scottmariner in Montrose24 Feb 1714
John Scott of Hedderweek7 Jun and 20 Nov 1734
John Scott of Hedderwick29 Dec 1753
John Scottshipmaster in Montrose29 May 1820
Katherine Scottspouse to William Gryme, merchant, burgess of Montrose7 Feb 1625
Katherine Scottlawful daughter of the late James Scott of Logie, late residing in MontroseT. 30 Oct 1783
Mary Scottrelict of Robert Scott, shipmaster in MontroseT. 25 May 1745
Mary Scottlawful daughter of the late James Scott of Logie, late residing in MontroseT. 30 Oct 1783
William Scottlate of H.M. Navy, thereafter in MontroseT. 11 May 1796
Elizabeth Sedgewickwidow of Sir Alexander Bannerman of Elsick, bart., residing in Montrose3 May 1813
Dr Thomas Setonphysician in MontroseT. 13 May 1743 and 3 Sep 1766
Charles Shandmerchant in MontroseT. 13 Aug 1795
John Shandmerchant in Montrose15 Oct 1751
John Shandmanufacturer in Montrose1 Jan 1802 & 13 Mar 1809
Isobel Shepherdspouse to Robert Ritchie, burgess of Montrose10 May 1597
William Shepherd, juniorropemaker and mariner in Montrose10 Dec 1730
William Shepherdropemaker in Links of MontroseT. -- 1740
Thomas Sheretmerchant in Montrose18 & 19 Mar 1818
David Shewanskipper, burgess of Montrose24 Jan 1682
Henry Shuttleworthvintner in Montrose29 Aug 1821
Marjorie Sinclairspouse to Alexander Johnstone, burgess of Montrose10 May 1597
David Skinnermerchant, and late provost of Montrose T. -- 1742
Hercules Skinnermerchant in Montrose11 Apr 1729
Jean Skinnerrelict of John Skinner, merchant in Montrose T. 29 Apr 1748
John Skinnermerchant in Montrose24 Sep 1735 and 15 Aug 1740
Peter Skinnercomptroller of the Customs at MontroseT. 5 Jan 1750
Elizabeth Smartrelict of Harry Smart, indweller in MontroseT. 19 Feb 1745
David Smithmerchant in Montrose4 Oct 1689
David Smithmerchant in Montrose5 Jul 1816& 11 May 1818
Hercules Smithlate bailie of Montrose, and Jean Ranald, his spouse20 Jul 1665
James Smith, youngerburgess of Montrose25 Aug 1630
James Smithlate merchant in Montrose28 Feb 1776
Janet, Margaret, Euphemia, Chrystian and Catherine Smithsisters-german to umquhile Robert Smith, the Miln of Kinnaber14 Mar 1694
John Smithburgess of Montrose16 Apr 1597
Katherine Smithspouse to William Rany, fisher, burgess of Montrose10 May 1597
Katherine Smithspouse to John Millar, burgess of Montrose24 Mar 1614
Katherine Smithwidow of James Dickson, elder, merchant in MontroseT. 5 Oct 1779 and T. 12 Apr 1782
Margaret Smithlately residing in Montrose, eldest dau. of the late Alexander Smith, tenant in Crookward22 & 26 Jan 1811
Thomas Smithburgess of Montrose, and Isobel Greige, his spouse9 Nov 1621
James Soutarmerchant in Montrose22 Aug and 9 Nov 1737
Francis Souter (Francis Soutter)surveyor of Customs at the port of Montrose1 & 10 Jun 1809
James Souttarlate tenant in Links of Montrose10 Dec 1803
Robert Sparkburgess in Montrose24 Feb 1687
William Speidtown-clerk of Montrose16 Aug 1774, 4 Oct 1776 and T. 22 May 1779
James Spencemerchant in Montrose, and Mary Lyell, his spouse12 Mar 1718
Jean Spencelawful daughter of John Spence, town-clerk of MontroseT. 25 May 1786
Magdalen Spencelawful daughter of the deceased John Spence, late clerk of Montrose28 May 1762
Patrick Spencemerchant in Montrose7 Oct 1818
Mr Joseph Sponnarminister of the Episcopal Chapel in MontroseT. 16 Feb 1780
John Steellburgess of Montrose, and Katherine Lyell, his spouse2 Oct 1609
Maissie Steellspouse of William Lylle, in Montrose15 Feb 1581-2
Marion Steellspouse to Patrick Thomson, merchant, burgess of Montrose22 May 1622
Mrs Anne Stephendau. of Robert Stephen of Letham, esq., late merchant in Montrose, and spouse of Alexander Strachan of Tarry (Tarrie)11 & 20 May 1807
Mary Stephenin Montrose, dau. of Mr George Stephen, min. of the gospel at Maryton3 Dec 1808
Robert Stephen of Letham, esq.merchant in Montrose2 Aug 1804
Alexander Stevensonlawful son to Andrew Stevenson, weaver in Montrose22 Mar 1693
Robert Stevensonin Hill of Hedderweik, par. of Montrose3 Apr 1626
Daniel Stewartvintner in Montrose18 Oct 1751
Mr James Stewartsometime Master of the Grammar School of Montrose24 Jun 1732
John Stewartcooper in Montrose5 Feb 1763 and 29 May 1765
Mary Stewartrelict of Nicholas Bell, merchant in MontroseT. 1 Jun 1749
Mr Andrew Strachanparson of Dune, indweller in Montrose4 Dec 1622 and 31 Jan 1624
Andrew Strachanshipmaster in MontroseT. 10 Feb 1798
Charles Strachantobacconist in MontroseT. 24 Dec 1746
James Strachantollkeeper at bridge of Montrose29 Mar & 7 Apr 1814
Margaret Strachanin Montrose, dau. of the decd. David Strachan, tenant in Fordes [of Dun]2 Mar 1810
Mary Strachandaughter to the deceased Thomas Strachan, in Montrose4 Dec 1755
Mary Strachanin Montrose3 Jun 1820
Mr Robert Strachanlate Doctor of the Grammar School of Montrose21 Jul 1732
Robert Strachanbutcher in Montrose9 Sep 1802 & 12 Mar 1804, & 10 Jul & 23 Aug 1805
Andrew Stratonapothecary in Montrose, and Janet Douglas, his spouse7 May 1695
Elizabeth Stratonin Montrose27 Jun 1821
Elspeth Stratonrelict of Robert Wallace, sometime at the Kirk of Benholm, indweller in MontroseT. 31 Aug 1646
Euphemia Stratonspouse to William Low, burgess of Montrose22 Apr 1657
Euphemia Stratonspouse to Robert Taylor, provost of Montrose4 Mar 1663
Janet Stratonrelict of Charles Bruce, late shipmaster in Montrose6 Aug 1757
Jean Stratonin Montrose, dau. of the decd. Patrick Straton esq., merchant there24 Jun & 28 Jul 1820
John Stratonmerchant in Montrose, only son to Patrick Straton, merchant in MontroseT. 15 Apr 1777
Patrick Stratonmerchant in MontroseT. 22 Apr 1780
Robert Stratonsurgeon apothecary in Montrose, and Jean Barclay, his spouse T. 19 Dec 1712
Robert Stratonchirurgeon apothecary in Montrose29 Jan and 19 Sep 1713 and 28 Jun 1716
William Stratonmerchant, burgess in Montrose22 Nov 1665
Robert Stronochbaxter, burgess of Montrose, and Janet Moncrieff, his spouseT. 1 Nov 1642
William Sutherlandweaver in Montrose16 Jun 1769
John Symemerchant, burgess in Montrose, and Isobel Gryme, his spouse15 Dec 1641
George Symmer(s)shoemaker in Montrose8 & 18 Jul 1806
James Tavindaleworkman in MontroseT. 3 Feb 1748
Christian Taylorspouse to Alexander Rennet, burgess of Montrose22 Sep 1628
Christian Taylorspouse to Thomas Smythe, merchant, burgess of Montrose24 Jul 1635
James Taylormerchant in MontroseT. 22 Apr 1780
John Taylorlate provost of Montrose4 Mar 1663
Margaret Taylorrelict of Robert Gairdyne, merchant in Montrose29 Jan 1692
Robert Taylorlate provost of Montrose, and Jean Reynold, his spouse10 Sep 1679
Robert Taylorsenior, merchant in Montrose21 Feb 1724
Elizabeth Thomsonspouse to George Mitchell, merchant in MontroseT. 19 May 1675
Miss Elizabeth Thomsonresiding in Montrose7 & 16 Jul 1817
John Thomsonmaltman, burgess of Montrose4 Aug 1685
John Thomsonyounger, merchant in Montrose, and Elizabeth Beattie, his spouse19 Dec 1706 and 27 Jun 1707
John Thomsonlate of the island of Jamaica, thereafter in Montrose2 Mar 1814
Margaret Thomsonin Montrose, dau. of Mr Charles Thomson, writer there1 Jun 1815
Mary and Margaret Thomsonlawful daughters to the deceased John Thomson, merchant in Montrose22 Aug 1730
William Thomsonmerchant in Montrose14 Nov 1728, 20 and 24 Jan 1729, and 14 Mar 1730
David Todmerchant in Montrose28 Nov 1761
Robert Todmerchant in Montrose26 Mar 1765
Mr James Traillminister of the Gospel at Montrose2 Aug 1723 and 3 May 1726
Susanna Tullochrelict of John Birnie, sailor in Montrose19 Mar 1754
Alexander Turnbull (Trumble)late Provost of Montrose2 Apr 1712
Alexander Turnbull of Wochton merchant in MontroseT. 23 Feb and T. 2 Jun 1743
Major Alexander Turnbullin Montrose13 May 1813
George Turnbullwriter in Montrose10 Dec 1742 and 26 Nov 1744
William Turnbullmerchant in MontroseT. 11 Jun 1675
James Valentinemealseller in Montrose3 & 17 Jul 1823
John Valentinelate bailie of Montrose8 Oct 1684
John Valentineshipmaster in Montrose25 Jun 1804
William Valentineskinner, burgess of Montrose, and Margaret Young, his spouse5 Jan 1632
William Wadietailor, burgess in Montrose2 Nov 1658
Helen Walkersometime spouse to Thomas Jamieson, gardener in MontroseT. 19 Mar 1747
John Walkerfarmer at Canterland, afterwards in Montrose9 Jul & 23 Sep 1822
Elizabeth Wallacerelict of John Napier, late tailor in MontroseT. 13 Apr 1754
John Wallaceteacher of dancing in Montrose8 & 13 May 1807
William Wallacewright in Montrose, and Elizabeth Preshow, his spouse25 Apr 1683
Agnes Watsonspouse to Robert Lyell, burgess of Montrose28 Apr 1627
John Watsonofficer of Excise at Montrose12 June 1752 and 25 Aug 1753
Alexander Wattmariner, indweller in Montrose, and Christian Stratone, his spouse9 Nov 1611
Daniel Wattshipbuilder in MontroseT. 15 Feb 1793
James Wattmaltman, burgess of MontroseT. -- 1670
Robert Watt (Robert Wattie)shipmaster in Montrose27 Sep 1821 & 29 Jun 1822
Alexander Webstermaster of the Music School of Montrose, and Catherine Muddie, his spouse(21 Mar) 27 Apr 1680
David Websterin Hedderweik, and Agnes Scott, his spouse, par. of MontroseT. 25 Jul 1643
James Webstermariner in Montrose14 Jul 1742
Thomas Websterin Surinam, West Indies, son of James Webster, shipmaster in Montrose30 Aug 1803
Isobel Welshin Montrose10 Jan 1811
Alexander White (Quhyt)baxter, burgess of MontroseT. 13 Sep 1642
Mary White (Whyte)in Montrose22 & 25 Aug 1821
William Wilkieshipmaster in Montrose16 Nov 1761
George Wilkinsonskipper, burges of Montrose, and Janet Graham, his spouseT. 8 Jan 1670
David Willskinner, burgess of Montrose, and Janet Rea, his relict23 Feb 1614
David Williamsonlate bailie of Montrose, and Elizabeth Rennald, his spouse26 Feb 1685 and 31 Dec 1687
David Williamsonskipper, and late bailie of Montrose14 Jul 1714
Elizabeth Williamsonrelict of James Milne, sometime Clerk of Montrose17 Sep 1731
Isobel Williamson spouse to David Robert, burgess of Montrose18 May 1601
James Williamsonshipmaster in MontroseT. - Apr 1800
John Williamsonshoemaker in Montrose20 Jun 1752
Margaret Williamsonspouse to the deceased Andrew Masson, late merchant in Montrose20 Sep 1760
Robert Williamsonskipper in Montrose, and Isobel Grahame, his spouse4 Apr 1679
Robert Williamsonskipper in Montrose, and Margaret Guthrie, his spouseT. 15 Sep 1679
Patrick Willockshipmaster in Montrose13 Apr 1754
Thomas Willockglover in Montrose, and Janet Orchard, his spouseT. 9 Feb 1675
Bessie Woodvintner in Montrose, and relict of John Kermuck, sadler, and John Willocks, glover, burgess of Montrose25 Feb. 1704 and 19 Oct 1705
David Woodmerchant and skipper in Montrose20 Oct 1708
Harry Woodmerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Jean Reid, his spouse10 Sep 1656
James Woodmerchant, burgess of Montrose, and Elspet Erskine, his spouse1 May 1632
Jean Wooddaughter lawful to umquhile John Wood, merchant in Montrose15 Aug 1688
Margaret Woodspouse to Robert Grahame, burgess of Montrose24 Sep 1628
William Woodmerchant in MontroseT. 22 Apr 1780
James Wrightmerchant in Montrose14 Nov 1722, 26 Oct and 8 Nov 1728
Janet Wyllielawful daughter to the deceased William W., shoemaker in MontroseT. 29 Apr 1747
David Wysesometime in Maines of Lowristoune, thereafter residenter in Montrose2 Jun 1732
Alexander Youngmariner in Montrose18 Aug 1774
David Youngmerchant in Montrose30 Jul 1814 & 8 Feb 1815
Mrs Helen Youngs.t. residing in Montrose, thereafter in Brechin, sister of Dr James Young of Balmano [Balmanno]24 Apr 1806
James Youngshipmaster in Montrose1 Jun 1813
John Young flesher, burgess of Montrose22 Dec 1630
Margaret Youngspouse to umquhile Robert Lundie, indweller in Montrose22 Dec 1632 and 4 May 1636
Margaret Youngspouse to David Buchanan, maltman, burgess in Montrose26 Nov 1656
Margaret Younglate servant to Mr Forbes of Woodston, residing in Montrose20 Mar 1776
Margaret Youngwidow of Dr James Young of Balmano [Balmanno], residing in Montrose29 Oct 1816

Testaments of Montrose people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1800

Elizabeth Daesdaughter of the deceased Henry Daes, mariner in Montrose, spouse to Patrick Lyall, fisher in St Andrews5 Sep 1753
James Pearson or Piersonin Montrose25 Aug 1606
Mr James Pearson or Piersonlawful son to the deceased Alexander Pearson, sometime notar-public in Montrose, par. of Arbuthnot24 Jan 1683
James Scottlitster, sometime burges of Montrose9 May 1593

Testaments of Montrose people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

David Baldowieburgess of Montrose29 Feb 1600
John Durieminister at Montrose2 Jul 1600
Margaret Erskinesometime spouse to Charles Murray, in Hadderwick, par. of Montrose16 Jun 1598
Charles Fullertounburgess of Montrose7 Jun 1575
Robert Fullertounskinner, burgess of Montrose26 Mar 1584
Margaret Gardinsometime spouse to George Petre, burgess in Montrose27 Jun 1576
William Gawson to umquhile William Gaw, burgess in Montrose28 Feb 1576-7
Katherine Grahamesometime spouse to John Fullarton, fiar of Kinnaber, par. of Montrose19 Jun 1594
Margaret Grahamesometime spouse to Alexander Gardin of Borrowfeild, par. of Montrose24 Feb 1597-8
Thomas Hogflesher, in Montrose14 Nov 1599
Andro Johnstonemaltman, burgess of Montrose5 Mar 1594-5
Isobel Lightoun (Lichtoun)sometime spouse to Alexander Patre, merchant, burgess of Montrose28 May 1594
Isobell Lightoun (Lichtoun)spous to Thomas Kay in Montros10 Jul 1565
John Ogilvieburgess of Montrose16 Dec 1589
Thomas Raneymerchant, burgess of Montrose7 Feb 1597-8
Alexander Schippertburgess in Montrose3 Apr 1576
Helen Stirlingsometime spouse to Robert Grahame, portioner of Haddirweik, par. of Montrose27 Nov 1590
Isobel Stirlingsometime spouse to James Williamson, maltman, burgess of Montrose17 Jul 1590
Helen Stratounsometime spouse to John Strachan, burgess of Montrose21 Jan 1579-80
and 6 Dec 1580
Jonet Stratounsometime spouse to Cuthbert Bruce, burgess of Montrose4 Jul 1590
Katrene Stratounsometime spouse to William Baittie, younger, burgess of Montrose28 May 1584
Robert Taylormerchant, burgess in Montrose10 Mar 1578-9
James Williamsonmaltman, burgess of Montrose2 Sep 1590
Margaret Woodsometime spouse to William Murray, merchant, burgess of Montrose11 Aug 1592

Testaments of Montrose people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

William Arbuthnotin Newmanswalls, brother-german to John Arbuthnot of Carnegaff, par. of Montrose, in Angus10 Mar 1607
Barbara Barclaysometime spouse to James Williamsoun, burgess of Montrose in Angus29 Jun 1609
William Beattiemerchant, burgess of Montrose in Angus4 May 1605
David Buchananmerchant in Montrose3 Aug 1698
Jonet Findlosometime spouse to John Grig, burgess of Montrose4 Mar 1606
Margaret Fullartounsometime spouse to William Ramsay, merchant, burgess of Montrose8 Jul 1602
Thomas Huntermerchant, burgess of Montrose, in Angus28 Nov 1606
Andro Petrieburgess of Montrose3 May l605
Alexander Rannetburgess of Montrose, in Angus5 Jul 1609
Robert Scottmariner, burgess of Montrose, indweller in Dundee4 May 1609
William Stevensonburgess of Montrose3 Aug 1602
Elspeth Stirlingsometime spouse to Robert Keyth, in Montrose25 Jul 1603
Mr James Wishart of Ryndburgess of Montrose17 Jul 1602
Alexander Wood merchant, burgess of Montrose, in Angus17 Jan 1607
Elspeth Woodsometime spouse to Andrew Batie, burgess of Montrose12 Feb 1601
John Wood merchant, burgess of Montrose12 Aug 1603

Testaments of Montrose people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1701-1800

Alexander Auchterlonymerchant in Montrose, and only lawful son to Mr John Auchterlony, minister6 Jul 1737
William Couttsmerchant and sometime provost of Montrose22 Jun 1720
David Doigsometime tailor in Montrose, lawful son to William Doig, sometime in Kirriemuir20 Apr 1754
Alexander Findlay or Finlayskipper in Montrose27 Dec 1706
Isobel Fullartonresidenter in Edinburgh, relict of John Gilmore, skipper in Montrose26 Aug 1709
James Milneshipmaster in Montrose11 Oct 1749
Charles Ogilvielate provost of Montrose, thereafter officer of the Customs at Prestonpans22 Dec 1714
Patrick Ogilvieshipmaster in Montrose17 Jul 1747
James Skinnerlate governor of Fort James on the River Gambia in Africa27 Apr 1772
James Taylorsometime organist at Montrose, thereafter at Edinburgh12 Aug and 12 Nov 1747
James Williamsonmerchant in Montrose4 Aug 1714
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